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Your husband called your daughter a liar, telling her the pain Is not so bad that she can't run laps. Therefore as his wife it is your JOB to help him understand EXACTLY how your daughter feels. So verify where exactly her pain is located (very lower part of her abdomen) and then, 1. Have him stand facing you. 2. Tell him to slightly open his legs. 3. Tell him that the second you kick him he has to run around the block( to simulate her running laps around the gym. 4. When he refuses tell him if she a female child can withstand the pain than he a Super Macho He-man should have no trouble doing it!
NTJ...Maybe have both walk you down the aisle. Your stepdad on your left(next to your heart) and your dad on your right. Also the first dance with your dad with the standard song then, the second dance with your stepdad with a song that is special to you both. Beforehand explain to your stepdad why you choose this and why it will be special to you and him. And how it will not hurt the feelings of your dad ,whom would not be in on the secret.
Why did you wait so long to speak up? You should have said that at baby #2. Now, when she asks for more just tell her... If God is no longer providing for her, she needs to keep her legs closed.
You should have lied to her. Should have asked her if when you pull off you prosthetic leg would she prefer you to hit her upside the head with it or kick her in the @$$! Not her business. As you are pregnant you had a right to use it!

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