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NTJ! When I was in college, I had a roommate who never bought food but would eat mine. I have been cooking since i was a child so i would buy things that were not fast food but needed cooking. If i was out for a day, I would come back to missing food that she would take to her boyfriend's place so he could cook for her. I finally got a chain and lock for the refrigerator and she got extremely mad and reported me to the RA. Since i had already cleared getting the chain/lock with the RA (after telling her every time food was missing that she was basically stealing food), she told her that she needed to shut up. The RA also told her that I had receipts for the food I bought and that I could actually contact the college admins and have her charged with theft. She complained to her boyfriend and as he hadn't known that she was stealing the food for him to cook (he ate too), he broke up with her and actually paid me back for the food as he had eaten it too. She started yelling at me the night he broke up with her and the RA heard and came to see what the problem was, then told her that he was going to contact the people in charge of the dorm. She ended up leaving to stay with a friend in another dorm and then dropping out because she thought that she was able to do anything that she wanted and did not like the consequences.
NTJ! I have a twin sister (fraternal not identical) and our parents dressed us alike for much of our childhood. I am and will always be a tomboy and my sister is and always has been a "girly" girl. When our parents finally figured out that party dresses were not for everyday use (sorry mom and dad, but I loved to climb trees and go fishing), I was finally allowed to have some say in what I wore. My mom still tried to get me to dress and act more like my sister, (who was promiscous from age 14) but i told her I wasn't jerk and having jerk with any male who asked and she should let me be me. I wore a dress when I graduated high school and then got caught up in the "disco" phase (I loved to dance) and started wearing more dresses and even makeup and high heels for a couple of years. When I went away to college, I went back to tomboy apparel and did not go out to dance or party because I was studying and enjoying my life. My mom finally stopped trying to make me into something I'm not and we got along much better.
Tell hubby that he's a jerk and that his half-sister who is supposedly going to be a doctor should have learned empathy in school. She sounds like she will be a failure as a doctor and I would contact her university and tell them to teach her how to talk to someone who is facing medical issues like you are. But I like to cause trouble for a**holes, that's just me. NTJ!!!!
NTJ!! I am the same with all of my books and I'm a 63 year old. Being 15, your friend is immature and obviously a jerk. I would talk to her again and if she refuses, then I would talk to her mother and explain how you had not wanted to loan her the book, but that she said she would take care of it. Tell her mother how the book was returned to you and ask her to tell your friend to buy you a new copy. If she doesn't want to replace the book, she is not a friend and you should tell her that you will no longer have anything to do with her and NEVER invite her to your house again!
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