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If your mom wants to interfer, maybe she should take the kids. Tell them it is time for you to take care of your kids and husband. then drop the kids and their belongings at mom's. See how fast things change when they realize you are done playing their games.
If it's your work space why does he have a key and you don't? Take the keys away from the spoiled brat and make yourself a set. Make sure you report his behavior to HR. I'm sure the boss would like to know that he is making jobs longer then necessary.
NTJ Sounds like the sister wants to use you for your money and your wife and MIL do to. They are really mad that they know SIL won't hold up her end of the bargain and so do you.
I would tell them that something came up and the lake house is no longer available and different arrangements need to be made and since you don't have the time right now, Olivia and Chelsea can come up with something. Then be unavailable to Chelsea and Olivia but make it up to your other friends.

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