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What planet are you from? Here on Earth, the brother’s actions are called upstaging and gaslighting and are classic examples of a serious mental disorder called narcissism. Perhaps you share this disorder and that’s why you don’t see anything wrong with the brother purposely trying to make everyone forget about OP’s wedding and then telling OP they have no right to feel upset about his immoral and unethical behavior?
Are you the entitled half-sister? OP is not responsible for her father’s mistakes, including but not limited to kicking her half-sister out.
Except OP clearly states they doesn't have their act together in the other job, they're just not penalized for being late. There's probably an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed, whether it's mental or physical, and it might even be something they can get accommodations for under ADA.
A membership to something has a time limit, whether it's a week, a month, or a year. Even if it was truly a gift, it was a gift with a time limit with no obligation to renew it ever. NTJ as that time limit expired at the end of the relationship. Block him and give the gym a heads-up.
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