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Ntj I am a mom of 3. Who are teenagers or older but I remember when my kids were babies and dad was in the military. Any time I got invited to go out without the kids as long as I got notice I could arrange babysitting and omg a night to let loose and be kid free oh yeah. And hubby was in port even better. We didn’t do legal or illegal substances but boy did we enjoy drinking and other activities at parties. I think it is great that you have planned sometbing for people to go to without kids. Yes it can be a hassle but as a mom with young kids I always enjoyed a night out. Sometimes I had to cut it short do to things with kids but I still enjoy it jow
Ntj. I worked in a place with a lot of Philipinos. Very nice people. I had one incident that still sticks out in my mind. I was talking to one of the ladies and a manger comes up in the middle of our conversation and starts speaking to her in their language and then steps in front of me to exclude me. She wasn’t even either of our managers. I understand that it is hard for someone who has English as a second language to use it mainly but as a manager uou have to work with everyone in your group not just one set. Also English is the main language here in the USA. If I went to a job here I would expect all meetings projects etc to be in english. If I went to Mexico or Spain then I would expect them to be in Spanish. (No disrespect to anyone here just giving examples). Unless I worked for A company who’s main job is foreign no matter the country.
Ntj. I told my mom repeatedly I am allergic to stuff all my life and she never believed or would test me then get upset when I had a reaction. I just learned never to trust her when she invited me over for food unless I was there when she was making it. I would stop accepting invites til they change and apologize
I also struggle with using they/them but I take the time to explain to people why I do. It is not done out of disrespect. It is done out of the way I believe. A good friend of mine identifies as non binary and identified as they/them and understood my struggles. So our compromise was when they were feminine I called them her and when masculine I called them he. It was a compromise we both came up with. Ntj. If your sister has issue with your partner than she need to sit down and talk ti you and your partner about it and find a compromise. I am not saying your partner. Go the way my friend do. In the end it turned out my friend was actually gender fluid not non binary so that is why they were open to the compromise. But you can’t force someone to your beliefs without talking to them and understanding their side and explains yours.
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