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She got what she ordered. If she wants something different, pay for it. Duh. Else she'd be jerking you off all night changing her mind and you LET her jerk you around for free.
"Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!!!!" Jolly good show!
People are stubborn in their own ways. My in laws are weird that they make a lot of food but won't eat them if they don't taste right. Then they shove the leftovers in the fridge and make new ones the next meal. The leftovers won't become better in the fridge and eventually goes bad and have to be thrown out. Repeat ad nauseum. Silly me I come over and being polite, I finish what I got served even if it's off... they then think I must love the crappy food that they don't eat and start shoveling more over. I stopped coming over when invited.
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