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My husband's family calls themselves ketchup, because of Heinz 57
Could be the other cars are not insured or or she's not on the registration. Maybe they're stick shift and she can't drive standard. Or, because they're "too expensive to drive" he won't allow her to drive them.
You haven't met all the "females", you donkey. In my family, 4 women and 4 men, all the women and girls used PJ's without underwear, and I personally don't know a woman that does use undies with PJ's because no one likes waking up to twisted bras or panties. Stop speaking for women, you don't have a clue.
Her need is shelter, not clean sleeping clothes that absolutely have to fit her and be girly pretty. The kid could have wore one of her brothers shirts, no one needs fuzzy PJ's to sleep in. Furthermore, handing out underwear that isn't yours is absolutely an AH manoeuvre.
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