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Sounds like my bathroom. Plumber recommended a tiler then I found he did it himself. My FIL was I’ll so I wasn’t able to do the job myself. I cried when I saw what was done. Instead of using the very expensive fixative for laying tiles directly onto the wooden floor he used 5 blobs of cheap silicone so all the tiles broke when walked on, wall tiles were squint so grout lines don’t match and he put the rectangular tiles portrait rather than landscape. Cut them too short at the bath so the silicone seal has to be huge and water still gets into the raw ends of the tiles. The plumber was recommended to us . I’m a very capable diy’er and can do most things, don’t touch electrics . My lovely FIL passed away shortly after so didn’t have chance to go after the plumber to fix it. Man disappeared so I was stuck. My husband realises now why I hate having tradespeople in . It’s taken him years to work that one out! Apologies for any mistakes, unable to go back and correct *ill

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