Generous Arby’s Staff Give 97-Year-Old Veteran Free Meals For Life

Friendly, quality service is one of the most important things any establishment could provide for its customers. A company can have great products or services, but if its employees treat its customers like garbage, that business will eventually go under.

At an Arby’s in Chandler, Arizona, every single day for years, a 97-year-old man named Mr. Doug would come into the eatery, order a roast beef slider with swiss cheese and a coke with no ice, and dine alone. This caught the attention of an employee, Travis Coye, who decided to get closer to the regular customer.

“Hey, Mr. Doug. We just want to know what keeps you coming back to this Arby’s location,” Coye asked the World War II veteran.

Mr. Doug had an understandable reason.

“This is the only place I can get a sandwich or get anything else to eat that doesn’t hurt my stomach,” the regular replied.

Not only did food from Arby’s suit Mr. Doug’s stomach, but he thoroughly enjoyed their food so much that he never sought out food from another restaurant in replacement. As a matter of fact, the customer comes to his local Arby’s so often that he’s essentially become family with the entire staff crew. The employees always try to grab the doors for the regular, who uses a walker to get around, and even remember the man’s order by heart. Some of the staff even have Mr. Doug’s phone number!

However, Mr. Doug is more than just an Arby’s customer; he’s had a rough life. “He’s gone through a lot being a veteran, coming in, being in a retirement home, but he doesn’t have family,” said Manager Christina Gamage.

After learning more about his story, the staff once gave a $200 gift card to the veteran, allowing him to get free lunch for a while.

“Thank you. I never know if I’ll be here the next day, but thank you so much for this,” Mr. Doug replied, who at first, thought the act of kindness was a joke.

Eventually, the Arby’s staff gave the veteran free meals for life as their way of thanking him for being a kind customer and for serving our country.

Unfortunately, Mr. Doug sometimes struggles to get around and isn’t always able to make it to the Chandler Arby’s when lunchtime rolls around.

“Right now, he’s unable to get to us, so we make sure he gets it somehow,” said the manager, who herself or one of her employees will travel five miles to Mr. Doug’s assisted living home to deliver his daily Arby’s meal.

What a beautiful act of kindness!

Hear more about the viral story in a quick interview with the manager in the following video.

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