High School Volleyball Player Flies Over Teammate To Save The Ball, Driving The Crowd Nuts

Whether you’ve watched sports or have been a part of a team yourself, you know how competitive a sports game can get. It’s not always about winning the game; often, it’s more about testing your capabilities as a player, making your family and coach proud, and building your communication and bond with your teammates.

Regardless of the reasons why someone plays a sport and despite how competitive they are, all players get a rush when they help earn points for their team. Even hours after winning (or even losing), players tend to feel extra confident and capable after they’ve contributed during the game.

I’m sure that the high schooler volleyball player in the video at the end of this post felt the latter after she made a very bold and successful move during a tournament! In the video, both teams are strongly integrated during the game. The teammates are jumping and falling left and right, all eager to beat the opposing team. What a tournament so far!

Then the camera changes from vertical to horizontal video footage. This is where the game gets really good. The ball shoots over the net, and not one but two girls hit the ball but fail to get it over. Two of the teammates are down on the ground, but the ball is still in the air. That’s when another player suddenly flies over one of the girls who had fallen on the ground, gives the ball a strong spike, and hits the ground facedown. Wow, great save!

In response, the crowd goes wild. “Holy cow! Holy cow!” says someone, shocked at what he just witnessed.

But that’s not all the glory this brown-haired teammate deserves to receive. The high schooler hits the ball over the net two more times during the short remainder of the game with the first one being a very close hit!

Then, seconds later, everyone is cheering. At this point, it’s apparent that they’ve won. Way to go, team!

Even if you aren’t a big fan of sports, or volleyball in particular, this is a game I know you will be excited to watch. The star volleyball player’s speed, accuracy, great hand-eye coordination, and strong hits will do her well in any sport she decides to engage in! Not everyone has that kind of talent.

You won’t want to miss seeing the high school volleyball player’s incredible save! Check out the footage in the video below.

Source: Reshareworthy

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