She Put Cookie Dough In Her Waffle Iron. When It’s Done? I CAN’T Stop Drooling!

Do you like waffles? Come on, who are we kidding… everyone loves waffles! But I usually have to settle for the frozen kind since I don’t have a waffle iron. I’ve always wanted one, but I have a lot of small kitchen appliances cluttering up my kitchen, and I have a hard time justifying buying a machine that only does one thing. Or so I thought… the folks at Spoon University have put together a video to show us that waffle irons are by no means a one-trick pony. [googlead]Check out these 10 waffle iron hacks and try your best not to drool all over your keyboard. This video has seriously convinced me to buy a waffle iron!

Oh, and in case you also have a sudden urge to get a waffle iron as well, check out this top-selling bad-boy at Amazon: Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

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