People Share Appalling Stories About Their Worst-Ever Neighbor

Christian Stahl

Neighbors are the type of people you don’t necessarily have to be best buddies with, and you’re definitely not obligated to. Yet, forming some sort of bond with them could be beneficial. But, sadly, I hear more people complain about how awful their neighbors are versus how good of people they are.

That’s just life, though. Sometimes you end up with next-door neighbors whose favorite hobby is partying all night long. Another neighbor might be prone to snubbing you whenever you try to strike up a quick convo during your morning run. And then there’s the neighbor that’s just a tad creepy or plain bizarre; there’s a sense of mystery to them, and you aren’t quite sure if you can and should trust them.

Regardless of how weird or bad a neighbor is, though, one thing’s for certain: you must either learn to tolerate them or do what you can to get their negative behavior to stop in order to help make your life easier.

I’m not too confident, though, that the following people have found a solution to their bad neighbor situation, but boy, does reading about their terrible experiences make me appreciate my own neighbors just a little bit more!

17. Last Time I Checked, My Pool Isn’t A Motel Room


“Background: I am a combat veteran and a school teacher at this time, and my wife was a school teacher as well.

So, I bought my first house 12 years ago.
It was in a low-middle class neighborhood with a lot of working-class families. My house had a pool in the backyard, and my parents bought me and my wife a hot tub as a wedding/housewarming gift.

Two weeks after moving in, we found a stranger and 6 teenaged kids swimming in our pool when we got home. We will call them Entitled Mom (EM), Entitled Daughter (ED), Entitled Son (ES), and the others I assume to be their friends and/or a boyfriend. ED was about 18- or 19-years-old, and her brother about 17.

When we told them to get out and get off our property, the EM told me that the previous owner gave them permission to come over whenever they wanted to swim.

I explained to her that I was the new owner and that I was not ok with it.

I told EM that not only do I not know them, but there is a legal liability for me if they got hurt. She yelled and faked cried saying I was being a bad neighbor, selfish, and forcing her kids to sweat in the summer heat. She told me that if they died of heatstroke, it was my fault for not letting them swim in my pool. I told her to get the f*ck off my property and never return.

Fast forward two weeks, I had put up a “No Trespassing” sign on my property in multiple spots and had gotten to know many of the not entitled neighbors.

They were great and told me to ignore EM and her kids. They told us she was already badmouthing us, but no one ever believed her.

Now I start to notice when I wake up in the morning that there is evidence of people using my pool and hot tub at night when we are asleep or away. I find beer cans, cigarette butts, and even a used condom. I figure it has to be EM and/or her brats. So, I install cameras on the grounds and start recording.  Sure enough, I catch ED a few others hanging out in my pool Friday nights when my wife and I are out. Friday nights, she goes to a friend’s house for movies and wine, and I play Warhammer 40k or card games.

I figure they must have been waiting for us to leave and then threw a mini-party or were quietly swimming while we slept. So, I discussed it with my wife and decide to teach EM and her brats a lesson.

So, the next Friday night, I park my car a street over, and my wife does the same. We wait in the dark house to see if any of them come over. ED and I assume her boyfriend, ES and I assume his girlfriend, and 4 other teen couples come right over and start skinny dipping in my pool and hot tub. (Why a bro and sis would do that together still bothers me.) They have beer, and I can smell the drugs from inside the house.

I wait 45 minutes for them to get really into their fun, and two are actually having sex in my pool. I then I spring my trap.

I go out with my rifle (Ruger Mini-14 with 20 round magazine for you gun enthusiasts like me) pointed at the ground but at the ready. When I reach the pool, my wife flips on the backlights, and I yell for them to freeze, or I’ll shoot. My wife calls the police meanwhile.

They all have the deer in the headlights look on their faces and not one of them tries to speak for a good minute. The ED starts to tell us that she has permission to be there and that we need to let them get dressed.

I tell them that if they move towards me or their property, that I would consider them to be charging me or reaching for a weapon, and I’d shoot. They must have believed me because they froze. One girl begged me to give her her clothes while she was trying to cover her breasts with her hands.

Not being a total jerk, I say that I will throw them all their clothing. I then walk over to their piles of clothing, phones, and purses, and throw EVERYTHING into the pool. They freak out trying to save their phones and other goods. After ten minutes, the police show up, and they have the kids climb out of the pool wearing their soaked clothes and trying to shake their phones dry.

I show the police the videos from our cameras, the No Trespassing signs, and explain to them that I had told them and their mother they were persona non grata. The kids were arrested for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, underage drinking, and indecent exposure.

The police recommended that next time, I leave the gun in the safe and let them just come and get them. I told them that I thought they may attack my wife and had to “stand my ground.” I proved that I never pointed it at them with the videos, so I couldn’t be charged with anything.

As the kids are being loaded into the police cruisers, EM shows up yelling at the police and my wife and I.

She demands that the police let them go and even tries to open the door on one of the cruisers. The police threaten her with being arrested if she doesn’t back off and leave my wife and I alone.

I later found out that the charges against the teens were reduced, and they all to plea deals. They all got community service, fines, and were put on probation. We got a restraining order against EM and her brats, so they couldn’t bother us again. I sent a bill to EM for the cost of draining, disinfecting, and refilling my pool and having a professional cleaning service clean up the kids’ mess. The bill was for about $400.

I had my parent’s attorney send it to EM with a letter stating that if it was not paid in 30 days, then we would sue her for a larger amount.
She paid sent a check to my attorney, and thankfully, it did not bounce.

About a year later, the entire entitled family moved away, and we never heard from them again.” Disgruntled_Veteran

16. She Threatened To Kill Us, Thinking We’re To Blame For Her Missing Cat


She’s a true crazy cat lady.
“I’m super pregnant and had gone to bed at like 7:30 pm because I worked a long day and was exhausted. This has become the norm. My husband usually comes in and rubs my back until I fall asleep.

He actually fell asleep too this time. At 9 pm, we heard a banging on our front door, and it woke us. Another banging occurred, so we think something serious must be happening. When we answer the door; it’s the neighbor lady across the street.

I’ll back up here for some quick history: my husband has lived here 3 years, me just under a year after we were married. He’s had almost no interaction with the woman; she’s not the type to wave to the neighbors or anything.
That’s fine. I spoke to this woman on Monday for the first time after she put signs all around about her missing cat. She asked if I’d seen him, and I said, “No, I’m sorry, but I hope you find him.” That’s the extent of our conversation.

Now she’s at our door aggressively accusing us of having something to do with her missing cat. I mean, we were blown away. She said the people that lived here before liked their cat. (It’s always in our yard sleeping in the bushes. We pay no mind to it.) It’s an outdoor cat living in everyone’s yard. I hear my husband telling her we had nothing to do with her cat. She calls us “cat haters” and says that we’re just incredulous about this whole scene at this point.
She is escalating. I finally say, “We had nothing to do with your cat. I think you need to leave.” She starts SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, threatening to kill us, kill our dog, calling me a b*tch, and all kinds of things.

I ask her to leave again and shut the door at this point because who knows what she’ll do based on what’s already occurred. She’s still standing there screaming like a banshee! So, I’m shaking, I call the non-emergency police because now I’m scared of this unhinged woman we live directly across the street from who’s threatened our lives. She finally leaves, and I’m already speaking to the police dispatcher on the phone. They send cops out.
They arrive in 2 minutes (+1 for that).

Now, I feel a little weird about calling about this because it’s just so absurd. We live in a little, suburban, quiet neighborhood. The cop hears us out and says he’s going to speak with the neighbor.

He doesn’t think anything will come of it, and he’ll tell her to leave us alone. Minutes later, he comes back and says, “Yeah, I’m going to make a report. You can ask for a trespass order.” Apparently, she started screaming at the cop, shut the door on him, and when he told her to leave us alone, she made statements like, “I can go over there whenever I want,” so cue the trespass order.

While we’re writing our statement, you can hear her in her house, door closed, screaming to her husband.
These are big yards, far apart, so, amazing you could hear her so loudly. The husband actually gets in his car and leaves while we’re on the porch with the cops; he’s had enough apparently as well.

I’m just shocked by this whole experience! Scared. I have a baby coming, crazy neighbor, and my dog, so I just want to feel safe. We padlocked our fence gate and want to get cameras. She’ll be arrested if she comes back on our property. I was worried about the baby during all of this because the rush of adrenaline was huge, and I was shaking uncontrollably.” collegedropout

15. Unhinged Neighbor Has Me At My Wits’ End


“I’ve been renting a house in the San Fransisco Bay Area for about six years, and I like my location and rent/landlord situation so much that I signed a three-year lease about a year ago.
It’s a pretty great deal considering the rental market out here.

When I first moved in, I didn’t even know there was a woman living at the house across the street from me. I would see a middle-aged man come out frequently in his bathrobe and tinker with his car. At some point, maybe a year in, I noticed a woman sitting quietly on the porch. The man would help her walk around, and she never spoke. I thought she was terminally ill as she was very small and frail-looking.

Then one day, I was gardening my front yard, and she came bopping up to talk to me. She was energetic and looked so alive that I was shocked. I didn’t realize before, but she had a hunch on her back.

She started talking to me conspiratorially about her husband. I garden a lot in the front yard, so she would come up regularly and tell me about how her husband was part of some plot with a large pharmaceutical company to poison her and that his young, adult son killed Robin Williams for the pharmaceutical company. (She knew because she received a Newsweek with Robin Williams on the cover.) She had various other theories, all equally bonkers.

Things escalated between them including many incoherent screaming matches in the street at all hours, throwing his possessions out in the road, cops, etc. He took off at some point, and she appeared to be destroying the house.

She brought in transients and seemed to be on drugs.
It was a mess, but eventually, she went away, and her husband returned to fix up the house.

Since that first episode, there has been a pattern of episodes with her eventually coming home and being zombified/medicated for a while, then eventually spiraling out of control again about once every year or year and a half. A couple years ago, her husband also appeared to spiral. I’m guessing drugs. He seemed to target our house. I don’t think he liked that she would “confide” in me, and frankly, he creeped me out. The guy never wore a shirt and always seemed to be outside when I was.

During his spiral, he tried to woo my mother, who was staying with me. He would leave roses on our doorstep or tossed into our yard.
It felt like he was always watching.

One early morning when I was loading up my mom’s luggage to go to the airport (it was still dark out), he just appeared right next to me with a small suitcase that he was offering me. I was so startled and scared and irritated that I told him very firmly to get off our property. After that, he was outright aggressive toward me. He built some strange contraption out of his compost bin and a rake and set it in front of my car.

He would just come outside and stare at me when I was out. He was fairly polite with other neighbors, but I heard him tell them what a stuck up b*tch I was.
Eventually, he irritated the whole neighborhood though. He would play loud music at all hours and ended up walking up and down the street in Braveheart attire challenging cars with a broomstick.

Since then, when his wife spirals, he just takes off for the duration and lets her have free run of the house. Without him there to take the heat, she’s been targeting other people in the neighborhood, including me. Of course, she spirals during this Covid-19 situation. We’re all stuck at home and have to listen to her yelling profanities at all hours.

She wanders up to people’s houses and leaves assorted items in their yards/on doorsteps while calling them all kinds of things. She thinks everyone is in cahoots with her husband or his son.
She’s been accusing me of stealing her purse and putting things (a chair, a vacuum cleaner) in front of my car, so I can’t “take her stuff.”

She looks dreadful, very skinny, she shaved her head, and her face is all red and blotchy. I know I’ve heard her say she has no food (since I took her money). Someone tried to offer her water, but she turned them down. She plastered wet mail on my car windshield, threw a blender into my garden, and left various items on my doorstep including old dolls, photographs, batteries, a fork, etc.

I have a video of her swinging a chainsaw around in the road and cursing at houses.

She’s been so bad over the past 48 hours that I’ve called the cops three times.
Unfortunately, they can’t really do anything because she runs back in the house when they show up, and they can’t just go drag her out since she’s the homeowner. She doesn’t have a history of violence, and none of her actions rise to the level of serious criminal activity (more nuisance-level–trespassing, littering, disturbing the peace). The cops know her by name and are sympathetic, but don’t know what else they can do but pick her up when she is outside and take her to the local psychiatric hospital for a limited hold/med adjustment.

I am so tired of this. The whole neighborhood is. She keeps breaking glass in the street, and people are p*ssed. She runs outside and yells at cars that pass.
One neighbor has small children and can’t let them outside due to her screaming profanities. Not to mention, we’re all frustrated with the weird items she keeps leaving at our houses.

This woman clearly has a mental disease, which is not her fault. She needs professional help since her husband is not equipped to handle her care. But after all this time, I really just want to make it stop. We already feel confined with all this Covid stuff, but now I feel like I can’t even go walk my dog or garden without being harassed.

I don’t think she’s a real threat, but who knows. She could definitely cause harm with all the glass she’s been throwing, at least. I feel like we’re all screwed.
There needs to be some kind of mechanism for dealing with people like this. She’s a danger to herself and a huge pain in the a** to the rest of us.” opalsphere

Another User Comments:

“I’m sorry you have to deal with this. It really hit close to home with me. I grew up in a household with a schizophrenic older brother AND father. I would advise talking to the son. For my family, I was the son. All of the pressure, I had to endure.

Forced to grow up young. The son is the one that can fix it all. I understand what you are going through. I had neighbors come after me because of my brother and dad… It is a horrible feeling to know that your house is 100 percent the problem when you see cops down the street as you pull into your neighborhood.
The son is the one that knows exactly how the parents are thinking. He knows the “story.” The woman might feel that you are conspiring against them, trying to take her man, etc. She thinks of you as the enemy. I have been the enemy before. It changes to different people.

If you could talk to the son and get him to tell the mom that whatever she thinks you did, it wasn’t you, then you have a chance. For example, if the mom thinks you did something to her, you could just say to her that it was a clone. It wasn’t you. The government was messing with you and had a clone of you at the house, but she moved away.
You could say that for the past couple of years, you were switched out. SHE WILL BUY THE STORY. Then, what you do is act like you are this new person and be on “her side.”

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CRAZY, but I have dealt with this my whole childhood and adult life in many different ways.

I am 33 now and barely graduating with a bachelor’s degree because of the things I had to endure. I grew up in a house like that. My brother was violent like the lady. The thing is, the police won’t do anything if she technically hasn’t committed a crime.” Munch777

14. Their Religion Is Very… Loud


“I’ve lived in my apartment for 6.5 years, main floor, rent-controlled, fun neighborhood. I live on the main floor, and the basement apartment below us has always housed sh*tty neighbors. The current tenants are a large family from a different country who are SUPER DUPER CHRISTIAN!! But more on that later…

They shout.
Every day. For at least 45 minutes at a time, with short intermissions.

Shouting is normal for my building; we all do it; we’re all loud. But this is a different kind of shouting. It’s chanting. It’s sermons. Pretty sure it’s the type of Christianity that involves speaking in tongues. (Disclaimer: I don’t speak their native language, so I don’t know for sure… It’s just the cadence of it that gives me that impression.) I’ve literally heard the patriarch of the family (who runs the prayer sessions) go hoarse in the middle of this.

Sometimes it’s an early session at 5:30 am. Most days it starts at 8:00. Then again at 9:30. Usually, I go to work around this time, so I can’t speak for the afternoon sessions… but, yep, when I come home at 5, they’re at it WITHOUT intermission until 6:30 or 7.

Back up at 8:00, and then two more between 10 pm and midnight.

How do I know their schedule? Because it’s happening right underneath my bedroom. Good day or bad day, I hear them. Yes, I can just hang out in another part of my apartment to avoid the yelling. But I can’t change bedrooms, and I have ZERO plans of leaving the building. Their prayer is too constant for me to be avoiding my bedroom. Furthermore, on some particularly zealous days, I’ve had MY upstairs neighbors banging on the floor in complaint because they thought it was me!! (I’m cool with them, so I was able to approach them and explain that I wasn’t responsible for the noise.) These religious nuts are permeating TWO FLOORS with their loud prayers!

So, at first, I did what worked with all the other neighbors.

I stomped on the floor a few times to let ’em know I could hear them. The shouting intensified. Next time, I played Black Flag at top volume on my boom box with the speakers face down on the ground (with a bunch of blankets on top to muffle it for my upstairs neighbors). That worked immediately but only the first time.

Mind you, I also tried more polite methods. I tried knocking on their door when I knew they were home to discuss this in person. No answer. I left a plate of cookies with a very nice note on their doorstep. It stayed there for weeks. I left a less nice note on their front and back doors.

Months later, the notes are still up! I even made a poster for my bedroom window (right above their front door)!

Why didn’t I contact my landlord, you ask? Oh, I did.
All of these attempts were tried concurrently, the landlord was sympathetic to me and quick to act- like, he paid them a visit the same day I brought it up. In fact, he’s the one that told me it was religious yelling and not just psychobabble. I could tell he was uncomfortable, and so was I. I would NOT have used so many passive-aggressive methods if I had known they were in prayer. I’m not religious, but I have the decency to treat those who are with respect.

Since then, I have ceased all stomping/loud music/angry notes in order to come up with a more civil resolution. Knocks and letters and gifts are still being ignored. And the problem is only getting worse! I’m losing my Godd*mn mind!” cramp_scout

13. They’re Possibly Neglecting Their Dogs


If you don’t have the time or resources to keep an animal alive and happy, don’t get a pet!

“Despite having about a decade of living in rental properties under my belt and a myriad of horrific past neighbors, this is a new one for me.

Some background here—housemate and I recently moved into a row house that seemed like the perfect property. Affordable, beautifully renovated, in a decent enough area.

For the uninitiated, rowhouses like ours (built in the 1920s) tend to have notoriously thin walls that are either equal to or worse than the average apartment in regards to muffling neighbor noise. Obviously, if you’re used to apartment living and have neighbors that aren’t total lunatics, it’s not a big deal. Naturally, the neighbors on one side of our house are total lunatics.

The neighbors in question (who we believe own the property, or it’s owned by an indifferent family member of theirs) have two small dogs that are kept caged indoors, dog pound style, and they bark incessantly all day. This is where I want to reiterate the issues of thin walls.

On our end, it’s not a muffled or faraway sound.
When the dog’s bark, it’s loud enough that it sounds like it’s in our house. We can also hear it clearly on every floor and in every room of our house when it’s happening, from the basement to the attic, so we can’t get away from it. It wakes us up in the morning (anytime starting at around 6 am), goes all throughout the day, and often continues up until about midnight. It’s mentally draining and also interferes with our ability to work and conference from home, not to mention, just relative quiet enjoyment of the space.

My housemate approached one of the adults in the house about it and politely explained the effect it was having on us from a practical standpoint, and they basically were indifferent about it and told us that they keep the dogs in cages, and that’s why they bark.

Great, thanks. I should also mention that there’s at least one adult home at all times of the day—they ignore the barking completely, and the dogs bark even more in the rare instances where there’s no one home. So, to summarize, they keep the dogs locked in a backroom in cages all day (they’re let out for maybe a minute or two at the beginning and end of the day to use the bathroom) and completely ignore the barking that is an obvious result of the dogs being bored, anxious, or needing something.

This would also be a good time to mention that my housemate and I have been home all day, almost every day because of the pandemic, so everything I’m describing is from weeks of being able to see and hear what’s going on directly, not an assumption.

Also, given the nature of our thin walls, we can tell that the barking is always coming from the same exact location in the house, where the dogs are caged and get no human interaction. The whole situation is an outlier on what is otherwise a block of decent neighbors who respect the nature of our type of connected housing. And while I don’t want to make this about anything other than it is, I don’t think it would surprise anyone that the neighbors in question do a myriad of other obnoxious things, scream abuse at their kids all day, etc., that we begrudgingly tolerate.

As someone who’s been a dog owner in the past, to me this seems like pretty obvious neglect and a classic example of dogs being owned by people who shouldn’t own dogs.

We were forced to contact animal control recently about the barking, who sent them a warning letter. Unsurprisingly, we are now on the receiving end of very nasty attitudes from the neighbors, which sucks dealing with on top of everything else.

They’ve also done nothing about the barking since the time we initially approached them and still haven’t. According to animal control, the next step is for them to send some guy out to “stand on the sidewalk and measure how much barking happens per 10 minutes and then fine the residents if applicable,” which is a one-size solution that in no way applies to the nature of what’s going on here.

While I really don’t want to mess with these people, it’s at a point where the noise is too much, and honestly, knowing the way that the dogs are being treated doesn’t make it any easier.
And “just moving” is not an option for us, unfortunately.” horror__experience

12. They’re Always “On” Something


“I live in an apartment, and as of December of last year, we had a new neighbor move in who is a manipulative, lying scumbag of a woman.
From the moment she moved in, immediately, I had a feeling she was trouble. So, I did my best to avoid this woman. She had what looked like “track marks” down her arm (not totally familiar, but I’ve heard the term to refer to hard drug usage).

She also seemed to give me a death gaze any time I showed up. So, I avoided her like the plague.

One day early in the morning on a work night, I hear fighting outside our door between her, 2 men, and the almost-as-awful neighbors upstairs (who were evicted not long after this). Apparently, some people were getting beat up, having arguments, and talking about love triangles and cheating and some such garbage.

After the fight, our apparently abused next-door neighbor befriends my wife.
I could write an entire book about the last six or so months. Only twice in that whole time that I’ve seen her has she been sober. I don’t know what hard drugs she’s on – God only knows, but I spent the first two months we knew her babysitting my wife while my wife babysat her.

My wife is a bleeding heart who wants to help out. Me? I’m the polar opposite; I know how bad people can be.

During that time, we found out she was driving drunk, and her boyfriend (whom she bailed out for an exuberant amount of money for an apartment dweller) found an astronomical pile of little liquor bottles in her car. My wife has/had liver issues, and during that time, she was slipping my wife alcoholic drinks.
I swear, if my wife gets sick again, I will kill this c*nt.

Also during that time, I could see her “boyfriend” had a handful keeping her in check as she kept diving deeper down the rabbit hole of whatever she was on.

It all ended when the neighbor showed her naked kid to my wife who promptly told the neighbor to “f*ck off,” and of course, we broke it off thinking that-is-that. The cherry on top was her boyfriend writing separate passive-aggressive text messages to us telling my wife to stay away, and he did not like what he was hearing. This is when I (not my wife yet) figured out this woman is a big fat manipulator and a liar.
May I also add during this time, she started just wandering into our unit any time the door was unlocked for even a few minutes – just inviting herself in? So, we have had to be DILIGENT like we live in the ghetto to KEEP OUR DOOR LOCKED AT ALL TIMES! One time, I took out the trash in the middle of the night and caught her coming back from our unit!

In the time since then, this has happened….

At the start of the year, she was gone for about two weeks.

Thank God. We hoped she was gone for good, but nope! She was back just in time to have another fight next door and then try and divert attention to me and my wife who were having a petty squabble about practically nothing, putting me on the line to get arrested for absolutely nothing.
I knew it was a diversion by two major clues – 1.) The person who mentioned our fight to the police knew my name, which would only be the neighbor next door 2.) She comes back just in time for my birthday. The day of, I’m coming home from work and spend seven hours at a favorite store till they close waiting for the seven police vehicles to leave.

My wife was hiding in a closet afraid of everything. Apparently, the neighbor had been sexually assaulted by a group of people in some kind of well-known organization known for crime. We knew this because she was SCREAMING it at the police, and my wife replayed it to me over the phone while I was at the store.
Not long after that, the neighbor laid on our doorstep a few days later whining that she was dying, then while my wife called 911, the lady called an Uber and basically conned my wife into taking her to the hospital via Uber/Lyft. She was gone for a while.

At this point, she and my wife had talked, and the explicit details gave my wife bad anxiety and sent HER to the hospital and caused complications with medication – so punitive damages.

I’m still hurting on my credit report from the medical bills as a result of this crap. Toward the end of the month, the neighbor lady is out of the hospital, claiming that she’ll die if she drinks or does anymore drugs.
Then she relapses again….and at this point, COVID-19 was a thing, so now she’s harassing my wife on the daily knocking on windows and doors ramping up her anxiety issues. My wife even had a seizure from doctor-prescribed anti-anxiety meds and anxiety as a result of this crap.

Things finally came to an end for our involvement when I yelled at her to leave us alone, or I’m calling the police.

My wife had already been complaining to the complex telling them we don’t feel safe because of this neighbor, who revealed that her dad was paying her rent, and they had no control over the situation. We also doxxed her around this time and found out she has had multiple warrants, arrests, restraining orders filed against her, multiple drug charges, and that she was not even on the lease, but her rich dad is.
So, more clues why this pest won’t go away.

Not long after this, she started driving around drunk/stoned/on drugs. One day, she’s gone, and the police came by again. My wife gave them ALL of the information she could on this lady.

They must have caught her because we did not see hide or hair of her for a while, a long while.

Then she comes back again, not longer than a couple weeks ago, and since then, it’s been absolute hell, and she’s been on her worst behavior yet, running around naked, pretend-keying cars in the parking lot, getting in constant fights with her boyfriend, etc.

During this time, a friend of hers let us know that her rich dad has been paying people off including the multiple people whose cars she hit in our parking lot that apparently resulted in her arrest.
This friend also told us that she’s been claiming me and my wife did all the stuff SHE did.

And as the weeks have gone on, she’s only ramped things up including daily fights with her boyfriend who seems to be babysitting her (maybe Daddy is paying him to babysit?), running around the complex in her underwear/naked, and at least once getting picked up by the police….

I’m trying, trying, trying – in f*cking vain – to get us a house, somewhere far, far away, away from people, so I never have to experience this crap again. I’m willing to take a high-interest loan if we have to on a piece of junk that I have to live in while I fix it.
It seems the apartment is no help; they don’t care unless it’s of legal risk to them.

Police are no help either; they just get paid off or don’t penalize her because she’s a girl.

It seems she is smart enough to keep herself alive despite claiming to be suicidal. It seems that Daddy just keeps digging her out of her hole, and it’s f*cking infuriating as hell! I’m past my breaking point now. I’m leaving the house open-carrying weapons (legal) anytime I’m outside because I don’t know what she’ll do next. She’s already had CPS called on her, so her kid is gone. She’s already alienated everyone we talk to, but apparently, they believe in intrinsic worth enough to keep “helping” her.
Maybe if her dad wants to pay people money….maybe he should meet us and pay us next – so we can use it as a down payment, on a house! To get away from this lady.

She’s done more damage to us than anyone’s car! My wife and I both have health issues as well as performance problems at work due to lack of sleep and duress because of this crap, and we have to worry about it on top of politics, COVID-19, riots, and everything else going on.

I’ve had tons of bad neighbors over the years – manipulative kids trying to use false complaints, so their stoner girlfriends could move into our unit, druggie families with kids that run and jump and play upstairs 24/7/365, women running bootleg daycare from their unit while diverting their “john” to our unit? But this, this one takes the bloody cake.

I seriously wish she’d died from an O.D., so I could keep my brain, because at this point, I’m at a breaking point and likely to lash out at her at any attempt to cause trouble towards us in a way I might regret, especially given the current situations with law and politics.” madguy67

Another User Comments:

“Document, document, document. Document her BS and the apartment’s BS. They have an obligation to provide you with a safe place, and it seems like they’re being negligent here. Contact a lawyer and see if you can get a free consultation, provide them the documentation, and ask if they’ll be willing to work on your case for a percentage of any settlement.

My sister went through something similar.
She got all of her previously paid rent refunded, and the apartment complex had to pay for her moving expenses. Totaled about $18k after it was all done, but it took 6 months to get handled.” boozyhatter


“Oh trust me, I have been; I’ve been documenting this since December when all this crap got started, and things seemed benign, just in case. I “had a bad feeling” at first and am glad I heeded that. I have everything written in explicit detail and put into a secure cloud where I can access it whenever I need for accuracy of reporting.

The thing that worries us is 1.) we don’t have another place to go during this, 2.) even if we did, what if we could not get things settled? Then we’d be financially worse off than we already are, and 3.) she has a rich dad who has paid her off of all arrests/other charges/other issues and supposedly cut her off recently.

We got contact information for one of her relatives, and that party revealed she is a “master manipulator” and has a talent for changing the narrative believable enough to get her way. We saw this in action when she was joking with the police the second time we called them, as well as with the apartment whom she told I was a “Nazi” and that my wife is “nuts,” and she was at work (which she clearly was not; right after the fights, she was back out there having a fight with her boyfriend again). This weekend has been mostly quiet, though she did start knocking on our door at 6 am this morning for God only knows what.

Right now, I’m trying to buy a house, even though we’re not the best prepared, if prepared (financially) for it at this point, just wash my hands of the whole situation: bad landlords, crappy neighbors, lackluster maintenance, and all.
Even though the last 4 days have thankfully been quiet, I’m on edge and feel pressed to get some kind of result ASAP.” madguy67

11. We’re Being Stalked And Bullied As Retaliation For Complaining On Noisy Neighbors


“So, the neighbors involved are the one attached to us (in a semi-detached property), who I’ll label Household A, and the ones that are just 1 house along, who I’ll label Household B. Also, since both my sisters are involved, I’ll call the one who got calls Sister G and the other Sister A.

So, originally, this all started because household B’s kids starting kicking footballs at our house on purpose. My mom did go to the parents and asked them if they can get the kids to stop, but instead, the father just shrugged off my mom and was angry at her, saying stuff like, “They’re kids; they can do whatever,” and for the next couple of months, they ended up egging their kids on to do it more and starting us down on the street whenever we left the house.
The behavior got worse when my dad left, and the behavior started increasing so much that the kids were now kicking the ball at windows (even at bedroom windows) and banging on our door, so we got CCTV (didn’t help; they kicked the balls at them instead and claimed they were fake).

My mom once again tried to talk to the parents, but they don’t even answer the door to her now. She ended up complaining, and even though ball games were banned on the street (not just because of this but because the road constantly has cars coming along, and there were other neighbors complaining), this didn’t stop until lockdown officially happened.

So, Household A gets involved around 3-4 months before lockdown.
They started playing loud music. We wouldn’t really have minded if the music didn’t vibrate throughout the whole house and if it was during the day, not 9 pm-3 am. (Also, my sisters and I are autistic, so the vibrations were a sensory issue for us.) My mom has messaged and talked next door multiple times asking to keep the noise down.

The first couple of times, the neighbor said, “Oh, sorry; it’s the kids” (and then the music played again the next night), but it soon turned into, “They’re kids! I can’t control them! Just deal with it!” So, we ended up putting a noise complaint in and kept a diary.

This is when it started to get worse. Household A didn’t like this at all.
The mother started encouraging her kids to throw stuff over our backyard (stones, pegs, bits of trash). They either threw stuff over the fence or from the mother’s bedroom window. I just want to note, even though we’re attached, the fence separating us is relatively tall, meaning the kids would have to be standing on something to throw stuff (which was confirmed when we saw their heads peeking over multiple times).

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop at that. They started to throw food all over our front yard, and they managed to get my sister G’s phone number and called/texted her multiple times (shouting/texting abuse at us). We ended up getting more CCTV for our back yard because of them throwing stuff over and they started screaming “nonce/pedo” and saying that we were recording their yard/kids.
Again, we weren’t; you would of only to be able to see them when they looked over the fence.

So, onto the assault part of this story (which happened literally 2 weeks ago). It was about 10 pm at night, and they started playing loud music again and shouting in their yard (the mom was drunk), and my mum and sister G asked if they would please turn it down.

The mom started shouting at us and saying, and I quote, “Come out to the front. I’ll take you on; I’ll beat you all up.” My dad (who was staying over that night because we were nervous about her behavior and the other household didn’t seem to do anything when he was over) went round to talk to the dad (since he was sober).
My sisters followed him to make sure he was okay (due to what the mom was saying).

As my dad was talking to him (he was placid, saying he would sort everything out), the mom decided to lunge and hit my dad in the face. Directly afterward, she ran at my sister A with a cigarette.

My sister pushed her back and was running back to the house with my dad and other sister. As they were running back, she chased after them and went for sister A again when sister G get in the middle (to prevent her from getting hurt) when she punched/scratched my sister in the face (drew blood). Even after they ran back in the house, she started throwing the chairs we had in the front yard at our door.
I was with my mom inside the house (my mom was technically in the yard because she was looking over the fence when talking to the other mom), and the moment mom saw her go after my dad, she called the police.

The police arrived, and she was arrested, and we had statements taken, but we didn’t feel safe in our house anymore, so we had to flee to a hotel. (Also, I didn’t realize at the time, but obviously, while we were hiding inside the house, she threw a mini table over the backyard. I’m guessing this is before she started throwing chairs at our front door, or one of her kids did it.)

She was released without any charges which was confusing for us because we have evidence of her attacking us until they said she has witnesses going with her version of the story.
Turns out that Household B (all of them, even the kids??) was out there after we ran back in the house and was talking to her, most likely to come up with the story (which included me going out there and assaulting her and everything she did was out of self-defense, even though she doesn’t have any marks, and the CCTV shows I never left the house).

The police didn’t bother going any further with it because she didn’t want to press charges, and they viewed it as a domestic.

So, currently, Household A and B have been shouting abuse at us (we are back from the hotel and haven’t got enough money to stay away forever, unfortunately) and getting their kids to throw stuff at our windows and bang on our doors.
Somehow the kids know the blindspot of the CCTV, so we got another camera pointing directly at our front door, but this again resulted in more shouting of “nonce/pedos” and with the kids even saying “I’m just going to grab it.”

Thankfully, there is currently police action going on but nothing yet.” DanDan_fell_over

10. Thanks For Ruining My Open House With Your Constant Partying


“So, about 2 months ago, our long time neighbor passed away, and her house was quickly flipped and rented out.

Our seemingly boring neighborhood has turned into a nonstop, 24/7 party. Every day, and I mean every day, the day proceeds with:

1 PM: firecrackers in the road as to let us know they indeed did wake up

1 PM-5 PM: sitting directly facing our backyard smoking, drinking, playing loud music, and kids screaming/getting yelled at… occasional firecrackers

7 PM: louder music; they start a bonfire with what seems citronella oil and lighter fluid and wet wood, so you absolutely can’t breathe outside without choking.
They invite 15-25 people over. All these people come with separate cars and literally block the street on both sides. Then the actual fireworks start.

8 PM – hardcore drinking/drug use starts.

Fireworks every 15 minutes

9 PM – fireworks start every 5 minutes until about 11 PM

9:30 PM – The person that lives there starts calling people out and fighting with them.

9:45 PM – fighting gets physical, and screaming gets loud enough to hear inside with TV on and window AC

10 PM – still fighting and yelling. Cops called because “none of these people were invited, and get them off my property.” Cops roll eyes because they’re there every night. People still setting off fireworks, and cops say nothing

10:30 PM – still yelling, cops still there, more fireworks

11 PM – The girl who lives there’s parents show up, and she finally shuts up and cops leave.

(Mind you, up until two days ago, there were 4 kids ages 2-8 living there. CPS removed them Monday night, so previously, there were kids screaming and crying whilst all this was going on.)

And on top of everything, they don’t throw anything in the garbage. There’s a collection of beer cans on the front steps along and dirty diapers tossed in the driveway.

I’m trying to sell my house, and my real estate agent is only available for open houses from 12-6. I’ve asked if she could do mornings, and it was a no. Also, we had prospective buyers drive through the neighborhood at night and see this first hand. They mentioned how loud it was, the fighting they heard, and saw the cops, so they backed out of buying.

What am I supposed to do about this? Even if I were to stay here, I couldn’t do this kind of nonsense indefinitely. I’ve already talked with them personally, and nothing changed…” Whole_Programmer

Another User Comments:

“If these people are renting, call the landlord and complain. If that doesn’t work, call the city every single day if you have to and complain.” catsmom63

9. They Hit My Car And Expected Me To Lie To The Police


“Background: So, my boyfriend and I live in a small, one-bedroom house on a narrow street. It’s technically a two-way street, but only one car can pass through at a time. Because of this, people generally drive slowly, but there are a few frequent speeders that just drive so fast it’s dangerous.

Our neighbor (we’ll call him G for the purposes of this story) has been generally bearable to live next to until recently. He always parks directly in front of our house, which wouldn’t be a big deal, but he throws huge tantrums if anyone parks in front of his. He’s slashed tires before for this.

He has people renting rooms in his house that always change, and he’s always arguing with them very loudly. It’s not uncommon to hear them getting kicked out in the middle of the night for stupid reasons, oftentimes, waking us up and just being really annoying to lose sleep for.

My boyfriend’s mom, dad, and other siblings live super close by, so we pay his little brother (LB) to cut our grass for some extra cash.

He used to cut G’s grass too but never got paid, so he stopped. About a week ago, LB had finished cutting our grass and turned the lawnmower off. A little grass fell off the mower and landed on the sidewalk by G’s house. Before Little Brother got the chance to blow it off, out comes G screaming that he is stupid, a moron, and “fg rd.” I’m not really sure how it got to this point, but LB was trying to defend himself or knew this was an issue for us, I guess, and asked G why he doesn’t just park in front of his own house. G responds by saying, “It’s a public f*cking street; I’ll park wherever the f*ck I want.”

Onto today: Neither my boyfriend nor I worked this morning, so we were at home with his siblings over, playing Monopoly.

We wrapped up our game, and my boyfriend went to walk the kids home. This is when G flies down the street, coming way too close to the kids, and aims to park in his front yard. (I have no idea why he does this, but it happens on occasion.) He misses his yard as he is going well over the speed limit and sideswipes my car.

My boyfriend walked the kids inside their house and then came back out to see what happened. My headlight is broken, I have a dent on my fender, and some major scuffs that went through the paint over the entire fender and bumper on the driver’s side, and it can’t be buffed out.

G’s car has massive scuffing all down the passenger side of his car.
The first thing that came out of G’s mouth to my boyfriend is him begging my boyfriend to not call the police or file an insurance claim. My boyfriend says he’d have to talk to me about that because it’s my car that he hit.

He comes out to the backyard where I am with my dog and says, “Hey, I’m sorry I hit your car. We’re going to get it all figured out. Just don’t say anything about it until tomorrow because my insurance kicks in later today.” I didn’t want to overreact or get into anything without seeing the damage on my car first, so I don’t really say anything and walk around front to assess the damage myself.

I looked at it and then walked inside to talk to my boyfriend about what I wanted to do.
In the meantime, G speeds off, and we were waiting to hear from our other neighbor about getting footage from the cameras that face the street.

We decided that while we wait for our neighbor to respond about the footage, we would take the car to a body shop and get an estimate done. We did, all was fine, and well, but we got an estimate for $850. While my boyfriend and I were talking, we realized something that G said was off. We weren’t really thinking about it at the time, but after we both calmed down a bit, we realized that he had asked us to call police and insurance the next day and pretend the accident had happened then.

Weird. I thought about the fact that he asked us to wait until the insurance “kicked in” and realized that when you insure a new vehicle, it’s normally immediate coverage; it doesn’t normally take days to “kick in,” so he probably just didn’t have insurance at all. After realizing this, we called the police.

An officer is sent and arrives in about 5 minutes and asks what happened. We tell him about the accident, showed him the camera footage of it, and he gets G’s number from a neighbor to see if he can get ahold of him to find out where he went. G answered the phone, admits to hitting my car, and the officer said that G was very surprised that we called the police and said he would return in a few hours.

The officer tells us to call back when G returns and let him know that the police are coming back to get everything sorted out. We also told the officer how G told us not to call them or my insurance company until the next day and pretend that the accident happened then. Lying to the police and insurance agencies is a HUGE no-no, and I wasn’t about to lie to cover our jerk neighbors butt.

G returns much sooner than expected. It was probably not even ten minutes after the first cop left that he came flying down the street (even faster this time). My boyfriend is inside our house trying to relax, and I am across the street at our other neighbor’s house talking about what was happening.

G flies his car door open and stomps his way up onto our porch and POUNDS on the door, runs off the porch, and is waiting in his own yard. My boyfriend comes out, I come out, my boyfriend’s parents come out, neighbors are already out; it’s a whole parade.

So, anyways, G is in his yard. I come and stand by my boyfriend in our yard, and G has already started screaming his head off at my boyfriend. G yells at him and said that he would regret ever calling the cops on him. He looks at me and says, “If you EVER park in that spot again you WILL regret it,” “I’m gonna take my three cars and block yours in and take up the whole d*mn street,” and some other dumb stuff.

I didn’t yell back; I just said firmly that I will continue to park my car in front of my own house, and the police are coming back to get this sorted. G and my boyfriend get into it at that point, yelling about how he hit my car and owes us $850 to fix it, saying we have video evidence. G responds by saying, “Good luck taking me to court; you’re never going to be able to sue me, and I ain’t paying you sh*t.” He said something about how he is just going to file for bankruptcy, so we can’t sue him and something about somehow deleting the videos, but it was all going fast, and my mind was just going a million miles an hour, and I don’t recall exactly what was said.

G and my boyfriend keep yelling at each other, basically repeating the same things until G yells that he basically changes his mind and now will tell the police that he did not hit my car. (Lol.) He goes to his backyard, and my boyfriend and I go into our house and wait for the police, get some water, and sit down to calm down a little. It was a nasty yelling match, and instead of giving us a chance to talk calmly and figure things out in a civilized way, he threatened my car and my boyfriend.

My boyfriend’s dad called the police while all this was going on, so two different officers arrive this time.

G just absolutely flipped a switch and attempted to act like the victim.
He said that my boyfriend and I ran onto his property, charged at him, threatened him, etc. for a car accident that he wasn’t involved in, and then changed his mind again and told the officers we shook hands and agreed on how to sort out the damage. (We didn’t.)

One of the officers comes to talk to us again, and we tell him that we didn’t charge him, threaten him, make any agreements, or do anything at all to him. We stayed on our property and just told this officer the same thing we said to the first one.

G starts to lose his temper at this point and starts yelling at us again while we’re talking to the police. They tell him to go sit down somewhere, and they’ll talk to him again in a minute.
The first cop that we spoke to before G was home comes back, yay! So, there are three police officers now. The original officer tells the other two that G already admitted to hitting my car and that he saw the video as well. I gave them my insurance card, and then they went over to G and asked if his car is insured. He says yes. They ask him for proof of insurance, and he declined, so they say, “So… Your vehicle is not insured?” And he admits that it’s not.

They write out their report, and then G tells the officers that he demands to press charges against my boyfriend’s mom for trespassing because when G called her 13-year old son those inappropriate things a bit ago, she confronted him and told him that he can not speak to her son that way, etc.
The officers are kind of annoyed with G at this point because they know that the incident with my boyfriend’s little brother happened and that G had already been lying to them about the whole situation. G was obviously just trying to get someone else in trouble since we called the cops on him and got him in trouble.

The officers are telling us what to do next, what to do if there are any more issues with G, etc.

G then interrupts them and asks them if they can wait to file their report until tomorrow, so his insurance is active. The officers laugh and say, “That’s not how this works, bud.” My boyfriend and I continue talking to the police, and G interrupts AGAIN, this time looking at me, and said that if I tell the cops to leave and forget all this, then he would pay for the damage through his insurance (that he doesn’t have).
The cops snicker a little and again and say that that is not how things work.

The report is already written. One of the officers went to his car with my insurance card and documented it and took pictures of the damage on my car. I went into the house for a moment, and when I walk back outside, I see one of the officers talking to my boyfriend’s mom about the trespassing, but they’re laughing together, so nothing is going on that’s bad for her.

My boyfriend and I walk over to his mom’s house after they finished talking to the police officer, and we talk about what happened. They got everything documented and gave my insurance card back. They also tell us not to worry because they know that G was lying and changing his story.

He was cited for damaging my vehicle and now has a court date to see if his license will be suspended for driving without insurance. The officer also told us that apparently when G left the first time, he had gone out to an insurance company and insured his car. He lied to the officers saying that he got insurance “turned on” at 11:14 am and hit my car at 11:15 am, when it was actually around 10:20 am, and we had proof of it.

This just happened today, but every time we have seen G, he has yelled “f*ck you,” called us trash for calling the cops, and said that we just should have trusted him to pay the $850 (even when he couldn’t pay a child $20 for cutting the grass regularly).

The cops have had multiple run-ins with him and know how he is. They told me to relax and if he steps foot on our property, knocks on the door, or anything else, just to dial 911 and ignore him until the police come to take care of it.

Unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover the damage, but we were able to find a great body shop and made a plan on dealing with the damage the most cost-effective way. What would have been $850 will only be around $300! We are going to buy a new fender and put it on ourselves, get the cars paint matched and buy it ourselves, and the garage is going to buff and paint over all the damage for only $100! It was a really awful day overall, but on the bright side, we are going to get the damage fixed for a great price and our a**hole neighbor got some Karma.

I’m just not really sure where to go from this point. We’re a little nervous that G may try something again, like throwing something toxic into the backyard for my dog to find or slashing my tires. I’m going to walk through the backyard and make sure I don’t see anything and stand outside with my dog until we move to keep him safe. I really don’t want to have to feel like I need to be constantly on guard to be safe.” quailsareprettycool

8. Neighbors’ Domestic Issues Are Triggering My PTSD


“I have neighbors that moved in about two and a half weeks ago. I expect at least a little noise moving in and want to make sure I’m not being too quick to judge here.

To give a little context, our doors are right next to each other in a corner area. As in, if you were to open both at the same time, you’d physically run into the other. And it is right next to our stairwell. Well, the first few nights, they held a gathering and blocked off that stairwell by sitting on it like chairs.
I have another neighbor this blocks traffic for too. And since then, they’ve used it as a sort of hangout.

I actually have no idea who lives there, and there are about 6 different people going in and out all the time. And I haven’t met any. I’ve smiled and waved at about 2 people, but they’ve ignored me.

I don’t know what to think of that really.

The real problem comes in here (I realize it is absolutely personal), but I have PTSD from family abuse growing up. And, well, they sound like they are having some trouble themselves. I haven’t heard anything violent or else I would have called the authorities. But they bring their fights into the balcony right outside the door, and well, I’ve been triggered numerous times.
I’ve started using headphones to block it out, but it’s starting to get to my mental health in other ways. I’m starting to have insomnia.

In addition, I work from home right now, and they start screaming in the noon hours when I’m making phone calls, and it can be heard by the other person.

It’s usually about 30 minutes or so, but I’m getting super anxious.

Usually, they quiet down at about 10 pm, but last night, they were screaming and slamming doors hard enough to vibrate my walls and had people knocking on their door after midnight.

I understand they are having issues, but I haven’t even met them yet and am very uncomfortable with confronting them. I don’t want to be a target of their anger or frustration, so I’d much rather stay out of it as much as possible, especially since I live alone.
Right now I’m recording when they fight via audio and the timestamps to show the landlords the noise levels in my apartment.

And I plan on going by to talk with them privately.

But I am concerned about any confrontation getting traced back to me and being harassed.” immaweebab

7. He Won’t Stop Repeatedly Mowing His Lawn


If you’re that obsessed with your lawn, you might benefit from artificial turf.

“My grandmother bought riverfront property in the mountains for all of us to visit and have our campers sit on. After buying it and getting to know the neighbors, she learned one of them is very salty that she bought the land. He had been using it for free from the previous owner for his own family to put campers on and for some boy scout groups to camp on.

The woman that sold the land to my grandmother told her she had been trying to sell it for 5 years, and the neighbor always tried to haggle for half of what she wanted. The seller did not tell him when she finally decided to go down on the price and sold it almost immediately to my grandmother.

Well, the first year up here was great; he and his wife would come over for a chat when we arrived and wave when they saw us. Then my grandmother started to change things. She had to dig out for new septic which took out a couple of young trees, and she graded the driveway a little bit, which took out shrubbery and mostly overgrown weeds.

Because of this, there was a clearer view between our properties. The neighbor got mad that we weren’t being as “private” as before.

Since then the neighbor has been a passive-aggressive nightmare. If we get here late in the evening, the next morning, he is out mowing with this broken lawnmower at 7 am for about 3 hours. He only has about a half-acre to mow, and it should only take an hour at most to push mow it. This mower looks like it belongs in a Loony Toons cartoon by how old it is and how it sounds. Whir-tttt-whir-ttt-whiiiiiiiirrrr, and he’s constantly running over sticks and hitting rocks. The blades have to be trashed.

Well, last night everyone had got here about 5, and I got here at 8.
My family told me he had been mowing since they got there so for over 3 hours. Around 8:30 he stopped mowing and brought his motorcycle out of the garage to idle for about 30 minutes then put it back up without going anywhere. Well, we had hoped that meant no mowing in the morning…..but here we are.

He’s been mowing again since 7:30. The grass is super damp up here in the mountains and should not be mowed. You can hear it clogging up the machine. His wife is power washing the side of the house too that I know she had just done last week.

It’s so quiet up here that it sounds like a jet engine breaking up the peace of nature.
I don’t know how he can equate this noise to us quietly playing cards or going down to kayak for hours. Most of the time, we don’t even have children with us up here, and we don’t party. When kids are here, they are very well behaved and are usually drawing on rocks with chalk or playing tag. There’s rarely more than 8 of us here at a time.

Update: After an hour and a half of mowing again and the wife power washing, my dad was trying to talk to them. The man was ignoring him, so he asked the wife if they were doing this on purpose.

She politely said they had company coming over (which we’ve never seen them have anyone, even though they talked about visitors a lot), so she just left before my dad could say anything again.
We went on with our lives and then she came back standing at her front door a fair distance away and yelled, “Are you (grandmother’s) kids?” We said yes, and she yelled back, “We can do anything at any time; it’s our property,” and my dad just yelled back, “We just wanted to know if your purposefully waking us up,” and she went back inside.” muscle_man_69

6. His Large Dog Repeatedly Broke Loose


“A while back when I first moved into a new neighborhood, my next-door neighbor hadn’t gotten the dog yet.

My neighbor and I share a somewhat connected driveway that extends into our backyards to a certain point before it cuts off. My backyard is slanted downwards into a garden, and his is lifted upwards from the wooden patio he built on top of his land.
So, a few months after moving in, a decent-sized pit bull suddenly appears in his backyard. It would just hang out in the wooden patio from day to night. Whenever I go into my yard, it would bark at me or lay there looking all types of lonely. One day, my uncle is in the backyard when he hears fireworks from a house a few blocks away.

This dog starts freaking out cause A) it was dark, and B) apparently, it’s scared of fireworks. (The house that sets off the fireworks does this almost every freaking week.)

So, anyway, my uncle says the dog looks anxious, and it’s pacing back and forth, and of course, my neighbors aren’t home. The dog does it for a few days every time the fireworks go off until one day, the dog decides to jump the fence and into our yard! I’ve never dealt with a dog bigger than a Shiba Inu.
This thing was f*cking huge up close. It wasn’t vicious, but it looked like it was deprived of love so much that it didn’t know how to be affectionate in a non-aggressive way.

Once in my yard, it ate my potted plants (-.-), flipped a few pots over, and attempted to scratch the screen door into my house. I immediately went over to the neighbors and rang their bell a billion times. No one was home. Now my dad wanted to open the gate and let the dog loose into the streets because he didn’t want the dog to break the gate (plastic). Poor thing didn’t even realize its own strength. I didn’t want it to get hit by a car, so I kept him in the yard until the neighbors came back.
When someone did come, they leashed him, apologized, and took him back.

I thought it would be the end.

Unfortunately, this d*mn dog had a bone to pick because after he found out how to jump the fence, he continued to do it every time the fireworks went off. He would jump over, I would call the neighbors, they would come by, leash, apologize, and it would repeat again and again every week. I was really considering opening the gate because my garden was trashed at this point. However, my prayers were answered when I started to see life in my garden again! The dog was gone!

I ended up catching my neighbor outside and asked him what happened to the dog. He said that it ran away again for like 1712793937 time, and he wasn’t going to look for it anymore.

Turns out, his kids wanted the dog, but I guess maybe they got bored of it, and it kept running away. Apparently this dog got a lot of action around the neighborhood, so I wasn’t the only one fed up with it. After the dog left, we reconciled, and there wasn’t anymore bad blood between us. So, moral of the story, if you must get a pet, PLEASE BE PREPARED to care of it.” Milktea100719

5. They Bring Up Our Race Every Time We Confront Them


“We’re on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC.
Our neighborhood is brand new and consists of a few white families and then probably 90% is an even split of Spanish and black families.

Most families are in their 30’s or early 40’s and are teachers, coaches, account executives, and engineers.

Our neighbors are renting a brand-new, 5-bedroom house next door and have people staying there seemingly all the time. The problem? The guy owns a real fancy racing motorcycle, and all of his friends come by, so they can meet up here before going on rides. (we’re 1/2 a mile from the highway.)

So, every time they all meet up or have a party, there are 10-20 motorcycles on our dead-end street. They don’t come and go respectfully either. They take off from here to the next block (where the neighborhood exit is) at 50-60 miles an hour, then slam on their brakes at the next turn and do it again.

A few weeks ago, they had their second party during quarantine. Probably 60 people on their front and back lawns. One guy was leaving on his bike and decided to just idle/rev the gas for a few minutes directly in front of our house with his stereo blasting. This is also coincidentally 50 feet from our 11-month-old’s bedroom window.

My husband went over to the edge of our driveway and addressed the guy who rents the house. He pretty much just calmly asked that they take it easy on the bikes, it’s late, and there are a lot of little kids in this neighborhood, and it’s really tough to keep them asleep with all the noise.

Before the words are even fully out of his mouth, some random girl comes over (I’m not sure she even lives there) and interjects herself, starts screaming at my husband, and accuses him of having a problem because we’re white, and they aren’t.
My husband is super soft-spoken and 5’6’’… not likely intimidating. She immediately turned it to race and started arguing that we don’t say anything to the “white girl who speeds on the street in her loud car.” When he mentioned the bikes and just asked if they could take it easy since it’s past midnight, she said, “Well, if you had a motorcycle what would you do?”… What?

Totally at a loss, my husband just came back inside and called the police to report a gathering over 10 people.

The cops never showed up, and most of the party didn’t leave until the next afternoon. People having these huge parties during these times is unfathomable to me.

We have a second neighbor who lives about 5 houses down.
This situation has been going on since we all moved in about 2 years ago. He tends to have these 100+ person parties for every holiday. (I couldn’t get a furniture delivery once due to all the cars.) The parties are loud, but even when it’s just him and 2-3 guys, they play pool with the garage door open with a really loud bass line playing for hours on end. It’s been 3 am before, and the whole house is awake because of it.

Our neighbor across the street has the same issue with it. Once again, my husband, in an effort to solve things amicably, went over at 3 am and introduced himself and asked them to turn it down.
About 15 guys poured out of the garage and surrounded him while the owner proceeded to tell him that he paid “a quarter of a million dollars for this house, and sometimes black people get together and listen to music” and that my husband “shouldn’t try to oppress their culture” by asking them to turn it down to a reasonable noise level. We downloaded a decibel reader on our phones just to make sure we weren’t crazy.

Their music is generally 2-3x the noise ordinance limit.

First of all, we all paid $250k for these houses, which is relatively average in this area. So, I’m not sure the point of throwing that around and trying to make it sound like more than it is.
Second, after the two comments about race, I feel like we aren’t able to ask our neighbors to behave reasonably because it comes off as a racial superiority thing. We never thought of it this way until it was thrown out there 2 different times.

After trying to resolve things in a neighborly way, we just reached out to our HOA for the second neighbor to handle it from here on.

The motorcycle neighbor and his guests have been much more respectful on their bikes since the party.

Are we wrong? Are we inadvertently oppressing anyone’s culture by just asking them to be quiet late at night? I genuinely want to understand so that we can avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable. We both grew up in Upstate New York (a very nondiverse area) before moving to the south, so maybe we are at fault for not understanding the complexities of the place we’ve moved to?” srock0223

4. He Keeps Assuming We’re Abusing Our Pets


I can understand if you genuinely feel like animals are being harmed and feel the need to intervene, but, I mean, don’t be a complete, assumption-making wacko.

“We live in a 4 story block building in Central Europe. We have 2 dogs that we rescued from the shelter approximately four years apart from one another. The first one is a big and calm dog, though we assume is probably deaf. The second and most recent one is a smaller breed and has been with us since he’s been about 8 months. Before we adopted him, he lived his whole life in a cold, dark shelter after being thrown away by his previous family.

Both of them are lovely, and we love them both. We try to provide them with the best we can: comfortable mattresses to sleep on, good-selected food to eat especially because the first one has a very sensitive stomach (we think they tried to poison him before he was found on the streets), go for walks, and everything else.

Our latest dog had a pretty rough life before as far as we know, and as he is small and still a puppy, he becomes very, very scared when we do anything that can be seen as a threat or when we leave him alone at home. He’ll literally cry as loud as he can for a long time when he’s alone.

He knows when he does something wrong (like eating the plants or destroying the couch’s cushions) and hides scared. When we approach him to show him he did wrong – and again I repeat, only show – he runs away SCREAMING to find a hiding spot, usually out in the balcony under the chairs, and keeps screaming.

Yet, we have never laid a hand on him.
The police once came and said the neighbor reported animal violence and wanted to check on us.

They saw the dogs (and our pet chinchillas – 2) are kept in great condition, are clean, well-fed, and happy. They didn’t understand why they were called and sided with us. They told us we should talk to the neighbors (didn’t mention who called them) and left us alone with nothing else.

Today, the dog again screamed in the balcony, and the neighbor from upstairs shouted back at us that we should stop beating the dog or else he’s coming downstairs.

I should mention that I am a foreigner and understand about 90% of the language where I live, but I don’t feel confident enough to engage in an argument over the balcony fence with a native speaker, but my wife is from here, so she bravely and “politely” welcomed the neighbor to come downstairs, which they never did.

Said neighbor likes to leave us anonymous, mean messages on our mailbox, but we know it’s them because their kid (who hates them and also sides with us because of a complicated story for maybe another time) told us it’s them leaving the messages.

We suspect we now know who called the police on us, and we’re slightly worries we’ll be receiving another visit very soon or more messages or that maybe they will finally show up in person.” brunofin

3. They Won’t Stop Trashing My Patio


“This is about my upstairs neighbors. They’re completely childish, and it just gets worse and worse… I am going to go crazy!

It started with them moving in making loud banging noises on the floor non-stop, but I thought they were only moving in and installing some stuff upstairs because they were still moving in even after a week, but no, they continued that same noise even after moving in.

They have a big dog, but I figured that it was the dog’s tail smacking the ground or the dog’s foot when it’s being petted. But nope, that’s not it either.

Anyways, then they started blasting music super loud at first for 2 hours, so at first, I didn’t mind it, but then I started working graveyard, and the guy would see me come home in the morning and look at me and then go back upstairs, wait 20 minutes, then blast music all day non-stop. I still dealt with it hoping they would get I worked at night, so they should keep it down, but that didn’t stop them.

Here’s the worst part.

Right after that, they started throwing down weird fluids of dog pee and tons of garbage down from their balcony along with their kids’ toys and dog balls and then started getting super weird dumping down dog poop pads and dirty underwear and socks as if my patio area was their trash bin, and what really makes me angry was they keep their own patio super clean.
Later, management finally wants to ask me to clean up my patio area, and that’s when I got angry, and I had all my photo proof and video proof of the loud noises and all the garbage being thrown down and fluids being dumped, and other neighbors spoke up and said I am never in my patio and that I work nights, and they see me all the time coming home and leaving at night, and they said that those guys are always loud, and they’re the ones dumping down trash.

So, warnings were sent out, so, again, they dump down more trash and blast loud music. I document and record and keep emailing management to keep a paper trail going, and they continue to warn them, and again, for two weeks, they stop then start again, so management has the maintenance men clean out my patio area.
A few weeks later, I start smelling a weird smell after I open my window, and it smells like dog pee in my patio area, so I check and see huge splatters of fluids down in my patio area, so I take pictures, and it smells like stagnant dog pee that’s been sitting there, and then this is where it gets super freaking weird.

I usually open my room window during the day when I sleep, and when it gets hot, I start smelling a little bit of a sour-y smell, but it wasn’t strong, just faint. I look outside my window, and I swear to God, I have photos of this and everything…. I find 2 women’s used maxi-pads along with red toilet paper dropped down on the bushes below.
I look and notice they don’t have a screen, so they can easily throw stuff down. After that, I sent it all to management, and they had the maintenance men pick it up, to where they then told us that since this COVID situation, they can’t kick anyone out but would if they continue doing this type of stuff once it’s over, and they’re really on their last leg.

But guess what? They still continue to BANG on the ground, and they do it to mock me, but once I turn my fan and mute everything to record, all of a sudden, they stop!

I don’t know how to deal with these people or what their issue is. They involve a guy and girl, and the dude is a wannabe looking cholo, and his girl is a fat Oompa Loompa looking hobbit.
They both don’t work. This isn’t a section 8 apartment, so I have no idea how they even pay rent or got in. I’m assuming they’re both on SSI or something because they act brain disabled but don’t look it at all, or someone’s rich in their family and pays there rent, but who knows? These people are truly a nightmare, and they’re driving me crazy.” Bowserstrikes

2. She Can’t Seem To Tone Down, Yet Complains At Our “Noisiness”


“My fiance and I have been living in a second-floor apartment for the last 4 years and just renewed our lease for a 5th year.

About 3 years ago, a girl moved in on the first floor. She is probably the nosiest apartment neighbor ever.
(Please be advised that I’m referring to various frequent noises, above a reasonable level for a prolonged period of time, at all hours of the day/night.)

When she first moved in, it was her, her young son (3 at the time), and boyfriend. They would scream at each other, stomp around, and slam doors 24/7. Then she would lock him out, and he would come back at all hours of the night banging on windows/doors, waking the whole building up. It was annoying as hell, but I was sympathetic for her being in a sh*tty relationship.

They broke up after the first year, and things seemed to quiet down for a few weeks…

Until she decided a good present for a toddler living in an apartment would be a set of drums… After about a year, thankfully, the boy grew out of the drums, but her screaming, stomping, and door slamming continued…

Now she has a new boyfriend, and they BLAST their music and tvs, often past acceptable hours.
Screaming, stomping, and door slamming has continued throughout. They also ALWAYS have friends over (which I wouldn’t even mention, except their friends are screamers too).

Not to mention, all her other odd and random instances of noise-making, including but not limited too: installing a “yoga” swing in her living room ceiling, getting rid of a bug infestation with a hammer, and screaming angrily at her dogs while locking them in the shared hallway where they proceeded to pee all over the carpets.

I am not a confrontational person, so for the most part, I keep my mouth shut unless it becomes unbearable. But when I can’t stand it, I text her. She is usually very polite about it and quick to respond (I’m the only person to text her.
All the other neighbors call the cops or landlord because she never answers her door), but her behavior always reverts back in a few days. There have been a few times when she doesn’t answer her messages, but no matter how loud or long I knock on her door, she won’t answer. (I know she hears me, though, because she waits until she hears me go back upstairs to text me back.) We rarely see each other in person, and when we do, we are very civil, borderline friendly.

But I am getting sick of her constant noise.

Anyone who has been to our apartment more than once has even commented on how shocked they are by how loud she is.

To top it off, she gets on her high horse on the few occasions my fiance or I ever make noise.
The only “legitimate” complaint she ever had was when we had a party in our apartment and a friend accidentally dropped/broke a bowl at 7 PM on a Saturday. (I’m not going to delve into how annoying that was, but in case you’re wondering, she bartends weekend nights, so it’s not like we woke her up from her sleep schedule.)

Since then, on 3 occasions, she has messaged me to complain about us being unreasonably noisy, but each time, I was able to prove that no one was home during each supposed “incidences.” Then last year, she started complaining to our landlord about what I think is reasonable noise, such as my fiance wearing his shoes on the stairs (part of the building’s shared public hallway, not private), my fiance using a hammer for about 5 minutes at 3 PM on a weekday, and me vacuuming at 4 PM on Saturdays, etc.

Today (she did this last year too), she complained to our landlord about us running our air conditioner while she admits to him that we don’t run for very long, but the fan in it is “really loud.” The thing is, we have central air, so the AC unit is part of the building; I fail to see how that is my fault or what control I have over an AC unit that was chosen/installed before I moved in?

I’m both irritated and entertained by the fact that she has the brass to complain about our noise given the decibel level at which she routinely operates…

I don’t want to call the cops on her (although, other neighbors do) or the landlord (other neighbors do that as well, but he’s pretty useless in these matters).” IAmNotAFajita

1. They Refuse To Contain Their Aggressive Dog


If you can’t keep her inside, maybe, erm, get her spayed at least?

“We live in rural Canada.

It’s my mother’s house, and we (wife, wife, and child) live here and work from home.

Last year, we got a puppy who is now just over a year old. He’s a border collie cross and has been neutered. Previously, we also had an old lab here who barked at random things, and the new dog took up his “responsibilities” after he passed a couple of months ago. We have a big property and no fence, but the dog is very well behaved and doesn’t wander beyond our property. As further info, most people on our road have dogs and no fences on large properties, so there are the occasional doggie visitors wandering through our property that our dog barks at from a distance, but there are never any problems.

We have a neighbor who is… strange and awful. (I have plenty of other stories about her.) She has a huge property with quite a few animals, including dogs who are never allowed inside, but instead, just roam free. One of her dogs is apparently in heat and has been for the past month or so. The dog has now developed a habit of coming after our dog on our property when she hears him bark. She is terrifying. I have no idea what breed other than medium-large, mottled brown, short fur with a shorter snout. She snarls and slathers and comes at both our dog and us multiple times. We have some roofers here right now, big strapping men, and even they are shocked and terrified of this dog.

Our poor pup gets so scared, he pees and poops everywhere and does this screaming, whining bark that is just so scary to hear. One time, his paw was bleeding, but we’re not sure if it was a bite or him just injuring himself in fear.

My mom has called the neighbor and pleaded and even demanded that she keep the dog indoors or tied up while it is so aggressive, but we’re worried it’s now become a habit, and even when the dog is no longer in heat, it will continue to come after us. The neighbor just makes excuse after excuse of, “Oh, I only untied her for a moment” or, “She’s so well behaved for me.” I should note that with the aggressive dog is another big, fluffy, white dog who comes with her but is gentle and goes back home when we tell it to.

This may be associated, but it often happens when her grandchildren are there (pretty much daily) and playing in the driveway on their bikes. When our dog barks from way far away (like half a city block) at the noise they make, they taunt him by barking back at him.

Our child can’t even go outside to play right now. Plus, we’re scared to let our dog outside too.

We don’t know what to do because if we call some kind of authorities they’re going to find that none of the people on our road have fences for their dogs, and we don’t want to get anyone else (including ourselves) in trouble.” Lovemygirlsomuch

I don’t understand how anyone could be okay with being the loud, annoying, grouchy, strange, or generally most hated neighbor.

But, apparently, the latter folks are a-okay with that. And, believe me, there are plenty more people just like them. You can read more stories involving terrible neighbors here!

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