People Share Their Roommate Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Live Alone


Have you ever met someone, only to realize that they’re not at all what you expected once you get the chance to hang out with them in private? That quiet girl from your office might end up surprisingly coming out of her shell after happy hour and secretly be funny as heck. Or, that guy you thought was a drab might actually be the coolest dude alive once you get talking to him about his massive video game stash.

Sometimes these surprises aren’t so positive, though, like for the poor narrators in the following stories. In these cases, these people decided to move in with a roommate, only to later discover that the person they thought was cool was either a terrible person, completely weird or even dangerous to be around. You never truly know someone until you spend time and live with them under the same roof, and share space and energy. Buckle up for the following stories. If you’re currently looking for a roommate, you’ve been warned. Not much good comes from these stories, but man, they sure are amusing!

28. He Threatened To Kill Me Because The Temperature Wasn’t Exact


“I had a roommate who was a friend of a friend (first mistake). From the start, he seemed oddly fixated with the temperature in the house. As time went on, he got increasingly agitated if the temperature was changed even one degree on the thermostat.

First, it was just him leaving notes about it. Then there was yelling. No one was changing the setting, but he was still freaking his sh*t out about it.

Everything culminated one night with him banging on my bedroom door at 11 p.m. because our mutual friend had turned the temperature up ONE F*CKING DEGREE, yelling sh*t about how he was going to kill me. Yeah. I hid on the porch (off my second-story bedroom) and called the cops.

The cops didn’t even have the decency to remove him from the property because he wasn’t behind on his rent. I ended up evicting him and spending a lot of time out of the house for the next two months.

Worst part? Our landlord let him move into the building next door. I spent the next two years terrified to leave my house because he was there. I still panic whenever I see someone that looks remotely like him, now four years on from that living nightmare.” Luthvian

27. She Caught Our Unit On Fire And Got Mad That She Had To Pay For The Damage


You break it, you buy it.

“I lived with a girl I met in my last year of college for a total of three months before she left a decorative candle burning (you know the kind that has no glass holder – it’s literally just a wax block) on a WOOD DRESSER.

And then left. Obviously, it caught the dresser on fire, and her entire bedroom burned.
I came home from work to three firetrucks and 70% of my possessions destroyed by smoke and/or water-damaged. I was 22 and a pile of tears.

The best part. She got p*ssed off at me because she had to reimburse both our landlord and my insurance company for the damages. She apparently misunderstood that when the fire chief filed it as ‘accidental,’ that doesn’t mean she wasn’t financially responsible for her f*ckery.

She apparently planned to take her insurance payout and go on a shopping spree.

Turns out, repairing an entire bedroom and replacing my belongings never crossed her mind until her insurance company told her she wouldn’t see a dime until we had been paid first.

She threw a fit and had her mommy call me to tell me that she would not be staying on the lease with me. Hallelujah!
I moved back in six months later into a newly renovated unit sans crazy roommate.

That was over four years ago now, and I’ve been happily roommate-free ever since.” RiplyNotRipley

26. I Almost Went To Jail Because Of What He Watched On My Laptop


“I had a roommate who once used my laptop while I was at work and downloaded the gnarliest virus I’ve ever seen. Basically the thing was so bricked, I had to take it to a buddy of mine who did laptop repair and probably could fix it.

After a couple of days, he calls me up and tells me there is a very serious problem. I go the next day when I get off work, and he tells me that the thing was corrupted with really nasty illegal pictures. I explain to him how my roommate was using it, and it was junk when I got home. Thank God he is able to show me exactly when it happened with a timestamp, and I was able to prove I was at work.
Buddy reports what he finds to the local FBI office, and they take the computer for evidence.

The police show up at my door one day and take me down to the station where I explain in depth what happened. They call my boss to confirm I was there all day and didn’t leave, so they let me go. At this point, I didn’t talk to the roommate for almost a month since I was so disgusted with him.

I left town for a couple of days to see my girlfriend at college, and when I came back, everything of his was moved out. I ask the landlord who told me that he got a call saying that the roommate was leaving town to go be with his family and forfeited his security deposit.” godbullseye
25. Roach Infestation


“I had a roommate my sophomore year.

We both played on the football team. Anyways, pretty laid back guy. School, practice and sleep type of person.

But unfortunately, he liked to eat in the room and leave stuff on the ground. It was obvious who inhabited which half of the room. Anyways, we got roaches. Small ones at first, and over a week or two, bigger ones and too many. So, I tell him we have to clean because we have roaches. Its like 8 p.m. on a Sunday, so he obliges picks a few things off the floor, throws them in a trashcan, and goes to sleep. I’m like, ‘Wow, great effort.’
So, one day I’m warming some food in the microwave, and the buzzer goes off, and I open the thing to watch 50 or more roaches scramble out of my fried rice and into the crevices of the microwave.

Too disgusted to contemplate the implications of my diet over the month, I grab the microwave and toss it off the balcony. I walk downstairs and move it to the dumpster.

Two weeks later, I became an RA and got a room to myself and a scholarship paying for it. So, all in all, not a bad ending, but f*ck scurrying roach babies. Still a nice guy, though, just not roommate material.” toonleon
24. We Were Stuck With Her Cats While She Basically Moved Out


“She pretty much disappeared and went to live with her girlfriend in the next town over, leaving us to care for her cats.

We are animal lovers so we obliged for a while, but we started getting sick of paying for cat litter for somebody else’s cats.

Things started deteriorating, and she would flip out about the electric bill when the electric bill was actually pretty low. She was p*ssed that it wasn’t basically zero. Because she was never there, her logic was that we should be like snow creatures and live in the cold and never turn the heat on because she wasn’t there, so the house didn’t need to be heated.
Finally, we decided we’d had enough of this crazy b*tch and found a new place.

We notified her we would be moving out and informed her that we would not be taking care of her cats after the 17th.

The 17th came and went, and we texted her and told her, ‘This is our last day. We are fully moved out. You will have to come take care of your cats now.’ She texted back ‘OK.’

About a week later, she sends us a barrage of text messages flipping out on us. She had abandoned her cats for a week, and of course, they had f*cking trashed the place. Who wouldn’t? They were hungry and didn’t have anyplace to sh*t, so they ripped open bags of food and sh*t everywhere.

She said she was going to sue us. I contacted my lawyer, and my lawyer said, ‘Bring it, b*tch.’ She didn’t have a shred of a case.

We never heard from her again.” Reddit user

23. He’d Ruin And Throw Away Things That Weren’t His


I know of a person like this, and I can’t understand it at all.

“He’d just throw things away that didn’t belong to him. Sometimes it’d be little things like a potato peeler or a baking tray, which isn’t a huge loss, but it’s a pain in the arse when you’re in the middle of cooking something and realize you don’t have it anymore.

Other times, it’d be a tumble dryer or the cushions from the back of the sofa.
We had a Henry vacuum cleaner. When it needed emptying, he just got rid of the old bag without bothering to replace it, so the next time I opened it, several months’ worth of dust flew everywhere. Another time he tried to rewire its plug, connecting neutral to live and earth to neutral, because it had stopped working, and he naturally assumed this must be because someone else goes around screwing with the electrical wiring.

We get a brand new washing machine, and he puts so much powder in it that foam starts spurting through the seal.

Doesn’t give a solitary f*ck.
Numerous smoke alarm activations due to putting things directly on the bottom of the oven on maximum heat or letting pots overflow while he’s nowhere around. Once melted half a plastic spatula by leaving it on top of the cooker. My room was directly above the kitchen, so it’d stink of smoke after each of these incidents.

He’d leave the toilet seat covered with p*ss or the toilet stuffed full of toilet paper or kitchen towel. Once, left his daughter’s dirty diaper right in front of the toilet in such a way that you couldn’t just step around it.

Again, not a f*ck was given.
No idea what he’s up to now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s either died in a house fire or electrocuted himself due to his own incompetence.” ViridianKumquat

Another User Comments:

“Was he by any chance a chimpanzee in a shirt?” marinewannabee97

22. She Threw A Huge Tantrum


“A group of friends and I were sharing a room for a few weeks. On one of the last nights, I hear a couple of them talking. It wakes me up enough to look around. One girl is hugging another girl who seemed to be crying.

The next thing I know, the first girl said, ‘Let’s go to the bathroom,’ so they get up, and the crying girl slams the door open against the wall and my foot (I was sleeping on the floor) as they leave.

I was just like, ‘Okay, she’s upset.’
They’re back a few minutes later, and I can’t remember exactly what happened next, but someone turns the lights on, and the crying girl is looking around like she’s lost her mind. Her eyes are huge and just emotionless. She starts screaming and slapping her self across the face, loud enough that it kind of echoed. Then she’s on the bed, jumping the three feet gap to the other one for a solid minute while screaming. At this point, three of us were piling out of the room.

The first girl’s sister hears the commotion and comes up and just sits on this girl until she calms down.

We called her parents to come get her, and when they arrive an hour or so later, they were just like, ‘Oh yeah, that happens sometimes,’ and then they left, no explanation.” niamh_mc
21. He Paid No Rent And Played Video Games All Night


“Bobby.  Bobby was from the backwoods of Georgia, transferred to company HQ in Las Vegas. Totally unprepared for the zap put on his head by the Big City.

He wasn’t technically a roommate since he paid zero rent or food or utilities. He just crashed on my couch for four months at the invitation of my roommate. He was married with two kids; The reason he was sleeping on my couch is he had an affair, got the woman pregnant, his wife found out and kicked his a*s out.

Then the woman he got pregnant got upset because she found out he was married and dumped him, wherein he proceeded to get yet another girlfriend and (wait for it!) got her pregnant, too.
First thing he does when he moves in is connect his Nintendo to my TV without asking, by the way. And he proceeds to do nothing night after night but play Nintendo until about 11:00 p.m. while blasting the same God d*mn Metallica album over and over and over again through MY CD player. Then he would go out at 11, f*ck one of his many girlfriends, then show up back at the apartment around 3:00 a.m., loudly and drunkenly bouncing off the walls of the living room until he would pass out on my couch.

For four months.

F*ck that guy.
Yes. I should have grown a pair and tossed him out. In my defense, a) he and I and my roommate all worked at the same place, and I didn’t want the workplace drama, b) my roommate was the corporation’s travel agent and was always flipping me perks and upgrades and stuff, and I didn’t want to interrupt that stream, and Bobby was more his friend than mine.” dramboxf

20. He Wanted Me To Rob A Casino For Him


This is why you should always be wary of who you accept as your roommate.

“I recently decided to take in a roommate who needed a place to stay.

The guy was a bit sketchy, but I figured I could deal with it since it was less rent on my plate.
Well, one night, he came to me offering what I thought was a job (I was unemployed). Turns out, he wanted me to go halfway across the country to ROB A CASINO. I sh*t you not, his family was heavily involved in that sort of thing and apparently still had some leftover chips. Since a couple of his family members had recently gotten busted for it, he had become a prime target for casinos to monitor. I, on the other hand, had a clean record in that department, which in his eyes made me an ideal lackey.

Needless to say, I declined the offer and kicked him out within a week.” bossdawg21
19. He Was Jealous Of My Hot Girlfriend, So He Blew Up


Yeah, don’t give this guy anything to drink.

“He was mad that I was dating a girl who was 18-years-old and a perfect 10 while he had not had any physical interaction in several years. One night, we were all drinking and having a good time, and he decided to get right in her face and scream.

I grabbed him by the back of the head smashed his face through the drywall. He goes in his room for a while and comes back out and rushes me, head down, arms swinging wildly like windmills.

I simply grabbed him by the head and put him in a front naked choke until he stopped resisting and turned purplish. My other roommate finally had enough of this bullsh*t and grabbed him by one foot. I grabbed the other, and we dragged him back into his room and stomped him out a bit.

But, no, that was not enough. He came back out with the chairs from his room and for some reason decided to smash them on the ground. We, again, literally dragged him back to his room and stomped him out again. This time, he stayed on the ground in his room for the rest of the night and stopped bothering us.

My room and his room were right next to each other. Me and the girlfriend had loud got it on for a few hours to rub it in.” Reddit user

18. He Got Away With Abusing His Girlfriend


“My roommate was abusive to his girlfriend who was constantly at the apartment. It was a roommate matching situation, and he moved in after one of our roommates left.

They would always be yelling at each other until the wee hours of the morning. One time, I heard him yell, ‘I’ll f*cking kill you, b*tch’ and slammed her into the wall. That night, I had to call the cops on him.

Of course, he told them it was all a misunderstanding and got away with it. The girlfriend 100% had Stockholm syndrome, so she went along with it, so he wouldn’t get in trouble. He was pretty physically intimidating, so I obviously wasn’t going to tell him that I made the call, and he just assumed it was one of the neighbors.
He eventually got kicked out because he was two months behind on rent. Dude was the biggest piece of sh*t I’ve met in my life. He had the audacity to try to get in touch with me on Facebook not that long ago to be like, ‘Hey man, long time no see.

How’s everything been?’ like he hadn’t made my life a nightmare the entire time I knew him. I quickly blocked him.” sorrowmultiplication

17. She Destroyed Everything She Touched


“I had one who destroyed nearly everything she touched.

Once she tried to deep fry something in a normal pan filled with oil. She had several opportunities to stop the disaster that followed, and she missed every single one.
First, she could have not tried that in the first place because it’s a pan, not a deep fryer.

Then, when the oil burst into flames, she could have done anything – literally anything – except pour water on it to try and put it out.

Then, when the oil-water mixture burst into more flames, she could have put it out with the fire extinguisher (which was about 10 feet away). Instead, she just stood there, and it melted the sink and produced the most rancid black smoke I hope I’ll ever see. That sh*t ruined every single thing in the kitchen, including someone’s phone. And, of course, the window wasn’t open to let any of it out.
The fire department, when someone else eventually called them, was not amused.

Another time, the same girl locked herself in the bathroom and had to kick a hole in the door to get out.

I think the landlord made her pay for replacing it. Obviously, she was his favorite resident.” Reddit user

16. She Made Me Pay More Than My Fair Share


“She hid from me how much the rent actually was, so I would pay more without knowing it (I found out after she left). Treated me like I was renting a room from her, even though both of our names were on the lease. Kept asking me to pay certain bills, even though I’d already paid them or they were not even mine.
Most recently, three months after she left the apartment still owing me a lot of money from utility returns that we got, she had the nerve to ask me to pay her for more expenses.

I told her to just use the money she owes me since I wasn’t expecting it back anyway.

I’ll probably hear from her again.” Christabel1991

15. Our Sleep Schedules Were Polar Opposite


If she doesn’t work or attend classes at unusual hours, I see absolutely no logical reason for her odd sleeping schedule.

“My roommate is a great person, but she’s just oblivious in a way that borders on inconsiderate. She has the weirdest sleep schedule, which means that hers is quite different from mine. She takes 2- to 3-hour naps all throughout the day instead of sleeping through the night.
This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that she sleeps on the couch.

So, I can come home at any hour in the day, and she could be napping, which means I can’t get anything done in the common area. No laundry, no dishes, no cooking. I can’t even do homework in the living room because she’s an incredibly light sleeper, and my typing/turning pages would wake her up.

Then when I go to bed (which is the same time every night, give or take half an hour), she’s wide awake. Usually, she has a friend over and they watch loud a*s action movies. The TV is on the other side of the wall as my bed.

So, I can hear all of it on top of them talking and laughing as they mostly ignore the movie. This happens at least four times a week. In my previous attempts to talk to her about it, her response has always been, ‘But you’re a heavy sleeper,’ which is true. I am. It seems to go completely over her head that my heavy sleeping is entirely irrelevant if they’re being too loud for me to GO to sleep.” readeresis
14. His Roommate Wasn’t Stable And Wasn’t Afraid To Show It


“My roommate was a diagnosed schizophrenic. During one of his episodes, he thought someone had wronged him.

He was freaking out really really bad. It got to the point where he decided he had to take action into his own hands.

He went to Lowes and purchased a chainsaw. In Philly. The cashier ringing him up made a joke saying ‘there aren’t a whole lot of trees around here, what are you buying this for.’ Cue psychopath laughter and ‘I’m going to kill someone’ statement. I’m still not quite sure how he managed to walk out of the store with it.
One hour later he’s back at our 20 story apartment complex walking down the hallway, running chainsaw. Only to end up finding his nemesis and cutting down the door.

Lived with the guy for about 2-3 years, and that is only one of the stories….”Mysterio6string

Another User Comments:
“One more please!” CCWManders

“We had SWAT called on us one time. His condition was such that he would get super interested in something for about 2 weeks and it would completely consume him. Video game graphics, remote control cars, making kava, deep frying anything he could possibly find. Well, his latest hobby was laser tag guns. He went out and purchased 2 sets of laser tag guns at $200 for a set. He invited his friend (met him in the mental institution after the chainsaw stint) to play laser tag.

So we were all down in the garage underneath the apartment complex we lived in playing laser tag. So you’ve got two mentally unstable guys running around shooting lasers at each other. My roommate was standing in a lady’s parking spot. He got yelled at and then cursed the woman out. The woman went back up to her apartment and called the cops on us. She told the cops we were shooting guns in the garage. You can only imagine our faces when the door got kicked down guns pointed at us yelling ‘GET ON THE GROUND HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS.’ I literately almost sh*t my pants.

We then had to explain that we were playing laser tag and it was just some old crotchety lady who didn’t like those ‘damn kids.'”Mysterio6string
13. He Was Proud Of Himself For Buying His Own Meal For Once


“I had a ‘friend’ that made himself our roommate by asking to crash on our couch one night then never left. Each day, he would ask to borrow five bucks from a different person. We all stopped giving him money, and he was so p*ssed about it, so he thought he would ‘show us up’ by washing cars in the neighborhood using our equipment and cleaner.

He washed cars all d*mn day, literally begging our neighbors door to door.

At around 5 p.m., he came back home with a sh*t-eating grin on his face and a frozen TV dinner in his hands. His face said, ‘Yup that’s right… I bought my OWN meal, mother f*ckers!’
As soon as he set the oven to preheat, my other roommate asked him to come to the living room. He skipped right in and was all, ‘What up, bro?!’ My roommate then proceeded to tell him he needed to leave. Now. And that he wasn’t paying rent, and he needed to go. He FLIPPED out saying, ‘You can’t say that to me.

You’re not the only one who lives here. There are a lot of people who like having me here!’ He scanned the room, and we were all quiet. I pretended to flip through a case of burned CD’s like I didn’t know what was happening.
Eventually, he realized he was alone in this. He slowly walked into the kitchen, lightly put the plastic back over his TV dinner that was awaiting the oven… and as he walked out said, ‘I ain’t leaving my dinner… I worked HARD for this dinner.’

Two weeks later, he came by to tell us he got a job that pays ‘UP TO $5,000 a week.

Can’t go wrong.’

Some people you just know will never… get their sh*t together.” JustForCancer

12. They’d Let The Food Rot Until We Got A Gnat Infestation


“During college, I lived with two girls who were friends. They’d always go grocery shopping together, filling the refrigerator with so much food I could barely fit my own items in. Then they’d end up eating takeout every night.
After a while, the food would rot and stink and we would end up with little gnats all inside the refrigerator and the ice machine. Every time this happened, it was up to me to harangue them into cleaning out their spoiled food.

Twice, we also ended up with an infestation of gnats inside the apartment. They’d be flying around everywhere, but, I would be the only one of us pouring bleach down the drains, taking out the trash and tossing out old food in hopes of getting rid of the gnats. The other two never lifted a finger.

Both times the infestation was caused by the same thing: a bag of potatoes they’d bought and left in the pantry for so long that it rotted and liquefied into potato sludge. Yeah, they let this happen TWICE. Ugh.” phoenixphaerie
11. She Absolutely Reeked


“My freshman year of college, my roommate A and I found out we were actually tripled with a girl named D as well.

She seemed a bit odd but nice enough, so we didn’t have a problem with her.

Halfway through the semester, A and I started noticing an awful stench in our room. Since A had a lot of classes with our other roommate and had to sit next to her, she was pretty sure D was the source of the smell.

A and I started paying attention to D’s bathing routine and found out she only showered once every four days or so. We then checked out her closet and found about two months’ worth of dirty laundry that reeked. No amount of Febreeze could do away with the smell.

We also noticed that she never washed her sheets over. Her boyfriend came over a lot and even spent nights with D in her bed. Don’t ask how he managed to do that without gagging. It beats me.
By the time we pinpointed the source smell, the semester was almost over, and D was transferring out, so A and I just brushed it under the rug as to not start drama. It was a long few weeks until she left, though – let me tell you.” thesecrets0ut

10. We Offered Her A Place To Stay, Then She Took Advantage Of Us


“During my second year of university, my best friend moved to my college town to go to school.

Her abusive, alcoholic father started stalking her in residence, and she was told in no uncertain terms that she had to leave. I offered to let her crash on my couch until she found a place; all of my other roommates agreed since they knew how serious her situation was.
Things started going sour immediately.

We had two living rooms, and she moved our couch into one of the living rooms and hung curtains to make it ‘her room.’ She would yell at us when we stayed up watching TV past her bedtime (since the two living rooms were side-by-side). She ate our food, only paid $25-50 a month for utilities (which was nice, but she would run power 24/7), and literally NEVER cleaned.

Around the time, she started bringing home random men and getting it on with them in our shower. One day, she went into my room and had a nap in my bed. Apparently she was on her period and put one of my pillows between her legs to help with cramps. Well, she bled all over my pillow, and instead of telling me, she flipped it over and left the room. I found out the next morning after I woke up to a God-awful bloody mess and thought I had a horrible nosebleed. I confronted her, and she confessed and then started crying as she accused me of picking on her.

Oh man, I could go on and on.” arabis
Another User Comments:

“The only thing I could think about while reading this was the Spongebob episode where Squidward moves into Spongebob’s house.” koolaidman93

9. He Freaked Out Because I Took A Slice Of His Cheese


Such a nice dude. Not.

“My roommate and I had just moved off campus and had our very own refrigerator for the first time. He was pretty adamant that we not share food, and I respected that. However, as I was making my sandwich for lunch, I ran out of cheese. Quick goat thinking, I looked in the fridge and saw that my roommate had a big, club-size box of Kraft individually packed cheese.

Each slice was worth a penny each, if that. No way he could mind.
Well, one of my suitemates saw me take the aforementioned cheese and snitched on me. And my roommate stormed out of his bedroom when I came home and scolded me for daring to touch his food. It honestly didn’t even register at first — I knew I made a sandwich with his cheese, and I knew he didn’t want me touching his food, but let’s be honest, that cheese isn’t food. I just said, ‘Uh, okay, roommate.’

Postscript: The end of the semester comes. It’s time to clean out the apartment.

Roommate is nowhere to be found. (He snuck home to Jersey without telling any of us, leaving us to clean up the apartment.) The box of cheese is in the fridge. The only slices it is missing are the two that I had taken, in September.” RichRedundantRich
8. He’s A Weird Creature


“I wake up in the middle of the night with my roommate standing over my bed, staring at me, breathing heavily. I wonder what the f*ck is going on, and I’m about to yell at him, when all of a sudden, he jumps on top of the TV stand and unzips his pants.

The TV is directly in front of the window, the window is ‘on top’ of the staircase leading into the building. He then opens the window and takes a p*ss onto the people trying to enter the building in an inebriated stupor in the middle of the night.
When he’s done, he turns around and stands up. I’ve realized by now that this man is probably drunk out of his mind. He’s looking for a way to get down from the TV stand, and for some inexplicable reason, he shoves his 37″ flat screen to the floor. I’m guessing he did this for maneuverability (not enough space on the TV stand).

At this point, a lot of guesswork is involved in perceiving his intentions, but I’m guessing he somehow forgot that the TV stand is only 1.5 feet high. But he sees my bed, guesses that it’s soft, and jumps on top of me lying in my bed, realized that I’m there, rolls off of my bed, all the way across the floor, and (somehow) rolled up onto his futon.
The shortest one of many, many stories.” dustsoffshoulders

7. He’d Rub His Feet Everywhere


I just want to know why. Or, maybe I don’t…

“I had a roommate with a weird foot… thing… going on. He would walk around in his bare feet and rub them on every single surface he possibly could.

This included countertops, etc. After a while, I just stopped touching anything and stocked my own plates in my room and locked it all up so he couldn’t get to it and rub his nasty feet all over my sh*t. Weirdest thing I ever saw. I never used the living room and such after I realized what he was doing.” xMantik
6. He’d Leave All The Doors Of My House Open


I’d take this as an opportunity to prank him: remove his belongings from the home while he’s gone, so that when he gets back, he’ll think a burglar just walked in and took his stuff.

That’d teach him to shut the door for once.

“I have cats. I love my cats very much. I have things. Not a lot of things, not expensive things, but they’re my things, and I love my things very much.

One of my last roommates would leave the front door of the house open. I’d come home from the post office or whatever, and the front door would be left wide f*cking open. The basement door, the back door, the garage door…I found all of them open at different times.
My husband would, very politely every time, ask him to close doors. I finally lost it at yet another front door being open and texted him to close the f*cking door, and then he tries to go off on me? That he would respond to a ‘reasonable request,’ but I had no right to curse at him?



5. She’s A Kim Kardashian Wannabe


Sorry, doll, there’s only one Kim K. in the world.

“She sets the heater and air conditioning to full blast in the winter and summer, respectively. The utility bill is $200/month because she runs it constantly. When you try and set it to a reasonable temperature, she will pull a bullsh*t excuse such as anemia or asthma. She has a myriad of health issues, most of which stem from her vegetarian diet and by vegetarian, I mean microwaving some Doritos covered in shredded cheese.

Over break, she let her ghetto friends stay in her room while she and everyone else was out of town. She never once mentioned this to anyone living in the house. The house smelled like hook-ups and drugs afterward.

She idolizes the Kardashians and that lifestyle, constantly watching Real Basketball Wives or whatever it’s called. This means she parties constantly, coming home drunk, playing music, slamming doors and talking on the phone. When you ask her to be quiet, she replies that this is a college town and college students stay up all night; you just have to accept that.

Every couple of months, she has a Hispanic family come clean her room because she is such a slob.

She has roaches in her bathroom. They carry out garbage bags of junk each time. She can’t even change a lightbulb- no really, she called the rental agency to come out and do it. Dishes are left in the sink for weeks at a time, and food molds in the fridge.
She adopted an adorable dog but ended up returning it after two weeks when she realized how much work it was.

She tells everyone that she’s going to be a doctor, but the truth is, she got kicked out of her major of neurobiology and had to switch to anthropology or leave the university.

I’d be very afraid if she ever became a doctor.

Every time you try to confront this girl, she turns it around and makes herself look like the victim. She’s a c*nt.” amandaeatspandas

Another user Comments:

“Read first paragraph, go microwave some Doritos covered in cheese, return to story.” salamat_engot

4. He Went Ballistic When His Girlfriend Left Him For His Other Roommate


“I lived in a house with two guys. We all started off friends, but one housemate, Sam, deteriorated pretty fast. About a month or so into moving in, he got his first girlfriend, Lauren.
Sam was inexperienced relationships-wise, and Lauren dumped him after about four months because they had been having some pretty bad communication issues, and he didn’t want her talking to other guys, even her own friends.

She started going out with this other guy, Adrian, after about a month, and I think this tipped Sam over the edge.

For about a month or so, he’d go on every day about how Adrian had ‘disrespected’ him and how he was going to kill him. I know Sam was just upset, but it started getting a little scary after a while. He then stopped cleaning his plates and room, and his personal hygiene went downhill, and he started to really smell.
Things only got worse. Sam would text his ex-girlfriend’s roommates and ask them where she was. Then he’d go and find her, hang around her and her new boyfriend and stay silent the whole time.

They asked him to stop, but he didn’t, and the conflict spilled into the house with Lauren coming to the house to tell Sam to leave her alone. It didn’t stop until she moved away in May of this year.

After that, he got worse. He took to looming over me, staring at me and not letting me leave rooms that we were all in. I’m a small girl, and he’s over 6-foot. He also started stealing my things, including underwear and cutting them up. I don’t know why he chose to do this. I’ve only tried to be understanding about the whole situation.

I felt really bad and told the landlord I was thinking of moving out because of the whole thing.
I then went and stayed at my boyfriend’s for a few weeks, and then I got an email from the landlord informing me that after complaints about his conduct from the university and from both me and my other roommate; he was asking Sam to leave. He’ll be gone by the end of next week, and I’m just hoping that he’ll be okay.” BrightForcast

3. I Found Out About His Little Secret


“I had just gotten my first apartment. I lived with my grandma, and she decided to move into an elderly apartment complex right when I turned 18.

I had two weeks to find a place, so I answered an ad in the newspaper for a roommate. Only $250 a month.
I met the guy, a real nice single guy with a 6-year-old daughter who he had joint custody with. The place was clean, and the great thing is, he had two jobs, so he was gone about 17 hours a day. He also had a big screen.

One day, about a month after I started living there, I saw this VHS tape which was labeled ‘His Video,’ and I thought, ‘Ok, I’m going to check this out.’

I looked up, and it’s a US marine performing a naughty act on another soldier on a 65″ screen.

I put the tape back in place and never told him about it, but a couple of weeks later, he said his daughter was moving in, and I needed to go. Really, though, after that, he acted ‘different’ toward me, so I think he knew I found out his closet secret and wanted me gone.” Beneficial2
2. She Stayed Rent Free, Stole From My Parents, And Spread Rumors


“I had a friend whose mom was an alcoholic who spent her rent and alimony on whiskey. So, when they got evicted from their previously very nice apartment, I did the ‘right thing,’ and my parents and I discussed it, and we decided to ask my friend to stay with me, ‘until she got on her feet.’

There came a point when my boyfriend at the time asked me to move in with him, so I sat down with my friend and my parents and figured that it would be okay if she continued to stay there.

She wasn’t paying rent and was basically living as another child of my parents, but she was my friend, so I figured it was okay.
After I moved out, I found out she’d convinced my aging parents to let her keep her entire family’s possessions in our basement. She started stealing petty cash from their wallets. She stole little things and sold them. She stole my mother’s clothing and consigned them at the shop her sorry excuse of a mother worked at.

And then? The icing on the cake? I found out she was telling everyone that my Marine father, who served in Korea, wasn’t really a Marine, but was pretending, and had never left the country.

If she gets hit by a bus, it won’t be good enough.” ahleih
1. He Intentionally Got Me In Trouble With Items That Didn’t Belong To Me


Don’t worry; there’s a happy ending for the narrator!

“This kid that lived with me and two others (four total) in college intentionally got me in trouble. I was 19 at the time. His parents were coming to visit, so he took ALL the adult beverages in the fridge, which was all four of ours combined, and put it all in MY portion of the bedroom.

When I got back after class, no one was there until the cops came and searched the joint because there was an ‘anonymous tip that there were substances in here.’ I ended up getting an underage ticket.

I wasn’t drunk, but apparently, an underage is the same as a minor in possession.
So, he wanted to play stupid games. I knew he had drugs in his room, so I called the cops on him when he got back, and they brought the drug dog. That was his last night at the university, and I feel d*mn good about it.” marshn07

Reading about these horrible, selfish, and strange roommates will hopefully teach you a lesson regarding picking your roomies wisely. Sometimes even your dearest friends end up being awful to live with!

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