People Share Revenge Stories That Prove We Should Be Kinder

I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but it seems like everywhere you go, no matter how nice of a person you are (even if you're #1 on Santa's Nice List), you can't avoid impolite people. An entitled person in a hurry may cut you in line at the grocery store with no remorse. Mr. Speedy Pants behind you may keep tailgating the heck out of your car in a failed attempt to get you to either pick up the pace or pull over to allow him to pass. You might be sitting down at a restaurant minding your own business when that jerk you went to high school with starts snickering at you and making who knows what type of rude comments about you to their friend. But why must we put up with people who give homo sapiens a bad name? We don't have to. Well, at least these people didn't. They strike back big time at the person who is giving them a hard time. And wow, they do it so well!

21. Cheat On Me With My Step-Brother? I'll Get Both Of You Fired


“I work for a company where I travel a lot with my stepbrother, and a few months ago, I convinced my girlfriend to hop on with us. We have a long chain of command, but I am their direct boss. This job also drug tests.

The main story: My girlfriend joined up with us and was able to complete 2 jobs (each job site being 3 months long) with us.

I noticed something off with her halfway through the first job. She was constantly going over to my stepbrother’s hotel room to smoke drugs with him. (I don’t do that, so she couldn’t smoke with me.)

After the completion of the first job, I knew something was definitely going on and confronted her about it. She brushed it off as me being jealous. A few days ago, she was forced to tell the truth or her best friend would tell me.

She had been cheating on me with multiple different guys at each job site, one of them being my stepbrother.

The Revenge: As soon as I heard this, I began seeing red. I instantly started plotting my revenge.

I called up my boss and told them that my ex-girlfriend and my stepbro lied on their drug test. They were retested and failed. Both of them lost their jobs.

Next, I left an anonymous tip to the police about their less than legal habits (lone star state carries a heavy penalty/fine for this stuff). They got busted and charged with a misdemeanor.

Now for the finale. I informed her family of her actions, and they completely shut her out (they liked me more).

Now they are both thousands of miles from home, with no job, no money, she can’t afford the payments on her brand new car, a criminal charge, and she has nowhere to go home to.”

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20. Worst Housemates Ever Lives Gets Ruined


“I moved into a four-bedroom uni house. I knew 2 of my housemates let’s call them Abby and Ben. Due to unfortunate circumstances, our previously planned housemate didn’t live with us, so we found a new one Chloe.

Chloe is a horrible housemate, and this becomes apparent when she: never paid any bills or rent on time, smokes like a chimney inside (against our agreement), leaves home for a few days leaving a big pile of washing up for us to do (including our pots and pans), scream gaming on her laptop all the way till 5 am (walls are thin).

Just to name a few things. Basically, she sucks.

So it gets till about 4 months in, and we cannot stand Chloe. So we have a house meeting. Basically, we sit there and try to explain how we would prefer she doesn’t scream at her laptop (I assume gaming) until 5 am every night as all of us get up early. Everything we bring up, Chloe denied it.

We have each lent Chloe a month’s rent and bills too and Chloe hasn’t paid any of us back (over a grand between us). Chloe denied it saying “I don’t owe you.” At this point, me, Abbie and Ben are all pretty p*ssed.

Then a few weeks later on a Saturday night, and being students, Abbie and Ben and me invited friends round for pre-drinks. We asked Chloe first.

She said she’d would be out, so that’s fine.

Turns out she finished work early, so she came home and were shocked to find people there and went up to her room. She kept coming down and turning the music down. It wasn’t even loud in the first place. Chloe got so angry and threw my speaker out the window. I didn’t see Chloe do it, but loads of people told me so.

I’d had enough, I went to go get my speaker, Chloe came with me to my surprise. And as Chloe left, in full visibility of me, she keyed my car parked on the driveway. I got up with my speaker. She was shouting as she walked off.

Luckily we have an automatic light on the side of the house and a car was driving down my road at the time and the driver said he had a DashCam and probably caught it.

I stopped shouting in disbelief and gave him my email address. Went about my night enjoying the party.

When it was time to leave, a lot of us hadn’t finished our drinks so we left them on the kitchen table and left the house.

When we got back the next day and had sobered up in the morning, we found all the booze had been taken, along with the speaker, some headphones, and my laptop.

Now I was really p*ssed. The revenge:

I logged into my housemate’s laptop on my email, this guy had pulled through, sent me a small clip of Chloe keying the car along with several close up stills showing the key in contact.

I first confronted Chloe asking if she knew where my stuff was while Abbie and Ben secretly recorded it on their phones. Things got heated and Chloe looked like she was going to fight me.

I am a big guy (6’4″) and am really not scared. I am basically just p*ssing Chloe off. Chloe then swung her fists at me a few times, making contact, I didn’t fight back, I put my hands and arms over my head and face. Chloe then stomps off thinking she won.

Let me remind you, Abbie and Ben were recording. I call the police. They show up, I basically say I have good reason to believe Chloe stole my booze and other possessions.

They go up and knock on Chloe’s door “go away.” They can’t go in without a search warrant.

I file a report about the assault and the things that were stolen relating to the two, and the police are very nice and basically tell me how to fill it in.

They come back the next day with a warrant for Chloe’s arrest for assault and battery. They then search her room and find all the stolen alcohol bottles, my headphones which clearly were mine as they only paired with my phone, and my laptop and damaged speaker.

I sued Chloe. And won. I had indisputable evidence along with witnesses for all the events.

I got ~$3,000 for car, speaker, and rent Chloe owed us. And an additional $5,000.

Chloe went to prison for resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, assault, destruction of property, theft, and battery.

Chloe still had to pay rent for her room, which we used as a gym.”

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Mel 3 years ago
That is one crazy roommate.
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19. Getting Cheating High School Sweetheart's New Man Kicked Out Of College


“This happened when I was right out of high school with my first girlfriend whom I was “in love” with.

We had been together for our last year and a half or so of high school. We were each other’s firsts in many ways, and being young and naive, I had thought I’d found the one and that it was going to go on forever.

The summer after we graduated was great and things were going well, but she received an athletic scholarship for soccer to a university about 3-4 hours away.

Being the hopeless romantic I am I thought, no big deal; I can make this work. We are in love after all. This was about 16 years ago now, so FaceTime was not a thing, but we would talk on the phone whenever we could or maybe have a little AIM session.

While in high school, my girlfriend would drink at parties like many teens do at that age.

I never tried drinking and actually haven’t to this day (I’m now 35), but once she went off to college, she really seemed to go into full party mode. I didn’t really care much, except for the fact that she had an athletic scholarship that could be revoked if she was caught. Also, due to the season starting in the fall, she went off to school early, so the campus wasn’t fully occupied, so I thought, again, it seemed a bit risky.

I was assured that all of the coaches and RA’s were “cool with it.”

Well, being the younger and much more insecure guy that I was at the time, I started to get nervous when I found out that the men’s and women’s soccer teams were both there. Slowly over the first couple of weeks, she was away, calls would get sent to voice mail, or if they were answered, she would be with “friends.” This was wreaking havoc on my teenage brain and heart.

So in my mind, my idea of being a hopeless romantic was to make the drive unannounced and surprise her at school.

This was before the days of smartphones and GPS units, and I didn’t have her dorm number or anything, so I jumped on Mapquest and printed directions to the university and figured I would call her when I got there, and voila, problem solved.

So I hopped in my car with a CD I had burned for her the night before and made the 4-hour drive to a city I’d never been to.

Upon arriving there, I called her and received no answer. Maybe she was at practice since it was still earlier in the day, so I decided to drive through the campus to get an idea of where things were. I’m cruising through the campus and nearly hit this guy who ran out in front of me. We both fully saw it happening in slow motion but luckily avoided any incident.

It was like that scene in Pulp Fiction where Marcellus walks in front of Butch’s car and they lock eyes, except I didn’t run him down.

After that little shakeup, I decided to shoot her another call, and this time she picked up. Practice had finished and they went to Dairy Queen after. I ended up asking which dorm she was in, in case I wanted to send her a letter in the mail…smooth, I thought.

So I drove to a store near the campus and grabbed a card, some flowers, and her favorite candy (somehow I still remember they were Crispy M&M’s). I ended up heading to her dorm with my gifts in tow. Knocked on her door and said, “Surprise!” …only she didn’t look happy-surprised to see me. She looked uncomfortably surprised to see me. That’s when I noticed another person in her dorm, and lo and behold, it was the guy I’d almost hit with my car.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just said, “Oh okay… This was for you,” and handed her the stuff I’d brought.

I sulked back to my car feeling like a total dumba** for wasting my time and emotions on this girl only to have her and some guy play me. On the way home, she called to try to explain that they had started going out and that he was an upperclassman and also one of the coaches.

That’s when it clicked: she has mentioned this guy before, and coincidentally, he would always be around when she was with “friends.” I also remembered he was one of the cooler upperclassman men’s RAs who was also old enough to buy beer for everyone. I told her I was done and I didn’t want to speak to her again.

The whole drive home, I was trying to come up with a way to get back at them for breaking my heart, and by the time I got home, I’d come up with my plan.

Her mother was a doctor and this was the early 2000s where you could use a free email service and get an address. I set one up under her mother’s name. I also knew this guy’s first name and that he was a soccer coach/player on the team. He was an upperclassman, so I searched for the university’s roster from past seasons and games and this being a smaller town there weren’t many guys with the same first name and I was able to get his full name.

Finally, I emailed the dean, and CC’d the athletics director(s) listed on the university site from my new email as a “concerned mother.” I was concerned about a coach/RA having a relationship with a freshman female player and also for a coach/RA to be supplying underage teenagers with alcohol on school property.

My now ex-girlfriend ended up calling me a few weeks later to tell me she was sorry.

We chatted for a few minutes and she mentioned that she and her new boyfriend were in some trouble with the school and he ended up being kicked off the team as well as being kicked out of the school due to some parental complaints. Turns out, he was actually supplying a ton of kids booze and stuff and allowing parties on his dorm floor. She was put on some type of academic probation and almost lost her scholarship.

Like I said, this may be beyond petty, but at the time, it felt justified, and he was technically breaking rules (and hearts in my case). I wonder whatever happened to that guy? I’m probably on some Billy Madison kill List now.”

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18. Touch My Books? Eat These Special Gummy Bears


“I would like to note here that I’m an avid book collector. Even though many of my books are second hand, stained, and kind of funny-looking, they are my children.

Many moons ago, my friend Brenden lost his job, his girlfriend Cammy, and his apartment in a span of about a month. Brenden called everyone he could think of pleading with them to take him in. Originally I told him no; however, when everyone up to and including his family turned him down, I relented and told him he could sleep on my couch until he found a job and place to live.

Unlike many people on Reddit, Brenden was actually a decent apartment guest. He washed the dishes he used, kept his belongings in an orderly corner of my living room, and quickly found a job at a fast-food place, so he could help out with the groceries and some of the bills. Neither of us truly enjoyed living with one another, but we made it work until Cammy decided that she loved Brenden and wanted him back and Brenden, being a fool, accepted.

When Brenden and Cammy had first started going out, Cammy decided she hated all of Brenden’s female friends and tried to keep us away. When her dramatic tactics did not work on me, Cammy decided we needed to have a brawl. To keep this short-ish, Cammy’s nose got broken, my knuckles were sore for a few days, and the words self-defense were used and accepted.

Due to our history, I told Brenden he could keep living with me, but Cammy was not allowed into my apartment.

Sadly, Brenden did not listen to me, and the first time Cammy came over, she decided that my bookshelves needed a bit of reordering; the stack I had set aside to mend were rubbish and tossed them out, and wouldn’t you know it, I owned her favorite series, so she needed it.

I’m not sure if any of you have a crazy book person in your life, but as soon as I got home that night, I noticed what had happened to my books.

I calmly berated Brenden and told him he would be dumpster diving to retrieve the books that had been tossed and if Cammy did not return the series, I would be filing a police report, and of course, he needed to leave. With his head hung low, Brenden complied with my demands, gathered his things, and left.

I was fuming, so I called a mutual book lover and friend and told her about what had happened.

She was furious as well and told me that she would have words with both Brenden and Cammy when they came over for a housewarming party she was having the next evening. (I couldn’t attend due to work.) I giggled, laughed, and then asked if instead I could make a housewarming treat for her, though it would be better if she didn’t eat any. Confused but knowing me, my friend agreed.

I rushed to the liquor store, bought some vodka, then stopped by a candy shop and bought a rather large number of sugar-free gummy bears, and when they were both combined, took them over to my friend’s house to stew for the next day. I warned my friend, and cackling, she said she’d make sure Cammy ate lots, though, she didn’t think it would be a struggle because Cammy loved vodka, and she loved gummy bears.

I heard through the grapevine a few weeks later that Brenden had dumped Cammy that night because when they were testing out the bed springs on Cammy’s new bed, she just couldn’t hold her bowel movements.”

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Mel 3 years ago
But, did you get the books back?
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17. Act Sketchy With Aunt's Will? You'll Lose Everything "She" Left You


“A bit of a context here. I work as a lawyer for an excellent and famous law firm here in northern Italy. My family went through some tough times; in the last 9 years, we had to face a brutal divorce with my dad having depleted every single cent he could, one of my aunts was brutally murdered because of a 150€ (~$178 USD) cautionary deposit, my granddad was diagnosed with cancer, and some other funny stuff in the middle.

Because of that, our bonds became stronger and stronger. Must say that with “my family,” I mean my mother, her parents, and my 2 aunts. This year, COVID-19 managed to take away both my aunts. I loved them to the moon and back, but one of them was married to a complete d*uchebag. He always considered himself to be better and smarter than anyone else. And so were his relatives.

My aunt and her husband (I straight up refuse to call him uncle) lived in a huge house, and so did his brother with his wife and son. He died around 7/8 years ago and left almost everything he could just to his brother and his family, completely ignoring my family because “OP’s granddad is already rich; why should I leave anything to his daughter and grandson?” basically.

This year, my aunt was won by COVID. I was grieving since I really loved her and cared about her, and I already lost another aunt prior. When the notary called us to read the will, both me and my mother came out completely astonished. She left us just a few things, even though she always said she would have left us basically everything.

I don’t need the money involved that much as I already inherited from my other aunt, and my job pays me REALLY well, but my mom always had to struggle, financially speaking.

It would have been a HUGE help since she doesn’t want anything from me (I tried to give her some money in the past, but she always sent it back, being stubborn as she can be). As we walked out, I pulled my cousin by my side to ask him just one thing.

Me: “Hey, Cousin, listen.. I know it’s a dumb question. But, when I last saw her, I brought my aunt a little ceramic bell, shaped like a lady.

She held it to her chest all the time. I’d like to have it back; it would be a memory of her.”

He, smiling at me as I was the most stupid person on Earth: “Yeah, sure, whatever. I don’t know what I could do with that stupid bell; take it. But don’t expect us to give you anything more. We had to sweat bullets for this will to work!”

Me: “I’m sorry, what do you mean?” He realized he screwed up, so he just left.

My mom went back home, I headed back to my office to take a closer look at my aunt’s will. It was bulletproof, and the handwriting was, without any doubt, my aunt’s. So, what the hell did he mean? It took me several weeks to finally get the clue.

“As previously mentioned by my husband.” It was just this small phrase. My aunt’s husband died 7 years before, how the hell could he mention anything? Since zombies are still nowhere to be seen and I don’t know of any deceased person talking from his grave, I started to scan the whole will once again.

Things I never noticed became as clear as the sun.

There were missing pages. My aunt numbered them, but the second and fourth pages were missing with sentences left hanging there.

Some of the corrections were legit, but looking closely, there were a few of them where the uncertain hand of an 81 years old lady suddenly became stronger and more precise.

My aunt’s husband was mentioned every time my aunt was talking about money and valuables.

He did say something about the savings, but apparently, his ties that were to be given to charity didn’t need his approval. Strange, huh?

When I talked to my mom and her parents about this, my granddad (who is 74 and still has more strength and lucidity than your average 40 years old dude) mentioned my aunt’s husband’s will. “We don’t know what he said. His family never let us even take a look at it and it wasn’t worth it to sue them.” I went back to the notary the next day, asking to see the will since I was a relative; he let me but asked what was going on.

I simply said, “You’ll know soon enough.” When I read it, I started laughing so hard that even the secretary came to see what the f*ck was going on. I rushed back to my office and started to write everything down. Sh*t was about to hit the fan but not for my family.

After a few days, me, my mom, her parents, and my aunt’s relatives met once again in front of the notary.

I already told him what was happening; I could see him trying not to look disgusted as my aunt’s husband’s beloved ones walked in.

Notary: “We are all here. Apparently, OP has some things to discuss with us, concerning inheritances.”

You could hear a pin drop a mile away. I stood up and opened my bag. My family was smiling, my relatives were staring daggers from their eyes.

Me: “As we all know, Auntie left everything to you. Nothing is wrong here, as she didn’t have any direct relationship with anyone in this room. What is wrong, is the reason behind it.”

I handed a copy of the will to everyone, with some parts being highlighted.

Me: “As you can see, pages are missing. Some corrections are… Different, to say the least. But, most importantly, my uncle is cited quite often.

This led me to his will.”

At this point, my relatives turned whiter than snow. My cousin tried to stop me, telling me I couldn’t possibly use my uncle’s will, as more than 5 years passed. The notary told him that I totally could, as the allowance to contest a will is 10 years. He kept silent.

Me: “He left to my aunt everything he had IF she would have left it to you as she died.

You see, in our state, it’s not legal to make that kind of contract. So, I want to let you know that you just lost all your rights on my uncle’s will, and you are all to be sued for false declaration in public deed and attempted fraud.”

They started screeching and screaming, calling me names, and wishing me an obviously pleasant and late death. All because one of them wasn’t clever enough to shut his mouth.

Now they lost EVERYTHING they had since their farm, their money, their house, and their cars were all my uncle’s. They have been forced to leave the house they were living in, all their bank accounts have been blocked, and even their farm had to be closed since it was also my uncle’s previous activity. Since the corrections they made were actually very precise and some items (jewelry, ingots, cash) are now mysteriously missing; they even have to pay for an equal value. They had a little empire but managed to lose everything over greed and stupidity.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, listen to me. If you want to screw with someone, at least have the courtesy of not doing it with a lawyer!”

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16. Insult Me Over Dead Uncle? Time To Unleash The Beast


“So, as a backstory, this happened when I was in the equivalent of Junior year of high school. I became friends with a girl one year older than me and soon we grew to be like sisters, doing sh*t together all the time and being generally like sisters. Might I also mention that at that time, both of us were into sh*t like Reiki and weird sorts of spirituality and the occult and sh*t like that, and me being the edgy teen I was at that point, was incredibly happy to have someone share my interests.

When my junior year started, she was a senior and met a guy at college admissions prep who she apparently immediately fell for. Of course, she introduced him to me and he and I took to each other almost too well.

Bf is the boyfriend, D is my friend.

Bf and I started to get along marvelously, and being the stupid kid I was, of course I fall for him hard, but I hid it and decided that I would be the better person and eat my feelings since he was her boyfriend.

So I kept it friendly and basically developed an iron control on my emotions (which to this day is both a good and a bad thing for my mental health).

Over the next 6 months, D had become obsessed with him, increasingly jealous and manipulative with both of us and was basically making both our lives hell. She was calling me for hours sometimes just complaining about how Bf has the emotional range of a teaspoon, other times raging and crying, and at that point, I was stuck mediating between D and Bf on a daily basis, almost to the exclusion of everything else.

I recognize now, years later, that she was incredibly emotionally abusive to both of us. While being a generally abusive tw*t and psycho b*tch, she was also very, very h*rny and flirty, and about a couple of days before sh*t hit the fan, she made out with a classmate of mine in front of me while asking me not to tell her boyfriend.

One day soon after BF calls me p*ssed off beyond belief because he and D got into one of their arguments which after half a year of relationship became explosive in nature.

He wanted to leave her since he was tired of her bullsh*t, and she threatened to kill herself. I don’t remember exactly what had triggered the argument but what I do remember was that I was feeling so d*mn guilty about not telling Bf what I had seen. He was one of my best friends after all, and I was put in the situation of either covering up her cheating or risking a big meltdown.

I chose to tell Bf that I think she’s just crying for attention since she made out with So-and-So the other week and he went mad. Like seeing red kind of mad. He thanked me for telling him what happened and said he’d go to her house and break up with her and that he’ll keep me posted.

An hour later, I get a string of angry texts from her that I betrayed her and that I should stay away from them and all sorts of belittling things.

Bf also blocked me on her request and told me to stay away and so I ended up the “villain” and feeling like I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

After a few days of being miserably depressed, a few girls from my class approached me at a party I couldn’t dodge out of and asked me what’s wrong. After telling them what D had done, they were the ones who convinced me I did the right thing and that I wasn’t the villainous b*tch she made me look like.

You can imagine how f*cking p*ssed I was after giving my all to her and getting jack sh*t in return, so I started plotting revenge. The first step was contacting her ex who I knew she hated, going out with him, but bailing like a chicken because I was still feeling guilty. That didn’t work; I was a weakling and made up with her and suffered a few more months until summer came and the three of us went on a seaside vacation where sh*t REALLY hit the fan.

I booked a couple of days extra after they were supposed to leave and on their last evening, and while at a restaurant, I got a call from my parents telling me to not come home early because my favorite uncle had died and they were going to his funeral. I was distraught and went to my hotel room while D said they’ll just drop their room and come stay with me since I wasn’t feeling like being alone.

Guess what: she got h*rny and had s*x for 2 hours while I sat alone crying my eyes out. When they came, D wanted to do some drugs, got incredibly high, and started arguing with me and Bf about some stupid spiritual sh*t she saw while on her trip. Bf was already p*ssed with her since on our second night, so she got sh*tfaced drunk and flirted with everyone in the club, so he and I decided we wanted to go to the beach and see the sunrise.

She came too, arguing with Bf and me the whole time until these stupid a** words left her mouth:

D: “Bf, I cannot believe you are arguing with me and [my name]. Stop whining. It’s just some dead guy; get over it already!”

What. The. F*CK. Did. You. SAY?!

I stormed off in a rage, with Bf running after me afraid I’d do something stupid in my altered mental state, and she kept sneering and complaining.

I can honestly say I blacked out of rage at some point because I can’t remember what she said that made me punch her square in the d*mn face.

I got home the next week and started looking for a way out of this sham of a friendship. D didn’t even apologize for the sh*t she said and I had had enough, so when a mutual friend reported that she was making out with some guy at a party, I immediately reported it to Bf and the same thing as before happened with both of them blocking me.

F*ck you and good riddance, I thought, but boy, oh boy; karma served me a true opportunity to wreak havoc not long after.

Fast forward 6 months, I was in my senior year, kept my side of mine and D’s mutual friends, and was dealing with what I know now is my still severe depression, when guess who calls? You guessed it, Miss D sobbing on the phone because Bf “wrongly” accused her of cheating with a friend of his.

Oh, but of course I’ll help, I say, not mentioning that I’ll help get her exposed if anything.

I wheeled and dealt, called favors, pretended to be friends to people, and generally was a manipulative a** b*tch until I got the information of what exactly she did and wasn’t telling me: that she actually cheated with SEVEN f*cking blokes. Seven. Not one, not two, seven. I was flabbergasted to say the least.

Through a bit of clever usage of computers, I even got convo transcripts and made sure Bf found out everything – i.e., I told him every single dirty thing she did with a grin of satisfaction on my face, and then as the “nice” girl, I was holding him back, so he wouldn’t kill her. I do believe my thoughts were on the line of “nobody kills her before I can make her suffer.” Just peachy, I know.

I somehow convinced him not to kick her a** into kingdom come and instead arranged a meeting in the KFC next to our school where Bf wanted to “make up with her.” I told D that I had convinced him of her innocence and he agreed to get back together and she was “soo relieved I worked my magic again.” Little did she know, I didn’t have to drop by the post office when I told her I’ll go ahead, run an errand, and meet her there, but that I went ahead, got all of our friends there to witness, and plastered a whole section of KFC with screenshots of her lewd conversations with various blokes.

Bf was also there, almost murderous, waiting for her to arrive.

After a bit of a wait, I had the honor of witnessing the most glorious sight ever: D walked in, all happy and hopeful in her tiny cheater soul, and her face instantly dropped when she saw me, her now ex-boyfriend, and everyone in her group of friends from high school, waiting for her surrounded by proof of her shenanigans.

That was not the only thing that dropped though, since as I was reveling in the look of utter betrayal on her face she proceeded to pass the f*ck out.

I didn’t even care what happened after; it was enough that she saw me there, looked at the predatory grin on my face, and knew I was behind it all and had robbed her of the one thing she cherished most: her Bf. It was worth the almost full year of abuse and the couple of months of manipulation and lies to see her fall.

Years after she, even apologized sincerely when she realized what drove me to this revenge plot and now we’re civil, but now she knows she should NEVER. Ever. Cross me.”

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15. Steal From My Friend? We'll Make You Pay Big Time


“This happened 6 years ago.

I met Bully in my karate class 7 years ago and was a bit friendly to me. He was a belt ahead of me. He was Black Dan 1st. So I was keen on learning a bit from him too. But I never had to fight him as part of my practice.

A year after, I joined his school in 6th grade. We were in different divisions.

But at school, he behaved differently towards me. Especially seeing I was a bit chubby then, and no one wanted me as a friend. So I limited my interaction to a few. Yet, he would be very rude to me and embarrass me with his circle of friends.

One day, he boasted that he beat my a** in karate and that he was the best. He never even fought me.

So I confronted him in front of his friends and asked him how did he defeat me? He was caught off guard so he said, “F*ck off” and wandered off.

Later during lunch break, I finished my lunch fast and set foot on the ground. I saw him alone and seized the opportunity. I punched his guts in. He was hurt. But he charged me and I used my body weight to counter him and gave a nice punch to his face.

His lips were broken. But as soon as I saw a teacher, I just ran away. But both of us were never caught. I made sure he wouldn’t get me again by making sure to stay around a few friends. Then I knew that he was plotting revenge my way.

He started accusing me of many things like cheating on tests and such. But boy I was I excellent in studies and made a lot of friends because of that, working up my reputation.

And I finally got accepted by many friends of Bully as they now saw me as one of their own.

Then comes the climax.

I noticed that a friend of mine was behaving a bit differently. He was sometimes bruised and looked very depressed. He wouldn’t talk to us. I managed to calm him down and asked what happened after a few days. He told me the reason.

The father of Friend was an editor of a prominent newspaper in the state. So he had a lot of money. So Bully and his friends after finding that out started to beat Friend behind the toilets for two days. The friend couldn’t report it since he was a p*ssy.

Two days later, his friends came up to him and said that they won’t beat him if Friend pays 500 rupees (~$7 in USD) a day, which was a bit much.

Friend reluctantly agreed and went on paying him. And it had been going on for more than a week! So I knew I had to do something. It was a matter of time until he would turn on me.

So I hatched a plan to get maximum dirt on him. After getting inside his friend circle, I managed to get a lot of personal info on him.

I knew his mom and two sisters, who were very nice people. I found out that he had a bit of connection with a lot of outsiders, mainly college students, whom he looked as his own bodyguards. So I got that down and found that he sent some of them to beat up other kids, who he had a beef earlier. Bully once picked a fight in front of the police and ran away without getting out.

So I had all this information, plus a lot more I won’t mention. And I waited for the right moment.

Then the drop…

After two weeks or so, the moment came. Friend’s parents found out that their money had gone missing and they finally got the gist of it. Friend admitted that he stole the money and he told everything. His parents were furious and they came to school.

And then I set off my plan into motion.

At first stage, me and a couple of other friends went to our vice principal, who was a friend of my mom’s and was very nice towards me, and reported as many incidents as we could.

We found evidence that he brought many unsolicited objects to school and provided the evidence one by one.

After all this, many students came to their class teachers and reported their encounters with Bully.

While the meeting was going on, Bully acted up and was immediately suspended for 3 days, and then later, the meeting continued. Bully decided to come after me since I reported. But I was smarter. When he came after me, I quickly ran to the P. E teacher and he saw him and Bully was taken to the principal’s office immediately.

That day, someone had gotten hold of his bag and found a mobile phone in it (phones were not allowed in the school).

So he was beyond screwed. So both Friend and Bully’s parents came and then they learned that he had stolen over 15,000 rupees (~$200 USD), and he spent about a third of it on his friends. So his friends were called upon and they all threw him under the bus. His mother burst into tears. The money would be reimbursed to Friend’s parents. Bully was expelled.

Then after a few days, I saw him in my karate class. But I informed my Sensei about this issue and he said that he heard many reports about his exploits. So he was called by the Senseis and he got a hell of a scolding. By that, he was shamed. I was backed up by other students who were ridiculed or beaten by him in the changing room. So he left the dojo.

It was an absolute win…

I never saw him again…”

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Good ridance!
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14. Homewrecker Gets Outed For Having STDs In Front Of Her Customers


A spot-on comeback to a horrible woman.

“I grew up with a terrible “human” as a stepfather. Narcissistic, cheating, drug-using, abusive and beating, evil evil creature. I am still not convinced he wasn’t a demon in disguise. I wish I could say I got revenge on him, but I was too afraid while he was still around.

He cheated on my mother in the VERY small town where everyone knew everyone.

I’m talking so small, there is not a single stoplight. So small, McDonald’s won’t even waste their time opening there. My mother knew who he cheated with but couldn’t prove it. I was little, and he would leave me in the truck as he went into this bar, then he and a bartender would sneak off and have their little affair.

Fast forward many years. I had revealed the extent of his abuse, and my mother divorced him.

He ended up sharing needles with his drug buddies and a friend of one theirs who came from out of town. Turns out that friend was HIV positive, so within a couple of weeks of him visiting, they all were as well. One got very very sick and his friends watched him wither and die. One of the other friends decided to end his own life when he tested positive.

Not this demon-man. He chose “blaze of glory.” He got very drunk, sped down the country roads doing nearly 120mph, and when he was pulled over, decided to get in a shoot out with the cop. He got a shot off that ended the cop’s career, and in return, got a shot that ended his life.

I wrote a long letter to the cop. I heard that people in town were blaming him, saying he ‘murdered’ the demon-man.

I detailed the childhood of abuse in my letter. I told him there was no way he was walking away from that confrontation with both of them alive and that he had been forced to rid the world of a great evil. The cop told me later that he carried that letter in his wallet for years.

So, I returned to my home town for the annual celebration on the river.

I was showing my boyfriend around (could have stood in the middle of Main Street and pointed both directions to complete that task, lol). We end up going to the bar. This woman that looked oddly familiar started talking to us when I said I used to live there. She got very nosy, very pushy, asking about who I was and my life story. In the process, I casually let slip that I left the town after my mom divorced “my demon of a stepdad.”

Well, the lady pushed more to find out who that could be.

I could tell she lived for gossip. At this point, many people were listening, mostly men her age. I said my demon-man step-father’s name, and she snorted something about, “You should show the dead some respect! He was a great man!”

It dawned on me. I knew why she looked familiar. I looked around at all the men hanging around her like lost little puppies. This was the woman he had cheated on my mother with, still working at the same bar, still sleeping with half the men in town!

I don’t recall my exact words as this was 4 years ago, but I have it pretty close.

I replied to her demands to “respect” that monster with something like the following:

“I am under NO obligation to respect a man who got his jollies off with his own step-daughter and the neighbor girl and anything else that he could overpower or anyone just plain stupid enough to take it willingly. I’m only glad he stopped with  BEFORE he got an infection from some tramp bartender he cheated on my mom with! Also, thank the Lord my mother divorced him before he contracted HIV.”

Her face.

Oh. My. God. It was worth revealing my dark past just to see the look on her face. Even better was the realization I saw spreading through the faces in the bar.. this woman, this sl*t, had herpes confirmed, and had been spreading it around to all the men dumb enough to give her the time of day. Not only that, there was a very, very high chance she had continued sleeping with the demon-man after he contracted HIV. By the look on her face, she had no idea he had it, even after his death.

Have fun trying to get men to worship the ground your home-wrecking wh*re feet walk on now!”

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13. Just Let SWAT Deal With It


This happened about a year ago. I had just returned from a business-related trip to the frozen north (Canada) for which I had been gone for about 8 months. During this time, my wife had kept me apprised of everything going on in the neighborhood, as well as her suspicion that our new neighbors behind us (henceforth known as DDN for Drug Dealing Neighbors) were dealing drugs.

Since I’m all about keeping my family safe, I install security cameras all around and inside my house.

Most of my neighbors were perfectly fine with the cameras, and a few asked if I could set theirs up if they bought them. DDN, however, was not pleased. He waited until I was heading out to my car and confronted me, DEMANDING I take them down.

DDN: HEY! Take those mother-fin cameras down.

I don’t need no one knowin’ my sh*t!

Me: No. They’re watching my property. Can’t see into your yard at all.

DDN: Man, F*** YOU! Take those s***s down or I will!

Me: If I ever see you on my property, you’ll leave in a body bag.

At this point, I know my wife’s suspicions were well-founded. I watched the camera feeds and started noting that he had a lot of quick visitors around 3 am.

Cars would pull up in front of MY driveway, he’d meet them, exchanges were made, and the cars would leave. Not too long after, I got a motion alert on 2 of my cameras and my dogs started going nuts. I saw my front door handle move. It’s go time.

I grab my shotgun and rush to the front door, but as soon as I tried opening it, my beagle tried bolting outside, howling at the trespassers.

Unable to deal with him AND properly hold a 12 gauge, I opt to keep my dog and yelled at the 2 men standing there to get the f*** off my property. That night, my motorcycle was stolen (they broke the locks off) and every camera on the ground floor had to be repositioned/replaced. I checked the footage and watched as DDN walked up to them and hit them.

I was done being a bystander.

I contacted the police, but even with security footage, they claimed there was nothing they could do. I was furious. I knew who did it, had the proof, and there was nothing I could do about it…yet.

For the next couple of days, I studied municipal and building codes. I started filling report after report on my DDN. Broken down cars in the yard, that’s a violation.

Broken gutters hanging off the roof, that’s a violation. Barking dogs after 10 pm, that’s a violation. I nickel and dimed them for anything I could hoping to goad them into doing something.

I put tainted gas in a gas can on the back of my Jeep (which was unsurprisingly stolen), and suddenly, their dirt bike engine blew up the next night. DDN confronted me again, threatening that if the complaints didn’t stop, he couldn’t guarantee my dogs or my wife would be safe.

Heated words were exchanged, he stormed up to me, and the encounter ended with weapons drawn and both of us going back inside our homes. Finally, the coup de grace: remember the security footage of DDN’s late-night visitors? I filed a report with the Counter-Narcotics Division and included EVERYTHING. License plate numbers, car models, and colors, all the information I’d gathered for the past few months.

They got enough security footage for a search warrant, and the other evidence made sure it wasn’t a “friendly” visit.

I got to watch the security cameras as SWAT descended on their house. I got to see DDN and everyone else led out in handcuffs. I later found out that the dogs I had called about were being bred and used as bait dogs. The police confiscated a small arsenal and enough drugs that those a*sholes won’t be out of jail until I’m retired.”

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12. Jerk Librarian Gets Called By Her Real Name


“For a while when I was kid and eventually a teenager I lived in a small town near nothing. The heart and soul of this town was the local library run by an amazing lady named Hanna.

Hanna understood the town was rural and poor and did everything in her power to cater to the town residents. There was no after school program for the elementary school, so Hanna opened the doors of the library even though the building was incredibly small.

The nearest movie theater was miles on miles away (this took place when Netflix was only a DVD service and expensive for this town), so Hanna made sure the library had a huge selection of VHSs and DVDs. Hanna would listen to when us avid readers wanted to read a particular book and buy it. If the book was part of a series, she bought the whole series.

Hanna also started a summer program that would have rivaled the free summer programs of any large town. And so, so many more things.

Unfortunately, Hanna’s mom got sick and had to move back home halfway across the country and the Library Board hired a woman named Ruth Derriere. The Board believed because Mrs. Derriere was from a town or two away, she would be a good fit for our community.

Mrs. Derriere was not good for the library, in fact.

Mrs. Derriere decided to purge all of the books and items from the library she deemed impure such as The Lord of the Rings, the whole manga section, nonreligious self-help books, and the majority of the media collection. Mrs. Derriere also reinstated library fines up to and including the fines that should have been collected years prior, fines that Hanna had never cared about.

Mrs. Derriere also demanded everyone under the age of 18 call her Mrs. Derriere, not Ruth because ‘respect.’ Though these were only a few things Mrs. Derriere did.

To say the library fell apart quickly after Mrs. Derriere took charge would be a massive understatement. I loved the library and felt personally attacked, so I started a campaign to save the library. I begged, pleaded, and complained to my mother until she cracked and joined the Library Board and even eventually became the Library Board President.

Mom was able to put a stop to Mrs. Derriere’s purging. I learned how to operate the library’s very poor website to make interlibrary loans and taught other people, so we could read the whole series and so on. Mrs. Derriere knew what I was doing and hated me for it, but I continued on.

The only thing that Mrs. Derriere could hold over me by the end was that I was under 18 and my mom had taught me respect, so I referred to her as Mrs.


However, on my 18th birthday (a Saturday), I woke up early, got dressed, grabbed the books I needed to return, and walked happily to the library. I waited in line as Mrs. Derriere berated a few elementary school kids for returning books late and revoked a little old lady’s right to use the library computers because she asked too many questions. When it was finally my turn at the counter, I said loudly and clearly, “G’mornin’ Ruth!”

All the color drained from Ruth’s face and then it got extraordinarily red, and before she could try and berate me, the next words out of my mouth were, “It’s my 18th birthday today.”

As news and stories do in small towns, what I had done got around quickly.

It soon became a habit of everyone turning 18 to traipse into the library at some point that day and say hello to Ruth. The tradition carried on even after I moved away until Ruth quit several years later for reasons I do not know.”

Another Users Comments:

“In 50 years’ time, no details will be remembered but, kids will still go to the library and say good morning Ruth on their 18th. No one will have a clue why other than “it’s tradition.”” bad63r81

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11. Trolling His Food-Stealing Bullies


“So my dad used to live in a small town way out in the middle of nowhere. The school they had there was relatively peaceful because if there was a bully, whoever he bullied most likely had a friend or an older brother in the high school who would beat up the bully. So all of the people trying to be mean would keep it quiet, whether it be stealing, taunting another student, etc.

Now my dad had a small group of friends who weren’t very popular, so bullies would always look at them as a prime target. There were about 4 or 5 kids in this group, so if a bully tried to harm one of them, he would be simultaneously beaten up by 4 other kids. So this d*uchebag decided to do it without them knowing.

At their school, their lockers had no locks so that teachers could easily check for drugs and such (once a year).

Now my dad and his friends would always get a bunch of food and soft drinks to eat for the year and take them out like an hour before the drug check. But since they had food in their lockers, a group of bullies would come and steal from them and eat and drink their stuff. Now, this angered my dad and his friends because they were paying for all of this food just for it to be stolen.

My grandfather used to own a pharmacy in the town. So one day my dad and his friends went over there and bought a bunch of castor oil. If you don’t know, castor oil is something that you drink to make yourself throw up when you are sick. This was also in the early 80s, so soda caps could be put back on and it would still look as if it was never opened.

So my dad mixed the castor oil with the soda and closed the lid to make it look unopened.

At the end of the day, the drinks were gone, so my dad went to ask the nurse who was sick. But the nurse said that it was confidential information and she couldn’t tell him. So he had to find another way.

By this time he was pretty d*mn angry and he just wanted to make them never come back.

So he and his friends each bought a can of mountain dew and drank a bunch of water and drank the whole bottle of mountain dew. Sure enough, they needed to pee. So where did they do it? The empty bottles of mountains dew. So sure enough, they got the empty bottle filled em up with pee, closed the lids to make it look unopened, and put them back in their lockers.

After about a day my dad went back to his locker where there was a reeling smell of urine and he saw an empty bottle of mountain dew on the ground and p*ss splattered all over his locker as if whoever it was had spat it back out. They looked around the school and found all of the bottles scattered around covered in p*ss. It looked like some kids just p*ssed on the floor for fun and my dad was a good student, so they never got accused. But sure enough, those stealing a**holes never came back.”

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10. Don't Recognize Our Good Work? You'll Be Taking Your Car To The Mechanic


“Back in 2014, I was part of a music class, and we had to do a presentation for the whole town. It was a small town of 10-15k people, but it was a big deal for the whole town. After the show, there was a ceremony where our professor at the time was supposed the give us some medals or honorable mentions for our contribution to the class our talents dedication, etc.

At the moment the professor was handing the medals, we expected the best of the class to be called or at least be named in the honorable mentions. I was NOT part of that group which was not a problem for me because I knew that at the time I didn’t work hard enough. But the problem was that one of the girls named Melissa, who was one of the best, if not the best of the class, was not called for a medal or mentioned at all, and the whole class stood there confused because she was one of the most talented members of the class.

She always helped practice anyone who needed it and let the poor children of the school who couldn’t afford to have an instrument use hers. She was an angel for the whole class. Everyone loved her and we couldn’t understand why she wasn’t mentioned at all during the ceremony.

After all the medals and honorable mentions were given, her brother who was a really talented guy gave a speech and gave his medal to her as a way to say thank you for all the help she gave him and the whole class.

At the end of the ceremony, we all went to the professor asking him why she wasn’t given a medal or at least an honorable mention, and he said that she’ll be given one during a different ceremony in the future, but the whole class was p*ssed because one of the students that got a medal was a new student who barely had a month in the class and had no talent or discipline at all…but he had money and was the son of the mayor of our town.

We didn’t have any evidence, but we suspect that our professor gave this kid Melissa’s medal because he wanted to score a few points with the mayor of the town. We suspect this because during the professor’s speech he was trying too hard to gain the mayor’s approval; it was painfully obvious.

Now for the revenge… After the show was over,  my friend and I went to the professor’s house and arrived there after midnight; we wanted to make him pay for what he did to our friend, so we decided to put nails in all four of the tires of his car, so next time he used his car, he’d have to go straight up to the mechanic because there was construction in the area the roads were blocked, making it a one-way street.

It was so narrow that cars could barely pass. This means that if we put nails in all four tires, there was no way he could get his car out of there, thus blocking the only way out for the whole neighborhood, so we decided to only put nails in one of his tires and take some air out of the rest, so he could move the car but not get far from there.

The next morning, I went to my job, but I took a different route, so I could pass by one of the few mechanics in the town, and the first thing I see is my professor’s car in the mechanic and my professor late for his job and fixing the tires of his car. It was the best way to start the day with a taste of justice.”

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9. High School Bully Waits An Hour For A Cold Burger


“I was a 16-year-old waitress in a food place. I was your almost average high schooler classes, homework, and a job. Almost normal because I was the target for what seemed like every bully. One day, it would be for my red hair, then another day for my Russian accent.

I’m working one normal day when in comes one of the people who would torment me. He orders a burger if I remember rightly.

I take his order then go on to take more orders. I put his order ticket up when an idea hits me. Every time I go to hang another ticket, I move his to the back of the line.

He complains, and my saint of a manager tells him it will be ready soon (I had told her what was going on).

1 hour after he ordered, we served him a sloppy burger with the oldest patty in the frying area. It felt so good to watch him stare sadly at it and take a bite.”

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8. Wasting A Scammer's Time


Well played!

“Back in September, I went to look at a pair of moose antlers on Facebook marketplace that my dad was interested in. He lives in a small cabin on my property and thought the antlers would look cool over his front door.

We get there, and the dude is clearly high on drugs. Jittery, keeps wiping his nose, etc. We met him at a storage rental place, so he had to let us in with his code, and we were stuck in the facility until he let us back out.

We get to his rental unit and he gets the antlers out. They were very clearly fake. He’d said he’d spray painted them brown to make them look like they were still in velvet. It was obvious he’d sprayed them to try to make them look real. The weight was off, the color was off, there were several large cracks in them and you could see they were white inside, not bone colored.

There were also several points broken off and the material inside was white and powdery, again, not bone. He kept insisting they could be fixed with some epoxy. Finally, tapping your fingers on them made a drumming noise, so they were hollow inside.

At this point, I hadn’t said a word at all. I was just along for the ride with my dad. Dad politely tells the guy that we’re going to pass, he thinks they are fake, thanks but no thanks.

This guy goes off the deep end, screaming at us, calling us all sorts of names, insulting us, our mothers, etc. Then he starts screaming at us that we were locked in there with him and weren’t leaving until he was ready to go.

Dad and I get in the truck, and luckily another customer was coming into their unit and we were able to get out of the locked gate when they came in.

We both thought it was hilarious, how off the wall this guy acted, and how fake the antlers looked in person.

I stew on this for a few weeks and finally come up with a revenge plan. I didn’t say a single word to the guy and he insulted my entire family tree, wife, intelligence, etc.

I create a new Facebook account with the dumbest old person name I could come up with.

Then, I use a bunch of “Hide the Pain Harold” photos to populate it with. Then start adding as many friends as I can, posting dumb crap about old black and white movies, my prostate, etc. Spent a few days craploading this account as much as I could.

Then, once the account was 2 weeks old and I could get on Facebook groups, I go to a few of the groups I knew this guy was on and find some of the items he had for sale.

Luckily, he had 2 large bookcases for sale. Great, something big and awkward to move around.

Next, I do some research and find the most pain in the butt location in my city to get to. I pick a place that has no highway onramps so it takes at least half an hour to get to it off the highway.

I message him, and I ask if he would deliver since I only have a sedan.

AND HE SAYS YES! For $50 to cover his gas and a helper because they would take 2 people to move around.

We set up a date and time, and I tell him I’m going to meet him at a nearby grocery store since my house is hard to find.

Finally, the time arrives. He messages me that he is at the grocery store. Now I come up with every annoying old person slow thing I can think of.

“I’m putting my shoes on.” “My wife is in the shower and I can’t leave in case she slips,” then “Oh, we’ve not gone anywhere in so long because of the virus; my car battery is dead.”

Mr. Scammer finally asks for my address and says he will find the place. I get on Google maps and find the most pain in the butt street to get to, knowing he’s driving a full-size van and towing a trailer with the bookshelves.

So I find a street in the very center of an old badly laid out neighborhood, got on street view, and look for where the house numbers stop, and pick a number a few above that one. I test it in Google Maps, and Google Maps isn’t smart enough to know that house number doesn’t exist! It just points you at the end of the dead-end street!

So I relay this address.

Of course, I make sure to mess it up a few times and get him lost in the process. After about 90 minutes, he messages that he can’t find that house number, but he’s on my street, can I please come outside?

I reply back with, “No thanks.”

Him: “No thanks, what?”

Me, “I walked out there and saw them, not interested in buying.”

My Facebook account blows up for the next hour with him trying to call me, video chat, sending all kinds of horrible messages about how I’m a liar and a cheater.

I never respond back. I check it occasionally, and about every 2 weeks, he sends me a nasty message still. Dude had no idea who it was that messed with him or why it happened. I’m kind of debating about doing it again.”

Another User Comments:

“When he refused to let you leave the storage area he committed the crime of unlawful detainment (basically the misdemeanor version of kidnapping). It is probably too late to really do anything about it, but you could report it to the police and ask if they could send an officer to his place some time to explain why he can’t do that.

I’m sure he wouldn’t panic and flush his drugs down the toilet when he saw a cop at the door.” Computant2

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7. Smart Tenant Gets Away With Burning Landlord's Furniture


“So I lived in an apartment in Maine that was fully furnished, heat water and electricity included in rent, a fireplace that worked, but the heating that was included in the rent was a gas-powered heater in the basement.

I lived alone so I felt the need for some companionship, but instead of getting a normal pet like a dog or cat, for some reason, I decided to go up to a bamboo shark.

The setup for the shark was nearly two grand. And I felt like it was a good choice because that shark acted like a dog and a cat; all at the same time, it was playful and lazy and had a wonderful personality especially for a fish. I will admit I got a little more attached to a fish than normal people would care to admit; I love him.

I named him Orion because three of his spots were actually kind of shaped like stars if you used a lot of imagination. The name Orion slowly turned into Ojo. My little brother who would visit wouldn’t be able to pronounce Orion, so that’s what it became.

Anyway, for the first part of the year, the apartment was great and a Godsend because it was relatively cheap, and it was hard to find an apartment that would pay your electricity and heating.

Plus, the landlord was quite nice. Before my lease was up, however, the apartment was sold to a different owner, and the new owner was not as pleasant as the previous and we would often have issues that would pop up that in my mind were not big deals. Such as, he would walk by my window; he would say just passing by, which I don’t think is true because you’d have to get onto the porch and actually peer into my window and see that I have dishes to do, so in his mind, the apartment was a complete wreck and he has the right to kick me out.

I double-checked my lease with a realtor friend of mine and in no spot in the lease was any mention of keeping the apartment clean until move out day where they could charge me $400 if the apartment was messy. I would always clean up though because I’m not an animal and like to have things relatively clean. The one big issue that I had along with other tenants is that we would pay rent and he would not pay for the gas company to keep our heat on.

After a couple of times of this in a Maine winter, things were getting rather cold and other tenants were starting to complain. Oh, luckily he turned the heat back on after I sent him an email stating that all the tenants have the same problem being that we are in the same building as each other and we need a cheat to stay alive and we are not afraid to press charges.

I admit the letter I sent was overkill and he called me out on it that we could just buy our own gas, but we had already bought our gas through the rent!

Unfortunately, however, the following months he did not pay the gas bill again and I had awoken to my apartment freezing and instantly thought about Orion being cold, so I ran over to make sure the heating on his tank was still working.

It was not, or the landlord also cut the electricity. So Orion sadly passed away. This made me furious and somewhat depressed and I demanded to be reimbursed for Orion. This conversation was on the phone and my landlord chuckled that, sure, I can deduct it from my next rent payment. He was thinking that Orion was a goldfish, so he owed me 5 cents. I explained to him no he is not $0.05, and I also want to be reimbursed for all of his supplies being that I no longer need them because he killed my fish.

He said, “Fine, just write a check for the remainder of the rent,” so I sent him a bill for $1,000.

The bill made him mad and he said that he would not pay for gas without my rent check, I told him that we were all caught up and other tenants need their heating, so you need to pay the gas for what they pay for as well being that the heater heats all the apartments.

He hung up and I didn’t hear from him for two weeks until we started the new month without heat again and I called him up and said that we need our heat. He said, “I don’t care what you guys say. Do you know that you are the third tenant to call me today? I’m on vacation down in Florida, so there’s nothing I can do.”

I made a comment along the lines of, “What do you expect us to do? Burn all of our furniture trying to stay warm?” He laughed at me again and said, “If that’s what you want to do, I’m completely fine with it.

It will just help you not leave so much crap in the apartment when I kick you out next month when I get back.”

Something clicked: he didn’t realize when he bought the apartment that he was buying all my furniture too that was furnished by the previous owner! So I pulled out a recorder and told him I’m recording what he says next. “Can you please repeat? You told me that it was fine to burn my furniture to keep warm?” The landlord said, “Yeah but I’m not reimbursing you up for any of the furniture, so if that’s what you want to do, that’s what you can do.”

So I started burning my furniture, and in my apartment, the fireplace also heats up the rest of the apartments, so I went to one other tenant and asked him if he was moving next month, and he was and I told him my evil plan and how we were heating ourselves this month.

He was happy with the plan and donated all of his furniture as well which was the landlord’s.

The landlord had come back and I asked for him to come over, so we may talk and settle things before I leave. He came in and saw that my apartment was completely emptied. He laughed and made a comment about it must have been a cold one last month.

I said, “Yeah, luckily I had all your stuff here to keep me warm at night.”

He paused and looked at me and questioned, “What do you mean my stuff?”

Then I ask, “Didn’t you realize that all of the apartments come fully furnished?”

He seemed to be taken by surprise, and was stammering, and said that I would have to replace all the furniture for the next tenants.

Don’t you remember you told me to burn all the furniture?

“Not my furniture!” he exclaimed.

“Yours was the only one in the apartment, but I also got some donations from other tenants.” I laughed.

Both he and I went out of the apartment, me to my car and he into his, and the last thing he said to me is that I’m going to have to pay him back for this!

I had gotten a bill in the mail later on and read it.

Oh, he was charging me for all the furniture, even the other apartments’ furniture. Here’s the total: $800 table × 2, $80 chair × 8, $200 end table ×4, $40 barstool ×10, $700 couch ×1, $20,000 for fire damages, $400 cleaning, and heres my favorite bill: reimbursement for fraudulent death of pet claims, $4,000. Quick math $27,580.

Obviously, we went to court over this, and when I was asked if I felt that these charges were fair, I said no; he told me to do it.

Landlord chuckled.

“I have a recording, your honor.”

“Let’s hear it.”

I played it, and the judge didn’t seem too impressed….. SH*T.

The judge stayed silent for a minute while rereading the bill. What’s this fraudulent death of pet claim?

My landlord answered, says that I owed him money because his dumb fish died because it’s too cold.

“Was there a fish?” -judge

Landlord: “Ya, but there was no way it was that expensive of a fish.”

Judge: “It’s not the price of the fish that concerns me what concerns me is that your tenants are paying for services that they are not receiving and thus their way of life is suffering to a point that this man lost a pet and felt the need to burn all of the furniture to stay warm.

It’s very concerning to me that there was a fish that died and there is a recording of you laughing that they should burn their furniture. I am sure you are suing them for following your advice. The recording alone wouldn’t have helped the tenant, but the fact that you put the fish’s death on your own bill to be reimbursed for it shows me that you are in the wrong. What’s the fire damage?”

Landlord: “Before the tenant had used the fireplace, the fireplace was clean, and now it needs to be cleaned out of the soot.”

The landlord was also planning on replacing the fireplace completely but didn’t say it.

Judge: So that’s a part of the cleaning. The tenant owes the landlord $400 for cleaning, and that’s it. Case closed.”

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6. Keep Parking In My Assigned Spot? I'll Block You In


They’ll never park in someone else’s spot again.

“Little background. I live in an apartment complex that has been taken over by new management. He’s a great landlord but has been slow to truly implement some rules in the leasing contract.

One of the rules is this: only one parking space per owner. Meaning, visitors must park on the public street in front of the building.

Now, when I first moved in last year, they didn’t have assigned spots, so you would just kinda park wherever.

This past summer, the landlord and maintenance spent an entire day re-painting lines and assigning each spot a number to correspond with apartment numbers. It has been brought up in memos and meetings that he will start to implement the towing of non-authorized vehicles and has even hired someone to keep track of this (apparently).

This hadn’t been an issue until I went back to work. I would leave, go work my shift, and come home to find my assigned spot taken by a random vehicle.

I don’t know where the driver is, so I would leave a note saying that this was reserved for my apartment number. Twice I did this. One time I had knocked on the hood of the driver to get their attention, so they could leave and could have my spot back.

This last time though? P*ssed me off. I was getting my kids in the car to take them to school.

There’s this car that is creeping the parking lot, and I know they saw me parked in my spot. They left. I happened to get out of the parking lot just in time to see them turn back into the lot. I followed them back in and my suspicions were confirmed. He parked in my spot. I pull up, with my window down, and yell at him that I live here and that is my assigned parking.

They moved.

Again, I had to work that night. I leave and come back to find a DIFFERENT vehicle parked in my spot. This would make 5 different vehicles in the span of two weeks. (There are also signs posted in front of each spot that only one spot per owner and violators will be towed.) I parked directly behind them. I ended up blocking the previous car that I yelled at and the new car (I was horizontal compared to their vertical) and made sure I left room for other vehicles to get through the lot.

You couldn’t get in from the passenger side. And I left my vehicle there. Parked directly behind them and boxed them in.

My boyfriend ended up answering the door when the owner came and asked if we could move my car so they could get out. He later told me that he explained that it was reserved parking.

Haven’t had an issue so far after that.”

Another User Comments:

“I lived in a townhouse complex with the same issue: assigned parking.

We owned the units and the assigned spots. People would still just park in the numbered spots willy nilly. Getting a car towed required contacting a member of the board of the condo corporation, which could take hours if they’re at work or busy, etc.

Basically pulled the same deal you did, blocked them right in with my car and took a picture of the vehicle in case they pulled a hit and run.

This was around 8 pm; got a call from a neighbor who lived by the parking lot at 11 pm – the owner of the vehicle was honking incessantly and trying to back out of the spot, to no avail. Apparently, they’ve been at it for over an hour. Finally got my a** out of bed and slowly sauntered my way over. The driver is p*ssed off and screaming.

I calmly explained that the parking spot he was in was assigned tenant parking and that it was my spot. He screamed that he’s in a rush. I replied that since I was inconvenienced when I couldn’t park in my own spot, that he could wait a few minutes while I went to get my keys. Also mentioned I had pictures of his car and plates.

Went back home, had a coffee, contemplated life. Went back to the parking lot. Oops, forgot my keys. Went home, came back. All in all, including the conversation, it was an additional 15 minutes. The driver just sat quietly and waited this time. He left with the peeling of tires after backing out of my spot.

Signs were posted about the parking being tenants only and assigned parking, tow at owner’s expense, etc. But because they didn’t include a tow company on the sign, like some properties do, it makes it so much more difficult to actually get someone towed in a reasonable time.

Good luck with your spot. Could always try putting a concrete-filled pylon in your spot when you leave for the day. It’s a bit inconvenient but one of those potential deterrents.” dachopstix69

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jela 3 years ago
I used to work late nights and came home to someone parked in my spot at 1am. Our streets are so packed I would have been lucky to find a spot 3 blocks away, not fun walking alone in the middle of the night like that. Honked a few times to try to find whoever it was, ended up attracting the attention of the night security guy who called to have the car towed. I can honestly say I laughed out loud as they took the car away. I’m glad the owner didn’t come out when I honked and I hope it was hell to get their car back.
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5. Refuse To Clean Your Store During A Pandemic? I'll Turn You In


“So, I worked at a store (a cookie-cutter store that is a well-known chain).

We begin the tale when I first started. I started at this store in June of 2020, about 3-4 months into the global pandemic, and after working there for a little bit, I noticed that I was never told when, and with what, I was supposed to clean the carts/baskets or anything in the store.

So, I went to my store manager and asked, “What am I supposed to clean the carts with?” to which she responded with “Oh, that’s not your job; they clean the store at night, so it doesn’t matter.” I was a little suspicious of this response because our store manager didn’t even let us vacuum the store…

So I asked the assistant managers whoclose, to which they said that they, in fact, DO NOT wipe any of the carts down.

So, then the next day, I come in and the store manager comes to me and says, “Oh, I never answered your question. Here are some wipes; you can wipe them down if you want to, but you know, the virus is spread through the air; that is why we have to wear these stupid masks, so wiping things down doesn’t really do anything. It also makes all the carts sticky and gross.

Also, if you want to be technical, we would need to wipe all the merchandise down too because you have the people in the factories that make them touching them, then the redistribution centers, then us, and it would be a mess and take too long.”

I literally sat there biting my tongue so hard. Most of our customers are older people who live off of Government benefits and they come in and buy stuff because it is insanely cheap, so my store manager wasn’t only putting them at risk but the employees too.

So I took the wipes and would wipe everything down as much as possible during my shift. However, sadly, I could only do it twice per shift: the start and end of my shift. Eventually, I got tired of being the only one attempting to clean the store. So, I called the lovely health department.

When they responded to my call, I was amazed at the stuff we were supposed to be doing that we weren’t doing such as rotating registers, having a dedicated person to clean the carts, being allowed every hour to go wash our hands, etc.

I filled out my report and was told they would be in contact. However, I wasn’t sure if they would actually do it, so I filed another complaint with the cooperate office just to cement by bases.

When I called corporate, I was told them everything else my boss was doing, such as throwing merchandise (if it wasn’t put out to her liking, she would literally pull it off the shelf and throw it), talking bad about employees to other managers (I have video evidence of her blaming all the staff on why nothing gets done, and all we do is sit around and talk), and for literally telling us not to enforce the mask mandates or the elderly shopping hours.

I eventually did quit and a couple of days later; I just simply walked out. Fast forward two weeks, I go back in because I needed something, and I hear that the boss has been suspended for 2 weeks for failure to comply with the company policies and local mandates. They also hired a cleaning company to come and clean the store and hired someone just to clean the store throughout the day.”

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4. Degrading Teacher Receives Copy Of "Handicapped" Student's University Diploma


“As the Austrian school system may be unfamiliar to most, here’s a short explanation.

After primary school, children (age 10) will enter either Hauptschule or Gymnasium (a school not for performing sports), depending on many things such as grades earned during the last year of primary school. This system is sometimes compared with the schools in Great Britain of the 1940-1960 with the Gymnasium taking the place of the grammar school.

The separation of the paths is not complete, but attendance at a Gymnasium or equivalent is the standard needed for going to university.

I have a slight hearing impairment and therefore had some trouble in school (mind this was in the 80s, so there were no concessions made). I was a good student having above-average grades.

Ms. Baker, the teacher I had this last year of primary school, hated to have me in her class.

First, I could not sing (she lead the school choir), and second, I was a handicapped kid who they had failed to get rid of to go to special education school. The first thing she did was assign me seating at the back of the room; all other kids were rotated regularly in seating, but I stayed put. This led to some problems due to misheard instructions and words during dictation.

At the end of the year in German class my grades were between “Good=2” and “Middling=3.” Normally in this situation, the student will be administered a short examination to decide the grade. Ms. Baker decided that I had not earned that chance to improve my grade with the explanation. “A disabled child has no place in Gymnasium” … so I had to go to Hauptschule.

There I had a lot of good teachers and got the rare chance to switch to Gymnasium after 2 years (not a normal path) graduated and went to university

Years later after earning my master’s, I decided to send a copy of my diploma/degree to Ms. Baker with a nice letter that the tone-deaf disabled pupil has now a master’s degree. I am only sorry that she died before I got my Ph.D….”

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3. Not Hungry And Think It's Nasty? Ok, No Food For You


“So I decided to cook some chicken alfredo, something basic. Cook the noodles and throw some alfredo sauce and some canned chicken breast in it. I’m no chef, but this is something I can make easily and have done it plenty of times in the past. But as I was waiting for the noodles to cook, I got the munchies and decided a chunk of chicken won’t hurt, would it? I was careful not to just dig my hands into the food cause that’s just nasty.

I just took some chicken to munch on from one of the two cans.

Apparently, my younger sister (13), which we have been on horrible terms for the past 2 weeks, thought this was disgusting of me and started to complain, saying how she should cook it next time and that she doesn’t want to eat some nasty picked on food. I took one chicken, careful not to touch any others, and last time I checked, she wasn’t a germaphobe and I wasn’t cooking with nasty hands.

If we were on good terms, she would’ve most likely said nothing and waited for dinner to be done. But since we were on bad terms, she was being a little brat. I was simply ignoring her and pretending she didn’t exist, and this seemed to upset her as she continued to be passive-aggressive at me or just plain aggressive, saying how she should eat all the chicken when I walk off as well as constantly going to my mom to talk smack about me.

I don’t know what she said because she usually lowers her voice to where I can’t hear, but I know what she’s doing because that’s what she always does when talking smack. Yell mom, walk to mom, talk quietly before leaving and making some passive-aggressive comment. I said nothing to her this entire time, so it wasn’t like I was instigating anything and trying to get her to complain more.

By the time the food was done, I made bowls for anyone who wanted some, except my sister of course. Just an FYI, before I cooked the food she did make a snide comment about how no one was going to eat the food since she already had something to eat and was making my mom something to eat. I didn’t care; my youngest sister has been wanting some for awhile now and I personally love leftover chicken alfredo; it always tasted better.

So once I got the bowls, I took out a small tub and dumped the leftover food into it before closing it.

My sister was awkwardly standing around as if waiting for me to leave, so she can take a bowl. But not today. She made it way too clear to me that she didn’t want any because it was “too gross” and that she “already ate.” So she didn’t get any.

I put the food away and told my mom that I gave everyone who didn’t eat some food and assumed that due to complaining about how bad it was, I didn’t give food to a certain someone who clearly didn’t want it. I knew she did, as I was putting the food away, she was doing the usual lip smack and arm swing that she does when extremely annoyed, and she threatened to cook dinner tomorrow and not give me any.

I don’t care. I can cook my own food; it’s not hard.

An extra bonus, my older sis passed by and my younger sis complained to her about how I took some chicken and she promptly took some chicken herself and left, making me crack out in laughter as my younger sister fumed. Funny how she did not once complain about my older sis who took some of the chicken and only me.”

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2. Think Your Way Of Working Is The Right Way? Watch The Floor Get Ruined Before Your Eyes


A reminder why the ego can be a bad thing.

“This story happened a few years ago while working in a kitchen in the city I live in. My boss was your typical lonely drunk. Creepy compliments to the staff and inappropriate conversations with them as well. Abusive to anyone working under him and a lack of respect for other management when he felt he was above them.

He ended most nights by disappearing during the dinner rush and slamming a 24 of beer by himself at home.

My friend and I worked Tuesday to Saturday close shifts every day for a year. We became best friends through the suffering of this man’s abuse. We could never do a good job in his eyes. Nothing was ever clean enough or good enough for him. He had this opinion that we never tried hard enough and we must be slacking off when he’s not there.

He decided the solution to his problem was to assign us extra cleaning. Since most everything was already perfectly clean, he decided to ask us for two things.
Scrub the grout between the tiles, and clean the foam ceiling inserts with soap and water. These had to be completed or we were going to get written up.

The next day rolls around and things are not as clean as usual for the close since I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the tiles all night.

Bossman took this as a personal attack and unloaded on us. I proceeded to explain that scrubbing it isn’t getting it any cleaner and there’s nothing I can do. I also showed him the one tile that came out of the floor. He grabs a butter knife and cuts all the grout out around one tile. It was black and crumbled and filled with oil. I tried explaining and showing him that he was going to ruin the floor, but it fell on deaf ears.

After proving to himself it was possible by completely removing a tile, he told us it had to be done by the end of the week.

Here’s the malicious compliance. Despite me telling him that it wasn’t working, he insisted he was right. I told him many times it would ruin the floor and he didn’t listen. So that night, I spent a few hours doing exactly as he showed me until there was a large portion of the floor with loose tiles.

He was disappointed that only got about one square meter of flooring done and wanted the rest done by the end of the day. Commercials kitchens are huge and these tiles were small. So I decided to focus on the mainline where everyone works. I got about 75% of the main working area de-grouted in two days and left the lose tiles in their place.

The floors in professional kitchens are designed to drain water in a specific direction and be smooth enough to clear all debris when swept.

Since the tiles were all loose on the floor, sweeping and mopping only pushed dirt and brown water into the holes where the grout used to be.

Upper management came into work for the weekend and they all had to stand on this wet, stinky mess of tiles that were hard to balance on. It wasn’t long before they asked what was wrong with the floor. Instead of saying that he made a mistake and asked us to do exactly that, he blamed us on the spot.

Saying he would never clean a floor like that and we must be stupid liars. Just truly a classic piece of sh*t.

I never got around to soaking the foam ceiling boards sadly. Since I guess he realized how stupid it was. I never got any petty revenge either. I left feeling like bad people truly do just get away with being bad people.

Skip to 6 months after I had left the company, I get a message from a friend who worked there as well.

She explained that she had written a letter to HR detailing this man’s abuse and weird sexual comments to her and others in the workplace and in private. She mentioned she had included some things I had told her.

He was fired on the spot. No discussion or chance to prove himself. I’m not sure if they already knew he was like this, or maybe they just knew that no one would make up a two page 5 paragraph letter about him for no reason. He left the country immediately after losing his job and filled his social media with photos of him in suits with captions like “heart of gold.” I still resent this man but enjoy thinking about this story from time to time.

I have many more stories about this man but nothing that fits on this sub.”

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1. Can Only Order Inside? I'll Ride My Bike Inside Then


Whatever works, right?

“My whole defiant attitude started a few days ago when I got hit by a car.

See, I gotta bike everywhere because I haven’t had a car since ’09. That was during the Great Recession when I lost everything, thus I’ve learned to live without a car and just wheel around.
The other day, I committed the grievously, huge, carnal, bike sin of cycling on the wrong side of the road.

Yes, I’m a bike rebel, I know, but it was on a tiny residential street that was more of a very long driveway in and out of my trailer hood. So, I’m on the left side of the road (US) because up ahead, I want to turn left. Some days, I’m such a social deviant that I ride on the sidewalk, too! (Up goes a collective gasp!) But today, I was just facing traffic in preparation for turning the corner.

Also, on that corner is a little family-run store where the denizens of the trailer park and I shop for food, snacks, and beer. However, I wasn’t going to Stop N Shop today; I was headed to work and to the train, which would take me to work. Pedaling past the parking lot driveway, I observed that leaving the store was an auto, just barely coasting to what I assumed was going to be a full stop before he entered the road.

So, I kept cycling up the curb to right in front of him, where it was too late to dodge, weave, or believe that this guy wasn’t braking!!! He’d been looking to his left for oncoming cars, and seeing none, was just going to breeze onto the street, when bam, he hit a bicycle! Yeah, that’s just a lower case ‘bam’ cuz it was barely a tap- a tap that nearly knocked me over, but that was better than going under his bumper.

I was fine, barely bruised – plus, I didn’t want to miss my train, so I accepted his, ‘Sorry about that!’ and cycled away, but later at work, my friends said I should have writhed on the ground in mock agony, screaming, “My leg! My back! My neck! Arghhhh!” …but I don’t roll that way.

This brings us to today, just hours ago, where I’m still feeling like indestructible titanium for having been assaulted with a deadly weapon (a car) and living to tell the tale …but hungry, too.

See, now it was lunch-time at work, so I decided to bike to Ye Royal Burger Joint to feed my impenetrable armor. Nowadays, the place wasn’t very busy because folks couldn’t sit and eat anymore. I figured the quickest and easiest thing to do was to go to the drive-through, where there was only one car. Having done this before, I thought this would be a snap and rolled right up to the order window on my bicycle.

“You can’t order here!” snapped the manager, or maybe cashier gunning for ’employee of the month.’ “You have to come inside!”

WTF- as I said, it’s not like they were busy and she was wanting to hand me over to another cashier to keep her line down. The place was empty; SHE was the only cashier, and there were TWO people running the restaurant; she and the cook …but no, SHE wanted me to come inside and order there because of reasons. So, I did as she ordered but reminder: I’m a rebel. Cycling around to the front, I rolled up the sidewalk ramp, pushed open the glass doors, and rode to the cashier counter, still pedaling on my bike.

“One burger, please!”

Gobsmacked, she actually rang me up and gave it to me.

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keni 3 years ago
Not revenge, not a rebel, just an idiot. There are very important reasons for the laws being what they are for riding a bike. Jerks like this are why bikers and drivers are perpetually antagonistic to each other. Seriously...don’t brag about being an ass. It isn’t a good look.
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