People Share Their Worst Breakup Stories That Will Break Your Heart Too

If you have any kind of dating history, there’s a chance that you’ve experienced a breakup before. Breakups can happen for numerous reasons. One might leave their partner if they feel that they aren’t receiving the mutual love and respect that they give to their partner. Others may leave because their partner was unfaithful or kept something from them. While a breakup can be hurtful for both parties, sometimes it truly can be for the better.

Other times, we hear stories of couples getting back together after a messy split. While breaking up is usually classified as something negative, sometimes it can give each partner the time to clear their head and come to the realization that their emotional connection with their ex is stronger than the reason that made them break up. Sometimes, broken-up couples who get back together end up having a stronger, healthier bond than ever before.

More often than not, though, we don’t know if we will ever get back with an ex. Do we still love them? Do they still love us? Can things go right again? Whether the breakup is dramatic and drawn-out or short and mutual, we often become so focused on the pain of the breakup that we fail to remember all the good times we had with the person. Additionally, we often become so consumed with the negative aspects of our ex, no matter how good of a person they were in general.

However, some breakups, let alone relationships, are so painful that we are certain we’ll never get back together with that said ex. Whether you’re going through a breakup right now or simply enjoy hearing about others’ breakups, the following stories might just make you feel better about your own situation.

31. She Ghosted Me After My Surgery

Imagine if he married this girl! She definitely wouldn’t be there for him “in sickness and in health.”

“I was dating someone while I had to undergo some surgery, with an anticipated two week recovery time with very limited mobility. My girlfriend at the time said she would look after me, not to worry, etc. I had offers from my mother, sister, and ex to come stay with me during recovery, but I told them it’s cool, the girlfriend had this covered. She did help me home from the hospital and stopped by the next day or two, but after that, nothing. She started ghosting me online as well, and my dumb a** just thought she was busy at work.

She never checked up on me. I recovered over those two weeks by myself at home. I come to find out she decided to break up with me after her last visit a couple of days after surgery and just failed to tell me. Her reasoning was complete bullsh*t; I just don’t think she wanted to deal with looking after me, so she just peaced out.
I was (and am) so ashamed. I never told my mother, sister, or ex that I was by myself during recovery. Whenever they would call, I would say my girlfriend ‘just left’ or some other bulsh*t.” Turnout57

30. She Lied About Her Mum Having Cancer… And Being Engaged

“Was with her for just shy of two years. Holidays, festivals, discussions of marriage the lot.

Claimed she lived at home with her Mum, who had terminal cancer, and as a result, her mum didn’t want to bring anyone new into her life, as the pain of knowing she would soon leave them was too much. Therefore, we spent all our time at mine, and I never met her family or mum.

Received a message from a guy one night asking how I knew her. I explained. Turns out her Mum was fine, and she had been engaged to this guy and living with him the entire time… They were due to get married in 2 weeks.

Still blows my mind that she managed to play us both so well the entire time. So technically, I guess he kind of ended it by revealing the truth. I just wished him the best of luck and cut all ties immediately. Didn’t give her the satisfaction of letting her know she had hurt me.” b4rn5ey

Another User Comments:
“Be very wary of people who don’t want to introduce you to their home, especially if you’re a long-term partner. Often times, they are hiding something substantial.” kplatinum777

29. She Was The Love Of My Life And Was Taken Too Soon

“I met my absolute soul mate of a girlfriend Peyton and fell madly in love with her. We would see each other every day and spend hours via Skype and the phone just talking, never running out of topics. This went on for about 8 months until one cold day in January. I was getting ready for a normal day of college and I received a call from her mother that Peyton was involved in a serious car crash and was being airlifted to the hospital. I lived an hour away and that day made it in 38 minutes to find my best friend and love sitting in an upper cast.

She suffered brain bleeding, broken collar bone, 3 ribs, entire right arm, wrist, hand, shoulder, and a punctured lung. But without a beat, she smiled when I came in with her favorite flowers and candy. The problem? Most of her memory was gone of our interactions and didn’t know who I was. I have tried for the past two years to get her back and it’s not really working. Some memories she remembers but not much overall. She was taken from me and that to me has been the biggest heartbreak in my life. If you’re reading this Peyton, I will always love you.” BigBlue9k

28. She Took Off While I Was In Korea

“When I was in Korea, my wife at the time tells me over Skype that ‘we’ve drifted apart, and she wants to separate.’ So, she takes the power of attorney I had given her, packs up everything out of the house that she wants regardless of who it belongs to, uses my bank account to pay for the U-Haul and all the moving expenses, sells the house, has one dog put to sleep, takes the other to the SPCA, and disappears.

Eventually, I learn that she’d been planning to leave ever since I came down on orders. Oh, and she was a textbook psychopath and a compulsive liar. By the way, she actually never had (and beat) cancer before I met her. For SEVEN YEARS, I kept asking her to see the doctor and make sure she’s still cancer-free. I’ve seen people I love die from cancer and it’s horrible. FOR SEVEN YEARS, she’d lied to me about having had cancer and watched while I worried myself sick about it coming back.

So glad to be rid of that lunatic.” Source

27. He Led Me To Believe He’d Propose Soon, Then Said He No Longer Loved Me

I genuinely don’t understand why people say the opposite of what they mean. If I were in the situation of the guy, the last thing I’d want to talk about with someone “I no longer loved” would be marriage!

“Dated a guy for one month short of 3 years. Everyone, including me, thought we’d be a forever couple. He talked about engagement and marriage within the first 8 months – right up to A WEEK before it all ended.

We were laying in bed, and he told me. ‘I can’t wait to be engaged by this time next year.’ Fast forward a week, everything was normal. We went on a nice date night, he spent a couple of nights at my house and went home. Everything seemed fine. We texted like we always did for a few days until he said he needed to discuss something.

Long story short, he texted that he needed a break. I said I understood and would respect that. A week later he calls me and says. ‘You aren’t going to like what I have to say.’ I asked if he was breaking up with me, and he said yes. Dated for almost 3 years, and you break up over the phone? I asked if there was a reason. ‘I haven’t loved you for the past 6 months.” whatevs1990

26. I Didn’t Even Know We Were Broken Up

“By not telling me at all. We had been together for 3-4 weeks and one day I was just coming home from work and I saw her walking with another dude. I confronted her in front of him and the conversation went something like this:

Me: ‘Hey (her name), who’s this?’
Her: ‘Oh, hey, this is (his name), my boyfriend.’
Me: ‘Uhmm haven’t we been in a relationship for like a month now?’
Her: ‘Ugh I guess, but we clearly broke up yesterday evening.’
Me : *visible confusion*
We didn’t break up that evening; We just had a minor squabble about how we should spend more time together (I was working 12s that week). We even kissed when I was leaving her place, and she told me, ‘I love you.’

I was so astounded, I couldn’t even be mad. Forgot about her in a few weeks and moved on with my life.” yrugay1

25. I Saw The Ring I Gave Him On Another Girl’s Finger

“High school. I’m dating a guy who is out of high school. I worked at a Dairy Queen. A girl from my school comes through the drive-through. As I’m handing her her order, I see that the very distinct ring I gave my boyfriend is on her finger. I have to admit, it took me a minute because I was confused about how she could have this ring. I finally snapped to and asked her, ‘Did Bob give you that ring?’ She said yes, and how did I know? ‘Because I gave it to him. He’s my boyfriend.’ She immediately took it off, gave it to me and left.

A few minutes later, my ‘boyfriend’ comes flying in the door and starts yelling at me for ‘getting him in trouble.’ Yeah, I know how to pick ’em.
As he continues to yell at me, I’m just staring at him with all the anger that’s in me.

A friend of his (Mike) happened to be sitting in the dining room and Mike comes up to the counter and whispers something to Bob. They both go outside.
Bob comes back in and sheepishly says, ‘Mike said if I didn’t apologize to you he’d beat my a*s. I have to admit, having Bob’s friend, Mike, who I barely knew, stand up for me was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And yes, Mike and I started dating. He was a really nice guy.” awhq

24. She Just Woke Up And Didn’t Want Me Anymore

This is my biggest fear in a relationship.

“7th year together. She wakes up and tells me it’s over. Instantly. Like that. No symptoms or any clear indicator that this would happen but it did. You’d think after so long, you’d have some mutual respect. Especially after how much I took care of her (she suffers depression and frequently ‘forgot’ to take meds). The kicker is, 6 months later, she begged me to come back.

‘Nobody understands me like you do. You’re the only one who can lift me out of depression. I want us to go back to the way things were. I’m so stupid for destroying a good thing.’ I told her, ‘Yeah, I did love you a lot. We had a lot of good times. After what you did, I can’t trust you anymore. What’s to stop you from doing it again? Anyway, I’ve met another woman. I like her a lot and I’m happy. I hope you find your happiness one day.’ Click.” thisnewsight

Another User Comments:
“Random breakups that are regretted and out of character are actually really common for people with bipolar/depression, like extremely common.” Mx5Moogly

23. He Made Me Break Up With Him

Not to be a love doctor or anything, but please, if you’re having problems with your partner, communicate properly about it and attempt to fix it. I guarantee that withdrawing and dragging out the situation is ten times harder for both parties involved.

“By making me do the break-up for him. He slowly withdrew emotionally and started to become increasingly irritable and inconsiderate. If I brought up any of these issues, he would act insulted at how I could think that of him or say/imply maybe it was my fault for not being considerate enough of him and what he was going through. It was so slow and incremental, it took me a long time to figure out we weren’t going through a ‘rough patch.’ Or he wasn’t having a hard time that I needed to support him through.

With my last remaining crumb of energy and self-esteem, I did what he wanted all along and did the breaking up for him. I broke my own heart. He screamed and insulted me, stole a bunch of my stuff, and later I found out he gave me the kind of HPV that gives you cancer (which I did get but was treated).” zazzlekdazzle

22. He Dumped Me Right After My Birthday Party

According to the Reddit user in another comment, the reason he dumped her was because he wanted to get back with his ex-fiance. Ouch!

“His mom made a birthday meal for me. The night before the meal, he verified what kind of cake and frosting I wanted. On the day of, he was being dodgy over text about not wanting to go his parents’ to eat. Since I knew they made a special dish just for me, I showed up at the time we had agreed to beforehand.

Five minutes after I arrived, he showed up in a state of distress. He accepted a phone call from his ex-fiance and left me with his parents for ten minutes while talking to her in a different room. When he got off the phone call, he came over to me, looked me in the eyes and told me, ‘This is a nightmare.’ I got up and thanked his parents for preparing the meal (that hadn’t yet been served) and asked him to come outside with me. He dumped me on the driveway of his parents’ house at my own birthday celebration.” realish

21. She Traveled 5 Hours To Dump Me And Get With My Best Friend

Although people say if you have the intentions to cheat, you’re better off dumping the person you’re with before doing anything, I’ve honestly always felt it’d be less painful to be cheated on.

“She traveled five hours by train to see me only to get my house and say she doesn’t love me and that she wants to break up. She leaves, I cry for about 15 minutes then call my best friend and ask if he can come over with some beers, so I’m not home alone all weekend. I hear her in the background asking him something.

Yup, she traveled 5 hours to break up with me so she could hook up with my best friend without feeling guilty about it. I no longer talk to him.” AkariAkaza

20. He Left Me, Went For A Drive, And Got In A Fatal Accident

Possibly one of the absolute ways to get broken up with…

“I been dreading this one, but I think I’m going to tell it. We had been together for over a year, I loved him so much, he was everything to me, we were doing all fine and well. Then that morning we woke up (we lived together) made breakfast, and everything seemed fine except he was distant. He said that we were over. I pathetically started crying and begging him to change his mind. He said he just stopped loving me, and told me he needed to go out and clear his head and was going to drive.

I got worried when he wasn’t back in 3 hours and later that night got a phone call that he had been in an accident and didn’t make it.

We were only 20 then. I really loved that man, and I wonder still to this day if we could have made it if he survived and if he would have changed his mind. I still miss him to this day. It really changed me.” Reddit User

19. She Went To El Salvador To Be With Someone Else

“Partner of 4 years went off traveling in El Salvador. I spoke to her plenty of times when she was away, and all was good with the ‘I love yous’ and ‘I miss yous.’ I completely forgot the actual day that she was coming back, and I was meant to be picking her up from the airport. I knew she didn’t always have internet access, so I text her dad, who ghosted me.

Fast forward to the day before she was meant to be coming home, I dropped her a message to ask what time she wanted me to be there, and she responded that she didn’t think it was a good idea that I picked her up and that she would talk to me about it ‘when she was ready.’

Fast forward a further 3 weeks, and she screamed at me for contacting her because I hadn’t heard anything and was in absolute pieces. Then told me that the guy she was sleeping with in El Salvador wasn’t half as needy as I am being.

Went ’round, picked up my sh*t and cut all ties to then start getting phone calls and texts about 8 months later about how we should talk and how sorry she was. Never picked up the phone and actually didn’t read any of the messages after the first 3. I think I won the war.” Grizzle2410

18. I Found Out My Then Boyfriend And Best Friend Got Married

“I received a wedding announcement from the newspaper in the mail from my best girlfriend that my boyfriend got married.

I thought we were still going steady! (We had been exclusive, or so I thought, for 4 years.) I was a senior in high school at the time and had moved with my parents to another state. Found out later he had gotten the girl pregnant. I was heartbroken for a very long time after that. His marriage didn’t last, so he got what was coming to him!” murpps

17. His Crystal Told Him To Break Up With Me

Ironically, he went against the crystal’s wishes four years later…

“I dated a guy who was not religious at all whatsoever and never once talked to me about crystals.
He texted me one day saying that he had a crystal that knew all of the answers in the universe or something and that he asked it if he and I were going to work out, and it said no, so we should break up.

Funniest part, to me, is that four years later, he hit me up on Facebook (I glowed up), and he asked if I’d like to ‘catch up’ at dinner sometime because we’d ‘have a good time,’ and I said, ‘Oh, well, I just asked the all-knowing crystal, and it said that we wouldn’t have a good time, so, no.’ He just said, ‘Oh. Ok.'” RIPChairModel

16. He Got Back With His “Baby Momma”

“I was 20 in a 2-year relationship. Our parents ran a business together, so our families spent holidays together, etc.

I’d been in love with him since I was 12, and we made plans to get married when we were done school. The night before the breakup, he slept over; we made love all night, and he told me how he loved me. I made him breakfast in bed and then he left for work.

I never saw him again. Ghosted me before that was even a thing. I later found out through our families that an ex contacted him and told him her kid was his; He ‘did the right thing’ and shacked up with her. She turned out to be a partier who left him at home with the kid all the time, and it turned out it wasn’t even his. Not sure if that adds insult to injury or not.” fitsam

15. She Made Sure To Get Ownership Of My Dog Before Leaving Me

Clearly, she had intentions of leaving and taking off with the dog all along…

“We were talking about ways to fix our relationship, and one of her demands to save us was to sign over ownership of my dog. I initially disagreed, but she said do it, or I’m leaving you point-blank. I sign the paper she’s holding in front of my face. We snuggle up say our I loves yous, and I think all is well. Two days later, we get in an argument, and at one point, she, without even turning around, tells me she doesn’t love me anymore. The woman took my dog, my apartment and my heart, and I haven’t been able to date since.” japoke105

14. Everything Was All One Big Lie

I can’t imagine how hard it’d be dating again after being with a compulsive liar.

“He was my teacher in welding school. We were all adults when we met. I was 23 and he was 33 so no illegal sketchiness like that. But he neglected to mention that he was a pathological liar. Making up stories about being a veteran that didn’t really add up (but I’m not military, so I didn’t know enough to call him out), sketchy stories surrounding why his recent relationship really ended, and I eventually dated him after he persisted we spend time together.

Turns out he never really ended things with his ex; He had just been kicked out of her house because he’s a liar. He ghosted me between semesters and got engaged to his ex without mentioning any of it. I came back from the break to confront him, and he would just hide and invite his fiance to our school for lunch in front of me. It took a while for me to calm down from his confusing betrayal.

He also told me I wasn’t ‘Godly’ enough. Ok, Justin, ya f*cking liar.” brokenhippie91

13. She Dumped Me With A Song

“My girlfriend of a year broke up with me by sending a video of herself singing a break-up SONG that she wrote. It included a background dancer of one of my good friends.

I was at a party at the time she sent it, and I foolishly played it aloud so all my good pals could hear it and hear my heartbreak.
Definitely the worst.” beingDevisor

Another User Comments:
“I feel like a d*ck for laughing, but who the heck writes a break-up song, records it, invites one of their friends to dance in it, and THEN sends it to someone? Also, why did your good friend agree?” succabamf

12. She Was Forced Into An Arranged Marriage

“Well, I’ve been dating this girl who was 3 years older than me for one year, and I was simply charmed by her…

Until on our last date (in a large park), she tells me she’s forced to marry this guy from her father (her dad didn’t like me at all, unlike her mom who was an angel), and she said she had to accept it because she loves her family and doesn’t want to start a rampage and to upset her parents and family. She said she loved me and even offered that we have an affair. It shattered my heart, so I said no. If you’re in a relationship, you have to commit to it or just leave it. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true, and she agreed.

We kissed and hugged each other, then she told me we should leave both our relationship and move on. I felt like I was going to drop to my knees and beg her or even run away with her. I wanted to burn my eyes rather than watch her leave. I swallowed my pride and said ‘Fine.’

Then we left, and I called my boys and told them the story. They supported me telling me it’s fine for me to bawl, and I did, crying on my dude’s shoulder and yelling really helped me to calm down. Two years after, I saw her four weeks ago with someone I presumed to be her husband and her baby. I had this bittersweet feeling, and I moved, so she won’t notice me.” giant_steps_sand

11. She Was Fed Up With My Depression

“Does breaking up with me and then telling me that I was the one who broke up with her count? I’d been with this girl about two years and hit a deep depression. I’d struggled my whole life with it, but at this point, the symptoms were hardcore: sleeping a lot, no energy, erratic work schedule, sh*t like that. It turned her off big time, and she told me straight up: ‘I’m breaking up with you because you’re too depressed.’

That felt cold to me, but fine, it’s done.

I kept seeing her a lot in the aftermath because of all of our mutual friends, and a few days later, I wasn’t really showing depression symptoms outwardly anymore. I was the dynamic and charismatic guy she’d always liked. So, during a few hangout sessions with the group, she starts acting like we never broke up in the first place, grabbing my hand and trying to kiss me, blah blah blah.

A bit later, she hears through a mutual friend that I hooked up with someone else about a week or so after she dumped me. She calls me up LIVID, asking me why the f*ck I was cheating on her. I said, Wha? I’m single. You dumped me. Wtf?’ and she goes ‘WHAT?! I can’t believe this! THIS is how you’re breaking up with me!!!’ SkinnyTestaverde

10. He Found A New Girl And Rubbed Her In My Face

“He went back to visit his home country for two weeks, so I waited for him, then he told me he’s staying another 2 weeks, so I waited for him. Then he told me he’s staying for another 2 weeks. So I waited for him for 4 more months, wondering why he suddenly stopped talking to me, wondering why he wouldn’t answer my calls, wondering if he was dead. Then he finally answered my phone call one day and told me he’s with someone new and doesn’t love me.

Then just to kick me when I was down, he finally came back to England and brought his new girlfriend with him. Both wouldn’t stop sending me abusive text messages. Both wouldn’t stop taunting me. I made the decision to move to Ireland just to run away from it all, and they still didn’t leave me alone.
He ended up getting violently attacked by some strangers, so I guess karma and all that.” deegeecoo

9. He Moved On While I Was In Crisis Support

Wow, shows how much he loved her…

“I was in a crisis support unit at the hospital for suicidal thoughts/stabilization. I was gone for about 10 days, and I was supposed to come home to our apartment, and everything was supposed to be all good. We were engaged, the relationship was in kind of a rough spot, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

About three days into the hospitalization, he stops answering my calls and stands me up on a visit. When I get out, I find out he’s with some girl who’s barely legal. He changed his Facebook relationship status, and they were already posting about how much they loved each other.” DolphinRabies

8. He Dumped Me When I Was Really Sick

“I was sick in bed, he said he was coming over to drop off some of my stuff I left at his house on his lunch break. He comes in, wakes me up, and says he is dumping me.

I’m naked, blind (no contacts), and confused. I ask him if we can talk about it, and he replies, ‘No, I’m on my lunch break, I have to get to work.’ Leaves his key and leaves. Later that evening I am taken to the hospital and am diagnosed with appendicitis and scheduled for an appendectomy.

Oh yeah, he accused me of faking being sick. He’s an a*shole though. I lucked out big time.” PinkAcrobelle

7. He Dumped Me During A Pregnancy Scare

This story will make you so mad.

“In the middle of a pregnancy scare when I was 15. We were on our way walking to the store to get a pregnancy test when I was five days late, so obviously, I was already a nervous wreck of emotions. He said, ‘Obviously, if you’re pregnant I’ll come with you to get take care of it but I think we need to see other people’ as we were walking. He also cheated on me multiple times.” driv3likeido

6. He Sent Me Into A Mental Hospital, So He Could Cheat

“My ex was mainly mentally abusive. When we broke up over three years ago now, he had me IVC’d (involuntarily committed) to a mental hospital saying I was suicidal (I wasn’t), then proceeded to bring a girl into our home and get with her in our bed. He then proceeded to lie to me about it, even when I logged onto his Facebook account and saw the messages myself. How I spent four years with that man, I’ll never understand.” KBeargrl

5. He Moved To Another State Without Telling Me

“Dated this older guy in college on and off for two years. He was graduating, and I met his family, had dinner with them, and went to his graduation. He told me he wanted to celebrate with his friends at the bar (I wasn’t 21 yet) and that he would come over later. I waited up all night for him and fell asleep around 4 am when I figured he wasn’t coming. Woke up the next morning and texted him. He had already moved out and was on his way home to another state. Didn’t want to even try a long-distance relationship… Then only talked to me a few times after. F*cking coward.” izball

4. He Friend Zoned Me Out Of The Blue

“Can finally share this story which I’m still mad about 6 years later. Was best friends with a guy, G, before we started dating. Started a relationship with him, things were amazing, he moves into my flat, except I was leaving for my final year of university 6 hours away.

Both want to keep the relationship going. 2 weeks away and he tells me he’s desperate to see me, our friends are throwing a party that weekend, come stay. Book a flight, do my hair, makeup, super excited!! Get into town, no answer from G. Spent 2 hours trying to reach his pudgy a*s while I sat in a train station, no answer. Call my friend bawling and stay with her. She convinces me to go to the party and who’s there, it’s G!! He punches me in the arm and says ‘Hey buddy!’ Grrrrrr.” throwaway112984334

3. She Thought Being With Me Made Her “Miss Out”

Missing out on what? The opportunity to be with other men without guilt?

“After 4 and a half years of a very happy relationship, I saw she was thinking about something and pressed her to be honest until she told me to pull the car over. She then told me that she wanted to break up because of basically fear of missing out. I still think about her very often, and it’s been almost 9 years. It was just so sudden and confusing. Part of me thought she was going through a phase, but we just never got back together. She is married, and I’m getting married soon, so all is well, but it certainly scarred me.” mlockwo2

2. His Dad Dumped Me On His Behalf

This story is all kinds of weird.

“We’d dated for four years. We were living together. He was ‘visiting his mother’ several hours north of where we lived every other month or so. One night, he randomly says we need to get married the next day. I said no, and he curled up fetal position and cried. It was just so…bizarre. The next evening, his dad came into town to dump me on his son’s behalf.

His mom wasn’t sick. He had been going back home because he was seeing his ex behind my back. He had gotten her pregnant apparently.

Yeah. Having your boyfriend’s dad dump you… Shiny.” ChristaKelli

1. He Called Me Six Months Later And Then Married Someone Else


“We had been together seven years, had an 18-month-old and were engaged. He joined the military, and the baby and I were still in our hometown. He said he had to go out in the field for a couple of weeks and then turned his phone off. Called me 6 months later and acted as though it was a perfectly normal way to break up with someone. He married some chick from his unit a few months later who slept her way through most of his command. He hasn’t spoken to his daughter in about 10 years. I don’t even know where he lives or how to get in touch with him.” stefanie846

While sometimes we do get back with an ex and end up making it last, the exes in the latter stories are individuals that most people wouldn’t want to ever get back with! From lying about being engaged to someone else to leaving their partner to get lovey-dovey with their ex’s best friend, there are certain situations that are just unforgivable, especially when the partner at fault fails to do anything to fix the situation.

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