People Share The Time Their So-Called Friend Brutally Betrayed Them


In all honesty, some people just suck at being friends. Not everyone is good at keeping your darkest secrets, regularly making plans with you, and being supportive when you’re going through a rough patch in life. We all have different definitions of what a bad friend is, but most of us can agree that there are certain characteristics and scenarios that make someone a cruddy pal.

Just like you probably have, I’ve had my own unfortunate experiences with friends. In fourth grade, I befriended who I thought was a cool tomboy, that is, until she’d ditch me regularly for another friend, leaving me completely alone, and then come crawling back to me whenever her other friend wasn’t around. Throughout middle school and high school, I then had another friend who would try to date all of my crushes, ex-boyfriends, and even then-boyfriends. Needless to say, it was the very reason we stopped being friends. And then when I started hanging around a male friend daily in high school, he was nice at first, until he started to constantly point out all my flaws in a condescending tone of voice and embarrass me in front of other people. It turns out, he had a crush on me and was one of those people who picks on you to conceal his feelings towards you. (Ugh.)

Although I’ve forgiven the previous people, reading the stories below in a way comforted me, making me realize that I’m not the only one who has had bad experiences with a friend. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way! From false accusations to public humiliation, some of these “friends” in the following, however, probably shouldn’t be forgiven.

30. I Got Him A Job, And He Fired Me


“I graduated from college a year before most of my friends and got a job at a great company. I rose up in the ranks. My dream was to one day take over my little division. The following year was a really bad job market, and my friends all had trouble getting placed. So what did I do? I spent some political capital in my new role and managed to get nearly a dozen of them hired for a seasonal project.

Some of them stayed on.

Most continued to report to me, but some spun off into other departments. My best friend, college roommate, and best man at my wedding also rose up through the ranks. When we got an entirely new executive team and our boss retired, I finally saw my chance to take over the division. This was my big break: I’d led my team to turn the only profit in the entire company during the 2008 recession: I was a shoe-in! Unfortunately, my buddy got another friend of his to make up a fake job and told the brand new CEO that he was being headhunted.

He parlayed this into getting the top spot over me, transferred my entire department to another manager, moved me to a newly created department as a ‘consolation prize,’ rejected all of my requests for funding, and three months later, I was laid off after ten years with the company because my new department was being ‘scaled back.'” johnrico314

29. He Claimed My Son Deserved A Heart Defect


Regardless of the circumstances, NO child deserves a heart defect… Or any person for that matter.

“My son was born with a serious congenital heart defect and underwent open-heart surgery when he was only two weeks old. My best friend at the time said he was coming to the hospital to visit us. I had known this guy for years, been in his wedding, and been in 3rd world countries on humanitarian missions with him. We were close.

The guy said he was coming down that afternoon, but he never showed. I called to see if he was still coming and got his voicemail. I never heard from him again.

Found out my ‘friend’ thought my son deserved the heart defect because he was conceived out of wedlock.” freak920

Another User Comments:

“My reaction at the moment he said that would be to punch on his chest hard enough to give him a heart defect…” monk_mst

28. He Posted My Naughties On A Website

Fahad Waseem

“If this one is true, this is the worst: I loved my ex-boyfriend deeply. Like, I had it bad. Before this guy, I had a major, major, MAJOR thing for my best friend, but it never worked out. Anyway…

So one day, as couples do, I had sent him some naughty pictures. He sent some back. He got off to them. Me? Not so much.

The relationship makes a severe downturn: we started to fight, he’d break up with me, I’d wait around for him, he’d want me back, we’d hook up then repeat. Eventually, I said no more. I had asked him to get rid of the pictures. I got rid of his, and he claimed to have gotten rid of mine.

One day, I got a message from a friend who said they didn’t know I looked so hot… naked. I was all, ‘….wut?’ and he said he saw my pictures on a ‘revenge’ site. I tried to ask which ones, but the friend said that he doesn’t remember. So either a.) ex-boyfriend d*uche decided to show this friend my pictures and/or give them to him or b.) they really are on a site, and I have no idea which ones to have them taken down.

So much for respect, huh?” JenovaCelestia

27. She Used Me To Help Her Manipulate Her Boyfriend

John Looy

“I met this friend through work. Because we both worked in different (but equally horrible) departments under oppressive bosses, we bonded quickly, and it was a strong bond. We confided secrets to each other we’d never told anyone, we went to lunch together whenever we could, we supported each other through terrible work and non-work crap. We will call her Amelia.

She started dating a guy we worked with (we’ll call him Dale) pretty early on in our friendship. Where we worked, as soon as management found out you had a workplace romance, you got transferred apart from each other, so they kept it secret, but she told me. They eventually broke up, and she started dating another guy we worked with (let’s call him Brian)…same story – in secret, but I knew.

So Amelia calls me up one day and tells me she is pregnant. Asks if my husband and I will be the godparents. Both of us are on the phone crying our eyes out…I was so excited for her and honored. She thought she wouldn’t be able to have kids, so this was a big deal, even though it was unplanned. She told me Brian was excited too.

She and I had lunch plans, but she went AWOL. I heard that she’d had some sort of huge confrontation/meltdown with Brian and Dale and our regional manager Jake, and quit. I tried to reach her for days in a panic and eventually called Brian to find out what was going on. He said he had no idea.

I later found out that Amelia had cheated on Brian with Dale. (Brian hadn’t even known Amelia and Dale had dated.) She saw this coming, so she planted the pregnancy story with me, hoping I’d say something to Brian about it (she hadn’t actually told him she was ‘pregnant,’ despite what she told me), but I never did. She wasn’t actually pregnant at all; she made up the whole thing hoping I’d spill the beans (perhaps congratulating him or something?) and end up saving her relationship with Brian, because I guess, she figured he’d stay with her through that, and she’d conveniently ‘miscarry’ later?

I’m sure it’s no surprise none of this worked, and she lost me, Brian, and Dale.” amandakey

26. Worst Business Partner Ever

Tim Mossholder

“Opened a game store (board games, card games, not video games) with a person who claimed to be my friend (Byron Lagrone) at Auburn University.

I fronted the $10,000 we needed to get the place, get decorations, initial inventory, etc. I was still in college and had more classes to attend than him, so he took more of the shop-managing responsibilities. His primary responsibilities were among other things to make sure our city taxes and county taxes were paid.

A few months later, the shop is not doing so well. I convert us over to a more eBay driven business to make up the deficit. I am managing the inventory, taking care of the auctions, buying and selling merchandise at the right time, even boxing the merch up to be shipped. All he has to do is put it in the f*cking post. Manages to do it for a month, but I am getting irritated that I am doing all the work, and all he does is play Xbox all day.

He and I have it out one day and he bails. Says I can run the shop myself. He then withdraws $250 from an ATM before I can cancel his joint account card. Nice, a**hole.

Well, we both put our names on the f*cking lease for our shop space. He doesn’t give a sh*t if his credit is ruined… I do. I have no other choice but to keep the shop open. I can’t afford an employee even, so I drop out of college to keep the shop afloat and my head above water. I lost all my scholarships for dropping out, which I never got back.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later. All of a sudden, I am getting emails about people’s eBay items not arriving. $500 of eBay merch never made it. I have to refund all of these people, and Byron won’t answer his phone. All the while, he has been lying about why he is no longer working at the shop saying I cut him out and that I am the great big a**hole. Needless to say that people believe him because they have known him longer, and they hide him from me.

Then the real sh*t hits the fan. I get a lovely piece of mail from the city of Auburn. It’s a notice for four months of late tax payments. Byron was embezzling money in the form of the taxes he was supposed to be paying to the city, county, and state. If it wasn’t for a very kind and angelic human being at the Lee County office, I would have been f*cked and would have had to file for bankruptcy. She saved me.

At the end of the year, I had to close the store. Needless to say that I was in debt by the end of it all. It took me a year before I could get back into school, and I am still paying off the student loans I had to take out in 2005 to finish since I lost my free ride.” philter451

25. They Kicked Me Out Of The Band Without Telling Me

Austin Neill

“This is a stupid story and it’s old. 2002.

I was in a band for 4 years starting in my 10th-grade year in high school. Met the guitarist and bassist in art class. Best friends all throughout. I was a year older than them, and my brother was in their grade. We usually didn’t hang out with my brother because he would ignore me when I’d say hi to him because I’d call him what I’d always called him, but he decided it was a baby name. He embarrassed me a few times in front of my friends because of it.

After I graduated, that stopped happening. I went to BCT for the National Guard and was a split option. I moved out and in with my bassist, and I started taking my brother to band practices with me because why not?

Dated my bassist which was a mistake. Broke up on okay terms, but it didn’t stay that way.

The next summer we recorded an EP in the studio, and right after, I had to go to AIT.

Well, the bassist and guitarist (my ‘best friends’) had been treating me like crap for months because the bassist was jealous that I had a new boyfriend, so they’d call me names at practice. I don’t know why I kept going.

Anyway, since we just recorded a CD, they didn’t want to stop playing shows and demanded I pick a stand-in while I was away, so they could. I honestly went through about 5 people before I settled on my brother. My reasoning was that he’d never ‘do that to me.’

Well, I was definitely wrong. Obviously. And naive.

I took a CD with me to AIT and showed people in the barracks, and it was actually really well received! I was excited and asked to be sent 10 copies, so I could sell them.

I get the box, and it was a huge deal. I had all my new fans standing with me as I opened the box, but my face dropped when I saw the CDs. The whole band had signed them… Including my brother. I lost 9/10 sales right there. They didn’t want it because they didn’t want it signed by someone who wasn’t in the band.

I like cried because it hurt. I knew what it meant but was still in denial. They weren’t straight with me at all and twisted the knife, too. It took them weeks to actually TELL me they’d kicked me out, three weeks after I got home, to be exact.

Last year (2018), my brother finally admitted to me that he wanted it to happen. We got into a huge fight and didn’t talk until recently because of a death in the family.

I know it wasn’t my brother, really, but holy F*CK did it kill me.” Thesaeya

24. I Went To Surprise My Female Friend… Until My Best Friend Did First

“Fly up to see one of my best girlfriends in DC (I’m a guy) to see her. We’d known each other for years, and she’d recently gotten out of a relationship. We had a thing you could say, and I wanted to surprise her at work for a fun weekend.

I let my best friend know a few days before I head out, and he wished me luck.

I get to her work and ask if she had made it in yet, and her friend said she’d taken the week off already and left with a guy. Sh*t. I check my Facebook and see my the girl has checked in at an airport:

‘Heading on a surprise vacation. Thanks Phil!’

Phil was the best friend.

I’ve never been so sad in my life. I didn’t have the fight in me to be angry at him. She had no idea, but it’s still too painful to talk to her today.” awfultimingman

Another User Comments:

I agree.

“Talk to her, you butt-nugget.

Your friend is the d*uche. Just man up, explain why you stopped talking to her, and clear the air. Who knows what will happen, but leaving it like this is not right, and it isn’t good for either of you.” en_passant_person

23. She Started Dating My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

Roman Kraft

I can’t believe their mutual friends sided with the boyfriend-stealing “friend.” Disgusting.

“When I was a freshman in high school, I dated a guy who was really emotionally abusive. At the time, of course, I couldn’t see it, and one night it crossed the line into physical when he assaulted me. I was terrified and didn’t tell anyone, except my then best friend, who urged me to break things off.

When I did break up with him a little while down the road, I went to stay with my biological dad out of state to get myself back together.

While I was there, my then-best friend sent me an email telling me that she and my ex-boyfriend had gotten together. I was incredibly upset, felt lied to and just disgusting. The next few months consisted of the rest of our mutual friends constantly hounding me about how I was being awful and unfair and how she was so upset over what ~I was doing to her~.

I never really spoke to her again. It has been at least six years now. They’re still together, and I still think it’s f*cked up.” Reddit user

22. She Was Friends With My Bullies The Entire Time


“In middle school, my mom and the father of one of my classmates started dating. I kept to myself a lot, didn’t have any friends, was bullied, but I was happy to finally start hanging out with this girl because she was my first real friend. Things went well, we played video games and talked about cartoons, kid stuff.

Turns out, she was really friends with my bullies and didn’t give two sh*ts about me. She copied the contents of my diary after one sleepover and told my bullies everything. For the last four months of the school year, I had to deal with their torment while my ‘friend’ pretended nothing was wrong.

Thankfully, that summer my mom and her dad split, and I was sent to a different school. It became very difficult to trust people for a while.” Cat-Bear

21. He Told My Girlfriend I Was Cheating, So She’d Dump Me And Date Him Instead


It makes you wonder how many couples break up like this.

“In grade 11, I met my first girlfriend. We were really great together. Even though I had to drive 45 minutes to meet her, I always looked forward to hanging out with her because she was awesome.

About four months into the relationship, however, my best friend started talking to my girlfriend. I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I trusted him and her. Big mistake.

One night, my girlfriend sends me an IM: ‘How could you do this to me?’ My heart sank immediately. I had no idea what she was talking about. I kept asking what I did, but she kept saying I was just playing dumb. I called her on the phone to talk to her. She said that my best friend had told her that I had been flirting with another girl at my school.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t convince her otherwise. She broke up with me.

About a month later, I go into the town where she lived. Me and another friend are going to hang out with some mutual friends of my ex. We go to their house, and who is there? My best friend and my ex, her sitting on my best friend’s lap. Apparently my ‘best friend’ had asked her out a bit after she broke up with me, and she had said yes. She trusted him because he had ‘outed me.’

To this day this is the biggest betrayal I have ever felt.

He actually did this a year later with another girlfriend I was dating at the time, and then once more a half year after that. The third time, the girl didn’t believe him because she knew he had done it before, and I had told her the story.” goofandaspoof

20. She Dumped Me At The Worst Time Of My Life

Kelly Sikkema

“I have several, but I think I’ll post the one that affected me the most.

Back in junior high/middle school, I started dating a girl. We were the first lesbian couple to ever come out in that school, and we certainly got a lot of attention.

Around this time, another girl moved into my neighborhood and started attending the same school. She was essentially an ‘attention wh*re;’ she’d make up rumors about herself being pregnant, using drugs, etc. just to get noticed. Physically, she would be known as ‘hot’ to many people.

During this whole ordeal, I was going through a lot of rough stuff. A cousin I was close to was dying from cancer, I was going through a court case against my abusive father, I was struggling with depression and anxiety, and I had one whole side of my family that hated me. I pretty much depended on my girlfriend, who knew what was going on and tried her best to comfort me. Our relationship was kind of rocky, but there was one particular day she promised, swore on her loved ones, that she would always be there for me and love me. Silly me for believing her.

Literally two hours later, she broke up with me and started dating the ‘attention wh*re.’ They were both starved for attention, I guess. All of my friends at the time absolutely loved my ex’s new girlfriend and would follow them around like lost dogs. I was alone. Felt abandoned and lost, as all of my friends seemed blind to what was going on and instead took her side.

I attempted suicide that night, for which I was later made fun of by the same people.” MeGustaFox

19. He Was The Reason For My Social Phobia, Weight Gain, And Failing College

Siora Photography

“When I was 19, I used to be a shy boy who had never had any relationship, let alone any sexual experience. I’d moved from a small town to a much bigger one to study at a university. I met a foreign girl who was very nice to me all the time, and soon, we had started dating.

Thinking of it now, I think I can never experience or feel the same love I had towards her anymore. Like I said, I was really shy and I didn’t want to do anything more than holding hands and spending time together laughing and staring into each other’s eyes.

One evening, we and a couple of friends went out to have a few drinks. She got pretty drunk and started making moves towards me. I hated the idea of having our first kiss in front of other people, so I refused her moves. The next day, she confessed to me that she had spent the night with my ‘best friend’ because she was feeling drunk and horny, and I refused her. I didn’t even want to hear any explanation from the ‘best friend.’

After all this, I blamed myself, developed social phobia, hated people, hated myself even more, never got out of my room, gained a lot of weight, and eventually failed at school, so I had to drop out and move back to my parents’ house.

Now I’m a 27-years-old, fat guy who is still in university (in my hometown) and never trusts another human being other than my family, while all my high school friends have jobs, marriages, kids, etc. After some time, I realized my mistake was not being too shy and pushing her away from me; it was blaming myself for the whole thing and ruining my whole life.” iazaroff

Another User Comments:

“It is never too late to get back in the game. I’ve experienced similar issues. The key thing to remember is that overcoming difficult things is an aspect of life that nearly everyone goes through. It’s tough, yes, but I believe that such a thing can make one stronger. Do not live up to society’s standards; you are who you are, you may go at your own pace, and it is no one’s right to judge. However, if you are also unhappy, only you can make the effort to change. I wish you the best, good sir.” MeGustaFox

18. She Saw Me At My Most Vulnerable Moment Only To Talk Behind My Back

Aliyah Jamous

“I had this friend who was my best friend since we were in second grade. We got an apartment together in our second year of college. It was a really nice place, and we had some fun there.

Anyways, about six months in, I became pregnant and decided the best thing for me would be to not keep the baby, which was probably the hardest decision I’ve ever made. She offered to be the one to sit with me during the procedure which I accepted because I considered her a sister, and my mom had refused to. She saw me at my most vulnerable, sobbing and writhing around in pain.

About a week later, I found out her and my then-boyfriend were talking sh*t about me behind my back, criticizing my life decisions, and me as a person. I took this really hard and confronted her, where she then proceeded the attempt to systematically destroy me and my life.

She harassed and threatened me in our home, spread lies about me to other friends, tried to get me kicked out…then when that failed, bailed on our lease, leaving me financially responsible. During a meeting with our families, she had her lawyer stepdad reveal my procedure to my elderly catholic grandparents in an attempt to make me look like a wh*re and drive apart my family. Basically a ton of fun stuff.

This was over a year ago, and I still feel like I’m not over it at all. I have a resentment for her that I’ve never felt for anyone before, and I can’t trust people the same. I wouldn’t wish these feelings on anyone. Feels kinda good to let it out, though, haha.” Reddit user

17. She Tried To Control What Dress I Wore To Prom


Manipulation at its finest, probably due to jealousy and/or self-consciousness.

“A friend on my high school tennis team, Emily, was a senior, and I was a junior. I had her back for years in all this drama she got into and was an all-around great friend.

I got asked to the Senior Prom by a friend of hers, so we decided to go in the same limo. Emily told me that junior girls had to wear short dresses to prom, and seniors wore long dresses. That is not a rule.

Since it was a formal dance, I just bought a nice long dress. It was beautiful. When I showed her a picture of it, she flipped out and told me I was ‘disrespecting’ her, and unless I returned the dress, we weren’t friends anymore. I didn’t return the dress by principle. She kicked me out of the prom group and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the year.” drd123

16. I Turn My Back For One Second, And She Steals My Money


“One night, the significant other and I got into an argument. He was inebriated and somehow ended up in jail. Also for some reason, animal control took our dog and put it in the shelter overnight.

I was really upset, and my best friend of 5 years and I decide to go out drinking. I had about 1k cash in my purse for rent, bail for my dog. My friend had driven me around all day, so I gave her $100 for being such a good friend and helping me out in this time of need.

At the bar, I asked her to watch my purse while I went to the jukebox. Finish up at that bar and go to the next. I go to buy some drinks, and BOOM, that sh*t is f*cking gone.

I later find out my ‘best friend’ went into my purse and took my money. First, she realized she grabbed my stack of tens, put it back, then grabbed my 100’s and shoved it in her f*cking crotch. She was directly underneath the camera. Dumb c*nt.

THEN she goes and spends it ALL for a hotel room for a month.

A bunch of other sh*t went down, but that’s the gist of it. I was so done with her. However, the way she acted/lived should have been an indicator.” JamOutWithUrClamOut

15. He Reported Me For Not “Paying Him Enough” For His Labor

Jordan Rowland

“I opened my shop 7 years ago. At the time, I was best mates with a guy who didn’t have much going for him. He was 22, unemployed and lived at (a broken) home with his single mom and sister.

He, like the rest of my friends, all came and helped me set up the shop, painting and decorating it, putting stock out, etc. When I finally came to open, I offered him a job of sorts. I didn’t know how the shop was going to do, so I said to him to basically come in whenever he liked in return for 15% of the monthly income.

He came in maybe 3-4 times the first month and received £264 for his troubles. Suddenly, one day, I got a phone call from the National Minimum Wage people. He had decided he wanted pay for all the time he had spent (with the rest of my friends) helping set up the shop, as well as whatever he could get on top of that.

Suddenly, I started getting abusive texts from him and his girlfriend saying how he hoped my business would fail. The tax people did a full investigation that took 6 months and was found in my favor. Not only did he not get paid for being a friend and helping me set up the shop, but it turned out what I had paid him was actually MORE than he was entitled to.

7 years and later, and the b*stard Facebooked me out of nowhere wondering if we could be friends again. He couldn’t quite understand why I was p*ssed off at him still, insisting he could only remember that ‘some sh*t went down.’ Needless to say, I didn’t let him back in my life. He’s still unemployed and with the same girlfriend.

Moral of the story: If your friends are down on their luck, don’t offer financial help of any kind, even a job, as they will bite the hand that feeds.” MightySmurf1

14. He Wouldn’t Stop Stealing From Us


“I had one ‘friend’ that would steal from friends pretty regularly.

One time I had a small social gathering (~6 or 7 people), and my new smartphone went missing. Scumbag helps me look for the phone in my house for over an hour, and later on, I see my phone in his room on his desk. I just took it back, no words were exchanged. I just stopped talking to him altogether after that.

Later, he was at a mutual friend’s party. Her 80gb iPod goes missing. Me and some other friends were suspicious that it was him, so the next day we called up the local pawn shop and described the iPod. Pawnshop guy said he got one that day. Sure enough, it was under scumbag’s name. Pawnshop owner offered to call the cops.. We declined. We approached scumbag and told him we knew. He tried to deny it, but we managed to shame him into admitting it.

F*ck people that steal from friends.”

Another User Comments:

“That sucks. I had a ‘friend’ that stole from friends also. Sh*t would go missing. My CD player, CDs , wallets. I always suspected it was him, so I snooped around in his drawers and found his stolen stash. I left the drawer open for him to know that I knew, without saying a word. Since then the stealing stopped. I guess unlike your friend, he had some decency left.” phiyastarta

13. She Tried So Hard To Get My Parents Divorced

Zoriana Stakhniv

“I had this babysitter who looked after me almost every day for nearly my entire life (since my parents used to work nearly 24/7 and didn’t have a lot of time for us). She was like a second mom to me.

Over the years, my parents started fighting more and more over nearly everything. Now, when I was about 12-years-old, a huge fight broke out between my parents and the babysitter. After that fight, I never saw the babysitter again.

Once things settled down, I heard from my parents that the babysitter was doing everything behind my parents’ back to break ’em up, talking bad about my mom with my dad and vice versa (hence all the fights that kept happening between my parents) whilst acting as being a close friend to both.

After the babysitter was gone from our lives, the fights between my parents barely happened anymore (except for the casual healthy argument), and my dad made it so my mom wouldn’t have to work anymore (and thus he started working harder, which in my eyes is still amazing that he pulled that off) and could stay home with us. From that point on, everything went uphill again.

I am now 21-years-old, and we’re still a happy family, which at one point was only an inch away from breaking up due to a jealous woman who couldn’t handle the fact that her three marriages ended up in shambles but my parents’ marriage was going smoothly.

I’d like to say how the babysitter broke my heart and all… but in all honesty, whilst she did upset me quite a bit, I was happier afterward having my real mom with me.” dangoke

12. They Smashed My Wannigan All Over A Tub Of Margarine


“My friend was dating a girl who I could tell just didn’t like me, but at least we were civil to one another, until the camping trip on the May 24 holiday weekend. She was adamant about keeping our beverages separate; that was fine. I had my beer, and they had their Mike’s hard lemonades, fine.

Then I got up early on the first morning and made pancakes for everyone. Why? Because that’s just how I roll. When the campers rolled out of their tents to the smell of apple cinnamon pancakes and campfire coffee, she was the only one to flip out. I’d gone into HER cooler and used HER margarine. My buddy just looked pained and tried to keep the peace as I tossed her a twoonie and apologized. Her reaction was to grab a lock from his gym bag and lock ‘their tent’ with ‘their booze’ and ‘their food.’

Later, he came to me and asked if he could borrow the car so that they could run into town, get some condoms and have some words about being a bit easier with the other campers. I said ok and handed him the keys.

When they returned hours later, the tank was empty, and the field kitchen (a wooden box with straps called a wannigan with plates, cutlery pots and pans, etc.) was missing from the back of the station wagon. We searched the camp. Nothing. It was my dad’s and had been handed down in the family for generations. I drove off to fill the tank and buy a new tub of margarine and was halfway down the country road when I saw the wannigan on the side of the road, smashed in the ditch. There were marks along the back panels beside the flattened down seats where one of them had clearly pushed it out the back of the moving car.

After piling it all, stunned, piece by piece back into the wagon, I gassed up and drove back, then packed up. Not a word was said by anyone until I tore up the camping permit and peeled out with their shouts behind me in the dust.

Never spoke to either one of them again.” silentmattcanuck

11. While She Was Giving Me Relationship Advice, She Was Sleeping With My Abusive Boyfriend

Morgan Lane

That’s low.

“I was in what I later realized was a very bad relationship, but at the time, this dude was like a religion to me. I was crazy about him. My best friend at the time was sort of a ‘mean girl,’ but I wasn’t very good at making friends, so I put up with her being cruel to people. She would never do anything to hurt me, right?

Anyway, that relationship started getting abusive, but I kept with it because you know; I was young and stupid. I convinced myself that if I tried a little harder, everything would just fix itself. It didn’t, and after a few months, we broke up.

Some time later, I was at a party, and my ‘friend’ was a bit drunk. She told me (laughing the entire time) how she and this f*ck were sleeping with each other two weeks after we started dating. She details about how they would hook up while he was talking to me on the phone and then laugh about it. She went on to detail all of the ways and places they used to sneak around to sleep with each other.

And this was the girl I would cry to when my ex would abuse me.

She didn’t seem to have any idea that what she was saying was f*cked up. She actually thought that I would think it was funny too.” imhereforthemeta

10. They Ran Me Over, Gave Me A Serious Head Injury, And Denied It

Alan King

Unbelievable. The absolute least they could have done was apologize and visit them in the hospital.

“When I was sixteen, my best friend was in a car being driven by another good friend of mine when they saw me riding my bike to school. They decided to buzz me. The last thing I remember from 1995 was them shouting, ‘Get in close!’ before they hit me. Then the ground coming up to meet me.

I had to have several surgeries to repair my hands, knee and face, had a massive head injury, six weeks in the hospital, and lost a year of my life. I can’t remember 1995 or the start of 1996 at all. The few people I’m still in touch with from back then say I’m a different person now. I don’t really remember what it was like being me before the accident.

Then when I sued the driver, he denied everything.” 6roybatty6

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“Please tell me you won and got a boatload of cash.” hankhayes


“I got the equivalent of about $6k. This happened in the UK, so I didn’t have any medical bills to worry about. It did pretty much change the entire course my life took, though.” 6roybatty6

9. I Should Have Never Let Her Wear My Gold Bracelet


“So, in about 4th grade, I got a bracelet from my dad. Boy, I cherished that thing. It was gold, was handed down from my grandma, and reminded me of my dad who I rarely saw.

Anyway, I’m sitting in class, and my ‘friend’ asks if she can wear it during recess. I said no, but she kept insisting, and she was a cool kid, so I caved. I see her outside playing soccer during recess, and as she heads back in, I ask to have it back. She looks down, goes, ‘Oh, sorry. Must have lost it on the field!’ and runs off.

Well, I being naive believed her, and for as long as I could, I searched that field. Like weeks after, I was still raking through the grass and never found it. Years later, I recall this whole thing and realize that b*tch probably stole it.

And that’s the tale of the b*tch who sl*t wh*re.” silentphotos

8. She Watched Him Beat Me, Said I Deserved It, And Took Him To Homecoming


“I’ve never told this story to the internet, but maybe someone will read it.

I had my first relationship ever right before high school. I was with a guy who was my best friend at the time. He liked me a lot, but I wasn’t too sure myself because it might have just been because he liked me that I was so excited to date him. (I wasn’t very popular because I was nerdy and dressed like an ’emo.’)

There was a girl who lived down the street from me who was my friend but liked him. She hated me because he liked me and not her. (Logic of freshmen in high school is never sound logic.)

Well, we obviously ended fairly quickly, but he wasn’t happy, and he was always hurt after we hung out and had just stayed friends. Skip six months, all three of us were hanging out in the girl’s garage. I exchanged a few cold words with the ex and he said something threatening, and I said, ‘You can’t hurt me.’ A few more words were exchanged, and suddenly, after he said, ‘Let’s see if we can make an emo cry,’ I was being slapped multiple times and hit hard. I tried fighting back, but his hits just became harder and rougher with each returned slap or kick, and soon, I couldn’t feel my arms and legs. My head hurt too because he had hit the back of my head.

The girl just sat there watching me get beat up. After I finally got the courage to run away, she told me later that day that it was all my fault and he did nothing wrong.

Two weeks later, she asks him to homecoming. I haven’t really spoken to her since the incident.” Jangetta

7. She Accused Me To Cover Up How Bad Of A Person She Really Was

Johannes W

“Split with long term girlfriend and was messed in the head and heart. Got consoled by a female friend. (let’s call her ‘Flo.’) One night after work, we go out drinking, end up kissing, then head back to mine. She’s all over me saying how much she wants me, and my ex is an idiot for splitting with me.

Get to my place, drunkenly try to get it on, but its a mess, and she says she’s too drunk. I agree that I’m also too gone. We sleep.

In the morning, I had to go to work. She heads home.

Two weeks later, I hear from flatmate’s girlfriend that ‘Flo’ said I had accused her of cheating behind my flatmate’s back. Then I hear from other friends that she accused me of trying to take advantage of her that night we were not sober.

I get sh*t from a very large social circle.

About two years later, I chat with a friend and find out he went through a similar experience with her (without all the public accusations).

Crazy f*cker is with the same guy she has been since she was about 15 and regularly cheats on him with other guys then pulls this sh*t to conceal her guilt.” SlightlyFarcical

6. He Let Me Get Beat Up Because He Wanted To Be Popular

Ivan Pergasi

“Back in high school, I was at a party. It was at a friend’s house because her mom was gone every weekend- not a good parent since her daughter ended up doing the same thing.

Anyway, more people showed up than was planned, and a group of about 10 dudes show up that were the popular, wanna-be-thugs kids. My best friend that was there wanted to be friends with them. These kids decide to start f*cking with me, and I wasn’t taking their sh*t. We ended up in the front yard fighting. I was fighting off about 6-8 of these dudes while my friend stood there and watched because he wanted to be in their little clique.

I somehow didn’t get beat to a bloody pulp and walked away. My friend showed up at my house a week later. I told him to leave and never spoke to him again. He tried to tell me about his mom dying a few years later, and I didn’t give a sh*t.” Reddit user

5. When I Was Unconscious, He Blamed Me For Being On Drugs And Took My Ring

Rachel McDermott

“I was visiting my fiance (we lived in different cities) and staying with him at his parent’s house. We went out one night with some of his friends. They were theatre people and got paid partially in marijuana. We started the night with shots and smokes.

A few minutes later, I felt incredibly nauseous, which is not characteristic of me. I had some ginger ale, and we all sat down to watch a movie. Next thing I know, I’m being shaken awake, and as hard as I try, I can’t remain fully conscious. My heart was beating out of my chest and suddenly stopped.

I was in the hospital for like a day and a half, and I still don’t really know what happened or what caused it, but his mom accused me of stealing pain meds out of her medicine cabinet. (She is addicted, and Fiance would tell me about how she would take so many, she would forget how many she had had.) But he took her side and thought I caused the whole thing because I was on all kinds of drugs- which I was not.

While I was in the hospital, he took my ring for ‘safe-keeping.’ Would hate for some staff member to steal it, right? Yeah, I never got it back. I returned home to recover further, and he broke up with me over text message.” DrivinInMyPeugeot

4. He Expected Me To Constantly Work Overtime Without Extra Pay

Caroline Attwood

“My best friend and best man at my wedding offered me a job as a restaurant manager for $3k salary per month. As soon as my family moved there and signed the lease on our new place, he gave the job to someone else and put me in the dish room.

He expected me to work overtime every week, and when I told him I deserved to be paid for overtime, he called it ‘Chinese overtime.’

I got even by waiting for the orders to pile up when he wasn’t there and then I walked out. I found out later that he did all that because prior to all of this, his wife wanted to have a threesome with me and I had refused.” spudfoot

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“Always get job offers in writing. Always.” post_it_notes

3. He Introduced Me To A Lovely Lady, Only To Break Us Apart With A Lie

Priscilla Du Preez

“My buddy introduced me to a lady-friend of his at a party. I took an interest in her, asked my buddy if he was cool with me asking her out and he told me to go for it. She and I had what I thought was a great date. My buddy called me the next day to tell me that the lady wasn’t interested and couldn’t see a way to let me down gently, so she asked him to tell me to break all contact.

About two months later, I was under the influence and dialing various folks, decided to call the lady up and ask her why she had blown me off. She said that my buddy had told her that I wasn’t interested and that I wouldn’t be calling her anymore.” thesink

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“Did you start dating her afterward?” Reddit User


“I would find out later that my buddy had done what he did because he worked with her and had a huge crush on the girl, knew he wouldn’t ever be able to get together with her and felt that when I asked him for his ok, I had put him on the spot and couldn’t find the courage to ask me to back off.

Once everything was out in the open, we made plans to go out again but didn’t inform my friend that we had uncovered the deception. That was tough to do because I was thoroughly p*ssed. I avoided the guy for the next month, ignoring phone calls, etc. He found out about it when I came to pick her up at work one night. Nobody said a word; he just looked at us like we had crushed his soul. It had been her idea to do this, and I was gleefully happy with the idea of doing that until after I had actually done it. And then a really weird thing happened.

My relationship with this lady became all about getting revenge on my friend. Whenever there was a silent moment between us, she’d break it by reminding me of what a d*ck he had been. A few weeks into it, she’d break the silence by telling me embarrassing stories about him. It seemed like the only thing we really had in common was that we were p*ssed at my friend. I broke it off after about two months.

It would be several months until I patched things up with my friend. Ran into him at one of the local bars, and after a talk about ‘Bros before hoes,’ it was all patched up.” thesink


“I’m actually ok with the way this turned out. While I wish you two had a long happy relationship and overcame the obstacle your friend gave you two – I was in a similar situation with a girl, and it ended in almost the same time frame. Only having that in common isn’t good grounds for a relationship.” venounan

2. She Went On A Shopping Spree… With My Checks

Jacek Dylag

“I had just moved out of my ex-boyfriend’s house and needed a place to stay until I left for boot camp. So I moved in with my best friend and her boyfriend.

For about 6 months, things were fine, with just a little bit of tension between me and her boyfriend (not sexual tension; we just didn’t really like each other) and then I left for boot camp. But before I left, I opened a bank account that I planned to use (keyword: planned; I ended up going with a military bank) while in the Navy and had the ‘Free checks’ sent home…to her house…

Skip ahead about a year, and I’m out of boot camp, settled into my station, and I go to buy a car. And the bank tells me, ‘I’m sorry Ms. PiranhasaurusTex, we can’t approve this loan for you because you owe Blah-Blah Bank $3000 dollars.’

Turns out, when the checks arrived in the mail, my ‘best friend’ decided to go on a shopping spree.” piranhasaurusTex

1. He Made Me Steal A CD Without My Knowledge

Brett Jordan

He probably thought he was being funny, but come on, dude.

“It was winter and me and my ‘friend’ were in a store, I had a couple of bucks I saved and was going to buy some candy. So we went to a department store down the road.

My friend wanted to browse CDs so I went with him through the CD section, he then told me, ‘Oh, the hood on your coat is inside out. Here, I fixed it.’

I paid for my candy, and on the way out, the door scanner went off. My friend bolted out, and I remained behind, got searched, and they found the CD in my hood.

They got my phone number, phoned my mom and the cops. Me being 10-years-old was blubbering and crying like crazy, and nobody believed me. Not even my Mom.

My mom proceeded to drag me home by the ear and then spanked me for what felt like an eternity with a wooden spoon on the bottom of my feet, causing them to bruise and making it painful to walk for a week.” Reddit user

Sometimes we have to accept that our friends aren’t perfect and are bound to make mistakes like us. Other times, it’s best that we part ways with certain so-called “friends.” In the end, only you can make the determination regarding who to keep in your life and who to discard.

Share with us your story about your worst “friend!”

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