People Share How They Got Revenge On Their Bully

Sergio Souza

I recall one bully I had when I was in my early years of elementary school. Thou-who-shall-not-be-named had angelic chocolate curls and a beaming smile, but there was evil was behind those big, brown eyes. While I was older than her by a year or two, we both had the same babysitter. After school, on warm, sunny days, we would spend lots of time playing in the backyard.

It wasn’t all fun and games for her. You see, when she wanted something, my bully always got her way. If I was on the airplane-shaped spring rider and she wanted to go on it, I would feel the pain. But her way wasn’t through verbal assault or using her fists. Instead, she used her teeth!
I never grew the courage to speak up to my childhood bully. Nor did I ever see her outside of the confines of our babysitter’s backyard to give her a piece of her own medicine.

The stories outlined below paint pictures of awful bullies who spared no expense to make their victims’ lives awful. They emotionally, verbally, and physically abused a fellow human being to satisfy the part of them that lives to see someone suffer. But unfortunately for them, their victims grew up and, years later, exacted revenge. Here are some of the best stories we found that illustrate how the little guy may have lost the battle, but won the war.
30. He Saw His Bully Eating Dinner Across The Room And Decided To Pay Him A Visit


“Dealt with a sh*t head in high school. A smaller guy, made up for it by being really, really aggressive. I was kind of small, too, so he could push me around.

Not really a lot of constant bullying, just random acts of being really mean.

Fast forward a few years. I’m bigger. Much bigger. I’m tall, I’m no longer rail-thin, I’ve lost my glasses because of LASIK, and I’m happy. I’ve almost entirely forgotten about this guy until I see him across the dining room at a restaurant.
His appetizers have just arrived, and my bill has just arrived. I pay up, leave a generous tip, and wander over to this guy. Stopping next to him at his table, I say, ‘Hi.’ He looks at me, and I can see recognition flash across his eyes.

He’s eating wings. I reach down, take one, and calmly eat it. I toss the bone back onto his plate. ‘Nice seeing you again.’ Then I leave.

The look on his face at my random act of being a sh** head was pretty amazing.” thegleaker

29. He Was The Bully And Decided To Make Amends Years Later At A Restaurant


“I was never really picked on in high school, besides the fact that I was years behind everyone in growth (late bloomer), I guess you could say I was part of the cool-people clique. Although I was generally nice to everyone, I did let my ‘popularity’ go to my head a few times and would treat a few guys in some of my classes like they were my minions or servants.

As I grew up as a person, I realized how much of a tool I was and felt terrible about it for years. It just so happens that two of the main guys I picked on were gay and are now life-partners with each other. I instantly recognized them come in at an expensive place I was taking my girlfriend out to eat for our anniversary. They didn’t make reservations, and there was at least an hour wait. We had just been seated, but I instantly knew this was my time to say I was sorry. So after a few minutes of explaining to my girlfriend why I needed to do this, I called them over told them to take our seats and how sorry I was for being a douchebag to them in high school.

I wished them luck and paid for their dinner and dessert. My girlfriend and I decided to get some fast food and go for a picnic.
Two weeks later I got a message from both of them saying that that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for them and they forgive me for all the times I treated them like crap (I live in the Deep South where being gay is heavily unaccepted). Two months after that I got a wedding invite. One of the coolest weddings I have ever been to and so glad that’s how it all played out.” Karmalied

28. Both Bully And Victim Came To Terms With The Past In An Unconventional Place


“For years, I had a hard time moving past the depression and worthlessness I experienced in high school.

I concocted all kinds of revenge fantasies, centered specifically on the comeuppance of one particular relentless bully, Sid.  Sid was the king of the school. You paid homage to him or else you got beat down while everybody else watched helplessly. From then on, you would get mercilessly insulted while everybody else laughed nervously.
I decided one day that somebody needed to stand up to this tyrant, and that person was going to be me. Maybe I thought I was going to be a hero. All I knew was that I just didn’t want to be part of this schoolyard arrangement anymore, so one day I refused to lick his boots.

Sid told a joke and I didn’t laugh. He noticed: ‘What, you didn’t think that was funny? What’s wrong with you? Come here, motherf*cker.”

I knew what was coming but I thought I could take it. And I could at first. I could hold my own, and I didn’t back down. I never gave in to Sid again. But day after day, week after week, having to physically fight for my life and endure insults not only from Sid but now from the entire school who just went along with whatever Sid said–it all became too much for me and I broke down emotionally.

I dropped out of high school and became a recluse. I had no friends and a family who didn’t know how to deal with me. I was like a zombie shuffling his way through life. And I stayed that way for years, not knowing how to get myself out of the hole.

Eventually, I turned to write as an outlet. It worked: it enabled me to work out my feelings and go over them again and again until I understood why I felt the way I did. So I kept writing. Of course, I decided I wanted to become a writer. I started submitting my work to various places, and one day, I stepped out of my house and into the real world: I had been hired as a magazine journalist.

As a journalist, I became committed to two things: seeking the truth and helping the downtrodden. I’m sure you can see why. Both of those passions eventually led me to Jesus. (I know I lost some of you there, but this is my life and I can’t tell it any other way.) As a newly recommitted Christian, I poured myself into efforts to heal from my past and mature into my present.

I realized that I had a lot of room to grow: even as a high schooler when I was so busy painting myself as a victim, I was dealing with a lot of anger and immaturity within myself.

I had to confront the idea that there were probably days when I was the one who went out looking for a fight.
When I realized the severity of my own flaws and the fact that I could overcome them, I was able to reflect and realize that that must have been true for all my high school classmates, too. Whoever we were back then, we could be different now.

I told myself that yeah, Sid was a jack*ss, but hey, maybe I was, too. To take a page from Rocky: ‘If I can change … everybody can change.’ I let go of my anger and my pain.

I was at peace. I even prayed for Sid!

Fast forward a few years: I move and need to find a new church. As I walk into the first one I visit, I hear a voice: ‘[my name], is that you?’ I turn around and see Sid standing there with a big grin on his face. I feel myself clinch a fist, a force of habit.
‘It’s so good to see you,’ he says. After the shock wears off, I manage to say the same and actually kind of mean it though I don’t know why.

‘I know we couldn’t always say that before,’ he continues.

‘I’m sorry…’ He starts to say something else, but can’t find the words. His lips start to tremble, and he lets out a long sigh. His eyes get watery.

‘I… I’m really sorry for the things I did back then. To you, to everybody. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with this again, but here you are staring me right in the face. In the church, of all places.’ He lets out a half-hearted chuckle.
That’s when I realized that he did still have to deal with this again because I still needed to deal with this. This was my last step.

I reached over, put my hand gently on his shoulder, and told him, ‘I’ve changed a lot since then. And I can see that you have, too.’ He broke down crying.

I never thought in a million years that Sid could be affected by our high school experience even more than I was. That got us talking, not just about high school, but about finding Jesus, about finding growth. Once, we were filled with hate for each other, but now we were fellowshipping as brethren.
Over the years, we’ve actually become good friends. I used to dream about gouging Sid’s eyes out and kicking him down forty flights of stairs.

Now I call him over to help me move some furniture and invite him to stay for dinner.

Revenge fantasies are fun in their own time, but the greater reality is good-willed reconciliation. President Lincoln said it best: ‘Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?’ retrofuturist

27. He Decided The Best Revenge Was To Put It In The Past And Help Out A Person In Need


“A guy in high school just didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. We got into a big damn fight (he broke my nose and I knocked a couple of his teeth out) off-campus.

No police were involved but about 10 years later I saw him sleeping on the street near where I worked. I woke him up and asked him what was going on. He told me about his life after high school. He knocked up his girlfriend, her parents made them get married, divorced a year later. He got into drugs and ended up alienating everyone. I asked him if he was still using and he said no, he couldn’t buy a dose anyway. I felt bad for him so I asked if he’d like to stay in my guesthouse (a one-room cottage, set up like an efficiency apartment) for awhile.

He took me up on it and got a night’s sleep in an actual bed for the first time in years (his words). I bought him some clothes and fed him for about a month until I found him a job with a contractor I was doing some work for. Long story short, it’s been 6 years, he now owns a contracting business, has a wife and a new baby boy, and just bought the house down the street from me.”  [deleted]

26. He Shamed His Bully Into Making Himself A Better Person…And It Worked


“Kendal was the little a*shat bully, his older brother Adrian was my friend.

Kendal made my life in high school a living hell, lots of teasing, and stuff. He beat the crap out of me in the gym lockers one winter, took my clothes and left me to walk home naked. But Adrian and I joined the Army together. Years later, Adrian was in my unit, a different platoon, and was killed in Iraq. I volunteered to fly with his body back home for his family. Kendal never showed up, not even to the funeral. I heard that he was shacked up with some drug wh*re downtown, so I went over there, kicked in the door, dragged Kendal out by his hair, and pushed and kicked and dragged him the two and a half miles to the cemetery where I had buried his brother that morning, berating him on how horrible of a person he was.

Kendal was a bloody mess by the time we got to his brother’s grave. I beat the ungodly hell out of him, right on the freshly turned dirt, then I left him there. A year later on the anniversary of Adrian’s death, I returned to his grave. Kendal was waiting for me. He was cleaned up and sober and apologized to me incessantly. After lunch, he asked me to take him down to the recruiter’s office to join up and make his brother proud.

This was one of the greatest moments in my life.” roh8880

25. She Was Mean To Her And Now All Of Her Friends Saw The Bully’s True Colors


“After I finished high school, a girl who bullied me relentlessly for years, messaged me on Facebook saying a bunch of awful things (Facebook was new at the time  – we all added anyone we knew).

I just screenshotted the messages and posted them to her wall.

Then a bunch of her friends messaged me asking if I was ok.

I got my revenge and didn’t have to stoop to her level.” Solsed

Another User Comments:

“This is the correct answer. Bullies are the results of their own insecurities, there is never a need of lowering yourself that that level. Don’t fight their insecurities with your own insecurities, fight their insecurities with self-respect.

They grew to be pathetic human beings, that’s my revenge.” setfire3

24. He Saw His Childhood Bully and Did Something Incredible


“A kid that bullied me in high school ended up addicted to drugs.

I saw him 10 years later as I was leaving a drive-through and yelled his last name. He turned and I saw the scratch marks on his face and a big burn type gash in the middle of his lip. I asked him what had happened and he told me he got kicked out of his home. Instead of laughing at him or belittling him, I handed him the bag of food I just bought for myself as well as my cigarettes. He almost cried because according to him ‘never in a million years would I have thought that after all the crap I put you through, that you’d help.’ I told him we were stupid kids and stuff happens.

I visited him once a week and just talked with him and kept telling him to get off the drugs. I moved away a short time after that so I didn’t know what had happened to him.
One day, I got a friend request from him on Facebook, he kicked the drug habit and was working as a barista for one of those corner coffee shops. He is now married and living a life worth living.

At the end of the day, no matter how much grief he put me through, he was his own worst enemy and anything I could’ve done to him or said to him was nothing compared to what he did to himself.

I’m glad he’s better and living a better life.” joblo619

23. Three Stories Of Three Bullies Who Changed Their Lives One Way Or Another


“Only three of them that I really know of. My elementary school bully and I eventually became close friends, and we’re still close, gaming together online despite the distance, and our significant others are close friends now as well.
Another, a girl in high school who always treated me like crap, I ran into years afterward at a coffee shop/night club/weird combo thingy. I hear my name called out, turn to find this living nightmare of my past and was surprised when she threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug.

We caught up for a while, and I asked her why she seemed so excited despite all we went through. She apologized and said that she was a bad person for never giving people a chance, and was glad that we seemed to get along now.
The third… was a jock that had been pretty cruel through most of middle/high school. One day, out of nowhere, he sits beside me in class during a project and starts asking me how I’ve been. He asks me if it hurt me when he’d call me names or push me around, and I was honest.

I told him that of course it did. He was quiet for a while and then apologized for how he’d treated me. Said that it was wrong for him to bully others.

A week later, he took his own life on the front lawn of his parents’ house.
Of all the things I’ve done or not done in my life, I will always regret not going to his funeral. At the time I was confused and scared and didn’t know what to think, but it still doesn’t sit right with me.

So… really, no revenge here. We grew up and realized that life was way freaking scarier than anything we’d been through as kids.” UwasaWaya

22. She Proved That Success Was The Sweetest Revenge


“I was pretty fat as a youngster but people still found me attractive, this bothered my bully SO much that any time she could, she would bully me about my weight, like ‘Oh, I love those jeans! How do you find them in your size?’ or taking sneak pictures of me in class and putting them online, or forcing me to kiss another girl at her sleepover then telling everyone I was a lesbian.  Fast forward ten years, I’m starting a career I love, lost a substantial amount of weight and am living far away from my small-town upbringing.

I go home to visit my mother and who do I see walking around the grocery store, hair thrown up in a ratty headband, extra 30 pounds on her hips and looking like a complete mess? I knew I could ruin her right there but I didn’t, I simply put a big smile on my face and said, ‘Wow, motherhood looks great on you!!!’ The fact that she had to trick someone into getting her pregnant after a drunken night at the local watering hole and now has four step-kids before 25 makes me realize that her bitterness and hateful attitude has served her more revenge than I ever could.” w4llfl0wer
21. She Waited For The Perfect Moment, And When It Happened, The Bully Was Speechless


“My bully hit on me at some bar years after he bullied me.

I knew who he was, immediately. But he had no idea who I was so he kept going.

Finally, I asked, ‘Do you know who I am?’ And he said no. I said, ‘I’m (so and so) and you made my life a living hell in elementary school and I want an apology.’

His face dropped and he apologized profusely. Said that he was a huge a*shole in elementary school etc.

Not gonna lie, it felt goooood.” MichieD
Another User Comments:

“Oh man, this is almost exactly like my story! Except I didn’t demand an apology, I told him to go to h*ll, and flounced off like the hot piece of a*s that I knew I was at that time.

It felt amazing.” KattyBee

20. He Took Financial Advantage Of His Longtime Bully And Turned Him Into A Loser


“I was playing poker in Atlantic City about 7 years ago and one of the guys that bullied me, Chad, sat at my table. There’s no way he recognized me. I was actually playing on a no-limit hold’em table while waiting for a seat to open in a 2-way hi-lo game. Anyway, I stayed at the NLHE table just to take his money. I played probably 95% of the pots he was in. He was pretty drunk and wasn’t very good. I got close to $600 off of him in a little over an hour before he decided to quit.

I have no idea what he does for a living, but I am 100% sure he is a big loser when he plays cards.” cigareddit
19. The Bully Looked To Him To Make Him Stop, Or Else He’d Hurt Someone Else


“Ours was extremely smart and very athletic, he was an incredible wrestler and undefeated throughout highschool.

I saw him at a party at a friend’s house randomly and we caught eyes a few times. Eventually, we just approached each other and said hello, exchanged bro hugs. Mind you, we hardly talked. The only time we really did was when I told him to stop picking on someone and he told me he would kick my a*s instead.

He was a lovely guy.

Anyway, he hadn’t changed one bit. He tried to pick fights with people throughout the night and kept looking at me while he was in yelling matches with people. So I kept getting in between him and the other person telling them both to calm down. This happened a few times until it started getting a little physical and he looked at me again. So I stood up and he tried to push the guy one more time, so I grabbed him by his shoulders and started pushing him back telling him to cool it and I thought ‘What the hell am I doing… He is an angry wrestler that can take me down…’ Once I got him back and told him to knock it off he just looked at me and said, ‘You know what I could do to that guy, but I don’t want to.

Please, stop me.’
It was the saddest ‘HOLD ME BACK BRO’ moment I have ever been a part of. It was odd that he kept looking for me to stop his fights, but I was glad I was that guy for a bit.” [deleted]

18. He Didn’t Know He Was Describing His Bully’s Future Death

Wendy Wei

“This is kind of morbid. In the 6th grade, I was friends with this kid. I remember one day telling him about an episode of Rescue 911 that I saw where a guy was driving an ATV in a field and didn’t see that there was a barbed wire….

Fast forward a year, and this kid started to make really mean comments about me.

He would make fun of my appearance and how my family had no money in front of everyone. I am from an immigrant family and he would always tell me to ‘GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY.’ Middle school was really tough on me because of kids like him but I held back from fighting him because I knew nothing good would come from it. Fast forward to the summer after high school graduation, that kid was driving an ATV in a field, didn’t see the barbed wire and was decapitated. Weird that 7 years prior, I had described to my future tormentor exactly how he would die.” pizzafriday
17. His Dad Kept His Composure For As Long As He Could…Until He Was Pushed Too Far


 “My Dad is a very large man.

We’re talking 6’7″ 300 lbs big. He would always tell me this story to cheer me up when girls would be b*tches to me:

He was pretty chubby in high school so he played football and was good at it, but just really loved playing basketball. So his freshman year he tried out for the team and didn’t make it. The coach, who was a history teacher at the school, stated his weight as an issue. Fair enough, he worked hard to lose some weight over the summer blah blah blah.
Enter the sophomore year: ends up having the coach as his history teacher.

Great, he thinks. He can be a good student and hopefully get on the team. Wrong. This ADULT MAN decided to call my father names related to his weight and harass him in front of the class. Not cool but my Dad was too proud and never said anything. He ended up making varsity his sophomore year because of a coaching change.

Fast forward about 5 years my Dad was working as a bouncer at a bar in a nearby town to where he went to school. It was a regular night when who walks in? Jacka*s history teacher. Perfect. He thinks ah I’ll let it go, be professional.

Until he recognizes my dad as ‘the chubby kid who was a coward.’
My dad looks at him and says ‘Sir, I think you’ve had too much to drink, it’s time for you to go home.’ The coach is saying no no I’m fine etc. My dad grabs him by his shirt and says, ‘No. It’s time for you to step outside, you have had too much to drink.’ The coach decides to swing at my dad and that’s when he loses it. He states, ‘This is for all the kids you’ve called fat, you piece of crap,’ and proceeds to rough him up and kick him out.

My dad and his old bouncer friends always reminisce about that story when they got together too. Ahhh revenge.” tloves
16. Watching Her Childhood Bully In A Pitiful Position Was Enough Revenge For Her

Christina Morillo

“At the tender age of 14, and standing a bit over five feet tall I was sent to boarding school. I had braces and weighed not more than 70 pounds. About as scared as a rabbit in a thunderstorm, I kept my head low and tried to stay ‘under the radar.’ A group of older girls somehow noticed me anyhow and began harassing me. At first, in small ways such as making snide remarks, but quickly escalating to physical abuse.

Walking back to the girls’ dorm after class, my heart rate would increase as I planned out my route through the lobby and up the stairs to my room. Much of the time, I’d get intercepted and if nobody else was around, pinned to the ground and given sailor taps while being laughed at. One of the girls, in particular, seemed to really have it out for me and long after the others lost interest, she’d still openly make fun of me and corner me at every opportunity for a bit of physical abuse.
I’d lie in my bed at night conjuring all sorts of scenarios in which I could humiliate her.

It was all for naught, though, as the morning would come and I’d still be the nerdy little kid who’d be wise not to try anything. She’d still be the big-boobed popular girl who walked around pulling a wake of disciples in her path.

Many years later, now standing well over six feet tall and known within my circle of business as an attractive woman who was not to be messed with, I scheduled a lunch meeting with a few possible vendors to be located at the shopping mall I was helping develop. Seated with representatives from Radio Shack, Sears, and a few others, our waitress approached the table.

She was a wreck of a woman — crispy-fried bleached-blond hair, pock-marked complexion, and cheap clothing stretched over a body several pounds too large for it. As she fumbled around for a pen in her apron, our eyes met and it would be difficult to describe what was exchanged wordlessly as we recognized each other. The tables had turned dramatically. Vengeance was mine.
I said it was nice to see her after all these years, and that I couldn’t think of anyone I’d be happier to have as my server. The meeting went well, table service was impeccable, and I left a tip equal to our tab for the meal.

Haven’t seen her since, but now when I think of her I get all warm and tingly with the deliciousness of winning.” tallavery

15. He Was About To Punch Him The Face But Instead, Did Something Much Better


“I was embarrassed by an older boy when I was in seventh grade. He thought I had been throwing sunflower seeds at him during lunch. He calmly got up with his tray of pizza and french fries with ketchup and threw it in my face. I ran to the bathroom as two hundred kids laughed at me. Later, when we were both sat down in the principle’s office, I actually broke down and cried when asked to explain what had happened.

He laughed and later told his friends. It took a good couple of years before people stopped picking on me about this. Worst moment of my entire school career.
Flash forward a decade. I’m at an outdoor concert in the park. I see that freaking kid again, only now, we’re both grown up. He’s not so big anymore. I felt a drunken rage rise in me. I walked over to him. My plan was to sucker-punch him in the side of the head and walk away. But, then, I caught sight of his sister. She recognized me and said, ‘Hey!’ We all ended up talking and catching up.

I got the dude work with my brother. I guess he was kind of broke. His sister thought that was kind of cool of me. We ended up dating for about six months. I knew we had changed and I realized that I just wasn’t angry anymore.” _vargas_
14. She Extracted Revenge By Embarrassing Him In Front Of  Those Who Knew Nothing of His Past

Luis Quintero

“Growing up, my wife had a cat that would go everywhere with her. It would ride on the handlebars of her bike and in her backpack. The two were inseparable. Then one day the cat disappeared. A couple of days later in school, a kid came up to her and told my wife he’d shot the cat with his bow.

The cat screamed and screamed, he said. And he laughed. Broke my wife’s heart. She still doesn’t know where/if the cat is buried.

Fast forward a couple years later, the bully has ‘found God’ and is a preacher. My wife shows up to one of his services, stands up in the middle of his sermon, and asks if he remembers how he tortured her cat when she was a little girl. Everyone is speechless. The bully stammers. My wife tells everyone that the man standing before them, preaching about love and kindness, murdered her favorite pet and made her childhood a living hell.

From what she describes, he looked mortified and stammered and started tearing up. He may have just been embarrassed or truly apologetic, we don’t know. But my wife isn’t one to forgive and forget so easily, believe me, especially when it comes to an event that still haunts her. She waited for him to respond, but he remained silent and just sort of helplessly shook his head, mouth agape. My wife kind of nodded and left it at that. She walked out but is fairly certain he didn’t finish his sermon that day. I don’t know if she’s run across him since, but she says that from the look of terror in his eyes she’d gotten her point across.

She feels a little better, but not knowing exactly what happened to that cat still tears at her.” GhostOFSaltySeaman
13. His Bully Thought About Hitting Him Again…And Quickly Realized He Couldn’t


“One of mine was this kid named Patrick. One incident led to two of my ribs being broken when he jumped on my chest with his knees. Another resulted in a broken eye socket after being kicked in the face by him and two of his friends. Eventually, I moved in with my father and didn’t see any of my old bullies again except for a few. Some have been relatively nice and some are sh*theads.

During high school, I filled out a bunch and took some martial arts classes (taekwondo). I was always a larger kid but too timid to fight back but martial arts helped me overcome that.
Fast forward to a year or two after high school and I go over to visit my mother. She had moved in with a real sh*thead who was into God knows what. And guess who’s there? Patrick. He’s now almost a foot shorter than me, skinny as a middle school girl, and was undoubtedly on drugs. I later found out he also did a myriad of other drugs.

We end up talking and I tell him about how I have sinus trouble because of the beating I got from him and his friends. He laughed.
I looked around at my younger brother (who had got VERY skinny from not eating) and sister, the environment they were in, and right then I made a decision. I turned to my mother and said: ‘I don’t give a crap if this is the kind of people you want to be around but we (my siblings and I are leaving).’ So I piled my siblings in my car and brought them home with me.

They shortly moved in with my father officially and have been much better off since.
Patrick made a comment about me ‘disrespecting him and my mother’ and I told him he had no respect for himself obviously so who is he to talk like that. He went to hit me and I just stared at him. He dropped his fist quick after I stared him down for what felt like an hour.” grimgrefercma

12. She Remembered Her High School Bully And Humiliated Him In Front Of Everyone


“In grade 10, my locker was next to that of one of the most popular guys in school.

I was not so popular. When both at our lockers, he would regularly whisper close to my face that I was a stupid sl*t and that he was going to take advantage of me. Fast forward 4 years at a party, he shows up. Out of morbid curiosity, I speak to him. He started hitting on me, obviously not recognizing who I was. I laughed and said loud enough for everyone around us to hear, “I’m not going to f*ck you, especially after you threatened to sexually harass me almost every day of grade 10!” He was horrified, I smiled and walked away.” Scarlottharlott
11. This Victim Shamed Her Bully At The Store, At The Party, And At Her Parents’ Home!


“I was working in a video rental store in Houston, circa 1989, about two years after I graduated high school.

In comes a girl that had always been awful to me from 10th grade to graduation. She would cross a room just to say something mean, and I had no history with this girl at all. I had never actually said a word to her, all our exchanges were just her saying something mean to me. I didn’t even know her last name. I must have reminded her of someone?
She comes into the store and sheepishly said that she wanted 3 dirty movies. She didn’t seem to remember me. She said her best friend was getting married and she wanted some dirty movies for the bachelorette party.

The shop had a small ‘adult’ room that you had to access by coming behind the counter, but she didn’t want to go in there. She asked me to select three films. She was squirming with embarrassment as I tried to find out what she was ‘into’ and kind of acted like I thought the films were for her and her alone. She said, ‘just grab three “good” ones, I don’t care.’ So I selected three all-lesbian movies and she slunk out with them. I would have loved to see the look on their faces when they popped those tapes in.

A little while later, she returned them through the night drop so she wouldn’t have to look anyone in the eye when she brought them back. She rented on her parents’ account. I sent a notification through the mail to her parents that ‘Mona’s Three Way C**t Party’ had been returned damaged and they owed us 30 dollars.” [deleted]

10. His Dad Predicted This Bully’s Future By Almost A Decade!


“This one is a classic.

This girl used to torment me all through high school and middle school. Really went out of her way to tear me down. Whenever we had a class together, she would make her extreme dislike for me apparent and, of course, other kids followed.

I couldn’t open my mouth without some kind of ridicule. Of course, I was miserable, and my dad would try to cheer me up. ‘Don’t worry kiddo, one day she’ll be working at a McDonalds and serving you fries.’ He actually referred to her as ‘McDonald’s’ for years.
A couple of years after graduating from high school,  I went to a Hardee’s with my dad. And there was ‘McDonald’s’ behind the counter. So I go up to place my order and before I finish she says, ‘You don’t remember me, do you?’

‘Oh, I remember you.’

‘Oh… so, would you like fries with that?’

‘Why yes, yes I would.’

Way to go, dad.

Called it 9 years in advance.” ManiacalMalapert

9. The Bully Never Apologized, But His Change Of Heart Was Enough For His Victim


“It’s nice to see them grow up in general. There were these two bullies both named Alex who used to terrorize me. The icing on the cake was when they took my lunch and threw it away while I went to the restroom. The teacher didn’t do anything about it despite sitting right next to them (we got pulled out of the classroom for math tests) but that’s beside the point. I hated those kids so much.
The next year we had different classes so I never saw them at school.

One weekend, when  I was watching my sister play a sports game, I got up to go to the restroom and walking back I saw him in referee clothes. He glanced over to me and started running over yelling my name. Immediately I told myself not to speak or even acknowledge him. He was the guy who threw my lunches, and homework. He would shove me around, and I really should hate him, but alas I can’t hold a grudge for more than a week and I turned to say hi.
It had been a year and his whole posture and attitude changed.

That look in his eye was even gone it had been only one year but he grew up so much it was amazing. He never apologized for all the things he did to me that last year, but everything that had changed about him seemed to speak for itself.

There is also the story about all the high school bullies who decided to protect me from another bully, but that’s not important and I still hate all of those guys. The point is to me it’s just as great to see them grow up and realize that how they are living has hurt other people.

The fact that he ran over to me and spent the whole day at the park talking to me to become my friend was an apology in itself.” dizzlefoshizzle1
8. This Victim Made A Friend Out Of One Bully And Made An Enemy Out Of Another


“I’ve got 2. I was picked on a lot.

About 10 years ago I got a temporary job at Kroger. It was just stocking shelves, and I had another restaurant job lined up but needed something for about 2 months while I went through a lengthy hiring process there.  So I go to get my check on my first payday at Kroger and find out the manager at the front is one of the guys who used to bully the h*ll out of me in high school.

He made small talk for a minute, ‘Hey how you been, good to see you.’ He clearly remembered. Once everyone walked away he leaned in and said, ‘Hey, [my name] . . . I’m really sorry for all the crap I did to you in school. I was a stupid a*shole kid.’ I smiled, held out my hand, thanked him and told him it’s all in the past. That was really cool.
The other is less cool but hilarious to me. This girl was ‘the prom queen’ basically – the stereotypical mean girl dating the football player. My opinion of her was always that she was just spoiled, worthless, and dumb.

I don’t usually take joy in other people’s misfortune, but I felt schadenfreude in unparalleled amounts the day I walked into Buffalo Wild Wings and saw her standing behind the counter. This is maybe 10 years out of high school, she looks exactly the same. Put on some weight, maybe, but hair still did the same, still looks like she got Effie Trinket to do her makeup, so on. You can tell at a glance that she’s never mentally moved past 8th grade. I asked how she’d been, tried to politely talk to her because hey I want people to do well.

She was a b*tch and was like, ‘Ew, you’re [my name]!’ I just raised my eyebrows at her and let it go.
Long story short, her boss was my roommate. I asked him about her. She’s a single mother, and just got kicked out of her mom’s house. He hired her 2 weeks earlier. He confronted her about talking down to customers and wound up firing her. Felt like justice.” DepreciatedZero

7. He Knew It Would Take A lot To Be Friends, So He Unleashed The Super Soaker


“I grew up in Northern California, and every summer a bunch of people take to the water and go tubing down the Sacramento River.

A popular stopping place mid-end of the route is ‘Beer Can Beach.’ It was here that I ran into this guy who was terrible in high school as I was docking my tube.
Me: “Heyyyyy.”

Him: (in a clear, ‘Oh, I was awful to you, I should feign niceness’ tone): ‘Hey, how’s it going?’

Me (through gritted teeth): ‘Awesome.’

Him: (pause) ‘You freaking hate me, don’t you?’

Me (surprised at his astute observation): “Yeah…I really do.”

Him: ‘What would make you feel better and us to be cool?’

Me: ‘Um…if you let me shoot you in the face with this Super Soaker.’

Him: ‘Ok.’

Me: ‘Really?’

Him: ‘And then we’ll be cool?’

Me: ‘Yeah, we’ll totally be cool.”

And then he let me.

He let me shoot him in the face with a Super Soaker in a constant stream until it ran out of water. It felt amazing. He knew he deserved it. He took his punishment, we both laughed and hugged. Worth it.” danayermom
6. They Both Let Bygones Be Bygones And Treated Each Other Like Adults


“My then-fiancé took me out to dinner in my hometown where we had our first date to celebrate my new promotion. I recognized our waitress right away as the girl who had been mean to me in 6th and 7th grade (The only years we had classes together).

She didn’t seem to recognize me (I had gained a lot of weight and the restaurant was dark) so I let it go and treated her like any other waitress.

When the bill came I asked my now-husband how we should tip. She was a great waitress and deserved a generous tip like we usually do but the urge to stiff her was there as payback. I decided to tip her generously and let the past go. But I did leave a note next to the tip: ‘Here’s to believing that people do grow up after high school.’ And I signed it, ‘Class of 20**’
The next day I got on Facebook and she had sent me a message.

She said she had recognized me but I looked happy so she said nothing and she treated me like any other customer. Then she apologized for anything she might have done to me in school. It was a hard time for her and she didn’t like to think about who she was then.

Some bullies do grow up and I’m glad we both did the right thing.” ShortGirl643

5. He Was Hit Head-On By Karma And His Victim Never Felt So Awful


“Moved to a new school in 7th grade and was doing fine — making friends, good grades. Then somehow ran afoul of this bigger kid (he’d been held back a few times).

Typical bully — pushed little kids into lockers, loved to torment girls and ran with a pack of acolytes who adored and aped him. In Texas at the time, if a kid didn’t like you, he ‘called you ou (challenged you to a fight after school).’ Well, Zed calls me out one day, because I was an ‘arse from New York.’ Clueless me (moved there from said NY, where people are civilized), I said, ‘Sure, ok.’
A few days later, in front of his acolytes and a small group of my friends, he proceeds to beat the crap out of me. It was 7th grade, so the damage wasn’t excessive — mostly to my pride.

Spent the rest of middle school known as one of the guys ‘Zed beat the crap out of.’

Fast forward about seven years, home from college and going to the grocery store for mom. Who should I see bagging my goodies but Zed. Taking a look at him, I see a horrible scar running from the top of his head down around the back of his skull and neck and under his shirt. His face lights up when he sees me, and he says, in slightly slurred speech, ‘Hey! Didn’t we go to school together? We’re friends from school, right?’ He walks with me out to the parking lot, and as we walk I learn that he had been hit by a car in high school while biking home one day.

The accident required a half-dozen surgeries and had left Zed mentally impaired and a completely different person.

He put my stuff in the car, shook my hand for a good 30 seconds and kept asking me to ‘come back and see me sometime!’

I had hated few people in my life to that point, and no one more than him. Almost cried driving home, I felt so bad for him and disgusted with myself for my previous hatred.” asshat_backwards

4. Both of Them Knew, But They Were Determined Not To Let The Other Know…


“I own my own gym and have for a few years now.

I received a message one day from a familiar-looking name on the business’ Facebook page from a woman asking to come try us out. We set it up, she comes in for an introduction, she’s a very, very large and out of shape woman at this point. After about 5 minutes of working with her, it hits me that this lady used to be about half her current size and was an absolute b*tch in her hay day.
I decided not to bring it up to her as she appeared to be struggling in life and came to us in a time of need and I took it, as I do with all of my clients, as a cry for help.

Not to mention, I’m a grown man now and that seemed pretty silly and insignificant in life today.

Months later during one of the classes, I noticed her struggling real hard so I go over to offer some encouragement. As I leaned down to say something to her, I notice she’s crying faintly to herself. She looks up at me and quietly says, ‘Sorry for how nasty I was to you years ago and thank you for doing this for me.’
Turns out an old mutual friend told her about my place and she recognized me as the owner and came to me on purpose.

No, not a story of revenge or retribution, but, she reached out to someone she was terrible to and today, she’s re-purposed and I find it to be quite inspiring.” rtillaree

3. He Wanted To Get Even And When He Found His Chance, He Jumped On It


“I definitely didn’t take the high road here but it was fantastic.

When I was bouncing, I saw my ex-bully walk into my bar. This guy made my high school life hell through every method except violence (I was bigger than him by a fair margin).
I knew he lived a couple of towns over, this was small-town New Zealand after all, I also knew he was driving.

I looked for his car and it was parked in a tow-away area. I gleefully called the company who handles this for us and they towed it. He was in the pub at the time, he was none the wiser. I also got one of our glassies to follow him around and take his glass every time he put it down for more than five seconds, it was pretty busy that night and he wasn’t overly bright, so again he was none the wiser.
After a few hours of this, he came outside for a smoke, where it was pouring rain, and afterward turned around to go back inside.

I blocked his way and he tried to shove past me. I told him he was acting aggressively and I wouldn’t be letting him back in. He starting shouting that he’d left his wallet inside, I told him that if he’d thought of that before trying to shove past me, maybe I would have gone to get it for him.

At this point, in his eyes, I stopped being a bouncer and was again the scared little 17-year-old from 7 years earlier. He took a swing at me, missed, and fell over in the gutter, he wasn’t drunk, it was just that the ground was wet and he slipped.

We had a couple of cops who used to come in for a few drinks off duty every now and again, and they happened to be smokers. They saw what had happened and called their buddy who was on duty and he swung by, picked this jerk up and threw him in the drunk tank.
I am not proud of my feelings about this, but seeing the guy who destroyed high school for me getting thrown into the drunk tank after being ripped off at a pub, getting humiliated while trying to look like the big man, being sober enough to be hugely frustrated over this whole thing and knowing that when he gets out of the drunk tank in the morning, his car won’t be where he’d left it made me feel great.

I never messed with him again after that, I felt we were even.” Nine-Foot-Banana

2. She Realized The Best Revenge Was To Completely Forget About Her


“I graduated from high school in the ’80s. I had grown up poor but when my mom remarried, she married a guy who did well for himself so when we moved into his house, I was a poor kid suddenly going to a school full of rich kids. One of them, in particular, was a girl who was really stuck up and such a b*tch. She had a very imperious attitude and generous parents while my mom, there was no way she was going to allow us to behave that way.

About 6 years after high school graduation I’d dropped out of college, was living on my own in a tiny apartment and working as a waitress. Of all the people to show up at the restaurant and be seated in my section. It was the same girl. I asked a couple of waitresses to take the table but they were busy. Finally, I realized what I had to do. I would take on the role of my life. Win an Academy Award. I went to the table and pretended I’d never met her before in my life.

She kept insisting I must remember her, right? She kept saying her name and I nailed the performance.

‘I’m so sorry, I just don’t…no…I, uh…I’m trying. I believe you, yes, I went to that school but I am SO sorry, I don’t remember you’ and so on.
She was flabbergasted. I kept overhearing her say to the people she was with, ‘I can’t believe she doesn’t remember me.’

That day I learned that to be forgotten is, for some, the ultimate slap in the face.” loridee

1. This Bully Was A Horrible Person, So They Got Revenge The Only Way They Could


“Not my bully, but my best friend’s. He kept in touch with the entire high school class through Facebook when it came out.  This a*shat asks if he can use me as a reference because we got similar degrees and ended up in the same field.

Adult him seems like a sham. It’s all fake. My high school best friend moved to Europe because of this guy. He can’t change that much. So I agree to meet him for drinks and see if he’s changed. 10 minutes into the meetup and he’s telling me about cheating on his wife with girls right out of high school.
So, of course, I said yes. I only had 3 calls that came through, I guess before he caught on, but I made sure I did my part as his reference always told the truth.” PM_ME_YOUR_PANTY_COLOR

Remember, if you or one of your loved ones is being bullied, contact someone of authority.

It may be a child’s school teacher, principal, or even a police officer that makes all the difference. Surround yourself or the victim with a support system so they can overcome the abuse, overcome, and thrive.
Did you ever triumph in the end when faced with a horrible bully? Tell us your story!

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