Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling With His Caretaker

Rumble, TheChaiLaiOrchid

Being emotional is not a weakness. Oftentimes, it is what makes friendships more meaningful and beautiful.

Smart Creatures


Elephants are super intelligent and affectionate creatures. Their hearts are metaphorically as big as their size.

Allie And The Baby Elephant

Rumble, TheChaiLaiOrchid

Allie has known the little elephant from Chai Lai Orchid since the day the calf was born.

A Special Bond

Rumble, TheChaiLaiOrchid

The two of them have developed a special bond, and it shows in the way they spend time together.

The Chai Lai Orchid


The Chai Lai Orchid is an ecolodge in Northern Thailand that shares land with an elephant camp where 12 elephants reside.

Creating A Sanctuary


These 12 elephants had been used for mass tours for two years until the Chai Lai Orchid rescued the herd and created a sanctuary for them in Northern Thailand.

Allie’s Friend Loves Cuddles

Rumble, TheChaiLaiOrchid

The baby elephant loves cuddling with Allie. He probably thinks he’s a little baby because of the way Allie cares for him.

The Difficult Part


A baby elephant can weigh around 200 pounds, which is already hard for an adult human male to carry, so imagine how vigorous Allie’s playtime with the baby elephant must be.

But It’s Worth It

Rumble, TheChaiLaiOrchid

Despite how exhausting their bonding moments can be, Allie is more than happy to spend time with the baby elephant who selflessly gives back all the love she’s been giving him.

Watch Allie’s cuddle time with the adorable baby elephant in the video below.

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