People Come Clean About Their Wrathful Revenge


40. They Didn't Expect That Great Throw


“Today, actually, one of the popular jerks started a rumor about my best friend’s significant other. He had no clue about it because he was off somewhere else. My best friend was too fearful and fearful to do anything, so I took it upon myself to get some justice. That P.E, we were playing indoor kickball in our small gym. Because of that factor, we had to use a smaller ball.

It was a soft foam soccer ball if that makes any sense to people who don’t know what it is. This popular jerk guy is in a higher grade than I and my friends mentioned but our classes are together. I am on the outfield and the popular jerk kicks the ball in my direction.

Me, being a bad catch, fumbled with it and dropped it but quickly picked it back up and threw it at him, getting him out. It was a high victory as he is a champ in sports and never gets out. The thing is, I got him straight up in the groin. All done by a small nobody with poor talent in sports successfully threw a ball at a school known as jerk’s groin and even got congratulations from it. The P.E teacher even congratulated my throw.”

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39. We Broke In And Ate All Their Food


“When I was doing my Masters I was living in an apartment with few other roommates. No one among us was a good cook. We have literally survived on bread and butter.

And then there were a few girls who were living upstairs. They were really good cooks. We all were really good friends, as a family.

But they never shared their food. NEVER.

We had a WhatsApp group, every time when they used to make some delicious food they used to send pictures to us.

One afternoon I was sitting with my other roommates. We were discussing what to cook for lunch? Maybe daal-rice? Egg-bhurzi? Or let’s just eat bread with peanut butter.

Suddenly our phone beeped. We opened our WhatsApp. Those evil girls, they cooked something. They made some really delicious food, the food which is impossible to get in the USA.

We cried inside out. We started missing our moms. We were dying of hunger, and our best friends were having some really awesome food.

It’s ok if you are a good cook. It’s ok if you eat delicious food every day. It’s ok if you never share your food with your best friends. But is this ok to share pictures with someone who barely can toast bread? Unfair! Mean! Selfish! Unkind!

We got angry. We got really angry. We made a decision. We were like now it’s enough.

We ran. We went upstairs.

We entered their apartment.

We started eating. We ate all their delicious food. We ate everything. We ate from their containers, from their plates. Even if we saw something in their spoons, we at that as well.

We ate like monsters that day.

A few semesters passed and we also learned cooking. We could cook fairly good food. But we never ate alone. Every time when we made something good we made sure those girls were there.

5 years passed and we still tease them for that incident.”

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Phonehog65 8 months ago
It is not nice to brag & not share all the time
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38. Lucy Became The Best Dancer In Town


“‘Lucy”’ was a lovely, smart, hilarious girl in high school. She also at 5′8 weighed about 250 lbs. But though there was some teasing and ‘nicknaming’, she never let it stop her! The beach? No problem!!

So, we all know where this is going: Lucy got into her 20s and she lost all of the extra weight. As I mentioned before, she was a very attractive woman with beautiful green eyes, wavy strawberry blonde hair, great skin, and an incredible smile.

What I witnessed I will never forget.

We had gone out to a club one night. Lucy had developed a real passion for dancing, especially with her newfound figure. It gave her so much stamina, and there was almost no getting her off the dance floor! A handsome young man, (one of many that night) approached and asked her if she’d like to dance. She said to him: ‘You don’t remember me do you?’ He looked completely puzzled.

‘You know, ‘Lucy Smith’? OR does the nickname you gave me in high school ring a bell? You know, Whale Tail?’ He was mortified. Then, in her most charming Southern Belle accent: ‘No I will not dance with you tonight; I will not dance with you ever.’ He, red-faced and wishing for death it appeared, practically whispered ‘Well, I guess it’s my fault, I missed my chance.’ To which Lucy responded, smile still in place: ‘Oh, it’s ok, I would’ve said no back then too!’

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the way you get ‘sweet’ revenge. They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. But sometimes, I think it’s best served warm, with confidence and a sweet smile!! That was 28 years ago, by the way, and ‘Lucy’? Well, she’s still just killin’ it!”

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Ashbb 7 months ago
Revenge is turning someone down on the dance floor? I’m positive he didn’t say he missed his chance
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37. I'll Sit Wherever I Want To


“A few weeks back, I was out running errands. It was around 15:00 hours and I started experiencing a severe headache. The scorching heat had made it unbearable for me to carry on with my work. Since I was halfway around the city, I decided to book a cab and rush home.

The UBER-Pool arrived and 2 girls were already seated at the back. I requested them to make some place for me at the back, as sitting in the front seat while facing the sun would make my pain even more intense.

They blatantly refused and carried on. Extremely annoyed, I sat down next to the driver and tried calming myself down. Meanwhile, they continued blabbering about nonsensical topics in garish tones. I tried asking them to take it down a notch but they didn’t listen to me and continued.

Another rider was matched with our ride and the driver changed the route to pick him up. They kept cribbing about how these days everyone takes cabs due to the sharing concept, and how it was so inconvenient for them to accommodate some loser who would be ‘privileged’ to sit with them.

The rider was a kind old man who was polite enough to wait at the location before we arrived. They said demeaning things about the man and I was about to give them a piece of my mind when one of them nudged my shoulder and commanded, ‘Come at the back, We don’t want to sit with this weird man.’

I smiled and said ‘Thank you, but I don’t really want to.’

The flabbergasted look on their faces was totally worth it.

Pin drop silence during the rest of the journey.”

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36. Dad Shows The Litterers Who's The Boss


“My family used to live across the road from a school. I didn’t go to said school as despite it’s a large complex, the grades produced had never been that good (barely any A’s, few B’s, and mostly C’s and below).

Often in the morning parents would drop their kids off in front of the house, preventing us from getting out of the drive and on occasion almost crashing as we pulled out.

The kids were worse, they would constantly litter and drop smoke butts onto the street which would blow into our and some neighbor’s driveways.

My dad often complained to this school’s headmaster to educate the pupils on littering or at least put some more bins around the site. This request was ignored despite complaints from neighbors as well.

He (my dad) decided enough was enough and began to collect up this litter and put it into a separate bin, he also did this for other houses on the street.

These eventually got full and the littering continued and my dad pretty much lost it.

He got together a team of the neighbors one night and broke into the school. Bearing in mind that these are all men between 40 and 65. They proceed to empty around 12 bins worth of rubbish and litter around the school site whilst my dad uses spray paint to write ‘How do YOU like it?’.

This was a Sunday so all the kids coming to school for a new week saw it. My dad or the neighbors never got caught by the police because of a lack of evidence and no witnesses. The school proceeded to put bins pretty much everywhere and the neighborhood looked considerably better.”

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35. I Suddenly Completely Disappeared


“In school, my significant other and I used to sit on adjacent benches, in the last row.

There was this guy who sat in her row. Whenever she used to get up and walk to the front, he used to touch her in some way. Handshake, rub on her back, dashing her ‘unknowingly’, pulling her hair, and my girl, used to entertain him as well.

Not her fault.

I was too loyal. Most of the girls at school, whether taken or single, entertained every guy that tried.

Now, this guy considered himself a Casanova. Had a huge repo in the school as well. He used to call himself a stud and play around with those girls who accepted every proposal that came their way. His activities made me burn. Plus my girl giving him attention.

What I did next was amazing.

For the next seven days, I changed my place. Went near his closest friend. Mind you, she’s the hottest girl in class. Spent the whole week with her, every day, every lecture. Now there were rumors of the hottie and me being together and she dumping the stud.

The hottie now started enjoying my company. What I talked to her about is a story for next time. But she was super touchy. On the eighth day, I disappeared. I didn’t come to school. Man, this was the game for me.”

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34. Four Years After, We Meet Again


“When I was in 12th grade, I fell for a girl and asked her out several times. Each time she said no. Finally, she told me she had a significant other and that is why she was turning me down.

I accepted the situation and moved on. Shortly after graduation, she let me know through a friend that she was available. I asked her out, she said yes, we dated all summer long.

It was the first time that I had a significant other. I had gone out with some, but she was the first one I went out with on a regular basis.

In the fall, I started at the local community college, and she started at the university. She kept making excuses why she could not go out with me. I presumed she was busy with studies.

I showed up at her house one evening for what I thought was a date.

She was not there. Her father said as an apology, that she never broke up with her significant other, he had just been away on a summer job. Her father seemed embarrassed.

The worst part was all of her friends that we hung out with all summer knew what was going on and none of them said anything.

I was so hurt that it was almost two years before I started to see other people again.

I just did not trust girls.

Now the second half of the story.

About four years after the above, I was engaged to a beautiful, wealthy woman. She was a bridesmaid at a wedding that took place in Beverly Hills. Blonde, blue-eyed, knockout figure, encased in a long formal gown, and when she got dressed up, she was drop-dead gorgeous. I was her escort for the event.

During the reception, one of the employees for the catering company kept eyeing me, which made me very uncomfortable as it was obvious I am with someone.

After some time the woman came up to me and asked if I was John Roberts. I stated, ‘Yes, but who are you?’

She got huffy and said, ‘If that is all I was to you, I am not going to tell you.’ She turned to leave.

Something snapped in me. I did not like her attitude, I really had no idea who she was.

I took her by the shoulder, turned her around, and said, ‘Who are you?,’ not nice but I was angry.

She identified herself as the girl above. I said, ‘Oh, hi, goodbye,’ and walked away.

Later I found out from one of the other employees that right after she started at the university, she got pregnant and married her significant other. It turned out he was a complete jerk, she divorced him and now was a single mother. She dropped out of school, never to get a degree.

I did not plan it, and even though it felt good, I still felt sorry for her.”

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Posiden1212 8 months ago
Don't be sorry she made a choice to be a slut and use you as a plaything if you ask me its just karma kicking her in the teeth
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33. She Thought I'll Fail The Exam


“I used to be a kid who was below average in academics. Maths used to be a subject that gave me nightmares and chills and I terribly failed once. I got a teacher who was a good family friend of ours and she was known to be a very good teacher. She had started with algebra basics and was teaching me and she casually asked me about how I usually score.

I told her about my scenario and suddenly her enthusiasm to teach decreased a little bit. The next day when I went to class with my mom, she refused my entry and said she can’t teach below-average students and take ‘a risk’ on her reputation.

I felt betrayed, my self-respect was punched and I was fuming in anger. I suddenly started working very hard. Didn’t leave my desk for hours.

And bingo! Next test I scored 24/25! That was the boost I needed. Slowly, from being a below-average student I became a good student.

We next saw her after my class 12 results. She jokingly asked me, ‘So how was your maths result?’ I smirked, I knew that was coming. I said, ‘Not bad at all… just 5 away from centum.’

The look I saw on her face was worth all the hard work I did. Am sure next time she will think enough before she turns away someone just because of their marks.

So kids, next time someone tries to bring you down, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.”

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Phonehog65 8 months ago
Never let a teacher do this.
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32. I Was Too Smart To Get Caught


“I don’t remember why, but this one teacher I had really annoyed me. It probably had to do with him being very authoritarian and I’ve always been anti-establishment, so when someone enforces rules I think are ridiculous, I tend to act. This teacher was also notorious for being obsessive over his office supplies and not lending kids pens/pencils when they forgot theirs because he ‘knew’ they’d take them and not return them (to be fair, 14-year-olds do that a lot, but I digress).

So, I took a pen from his desk when he wasn’t looking.

And the next day, I took another.

It developed from there and I ended up taking all different kinds of supplies from him over about a month. It drove him absolutely insane once it got to a noticeable amount of stuff because he couldn’t figure out who was doing it for the life of him. (I was a straight-A student who answered all the questions right in class and had no negative notes on my record… because I was too smart to get caught lol).

He actually ended up being one of my all-time favorite teachers I’ve ever had. I don’t remember if I gave him his stuff back, but I think I reverse stole them back onto his desk when he wasn’t looking.”

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31. I Don't Need Your Help To Open The Door


“I had been to Chennai and now was gonna travel back to Bangalore. My dad had booked the double-decker train which leaves early morning at 7.25 am. I always feel pukish when it comes to traveling, and that morning I was feeling very pukish since I had woken up at 5 am and slept the previous night at 12. So once I reached the station I went to the pay and use the washroom.

They were actually clean and tidy.

It was overflowing with people. I was waiting for my turn in the queue… the door of the particular washroom I was standing in front of had to be pushed hard and bolted. The woman standing in front of me was not strong enough to do it. I politely asked her to go in and told her that I would hold the door tight from the outside.

She went in.

While I was holding the door for her another lady came and stood beside me and started pushing me and holding the door instead. Basically, she wanted to get in before me, even though I was next in the line. She asked me if she could go in before me and she said she would come out soon… but I was not ready to let her in, for if I do then everyone would start asking me.

I replied to her saying ‘everyone says so… it’s ok you wait while I take the same few minutes to come out…I will be back soon too, besides I have been standing in the queue before you.’ She was not ready to listen and pushed me and went into the washroom once the lady inside came out.

Now here is the fun part. She could not bolt the door.

She was not strong enough to. She asked me to hold the door for her from the outside… for which I cooly smiled and said no… it was like a slap on her face. She tried so hard to bolt the door and it didn’t happen… finally, she came out saying, ‘you go first, then I will go’. I smiled. My sweet revenge was taken.

I went in and she was expecting me to ask her to hold the door for me.

She was dreaming that she could say no too. But I must say she was very unlucky, I was strong enough to push the door and bolt it. When I came out of the washroom I smiled at her and went. That must have irritated her a lot because I heard her complaining to the other women that young girls these days had a lot of attitudes. I enjoyed the entire scene”

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Phonehog65 8 months ago
If you are Rude, don't expect to be treated politely.
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30. Narcissistic Friend Won't Get Any More Reactions


“I have a friend who is a narcissist of the highest order. Friend only because his family and my family are close but that does not take away from the fact that he is a complete ‘bore.’

Not only does he sing praises of himself & put off people with his braggart, but he will also want to convince you what a terrible jackass you are compared to him.

Now that is not something which anybody with even the slightest of self-esteem will agree to. He repels people quite well and I have not seen anyone talking good things about him behind his back.

He is so self-absorbed most of the time that he can’t even detect the undercurrent of sarcasm in others’ voices even if it is on the face. All his activities stink of great personal vanity.

He would spend countless hours bragging about his petty deeds to all and sundry who happen to be the unfortunate catch of the day. Most of it is too petty ordinary stuff like bragging before his boss, firing his subordinates, etc. and he will want to make it believe that is no less than ‘legendary.’

He will then brag about it again when he meets them personally completely oblivious to the fact that he had repeated the same thing 12 times at least.

On one occasion, he came into my house when I was logged in to social media and was casually looking around. He grabbed the mouse and I just gave way to see what he will mess with. He did not log out of my account and go to his profile & ‘Liked’ all his posts on his timeline through my account himself. He Commented ‘Awesome’ in some of his cheap photos.

I began to suspect whether the other likes and comments were not genuine either and were either begged for, borrowed, or stolen.

When I told him about this online store newton which I read about in Whatsapp message. He spent the entire day on that ‘Quick Suggestions’ option in it which takes in physical features to suggest suitable shirts automatically. Narcissist of the highest order.

I have been using Quora for quite a while now and am a Top Writer on several subjects related to Politics.

He comes one fine day and started bragging that he knew a site called ‘Quora’ and that is where ‘cool’ people hang out. He claimed that all are not eligible (the implication was that lesser mortals like me who don’t know are not eligible).

But when he sat on my computer to pay his telephone bill online bragging about his huge telephone bill, I could not take it anymore.

I decided to teach him a lesson.
That is why when I got an opportunity when he was logged in to his social media account and was talking with my Mom.

I changed all his ‘Privacy settings’ in his account to ensure that nobody (or as few) can see his posts, pics, and all those things. I changed everything in split second in a desperate way.

He met last week and he seemed depressed but hid it true to his narcissistic ways complaining about how people just don’t care about anyone and that people needed to be very broadminded (like him).

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Phonehog65 8 months ago
Revenge is sweet.
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29. I Helped Them Sue The Liar


“As a young woman, I was trying to break into the interior design field and took a job at a furniture store. The owner was awful: I can say, without hyperbole, that if he was involved with someone or something, that it turned out to be dirty. He lied to his wife, his customers, his suppliers, his insurance company, his employees—and this is just the stuff I had personal knowledge of.

He was best friends with the governor of our state at a time when it was discovered much later, that official was having an affair with a young teenager. No surprise to me. He would have suppliers in for trunk shows, and, in the middle of the night, have an entrusted employee come to the store to pull product out of the vendor’s stock. Outright theft.

He filed false insurance claims, saying that shopworn furniture or even just used furniture from his own home, was part of truck fender benders, and collect on them.

The women who worked there for any length of time were, almost without exception, abused at home, and in twisted relationships with this guy; he would rage, swear, degrade them, and then apologize, and the women would —quite literally—weep with gratitude.

It was shocking to me. One day, he went off on me, in a phone call. It was absolutely awful. I asked a question for a customer, and he raged obscenities at me for ten minutes. I decided that moment that, as soon as I had another job, I was out of there. I told my manager, an older woman who took beatings from her husband at home and verbal and emotional abuse at the store, that I would be gone as soon as I could.

The next day, one of the owner’s daughters showed up at the store with a dozen red roses for me, with a weird note apologizing for being ‘inappropriate’. The women there at the store gathered around me like I was being pinned: ‘Oh, he’s changed so much! How wonderful!’ I was revolted by it. He called me later to ask if I’d received them, expecting, I’m sure, for me to marvel over them; I couldn’t.

I was aware (like everyone else there was) of long-term layaway—a couple who had a sadly damaged newborn and were almost ruined by it, at a time that they had furniture on order. Rather than cancel the order, as the people asked when they saw what was happening with their baby, their order was changed to layaway, and they were charged 21% interest, for seven years, for furniture they didn’t receive.

Further, much of that furniture, ordered, being paid for over all that time, had been sold to other people! So this owner was paid for the furniture and delivered it, to others, while collecting monthly payments, with 21% interest, from these people who just wanted out.

One time, the consumer arrived in: ‘My name’s _________ ____________ and we simply paid down our furnishings! We Should create distribution!’ I was thinking, whoa…

how does he manage this? We listened as the customer chatted regarding the phone on the owner. ‘Yes, our company is proud of ourselves too!’ Absolute nothing about a problem, or reselecting. Instead of just stating, there’s been a blunder, I have to make use of one to get a hold of some replacement furnishings, this grifter owner’s option was to just fake it, deliver up one thing he had, and hold their payment.

We watched throughout the after that couple of days, given that warehouse workers worked to attempt to spray chairs to suit an old, shopworn table that they had found. After the delivery, I inquired the people how it moved, in the event that consumers accepted that which was delivered, and additionally they said the couple really experienced an argument about whether the furniture ended up being right!

So We published to them.

I informed them that they had been done a disservice within their furnishings order, of course, they wished to keep in touch with me, they should call me in the home. They labeled it as at 6 am the morning after they received it, therefore we talked it through. We advised they make an effort to allow the owner to save face, give him proof your furniture had been wrong (he had substituted $99 Made in Taiwan-marked seats due to their $400 Drexel Heritage chairs, and Drexel was made in North Carolina: BINGO!); the owner’s reaction to him ended up being ‘The statute of limitations had been over years back with this, and don’t bother me.’

So they sued him.

With my help. And won!! I testified against him, We introduced others. An attorney for their insurance provider was at the courtroom and called me to get a take on him. He succeeded against him also. One or more times. I’m sure I happened to be under his skin because, for a long time after, any moment I would be publicized for an innovative new place, however, deliver exclusive investigators around to present as consumers, attempt to get us to say anything bad about him. (A sales rep learned about it and called to warn me, and so I understood is vigilant.) Since I constantly spoke the truth, he never got anywhere. He is nonetheless operating, larger than ever before, but I cost him some significant and time and status, and feel just like I did my part. Nice revenge.”

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Phonehog65 8 months ago
Don't mistreat your employees,because it will come back and bite you in the A$$ and wallet.
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28. Fine, I'll Take The Test


“Mediocre college and job search job. A guy there and I didn’t like each other. He spent a year undermining me to management and fellow employees. I said little about or to him in that time. The last day I worked there was New Years Day. He wasn’t there.

He was very fastidious about his white coffee cup. Always rinsed out and sitting upside down on a shelf with a sheet of paper towel underneath.

I looked at the cup and then a can of red spray paint. A huge aha strolled through my mind.

Took the white cup and sprayed the red paint inside the cup. Let the paint cure thoroughly and return the cup to its proper resting spot.

The next day he went to have his cup of coffee. Let a lot of yell seeing my handiwork.

Was looking for a job.

Checked a vending company. They’d just received the contract for the local university. Needed a lot of people. But they probably would be underbid next time losing the contract. Was so-so on taking such a position.

Did the interview. Things seemed to go well. Got called back a few days later. The manager/ interviewer made me wait 15 or 20 minutes when I got there 5 minutes early.

Doing next to nothing. Not on the phone. Not talking to anyone. Maybe pushing some paperwork around on his desk. Looked up briefly without any real eye contact and said they’d hire me pending the results of a needed substance test.

No problem. Took the test on my way home. Didn’t bother to answer the phone when the vending company called after the test was passed. After that last interaction at their office, there was no way I would’ve taken the job. Only did the urine test so they had to pay out.”

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27. I Only Gave Him What He Deserved


“I remember this mate of mine had a very bad habit of showing off. We were a group of 4 in college (2M&2F). Apparently, he had a crush on both girls. He was handsome and smart, and the girls couldn’t resist him. He always used to make fun of me to impress the girls and sometimes he even crossed the line. One day I was just passing by and they were sitting in the canteen.

They called my name, I looked behind and waved hey. I had just a single penny in my pocket at that time so I thought I’d keep going. But they asked me to sit with them. I didn’t wanna order anything. Apparently, my mate got that I had no funds. He waved a banknote at me in a very disrespectful manner and said he didn’t want it back. I kept the money. I took this coin from my pocket and put that on the table and said, ‘You only deserve this. Go get some manners.’”

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26. I Made An Announcement To Every Single Boss


“Ever use cc in an email? Depending on who you ask cc stands for ‘carbon copy’ or ‘courtesy copy’ but it is a way to include more people in your email. Sometimes people ‘cc’ other people to get someone in trouble. There have been times when someone would send me a blistering email and cc his service manager, my boss, our director, general manager, CEO, CIO, and CTO.

But he was wrong, the only problem was his error. It is fun to ‘reply all’ and very patiently and sweet as pie explain what he did wrong and how to do what they were trying to do. Realistically I have to reply to everyone in the group so they don’t think I dropped the ball but it is so fun after they include everyone in my chain of command to humiliate me that I can turn it around and humiliate them.”

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25. They Can't Believe I Passed The Exams In A Righteous Way


“This story goes way back to 2008 when I was in boarding school.

I had always lived in a boarding school my entire life. The school also had boys and girls day scholars. I wasn’t a popular guy or intelligent. It would be sufficient to say that I was a very below-average guy with black skin. Every girl ignored me also boys would not respect me because I looked like a tribal person.

In their defense, I belonged to a humble lower-middle-class background.

I had shifted from a Hindi medium school to an ICSE school. And everyone knows how difficult an ICSE school is. It’s not just about studies but also about the peer you hang out with. They can be ruthless at times. Students and teachers would make fun of my English accent. It was quite embarrassing for me initially a few years.

Those times girls used to be class monitors and always write my name on Blackboard for talking and asking the teacher to punish me. Even they used a wooden ruler to punish me. Confidence in me had died a lot. Moreover the I was bullied a lot in boarding school. It was mental torture for me. I wasn’t doing well academically either, forcing my parents to think that their investment in my boarding school is worthless.

This made me quite depressed.

The story begins when I was in 9th std. That year I worked very hard, literally very hard to pass the Final exams of 9th std. Every ICSE student would know how vast the syllabus is in 9th. If I couldn’t understand anything I would just mug it up. By the grace of God, I did better. I secured 16th rank in class.

I was elated with joy personally. In my school, we have a thing where report cards are being distributed in the classroom by calling out the names and then taken back. Later they also hold a PTA meeting with friends.

So the teacher called my name, I went to the Teacher, as the usual classroom started laughing, hearing my name, backbenchers started calling my name, girls started giggling.

It was okay till then. However, when the teacher said I have 16th rank, the class topper made a snide remark, saying, ‘How come he got 16 ranks? Must have manipulated the answers somehow…’

This broke me to the core. I was on verge of crying, tears came to my eyes, I silently went back to my seat and died a little. I was so much under an inferiority complex.

I thought to do something about it and teach everyone a lesson.

After 9th exams, after 3 weeks of 10 classes, we have a month’s holiday or summer vacation. I went home with all my books of 10th ICSE. I thought the only way to beat this class topper is by hard work, I am not as intelligent as him nor as smart as him. Therefore I decided to complete my entire syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in one month.

Any ICSE student would tell you that it is quite daunting. But I thought to myself if I could complete one chapter a day it is quite possible as BIOLOGY had 12, CHEMISTRY 15 PHYSICS 13, and MATHS had 31 chapters. But I realized it would not be possible to do physics as it was numerically-based and would take a lot of time.

I bought rough notebooks in dozens:

Here’s How I did it:

In the morning, I wake up at 5:30 Am, and then read one chapter thoroughly and solve its questions and answers, and write it in my notebook.

After completion, I would devote 1 hour only to mathematics.

By morning 9:30 I would be free. Then I would take a rest, watch TV or go to cyber to surf ORKUT or the web. Come back by 1:30 have lunch. Then again by 2 pm start with Math for completing the same chapter which I Started in the Morning. And from the evening 4:30 to completion, I did Chemistry.

Remind you my studies involved reading as well as writing answers on Notebook.

By 6:30 pm I would be free and spend time watching IPl or browsing using Opera Mini on my Nokia 3230.

It was difficult at first because I wasn’t accustomed to such studies on my own.

I made bullet points and wrote down answers.

The difficult part was circle chapters in maths which had so many questions but I solved each of them and noted them down in my copy.

At the end of the vacation, I was so confident that I started to solve the model and previous year’s question papers. This was a true transformation for me.

I went back to boarding school with my bag of notes, everyone was jolly good. The Math teacher on the first day said that the toppers would have already completed 70% math syllabus by now but someone who had completed the entire math book must be mad.

I was trying to hide with a mischievous smile.

The entire year had been a breeze for me, everyone was busy preparing to catch up with the syllabus, where I was already ahead of the curve. During the daytime in classes, I used to sit alone on the last bench and only solve past or model questions papers paying no heed to what the teacher was saying.

Now I was confident enough to read from the book and solve on my own. At night (2 am to morning 5) I studied miscellaneous subjects like English History Civics, Environmental, Hindi, and Geography. Boy, I was cruising along.

10th mocks came, but to my amazement, I secured 2nd rand in the entire school. I was curious why I came 2nd because I had nearly full marks in all the quantitative subjects like maths, phys, chem, and bio.

All these teachers were quite surprised by me. However, the English teacher was quite biased, he gave full marks to the class topper but not to me.

However, I did not let this cause me panic. I persisted with my hard work. Some Teachers started saying that I would be in the ’90s and would be the school topper. This motivated me.

I gave ICSE my best. Results Came.

It was dream come true for me as I got 94.5 % I was indeed a trooper, but 2nd. Despite having 94.5% I got only 78 in English. The school topper had 94.6 % by securing more in English. I had more marks than him in all subjects.

I remember the result day it was 20th May, I called him up and said thanks. Little did he know he had changed my life.

Today I’m a class A gazetted officer in Govt. of India. Before his remarks, I could not dream of going beyond dreaming about Dhaba owner or Computer shop owner.

This was my sweet revenge. I thank god and for all blessings that prompted me to work that hard in one month. Since then I could never achieve that level of hard work. Everything became easy for me.”

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User Image
Lori 8 months ago
You certainly WERE blessed, with all of the qualities that enabled you to work so hard. But you DID work hard, rather than giving up like so many of us would have.
GOOD FOR YOU!!! Don't EVER forget what you're capable of!
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24. Sleeping Is My Priority


“This happened during my second year in college (third semester to be accurate).

I love reading novels so much that I never study engineering subjects regularly.

So, we used to have three internal examinations of all the six papers in the current semester to ensure that we are learning progressively and to make us ready for the semester exams.

The exam will be conducted for 50 marks and it will be converted to 100 marks.

For 100 marks if you score above 35 marks you have declared a PASS. The exam is conducted for 1.30 hours.

So, I had a paper called ‘Mechanics of Solids.’ It was a problem-oriented paper. I loved the subject. It was interesting.

The staff who handled this paper for me was my Head of the Department, Dr.S. Parbhavathy mam. I always solved the problems quickly that she dictates in the class.

So I was one of her favorite students in the class. The time for the first internal approach.

I was busy reading some novels the night before the exam for long hours that I just slept in the examination hall.

I wrote a few answers to save myself from the embarrassment of handing over an empty sheet of paper to the invigilator.

The answer paper was corrected and results were announced.

I have scored 20 marks out of 100 marks. I know even the 20 marks were awarded due to my mam’s gracious heart.

Then, all the students who failed were summoned by her and given the warning to concentrate more on the subject. She looked at me and said sternly ‘Gowri, stop sleeping in exam halls.’

The invigilator had conveyed the news about my good sleep to her. I just nodded my head in the affirmation that I accept her opinion.

In the next two internal examinations, I scored 100. But, the sweet revenge is that I completed answering all the questions in 45 minutes and slept peacefully for the remaining 45 minutes.

And yes her advice to not sleep during examinations continued.”

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23. This Is One Literally Salty Revenge


“My elder sister did something to me and I vowed I would return the favor.

Few relatives visited our house on their way back from Guruvayur temple. They handed over the prasadam (edible religious offering) to my mother. (Guruvayur temple prasadam includes powdered sugar which will have the same texture as table salt). My mother asked me to partake in the prasadam with my sister. My sister was busily preparing for her board exams.

I saw my chance for revenge and replaced the prasadam with salt and went to her.

Me- Aunty brought Guruvayur prasadam, Amma told to give you…

Sis- Oh give me…(bringing her hand forward)

Me- I will directly put it in your mouth…

I took half spoon of salt and was about to put it in her mouth…

Sis- Hey give me more… I like it very much.

Me- (Deep inside feeling a little bad for her) I too need to eat it…so you take a half spoon.

Sis- There is enough for both of us… give me a big spoon full.

Being an obedient younger sister, I just did what she said. Took a very big spoon full of salt and emptied it into her mouth.

Within a couple of seconds, I saw my sister running crazily (in front of the relatives) to the washroom to spit the salt. And yes I had my revenge… This happened very long back, even now whenever we both see the Guruvayur prasadam, we get reminded of this incident.”

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22. I Just Want To Eat My Lunch In Peace


“I had just picked up my lunch tray and walked over to an empty table and claimed it for me and my teammates, placing my lunch tray on it and waiting for the rest of the folks to saunter in.

As they came, there was the usual bustle over who sits where and the like.

The table behind me was full of employees, and there walked in one of the aforementioned idiots, who was apparently known to the people on that table.

Since it was full and there were no more chairs available on that table, the idiot in question smoothly walked up behind me, pulled the chair I was going to sit on, and placed it beside his friend, and placed his ample behind on it, leaving me goggle-eyed and wondering at what the bloody heck just happened.

Everyone at my table was by now slack-jawed and equally amazed at the scene, and started with those quick gasps and interjections usually expected at such idiocy.

I meanwhile, walked up to the person, tapped him on the back, and asked him, ‘Bro, just one minute, could you get up?’ He got up, not knowing what to expect. 5″4′ short, fat guys usually don’t walk up to hulking 6″ tall guys with murder on their minds, and a smile on their face.

I just as smoothly pulled the chair from behind him, placed it back where I was sitting, and sat down, giving him a sweet smile and a ‘Thank you!’ for good measure.

Apparently, there was much gnashing of teeth and creasing of brows, but I was blissfully unaware. The claps of my teammates and the loud jeering laughs directed at the table behind me drowned out any other thought…

Admittedly, one of my brighter days, when the revenge was sweet, delicious, and served with a dollop of cream…”

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21. She's Surprised To Have An Interview With Me


“In 2008, when I first joined the job force, I was reporting to this lady (A) and had a project-based reporting to Lady B.

Both of these ladies were jealous and insecure. They would make all kinds of elitist remarks (I come from the top 3 IIM in India), they would choose to delegate the work at 6 pm in the evening and want it back at 8 am in the morning.

They would rant about the whole organization. They made my life miserable so much so that I quit without even taking my salary.

Last month I was recruiting for my team, and voila payback. Lady A had applied for the role! How the tables turned! I told my recruiter to set up a personal interview without my name.

I had the laugh of my life when she entered the room and saw me. I think she literally peed herself. Needless to say, I did interview her and even offered the role (coz I am not that insecure or petty) but I knew she would never take it up. My highlight has been getting a text from her apologizing for her actions from that time.”

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20. You Should Have Just Let Me Play With You


“I was 9 years old and one of the littlest girls in my school (prem baby and still wearing 4-year-old clothes at the age of 11, kind of thing, lol!) One day, in the schoolyard, I saw some girls playing French skipping (you know: when they tie a large piece of elastic around their ankles and take turns to jump in, out, and onto the elastic, slowly raising it to their knees and doing the same moves, then raising the elastic higher, to their thighs.) I wanted to join in, but they wouldn’t let me play.

No reason not to – just a case of exclusion (or, as we have come to recognize it, these days, common or garden bullying, but girl-style.)

When they said ‘No’, I was hurt but didn’t show any emotion, didn’t say anything back. Instead, I went into the classroom, delved into the handicrafts box, emerged with a pair of scissors, then walked out into the yard, sneaked up behind one of the girls, waited until the elastic was up to the most sensitive part of their legs… and then calmly cut it. Ping! It went. ‘Ow!’ they cried. (O, delicious revenge against these jerk little madams!!!) Drawing up my tiny body in front of them, ‘Can I play now?’, I asked. And they let me join in. Justice done.”

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19. I Just Want My Charger


“I had one incident with a guy working at MI Service center.

I am having a Redmi note 3 with me. Once the charger of my mobile malfunctioned.

I went to the MI Service center for replacement as it was in the warranty period. The process was swift, and they gave me a replacement.

But the tweak was they gave me a 1 Ampere charger in replacement for a 2 Ampere charger.

I asked the guy about it, he said the company had changed the policy and now they only provide 1 Ampere charger with replacement.

I had a small argument with the guy over there, but he kept on saying ‘what can I do with company policy and stuff like that. I accepted the 1-ampere charger.

I told the whole story to my friend who was not satisfied with it.

He mailed all these things to MI. He got a reply to his complaint and was told that the issue would be resolved soon.

After some time I got a call from the same MI service center from a guy named Amit. He apologized for the whole incident and asked me to come and get a replacement of the 2-ampere charger.

I went there with my friend and told them that I got a call for a replacement. They gave me a replacement for a 2-ampere charger.

The guy who told me about the company policy stuff was so embarrassed that he did not dare to even look at me, forget about talking to me. The other guys there apologized several times.

I know it was my friend who escalated the whole issue, but still, I had my revenge in a sweet way.”

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18. Even The Youngest In The House Can Testify


“In the last July, I had to go a root canal therapy and replace one of my teeth. The Dentist was so nice and handled me so nicely. Even after she handled me very carefully, I got a lot of pain and shouted very loudly whenever I had pain.

After the treatment was completed and my tooth was placed, one of the assistant receptionists said, ‘Even the youngest in our house (8 years kid) never shouted in the name of pain when he had treatment.’

After listening to her words I got very angry as I was still having a lot of pain.

Fast forward six months today my mother was having the same treatment. The doctor said that the cost would be 12000/- and asked to pay it immediately. I went to the bank and withdrew (all hundred rupee notes).

I went to the receptionist and gave her the bundle, they don’t have a counting machine as it was a small dental clinic. She immediately gave a stare at me and asked who would count if you bring all in hundreds?

I replied, ‘Even the youngest in our house doesn’t feel pain in counting them.’

Man, you should have looked at her face, at that moment.

She had to count 4 times to verify if we had given her the correct amount. I actually asked the banker if they had 10 rupees notes. He ended up giving me 100 rupee notes.”

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17. At Least He's Doing Something For A Cause


“My first husband would faint at the sight of blood. When our first child was born, he fainted during the delivery and the nurses were forced to attend to him rather than my newborn son and me. One time he cut his finger. It was barely the tiniest nick, but he swooned and fully fainted, hitting his head.

The first husband is also a rare blood group, AB Positive.

As an O Positive, I had been a blood donor for nearly 40 years.

After our messy and protracted divorce, because he endlessly complained that he could not pay child support from his six-figure income, I found the sweetest revenge ever.

The Blood Bank of Australia was pleading for new donors so I registered him.

Being such a rare blood group, the Blood Bank phoned him every couple of weeks, urgently needing his blood to save a life. He could not say no without looking like a total butt wipe.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. With all the grief, heartache, and mental torture he put me through, this was so sweet an end to it.”

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16. He Better Get Some Geography Lessons


“Knocking out a guy, along with several of his teeth, who I thought was my friend, 7 years after he and another supposed friend, slashed my truck tires! He blew his whistle bragging about it to a real friend of mine.

When three police cars pulled up and asked, do you want to press charges, the more toothless but not so toughie said, ‘yes, he beat me!’ The same police lady said, ‘I wasn’t talking to you.

I was asking the guy sitting on the sidewalk keeping his cool.’ I replied, ‘No officer, I want him to realize how good a friend he lost.’ She replied, ‘are you sure? I can tell by the way he is acting, he’s on something and I bet he’s got substances on his person so we could charge him for that as well!’ I declined the offer because I knew he was destined to get there on his own and he didn’t need any help from me.

Everybody went home that night and I found out the next day that he tried to have me charged in Robertson County of which we both resided. The officer that took his call, asked him ‘where did this happen?’ He said that it occurred in Goodlettsville. The officer apparently schooled him with a geography lesson and told him that he would have to make the report to Davidson county sheriffs department or the Goodlettsville PD because it was not in Robertson County Sheriff’s department’s jurisdiction.

I haven’t seen nor heard anything about the piece of work in over twenty years but I have a feeling that if our paths cross again, I will have to school him with another lesson of humility. Maybe his girl and her little big brother won’t have to witness the next time I drop him like a wet towel!”

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Kratos 8 months ago
I used to work for Robertson County Sheriff's Dept. Small world!
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15. I Took His Word Very Seriously Until The Final Year


“Way back, when I was in my college’s second year, my lab exams were going on, and unexpectedly my head of department (HOD) himself had come for the viva that day.

Did he ask me one question pointing outside the window towards a far away situated electrical tower: Look at that tower and tell me the Voltage level of that transmission line.

I became confused. How can one tell the voltage rating by just only seeing a tower from a far point?

I couldn’t answer.

I had never come across such practical aspects.

He became quite angry. He started taunting the subject teacher in front of a few other professors and students. See, your students aren’t able to answer such basic questions. What do you teach them?

I felt bad that because of me, my teacher was being humiliated. My HOD didn’t stop there. He took whole the batch to the college’s sub-station visit just after the viva.

Then he again started there. What are you all learning? Not able to answer such questions? He mentioned the viva exam incident there and revealed my name in front of the whole batch. All started looking at me with a sympathetic look. Earlier it was limited to only a few.

It was more humiliating than anything.

I took his words seriously, very seriously.

Fast forward to the final year, I was placed in one of the world’s largest transmission utility Power Grids.

Soon my HOD’s perception had changed.

In my junior’s batch, he mentioned about me later and said, ‘That guy has really a good knowledge and knows the things well but don’t show it off among others’.

Wasn’t it an act of sweet revenge?”

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14. He Can't Keep His Hands Off Her Car


“Two friends and I were in a large northern city to attend a concert by a singer we all loved. Dee drove us up there in her car, which was absolutely plastered with photos of the singer, and she constantly reminded the other woman and me that she was his Greatest Fan. We were at a fast-food place when a couple of women came up to us, soliciting.

They had a can with a label on it and gave us their spiel. I might be just a little gal from Down South, but I know panhandlers when I see them. I just shook my head ‘No’ like Dee and the other woman gave them dollars.

As soon as they walked away, Dee began lecturing me for my cold heart. I was callous, cynical, and just plain wrong.

She must have gone on at me for 10 minutes. Finally, I said, ‘Look, this is a big city, and panhandlers are everywhere. I know what they were doing if you don’t.’ She was so mad, but since we had to leave, she let it drop.

Two blocks away, she stopped at a red light, and this scruffy man runs up to her car. ‘Wash your windows, lady! Just a dollar!’ and without her OK, he starts slopping water from a bucket onto her car and wiping madly away with a rag!

‘No! NOOOO! Stop touching my car! You’ll ruin my pictures!’ Dee shrieked, and she threw the car into park and jumped out into the street, still yelling as the man ran away.

I’m in the back seat biting my fist to keep from roaring out loud. Oh, sweet Karma!”

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13. The Entire Team Got Fired


“Early in my career, I worked for the Chicago Department of Human Services as a Supportive Services Counselor with the old CETA Federal job training program. My second boss just didn’t like me – we just didn’t get along. She recommended that I be moved from direct service (which is where I really thought I belonged) into program compliance monitoring (which I really thought I would hate), and essentially transferred me, kicking and screaming, against my will.

Eventually, the Feds, who were breathing down our necks, recognized that it wasn’t Kosher for the monitoring to be housed in the operating division (the Manpower Division) and they insisted that the unit be centralized and moved into another division (Program Compliance & Reporting). I was one of the people chosen for this new configuration.

In the meantime, my former boss had been promoted and also moved downtown to a higher position in Manpower.

The monitoring unit floundered under the new regs and requirements. No one in our new division really knew anything about what we were supposed to be doing. One of the reasons for the move was that the Feds didn’t like the idea that when we were permanently assigned to field offices we were constantly monitoring the same contractors. They didn’t want the monitors to be developing relationships with the various sites, so they insisted that under the new arrangement monitors be assigned randomly.

Now we had something like 600 worksites to monitor, scattered throughout Chicago, with 10 people. If we were to do the true random assignment, we’d be spending 80% of our time just traveling between sites, and getting to that many sites monthly with that few people would be impossible.

I decided we needed a system. I tried to get the other members of the unit to sit down with me and develop one, but they had no interest.

So I took it upon myself to come up with something. This was before PCs, let alone mapping software, so I got a large map made upon ‘foam-core’, and sat down for a couple of weeks, and plotted out every site on the map using push pins. I was then able to group the sites into routes that would take roughly a week to complete. Those routes could then be assigned randomly, thus minimizing travel time.

The Division Director was so impressed with what I’d done that he made me the unit supervisor (the youngest in the Department’s history). Combined with other forms and procedures that I came up with, we ended up with the first effective program monitoring system in the history of the Department.

One result of our work was that the Manpower Division’s poor management across the board came under scrutiny. The entire management team, including my former boss, was fired.”

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12. He Should Learn How To Lock Doors


“I once was offered a job in a distant city that would have been a big promotion but I turned it down, partly because I was happy where I was and partly because something seemed ‘off’ about the man I would have been working for. He was very disappointed and lied about me to my then-bosses (we were all part of the same media group), saying I had said things in my interview that I never said.

My bosses believed me and all went on well in the job I decided to stay in.

A few months later, the lying dude was fired from his very high position for sleeping with an assistant, in his office, during the workday. He was discovered by a colleague who walked in on them through the closed-but-not-locked door. Very sweet revenge and confirmation of my good judgment — and I didn’t have to do a thing. Karma took care of it all.”

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11. We Should Stop Talking About Supernatural Things Before Bed


“So my then college partner and I were having a late-night conversation about spiritual thingies. I was rehashing some of my favorite stories about my experiences with UFOs and ghosts and out-of-body encounters and other ‘cosmic’ things that had happened to me throughout my life, and John (his real name) was listening bemusedly. I finally told him, ‘You don’t believe me.’ Not a question.

He said, ‘It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just don’t believe those things really happened.’

‘So then I’m lying.’

‘Noooo… (hesitation)… I don’t think you’re lying, I just…I can’t believe some of the stuff you tell me because nothing like that has ever happened to me.’

I told him that these kinds of things could happen to him if he was open to them, and not so close-minded.

So then he got arrogant. He threw his arms wide to the heavens and looked upwards and declared, ‘Ok, Universe, I want a sign, and I want it to be a BIG one, something I can’t question!’

I warned, ‘Oh John, be careful what you wish for cuz you’ll get it! Be careful! Don’t mess with this stuff!’

He was still acting weird. ‘I don’t care. I wanna see something, and I want it to be BIG!!!’

I just sighed and shook my head.

‘Ok, John. I’m sure the Universe is listening, but I’m not sure you’re gonna wanna hear the answer. But whatever, more power to you! It might take months, years, and it’ll probably come when you least expect it and scare the soul out of you, but if that’s what you want, you’ll get it!’

He was insistent that that was what he wanted, so I didn’t argue any further.

It was late, so I went to bed on my futon in my walk-in closet, while John stayed up studying, sprawled out on my couch in the small space that was my living room, in the tiny clapboard shack that I called home.

A couple of hours later or so I awoke, needing to pee. I got up and shambled into the living room. John was still up, still on the couch, but he was sitting bolt upright, stiff as a board, wide-eyed with terror.

I asked, ‘John, are you ok?’

He said, ‘Something just happened…’ His voice was shaking.

I asked, ‘What? What happened??’ He was beside himself with fear, I knew it had to be something earth-shattering. ‘WHAT IS IT???’

‘Well…’ he began, ‘sometime after you went to bed, Pepsi came in through the window.’ Pepsi (his real name) was my neighbor’s cat, who I had befriended, not having any cats of my own at that time.

Pepsi was a frequent visitor to my home, and since John was too, they knew each other well.

John continued. ‘So he got up on the couch and lay by my feet. I was studying and he was sleeping, and all of a sudden, he got up and kind of hunched over, and started making this horrible noise!’

John mimicked the sound: ‘Heeeeyurk… heeeeyurk… HEEEYURKKK!!!’

John’s eyes were huge as he was telling his story, but I was already starting to smirk.

‘And then… I’m not kidding… I swear I’m not lying… this… this… this LOG came out of his mouth!!! Right on to the blanket!!!’

John’s panic was real, but I was losing it in a fit of giggles. Despite my obvious amazement, John poured out the rest. ‘It was like the EXORCIST!!! Sweetie…’ he said most earnestly, ‘I think the Universe is trying to tell me something! and… and… and WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING???’

I was doubled over in a hysterical fit, tears squirting out of my eyes.

I was laughing so hard, it was several moments before I could speak. When I finally did, it was in hitching gasps: ‘John… have you… have you… ever… heard… of a hairball??’

The terrified expression didn’t leave his face. He had no idea what I was talking about, having never had a cat as a pet before. I had to explain to him what a hairball was, through my bouts of spastic laughter.

He was not amused. ‘It’s NOT FUNNY!’ he exclaimed, but oh, oh it was.

Still giggling, I went back to bed with these parting words:

‘The Universe works in mysterious ways, John.’

And it does. He got his sign. It was something completely natural for me, but to him, it was absolutely supernatural. Both the Universe and I had a good cosmic chuckle that night!

He and I later broke up. I suspected he was lying to me, and it was a big ‘ol long drama. I got some sweet revenge during the break-up, but that’s another story. But I think the hairball story is the better revenge story, even though it’s more ‘universal comeuppance’ rather than ‘personal revenge,’ just because it was such an immediate life lesson, and gosh… it was darn funny.”

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10. I'm Just Concerned About Your Health


“A few weeks back one of the residents of our building brought some sweets for us.

She brought four pieces of sweets. Two Mysore paks and two laddos.

My husband is diabetic.

Knowing his craving for sweets, I kept three pieces in a box and hid them in a kitchen shelf, where the husband would not find them.

I planned to give those sweets to domestic help the next day.

‘Who gave this single piece of sweet?’ the husband asked seeing the bowl.

‘Our neighbor Mrs. AAA,’ I told.

‘I think you have hidden some more sweets somewhere. Nobody gives a single piece,’ he said in a complaining tone.

‘Actually, she offered more sweets, but I returned them saying both of us should not eat sweets.’

‘You cruel woman!’ he said.

That night after dinner we ate half Mysore pak each.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw the box in which I kept three sweets lying empty in the kitchen sink.

I took the empty box in my hand and went to the room where my husband was reading the newspaper very seriously.

He did not lift his head even after hearing my footsteps, instead buried his head more deeply into the newspaper.

‘Why did you eat three sweets at midnight?’ I asked.

‘Why did you lie to me saying there is only one sweets?’

‘But you are not supposed to eat so many sweets at one go. You could have taken just one piece’

‘It is your fault. Had you given me one full sweet last night, I would not have searched the shelves in the midnight.’

‘Mark my words, if I don’t avenge you the same within a few days, I will change my name.’

‘Hahaha! I am waiting for your name change.’

Fast forward a few days:

There was a puja (spiritual ritual) in the house.

‘What are you making for prasadam (offering to God)?’ he asked.

‘Pulihora (tamarind rice) and burelu (a sweet where the sweet stuffing is dipped in batter and deep-fried)’

‘Wow, pulihora and burelu, a good combination. But don’t put that stupid sugar substitute in burelu’.

‘No I am not going to use sugar substitute,’ I said

‘That sounds good,’ he said happily.

Both of us sat for lunch.

I knew that the first thing he would taste would be ‘Boorelu.’

I did not lift my head from the plate.

After taking the first bite, he screamed. I controlled my laughter.

‘What is this? Is it Boorelu?’

‘Yes, it is!’

‘But it is not sweet. It is salty’

‘Yes it is savory bure,’ I said calmly.

‘Boorelu will not be salty.’

‘I invented this savory Boorelu and also going to upload the recipe on youtube for diabetic people.’

‘This is wron.g’

‘No this is not wrong, it is ‘taking revenge.’ Had you been a good boy and not eaten so many sweets that night, you could have enjoyed real bure now’.”

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9. I Just Pretended I Didn't Know Him


“The VERY short version is my ‘friend’ and ex started seeing other people within a week of the breakup, with no word from either of them about it. It became very apparent that he had been trying to break us up from the moment he met her, 6 months earlier. I still loved her, breaking up was foolish and I accept my fault and responsibility. However I was very hurt by their actions and lack of… decorum, shall we say.

In any case, I decided that I had to ‘win’ the breakup. Everyone who has been in that position immediately knows that’s a very dumb idea. I always had to have more fun, be seen in public with the hottest and coolest girls, whether they liked or hated me. I always had to be on social media bragging about how cool life was and how amazing my friends were and more than anything else how cool and hot all the girls I spent time with were.

I took a long time to realize that I didn’t want to do what I was doing. I didn’t like on any level the ‘cool and hot’ girls I was hanging out with. And it needs to be said that I didn’t have a relation with any of them, I just wanted to be seen with them. I was going out and doing stuff solely to be ‘seen’, not because I enjoyed it.

Eventually, I realized that I was living my life to get back at them. Not because I wanted to do what I was doing, or because I was happy, but to ‘win.’ And that realization made me realize that I had wasted a lot of time, effort, because of two people that didn’t deserve any of those things. Why should I care what they thought or felt? Because clearly, it was not mutual.

I stopped caring about them. What they were doing, what they thought, and how I appeared to them. I stopped caring. And life became immensely better!

I ran into my ‘friend’ at a bar awhile later and he said something along the lines of, ‘Mate! How are you? Sorry about everything, what have you been up to?’ (First time speaking in many years).

I could’ve been gracious, and pretended everything was fine.

I could’ve clocked him. I could’ve awkwardly danced around the issue. Instead, I said, ‘Who are you? What are you talking about? I don’t think we’ve met.’

And my friends, letting him know I don’t give a single hoot about him was 100x more satisfying than anything else I could have done.

I understand that, in a way, my decisions were still dictated by them. But by acknowledging that I could live without giving a hoot about them radically improved my life. Everything that happened affected me greatly – I still deal with the fallout out. But to be able to shrug it off now means a lot to me.”

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8. That's What You Get For Being So Judgmental


“Many many years ago I made friends with a girl who was friends with one of my best friends. We both had some similar interests in music; one of them was Def Leppard. The boys from Sheffield were coming to town for a concert so we being my new friend Cindy and my other friend Brenda and myself got tickets and were going to go to the show together.

In casual conversation, I asked Cindy what she was going to wear to the concert. ‘Jeans and a T-shirt, what about you?’ I proceeded to tell her that when I go to a concert I dress the part; leather, boots, the whole nine yards. Brenda was dressing the same as myself. Without any hesitation, Cindy declared that she wouldn’t be going with us because of what we were going to wear.

I thought she was kidding so I kinda blew it off. I don’t judge people in that manner so I didn’t think she was serious.

The night of the concert Brenda and I went to Cindy’s house to pick her up; her mother came to the door and said that she had already left for the concert with someone else. I came back to the car and told Brenda what had happened.

‘Nothing we can do about it now, let’s go and have a good time!’ she said and that’s exactly what we did. We never saw Cindy at the concert but she had a different kind of fun than we did. It turned out that Cindy and her friend were asked by a couple of guys if they wanted to smoke. They accepted and were arrested that night! The two guys were undercover cops trying to crack down on illegal going-ons at concerts. Now, if that’s not sweet revenge I don’t know what is! That’s what you get for judging someone unfairly! HA!!”

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7. He Can't Pay The Bill Anymore Because He's Gone


“My revenge is against Comcast. It’s always been a love-hate relationship. They raise your rates every moment they can, you have to reboot all the time. When you ask for a reasonable reduction in your bill, they hardly will give an inch. My cable bill was in my husband’s name. Things happen in life, and you never expect it will be you. Jeffrey was killed in a work-related accident.

I needed to put the bills in my name.

Comcast said, we can’t do that, it could be a fraud, and that Jeffery would have to come in with me. I explained that he was dead, no longer paying bills or writing checks. I was paying the Comcast bill. Comcast told me I would have to bring papers in to prove he was dead and I was in charge of that address.

Then they asked me to pay that month’s bill.

I had a month to decide what to do. I have a wicked streak in me that I think is humorous, but others have not found me funny. I planned my next trip to Comcast, which is about a mile away. I picked up Jeffreys ashes from the funeral home. He was in a box in a shopping bag with the crematory name in fancy letters.

We walked into Comcast and took a service number from the machine and we sat down and waited for our turn. When our number was called we went to the counter to talk with the Comcast clerk. I set Jeffrey’s bag on the counter and when the young lady asked how could she help me, I replied,

‘This is Jeffery, (pointing to bag) He is gone. He can’t write checks anymore.

He’s passed away. I need to pay my Comcast bill, but the account isn’t in my name.’

I was watching my clerk’s face, her mouth made a perfect round O shape, she was speechless and studdering, ‘Yes mam, yes mam. I need to get the manager.’ All the color had drained out of her and she looked grayish. I watched as she waved her hands in the air while talking to a man in the back.

After a few minutes, he came out to my counter and said, ‘I’m going to get this all straightened out for you.’ He did and after typing on the computer for 5 minutes he said, ‘It’s in your name now.’

I thanked him, picked Jeffrey up off the counter, and walked out. I got to my car and was laughing so hard I couldn’t drive. We went home. I told Jeff that I finally had gotten back at Comcast.

As a side note, I switched to ATT shortly after that because my bill went up. I told my ATT installer the story. He laughed and told me he couldn’t wait to tell his boss, best customer story he ever heard.”

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6. He Never Asked Me To Go To Another Party Again


“I was pressured into going to a party by my best friend, and I made him think he turned me into an addict afterward.

For some reason, my closest friend has a completely different lifestyle than me.

He likes partying, drinking, smoking, listening to EDM music, being social, watching Netflix, hooking up, etc. While I like staying home, practicing piano, playing video games, reading books, answering questions on Quora, and I generally have better grades than him.

The only major similarities we have are video games and our thoughts on society.

At one point, he’d always ask me to go to parties with him, and I’d usually refuse. Then he’d say about how cool it is and how much of a fun time I’ll have and how it’s alright if I just go out one night. I’d still refuse, but for some reason, I caved in.

I was okay with drinking a little that night, but I didn’t know how much would get me simply tipsy, since I’ve never had any drink before. He poured me about 2–3 shots worth of Vodka into a red solo cup and told me that that should be the perfect amount.

Well, it wasn’t.

I barely remember what happened that night, from what I heard; I flirted with someone all night and failed, I smoked stuff and I was the life of the party.

I remember when I was approaching soberness, I suddenly felt a fit of intense anger towards my friend. He flat-out gave me a drink then left me to go insane the rest of the night instead of watching out for me. And I TOLD HIM that I didn’t want to do anything more illegal than drinking. Not only that, but he risked ruining my reputation with my group of friends if they found out.

Well, luckily everything from that night stayed private. I told my friend near the end of the night that I was really mad at him, but I couldn’t sound serious because I was still kind of wasted. But he knew that I was serious. He then said that he’s really sorry and he’ll never do this to me again. And then made me promise him that I won’t ignore him.

Well… I didn’t ignore him, but by the next day, I had another plan in mind.

I told him that I actually really enjoyed the party last night and I’d like to go again. He was surprised but he was excited that I would be going with him to more events. The next day, I messaged him saying that I was really high. It went something like this.

‘Dude I’m sooo messed up right now!’

‘What, you’re intoxciated?’

‘Yeah, dude I bought some stuff to smoke from this guy.’

‘Wait what… are you serious??’

‘Yeah dude omg this is great. Also, I dropped out of calculus 2 cuz screw school lmfaoooo’ (I actually did, but that was because it was an insanely hard class and most of my friends dropped out as well.)

I was planning on becoming progressively worse for another week, but apparently, that was enough because his friend messaged me that he was worried about me and he feels really trashy.

So I told him the next day that it was just some revenge and that I wasn’t actually high off and I didn’t buy illegally. He was relieved, and we both laughed it off.

So in the end, he learned his lesson and never asked me to go to another party again.”

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5. Ex-Best Friend Got Left With No Friends


“I was a very unpopular kid during elementary school considering I was new (arrived at second grade) and from the city. The kids there didn’t like outsiders, especially ‘spoiled brats’ like me, so I had to fight for my friends.

Luckily, there was another city kid who wasn’t new, but still was the only one that would talk to me.

We hung out every day and became extremely close until 5th grade rolled around.

The teacher assigned us seats and unlike every other year, my seat was next to another girl. My best friend and I were very upset but decided to work it out and ask the teacher to change seats again after 3 months (the first quarter is when we would change seats again if stuff wasn’t working outright).

And so I waited. My best friend sat next to the ‘queen bee’ of our class and they became close.

She promised me we would still sit together. I believed her.

Soon enough, it was November and I talked to the teacher. She agreed to us sitting together! I ran up to my best friend, who was talking to the girl she was sitting next to, and told her the news.

She got mad. She yelled at me and said that she hates me and would have never agreed to sit next to a spoiled kid like me.

Her friend stepped up and told me to ‘shut up.’ I was crying, so shocked and betrayed.

For the next 2 months, I was involved in talks with the teacher and my friend to ‘clear things up.’ Our teacher blamed me and made me look stupid for believing she would keep her promise.

My mother was upset with everything because she knew how two-faced everyone involved was. And then, I decided, that I would get my revenge.

For the rest of the year, I became someone else. All with only one intention; to befriend the queen bee.

I found out the things she likes, talked like her, and made great friends with her towards the end of the year.

One day, she asked the teacher to sit next to me. And she moved next to me. And my ex-best friend came over to us and started to talk to me.

I looked over at my new friend and she whispered to me ‘don’t let her sit here.’ And that’s when I knew I can rest.

As for our friendship, it carried on successfully and I was one of the most popular girls in school until 7th grade when I went to middle school.

Get it; my ex-best friend had no friends at our middle school. I ignored her.

Fast forward to today, I’m in 9th grade and she’s completing last year’s studies at a special facility since she was gone for most of the year. I’m still best friends with the queen bee and very popular.

I still think about it sometimes. It makes me smile.”

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Lori 8 months ago
Sadly, queen bees and popular ISN'T what life is all about.
You've become one of 'them'
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4. I Taught Them The Importance Of Cookbooks


“In the mid-80s to mid-90s, I worked at a large church in Atlanta. We had a great staff, who enjoyed each other’s company and working together. Of course, there were a few pranksters in the group.

One Monday morning, I came to work only to find my cubical in ‘organized disarray’ Everything was where it should be, only it was upside down, or wrong side out, or just plain wrong somehow.

ALL of my paper clips were hooked together (probably the worse offense of all). It took forever to get them disconnected and get my office back to rights. On a small whiteboard next to my desk was written: ‘Ha, the cat did it’. All day I tried to figure out who had done this. I was not angry or upset, just puzzled. When a co-worker stopped by to see if I had a clue as to who it could have been, I read the message from the board.

The minute the words were out of my mouth, I knew who it was. So, I called Darryl (who worked sound and lights on Sundays) and congratulated him on his brilliant work. He just fell out laughing – confirming my suspicions. I warned him not to start his car after work -no telling what might happen! We all had a good laugh about it.

A couple of weeks later, it was Darry’s birthday, and being such a great friend, I baked him a cake to take to his office.

Buying the cheapest mix I could find (Jiffy cake mix) I mixed it all up and added some cheap (really cheap) chopped hot dogs to the mix. Oh horrors, the smell of it baking (gag). Having recently completed level 2 of the Wilton Cake decorating class, it was probably one of the most beautiful cakes I had completed. Thankfully the smell did not last outside the oven.

Took it to the church on Sunday and gave it to one of Darryl’s co-workers to have for break the next day. About 11 am, the phone call came. Oh, he was laughing so hard – great job! But the folks in the office were disappointed not to have cake for a break (I made them a real cake – but they were skeptical – for good reason).

But I was not content to keep such a grand revenge story to myself. The next Sunday, I was up to present the Children’s Message to the little kids during the morning service. My message was brilliant. How the Bible, a book, teaches us. We have history books to teach us about life before we were born, math books to teach us how to do math problems, and cookbooks to teach us how to cook.

For example, what does a cookbook tell us about making a cake? It is ok to put eggs on a cake? YES! Is it ok to put chocolate on a cake? How about hot dogs, would you put hot dogs on a cake? NOOOOOO!!! the kids yelled. I glanced up at the sound booth and I think Darryl turned blue from trying not to scream. The message went on to stress that we have to read a cookbook to know how to properly bake a cake. And so that we live as God has directed, we must also read the Bible.

My co-workers who were in on the Hot Dog Cake scheme just hollered – everyone else thought it was a great illustration for the lesson I was trying to get across to the children (and anyone wanting to trick me.)”

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3. I Beat The Selfish Psycho


“I gave my previous boss (who had such a borderline personality and narcissistic traits) a third of my life and she fired me after 14 yrs without so much as a hi, goodbye, or go away! Anyway, she did not pay me my final check which included 52 hours of PTO at 21$ an hour. After several months I contacted the labor board and they ordered her to pay.

Still nothing. So I set up a court date. It stated clearly in our employee handbook that an employee who left for any reason was entitled to a payout of their PTO. She went so far as to hire a lawyer to try to screw me out of my which probably cost her more than she owed me!! I got a few letters in ‘legalize’ which I replied to each ‘see you in court’.

The tone of the messages began to change as the court date approached. Her lawyer even went so far as to ask me what I had that made me feel I would win in court. I sent back, do you think I have stupidly tattooed on my forehead? WHY on earth would I tell you that? I knew just what a snake she was and had the feeling she would try to change the employee handbook.

I messaged my former Co-worker and she told me that, sure enough, the doctor was working on a revision! Ah, how well I know her! Too bad I had the original, dated years ago.

Anyway, the lawyer emailed me the day before court and asked what he could do to fix this without going to court. He knew they would lose. I told him he could fix it by depositing 2,294$ in my bank acct.

He said he would talk to her. I sent him back a msg and told him ‘good luck.’ You are about to see your real client, a screaming, swearing red-faced witch who will now make you the bad guy because you aren’t giving her what she wants! Hours later he asked for my bank acct info. I sent him the routing number and acct number. He then asked me to sign off on the case.

I told him I wouldn’t until I knew the funds were legit because she would put a stop payment on the check-in her true form. He told me that she would be facing BIG trouble from the labor commission if she tried something like that and that he had paid it out of his OWN acct and would be billing her for the amount!

Once I saw the deposit in my acct I signed off on it with a great big smile on my face! I had won, I beat the selfish psycho. Oh my, how good that felt! Finally, a year after I had been unjustly fired, I had won. I did a little happy dance and basked in the joy of making her do something that I know had her seething with anger that she hadn’t gotten her way for a change!”

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2. Good Thing There's An Edit Button


“It was not a long time back, that I was looking for jobs when I was approached by one of the good companies in the city. I was elated because getting a job offer from the front itself was totally unexpected! They had an immediate and urgent job opening in their company.

I received a message from the HR of the company asking to share my profile – I didn’t even waste a minute and wrote a mail showing my interest.

And to my surprise, I was told to turn up for the interview the next morning. I canceled all my plans for the day and went for the interview. It went pretty good and I was asked to do an assignment as a part of the second round.

I was in complete zeal and completed the assignment the very second day and sent across the assignment by evening.

4 hours later, I received a call that mentioned that I cleared the second round, and for the 3rd day – I was expected to turn up again for the last round of the interview. I went, the interview happened, and I was told that they will update me about the same in a week or so!

I gave my 3 days completely to this interview ignoring my all major plans.

How impatient I was to get the results. 10 days passed and there was no feedback, so I just mailed HR to provide me with the feedback so that I can plan my course of action for other jobs I was holding off due to this one. HR mailed me saying that I will receive the feedback the next day.

Another 7 days passed, I never received the feedback! I felt extremely bad, I would have been way happier to listen to a No – But no feedback! I went there 3 days consistently for the interview rounds – I expected feedback either way it is.

I had to tell them this, that they also got to value my efforts. I went on their Google page and wrote this big Google review giving them 3 stars. I wrote a really sweet message mentioning that the need is mutual! I would have really appreciated it if they would have appreciated my efforts too. I requested them to mail me a ‘Not selected’ mail at least.

I don’t understand the concept of not reverting – Any job applicant coming to you is investing his/her time with you. At least revert!

3 hours later… I saw a missed call from the HR’s number, and a message too: The message mentioned an apology but the last 2 lines disappointed me like anything. The HR apologized saying that my resume was kept on hold and straightway asked me to edit the review and told me ‘That if not their company, they will recommend me somewhere.’

And guess what, I still didn’t receive a simple yes or no from them.

I chose to ignore it.

I received another call, I picked the call this time! Told HR, that this was not done. I feel disappointed too – Is saying a No that difficult? The HR apologized and asked me to edit the review again – and started talking about another company where they could refer me, I was so done at that time. I didn’t need a reference, I needed feedback. What I got in reply was – since we are looking for freshers, you ain’t eligible. I was like – thanks, for telling me that at the earliest. She again requested I edit the review.

I went on the review page, changed the 3 stars to 1.”

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1. Bully Me For Being Gay? No Kidney For You, Then


“I, Ryan, and my twin brother Sebastian, have never ever been close, in fact, he made life miserable growing up and my parents didn’t help by playing favorites (getting him better stuff on our birthday, only going to see films he liked at the cinema and giving him extra dough for housework despite us doing the same amount of work). He would always put me down, belittle me, bully me with his friends at school, break my stuff and his then blame me and was just a pain in general.

Growing up the only people I knew to rely on was my older sister Jane, my cousin kai, and best friend Issac who all knew what an awful person my brother was.

Anyway cut to when I was 17 and I had my first significant other, someone I loved very much. We didn’t sleep together cause she wanted to wait till her 18th birthday, but it turns out that she was having an affair with my brother behind my back for half the time we were together and only got caught when it was revealed she was pregnant.

I was crushed, she knew how much I hated my brother and she saw some of the awful things he did to me but she still went and did that. Infidelity is bad enough but to do it with him of all people. I punched him in the face and broke his nose and made him lose a tooth but according to my parents I’m the one in the wrong and now we have to help this girl who is carrying my brother’s child and have to help support him/them.

My brother then said he had no intention of being a father and told my girl to get an abortion. She then ran out of town and I never saw her again, don’t know if she had the baby or aborted all I know was that she was gone and my folks were still praising my brother as the golden child (I was still the black sheep and failure as usual).

Another year goes past and I and my brother still despise each other but I had started going out again, was a long while but I found someone. Found a boy I liked. I am bi and this new guy daniel I had met at college caught my eye, he was deaf and I studied sign language out of boredom so we got talking and things just seemed to click.

We went out, fall in love, I brought him to my friend Issac’s party to introduce him to friends and all feel great.

At this point the only one who knew I was bi was Issac but one day walking into a cinema holding my man’s hand I bump into my evil twin. He points, laughs, and says some homophobic remarks. I tell him to go screw himself and I go see a movie with my arm around my man.

When I got home after dropping my man home I knew I’d be facing something as I walked through the front door. I saw both my parents on the sofa, my mother crying about how on earth could she have given birth to someone so disgusting (was it too much to hope she saw the light and was talking about my brother) but nope she was talking about me and how I’m a stain on our families name.

My father gets up to yell at me, spout homophobic remarks and slurs.

At this point I see my brother up the staircase with a soul-eating grin on his face, he then comes down and says he’s uncomfortable with sharing a room with a gay and my folks kick me out there and then. With what little clothes and money I had I went to Issac’s house and his family took me in where I stayed for six months actually experiencing familial love and affection and Issac’s mother and stepdad I consider my own parents now.

Eventually, I, Daniel, and Issac all get a two-bedroom flat together and all is good for the time being.

So cut to December last year, me and my man (now husband, Daniel) are married (Issac was my best man, my sister and cousin kai walked me down the aisle) I have a brilliant job in graphic design, have my own house by the sea and life has never been better.

However, I got a call from my sister that my brother was in the hospital. I hadn’t thought about him that much over the nine-year period since I was kicked out but being reminded of his existence brought up a lot of painful memories for me. I was told by my sister that Sebastian wanted to see me and that it was urgent, so I went to the hospital he was in and met my sister outside the front entrance, I ask her what this is all about but she doesn’t tell me and that I need to ask my twin.

So I arrive at where my brother is who have my parents at his side and my folks actually look happy to see me as if what they did to me hadn’t happened and Sebastian also looked really pleased to see me. It’s safe to say something was off. Eventually, I ask what’s going on and why was I even here to which my brother tells the family to leave us two alone.

He looks so weak as before he used to intimidate me so much. He told me that he was dying from kidney failure and has been for the past few years but now he didn’t have long left, I knew immediately where this was going.

He then said he always regretted that we never got along at which point I told him ‘no’ he looked confused and asked what I was on about so I simply told him I wasn’t going to donate my kidney to save him.

He looked as if I had just dumped in his food. He then went on about how bad the situation was and that he really was sorry for all the things we did to each other growing up. Like, excuse me? We did to each other? I told him that I just wanted a brother growing up that cared and loved me who wouldn’t try and break me every day for 18 years.

He then called in our mum and dad and told them that I wasn’t going to give up my kidney, they then started to spout off that I owed them for my existence and that I have a duty to look after the family.

I asked them where that duty was when they kicked me out of the house or where that duty was every time my brother gave me a black eye or their duty was to look after their grandchild when Sebastian decided he didn’t want to be a father.

I said for all the things he’s done from outing me to having an affair with my girl and abandoning his child that this was the universe’s (and my) way of finally giving back what he dished out to bite him in the arse. I then turned around and walked out of the room having that be the last time I ever saw Sebastian again. Not sure why they’d want a gay’s kidney anyway.

I walked past my sister who gave me a look, I gave her a look back who then, in turn, gave me a look that said ‘I understand’ after leaving the hospital I felt as if a great weight had been taken off my shoulders, I went home and never looked back pleased with my decision.

Now last week I get a call from my sister calling to inform me that Sebastian had passed away.

She asked if I was okay and I said I was, that I didn’t really feel anything in all honesty. She said she understood to a degree as Sebastian hadn’t been all that kind to her over the years either. I had my husband and Issac there to support me (honestly at this point Issac may as well be our adopted child since he’s living with us till this whole situation with the world is over) the next day I was getting calls and texts from family members I hadn’t spoken too in years telling me that is going to suffer for being a bad son, being a bad brother and for being gay and that I and my husband don’t deserve children (hubby and I have been looking into adoption and surrogacy) This makes me second guess my choice of not giving my brother my kidney, even in death, his making things harder for me. I did wonder if I was a bad person and if I made the wrong decision but I knew that if I was in that position I would have been left for dead. Screw him.”

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