People Confess Their Conquering Revenge Stories

Winning is everyone's goal. Whether it be battles or just simple arguments, every person desires to be the winner. For some, getting the best revenge means conquering. Here are some confessions of people who won their battles by pulling off the best revenge.

28. Roomie And I Deserve Celebratory Milkshakes


“This happened several years ago, around 2017. I had left college the year before and already had a job in a small family-owned restaurant and was looking for a second job so that my roommate and I could save up to get our own apartment (we were living with her family at the time), and roomie was also searching for a job.

She was having a harder time of it, due to multiple leg injuries as well as other health complications, but eventually, we found a restaurant that was getting ready to open, and it was on the same street as my current job.

I picked up two applications on my way into work one morning and turned in the filled applications the next day.

On my day off, we went in for our interviews, and at the start, the manager said, ‘This is really just a formality, I’m going to hire you both anyway,’ and we both thought that was a good sign. The new restaurant was going to be a 24-hour diner (similar to Denny’s and Waffle House (the lady who gave our interviews used to be a WH manager) but it was fifties-themed, and it was across the street from several bars.

As the interior of the restaurant was still under construction, no one outside of management and construction crew could be in the restaurant for the next few weeks, and the management told us that they would text us when it was time to start training.

Yeah, make that about two months before we hear about any sort of training, already not a good sign.

Once training started, it became clear that these people had no clue what they all needed to do. Do you know how a restaurant is on Kitchen Nightmares before Gordon Ramsey comes and does an overhaul?

Yeah, pick one of the worst restaurants and you’re getting close to the nonsense this place pulled: Can’t take any breaks no matter how long your shift is, can’t be seen rehydrating in front of customers and don’t get me started on what we found in some of the food.

One thing I also forgot to mention earlier: this was a two-story restaurant. Remember those multiple leg injuries that my roommate has that I mentioned earlier? She made sure that the management knew about it, and they said each time that they wouldn’t put her upstairs.

That night of the soft opening, it was clear that they had lied, because they put her upstairs (meaning that she would have to go up and down the stairs to get the food for her tables multiple times a night with a bad leg), and when she asked to switch sections with another girl, the managers told her to ‘get over it.’ One of the other waitresses was the manager’s niece, and major favoritism was given to her.

This girl had no clue what she needed to do: she kept dropping everything, took forever to key orders in the computer system, and couldn’t even mix a basic vanilla milkshake. On the soft opening night, the niece and my roommate were in similar sections, and my roommate would often help out the niece with figuring out the system (slightly in the niece’s defense, this system was a pain and would repeatedly crash multiple times a day).

Well, guess who went to her auntie and said that my roommate had shoved her off of the computers and was ‘stealing’ her customers!

After the soft opening, the managers just seemed to be itching for a reason to fire me and my roommate, but they couldn’t because neither of us had any write-ups, and any bullying accusations that the niece tried to pin on us were quickly disproved by other waitresses.

And then the restaurant started opening for real. July 13, 2017, was when the pot boiled over. This was one of my days off, but roomie had to work that night. My aunt and uncle from Minnesota were in town that night, and my parents called me and offered to all go to dinner that night at the diner to help support my roommate.

Well, the kitchen messes up again, and it’s so bad that my uncle asks to speak to the manager. He was very open to my family about what his complaint was (the kitchen had royally messed up the Rueben sandwich that he had ordered), but the manager told roomie that my uncle’s complaint was about her service.

I stayed behind since I was her ride, and fam left (she was in a section downstairs this time). About half an hour after fam leaves, I had a milkshake on hold and look around the restaurant and realize that I don’t see roomie. I had seen her a little bit ago leaning against the wall and figured her leg was bothering her, but I don’t see her anymore, so I start looking for someone to ask them for that milkshake.

Almost as soon as I realize this, I see her coming down the stairs. She doesn’t look towards me but instead goes behind the milkshake bar, and I hear her politely ask for one of the other waitresses to let her by so that she can get her backpack.

As soon as I heard that, my heart dropped. I knew exactly what had happened, why she had been upstairs: that’s where the office was.

I packed up when I saw her go into the restroom, and she came out in her street clothes (we had uniforms at this diner).

I was ready to go, and one of the hosts comes over to us asking if we were okay. She brushes by him and exits the building, and I simply tell him to cancel the milkshake and follow roomie out of the restaurant. He follows us asking if everything’s okay, and roomie turns around and exclaims ‘They fired me because I leaned against the wall for forty-five seconds!’ Oh, no. I ask her to wait for me and go back into the building.

Fortunately for me, one of the managers is already downstairs, and I call to her to get her attention. Thanks to theater, I know how to project my voice, and I make sure that the whole building can hear me when I tell her, ‘Because you fired my roommate over an injury that she made sure you were aware of, you can consider my employment terminated as well!’

Come to find out the whole story from roomie later: Managers had been creating false write-ups for her and false complaints (like my uncle’s) and all sorts of other things, like the fake bullying charges, to use as an excuse to get rid of her.

And now comes the part that you’ve been waiting for: the revenge.

See, roomie’s family knows some people who are pretty high up in the city/state, such as the city sheriff, and one of the senators of our state. So, one of her family members got her a meeting with said senator and she told him everything that this diner had done.

He gave her the contact information to both the labor board, as well as a little company called OSHA, don’t know if you’ve heard of them. While she got in contact with them, I started a hashtag on social media, spreading the story, and asking my friends to do the same.

Whenever she and I were in town together and we’re having conversations with the locals, any time that the conversation turned to good restaurants in the area, we made sure to warn them about the treatment that they gave to their staff and asked them to spread their story.

It got to the point where roomie even overheard other people, even lawyers, talking about it on the streets and in the coffee shop that she stayed in while waiting for me to get off of work.

My boss at my primary job knew everything that was going on at this diner, having heard both me and roomie express our concerns and frustrations, and once we were no longer working there, she and the rest of her staff joined us in cracking jokes and throwing major shade at this diner (I still remember fondly to this day her saying that ‘The wasted ones are the only reason that place is staying open!’).

Even some of my co-workers were lurking for dirt on this diner, and on November 13, 2017 – literally four months to the day that they pulled that thing – the cook at my job asks me, ‘So, did you hear that the diner’s closed now?’ Wait, what?

I had to pull out my phone and check. Sure enough, there it was in the local news: The diner was closing their doors, effective immediately. The excuse that they gave was a management change and that it was only temporary, but to this day, the space that the diner had occupied is still boarded up.

Roomie and I went out for celebratory milkshakes that night. We didn’t expect that the whole place would be closed down, but we do not regret making those calls or social media posts.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
They absolutely deserved to fold.
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27. My Daughter Had Enough


“Not me, but my 9-year-old daughter has to deal with this girl in her class that is a bully to everyone, though she is especially mean to my daughter. Luckily most of the time, the kids all have her back (and she theirs). The teachers are aware of her issues and try their best, but she’s sneaky.

My daughter is a Type 1 diabetic, and this girl likes to tease her. She does lots of things but is really mean about it. She told her that her feet will get chopped off and other horrible things. One day, she was waving a big chocolate chip cookie in her face, telling her how she can’t eat stuff like that because she’s a freak.

My daughter had enough. She got up and slapped the girl across the face, and the cookie went flying too. She yelled, ‘Leave me alone!’ The whole lunchroom went silent, the girl ran to tell the teacher, and the kids cheered.

She came home and told us because she felt bad about it.

The girl told the teacher, crying of course, but several students also told the whole story. The teacher told my kid matter-of-factly, ‘don’t do that anymore,’ and yelled at the girl and made her stay in from recess.

Since then, this girl gives my daughter a wide berth.

I do not condone this behavior, but darn it was hard to keep a straight face when we were telling her that it was the wrong way to resolve things.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Kids are especially adept at getting even.
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26. Be A Jerk To Me And My Man? Get Owned In Humans vs Zombies


“I’m a 22 y/o man and had suffered enough emotional trauma from my father that I basically turned into a mindless drone by the time I became an adult. I was the ‘strong, silent’ type that was hardly emotive about anything because too many people treated me like my feelings didn’t matter.

Katie was pretty much the opposite. While other girls treated me like a creep, Katie treated me like a decent person. She was kind, loving, and fun to be around. I was touched by how she reached out to me, so I did my best to pay it forward.

As toxic as my father was, he was right about the idea of being a gentleman to women.

Enter Jake (fake name.) Jake was Katie’s ex, and from the way he acted, you’d swear he was still in high school, not community college. Katie HATED Jake’s guts, and he wouldn’t leave her alone, no matter how many times she told him to.

He’d say things to both of us like, ‘Aw, the idiot and the robot, how cute,’ or ‘C’mon, baby, you’re too gorgeous for this loser.’ Probably the worst one was ‘It’s not my fault you wussies are only after one thing, wink wink.’ (Yes, he actually said ‘wink wink.’) I did stand up to him once, just telling him to ‘Leave her alone.’ I was also 6’2 and built like a bouncer while he was a 5’8 string bean.

I scared him off just by looming over him, but, of course, he’d go back to being a jerk the next day.

Fast forward to October 2019. Throughout the entire month, our school would be doing a game of Humans vs Zombies. For those who don’t know, Humans vs Zombies is a popular game among a lot of college campuses that are played between classes.

It’s basically a super-advanced game of tag. Students sign up, and everyone except one player is a human. The ‘one player’ is the zombie. The zombie has to tag as many humans as possible so they can turn into zombies. The humans, meanwhile, defend themselves with nerf guns or marshmallow blasters full of socks, which makes the zombie freeze for a few minutes before they can try tagging anymore.

If by the end of the month, all the humans turn into zombies, the zombies win. If the majority of humans don’t get tagged, the zombies ‘starve’ and the humans win.

I usually don’t sign up for these things, but Katie insisted that I join in, and I thought, eh, why not?

It sounded more fun than just pretending I was shooting a gun in a video game (even if the real weapon was a marshmallow blaster.) I was also already handy with hunting rifles, so I might have a good chance of winning. Jake had also signed up, and I overheard him saying smug things like ‘I’ll try not to beat you too hard’ to Katie.

I was angry at first, but then I understood what he meant: Katie had signed up to be the original zombie. I was both intrigued, and nervous, and hoped this wouldn’t hijack our friendship.

That Saturday, October 5, was the first day of HvZ. I had my marshmallow blaster ready in hand and kept an eye out for Katie throughout campus.

After an hour or so, I heard a high-pitched, ‘AAAHHH!!! OH GOD!!!’ I turned around, and there was Jake, looking like he’d just dumped himself. In front of him was Katie in her most shocking appearance I’d seen yet. Normally, zombies only had to wear a headband to identify them as zombies.

Katie had gone above and beyond her game uniform. She was wearing a rain poncho that had large red splotches on it that looked like blood (it was painted.) There was also red paint on her arms and face. She had on a set of fake fangs, and fake gash wounds (temporary tattoos.) Probably the scariest part of all was her eyes: they were pure white!

(I later realized they were cosmetic contact lenses.)

For a few seconds, Jake just crawled away on the grass, screaming and wailing to get away until Katie tagged him, and said, ‘I literally came back to haunt you, jerk’ Jake recognized her voice and cursed up a storm at her as she gleefully ran off to tag more humans.

His friends burst out laughing, saying things like ‘Dude, she got you!’ or ‘You shoulda seen your face!’

I laughed quietly to myself. THIS is one of the many reasons I love her.

In the end, the zombies won, and Jake stopped bullying Katie afterward.

She later confided in me that she made that costume solely to scare Jake after seeing him get uncomfortable while watching ‘The Exorcist.’ Jake’s reputation also took a hit, and he was largely absent around Halloween night. I bet he was afraid that Katie would come dressed as her ‘ex from the underworld’ costume (that’s how she called it.) The victory was hers.”

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stro 2 years ago
Haha jake is a little bitch.
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25. Steal An iPhone? Lose Your Job And Get Arrested


“I was working at a boba shop to pay through college and had some regulars. One was a guy, we’ll call Jim, who was visiting after he joined the military. Jim went to the sub shop next door while he waited for me to make his usual, after he came back and we caught up he realized his iPhone was missing.

He went back to the sub shop and the cashier said he hasn’t seen it. He checked his car and the bathrooms and it was nowhere to be found. He borrowed someone else’s phone to check the phone’s location but it was turned off. Now he knew someone took it because he didn’t have his phone off.

He called the police to file a report. The boba shop was close to the station so they came over within minutes. I was also friends with the manager of the sub shop next door and called him to look out for an iPhone and if someone took it in the shop.

The manager came in not too long after while the police were taking Jim’s statement and retraced his steps. The manager found the phone in the chip rack in the sub shop. The chip rack was located in the middle of the store where customers can grab some before they pay.

Everyone was confused because Jim didn’t buy chips. The manager then proceeded to look at the security footage and saw that Jim accidentally left his phone at the cashier counter after paying. The cashier then proceeded to go through the phone and turned it off before pocketing it.

We were thinking he was trying to sell it. It was the latest model at the time and cost roughly a grand. It was so satisfying to see him on the footage freaking out when the cops showed up and him running around trying to find out what to do with the phone.

Jim got his phone back, cashier guy was fired on the spot and arrested for grand theft. I don’t know if Jim ever pressed charges because he had to report back to his command shortly after this happened but it was definitely an interesting workday.”

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24. I Must Be Good At Acting


“I graduated from high school in the ’80s. I had grown up poor but when my mom remarried, she married a guy who did well for himself so when we moved into his house, I was a poor kid suddenly going to a school full of rich kids.

One of them, in particular, was a girl who was really stuck up and such a jerk. She had a very imperious attitude and generous parents while my mom, there was no way she was going to allow us to behave that way.

About 6 years after high school graduation I’d dropped out of college, was living on my own in a tiny apartment, and working as a waitress.

Of all people to show up at the restaurant and be seated in my section, it had to be her. I asked a couple of waitresses to take the table but they were busy. Finally, I realized what I would do. I would take on the role of my life.

Win an Academy Award. I went to the table and pretended I’d never met her before in my life.

She kept insisting I must remember her, right? She kept saying her name and I nailed the performance. ‘I’m so sorry, I just don’t… no… I, uh… I’m trying.

I believe you, yes, I went to that school but I am SO sorry, I don’t remember you’ and so on.

She was flabbergasted. I kept overhearing her say to the people she was with ‘I can’t believe she doesn’t remember me.’

That day I learned that to be forgotten is, for some, the ultimate slap in the face.”

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23. Make Me Do All Your Work And Threaten Me? Get A Life In Prison


“So this happened to me years ago (1985?). My mother worked for what was the first computer supply company in the USA in lovely Compton, California. She had heard they needed an order puller and I got the job.

I hated this job right away because for some reason after busting me for 8 + hours a day, I’d go to sleep and dream I was still working so I always felt tired. Most of the guys I worked with were good guys. One was a former Mexican Mafia gang member, ‘Victor’, who gave up that life and really turned his life around.

One day they hired ‘Gino’. He was an Italian American but wanted to be in a Mexican gang more than anything. He latched on to Victor after finding out about his past and was always asking about the gang lifestyle and he was hoping that Victor could help him get into the gang.

Victor told him about his life but refused to introduce him as he gave that up and didn’t want to go back. Gino wasn’t happy about this.

One day I started noticing Gino was finished working before all of us and that for some reason I was not finishing until way later than the others.

I wasn’t slacking or working slow so I started to wonder why. One day, I saw Gino coming out of the Warehouse Manager’s office area (it was just a desk between two partitions) acting strange when he noticed I saw him. We were given our stacks of orders for the day and I noticed that mine was double the size of Ginos.

I figured out he must have been putting his orders in my stack before the manager gave them out, but had no proof. The next day I got there early and climbed up on one of the storage racks (you know the kind you see at Home Depot) above the desk where I couldn’t be seen.

The Manager was inside the office getting coffee when I saw Gino go to his desk and slip half of his orders into my pile. I waited until he left and went inside to tell the Manager. He came out and counted the orders and noticed I had way more than I should have and Gino’s were half of what he gave him.

When we all got together to get our orders later, all of them had a few extra in them and Gino was gone. He got fired for what he did but to make matters worse he told Victor that he was coming back to kill me for reporting him.

Victor advised that I leave because he knew he was serious and that Gino wanted to have something like killing on his reputation for getting into a gang. I was furious at the Manager for telling him I reported him, so I quit on the spot, but not before going inside to tell my mom what happened. She was good friends with the owner and told him about the incident and he was so sorry it happened. He promptly walked out into the Warehouse and fired the Manager for putting my life in danger by not being more discrete about who reported Gino (I heard later he threw me under the bus because he was afraid of Gino himself).

Fast forward a few months and I had a better job working at a well-known theme park. One night the local Los Angeles Channel had a special on gang violence that I watched. One segment was about an armed robbery in which two gang members robbed a convenience store and the store video had the two gang members’ faces clearly on the screen and there was sound also.

They not only robbed the store, but the one gang member killed the clerk for no reason. Guess who that gang member was, Gino! I recognized him by his face, tattoos, and voice. In the end, they said it was still unsolved and to call the LA County Sheriffs if there was any information.

I called immediately and two detectives came by the next morning. A few weeks later the detective called me to thank me because they not only arrested him but got the other guy too. Dumb Gino even had the murder weapon on him when arrested. They contacted me a few months later to inform me that Gino and his friend both got life without parole.

Don’t bend over for that soap Gino.”

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22. Narcissist Housemate Gets Served And Evicted


“John, Michael, me, Brady, and Chad all lived in a house together, purchased by Julie in October. Chad has lived in the house since September. John, Brady, and I moved in the following April and May.

Michael moved in in June. Dean lived with Julie in a neighboring town (not together though), but was over frequently at our house, and is like a father to Megan, me, and Brady. John and Dean are best friends. Brady moved out and Megan moved in July-ish.

Now I’m gonna summarize the crimes of Chad as much as I can. It is a lengthy list, so bear with me.

Chad stopped paying rent in February. When a group of former tenants all decided to move out at once, and 4 of 5 bedrooms were opening up, Dean and Brady went in to put in work to prepare the house for new tenants (us).

When Julie bought the house, the place was pretty clean and neat, even if there were a lot of bottles around (they were all college kids). By the time they were all moving out, the place was an absolute STY. The tenants all said Chad was the one responsible, he never cleaned up after himself and just made a horrendous mess.

Dean and Brady worked for 3 days and threw out 27 bags of trash. They bleached everything from head to toe and made a point of throwing out ANYTHING Chad left laying around. Some of these things were filthy socks under the kitchen table, rotting meat in the fridge that had turned brown, dirty undergarments in the living room, and so much more I have probably blocked from my memory.

As chronologically as I can remember, his crimes from when I moved in in May until he left at the beginning of October included not paying a penny of rent, screaming and yelling, and slamming doors on multiple occasions for no clear reason. The door slamming was often so violent it shook things in my bedroom the next floor up, purposely trying to intimidate and threaten the rest of us.

He smoked inside his bedroom when we wrote on the ‘house rules and communications’ whiteboard that smoking inside wasn’t okay (Dean and Michael both smoked, Chad did not smoke at all prior to this). He continued to smoke inside his bedroom after we asked him to stop (Brady has asthma, and I am sensitive to odors, and his bedroom vents filtered directly into our rooms).

He damaged the walls in his room, stole food from other tenants, and left the containers wide open or out of the fridge to spoil. He also walked around common spaces without clothes (we installed cameras in the kitchen to stop the food theft, and saw way more of him than any of us wanted to).

Michael used to call him on his stunts a lot more than the rest of us. Michael’s Jamaican. So when we found a box of Jamaican patties (that was pretty much the only thing Chad ate, ever) with a great big knife slash through the word ‘Jamaican’ left on the counter in broad daylight, we realized he wasn’t just a jerk, he was a racist piece of work.

Chad also stole all of the silverware from the kitchen (most of it was mine). When asked, he denied having it. When we called the cops for petty theft that same day, he returned half of it. When he moved out, we found the rest stuffed between the mattresses he left behind.

He stole dishes and Tupperware, and towards the end, he left rotten food in them inside his room, until it smelled HORRENDOUS. Every time you opened his bedroom door you could smell it.

One night Brady had some friends over, and when they were leaving, they noticed what looked like blood stains all over Chad’s door.

It was actually barbeque sauce, thankfully. Chad tried to claim that Michael was the one who did it, but we all knew Michael wouldn’t have. Chad tried to get the cops involved, but during the time it would have happened, Michael was asleep (working midnights).

The cops showing up and trying to talk to Michael is what woke him up. (And it had happened 15 mins prior). A barbeque bottle had gone missing from the fridge, from Chad’s shelf, and later that week, Dean was doing a room tour (we were in the process of evicting Chad and encouraging him to leave) and saw an empty bottle of bbq sauce sitting on a table in his room

During one of his weekly screaming fits, we called the police (a note: we called the police over 20 times over the course of these few months. Also note that Dean is a trans man), and while Dean was on the porch talking to the police, Chad started screaming and cursing Dean and calling him names.

While Megan and I were in the kitchen eating dinner, he came in and started cooking. He ‘accidentally’ (we saw all this on camera, it was not an accident) knocked over a cup with some cooking oil (which none of us put there) on the counter.

He then ‘cleaned’ it (in actuality, spread the oil with a rag ALL OVER THE STOVETOP), and then went over and deliberately put his weight onto the kitchen tap in order to break it. It’s one of those with the extending-hose nozzles, so the hose slipped down under the sink into the counter below.

And then he left. Megan and I, ignoring him as was our usual go-to, had heard all this happen, since it was less than 5ft from where we sat. As soon as he left, we checked it out and cleaned up the very risky fire hazard he had just created. We called Dean, and Dean called the police.

(The police had been extremely unhelpful, slapping him on the wrist at best, and not charging him).

One of his screaming fits was a night when I was the only one home with him. Julie herself came when she found out, and verbally ripped him a new butthole.

The entire time, his response to her ripping into him was to make sensually toned comments like ‘yes Juliana’ ‘call me Chadwick, Juliana’ ‘you’re so hot when you’re mad’ ‘yes I’m a bad boy aren’t I?’ ‘You want to punish me, Juliana?’ Etc).

And tons more that are probably escaping me. It was a nightmare living with this dude. He was also substance-dependent.

So here is the revenge we managed to get (some petty, and some more like justice):

Over 20 calls to the police, making him infamous with the local police (though they really didn’t do much for us).

He lost his house keys pretty early on to me living there, so we made a point of being super petty and locking all the doors constantly. Since he wasn’t paying rent, Julie and Dean were under no obligation to replace his keys. He resorted to climbing through his bedroom window regularly and bringing his ladies in the same way.

He brought a girl home once, and we just laughed as he talked endlessly about himself, and after 3hrs, she left and they didn’t hook up. The smart girl saw right through his antics.

After he broke the sink, we repaired it in secret but left it looking like it was broken, and turned off the sink’s water supply when we weren’t around so he couldn’t use it.

If he could have, he probably would have broken it again.

We locked him out of the underground room (we had a pet gecko kept down there where it was cool, and he had tried destroying the washer and dryer before we all moved in by dumping rolls of coins in it.) We decided it was best he didn’t get access at all.

We put it under lock and key.

We took him to court for eviction, property damage and lack of payment of rent, and disturbing the peace. He shoved his own foot in his mouth by being racist to his piece of work attorney (who was provided for him for free).

He also showed up to court 2hrs late in his boxers. We got a garnishment on his wages so a percentage of every penny he earns goes back to Julie until the rent he owes her is paid off. We deliberately spoke about the court meetings loudly near his room as if he was going to be getting his notice of eviction on October 4th, and that we were buddies with the sheriff who really wanted to come ‘see him out.’ Dean had actually befriended the sheriff, and said the sheriff said he loves the ones who fight being evicted because for them, he ‘forgets to open the door first.’

October 3rd at 11 pm, he does a garbage bag move out and is gone before midnight. Megan and I sat in the kitchen and watched to discourage him from trying to steal anything. As soon as he was gone, we shouted and hollered and did happy dances.

The court meeting on the 4th would not have assigned his eviction day, and even if it had, it would have been 3 months out probably, not that week, let alone day-of. We got restraining orders on him for everyone in the house, and the house itself, so now it is on his permanent record that he is hated THAT MUCH.

Julie is a member of several local landlord groups and made sure his name is worse than mud in all those circles. He will have a very hard time finding places to live here. We had a lot of laughter at his expense when we realized he left his mattress behind.

If you know anything about raging substance-dependents, they usually have a bedwetting problem for obvious reasons. We found a receipt for his mattress which was 1yr old. The mattress was BLACKENED with mold. We reported him to his welfare caseworker (he had a job, but was supplementing it), for welfare fraud, seeing as he was receiving the to pay for rent, and wasn’t paying the rent with it.

His workplace was well aware of his jerkery, since they had been served the garnishment papers, and he had come to work wasted as a skunk several times. (My chiropractor is buddies with his boss, so I got the Hot Goss).

I wish we could have gotten him properly arrested because he certainly deserves it and more.

But he was a two-faced piece of work, he would go from screaming and slamming things one minute, to having a polite, civil conversation with the police the next minute. He was VERY GOOD at his Jekyll and Hyde routine and the cops fell for it hook, line and sinker.

I have seen him 3 times since then, but just in passing. I hope karma one day hands him everything he deserves like a cactus to the taint.

We hired a friend of Dean’s after he left to sanitize the house. His buddy cleans crime scenes, so we know it was done well.

Additionally, Dean is native, and I am Wiccan, so you bet your butt we saged the life out of the entire house after he left. The energy became SO MUCH BETTER overnight. It doesn’t even feel like the same house. We also have the restraining orders posted on every door, so ANYONE who knocks on our door sees his name big and bold and that he is not allowed on the property.”

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Jove 2 years ago
Though you didn't say so, I believe you threw the mattress in the garbage. His erratic behavior make me think "drug addict", so you need to carefully search the house, including behind wall outlets and light switches, to make certain he has not left something behind that will make trouble.
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21. Neighbors Don't Think "Breeders" Need Compromise

“My friends ‘Jill’ and ‘John’s son ‘Tom’ was born with leg deformities. A few years and surgeries later they were encouraged to use sports/play as part of his physical therapy – a way to get him engaged through the pain of recovery.

Tom loved basketball so his parents put a portable hoop in front of their garage.

Their driveway was only about 4 feet long but as they were at the end of a dead-end street, a good 50 feet from the nearest neighbor’s driveway, they figured it’d be safe as long as one of them kept watch on the street. (No back yard but a big wooded side yard – important later.)

Their closest neighbors, call them ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, objected. First, because the wife had chronic health issues and the noise disturbed her rest. Jill and John said they’d keep playing to times wife was at her (full time) work. The husband then said he worked from home and it would disturb him.

Jill and John tried to negotiate windows of time when Tom would not bother them but husband and wife felt none were acceptable. The discussion devolved into an argument. Husband and wife said this was their ‘forever house and that ‘some breeders’ crippled kid problems’ weren’t going to spoil that.

Jill and John decided a few minutes of play was reasonable. The first time, the husband called the cops and reported Tom playing in a dangerous street. Cops were pretty nice but told Jill and John it was, strictly speaking, illegal and they couldn’t do it.

Also, they overheard the husband telling cops to report the situation to CPS (cops didn’t do). So Jill and John ended up taking Tom to the playground every day to use that basketball court. A hassle but good for his legs.

A few years later John and Jill are doing pretty well financially.

They build a big sport court on their side yard that ends a few feet from the neighbor’s property. Put the hoop on that side. Shed full of athletic equipment. Lights on timers. They welcomed all the neighborhood kids to use the court.

Husband and wife went ballistic.

Lots of calls to police which never amounted to much since Jill and John were diligent about keeping lights and sounds to strictly legal standards. Husband ended up trying to negotiate court use ‘as good neighbors’ but Jill and John weren’t interested.

Husband and wife sold their ‘forever house’ about a year later.”

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20. Harass My Mom With Midnight Calls? Enjoy Random Calls From Unknown Guys


“My mom and I are social media introverts. We will talk to our circle of people but to post something on media with our name on it is a bit too much for our gentle selves.

So first things first, I am Indian and live in India.

The amount of people who catcall and shred your clothing with their eyes is astonishing. Obviously, good guys exist but online you generally find the worst kind on the internet. Asking for your phone number, trying to call, etc, is the absolute worst.

Anyways one night my mom and I were chatting and a guy starts calling her.

Video calling in the middle of the night.

My mom freaked out. I calmed her down. We blocked his number. But he tried two other numbers. We almost did not sleep all night and my mom was really disturbed.

I tried finding who this guy was but only found out his name and the city he lives in (insert big city name).

I joined a few online sites/apps. I used my nickname and actual pics of me (I’m a girl) which I had not posted anywhere. So no reverse image searches.

And I began. There are many people on these sites/apps who want to hook up and just wanna get your phone number and then harass you for photos.

I matched with 75+ people in 12hrs (considering I was quite a bit picky about who I swiped right on). I talked to them. The usual hi, hey, where are you from, what brings you to this app, etc.

Then, when they asked for a phone number, I gave them this guy’s number.

Then when guys started complaining that I was giving them a dude’s number I just gave them each other’s number saying it must be a cross-connection.

The poor dude from (insert big city name) was harassed with these calls and was going to get a new phone number.

How do I know that you ask? I matched with him on an app.”

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19. Revenge Against Entitled Water Aerobics Instructor


“I used to swim on my gym’s swim team (I’m now on my high school swim team). This gym has a bunch of different classes all going on at once, including a water aerobics class that overlapped with the last hour of my swim practice.

Since 2020, there were some changes in rules and we had to be a bit more spaced out, with a maximum of 3 people in one lane at a time. There are also 4 different pools at my gym, all in the same area. 2 are inside, 2 are outside.

There’s an inside pool that has a few lap lanes and a play structure, an inside lap pool, an outside lap pool for 18+ only, and the main outside pool with lap lanes, a play structure, and a weird section that splits off from the rest of the pool and is sectioned off on all but one side, which leads to the rest of the pool.

My swim team practiced in the outside pool’s lap lanes, and we took up all of the lanes (we were a pretty large group). For a while, the water aerobics class didn’t interfere with us at all, since they took up the lanes in the 18+ pool for their class, so we didn’t even notice them.

Eventually, someone complained about them taking up the lanes, so they moved. Not into one of the other 2 pools, or even the large area that the swim team wasn’t taking up in the outside pool, but into our lanes. My swim coach didn’t speak much English and he was very non-confrontational, so he just let them take 3 of our lanes the 3 times a week they had class.

However, since we could only have 3 people per lane, we would have to get out, and take turns. We usually did this in the form of relays, but it was still not ideal, and kind of annoyed all of us, including the coach. Since it was a whole hour of this, the coach eventually moved our dry-land to after swim instead of before, which was also a bit annoying since we had to put our clothes back on over our wet suits and then go upstairs to work out.

It was a little annoying but we made it work for about a month. The water aerobics instructor never liked us or our coach. She would always glare daggers at our team and the coach while we were swimming, and she just had this aura of thinking she was better than everybody.

Well, her class started getting more and more people interested, and boy did she love that. She started taking more of our lanes while we were swimming, but we always managed to make it work, even when we only had 3 or 4 lanes. Well, one day, she decided that she wanted all our lanes.

Here’s how that conversation went.

Instructor- ‘My class has been getting more and more popular, and today I have more people than ever before. I don’t want them packed too tightly in, so I’m gonna need some extra space, is that okay?’

Coach- ‘Yes yes, that’s fine.

We’ll do relays now.’

The water aerobics instructor went to prepare for her class, and my coach called the team out of the water to go to the diving blocks to start relays. He told us we’d only have two lanes this time, so we were going to split up into groups of two and do our relays like that.

He started telling us which stroke we’d be doing and what order we’d go in when the instructor’s class started getting into the pool. We quickly noticed that instead of leaving the 2 lanes we were planning on using for our relays, her class began filling every last lane.

We all kind of stopped discussing to watch as she told her class they should back up into our last lane. Coach excused himself and walked over to her, and we all got as quiet as we could to hear the following exchange.

Coach- ‘I’m sorry, but we need some lanes to finish our practice.

We still have 30 minutes before we go up to dry land training.’

Instructor (rolls her eyes)- ‘Yes, I know that, but I don’t want my class to be cramped together. We need space.’ (keep in mind, each person was about 10 feet away from the next, spread all across the pool.)

Coach- ‘I’m sorry, we need at least one lane.’

Instructor- (sighs) ‘Okay, whatever. I guess we could spare a lane.’

Coach walked back over to us to continue explaining that instead of doing a relay, we would just each take turns doing 100 freestyle, but again, he noticed the instructor telling her class they could take up however much space they wanted to feel comfortable and to take up as many lanes as they wanted. Coach started asking the people in the class taking up our last lane if they could move, which they did quickly after apologizing.

The instructor was giving us death glares from her side of the pool the entire time. Eventually, we did make it into the water, even though there was still one stubborn man who insisted on staying in our lane, but he moved pretty quickly when he saw the first person dive into the water on the opposite side of the pool.

After all that, we didn’t have much time left, and since we only had one lane, and each of us had to do 100 freestyle still, we ended up talking until the end of practice, and we had to skip dry land (no complaints there, I do not like dryland training).

After practice, I and a few of my friends from the team decided to get a little bit of revenge.

Now, the gym I swam for was pretty nice. It’s a little bit over the top with it (for example, there’s a hot tub and sauna in the locker rooms), and they take their 5-star rating very seriously, and never want to upset any customers, and we knew our coach wouldn’t do anything.

So we all decided to make complaints about how they didn’t value their swim team, and how ridiculous it was for the water aerobics class to take up the lanes their own swim team was using. We didn’t give the gym a 1-star rating or anything, we just filed a complaint.

Quite a few of us made complaints. Two days later, we were all anxious to see if it had worked. Sure enough, after our first hour of practice, the Instructor showed up. And boy did she look mad. She was talking to some of the class about it, and I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but I heard this.

Instructor (to a regular at her class)- ‘Apparently SOMEONE has made some COMPLAINTS, and now this class will have to move to the other side of the pool. I am SO SORRY for this INCONVENIENCE. I know this class is soooooo important to so many people and it’s honestly a shame we won’t be in as good of a place in the pool.’

Before I heard the rest of whatever she said, we started doing more sets, but by the time I stopped, she was on the other side of the large outside pool with her class. Honestly, the class had about 3 times the amount of room they did in the lap lanes, and it’s not like they were in a bad area.

The actual people in the class weren’t really affected, which is good because they didn’t do anything to anyone, but Instructor was properly mad. It was very entertaining to hear her speech to her class.

Instructor- ‘I am so very sorry we had to move to this area.

It is definitely not ideal, and I’m so sorry we won’t be able to enjoy this class as much anymore, but I guess we’ll have to make it work because apparently the swimmers are considered more important than us. We will just have to make this unfortunate situation work.’

And to make it better, at the end of the class, the Instructor dropped the tiny trampoline in the pool and had to struggle to fish it out.

We never had any issues with them again, but I did hear from the head swim instructor that Instructor was very upset and made many complaints about the swim team being a priority to the gym.”

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18. Gross Us Out At Lunch? We'll Make Sure You Lose Yours


“This happened in the 70s or so when my grandfather was working in a factory. There was one immature guy there who liked to mess with people by grossing them out any chance that he got. He’d walk up to them at lunch and remark how their food reminded him of various disgusting things.

Ruining many an appetite, and even sending a few to the bathroom gagging.

Well, my grandpa was one of the people he’d done this to on a fairly regular basis. And when anyone pranked my grandpa back then, he’d prank them back twice as good.

He had a fiendishly clever mind for retaliatory pranks in his younger days. And I got to hear a few stories about them. And this one certainly made me laugh.

My grandpa enlisted the help of a friend the jerk had also grossed out. My grandpa told him what he wanted to do.

He took two strips of clear silicone a few inches long and then glazed them over in lemon pie filling so they’d look like snot. Then he had his friend put them in his nose to look like hanging strands of snot, along with some more of the pie filling on his face for added effect.

And it looked very real!

Later when they were lining up going to go to lunch, my grandpa’s friend made sure he was in front of the jerk in line. Then he started fake coughing and saying in a clogged nasally voice ‘I’m not feeling so good… I don’t think I should be here today…’.

Then he pretended to do a large and over-dramatic sneeze.

Following the sneeze, he turned around to face the jerk. The guy took one look at him with the hanging lemonized silicone snot in his nose and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Everyone in the factory thought what happened was absolutely hilarious and laughed at the jerk all day for it.

After that bit of humiliation, the jerk stopped bothering people at lunch till he eventually changed jobs.”

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17. She Now Has Four Step-Kids


“I was pretty fat as a youngster but people still found me attractive, this bothered my bully SO much that any time she could she would bully me about my weight.

‘Oh, I love those jeans! How do you find them in your size?’, taking sneak pictures of me in class and putting them online, or forcing me to kiss another girl at her sleepover then telling everyone I was a lesbian. It was great.

Fast forward ten years, I’m starting a career I love, lost a substantial amount of weight, and am living far away from my small-town upbringing.

I go home to visit my mother and who do I see walking around the grocery store, hair thrown up in a ratty headband, extra ~30 pounds on her hips, and looking like a complete mess?

I knew I could ruin her right there but I didn’t, I simply put a big smile on my face and said ‘wow, motherhood looks great on you!!!’ The fact that she had to trick someone into getting her pregnant after a wasted night and now has four step-kids before 25 makes me realize that her bitterness and hateful attitude has served her more revenge than I ever could.”

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I feel so sorry for the kids, and I hope her significant others keep a close eye on them.
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16. Walked By Her With The Biggest Smirk On My Face


“This is about my turd-scum of an ex. She broke up with me after coming back from a trip and telling me at school the next day she two-timed me with some random dude she met online.

We’re both 21+ now, and she’s got a three-year-old kid and still lives with her mother.

Last month, I was at a Kroger buying flowers for my current significant other (she’s amazing, by the way) and the witch is with her non-baby daddy partner.

The dude looks at me walking down the aisle with a nice bouquet and says ‘Hey maybe I should buy you some flowers like that guy is doing for his girl!’

The look of utter shock and disdain on her face was PRICELESS. Walked by her with the biggest smirk on my face. The best part was I was all fancied up cause I was about to surprise my significant other with a special night. So I’m dressed in a polo and slacks, and idiot face’s chimney choker has his pants around his thighs and looks like he hadn’t bathed in a week.

So satisfying.”

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15. Jerk Roommate Steals Needles From Hospital And Loses 2k


“I work in the military as a medic and live in the barracks.

All the personnel living in my barracks work at the hospital as medics too. The way our barracks room is set up, there are 2 rooms that house one person each and a small, shared common space with one bathroom. Since 2020, the CO (commanding officer) of the base had people living in the barracks double up to make room to isolate those who are from the ships.

So now each room had 2 people, a total of 4 people sharing a tiny common space. I didn’t have to move rooms but someone moved into mine so I had to make space, we’ll call her Sally. The room was already small so cramming another person was less than ideal but there’s nothing we can do.

I was also a minimalist so I was able to give Sally more than half my living space and allowed her to hang up any artwork or photos to make it more comfortable for her. I also had an extra mattress foam topper that I gave her because the beds are awful.

At first, I thought she was ok, I laid out my rules clearly because I’ve had troubling roommates before. My rules were simple, 1) don’t have people over or throw barracks parties in my room because I still have valuables and I don’t know her friends.

2) be clean. 3) if I do something you don’t like, tell me right away. No passive-aggressive thing and I’ll do the same.

She seemed to be OK with the rules but boy was I wrong. The hospital we worked at had each department manning be down 50% so we didn’t work every day and Sally and I had different schedules.

The nights before I work she would go to some other person’s room to party (not allowed but none of my business) but she would come home around midnight plastered wasted making a lot of noise and go into our fridge (that was in our tiny room that she stuffed with substances waaayyy above the allowed amount) and grabbed more drinks while lighting up the whole room and clinking the bottles.

She’d leave and then come back again around 3 AM making even more noise and before she went to bed she would play the TV full volume and light up the whole room or have her Alexa blast heavy bass music that shook the room. This would happen nearly every night.

I already have insomnia and have mental problems and not sleeping wasn’t helping. I’ve confronted her about it and she said ok but she didn’t change. I’ve talked to my chain of command and they couldn’t do anything because rooms are limited but they offered to talk to her chain (we work in different departments).

The other 2 roommates in the other room even told her to keep the noise down at night and one even called her out for being stupid and selfish. Sally didn’t care.

I ended up buying a $300 noise-canceling headset to drown out her bass and another ruckus.

(Thank you, Bose)

Things got worse when I was put on the night shift. I’d sleep throughout the day and my shifts were 12-14 hours so I was exhausted when I got home. Thankfully she stayed out most of the day so I was able to sleep.

But when I would come home I would clean up after her before I would sleep. Trash was everywhere, I’d vacuum, I even bought her a small drawer so she has more storage. One day after work I came home and I couldn’t find my new headset.

In the middle of looking for them, Sally came home for lunch and I asked her where they were. She found them on her bedpost. I asked why they were there.

Sally: oh they fell from the side table so they moved them.

Me: they?

(This is when she knew she messed up)

Sally: yeah I had a few people over last night.

Me: (trying to be calm) why did you have people over last night? I told you that I wasn’t comfortable with that because I don’t know your friends.

These are expensive headphones.

Sally: I know, I apologize they were just trying to move them out of the way.

Me: Another thing, I left my headset on my bed. Why would they be in the way?

Sally: ……(she knew she messed up again)

Me: Don’t have people on my bed. And I don’t care if your party is somewhere else, just don’t do it here.

After she left I let my chain know what happened and that I’m not comfortable sleeping in my own bed. Chain is trying to help but moving me is still a low priority.

Fast forward a few days, I come home from work and I noticed my bed was messed up.

I smelled my covers and noticed someone else’s smell. I immediately wash my sheets and told my chain again. I work again that same night and was now going to lose some shut-eye because I have to wash my stuff. I confronted her again and she half apologized.

I knew that no matter what I say, she is still going to do what she wants. Since I’ve been working nights, she’s been blasting her bass throughout the night, and not only can the other 2 roommates hear her and have asked her to turn it down, the 4 people living directly below us can hear her and have asked her to turn it down.

She would say ok to everyone but continued to do what she wanted. Finally, someone filed a noise complaint about her to her chain. Sally came home crying saying, ‘I can’t sleep with headphones because I move a lot in my sleep and they will come off.’ And ‘I need the bass because it helps me sleep’ and my favorite one to the other 2 roommates ‘I leave the deadbolt open on my door so YOU can come in the room and tell Alexa to turn off when I sleep.

I don’t like having the door open but I do it as a favor for YOU.’ She claimed to have been assaulted during a room inspection and doesn’t like having the door bolted open but she is the ONLY one that bolts the FRONT door open too that leads to the HALLWAY so anyone can come in every night but hey, you can choose to believe her or not.

After that day, things were tense but she turned the music down but she still was stupidly wasted every other night and had people over. She tried to make me look like the bad roommate and she was a victim somehow but I volunteer a lot and have a lot of friends throughout the hospital including her upper chain so no one believed her.

Finally, she did something that would get me away from her forever! I came home one night and saw trash as usual and started putting things away and cleaning up. There was a trash bag that wasn’t there before I left. While putting her things away in her drawer, I saw a load of needles and gloves, about 13-15 syringe needles.

I immediately messaged a friend who worked in her department and asked if they were allowed to bring home needles. He said no and that he was working duty last night at the hospital and Sally came in wasted at 8 PM (literally 30 mins after I left for work).

The people working duty didn’t know she was tipsy at first and Sally asked if they can let her in her work area for something. One person didn’t see why not and let her in without supervising her, this is when they suspect she snuck the needles.

When they checked on her, they realized she was wasted and kicked her out.

My friend advised me to make a video as evidence that it’s hers because he was now liable to report the incident. As I was talking to my friend I was still cleaning and as I was tossing the trash in the trash bag I saw so many bloody gauzes and uncapped needles in the plastic bag!

Sharps have to be tossed in a sharps container and where I’m at, locals go through the trash and properly sort them and if a local were to get stuck by one of those needles the base would get in so much trouble. So I recorded that too.

A roommate from the other room came home and I asked her if people were over the night before and she said yes and I showed her the bag and drawer of needles and asked if she knew anything about it and she was just as shocked as I was.

The revenge (finally). I send everything to my chain and was interviewed by Sally’s chain and told them everything and was moved out that day. The military police were called to my room to investigate. Unfortunately, Sally came home before them because someone warned her.

She had the audacity to move the needles in the common area to try to blame another roommate but my video evidence, the testimonies from myself and the other roommate, and her history shut her down. When I moved out, I took EVERYTHING: from the drawers I bought her, the hooks on the wall, my blackout curtains, my cleaning supplies, my extension cords, to the pins on the corkboard.

Additionally, the CO put her on restriction for 30 days and she had no electronics and had the extra duty, and deducted 2 months of half-pay which runs up to be 2k. The best revenge is how she’s now socially outcasted from all this. During the investigation, she threw so many people under the bus to try to save herself.

She might have gotten more punishments but that was all I heard.

She already has a reputation for getting irresponsibly wasted, getting into fights, lying, and skipping out of work. I’ve talked to her chain and they’ve described her as selfish and a pathological liar and don’t pity her.

This event just showed everyone her true colors.

Because of my event, the hospital CO had to investigate what the base CO did and saw that the isolation rooms were never used to their max occupancy, and the ships at this point had their own isolation system.

Everyone in the barracks was able to move back to their original rooms and no one has doubled up anymore.

Also, I was never told what she used the needles for. She tested negative for substance and there was no evidence of substance use in the room.”

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14. Bully Me Non-Stop For A Year? I'll Ensure Your Time And Resources Are Wasted


“So when I was in primary school, I was a smart chap. Mostly in regards to Math and science, but overall very smart. This leads to my grade 6 year. Where I live and when I was in grade 6, year 7 was still a primary school grade.

Now there was one Grade 6/7 composite class and the principal of that year (she was really a quite nice person) ‘kinda’ put me up a year and had me doing Grade 7 work. Depending on how well I did over the year, would depend if I ended up officially moving up a grade.

However, the Grade 7’ers weren’t so nice towards me. It was mostly the ‘Popular/Smart/Athletic/Musical’ kid and his group of mates who treated me the worst. It started as teasing, name-calling, and ostracism but evolved into beating up, throwing my school work in the trash, and throwing my schoolbag in mud.

Whenever I would go to my teachers with conclusive proof that they were bullying me I was told: ‘No, I know those kids very well, they’re far too kind to do that sort of thing.’ As a result, some of my grades (English and history mostly) dipped a little and I didn’t end up moving up the grade.

Now, the school that I went to was in the middle of nowhere so kids usually went to one of 2 local high schools.

Anyway, fast forward 1 and a half years, and I, unfortunately, wound up going to the high school that the majority of my tormentors attended. I would occasionally end up having a sports class with them and they continued with the tormenting.

Eventually, I selected my classes and I selected physics (my teacher was one scary dude, but we got off on good terms and are still reasonably close to this day)

Every year my physics teacher would host a school-wide handball tournament. You must have a team of 2 and pay $5 to enter.

As I was close to my teacher he asked if I could umpire the handball tournament with him. And I agreed to help him out where and if I could. He told me that I would be umpiring the Grade 11’ers (I was in grade 10 at the time).

Thinking nothing about it at the time I was just happy to help him until I saw the roster.

It was those same boneheads from that grade 6/7 class. Some of them were in pairs, others with people I didn’t know. Now, the way the courts were set up, I would be sitting on a desk chair facing the sun.

Sometimes they ‘may’ have scored a point but the sun was in my eyes, it had to be redone. Other times the ball may have fallen short and double bounced, or they held the ball.

They eventually caught on to what I was doing and complained to my physics teacher.

After that lunch break was over, he called me over and told me that some people were complaining that I was unfairly umpiring. I told him that some of those people bullied me a lot in primary school and they just thought I was being unfair towards them.

His response?

‘Yeah, I thought they might just be upset with the results, I know you, you’re a good kid, you’d never do anything like that.’ The rest of the event went by uneventfully, and I was asked to help umpire once again the next year, and guess just who I was umpiring?”

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13. His Rudeness Got Beaten Out Of Him


“I was never really bullied in high school, however, there was this one named Matt that, for some reason, really didn’t like me and was always mean to me for no reason. He played basketball and acted like a total king because he was pretty good at it, and I guess me being a skateboarder that didn’t care about team sports, I wasn’t cool enough in his eyes.

I was cool with everyone, even most guys on the team, but this guy was always a total jerk to me and other people. On top of that, because he was a good player on the high school team, he never got in trouble. Needless to say, I hated him.

After high school, he ends up at the same university as my best friend a couple of hours away. He had been kicked off the team for failing a substance test for steroids. As per usual, he was a total miserable jerk but this time with a bad substance habit and no friends.

A couple of years ago, I get a call at like 2 am on a Tuesday, it’s my best friend. He’s quite loaded but somehow sounds very ecstatic and calls me to tell me Matt had been talking trash and being a total jerk to this one guy at the bar and ended up sucker-punching him because the guy wanted nothing to do with him.

Turns out the guy he hit had a brother who was a member of the local gang charter and from what I heard, this guy didn’t mess around. My friend was outside across the street smoking and saw Matt walking out to 7-8 jacked-up dudes just waiting for him.

He got the rudeness beaten of out him. My friend just had to call me then and there. I felt quite giddy and slept quite well that night.”

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12. He Bragged About The Huge Tip I Gave Him


“Not quite a bully, but someone who gave me a lot of trouble for deciding to go to the military after high school (couldn’t afford college).

A few years later, I’ve gotten my reenlistment bonus, I’m back home, I decided to take my siblings out for dinner and a movie.

Who’s the hostess? Yup. She tells me she got her degree in fine arts and moved back home, I tell her I’m an engineer for the military. She makes a face. Okay.

Turns out, our server was fantastic. Kept our drinks full, cracked jokes, and took good care of us.

Bill was $120. I evened it out to $200. He chased me down as we left to make sure it wasn’t a typo, I told him he deserved it. As we walk out, I look back. He’s standing at the wait stand in the back, excitedly showing off the receipt with his $80 tip.

She’s back there, she stares at it, looks up, and sees me. I tip her a salute and walk out.

And for the record, I would have tipped him that, anyway. It was just so vindicating to see the look on her face.”

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11. I Saw A Familiar Face Among The Prisoners


“When I was a child, my parents weren’t rich. Not impoverished, but definitely not people who could afford to throw around. As a result, we spent probably 10 years’ worth of my childhood living in a mobile home park on the ‘rough’ side of town. I remember one year we lived there, there were exactly 4 murders in the entire state.

Two of them were in my neighborhood.

So in a neighborhood like this, of course, there are neighborhood bullies. One of them was named ‘Isiah’, let’s say. Over the course of a couple of years, probably when I was around 13-14, he made my life miserable.

I couldn’t go to the park playground for fear of Isiah being around, so I spent a lot of time lonely, bored, and scared in my own house.

Fast forward nearly a decade. I’ve been a correctional officer at the state prison for a few years.

Doing very well for myself, own a couple of cars, bought my first house, and life is good. Isiah hasn’t even crossed my mind since I was a kid. However, one particular day at work, they were short-staffed, so they threw me into Segregation (aka ‘the hole’, where bad inmates go to be punished) where I don’t normally work.

I go do a walkaround to check all the cells, and lo and behold, I see a familiar face in one of the cells. I check his inmate ID and sure enough, it’s this piece of work from my neighborhood when I was a kid.

I smiled and kept walking.”

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10. I Became My Bully's Bully


“I was the 4-eyed (used to wear glasses) tinkle star blond little fatso that he liked to pest and push around every time oxygen got in his head. I was slow (hence strong) and did mediocre in class. So I felt miserable almost every day in my life back then.

Rugby saved my life and my sanity. In 8th grade, we had rugby try-outs to see who was physically fit to play the school tournaments, so I applied because I had nothing to lose. It turned out I was fast with my hands and was hard and sturdy to tackle.

In the final test, we needed to prevent a pass or tackle the opponent. I got to face my nemesis. The giant bully. It was the right motivation. I went for the artery when I tackled him, he spent the next 20 minutes crying.

I was never called on anything ever again by anyone.

I was what my school friends used to describe as, ‘Oh, you don’t mess with him, period.’ kind of kid. That reputation followed me along the years.”

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9. He Gave His Son Helpful Advice


“Not me, one of my college professors. He’d always be telling us stories about his son, who was around 10.

Late in the semester, he was telling us how his son was getting bullied a bunch at school. At first, he said all the right things like to ignore him, stay out of it, be the bigger person, etc.

Eventually, it got too much for his son so the prof told him the next time the bully got in his face to hit him in the nose.

Professor said don’t worry about getting in trouble, just hit him hard enough on the nose to get the point across.

Sure enough the next week the son hit the bully, the professor had to go into school and deal with stern teachers, but the bully never went after the son again.”

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stmc 2 years ago
Guess jove has never been bullied before huh
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8. I Personally Took Him Into Custody


“I’m a part-time Leo in a town like 25 miles from where I grew up… 845 am on a Sunday morning non the less I get dispatched to a single-vehicle MVA into a pole.

Upon arrival, I make my initial assessment with ems and we collectively established he was not hurt but was quite wasted (insert large sigh). I didn’t recognize him at all nor did he still live in the area we grew up in. But anyways I take him into custody and start my way to the county jail on the way there he starts crying.

Nothing out of the norm though…

But he keeps trying to say something. For the first 3 or 4 times he said it, I couldn’t understand it. Then I finally do.

‘This is because I stole your bike growing up isn’t it?’

Turns out it’s Jose from my old hood.

The jerk knew I got a new bike and we used to be friends. He knew the combo to my shed and in the middle of the night stole my bike. I later found out about it and went to his house with a friend of mine and took it back.

We never fought but I sure wanted to back then. If he never would have said something I doubt I would have realized who he was. I had long forgotten about it… Sure did make my day though to feel the click of the cuffs locking up.”

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7. Manager Forced Him To Quit


“First job after high school working the Christmas temp shift at an electronics store. Turns out I’m quite good at sales and by my second week, I’m the second-best salesman in the store. Not bad for someone only contracted for 3 months.

This being Xmas loads of temp staff were being hired as others kept quitting.

In fact, I was the only temp to last the full length of the contract. I was offered a full-time position and a raise too.

My revenge? An old bully was hired a few weeks after me. The manager spotted I was incredibly uncomfortable when he was on shift with me.

He asked what was wrong and I told him. Never saw the bully on a shift with me again. Turns out the manager slashed the guy’s hours to basically nothing in order to force him to quit.

So revenge by sales figures I guess.”

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6. Ended Up Being With Her 3 Years Later

“Went to school with this girl from elementary school.

Enter high school, she was an overly artsy type, and I was rather heavyset and decided to do theater. Needless to say, I was insulted at every single turn, even to the point of her having her donor father convince the teacher to not give me the lead in a show opposite her.

It didn’t work.

Fast forward to the show, the entire auditorium was PACKED! And the show was being filmed for the website. There was a scene where we had to kiss, and I just turned to the audience and let loose with a string of verbal insults to her.

I’d never felt such a rush of adrenaline in my entire life! She ran off the stage in tears for ruining ‘her big night’ and I felt so happy.

Years later I lost weight and joined law enforcement, and ended up pulling her over for speeding.

We’ve now been going out for 3 years and we always laugh about that night. I couldn’t be happier, and yes I DID give her a ticket.”

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jote 2 years ago
Yeah, okay
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5. I Think I Got Him Fired


“There was a fat jerk that always used to bully me in high school. He was bigger than everyone else so he would use that to his advantage to intimidate people.

He would bully me and pretty much anyone with who he thought he could get away.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago… I see him on social media. Fatter and balder than before. Which, that itself made me happy. But I see him posting on his social media wall about his new job and trying to solicit business.

Scrolling down his posts I see that he is constantly posting political stuff along with filthy language, etc. So, I emailed his company with a link to his social media page and said that I was offended and would not do business with a company that has employees like that.

A couple of days later I see that under his ‘workplace’ section on the about page was blank. I think I got him fired. Not gonna lie, feels good.”

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4. Karma Took Care Of Them And I Watched It Happen

“I was bullied for years by a girl that set up more or less all my friends against me from ages 8 till 12 more or less.

The head of the school we had at the ages of 10 to 12 was close friends with her parents and always gave her the favor, credits, etc. He would ignore me even when I was the only kid who knew the answer in class, and even gave me bad advice, not because I was less smart, but because he didn’t like me (actually his wife, also a teacher of the same class, didn’t agree on it and got angry, leaving me with intermediate advice).

I remember thinking that it was just supposed to be like this for some reason. I felt so helpless. It took me 10 years to open up more and actually let people in.

However, karma did come around for a bit: It turned out that the head of the school had an affair — kicked out of the house by their wife and moved in with the woman he had an affair with.

Which didn’t last. Further, one of his sons turned out to be gay. He couldn’t accept/deal with that, so his son didn’t want to see him anymore.

Later it turns out that the bully also struggles with her life.

Honestly, they are dead to me.

If I can save their lives by only looking at them I would look away. I wouldn’t poke them with a stick (maybe with the bumper of a 40ton truck). Really when people hurt you so much and they put a scar on you for life (which was a rotting wound for a decade) you really don’t want to see those people anymore.

No, I’d prefer to eat my own poop, puke it out and eat the vomit again for the rest of my life than see them again or, even worse, have to hear a sound out of their messed up faces.

Yes, it still makes me very angry.”

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kesn 2 years ago
Sounds like an uncle of mine who made my life a living hell
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3. Took A Weekend to Expose Him To The Whole School

“In 2018, I was in my first semester in my sophomore year of high school, and there was this other kid who we’ll call Bully-Kid. He was giving me tons of flak nearly every day at that time for reasons that date back a lot longer than things even should have.

So, I took all the things he did (as well as other things) and wrote a diss-track on him that made him look like a complete, bigoted jerk to many people in the school. (There were even rumors his significant other at the time broke up with him because of it, but this is speculation and not my business, to begin with).

Now, let me throw you some context.

In 2012 I was in my fourth-grade year, and I had just moved into town. On the first day of school, I met this dude who I had immediately become friends with, and have been friends with for just about 8 years by the time of this post. Meet Cool-Kid, we immediately become indulged in a conversation with each other while waiting outside at one of the entrances for the elementary school.

Being nine years old at the time, I was without a doubt nervous about going to a new school in a new town with people I hadn’t met before, so having Cool-Kid as an immediate friend was a real weight off of my shoulders. After being oriented into a few of our classes, most of which I shared with Cool-Kid, it was lunchtime.

As you could have guessed, I went and found a seat right across from Cool-Kid. We sit there and start talking about our favorite video games and consoles until someone else sits nearby. Enter Bully-Kid.

Bully-Kid, when I first met him, seemed like a really chill kid despite the name I’m pinning him.

We sat there and introduced ourselves, all three of us getting to know each other until it was time for the next class. One key detail that you should keep in mind for later, was that I learned Bully-Kid was really good friends with Cool-Kid at the time and had known him ever since Kindergarten.

The three of us sat there asking random questions about each other until the lunch period was over.

A few weeks later, I and a few other classmates began playing tag at recess. At the time, Cool-Kid was absent since he had an early dismissal due to a doctor’s appointment.

However, Bully-Kid was there and playing tag with us. We were all having fun for a while until I noticed something odd. Every time that Bully-Kid was it, he didn’t bother going after anyone closest to them (like literally, everyone else does when they play tag).

Instead, he constantly made bee-lines after me alone. Most of the time, I manage to outrun him and camp up on top of the slide where he would soon go after someone else. The times Bully-Kid did get me however, he didn’t just tap me.

He full-on shoved me and sometimes made an obnoxious comment towards me. I didn’t really care much about it on the first day, but this wasn’t the only game where he had done this. The next day, when Cool-Kid was actually with us playing tag, Bully-Kid wasn’t bee-lining for me so much, but he was still shoving me and stuff whilst saying the occasional rude comment after tagging me.

I didn’t really want to start drama with Bully-Kid directly at the time, so instead, I had gone to talk to Cool-Kid about it the next day when we were in class together.

I explained to Cool-Kid what Bully-Kid had been doing in recess the two days before.

Cool-Kid said that he had noticed that kind of behavior during that game. Seeing as Cool-Kid knew Bully-Kid a lot more than I did, I started to question what was up with that and tried to get some sort of motive. We never really came to a conclusion, and really there HASN’T been a conclusion for quite a few years after that.

Ever since 2012, Bully-Kid had been becoming a nuisance more and more all the way until Middle-School. During the second semester of my eighth-grade year in 2017, it was well known that Bully-Kid and I hated each other. Cool-Kid was still around, but I was distant from him.

Not for any bad reason, of course, I was just hanging out with a different group of friends. During that time, Bully-Kid was being a real jerk to me and kept picking on me behind my back, as well as face to face. He was trying to convince people that he was better than I was, and tried to get people to know only bad things about me.

I confronted him one day and said to his face, ‘If there was something you want to settle, meet me at the gate.’ Bully-Kid surprisingly agreed, and so at the end of the day, I waited there at one of the school gates where people walk to and from school.

(There were two entrances to the school, one of which was the main driveway up the hill where only cars were allowed to go, and the other entrance where all the kids walking home went). I waited there for almost half an hour, but much to my expectations, he didn’t show up for what was going to be a fight.

There was almost a whole year of silence between us after that oddly enough, and this is where we get to the good part of the story.

Back to 2018. Now, I’m in sophomore year. The old friend group that I was hanging out with through middle school was essentially disbanded. All of us became distant from each other, and one of the kids even moved to a whole new school district.

So I went to my fourth-grade roots and started to hang out a lot more with Cool-Kid. Throughout the beginning of the year, I and Cool-Kid talked a lot about what our lives have been like since 2012, and there was one thing that he told me that really struck me.

Cool-Kid: ‘I stopped hanging out with Bully-Kid.’

Naturally, I asked why, and it went a little something like this.

Cool-Kid: ‘Bully-Kid has been a real jerk to me recently… The same things I notice him doing to you. Which reminds me, there was something I found out about why he was being a jerk to you for six years.’

‘Go on?’

Cool-Kid: ‘He’s jealous that you’re my best friend now. He’s been that way ever since I chose to hang out with you in fourth grade. Essentially he said to me ‘You’re either hanging out with someone who’s known you all your life or hang out with some kid that came in out of nowhere.”

At that point, we had finally reached a conclusion after all those years. Recently after Cool-Kid and Bully-Kid fell out, he started been a REAL jerk to both me and Cool-Kid. Even worse than he was in middle school. Eventually, Bully-Kid snapped at me during a physics class, and the whole class stared at me and him, even Cool-Kid looked shocked. Bully-Kid was fuming mad while I sat there with a smile on my face.

This was when I had a plan. On the weekend just after he snapped at me, I went to work on something that absolutely no one had any idea about. I was writing a diss track on him. I had a lyric video edited and everything.

It took me around 14 hours straight on a Saturday morning to finish up writing, recording, editing, and putting on YouTube (The video isn’t available anymore, so don’t go looking for it). I had written in so much dirt about Bully-Kid and essentially how petty he was (which is ironic, since the fact I wrote a diss track is kinda petty in itself when I look at it in hindsight).

How he treated people and the fact that he has gone through nearly 5 girls at the time.. so he really looked like a Casanova.

Monday morning. Cool-Kid and I were on the bus back to our main school from the vocational school we both attended. He had heard and seen the diss track that was about Bully-Kid and was a little proud of me, but I could also tell he was hoping for a better resolution than that.

I agreed with him, but also had a sense of confidence and boldness and was honestly a little curious about what was gonna happen once we got to school. As soon as I had arrived at school and went up to my English class, there were at least 10 kids in there who had the diss track video playing on their phones while a few others went up to me and offered me high fives and stuff.

It was absolutely surreal. Throughout the day, I even had some of the freshman and middle schoolers come up to me asking if I was ‘that kid who wrote the diss track.’ In short, I was a celebrity in the school for about a day or two and EVERYONE had heard what I put out there.

After the two days of what I felt to be undeserved fame and glory, I was back to being the one kid that everyone kinda knew, but didn’t really talk with.

I haven’t had a single word spoken to me from Bully-Kid ever since that day, and it’s been nearly two years since then.

The one thing I will say about that Monday morning was how satisfying the look of defeat was on that jealous punk’s face when I saw him in English. Everyone knew what kind of stuff he did to me and Cool-Kid over the years, as well as some other dirt I managed to get from his past significant others.

One thing I know for certain is that he’s never gonna come at me or Cool-Kid ever again.”

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2. Lawyer Was Surprised When I Name Dropped

“One of my bullies had his lawyer set up a meeting with me during his trial (for generally being a serial offender).

And the lawyer was misinformed that I was in some way materially responsible for his crimes and so was obligated to contact me.

I agreed to a meeting during my lunch break at my place of employment; I ordered a steak from the cafe and I think he had fish sticks, and the lawyer had something (super cheap) that was mostly peas and corn.

During the meeting his lawyer expected him to explain how he believed that I had coerced and entrapped him. Instead, he tried to intimidate me into confessing with a lawsuit. It took a few minutes for the lawyer and me to catch on.

Because of (me, he) learned it was acceptable to go through life, stealing and (falsely) incriminating other people.

That (I) had ruined his life because (he) never had the ability to learn otherwise while (I) could be responsible for the consequences of everything that happened.

It took a little bit of feinting to wind him up into not dancing around the issue (and forgetting lunch), but the final exchange went:

Me: ‘That you intend that (we) would sue the school board and (hometown) police for actively teaching him and other persons to scapegoat and attack minorities?’

Bully: ‘No.’ standing to lean/grab/wave across the table ‘Therefore since (I) was responsible for his crimes, that I should use (my) parents to make the trial go away.

Or else.’

Me: ‘Or else you sue me for being your victim!?’ (Stops ignoring/talking over lawyer and now ignores bully.)

Lawyer: ‘Uh– thank you for your time, but I think that we should be going now.’

Bully: ‘You. Ruined. My. Life!

Make the charges go away – I will sue you.’ (continued shouting and yelling)

Me: ‘(Name Drop: crown prosecutor) isn’t legally allowed to be (my family’s) retainer anymore, but in this instance, I imagine he would be representing my interests in this case anyway.’ (motion to ceiling)

Lawyer: ‘Let me pay for your lunch, we must go’ (literally dropped the wallet and grabbed the client).

Bully: (continued shouting and yelling: Listing crimes he was not yet charged with and how he committed them against me first without comeuppance, making his later repetition against others (in his opinion) my fault.)

Me: (returned wallet and cash to lawyer) ‘No need, you still need to eat.’ (walked them out while others follow us because of the shouting.)

Other: What was that about?

Me: The usual. I’m walking back to the lab; You have the office save the recording if anything happens.”

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jote 2 years ago
That definitely could have been written a lot simpler and clearer.
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1. Our Swim Team Is Kinda Interesting


“When I was in high school, I had a bully that nearly made me drop out.

We were both on the swim team, and this guy was awful. The kind of guy who would shave off random large chunks of hair while you were sleeping, or throw your entire lunch on the roof.

Anyhow, we ended up swimming for the same team in college by some sick Cosmic joke, but by that time, I had outgrown him in stature and swimming speed.

Long story short, I slept with his significant other (also on the swim team) which caused him to become depressed when the team found out. He got kicked off the team, dropped out of school, and moved back home to live with his parents.

This happened after 4 months into my freshman year…

Revenge is sweet. I heard he just recently got engaged, so I guess things are going well for him now, but he really got what was coming to him.”

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Okkaren 2 years ago
Using another person to ruin a Bully is a jerk, but you should have left the SO alone. You're gross.
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