People Spill Their Most Contentious Revenge Stories

The feeling of watching our offenders go down is priceless. That's probably why these people who spilled their most contentious revenge stories are proud to say that they have overcome their bullies. Here are some of the most controversial revenge stories for you to enjoy.

22. Revenge Is Best Served With Summer Footwear


“My family spent summers at a timeshare. Our building had 2 ‘units’, each with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It was basically a duplex. Every year, my family would gather there for an entire week. My family and my mom’s sister’s family.

I had 4 cousins, all of them boys, and a brother. I was the only girl.

Now, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a night owl. I’ve never been a morning person. I’d stay up late reading books and would sleep late afterward.

Late, of course, being any time after 8 am. My cousins, however, somehow were always up at the crack of dawn. Knowing I was a sleepy, grumpy little bear, every morning my cousins would charge into my room and dogpile onto my bed.

With me still in it!! I’d be roughly woken by screaming and jostling and just generally being squished. I was a small, skinny kid so I couldn’t really fight back. And yelling at them only made them laugh. This would happen every day.

Every. Year.

Well, this one particular morning, the last of our week at the timeshare, I happened to wake up early. I bolted out of bed and ran for the main floor, finding both sets of parents. Seeing that the trolls weren’t up yet, I grinned the malicious grin of a pre-adolescent terror seeing an opportunity.

So, I emptied the bag I had stayed up late packing and arranged my clothes under the covers to look like my shape. I was lucky that the one doll I had with me had similar hair color to mine. I splayed the hair out from under the covers across my pillow.

Then, I took my flip-flops, the only things I hadn’t packed under the covers, ducked into the closet, and waited.

I heard them before I saw them. They thundered up the stairs like a small pack of wild, smelly dogs. They burst in through the door, all 4 of them, and threw themselves onto my bed while I peeked through the open crack of the closet door.

I waited until I saw the confusion register on their face as they discovered not a human girl in the bed but a facsimile made of clothes. Then, I attacked. I launched myself out of the closet and vaulted off the spare twin bed to my own, a flip-flop in each hand.

I landed on the now terrified pile of boys with fury, my flip-flops smacking. My furious warcries echoed throughout the duplex as I hit every inch of them I could reach. When they made a run for it, I chased them down, smacking them over and over, through the unit, down the stairs, screaming for mercy.

The watching parents laughed until they cried.

My cousins never tried to wake me up ever again.”

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shka 2 years ago
way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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21. My Lawn Remained Perfect After The Confrontation


“I used to live in a modular housing community (aka: trailer park) that was basically a quiet retirement community with little traffic, crime, or animosity between neighbors. Good ownership and management kept it that way and everyone was happy living there.

The police would occasionally cruise thru but only because they enjoyed spending some quiet time in an area of town that wasn’t riddled with crime. It was a break for them and we enjoyed having them there mostly to talk baseball and exchange jokes.

Within a couple of years though, the community was sold to a new owner & management company and they basically let anyone who could pay the lot rent in without any vetting to keep the unruly out. The place went crazy within 3 months with loud parties at night and plenty of crime with the police there literally every night shutting down parties, arresting dealers, investigating break-ins, and such.

I lived in a space that was located at the top of where two roads connected to form a ‘T’ dead-ended intersection. One of our ‘new’ tenants liked to drive their ridiculously lowered vehicle with an exhaust system that amplified the engine noise to its loudest thru the park late at night and do a nightly U-turn over my lawn and driveway so they could head back down the road they just came up – I’m guessing primarily to double the noise in the neighborhood while avoiding having to turn too sharply with their modified suspension by driving over my lawn.

This repeatedly happened and sometimes the tire tracks were as much as 3 to 4 feet over the road into my lawn & across my driveway. The lawn actually belonged to the park, but it was my contractual responsibility to keep the lawn and the rest of the property looking nice.

So naturally, I was angry at having to repeatedly fix my lawn because the jerk down the street enjoyed driving on it and tearing it up.

I went to the park’s new management, complained about the damage the ‘new’ neighbors were doing to my lawn, and got the typical trifecta response: 1st, We don’t care because it’s really park property and you still have to maintain it.

2nd, We don’t care because we want the increased lot revenue from the new tenants more. And 3rd, Stop being a Karen and suck it up & shut up because… We don’t care since you’re on an old contract at a low low fixed rental rate that we can’t legally jack up thru the roof.

Now the pro revenge part, I re-read my contract closely to make sure I was within my tenant rights relating to temporary landscape improvements, and went to the river to find 2 large smooth river rocks that had just the right shape and weight as ‘temporary landscape improvements’ – 4 to 6 inches high, and weighed at least 25 pounds each.

After a couple of hours, I found just the right ones, hauled them home, and painted them green to match the lawn, painted some decorative flowers on the sides, and plopped one down in each corner of my lawn and driveway.

We shall say purely for aesthetic enhancement, E.G.

About two in the morning that night I could hear the jerk with the super loud exhaust pipe on his car with the ridiculously lowered suspension coming down the road to perform his usual U-turn over my lawn.

I sat in my darkened house watching with glee as he ran up over the rocks, got high centered, and had to jack up the car to get the rocks out from underneath. They also knocked his suspension loose with one front tire aiming off in a slightly different direction than the other and completely detached the super loud exhaust pipe that the jerk had to chuck into the back seat of his car.

The best part was watching him slowly limp his now very quiet but squirrely steering car back down the road in the direction it came.

The next day in the afternoon surprisingly, the park manager knocked on my door and said they had received a complaint that I had damaged another tenants’ vehicle by placing rocks in the road and wanted an explanation.

I grabbed my park contract and showed them my new decorative landscape ‘enhancements’ placed fully within the boundaries of my lawn. I made it a sickeningly repetitive point to make sure the park manager saw both the tire tracks and the resulting damage to my lawn, the scratches the undercarriage did to my new decorative rocks, and the section in my contract regarding temporary landscape improvements, and I explained the rocks were there to stay until I got eviction papers. I never heard super loud pipes or from the manager again, and my lawn remained perfect after that.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Good job.
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20. Entitled Mom Tries To Get Me Fired So I Had Her Banned For Life


“About 2 years ago I worked at a gym. I worked night shifts until 6 am – so not much usually happened. My manager loved me and the guy (I’ll call him Lee) that works with me on nights since we did almost all the gym upkeep like cleaning and paperwork, and we also filled in day shifts’ info whenever they messaged us and said they forgot something.

I worked there for about 3 or so years, so I knew how everything worked. I also have a service dog because of my severe PTSD and autism and corporate approved of me having a service dog with me.

We have this segment in the signup sheet that states the yearly fee all members get so long as they’re a member on yearly sign-ups, and we’re required to verbally state it while we help get them signed up.

Enter in entitled mother.

She came in, and Entitled Mother walked up to the front desk and then she yelled at me that I was stealing from her son, and I calmly asked her ‘miss could you explain?’ I was really confused, and my service dog didn’t react to her because she’s a good girl.

She then basically said that I was stealing from her son by charging him a yearly fee. I got the member documents up to and showed her the fee take out (the member is a regular and so long as you have a signed agreement corporate charges the membership unless you call to cancel).

Keep in mind I’m behind a large front counter desk, and the service dog stays underneath the counter unless she alerts me. The service dog came out to stretch a bit as I was explaining why I wasn’t stealing. Mind you, she has a large vest that says service dog AND corporate as well as management knows for a fact that I have her.

HR-approved of her being there already.

The entitled mother notices the dog (who’s not doing anything) and then starts screaming to call the police since my dog was trying to attack her, which she wasn’t. A few minutes pass and the cops come after my coworker calls them up, having witnessed everything that’s been happening.

Before I could say anything she talks about my dog like she wanted to have my service dog put down! I stayed calm and was trembling at this point since I was horrified by the situation, and the officer asks me my side of the story while the Entitled mother is just staring like she was given the best person of the year award.

Lee was able to confirm what happened, and I pointed to our security camera above the front desk. The entitled mother turned pale and went full return to monkey mode and started yelling at me and the officer at this point.

The cop didn’t like her attitude and said if they need to, they’ll come back and ask for security footage. That’s when my coworker and I nodded in response and said okay. After giving him the hours our manager was usually in for work so he could get the footage from them.

The cop took the Entitled mother out of the store and said she was banned from the store until further notice.

The manager heard about what happened by Lee, and he reviewed the tapes himself. It was decided from that point on she was permanently banned from the gym!”

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19. Ever Heard Of The Idiom "Salt In The Wound"?


“Background: My great-grandfather (GGF) lived on a houseboat in a swamp in southern Louisiana (when I say southern, I mean so far south that people in New Orleans were ‘northerners’) with his wife and dozen (or so) children. He supported his family by trapping crab and crawfish in the swamp.

He would set traps at night and empty them in the morning.

The antagonist: My GGF noticed that his traps were unusually empty for several days in a row. He figured that someone was emptying his traps in the middle of the night or early morning before he could get to them.

He had no idea who this could be. Now, this area was VERY remote. There really wasn’t any law enforcement presence. It was very much like the wild west.

The preparation: My GGF decided to set a trap for the night thief.

One night, when setting his crab traps, he strung a fishing line between them with fish hooks tied in every few inches. The line was strung so that it was just below the surface of the water and was therefore not visible, especially in the dark.

(The swamp was only about thigh to waist deep.) He then laid in wait with his single-shot 0.22 rifle for the thief to make his rounds.

The Revenge: After many hours of waiting, his patience paid off. He heard splashing as the thief became tangled in the fishing line and stuck by the fish hooks.

With the thief immobilized, he aimed with the rifle.

He had loaded the rounds with a special load: rock salt.

You’ve heard of ‘salt in the wound?’ The thief eventually extricated himself from the traps and limped off. My GGF never saw him again, and no one ever messed with his traps again.”

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StumpyOne 2 years ago
Where I'm from you dont mess with another persons traps. It's not uncommon for violence to happen if someone breaks this rule. Your GGF was way more kind then others. Excellent revenge!
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18. I Spent 3 Nights To Pull It Off


“About 6 years ago, I worked for a company, UK, that provided a supported living type home for adults with mental health issues.

There were about 5 or 6 clients that lived there permanently and were supported 24 hrs. There was about 10 to 12 staff, a senior staff member, and one overall manager.

The whole house was overlooked by a regional manager who managed other houses also.

Without going into too much detail, the whole company was a nightmare, with staff members not fit to support rocks from rolling into the sea and a senior who tried to micro-manage every aspect of us lowly staff members, but failed miserably because a) he was a knob and b) he couldn’t supervise a knees-up at a Hokey Pokey competition.

The main manager was no better, he spent his days in his office glued to his computer trying to fix the monthly rota he constantly balled up.

Anyway, one day we were informed we needed to have a visitors book, with details about the house and a character page of each staff member, including a photograph.

A description of the staff members’ strengths and experience, plus a little bio in our own words to describe our personality.

This came just as I was due to start my notice period of 1 month before I left for a new job.

Despite my reasoning that I wouldn’t be around to enjoy its existence, I was to have a photo and do my bio anyway as it was policy, and policy in that place was king.

When it was finished, it was a thing of beauty.

A cheap plastic folder crammed full of the company’s finest. Like a wanted public enemy’s no 1. mug shot album full of who shouldn’t be allowed out after dark, let alone be in charge of vulnerable adults.

When it was done, up it went on a shelf to gather dust and remain until if there ever was an important visitor, then it would be dusted off and shown to the VIP so they could nod and say what a marvelous crowd we all were.

As I’m a mischievous bugger, on my last night shift before I went for good, I took down the folder, threw away the original pages, and spent nearly the 3 nights I was working putting together new bios and pics for everyone.

It was mostly silly stuff, pictures replaced photographs of the staff to match personalities. I also redid the descriptions below and filled them with nonsense, like ‘Hi, my name’s Dave. I have 12 years’ experience of working in an abattoir but am new to the company.’ Or ‘my name’s Mike, I’m into live role-playing mystic unicorns.

I’m 52 years old and still live with my parents in a caravan in motorway services.’

The icing on the cake, the regional manager, a proper slick-looking wide boy, had on his social media page, a photo of him posing in a woman’s underthings, looked like it was for a joke, and guess what? That went in there too.

After it was done, I patted myself on the back and returned the blessed thing to its spot on the shelf. Finished up my notice and moved on to pastures new.

About six months down the line, I had a phone call from one of my ex-colleagues.

They were struggling to breathe over laughing so hard.

Apparently, there was a mythical VIP visit with one of the major big nobs. In their eagerness to impress the regional manager encouraged the house manager to show the visitor the staff welcomes to the house folder.

Apparently, the fallout was a glorious thing to behold and I would have paid good coin to have been a fly on the wall.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
I would have paid to see that too. XD
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17. Put My Health At Risk? Lose The Cushy Job Position


“In about the middle of January 2019, I fell and needed to recover.

I don’t know about other states but here in Florida rehab for people who need it to recover, at least for seniors, is often handled in nursing homes. Another thing that’s common in nursing homes is the staff having some idea that all the residents are just being warehoused while they wait to die.

Now while being a senior I was only 63 at the time and far from ready to wait for death to visit me.

Now for the meat of the story. I had been in rehab for a couple of months and had recovered much of my strength.

One day I had an appointment with a new doctor whose office was about 30 minutes away across town. This appointment happened to have been scheduled for a short time before I was cleared to quit using a wheelchair in favor of a rollator type of walker.

This being an important appointment I made sure that I was ready and waiting in the dining room/day room a highly visible location. As I waited I didn’t know that the nursing assistant (NA), who was visible from where I was sitting in the wheelchair was the one who would be driving.

I was ready over an hour before appointment time just trying to be sure that I would be able to go as soon as the driver was ready to take me. Remember this is a first visit and doctor’s offices always have extra paperwork for first-timers.

So anyway I sit there waiting until about 15 minutes before the appointment. At the time I had no clue where the doctor’s office was so I figured that the driver (I still didn’t know that NA was the driver) knew just how long it would take to get me there.

Anyway, NA comes up to me:

NA: ‘Are you ready to go?’

Me: ‘Been ready for around an hour now.’

NA: ‘Okay, I just need to bring the van up.’

Remember, I’m in a wheelchair, so not only does she need to bring the van over to the door, but she also needs to get me loaded up and the chair locked down.

After loading me up and securing me in the van we leave the facility for the half-hour ride to the doctor’s office. We arrive at the doctor’s office over 15 minutes late. I get wheeled up to the window and hand over my paperwork.

I should note here that NA had doubts that I was able to hold the paperwork from the van to the receptionist’s window, I was feeling quite insulted by her at that point. My thoughts were about her doubting my mental ability to do such a simple thing while she has sat at the nurse’s station playing on her phone until it was too late to get me there on time which to me showed that she didn’t have the mental ability to prioritize her activities in such a way as to get me to the appointment on time.

Anyway, I’m sitting in the waiting room and I hear my name being called, I wheel over to the receptionist’s window:

Receptionist: ‘Mister, I’m sorry, but you arrived too late.’

Me: ‘Late? How much late?’ I ask knowing that I was late by at least 15 minutes.

Receptionist: ‘Well you were more than 15 minutes late and that’s too late. It’s our policy.’

Me: ‘So I will not be seen today then?’

Receptionist: ‘Sorry. Would you like to schedule a new appointment?’

Me: ‘The nursing home wants to do that sort of thing, I guess it’s to avoid conflicting appointments.’

On my arrival at the nursing home, I inform the appropriate staff member of the need to reschedule the appointment and go about entertaining myself while I wait for the notice of the new appointment.

When my new appointment comes up I have made enough progress that I’m allowed to use a rollator-type walker rather than the wheelchair. Again I get NA as the driver which doesn’t bother me much until I see that she’s playing with her phone when we should be getting ready to go.

This time I know how much time it will take and rather than passively waiting I go up to the nurse’s station and make sure that she gets it in gear. During the time between the appointments, I learn that NA, aside from being one of two staff members who drive residents to places, only schedules the hours of the other CNAs.

I mean, aside from playing on her phone those two things are all she does.

Anyway, even though it’s quicker getting me in the van, and the fact that I got her going when I did she managed to almost make me too late again by making a personal stop on the way.

We arrive and again she insults me by trying to keep control of my paperwork as we are going in. At least this time we weren’t too late for me to be seen, but I didn’t wait very long for the appointment.

After being seen by the doctor I got the paperwork that I needed to take to my PCP, actually, I turned that paperwork over to the nurse working my wing at the time. However, after I received the paperwork I stepped out into the waiting room and because I expected to leave right away I stood there waiting for NA to get done conversing with the receptionist.

While I waited I heard them talking about job openings at that doctor’s office and watched NA accept a business/appointment card for the doctor’s office. No, it wasn’t a new appointment for me, I actually didn’t need to see that doctor again.

So I stood there much longer than I should have had to and as far as I could see NA would have been just fine gabbing for quite a while longer, but the receptionist spoke to me and that reminded NA that she had a job to do.

On the way back to the nursing home NA felt the need to make another stop and this one took enough time that I got stuck eating a PB&J because I was too late for lunch. That was the last straw, I was not going to deal with her again.

While it was pretty much accidental here comes the revenge.

I had developed a pretty good rapport with the DON (Director of Nursing) and I went to see her. What was said in that conversation follows:

DON: ‘Hi Mister, what can I do for you today?’

Me: ‘It’s about NA.’

DON: ‘What about her?’

Me: ‘I want it on record.

I don’t want her involved in any part of my medical needs.’

DON: ‘Please tell me what brought this on.’

I told her what happened over those two appointments and that I was not going to have someone delaying my progress in recovering my health just so she could advance another level in some silly game on her phone.

I also told her of the part of the conversation NA had with the receptionist that I was present for.

The next day, someone who was more together than the usual resident there heard about my conversation and advised me that if NA gets demoted to a regular CNA I was at risk of having to deal with her.

I said I wasn’t worried because since I was not being signed in by family or the state I had some control over my medical care and I had said I would refuse any care from her and would be able to make it stick.

Within a week NA was no longer spending her days sitting in the nurse’s station playing on her phone. By the time I was discharged from there I had noticed that NA had not been around for a while. I don’t know if she had been fired, but aside from her losing the cushy job status, she may have also lost her job entirely.”

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arspoetica028 2 years ago
I'm glad you said something... I don't think she should be trusted with any patient's care.
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16. This Is Why You Must Not Mess With Cats


“A friend of mine has been feeding several feral cat colonies in our town for years with a few other people (morning and night shift). I’ll call her Catalie for this story. Catalie desperately needed a break so I took over for her.

This specific route is in a very, very bad neighborhood and has 6 stops with many MANY cats. We catch/sterilize/adopt out or release them back into the colony as often as possible. Some cats are just not adoptable but they still need to eat, hence feeding the colonies.

We also have a vet friend who provides us with meds when necessary so they’re all well taken care of. The food is purchased by us for the most part but sometimes donated bags are given and very appreciated. We also carry several gallons of water for kitty hydration.

We keep all the bowls clean, hay for warmth, and all that necessary stuff.

Since Catalie trained me I have followed her suggested route for the quickest process to get through all the stops. It’s about a 6 block radius. There’s a wonderful Hungarian lady who gives me cookies and cake every single night.

There’s a nice man from Bolivia who likes to practice his English with me and I get food from his wife in return. The gangers always wave and let me know I’m safe because ya know, ya don’t mess with cats (I am licensed and armed and always bring my dogs so I’m not scared at all).

Sometimes my 20-year-old son comes along just to know my route if I don’t return. Hungarian lady gave him 2 beautiful handmade quilts. We do odd jobs when needed for the wonderful folks we come across.

So I’ve been doing this lil job for about 6 months now.

Made some new friends. Takes about an hour. No big deal. The first week in I notice a lady hot-footing it to the 1st food site the minute I drive away. I can see her in my rearview mirror. I’ve noticed her sitting on her porch across the street so I know where she lives.

I wave, she doesn’t. She also has cats. Cats are everywhere. Ok maybe her cat wandered over to the colony or whatever idk. In the 2nd week, I’m heading to the 2nd site and realize I left my water jugs behind.

Flip a quick U-turn and head back. I see Hot Feet with a plastic grocery bag heading from the colony to her house. Huh. I park just as she’s shutting herself inside her trailer. All the bowls are empty. Weird. I refill them but I’m not as dumb as I look.

Hot Feet is stealing the food.

So I call Catalie and she has no clue. She’s in her 70s and is tired and just gets them fed and moves along. Ok, no problem. Throughout the week I try to play nice with Hot Feet and ask her if she needs any pet food or anything, small talk, ya know the routine.

Basically killing time so the cats can finally eat. She’s rude and basically tells me to shut up. So I start to park near a dumpster by the corner I usually turn at. I can clearly see her rushing over to the cat bowls with a bag, dumping the food into it, and hot-footing it back to her cave.

Ok girl, I OFFERED YOU CAT FOOD. I’m paying for this. None of us are rich.

Now the homeless cats aren’t eating. How long has she been doing this?? I’m so mad. Long story short here comes the regular (or petty? I don’t know) revenge.

I make that my last stop instead of my 1st one. I also bring my laptop and sit there in the back of my SUV watching movies until the cats are done eating. She’s so annoyed but she can’t do anything about it.

She sits on her porch staring daggers at me while I laugh at Letterkenny. Catalie is of course livid. The morning crew has never noticed it either so they have no idea if the cats are ever getting the food we put out.

But I cannot sustain this routine. I have a life. Yes, it’s nice to sit and watch stupid shows for a bit but I’m only doing it so this jerk can’t steal the food. I need something better. And yes I’ve loudly spoken about the stolen cat food.

I’ve wailed and wondered how anyone could do this to starving, homeless, helpless creatures. It’s a big no snitch zone so everyone just shrugs while giving a side-eye to the thief. What do I do? Gonna watch the last episode of Superstore tonight while Hot Feet pouts on her porch. I’m open to suggestions. Don’t mess with cats.”

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DncgBbyGroot 2 years ago
I'm going to sound like a jerk here, but if the gangers protect the cats and protect you because you help the cats, maybe they can scare a little sense into the thief.
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15. They Thought Everything Was Unintentional


“Back in the late ’80s, I got a vacation job at a small hotel/restaurant/pub while I was at Uni. I’d do everything from pot wash through to night clerk but mainly was either on bar shift or waiting.

The restaurant was pretty high-end and was very popular for functions.

This story is set in a function of about 50 over 7 or 8 tables. The guests were all from a small company that had had an amazing year financially and the owner was taking everyone out to celebrate their success.

Unfortunately, time and the drinks have worked their wonders on my brain so exact details like numbers, names, and exactly what they did have become like dust blowing in the wind. I do remember that the guests were a very varied group of ages and that even the janitor was there.

At the time I had started going out with one of the waitresses and we were both working this function. It was a silver serve affair with an open bar and unlimited bottles on the table. I’d been assigned to a table that consisted of a bunch of older ladies and they were a delight to serve, my significant other on the other hand had drawn the short straw metaphorically and had ended up with a bunch of jerks from the sales team.

Young, dumb, and full of… arrogance and booze. They were giving her quite a bit of verbal grief with inappropriate comments and were making her life hard serving and clearing by constantly moving about. I’d offered a couple of times to swap tables but she’d refused.

They were really making the most of the free drinks and were getting very intoxicated and boisterous and it was becoming quite obvious the owner was not that happy with their behavior.

Starters had finished and we were clearing and setting up for mains when my significant other came up to me and told me one of them had asked her to go to the toilets with him! Not surprisingly we agreed to swap tables this time.

I carried on clearing and setting their table and was treated to some wonderful conversation about what they would all like to do to my girl. Professional server face slammed into place but I was seething inside!

Mains were being served and I was taking out a very hot platter of meat to silver serve.

I’d just started serving the guy to the right of the jerk that made those comments to my significant other when I enacted my revenge! He was not paying attention to me and was moving about quite a bit so it was really easy to ‘accidentally’ touch the side of his head with a very hot platter!

Of course, this caused him to yelp and start to stand up, which ‘unintentionally’ made me drop the entire platter of meat and juices all over him.

Of course, as a good server, I was very humble and apologetic while he started shouting and getting quite aggressive until his boss turned up and told him in no uncertain terms to shut up, said it was entirely his own fault and he was an embarrassment.

The boss made him leave the function and actually apologized to me!

I’d exacted my revenge and gotten away with it, not even my significant other realized at the time that it was deliberate, although she was most amused and ‘appreciative’ after I told her.”

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14. Arrogance Sunk A Whole Program In An Institution


“I’m a teacher of Math and Science, let’s call me Miss Edu.

When I was fresh out of college, the job market wasn’t so wonderful. I was great at what I do but I absolutely sucked at doing interviews. Coming to a point of almost giving up, an opportunity was handed to me, a former lecturer of mine recommended me to a higher institution for an assistant lecturer position which was awesome (or so I thought).

I went in, did the interview, and was hired right on the spot with the stipulation that I would work for a year being tested on contract, and if I performed well I’d be hired permanently. I did exceptionally, I got the highest evaluation score in my department, got not one bad student evaluation, and was made the secretary of my department as well as the social development coordinator.

Things took a turn when I got the second half of my contract and realized that I would essentially not be employed for the summer term. I fought tooth and nail, my department head (Mrs. Pi, false name) fought tooth and nail but no one would budge.

As disappointing as it was, I was out.

Two weeks before the start of the fall term Mrs. Pi called me:

Mrs. Pi: Miss Edu will you be coming back to work with us for this term?

Me: No, I haven’t heard anything from the institution since my contract ended 3 months ago.

Mrs. Pi: That’s funny because they have a timetable prepared for you.

That was the beginning of a lot of back and forth between the institution and me.

I was told to write a letter stating why I was upset with not being paid for three months.

(Really people?)

I was told that if I returned they’d put me back on contract. (Well fat chance of that happening.)

I was told I was not privy to the information being discussed about me.

And at the end, I was subtly told that no other job would want me as they were all I had.

I already had 4 job offers.

In the end, I got a job with better pay, more flexibility, and more respect. A week later I was called begging to take my old job back.

A month later I was in transportation with a new student who I discovered was in the program I taught at my old job and being petty I struck up a conversation.

Me: Not to bother you but can I ask a question?

Student: Sure.

Me: Do you have a math teacher?

Student: Yes, but we were told that she’s still on vacation and she wouldn’t be returning for another couple of weeks.

Wheels starting to turn in my head.

Me: By any chance do you know the name of this teacher.

Student: Yes, her name is Miss Edu.

Me: (started chuckling), I’m Miss Edu and the institution has been aware for weeks that I’m not returning. You can tell your classmates that.

Needless to say, she was annoyed and shocked, (to get a certification for the program it is a must that you complete the Math course).

After that I made sure to call the lecturer who had recommended me, I informed him what had happened to me and told him if he really cared about his students he wouldn’t recommend anyone else to that place, he was livid.

News started to spread at the institution that there was no Math teacher and the majority of the students left the program. This program was also subsidized per student by the government, and with so many students leaving, the institution took a hit financially.

In the middle of the term, they got the overseas external examination results of the students I’d taught, it was the best result the institution had ever had for Math (98% of students passed), I was called, congratulated, and offered back my job, they still hadn’t found a replacement.

No thank you!!!

Because of what had happened to me no one would recommend a decent teacher to the institution so they got stuck with someone who was taking a semester off of college because he had failed too many courses, after three months he left and the program further went down the drain.

They lost out on their subsidy.

Because of that, they couldn’t pay other teachers to do the program so no one would take up teaching the classes for the other courses.

Their reputation went downhill.

And three years later they are still calling me to consider coming back.

What do I do now? I deter as many people I can from applying to that place by telling them my story.”

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13. He Thought I Was Faking My Injury


“I was in high school, in my sophomore year (2019). In that horrible year, I had a brain aneurysm and needed immediate surgery. The first surgery didn’t work so they had to go in again. I needed a cane to get around (I went into physical therapy and I was so young that I recovered pretty well).

The surgery was a success, though I did lose a good part of my memory and lost my filter (the tolerance I had for rude people) not only that I sometimes forgot where I was and it was very stressful for me.

I had a good relationship with all my teachers as I was a hard-working student and managed to get along with everyone. What everyone knew was that after the surgery my head was very sensitive and never touch my hair. There were a couple of class clowns in my class but they knew where the boundaries were.

Except for one of them. He was always overstepping his boundaries and making people cry. To the point where other class clowns said to stop. He wasn’t very smart when it came to reading the room or people’s emotions. Now on to the story.

It was a normal day in class. Everyone was being loud and refusing to do their work. Mr. Oven just let it slide until it was time to move on to the next subject. Due to the loud noise, I was constantly wearing earplugs so I wouldn’t get so many sensory overloads.

I was doing my work when someone pulled out one of my earplugs. I was kind of stunned at the moment since there was a sudden loud burst of noise for me. After my ears stopped ringing I looked over to see Jake with one of my earbuds in my hand.

I was as confused as ever, thinking I missed something.

‘Um, Why did you do that?’ I asked.

‘You don’t need it,’ said Jake.

‘I’m sorry?!’ I said.

I was already annoyed at this point. I don’t know why this kid touched me and I don’t wanna know.

I just wanted him to go away.

He stared at me angrily and loudly stated ‘You don’t need this! Quit faking it! You don’t need help and you surely don’t need these! You’re making me uncomfortable!’

I was confused as heck as to why he was uncomfortable with me.

We literally sit on opposite sides of a classroom. Duh! We don’t even talk to each other! At this time the teacher noticed and immediately got in between us.

‘What is going on here?’ asked Mr. Oven.

‘Athena needs to stop faking an injury! She’s not actually hurt and shouldn’t get special treatment!’ yelled Jake.

‘Can you not see the giant scar on my head???’ I questioned will in an angry voice.

‘IT’S FAKE!’ he shouted at me.

I had to cover my ears since my ears were starting to ring again. By this time the whole room was staring at us.

Mr. Oven sighed and said, ‘go back to your seat, Jake.’

Jake fought him on it but reluctantly went on his way but not before quietly whispering to himself, ‘I’ll prove it.’

I didn’t hear all of it but it scared me a little since I didn’t know what he would do.

I didn’t want him to hurt me because he refused to believe that I’m injured. Then I remembered something. I remember that my school had an almost equivalent to a zero-tolerance policy. I figured that if he was going to touch me then he was going to get in trouble for it.

After about 15 minutes of the class, I saw him quietly get up from his desk and walk toward me. I just knew at that moment that whatever he was going to do I had to scream. When he finally came close enough to me Jake immediately grabbed my hair and pulled it.

I. screamed. bloody. murder. I screamed so loud that the surrounding buildings came into our room to check on us. At that point, I didn’t need to fake it. My head was already throbbing. I don’t remember much since I had my head down and I was bawling my eyes out.

I held my head down for a good 15 min. I’m going off of what my classmates told me since I wasn’t paying attention at the time. From what they told me, some of the other (nice) class clowns and students immediately pulled him off and restrained him to the ground.

They immediately had the school officer in the room and handcuffed him.

As he was being pulled out of the class, my classmates kept quiet until I recovered from Jake pulling on my hair. While Jake was being pulled out, some of the others who saw the commotion were yelling nasty things at him.

He started to cry and said it was only a joke. That got my class riled up more shouted even nastier comments at him. As I recovered from the hair-pulling I decided that I had enough for that day and told Mr.

Oven that I was going home and to e-mail me the work. He tried to get me to stay but I was done. I told him I was not going to stay and if I could go to the office. Mr.

Oven finally agreed and gave me a slip to get out of school. I did have a classmate who offered to carry my backpack to the office so that was nice.

When my classmate and I finally got to the office I heard Jake getting screamed at by the principal.

She was threatening him with expulsion and how he was going to get assault charges on his record. How he was never going to get a job and was going to be treated like a worthless criminal. To be honest, Jake’s sobs were music to my ears.

I went home and decided to rest for the day. I later received an email from his mother apologizing for his actions and begging me and my family not to sue them for damages. We decided not to sue them but we did ask them to make sure their son would be respectful from now on.

He was suspended for a month and my class finally had peace from his shenanigans. The next time I saw him in class, Jake’s personality had completely changed. The once overbearing class clown that he usually was changed into the quiet, non-engaging, polite, and respectful classmate. I got my apology from him and that’s all I ever wanted. And hey! The class finally became quiet!”

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12. Karma Hit Him Thrice


“I was the frozen food manager in a supermarket. The man I’ll call John, took my place after I found another job. After three days in the new job, I found out that my new boss had lied to me about the amount of time I would work each day and about the work I would be doing.

I went to my old boss at the supermarket and asked if he’d hire me back. He did so without hesitation. I didn’t expect that he would put me back in my old position, but he insisted on it. Therefore John was put back in his old position.

This part will come up again later in the story.

Throughout the years, John and I had hit it off as friends. We went fishing together, our families met in Florida one year. We went to each other’s places and played cards.

Since we lived pretty close to each other, we would ride bikes to work together also. After a time, I was eventually made the grocery department manager. I was third in the line of management in the store behind the manager and assistant manager.

I don’t remember exactly when John and my’s friendship went off the tracks, but eventually, it did. All of a sudden different people were coming up to me and asking me things I supposedly said. My night stocking crew was the hardest.

I couldn’t figure out why they were turning so much against me. I’ve always been an easy-going guy. If anyone had any problems, all they had to do was come up and talk to me about it. Eventually, I figured out it was John.

While being a friend to me upfront, he was stabbing me in the back. I started working nights once in a while so I could get to know those guys a little better, and for them to know what kind of person I was.

That seemed to work for the most part.

At some point, John got transferred back to being the frozen foods manager. Most days at lunch he would bring in some type of frozen dinner that ‘sales reps’ had covered for him. As for me, it was none of my business although I thought it was weird.

I actually saw him switching labels for his wife when she was in the store once (1980’s, before scanners). I didn’t turn him in because if I had, he would’ve at the most received a slap on the hand, then he would’ve made my life miserable.

If I was ever going to turn him in, it would have to be for something he’d get fired. Then, the fateful day arrives. One of our other department managers had seen enough and turned him in for the frozen dinner thing.

As I predicted, he got a slap on the hand. He then went around the store telling anyone who listened that I was the one who tattled. The other department manager couldn’t stand it, so she confronted him, told him she was the culprit and she also made sure everyone knew it.

He immediately bee-lined to me and tries saying that he was being misunderstood. I didn’t say much, just shrugged it off. This was his introduction to Karma. No one in the store trusted or believed him anymore. The manager that turned him in told me that John felt that any promotion I got should’ve been his from the time I had quit years ago.

No, I got promotions because of my ability and the trust the store manager had in me.

It wasn’t too long after that, that a new grocery store was opening up in town. John applied for a management position and got it.

He spent the next couple of weeks trying to recruit other store employees to go over with him. He struck out. In his new job, he ended up being third in the line of management. I’m not really sure what his position was though.

Once there, old habits die hard. He started trying to sabotage the assistant manager. They didn’t fall for it though and he was fired after a few weeks. That was Karma number two.

Karma number three was the sweetest to me by far.

Now he is without a job and he comes back begging to our store manager for any type of position, even a carry out (someone who bags groceries for the customer). The revenge? The manager then comes to me and asks my opinion.

I told her that we don’t need the drama and if it were me, I wouldn’t hire him back. She didn’t. Now, had John gone on his abilities instead of trying to sabotage other people, he could’ve gone a long way.

The company expanded to a few more stores after that so he would have had a lot of options. I always felt bad about pushing him out of the frozen position all those years ago, but it wasn’t my call. I just wish that all those times we were together outside of work; he’d have talked to me about it.”

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11. Guy Stole My Package But I Got It Back


“So I live in a duplex in a nice neighborhood, but the people who live upstairs have some sketchy friends. So naturally, I installed a doorbell cam as I like to order online frequently.

Well the other day, I received an early package that I was not expecting to get for another day or so.

It was a really busy day in the house too so I wasn’t checking my phone for a couple of hours and I wasn’t waiting on a delivery.
Anyway, I checked my phone eventually and saw that I had a few doorbell cam notifications.

I checked the footage and it showed the delivery guy dropping off a package, taking photo proof of delivery, and walking away. He didn’t knock or ring the doorbell. I saw that happened 2 hrs before this point. I ran outside and the package wasn’t there.

I then checked the footage again and it shows that one of the upstairs neighbor’s ‘friends’ (dealer) took the package and drove off with it. His car was parked in front of my door. So I have evidence of this happening.

My significant other was angry about this so he went upstairs to confront the neighbors and find out who he was… We reported it to the police with picture evidence since I couldn’t send the video because they didn’t accept video files on their website.

I also pointed out who it was exactly. They called back the next morning to tell us that they couldn’t read the license plate number so this wasn’t enough ‘evidence’ to do anything about it. They offered to call him and ask, but for what? For him to just deny it? So that went nowhere.

I also told them that I have actual video footage, but they brushed it off and made it sound like it was just a waste of their time. They didn’t care. (This is why people don’t report packages getting stolen to police.

It doesn’t help anything, even if you have the evidence.)

So what did I do? I made a short video on how this guy stole my package, showed the evidence of my package being delivered, the email saying it was delivered at the time stamp on the doorbell cam, and then the guy stealing the package.

I posted his face at the end of the video and posted the video in a couple of groups based on my city with over 11k people in them. It got a huge reaction, of course. People were angry that the police were useless in this situation and the fact that this guy is a porch pirate.

Then I got a PM from a woman that knew him. She was upset, angry, and shocked. She said that she reached out to him and showed him the post and yelled at him. I’m not sure who she was to him, sounded like family.

She was sad that he wasn’t doing ‘so good’ again. She made him bring it back right away. So I got my package back within 2 hrs of posting that video. I did take it down after I got it and thanked the girl.

It’s pretty sad that you gotta resort to social media instead of the police to get any help like this – quicker too. I had all of the evidence to back it up.

When the guy showed up he looked shook. He really didn’t wanna be blasted like that and it sounds like he got in trouble with people around him.

The neighbors upstairs probably did too, they had to hear it from my angry man lol. He’s a big dude. The thief said he felt like a fool and was apologizing and all that. Probably going home to get yelled at more.

He has children too. It sounds like he is dealing with some stuff in his life, but it still doesn’t give him the right to take other people’s things. He got lucky with the police. I’m glad I got my package back though.

Never thought I would see it again.

After I deleted the post I was thinking maybe blasting him on social media like that and having his family and friends see his face like that would have been worse than the police because you can always deal with the police behind closed doors and not tell any family and friends who actually care about you as you would feel like garbage for disappointing them or having to deal with them ‘lecturing’ you.

Especially if you’re in a position where you hit rock bottom at one point, get help and support from people around you and they are watching you get better and then slipping again right in front of them. That’s gotta be at least a little heavy. But then again with the police, that petty theft would be on your record, which will cause trouble later down the road… Either way, I got my package back and I hope he gets some help or something.”

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dokn 1 year ago
A 19 yr old male was arrested for porch pirate in my area & it was on the news. His mother said it wasn't fair to have him arrested because his stealing & then selling the stolen things was the only way he had to make money. What ????
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10. She Refuses To File An Accident Report With Insurance


“I had my car parked in front of a supermarket to grab some snacks for the road. When I get back to my car, I see a car turn into the spot next to mine. As I walk towards the driver-side door, I notice a serious scratch on the rear fender.

She gets out and we check the damage. At this point, she offers me 100 bucks, but as I have a feeling it’s going to be more expensive, I decline (the car isn’t even a year old at the time).

Now, this is in Europe, we have a standard accident report form to take down the facts about the incident so the insurance companies can determine liability.

Unfortunately, neither of us had one of those forms with us (well, I didn’t, she just said she didn’t but didn’t even check). We exchanged phone numbers and would get in touch later to fill out the form.

The next day, I go to a car repair shop.

They give me a quote that’s well over 1000 bucks. Even though this is a matter for the insurance, she asks me for the quote, which I give her. She thinks it’s too expensive and wants me to get another quote.

I decline as it’s her own clumsiness that’s already been taking way too much of my time. I let her know that I just want that report form filled out.

I mail her a form where I’ve filled out my half, so she can add her side.

Over the next few weeks, I repeatedly ask her to return the form, but she just tells me she hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Finally, I give her an ultimatum or I’ll hand it off to legal counsel. At this point she blocked me.

Obviously, I do as I said, report the incident to my insurance and let them know the other party wouldn’t cooperate. At this point I just wanted the repair done and paid for (my insurance would pay most of it, I just owed an E300 deductible).

Of course, my insurance company would try to get her insurance to pay, but as I understand it, she kept refusing to file the report.

Now, my car has video cameras all around and the accident was clearly visible. Last week, my insurance company called and asked me for that footage.

Yesterday I got a call that based on the video, her insurance was accepting liability so I’m getting the 300 bucks deductible refunded.

And the (unintended) revenge? She’s probably going to get expelled from her insurance because apparently, she broke a law by not cooperating. So instead of paying a slightly higher premium, she’s now going to have to go shopping for probably a much higher premium.”

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sceri123 2 years ago
She deserves that higher premium charge for being stupid.
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9. The Proof Is In The Cow Print


“In 2005 I worked as a Research Assistant through a temp agency at an industrial refrigeration company. I had been there for about six months, had created innovations to help make the Research Technicians’ jobs easier, and found the problem in an ice maker that saved the company millions in service calls and buybacks (McDonald’s was their largest client).

The Research Technician I worked for was the Senior Technician. He was a funny guy but had a large ego, been with the company since graduating high school a little over 30 years, he was 49 at the time. The only reason I remember was that they held a 50th birthday party for him.

After that party, he came in Monday morning bragging about some inexcusable things he did. His conversation was overheard by another co-worker. A few days later I was called into HR to give a statement. I told him I played it down to try to not get him in trouble, which he didn’t to the dismay of many.

About a month later I got a call from my temp agency saying my assignment had ended and I was ok with that. I knew how it was working through a temp agency, I would be off 2 weeks tops then be offered a new assignment unless I found a better job in the meantime.

So one day I went back just to have lunch with friends I made working there and the Senior Technician flipped out because I was there. I mean made a huge scene so I left, not wanting to start any problems for my friends.

So later asked them if they could find out why the Senior Technician threw such a big fit. They found out the Senior Technician had ended my assignment because I participated in the investigation a month earlier, even though I covered his rear as much as possible without lying to them.

He had made up a pack of lies to tell his boss and only waited so it wouldn’t look like retaliation. The man had a big mouth so couldn’t help but brag about how he railroaded me. So I was rather angry, to say the least.

At the time that was one of the best jobs I ever had, it had great people even the Senior Technician didn’t seem like a bad guy at the time.

What the Senior Technician had also forgotten is I knew most of his dirty secrets.

I had a flash drive, at the time they didn’t have a cloud or a server to store documents and you used multiple computers depending on which lab you were in. I hadn’t reformatted it yet and it had all my word and excel files.

So I fired off a few emails to his bosses showing where he had manufactured data on ‘tests’ he had performed, with the data sets I still had and it led to an investigation into him. He tried to explain it as just a disgruntled ex-employee which yes I was, but facts are facts and I hate being stabbed in the back.

He even contacted me asking why I was doing this, why was I lying to get him in trouble? What? Wait one second who lied about who here and I told him as much in very profane language. What really happened is over his time with the company he had held many positions including sales.

He made a bunch of relationships, and when some of these friends wanted units they would contact him. He would then take new units off the line for ‘testing’, then sell that unit as damaged at used prices, plus a generous finders fee, still well below retail.

When he sold the units I had to keep a spreadsheet with Model #’s, Serial #’s, ‘Tests’ performed, sale time, price, and location. I would send them to him weekly because some of them were legit tested models as well, then he would turn them in after he altered the numbers to make it look like he had enough time to run the tests or tried the new experimental parts.

They were still skeptical until I brought up a Cow Print cooler they had been looking for before I left, it was a custom build for a well known national ice cream company and it had vanished, so I told them where it was and that if they went to that location they would also find 3 brand new units still with the factory soldered pipes.

Needless to say, there was a new Senior Technician soon after, I was offered my old job back but declined since I had a new full-time job. I stay in contact with some of my friends there for a time and about a year later I heard the old Senior Technicians had lost his house, his new truck that he had spent thousands customizing (Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4×4 Hemi 4 in the lift, 35s you get the picture), his retirement that he had earned after 30 years, and missed out on the 6-month severance everybody got when the company was bought out and that location close only about a month after he left.

But wait there’s more.

The icing on the cake. The place I went to after had an employee interview panel for potential candidates, this was about 3 years after the matter, and who walks into the interview? Yup, you guessed it. He had applied for one of our 4 openings since we were expanding.

We make eye contact, I smiled like the Cheshire Cat, he looked angry to see me. I gave him a fair interview, but the discussion did convey what had transpired years earlier. However, the application pool was pretty poor that round and he had the technical experience we needed so they did offer him a position, which he thankfully turned down. I always believed and hoped it was because of me!”

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8. Awful Soccer Coach Gets Revenge And Delayed Karma


“Back in school, I use to draw and doodle on my assignments. It started as a distraction for me. I got bored doing my work so I’d doodle something in the margin to make things less boring. But it continued because a lot of teachers got a bizarre kick out of my pathetic art.

I have no art skills whatsoever. But perhaps in my ineptitude, I stumbled onto something that teachers found amusing? It’s hard to say. But I won a lot of goodwill from a lot of teachers in school with my bad art.

They thought my little cartoon characters were funny.

That lasted up through my junior year. I had a soccer coach as my history teacher. I shall call him ‘Coach Jerk’. And Coach Jerk didn’t take kindly to my art.

And fair enough, it was bad art.

But he took it way too far. He said it was ‘graffiti’ and tried to get me suspended from school. The assistant principal was a stand-up guy. He wadded up Coach Jerk’s report, threw it in the wastebasket, and told me to forget about it.

He also told me to knock it off with the ‘art’. And fair enough, I’d already gotten a lot of mileage out of it. Time to give it a rest?

The problems didn’t stop there tho. Nope. That incident put me on his radar.

I wasn’t suspended like Coach Jerk wanted so he decided it was time to bully me in class. He made fun of me and called me names in front of the other students. I got along with most of them so it’s really not as bad as it sounds.

It didn’t make my social standing in high school any better or worse. But it was still inappropriate for a teacher to behave that way.

Remember I said that I’d roll with it if I was the only one who didn’t get along with Coach Jerk? Well, I wasn’t the only one.

There were others.

Some of what follows are stuff I personally witnessed. So, it may sound like too much to believe. But I saw most of this myself, except for some obvious stuff that obviously I wouldn’t have been privy to.

Coach Jerk liked showing off to win approval from the boy students in the room.

We’re talking about a pushing-50-year-old man. And here he was trying to win approval from teenage boys!

He claimed he got into bar fights and went really over the top with it. To hear him tell it, he was Neo or something.

Obnoxiously unbelievable.

One female student didn’t appreciate his inappropriate behavior. We shall call this girl The Reformer.

One day after class, The Reformer pulled me aside and said she, I, and a few other students she’d corralled should go to the head principal’s office and complain about Coach Jerk’s antics.

I didn’t see what that would accomplish. But whatever, why not?

As I expected, it came to nothing. We got totally blown it off. Nobody believed us. Another day, another dollar.

Things went on that way for a few more weeks. Coach Jerk continued being his obnoxious self.

I guess he found out about The Reformer, me, and our friends dropping a dime on him to the principal because he made a point of calling us out in class, either individually or as a group. More bullying, more harassment, etc.

Things went from bad to worse.

One day, I guess he got wasted one night or something and didn’t have a lesson plan for us. So, instead of doing actual work, he took us to the library to do a crossword puzzle.

I didn’t take that seriously, picked a book off the shelf and started reading it.

Coach Jerk didn’t like that. He snatched my crossword puzzle away from me. I’m a jerk too, I admit it. So, I picked an argument with Coach Jerk.

A shouting match ensued. Eventually, I lost my temper and said ‘Whatever, just take the puzzle, you awful jerk’.

Hence, his present moniker of ‘Coach Jerk’.

Obviously, I got hauled into the assistant principal’s office again. Coach Jerk wanted me expelled. But I knew he was dreaming, that was never going to happen.

The AP gave me In-School Suspension. And fair enough, I did cuss at a teacher, you’ve got to expect something from that.

As the AP assigned me my suspension, he said that I shouldn’t have called Coach Jerk a jerk. He emphasized that I wasn’t necessarily wrong.

I just shouldn’t have said that.

A snowball had started rolling. Apparently, that incident was one too many disciplinary problems for Coach Jerk. I was told that the jerk/library incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was explained to me that Coach Jerk regularly hauled people into the AP’s office.

I later heard he had other teachers outnumbered something like 3:1 with ‘unruly students’ who never seemed to have problems in any other class; only with him.

Why is only Coach Jerk experiencing these problems, the administrators all wondered. So, an investigation began.

When everybody put their heads together, they reached one obvious conclusion: Coach Jerk has to go.

But rather than fire him outright, they gave him a choice: resign or face termination. If he resigns, he can probably find a job someplace else.

But if he gets fired… well, it won’t look so good.

Coach Jerk chose to resign at the end of the year.

He was gone. And all this started because I lost my temper and called him a jerk in front of dozens of students in the library. So, that’s the revenge part of the story. Anyway, I never saw him again after the end of my junior year.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
Should have asked him if he feels like a big man picking on teenagers........ Like for real I've read story's where the teacher just doesn't like teaching or kids.......... Why become a teacher if you don't like it
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7. Ex Area Manager Lost Her Job Because Of Me


“I’ve just been assigned online refresher training in preparation for reopening of the pub company I work for now that restrictions are being relaxed. It’s reminded me of my revenge a few years back so I thought I’d share. The training included sections on pest management and anti-bribery legislation.

I used to be a pub manager and due to the sale of the pub I managed, I chose to accept a new pub with my current company instead of TUPE to the new company. For the none UK readers, I chose to move within the company instead of being ‘sold’ with the site.

It was a big mistake! I ended up in a problem pub with an awful micro-managing, corrupt area manager who had it in for me (many stories I could tell about how bad she was, from allowing food hygiene laws to be broken, taking bribes to make us stock certain brands, to having affairs with managers in her area and favoring them.)

Eventually, it exacerbated a mental health issue I have and I had a total mental breakdown (4 months off sick, close to being sectioned and put in a facility against my will for my own safety).

I wasn’t the 1st of her managers that ended up off with mental health issues due to her either!

Eventually, I took a voluntary demotion for the sake of my own health and to get out of her area. Best decision I have ever made, money isn’t everything and I’m in a much better place mentally now.

Shortly after I started back at work I heard she had left our company (rumor was she was told to jump or be pushed).

Scroll on a year or so and I was out with a friend having a catch up in another pub chain and I saw her sitting down with someone going through paperwork at another table.

It looked to me like she was having a meeting with the pub manager so I asked one of the floor staff who she was saying I thought I recognized her. They said she was the area manager having a meeting with the pub manager.

My revenge:

Knowing her I guessed she was probably doing the same things with the new company she worked for so I anonymously put in a whistleblower complaint to both the Food Standards Agency and also to her head office from a throwaway email.

I basically made stuff up assuming she was doing the stuff she had done when I worked for her. i.e. refusing to allow Rentokil call outs for pest problems (to make her maintenance budgets look good), telling staff to re-freeze unsold defrosted foods to save on stock loss, taking bribes to stock products, making managers clock staff out before they had finished cutting staff hours, etc, etc all stuff she had tried to make me do and when I wouldn’t she’d used her powers to mess with me.

She couldn’t discipline me for not breaking the law but she could screw with my bonus and put me through different troubles in other ways.

The fallout:

The pub was closed with a prohibition notice and not allowed to re-open until a multitude of faults were fixed.

Unless an outlet is really usual they will give out Improvement Notices and give the company 2 weeks to sort things out, a prohibition notice means it was REALLY bad and dangerous.

This hit the local press in a BIG way and they did several follow-up stories on it with her name mentioned frequently as it went to court. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find anything about the outcome though.

Here’s to hoping any future job she goes for looks up her name before employing her! Personally, I wish I could find that she was locked up or fined!”

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6. That's What He Gets For Ditching Me On My 21st Birthday


“I am originally from the USA where the drinking age is 21. I had been working in sports bars as the front-end manager for a bit, so my 21st birthday was counted down for. I was excited to start bartending. At the time I worked full time while in school, living in rural Washington state, so it takes 5+ hours to get to Seattle.

I’d been going out with this guy mostly long-distance relationship for 3 months or so. He had come down from Seattle to where I live, met my family, some friends, and colleagues from the bar I worked at the time. Everything seemed to be going fine.

Anyhoo, about three weeks before my 21st, I asked him if he thought it would be a nice idea for me to come to visit him in Seattle for my birthday. I thought it’d be nice to try out some bars, maybe go to some clubs.

He seemed into the idea and agreed. I scheduled some time off work for the trip.

I confirmed with him that the trip still worked for him a couple of days before I planned on leaving, everything was a go. The day before my birthday, I drive up to see him.

He introduced me to Postmates, which I’ve never used before, coming from a small town. I paid for both of our meals, which I did think was a little weird for me to do as a guest on my birthday but I let it slide.

I hadn’t actually wanted to order in, I wanted to go out to eat, but he said he was tired. We had a bottle of booze after and called it a night, not exactly what I had pictured for the evening before my 21st, but whatever.

The next day, he suggested we get pizza. I like pizza, but I have celiac disease and didn’t want to spend a bunch of time on the toilet that day, so I made some suggestions that offered gluten-free pizzas. He turned them all down and insisted we go to this pizza place he liked.

I reluctantly agreed. We spend most of the day chilling at home, even though at this point I had voiced that I wanted to go bar hopping. He brushed me off.

Later that same day, he said one of his friends had broken up with her significant other, and that he should ‘go be there for her’.

He didn’t invite me. So I told him the generic answer ‘if that’s what you really feel like you should be doing right now’, you know, on my birthday. I was obviously getting increasingly frustrated at this point, but I figured it was better to let him go than have him spend the day with me if he didn’t want to be with me on my birthday.

I had thought he would be gone for maybe a few hours. But Nah, this guy was out all night with her, tagging his location with her at various clubs all night. He didn’t text me (even though I tried to get ahold of him multiple times) so at some point in the night, I’m livid and super sad at his apartment, along with his roommates, whom I did not know.

Luckily, they were really nice. They said they didn’t realize I was his girl, and that he had had other girls over previously in the past couple of weeks. I ended up getting absolutely wasted with them, opened a bottle I had been saving and took all the fancy ice cubes out of his trays in the freezer, and purposefully didn’t refill anything.

He never returned that night and I ended up crying myself to sleep alone.

The next morning, I woke up late, around 11 and he still wasn’t home. I was so upset that I had wasted my birthday with this fool who clearly didn’t care about me at all, especially when I had plenty of friends at home who would have loved to spend it going out with me.

At this point I’m sitting in the apartment alone, thinking about what I can get away with without getting in any legal trouble. My ex was someone who loved to collect Legos, expensive themed socks running up to $20 a pair, gaming consoles, figurines, and he always bragged that there wasn’t a hot sauce spicy enough for him.

So he had the hottest one on the market in his fridge.

I obviously wasn’t going to throw his gaming consoles out the window, because I would surely get in trouble for that. So I got creative, I surely wouldn’t forget the dude who ruined my 21st, so I had to give him something to remember me by.

I took all his expensive ‘happy’ socks and cut just the toes out of them, so every time he put a pair on he would be disappointed to find his toes came out. I left Legos in the toes of all his shoes on the ground.

I put hot sauce in his body wash and toothpaste. I rearranged all his figurines. I cut small holes in his favorite shirt he had just been bragging about. I left a hole in his new boxers big enough for him to ‘fall through’.

Then I gathered what was mine, it was about 13:30 and I hadn’t heard from him, and I left.

Important to note he didn’t share a bathroom with his roommates, I had made sure that I didn’t have any unintentional victims.

He later texted me when he got home ranting I had cut up ‘$600 worth of socks and boxers and don’t think I didn’t notice the other weird things you did’. No apology whatsoever about leaving me behind on my birthday. He never did.”

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stro 2 years ago
What a douchebag. You should have peed in his shampoo too.
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5. He Didn't Realize He Was Using My WiFi


“A few years ago I lived in a flat and the way it was arranged was that neighboring flats shared a bedroom wall 1 side and the living room wall the other side alternating so as to limit noise problems between flats.

i.e. no bedrooms were sharing a wall with a neighbor’s living room.

That worked great for me as at the time I was mainly working 4 am start shifts and trying to get to sleep at 7 pm. When your bedroom is right next to a person’s living room when they are living a normal sleep schedule life can be tricky (no fault of theirs of course!)

Anyway, my bedroom side neighbor was a lovely woman who worked as a nurse, we got on great and occasionally went out for a drink together.

(no romantic overtones just a casual drink and chat). During one of those get-togethers, she mentioned she was having a few financial issues and I offered she could share my Wi-Fi if she wanted to save herself a bill.

Fast forward a few months, she’s using my Wi-Fi with no issue and all is good until she got a new partner.

Don’t know what she saw in him, he was a jerk and she really deserved a much better specimen of manhood, but whatever, her life, etc.

Her significant other likes online FPS gaming and was forever playing them, problem was he set up in her bedroom and was LOUD shouting into his mic all the time.

Of course, this made getting to sleep for me hard and he’d wake me up lots after I had made it to sleep.

Of course, I asked if he could move his rig into the living room and close the bedroom door so as to not keep waking me up but as I mentioned he was a complete jerk so he refused in quite an obnoxious manner.

When she was home she didn’t let him play but whenever she was on night shifts I could guarantee no sleep.

Cue the revenge… he didn’t realize he played on my Wi-Fi, so any night he disturbed me I’d get up and flick it on and off and keep doing it until he stopped playing.

I didn’t want to turn it off completely or block her from using it, why should she be punished, her man was punishment enough for her in my eyes!

It was quite funny hearing him rant and curse about the ugly internet ruining his games.

They split up a few months later (not because of the Wi-Fi, he was just too mean to her and she kicked him out) and things went back to peacefulness until I moved out.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Good for you.
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4. Dumb Neighbor Knows Nothing About Sound Waves


“I had an upstairs apartment just off of greek row in my last year of college.

Day three after moving in, the downstairs neighbor starts blasting their stereo. SERIOUSLY loud, rattling the glasses in the kitchen cabinet.

I give them a little time to get it out of their system, but after an hour, I go downstairs and rap on the door.

The second knock is a LOT louder so they can hear me, so they turn down the music and answer the door. Sorry for the stereotype (you’ll see in a moment), but she’s blonde.

‘Could you please keep the stereo down to reasonable volumes? It permeates my apartment to the point that I can’t even hear my TV…’ I said.

I kid you not, she replied ‘You can hear that? I thought sound waves only went side-to-side, not up-and-down…’

Me: …slow blink…

Me: ‘Uh, nope. You were just playing (song_I_recognized), so I’m pretty sure it’s coming into my apartment. Please keep it down.’

Her: ‘OK, sorry about that.’

Later that day: More songs at the same volume.

My revenge: They didn’t know that I was a Music major, and a drummer in particular, so I was actually prepared for that evening’s serenade. I set the legs on my 18″ floor tom so that the bottom was only an inch off the floor, turned the heads down to make it sound as deep and bass-ish as possible, got my heavy marching sticks, and gave an impressive half-hour long solo rendition of ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’. I proved that sound waves most certainly do ‘go up and down’…

I never had another issue with them.”

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3. Entitled Parent Tries To Eat Waiter's Food So The Manager Kicks Her Out


“I was eating in a restaurant because my parents, my brother, and I were coming home late.

I saw a waiter sit down to eat and rest a bit, he was actually enjoying his juice, as he was almost finishing it, an EM (Entitled Mom) and EK (Entitled Kid) entered the store.

The EM immediately asked the sitting waiter to go get a cheeseburger for her and some orange juice. The restaurant was rather empty with many more waiters as it had passed 12 AM, so I had no idea why she had asked the sitting waiter.

Regardless, the waiter went to the kitchen area and asked the cooks to make a cheeseburger, and got some Orange Juice from a fridge. Then as I watched the waiter exit the kitchen, I saw the EM and EK about to eat from the waiter’s plate.

My dad immediately told her to stop, but she went ahead right as the waiter came back. Now comes the revenge. As soon as he came back he immediately stopped the EM and EK, they had a conversation, this is how it went (I’m translating it cuz they were speaking in my native language):

EM: Why aren’t you letting me eat this? Isn’t your job to serve customers, not stop them from eating?

Waiter: Oh I’m sorry for stopping you! Please go ahead! (in a sarcastic tone)

EM: Is this how you treat your customers? Bring me your manager, NOW! (it was in a rather frail tone and as if she was not very sure)

Waiter: OK ma’am.

He walks up to the next floor, probably to go to his manager.

After a few minutes, the waiter came back, and got our second meal, as he was on the way to the kitchen. After 30-40 seconds, the manager walked in, here’s how their conversation went:

Manager: Excuse me, is everything okay?

EM: Your waiter isn’t serving me!

She immediately got kicked out due to obvious reasons and turns out the waiter already told the manager what happened so she got kicked out immediately…

We left a few minutes later and tipped the waiter (the one that got rid of the EM).”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Karen got busted. Love it.
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2. I Made Sure Exposing Their Downfall Made Front Page News


“Over twenty years ago my life and plans that I had to stay in my hometown were drastically uprooted and found myself moved to another city. Pounding the pavement almost every day looking for work wasn’t getting me any results and would from time to time find myself relaxing at a cheap diner and reading a complimentary newspaper…

and there it was a job opening for an assistant manager for an expanding well-entrenched fast-food franchise in town.

So I called and basically set up my own interview (one of many more omens I seemed to have missed) and tadaa got the job.

About 4 or so months in I started seeing clues that I should have picked up on that this operation had some serious issues. That started when they had a custom-built location created in the city’s more desirable west end closer to the university and they made so many mistakes causing needless delays, to top it off the restaurant district manager was driving the small bobcat front loader while teenage new hires who have never experienced physical labor were laying grass sod, on the sidewalk.

Not hiring a capable crew for the work required was the least of the concerns that I managed to miss, overlook or otherwise dismiss… also note that the owner and his head office were based a 4 hour+ drive north and for all intents and purposes was an absentee to his own operation.

For a two year period, I personally witnessed the following:

  • General manager (my boss) smoking in the office and food prep area even after being told repeatedly to stop, harassing phone calls to people from the owner’s assistant when the health department visited the above location and cited the blatant health violations.
  • Deep fryer catching fire and disciplining/terminating employees for calling the fire department.
  • The above-mentioned owner’s assistant in Sudbury writing up employees with disciplinary action for breaking nonexistent company policy and making it visible to everyone before that person even saw it for a nonexistent policy…

    and then dismissing their actions as an oopsie even though this was yet another blatant law (privacy laws) violated by them.

  • Disciplinary action against hourly wage employees that don’t attend unpaid meetings on their days off, this is also a blatant violation of our provincial law that I should have looked up.

    Internet access wasn’t something I had then as we all do now.

  • That’s just stuff off the top of my head that I personally experienced. To add, upper-level managers were fired after stealing, at least one of whom was vocal in his dismissal of my concerns about how bad things were – he was finally fired after he came in after hours and submitted multiple fraudulent refunds on the new debit machine.

    While I was there, a long prolonged pattern emerged of multiple managers along with regular staff quitting suddenly and outright no-showing leading me and others to routinely do 16-hour shifts to cover absences – somehow we were led to believe this was somehow normalized.

And there’s more, so much more.

I kept doing my best and upper management still complained and told me I have all the tools I need to do things better, on the same day the deep fryer caught fire again. I want to call what they did gaslighting for how inadequate I was made to feel when also they kept ignoring my pleas for them to do things right including hiring competent maintenance services.

Despite my best efforts, pleas, and other attempts at pointing out serious problems with equipment and logistics, it was ignored.

Another omen that I missed was that the locations in the owner’s town and base of operations got shut down, but hey he was a professor of business at the local university…

more on that later.

The day came when I was served a paper saying I was the squeaky wheel, and I got greased – the wagon was rolling on without me. Initially, it sucked, a day off to myself and I started feeling better, and chatting with friends had them saying I should’ve said something earlier when I told them of the terrible things people experienced there.

A week later I was working a better job with better people I kept in touch with, in a few months I’d leave that industry and that city behind as family needed my help at their home. I would also take solace in realizing it seemed I was the only manager left who wasn’t doing or dealing illegal paraphernalia, stealing, or carrying on other questionable acts.

Life went on and got much much better, even getting licensed in a trade that includes investigating employment violations, using my skills to prevent others from having to experience what I endured, and/or seek appropriate remedy has been very fulfilling.

Some years pass and it’s Halloween 2007, I find myself back for a friend’s party in the city where those terrible franchises are run…

or as I was to abruptly find out were run. Prized mall location, closed. West end location, abandoned. The original place I started, closed with pending construction nearby. Signs posted in windows are for a multinational holding company, mall staff says the location there is under renovations.

I call nonsense, owner was adamant about running 24-hour operations and wouldn’t close down like this – and all of his franchise locations are shut down. After some discrete inquiries and getting as far as I’m willing at the time, I reach out to the local newspaper with what I found and the contradictory information being thrown about from various sources.

A few weeks later around mid-November, it’s front-page news about how corporate SEIZED all the assets and locations of the franchise owner in August 2007. The reason, many of the same problems I warned the franchise owner and his admin about!

Assets seized totaled around $10 million.

To highlight even more of the shadiness of the owner and his operation, when legal notices were served, the owner told frightened workers it’s a mistake and to ignore it and keep working… and then shortly later about 200 people were out of work and wondering about getting paid (this information comes from reported court documents).

I sat back and laughed a bit. I felt horrible for the workers but I was also told they were compensated by corporate as part of the proceedings. Later on, I would go on to speak with another worker who told me that before the franchise got shut down, the very same assistant of the owner who harassed and yelled and snapped at me and other employees broke even more laws.

This so-called operations manager at head office was recorded threatening the worker and telling her to return to work when she was off on workers’ compensation! For those unaware, up here that’s a serious offense and pretty much on-brand for how they ran their now terminated business.

I’ll admit to making an honest error or two while working for that franchise, but I’d never conjure committing blatant wrongs and unlawful acts like they did on the regular and with what they probably thought they could get away doing with impunity – it’s safe to say that a pattern of dishonesty, abuse, and incompetence can have a high price tag as it did here.

Oh, remember how I mentioned the owner was a professor of business at his local university, that one got shut down a month or so ago due to financial insolvency. Karma or irony, I can’t tell but given the track record of the franchise owner, it seems like it was destiny.

Five years ago a buddy I kept in touch with showed me the owner’s LinkedIn account, instead of accepting responsibility for his involvement with the franchise time period cited in the news article he fraudulently claimed to be involved in government consulting instead… account got suspended. Petty? Maybe… providing some well-needed accuracy to LinkedIn? Definitely. “

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1. Bad Groupmates Cause Bad Grades


“When my grandfather went to elementary he was bullied and his math teacher forced him, Joe, Katy, and Abby to sit at the same table (this was 4th grade or so). My grandfather and Joe were prime candidates for the best student of the year award.

They were extremely honest and hard workers. Katy and Abby were the exact opposite.

The opportunity: the final major assignment of the year was worth 100 points and the teacher made it that you worked with who you sat with meaning my grandfather, Joe, Katy, and Abby were gonna be partners.

The teacher also assigned who did what. It was also graded based on a personal assignment and a group assignment. (Quick side notes my grandfather’s pet bird recently died and he was sad about it.)

On the day of the assignment, Katy and Abby tried to make my grandfather and Joe do the work the teacher assigned to them.

The revenge: My grandfather and Joe did the teacher’s assignment and nothing more. As expected Katy and Abby did nothing. This was the final score: my grandfather 94/100, Joe: 90/100, Abby: 5/100, Katy 2/100, Overall: 191/400. The teacher offered to split the group in half: Joe and my grandfather in one group and Abby and Katy in the other.

ON TOP of that Abby and Katy got to redo the assignment and only had 2 weeks for 2 people to do the work of 4 people and also had 10% taken off for turning it in late. This was Abby and Katy’s final score: Abby 60/100 (with late fee 50/100), Katy 50/100 (with late fee 40/100).

Overall, Abby and Katy’s grades were nuked and on top of that Katy was a daughter of a Karen.

So the next day, Joe’s parents, Katy, Karen, my grandfather, my great grandparents, the teacher, and the principal had a little after-school conference.

And to summarize it, everyone was trying to be calm except Karen who was screaming at the top of her lungs at my grandfather, my grandparents, Joe, and Joe’s parents. And Katy cried the entire conference. The conference did absolutely nothing. Katy continued bullying my grandfather while getting everything she wanted while my Grandfather had to work hard for it. Karen kept being Karen and Katy and Abby’s grades stayed at Fs.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
So unfair.
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