People Are Creeped Out By These Glitch In The Matrix Stories

The concept of a "glitch in the matrix" refers to those eerie moments when reality seems to falter, and we question the very nature of existence. These inexplicable occurrences challenge our understanding of the world, leaving us wondering if we're merely players in a sophisticated simulation. From déjà vu experiences to bizarre coincidences, here's a list of intriguing stories that will make you question the boundaries of reality. Have you ever experienced a glitch in the matrix?

52. Our Vanishing Fork


“About four years ago, my then-boyfriend (now husband) was having brunch at my apartment. We were enjoying German pancakes on the couch and using the coffee table to hold various items. The room was otherwise spotless.

At some point towards the end of the meal, one of us dropped a fork.

I distinctly remember hearing a soft clang as it hit the hard carpet. Whichever of us dropped it reached down immediately to retrieve the fork, and… it was gone. We both started looking for it—under the couch, the coffee table, between the cushions, and further and further away in the room—but it was just gone.

Again, the room was basically spotless. We shouldn’t have had this much trouble.

I looked for that fork periodically until I eventually moved to a new apartment, but I could never find the vanishing fork. I even double checked my silverware drawer, in case this was some bizarre hallucination or in case a roommate located it, but the set of four was permanently down to three.

My husband and I still look back and are completely weirded out. There was NOWHERE it could have gone.”

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51. One Of My Student's Changed Overnight


“I’ve waited for quite a while to post this because I wanted to see if I could figure out a rational explanation. I can’t.

I’m a teacher and earlier this semester one of my favorite students changed radically overnight. She was smart, pretty and a bit shy.

She clearly took care with her personal appearance.

One day she walked into class and she was heavier and frumpy. Her face was much rounder – almost bloated. It looked like she had gained 20 pounds overnight. I asked her if she was ok and if she had changed something.

She gave me a strange look and said no. I could tell it was her, but this version of her was very different from the person who had been coming to my class for months.

She also was much less shy and I had to move her for talking too much in class.

A big change. She remains as bright as she had been but she seems much less interested in keeping her grades up.

I made some inquiries of other teachers and no one else seemed to notice the change. None of my other students in my almost 20 years of teaching has changed so much this quickly. I’m very hesitant to talk to her parents because everyone else I’ve talked to about it has thought it was a bit crazy. I seem to be the only one who has noticed the change.

It is very disconcerting.”

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50. Objects Disappearing and Reappearing In The Same Spot


“So I vape, and for better or worse the thing is typically glued to my hand, whether I am awake or not. I am working on quitting, but that’s irrelevant to the story. When I fall asleep I usually end up loosening my grip on the device and it will easily be found somewhere in my bed when I get up.

Sometimes it falls off the bed or gets buried in the pillows, but I always find it. My fiance is out of town, so I have the house to myself.

So I woke up a two nights ago and looked at my watch, it was 2:23am (I just happen to remember this), and then proceeded to look for my vape to take a hit before falling back asleep.

I looked everywhere that I could while I was half asleep, never found it, so I went and grabbed a backup and went back to bed. In the morning though, I looked harder. I got out a flashlight and looked under the bed, I looked inside the pillowcases, under the pillows, took off all of the blankets and sheets off of the bed and shook them out in the hopes that the vape was tangled in there somewhere.

Still not finding it, I remembered that I had let the dogs out around midnight and maybe I had set it down on the back porch or somewhere in the kitchen? So I searched EVERYWHERE. Searched the porch, the kitchen, the cabinets, the dishwasher for gods sake.

I literally looked everywhere.

I had stuff to do so I left the house and came back a few hours later and continued looking. I probably spent around 2 hours throughout the day looking for this vape, with my efforts concentrated in the bedroom. Like I said before, I looked in and around the bed as thoroughly as possible.

I removed the sheets and blankets entirely. Same with the pillows. I looked under the bed, between the mattress and frame, everywhere I could possibly think this thing could have ended up.

I never ended up finding it and have been using my backup ever since.

Here comes the glitch.

I go to bed last night I went to bed as usual, still using my backup vape, and went to sleep. I slept deeply and soundly until I wake up at 2:22 (one minute before I woke up the other night, but the fact it was so close together was crazy enough that I had to put the detail in here), I felt something poking me in the back so I roll over and lo and behold, there’s the vape.

My backup is on the nightstand, and the vape that I had lost had been jabbing me in the back.

I TORE apart that bed. I checked everywhere in that room. How did it end up UNDER ME? Blows my mind. But I have my vape back.”

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49. I Saw A Past Verison Of Myself

“When I was a teenager I saw “myself” two times at my childhood home and I can’t explain it but will never ever forget it.

The first time I was walking down the stairs in my home. The stair was U-shaped and when I got down to the middle part of it I saw the back of myself walk firmly down the last steps and turn straight to the right and into the entrance hall.

I remember being really surprised but also a bit creeped out about the way that “I” walked, it was really robot like and stiff. I had no interest in following “me” so I ran to my room. I got really scared and didn’t share this with anyone.

The next time happened soon after the first time, when I was out playing in our yard with my siblings and our cousin. We had a big yard with a lot of trees and bushes. We were running around when I saw “myself” again just standing frozen between some bushes.

I remember it really vividly and can even recall the blue sweater “I” was wearing which was my favourite back then. I wasn’t sure if I should ask the others if they could also see it and was afraid they wouldn’t believe me or get afraid themselves so I didn’t.

There was something off about the way that “I” was standing or something but it gave off really unfriendly vibes.

I have never experienced anything like this before and sometimes I wonder if it really happened because there is no way for me to explain it.”

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48. The Halloween Pumpkin


“This happened 9 years ago and talking about it today still fills me with fear. My boyfriend and I were renting a property and we were the only people to have a key. We love Halloween and normally buy a pumpkin at least but this year we was both working and didn’t have time for it so we didn’t buy any pumpkins or decorations at all.

The day after Halloween I was getting ready to leave for work and headed down the stairs for the first time, my boyfriend was still in the bedroom when this happened. I got to the top of the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs was a carved pumpkin (with your typical pumpkin smiley face) with a lit candle inside.

The worst part is it was positioned so that it was facing the stairs. I screamed and my boyfriend came to see what happened and when he saw it he freaked. We checked all the doors and windows and they were all locked. Nobody else has keys to our house and we didn’t buy any pumpkins. We to this day have no idea how this pumpkin appeared in our house. I recently heard about this glitch in the matrix and I’m starting to think this could have been that.”

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47. Multiplying Pens


“I carry a plastic fountain pen. I’ve had it a few years. Love fountain pens and like the cheap plastic refillable one so I don’t beat up my nice ones traveling or in my shop.

Two weeks ago, my brother brings me a pen he found in his couch cushions.

Jokes I should keep track of my stuff when I’m over. I pull mine out of my pocket and go “can’t be mine”. Kinda weird, it’s the exact same brand/model/color. He gives me the pen, I take it to work, clean it up and fill it and put it in my desk drawer for redlining work.

Weird, but cool, I have two of the same pen now.

Fast forward to tonight. On vacation with my kids. My son comes to me, hands me a gray plastic fountain pen and says “dad, your pen ended up in my backpack”. We just changed AirBNBs and have traveled a lot the last week, stuff gets shuffled.

Weird it ended up in his bag but I shove it in my pocket. Glad he found it before I realized I lost it. Getting ready for a shower, pull the pen out of my pocket and set it on the nightstand. Reach in my other pocket and find…my pen.

Tear them down, the one my son found has a single use cartridge which I never use. No idea where it came from.

I admit, as far as fountain pens go, these are common as can be…but I am not sure I have ever seen one in the wild. What are the chances of two people close enough to me to know what pen I use finding the exact same model and color fountain pen as I use and bringing them to me two weeks apart?”

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46. Unknown Marriage


“A couple weeks ago I got a call from an unknown number so I naturally didn’t answer but I got a voicemail. Before listening to the voicemail I went to Google the number and it’s a wedding venue about an hour and a bit away from where I live.

I then listen to the voicemail with my partner, they state my name and how we had spoken about a date for the venue and to call them back. I was more confused because they said my name, so I gave them a call back. I said “Hi there it’s *states my name*, I just received a voicemail from you guys about apparently speaking to you guys about a wedding date.

I just wanted to let you know I have never heard of you guys before, nor am I engaged.

Would it be possible to tell me about the call?” All she said was “You called about getting a date for in about a month or so, but your name is *states name* right?” and I said yes.

She just paused and said oh well that is just eerily weird. I told her if she needed anything from me she could feel free to call me back (laughing knowing that she wouldn’t) but she just chuckled and proceed to hang up the phone. My partner heard the call (and no he isn’t planning a surprise wedding lol) and we both thought it was super weird, especially because they got my name right. Glitch or weird coincidence?”

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45. The Mall Changed


“Back in high school, my friend and I went to this mall in the middle of the city that I sometimes go to. We went up this mini escalator and ended up in an empty food court which I thought was kind of strange since I didn’t know there was another food court in this specific part of the mall.

I also found it weird since there was no one there in the middle of the day, not even any workers inside the open food shops. I didn’t think much of it and wanted to explore but my friend got extremely uncomfortable, freaked out, and wanted to go back so we did.

He kept saying how creepy that experience was, but I just assumed he thought it was weird because it was completely empty.

I didn’t think much of it until years later when the story came up when I was talking to my partner. She told me there was never another food court where I walked.

The mall was renovated and the food court moved but it was never at the place where I described.

We went back to pre-renovated pictures, post-renovated pictures, and tried to look for old floor plans of the food court and it was nothing like what I saw or where it was supposed to be. I always thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me but I am so sure of what I saw.”

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44. The Additional Bed Sheet


“I took my freshly washed bedding from the dryer to my bed to put fresh linens on my bed. I throw the wad of sheets on bed- I step back from the bed and I tripped on a white fitted sheet behind me…
I’m like huh that’s weird…

I don’t remember this fitted sheet falling out of the pile from my hands onto the floor… I go to the pile that’s already on bed AND there’s a white fitted sheet in the pile already!! It’s in with all of the pillowcases and everything like I remembered (nothing had fallen from my hands).

So how did this EXTRA white fitted sheet get on the floor behind me? There’s already a fitted sheet in with the pile of bedding. I never pulled any additional bedding out. The bedding from bed went from wash to dry and then back to my room to go back on mattress/ nothing additional was ever out.

The fitted sheet from the dryer is ON THE BED so where did this extra fitted sheet come from? I stepped back and it’s just there inexplicably?

I am freaked out. Literally there is no explanation… There was nothing on floor of my room when I walked in to put the fresh linens on my bed. There is NO REASON an extra fitted sheet should be existing in my room. I only had one fitted sheet. Extremely weirded out and I have no idea how this happened or what is going on.”

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43. The Zip Tied Bag


“I have a little bag I got for free from Sephora. It’s kind of small and I use it to hold nail stuff. Fingernail files, nail glue, clippers etc. I got it in 2018 and use it fairly regularly.

Last night, my partner asked to use a fingernail file as he was using his own nail clippers.

I grabbed the bag from where it always is and went to open it but the zipper wouldn’t budge. I looked closer and the little ziptie it originally came with was perfectly wrapped through the zipper loop and another metal loop where there’s a wrist strap.

I had cut the plastic tie off years ago. The bag still looks old and used and the zipper paint is worn down, but the little plastic tie was perfectly intact. Not broken or stuck. I showed my partner and he thought it was very strange as he’s grabbed stuff out of it for years and also knows it didn’t have a tie. He cut the tie and there in the bag was all my nail stuff. I can’t wrap my head around it.”

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42. The Teleporting Colleague


“This happened a few weeks back and I’m still confused about it. I was at work with three other colleagues, one guy and two girls. I was coming up the stairs and saw my male colleague entering the restroom. I remember I needed to use the washroom too so I internally went “darn!” when he went in since it meant I had to wait.

I saw the door close and heard the lock click. Walked into the office to put my stuff down first and **all three of my colleagues were in the office**. Male colleague in question was setting up some equipment right in front of me. I froze for a sec, went “what the heck” and walked straight back out into the hall to check the restroom.

Door was open and it was empty. Freaked me out.

Does anyone have a rational explanation for this? There’s only one entrance to our office, through the hall I walked, so it’s not like he could have dodged around me or something. I SAW him walk into the restroom.

I’ve known this guy for years, I wouldn’t mistake him for someone else (plus he was the only guy on the floor that day). And even if it was someone else, it takes five seconds to walk from the stairs into the office, and it was definitely less than ten seconds between me seeing the door close and exiting the office again to find the restroom empty, I feel reasonably sure I would’ve at least seen them leave if someone was really inside.”

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41. The Purple Bowls


“So for context I live at home with my parents and my younger sister and we have these two bowls in the cupboard that are slightly bigger than an average bowl. We all know of the bowls and use them day to day.

Today my partner is over and I asked him to get one of the purple bowls out, he replied to me saying “There’s no purple bowls, only grey”.

We were all confused as we all knew there’s no grey bowls in there. He got one out and it was the bowl we all know but it was grey. It looked really unfamiliar to us all, we’re all confident that they were purple.

We’ve had these bowls for about 4 years and we all remember referring to them as the purple bowls.

There’s no way the colour has ‘washed off’ and they haven’t been broken and replaced. They don’t even slightly look purple anymore but we all know exactly what shade of purple we remember them to be. There’s no way we could mix the colours up as they are completely different colours.

We’ve even found a photo from around two years ago where they are grey!

Has anyone experienced anything like this before ? Why are we all so confident they were purple ? How do we all remember the exact shade ?”

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40. Seeing My Friend's Double


“I was at my former HS to attend an event involving my graduating class. I was the first to arrive, so naturally I said hello to everyone else when they came. After about 30 minutes of waiting for the event to start, I saw my friend (let’s call him E) arrive in the driveway and start making his way to where the rest of us were.

I watched as he walked down the walkway and my eyes followed as he headed to one of the classrooms. Weird, since we had already graduated at that point, but I thought nothing more of it. Life carried on.

That was until I saw him again. This time he walked straight to where the rest of us were sitting and sat down next to me.

It was then that I realized I hadn’t seen him exit the classroom the first time. In fact, nobody else seemed to have noticed him the first time.

Now note that he has a very distinctive appearance compared to the other people present. He is light skinned, very tall, with wide shoulders, and dark brown curly hair.

Nobody else in our class shared these exact features with him, so I couldn’t have seen someone else and mistaken them for him. I also wasn’t under the influence of any substances besides a cup of coffee I’d drank earlier.

After this happened, I told E about what I saw, and he just made some offhand joke about me scaring myself. I’ve been a lurker on this sub for quite a while now. Could it be that now I’VE experienced a glitch in the matrix?”

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39. The Extra Key Card


“My last job was running a 170-year-old house museum in a small town in the Midwest. The place housed 13 prison wardens and their families. The actual prison was next door but is no longer there. The house is huge and filled with period furniture. I would give tours and explain the history of the area 4 days a week, May through Oct.

My other responsibilities were to keep the house clean, train volunteers, give school tours etc.

Now here is the glitch. One day I was vacuuming under a sideboard in the dining room. The clearance for the vacuum was only a few inches so it was a tight squeeze to get completely under the furniture.

The vacuum ran into something and wasn’t sucking it up so I reached under to pull whatever it was out of the way. I pulled out my extra car key. Now my car has two keys-the one I use and the one I keep at home in a junk drawer.

There is no way that key could end up at my workplace in such a strange place. It was my key for sure because I had written EXTRA KEY on the fob. When I got home, I asked my husband if he knew where my extra key was and he said probably in the junk drawer.

Of course, I looked in the drawer and no key because I was holding it. I have maybe used that key 3-4 times over the course of 3 years since I got the car. It was a new car. I’m the only owner. If by some odd chance that I did use the key……and lose it in the house….how was I able to drive home? I also kept the museum’s key on the same ring as the key I normally use everyday. I have no idea how this happened.”

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38. We Saw Time Move In Slow Motion


“I was with an old friend, and we had just finished a work out at the gym. We get in his car and head toward our neighborhood (we lived in the same area) and as we got on the Main Street, everything got real… slow. I mean SLOW.

Everything felt in slow motion. The music got slower in the car. It felt like we hit a giant trampoline wall and it was slowing us down exponentially. Then suddenly we broke free. Everything returned to normal. For a brief moment I told myself I must be dehydrated from the work out or something.

But when I looked over at my friend who was driving, I was immediately horrified. He looked me dead in the eyes and said “what was that bro” and I said I don’t know man what happened. He described it exactly as I felt it.

A stupid fight over a girl ended our friendship afterwards. But we both share that phenomenal experience.

My hair is standing up. Anyone else feel this? “

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37. My Late Friend's Doppelganger


“I read somewhere that scientists estimate everyone has “6 doppelgängers” out there. I have no idea if it’s a higher chance that happened or that I saw into some other reality. I was at Starbucks at an airport today and my partner nudged me and said to me “that worker looks just like “Lisa,” but ten years older.” My close friend Lisa passed away a year ago now.

The voice of the person working was the same. The same monotone voice, blank expression and style of dress as my friend had- unique but trendy. The “doppelgänger” was a bit heavier than my friend was but had the same body type, my friend had diabetes so was overweight already.

Same exact face, hair, eyes, everything but older and a bit heavier now.

I just stood there with goosebumps on my entire body watching this person, their barista shift had ended and they were leaving. I really wanted to talk to them but I didn’t know what the heck I would even say, nothing I said would make sense honestly.

What does everyone think? Had a similar experience? I really wish I would’ve said something I just froze. I didn’t want to disturb this person who was getting off of work either.”

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36. Two Shirts Appearing


“For whatever reason, these 2 cases occurred within a relatively short time of one another (can’t remember, but within a month’s time). It was also strange that my friend had just brought it up around the time this happened and that was the first time I had ever heard of such a phenomenon/”conspiracy”.

So my memory is weirdly good. We can all be “tricked” by our own minds, but I’m a naturally skeptical person. Any preternatural beliefs I hold come from inexplicable 1st hand encounters.

I had these 2 Nickelodeon shirts, each were those character jumble ones but with various different characters (Reptar, Otto from Rocket Power, CatDog, etc).

Again, obviously different. I’ll refer to them as “1st” shirt and “2nd” shirt.

I had slacked HARD on doing laundry, and the funny thing is as I’m going through this dirty bin that had sat there for months, and putting em in the washer I keep more or less thinking “I know I had a 2nd Nick shirt…

I’m not making this up” and boom I find it. I silently chuckle in my mind in victory that I was right and I KNEW I had that 2nd shirt. I throw 2, maybe 3 more shirts into the washer and I pull out the 1st shirt (the one that was not “missing” in a 6 month unwashed bin) and I’m instantly and utterly confused.

It’s also a size Large while the one I know I had is an XL… or at least I could have sworn. Maybe I wore it or she wore it and somehow it ended up deep in the neglected dirty bin, I don’t know. I wash em, blah blah blah.

Later on (probably 2+ days because again I slack so hard with laundry, both clean and dirty) when I go to put it away, I open the drawer and see the 1st shirt. I still don’t think too deeply into it and continue putting the freshly cleaned clothes away when I spot it’s duplicate (although different size, which adds to the confusion for some reason).

I’m now looking at two of the 1st shirt, albeit different sizes, and one of the 2nd shirt.

I immediately have that gut feeling you get when confronted by “weirdness” and go to ask her if she had bought this? It was unlikely anyway because if I didn’t go to, say, Gabriel Brothers with her, I was at least aware of any novelty graphic shirts.

She has no recollection of buying it, I never saw her buy it or come home with it (which was unlikely anyway, since we typically always went together) but I just let it go as one of the many inexplicable things that I and others have experienced in life.

It was trippy, but relatively low on the list of mind blown.

Short fast forward to her putting dishes away one day and I hear her putting away silverware when she says something along the lines of “what the heck???”

I go see what’s going on and she’s holding 2 spoons.

This was an old (read: “antique”) sterling spoon that was among the young adult’s obligatory hodgepodge mess of unmatched kitchen utensils. I had it from my parents hand-me-downs but what made this one stand out is it was the only intricate sterling one out of a dozen or so “regular” spoons.

She’s the type of person to write off ANYTHING even remotely supernatural. It’s often a seemingly stubborn way where you just KNOW they’re feeling/seeing it too like you are, but it freaks them out so badly they go into subconscious denial. We all know people like that.

So when she looks at me with the shock/unease that people have when your gut feels the unexplainable, and says “we only have one of this spoon” I knew we were both on the same page.

For whatever reason, at that very second, I became the hyper denial skeptic for once (I’m always skeptical, but at a certain point in situations like that, it’s a bigger stretch to try and rationalize it various ways than to just accept/ponder wtf you’re actually experiencing) and I start saying “we must have had 2 and they just kept getting rotated”

She says “[dude] we only had one of these…

we didn’t rotate them for the last 7 years and never notice we had two of this exact same spoon…” and I just let go of the denial, thought about how strange it was that first the shirt not that long ago and now this oddly specific spoon.

Made me wonder if it was specific to that window of time that year, or if it happens to other things that aren’t as distinct and thus youd never notice.

I’ve experienced some other pretty surreal things that definitely trump this in the trippy factor, but they don’t fit the “Glitch” parameters I think, so I’ll refrain.

But regardless, as a very logical/rational person, the fact I semi-consciously tried rationalizing farfetched reasons for this phenomenon as I was experiencing it makes me believe it was a true “glitch” even more. Like my subconscious was aware “there’s no way that’s the case” as I’m trying to think “well maybe she wore that shirt recently and happened to bury it beneath 6 month old laundry right before I finally went to wash them”

I’m interested to see if other people have experienced the same thing.

It’s not as spooky/crazy as the many Waterpark accounts on here, but in a way it was spooky itself because it was so subtle yet obvious since it happened to noticeable things. It wasnt like i noticed a 3rd AA battery where I could have sworn I only had 2, it was a very distinct t shirt design and a VERY distinguishable spoon that both of us had unconsciously noted was the “one of a kind” in our silverware drawer.”

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35. The Washing Machine Glitch


“This happened a few years ago. My mom and I were living in a small apartment. One day she called me while she was at work asking me to do the laundry and put one of her coats in the washing machine, it was a huge coat so it occupied most of the washing machine, I put a few more clothes that fit, and then went back to my room.

My mom got home and I heard her saying: “I told you to put the coat!!” I told her “I did” and she told me it wasn’t in either of the machines. I checked and the washing machine was almost empty except for a few clothes.

I swore to my mom I put the coat in and she told me that maybe I thought I did but actually didn’t but the problem starts here: the coat was nowhere to be found in the apartment, we checked everywhere, we pass the hands inside the washing machine in case it was stuck to the sides but still nothing.

At some point we gave up but it was so weird.

After a few days my mom was going to put the washing machine and I heard her screaming: “Guess what I just found!” The coat was inside, dry, occupying most of the washing machine.

How did it appear there?

The only theory I had is that my mom was messing with me but she wouldn’t make this joke or keep it up for that long.

Do you have any idea of what might have happened?

This is one of the two glitches that I experienced.”

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34. Black Outs Or Time Jumps?


“I was sat on the sofa, tv was on, family were pottering about in other parts of the house. I was on my phone having two WhatsApp convos, with two separate friends.

I looked away from my phone for a second whilst replying to one message, look back to finish typing and see a whole conversation back and forth between me and the friend that I have zero memory of having, I check the time and 40 minutes have passed.

Freaked out I go to the other convo, same thing, a whole conversation back and forth that I have no memory of having.

Click back to the first again and as I open it all those messages I don’t remember are one by one disappearing… back the the other and again, all the messages I don’t remember have gone, and it’s a full 45 minutes since the last message sent, in what feels like maybe 30 seconds.

The conversations made sense, included in jokes, definitely things that I would say before they were gone.

Same week I was sat at my desk at work, I needed to get a letter written I wasn’t particularly looking forward to, I opened up word, closed my eyes to think about what I was going to write, opened them again and there it was, the whole letter fully composed.

I read it, it was exactly what I needed to write but as I read it it felt like the first time I had seen the words, I actually was fairly impressed with how articulate it sounded. I saved that quick before it could self destruct.”

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33. A Shell Appeared On My Lawn


“The other day I was in my back yard speaking with a close friend on the phone. Unfortunately she has a close family member in the hospital who was taken off life support and dying. She was very upset, for good reason, and I was trying to calm her.

I was telling her that her loved one wasn’t in physical pain and her soul was transitioning, pointing out that when someone dies they have peace that it is the living that suffer. As I’m saying all of this something in the grass caught my eye.

It was a seashell, just sitting on top of the grass like someone had placed it there. And I’m not talking about a parking lot sea shell. I’m talking about a beautiful, pristine seashell that I would be thrilled to find on the beach. What’s weird about this is that I live in a small town in central Texas.

I could not be more landlocked. There isn’t a coastline for hundreds of miles. I thought it was odd, picked it up and finished the conversation with my friend. After we hung up, I looked up the spiritual meaning of a seashell. For context I am that annoying person that is always looking for the greater meaning in things.

The symbolic meaning of a seashell is literally the soul leaving the body. It represents the body or “shell” we leave behind when we die. I found a physical representation of exactly what I was saying to my friend at the exact moment I was saying it.”

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32. Time Glitch During Lunch Break


“This happened when I was still in high school. I’m pretty sure it was in 12th grade. I was working part time at a small shop my school had, that sold uniforms, stationery, etc. I would work during break times and after school. One day, everyone had to go down to the field during break time to practice school spirit for an upcoming competition.

I, however, decided to go work at the shop instead of joining the event. It wasn’t compulsory and a few other pupils decided to hang around school grounds, but otherwise the hallways were very empty. I remember finishing my shift earlier, and walking back down the hallway towards the bathrooms.

I vividly remember looking at the classrooms I walked by, and seeing it completely empty, as expected. The pupils’ schoolbags even stood outside the classrooms, as this was a custom at the school during break times.

All three classrooms I walked by, looked this empty. I went to the bathroom, did my thing and walked back out.

Important notice: the bathrooms are located right next to a school bell, so it would be very hard to miss the ringing of said bell. Anyways, as I was exiting the bathrooms, I was thinking about what to do during the rest of the break time, when I noticed something odd.

I walked down the same hallway as before, but this time, the pupils’ bags were all removed from the porch where they stood before. I thought this was strange, but thought nothing of it, until I walked past the classroom windows, and saw all of the students sitting inside the classroom.

I was completely stumped, as I had just walked down this exact same hallway a mere minute ago, and there was no one. I had to rush to my classroom and apologize profusely to the teacher, explaining that I had not notice the bell rang. I was extremely dumbfounded.

How could I not notice the bell ringing to announce the end of break time, when it is located right next to the bathroom I was in? Plus, how did all the pupils and teachers (who had a habit of being late to class after break time) return to the classrooms in one minute?

If anyone has an explanation for this, please let me know, as it has been bothering me to this day.”

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31. Elevator Doesn't Stop On Right Floor


“I have had so many glitches over the years. This event happened about 2 years ago and my mom has since passed….because I don’t interact with Reddit much other than reading, I did not have the proper status to post it the day after it happened, but hopefully it will work and still be interesting.

It haunts me even now…..

I took my 80-something mom to a dr appointment in an outpatient hospital center we’ve never visited before. We walked in and I got my visitor pass from the info desk. The lobby was nice, with a player piano in the lobby, music playing.

I put her in a wheelchair to move quicker up the elevator, and we proceeded to the 3rd floor.

Once we got to the dr office and she checked in, I said I would move my car from the 15 minute parking in the front of the building to the paid lots and hope to get back to the dr office in time to accompany her to her appointment.

(This is an oncology dr, so rather important that my second set of ears hears what the doctor has to say.)

I walk out to the 4 elevators in the bank. From which we just exited. There was one person waiting and no elevators on the 3rd floor, so I see a stairwell across from the elevator and decide I will run down the steps to save myself time.

(Also, I routinely go up and down stairs when I can to save time and burn energy.)

I head down one flight to 2nd floor, then down again to 1st floor, and it occurs to me that I am unsure whether to go to floor M or G to get to the main lobby.

I go down one more flight and see a locked door which clearly says “No Entrance” so I go down one more flight, thinking that should be my floor, but there are no more doors to exit the stairwell. It just ended in a dead end with walls and no door at all at the bottom of the final step.

So, I bound back up the steps and exit on the 1st floor, thinking I will see the 4 elevators in the bank and then just go down until I reach the level on which we entered. I do see the elevators and I push the down button and once inside an elevator, I see both M (which says Mellon Lobby, the correct place I think I need to be) and G as options for going down.

I push M.

The door opens on M, and this is not the floor on which I entered, which was odd. So I go down one more, the door opens on G, and this is also not the right floor. I go back up to M, again not correct, but this time I exit to make sure I am not on a different elevator bank and/or to see if anyone is around to ask how to get back to the floor I need.

No one is around, and there are just closed, seemingly empty office doors….so I get back on and I proceed to ride up and down, from G to M to 1 to 2 to 3, over and over a few times, never getting where I need to be.

At this point, I am anxious that I still need to move my car and get to the appointment. So, I get out on the 1st floor where I exited the stairwell originally, and I go back up the steps to the 3rd floor. I get out of the stairwell to see the elevators I got off with my mom.

I push the down arrow and get on, thinking if I did somehow get on a different elevator bank, this will recreate my steps exactly so I can go down the same exact way I went up. I see the same options for going down — 2, 1, M (Mellon Lobby) and G.

This is the same elevator from what I could tell that I have used all along. I push all the buttons.

The door opens on the 2nd floor, then 1st, which obviously are wrong. Then opens on M, which is wrong, then G, which is still wrong.

I am totally anxious now because I can’t figure out what is happening or how to get to the exit and it is just creepy.

At this point, I remember that there are a lot of glitches around elevators, and I just think to myself, “enough with this already” and go back up to the 3rd floor.

I close my eyes, stay on the elevator, then push M and then G. I tell myself I have to move my car now so this has to work.

The door opens on M. I see the same lobby and hear the same piano music and know I finally made it.

I move my car and then run inside. All in all, it was about 15 minutes from when I left the dr office originally to finding the correct floor. I have no clue what happened and have no logical explanation for how I could ride up and down so many times and not find the correct floor.”

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30. Staple Falling From Ceiling


“This happened last night and left me utterly confused. I was sitting on the sofa in my living room, and all of a sudden shrieked as I noticed an object hitting my chest and landing on my lap.

I didn’t catch a glimpse of it as it was dropping (would have loved to seen footage on that), which initially felt like a giant bug with some heft to it, but when I did look down, I noticed it was a rather large/heavy-duty box staple.

Naturally, I examined my surroundings. No signs of wear/tear/movement or anything of the sort around me, or any way it could have come directly from the ceiling, as if it was just sitting there and I never noticed it (and not that we have staples in the ceiling).

Shortly after, I felt a shiver run down my spine, followed by goosebumps.

And then right after that, I noticed another random object fall off the sofa (baby wipes). One of my little ones simply said to me, “It’s probably just a ghost daddy”.

I don’t know what caused it, but it’s certainly left me curious.”

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29. The Mysterious Charm Braclet


“This happened yesterday morning. I have two silver bracelets that I always wear. One is a bangle and the other is a charm bracelet. I put them on every morning when I put on my wedding rings. Yesterday morning I went to put them on and I couldn’t find the bangle anywhere.

I looked all over and it wasn’t in my jewelry drawer or by the sink or on my nightstand. I was upset but I couldn’t spend anymore time looking for it because I was already late for work. So I left the house without it.

I work in a building that requires going through a metal detector before entering.

Every morning I take off my watch first because it makes the detector beep. But sterling silver doesn’t. So I go to remove my watch and there is the bangle on my wrist!

I was wearing short sleeves so there is no way I could’ve missed seeing it before.

It was definitely not there when I put on the watch and charm bracelet. I looked all over my house for it and didn’t find it and left for work peeved thinking I had lost it. It’s also super tight and hard to get on, so it’s not like it could slip on unnoticed.

I honestly have no idea what happened or how I got it back, but I’m grateful. It’s from Tibet and has a Buddhist prayer written on it and is of great sentimental value. So was this a glitch in the matrix?”

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28. Weird Time Jump


“It was late and I thought I should go to bed. I was tired because I had assembled several furniture pieces earlier that day. I decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water before getting ready for bed. When I opened the fridge to grab some cold water, I saw that there was still a box of red currants, that my mom had brought me several days prior.

She insisted on me eating them because she grew the berries in the garden by herself and was very proud of them. I had specifically promised her to eat the currants and not throw them out after two weeks when they’re moldy. Immediately, I felt a little guilty for breaking my promise and ignoring the berries.

“Alright, I guess I have to eat them now, even though I shouldn’t eat late at night. But whatever. It is what it is”, I thought to myself.

So I took the box of red currants from the fridge, walked across the room, opened the box and placed it the kitchen sink.

Then I turned around and walked a few steps to grab a small bowl out of one of the kitchen cabinets. While turning from the sink to the kitchen cabinet and back, my line of sight always passes the oven, that has a digital clock on it.

The oven is built into the kitchen cabinets at an elevated position. So even if I don’t actually have the thought to check the time there, I involuntarily see the clock on the oven.

When I turned to the bowl in the cabinet and back to the kitchen sink, I saw that it was exactly 00:00.

I found it kind of funny that it was exactly 00:00, not a minute earlier or later.

Anyway, after having grabbed the bowl, I placed it in the sink too. Then I filled the box with water and swirled the berries around with my hand. That didn’t take long, maybe 3 or 4 swirls.

After that I started taking the berries out of the water and putting them into the bowl that was clean and dry.

Immediately after having placed the washed berries in the bowl, I turned around again, in order to leave the room and eat the berries on the couch.

This means that my line of sight passed the clock again and two steps after having passed the oven, I realized what I had just seen on the clock. I stopped walking and turned back to the oven.

It said 00:14. You could argue that 14 minutes isn’t a long time, something could have distracted me and so I had spent a little more time washing the berries.

But I’m alone at the apartment right now, nobody else is here, so no distracting conversations. I didn’t take my phone with me, I had left it in the living room. I didn’t have earbuds in, I didn’t listen to any music or podcast. It was completely quiet, the only thing that was audible, was the rain outside and some occasional thunder.

I’m completely sober, no substances, no medication, no history of mental health issues. I didn’t hear anything strange, I didn’t see anything strange. I didn’t feel dizzy or unwell and I wasn’t in deep thoughts. I was just doing the task that I had set for myself.

Then afterwards, I stood there a couple of seconds, bowl of berries in my hand, staring at the clock on the oven and probably looking dumbfounded. How could this be? There is no freaking way that it took me 14 minutes to submerge the berries in water and then put them into a bowl.

Then it hit me, another kitchen incident…

Now I’m pondering over the possibilities of what could have happened. It’s definitely not a technological malfunction of the clock because it was 00:15 on the living room clock, when I actually sat down on the couch. A couple of seconds staring at the oven clock and thinking, then a couple of seconds walking to the living room and sitting down, so I guess 00:15 checks out.

When I saw the time in the living room, I immediately placed the bowl on the couch and picked up my phone… 00:15. I specifically checked the time in the living room and on the phone because I had suspected that the oven clock might be broken. But apparently the clock works perfectly fine.”

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27. The Bathroom Wormhole


“I was thinking about this again recently, it’s the first actual ‘glitch’ I experienced.

I was having dinner at a restaurant with my parents, and excused myself to use the bathroom. There was a direct line of sight from our table to the bathroom door.

The bathroom was very small- one cubicle, 3 sinks, 3 urinals.

It was an open square floor plan, and you could see all of it except inside the (closed) stall from anywhere in the room.

I went into the stall, and while I was in there, I heard the door open and close as someone came in. I’m sure they were inside the bathroom because I clearly heard him talking on the phone.

After a minute or so, he stopped talking, but I didn’t hear the door open and close again for him to leave. When I left the stall shortly after hearing him go quiet, the bathroom was empty. There was nowhere he could have been standing where I wouldn’t have seen him, and I was in there another minute or so while washing my hands (so I had time to see the room was totally empty, I didn’t just miss him as I left or something).

I left the bathroom and sat back down, and about 30 seconds after that, I saw the bathroom door open and a guy walk out. I asked my parents if they saw anyone else leave the bathroom while I was in there, and they said no, I entered, he entered, I left, he left. If we’re living in a simulation, I think that guy got timed out of the server for a few minutes.”

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26. Device Talking To Me Without Being Plugged In


“My son gave me a Google home device, but I keep it unplugged, because I’d read that it listens to everything. Anyway, I do medical billing and I was trying to find a phone number to call the insurance company for one of the patients I was creating a profile for.

I was perusing the site looking for a number and all of a sudden Google home starts talking and telling me that the insurance company had an online provider portal and was basically telling me what the site said.

I hadn’t said “Hey Google”, I thought it was unplugged and it went on for about a minute talking about the site.

I’m sitting there shocked and mad at myself because I had forgotten to unplug it, so I said “Hey Google” how did you connect to the sight and nothing, no response. I tried talking to it again, no response, so I checked the outlet and the device was unplugged! This freaked me out, how could an unplugged google home start talking, without a command and without being connect to power? Has anyone experienced this before?”

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CG1 11 months ago
It's still on .... thats why a lot of people won't have them in their house ...
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25. The Teleporting Ham


“So as I was making eggs and ham the other week . I dropped three pieces of ham on the floor . I decided I was going to give them to my cats so I place them on a small plate .

I finish cooking and before I start eating I open the door to let my cats eat the ham .

I wave the small plate until all the ham drops and my cats eagerly start fighting for the ham . I leave the plate on the kitchen counter and go eat in the living room .

As I am done eating and I go to the kitchen to clean up the mess .

I look over the kitchen counter and look at the small plate and see the same three pieces of ham on the plate again !! Me being open minded and knowing about glitches I just said meh a glitch and opened the door and again , waved the plate until the ham fell for my cats to eat . Why did that happen. What was the point of the ham teleporting like that.”

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24. The Missing Spice


“My birthday was in April. My partner asked what I wanted for dinner and I made a special request for homemade chicken nuggets. I have a lot of food allergies so he asked me for a recipe and I sent him my own over email.

A couple of days before my birthday, I noticed he had gone and bought marjoram especially for this recipe, because I mentioned it as an optional herb, but it could’ve been left out.

I was super excited because I love marjoram on my nuggets. I was also super touched that he went out of his way to get it, because we had everything else we needed so that meant a special trip to the store.

In my memory of seeing the bottle on the counter, it was a tall size.

Maybe that is a false memory.

We had chicken nuggets for my birthday, they tasted of marjoram and were delicious!

A few weeks later he made them again, and I walked into the kitchen while he was mixing the breading with herbs. The marjoram wasn’t included so I asked him if he would add some.

He denied we even owned any. I told him he had bought some for my birthday, and I dug around in the (small) cabinet we have for spices and herbs. I looked hard and couldn’t find it. He insisted he had never bought it.

This bothered me for a while, like a lot, because I remember eating it and being excited he had bought it.

A few days ago, he asked me if I needed anything while he was at the store. I asked him to pick up marjoram. He tells me, we already have it, don’t I remember him making chicken nuggets with it on my birthday?

He got it out of the cupboard and sure enough, marjoram. But a small size bottle.

The only logical explanation I can come up with is that he is forgetful enough to temporarily forget he ever bought or cooked with it, and I misremembered the bottle it was in. I don’t know.”

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23. Doubling Hat


“Years ago I stole a Toronto Blue Jays hat from my ex when I was at his place. I never wore it since it didn’t even fit me. It made its way all around my house over the years and it made me laugh whenever I saw it.

The hat was blue with a red brim. Well my ex and I linked up again recently. He put his headphones in my lulu fanny cause it looked like his. We had one of our colossal fights and stopped talking again. He contacted me to get his headphones back.

And I thought “I should give him that hat back too.” So I go to my basement where I saw the hat last. I grab the hat and go upstairs.

The next day I am looking for something in my front closet and I find ANOTHER TORONTO BLUE JAYS HAT! Now, I do not follow baseball I am not a fan. AND GET THIS… the hats are fitted and the same exact size. 7 1/8. That would not fit me! My mind is blown.”

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22. Missing Time

“This just happened to both me and my sister. It’s her birthday tomorrow and we were both chilling. On my phone I have the normal clock and also one that shows the seconds on my lockscreen (two clocks at the same time).

My sister saw the clock that shows seconds and started counting down.

It was 21.59 and as soon as it hit 22.00 she said „it’s my birthday in two hours“. To which I jokingly said „it’s your two hour jubilee“.

We both saw the time and she left the room. And after some time talking to my family and being on my phone I stood up to do laundry and my sister came to me and said wtf? It’s 21.30 didn’t we just count down to 22.00??

I was confused and pulled out my phone, which showed 21.30 ….

I got goosebumps and my sister said that’s really creepy. I asked my parents if they heard our small conversation earlier but apparently they didn’t.

Now it’s just me and my sister kinda creeped out. I’ve taken a screenshot of the current time and asked another family member to watch the clock and keep the time in their head in case this happens again.

Edit: obviously the first thing I checked was if daylight savings time changed, but it’s not due until October in my country.”

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IDontKnow 9 months ago
It also wouldn't be happening around 9pm-10pm-ish. Daylight savings time usually is at like 2am-3am-ish.
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21. Where Did The Dog Go?


“So at about approximately 10:50am this morning I look out my window at the main section of my house to see my completely blind chihuahua looking through the screen door because my mother keeps it open to get cool air in. The Chihuahua has the whole house mapped out because he’s been blind for a couple of years now he can go anywhere he wants to as if he weren’t blind which is fascinating for a tiny little dog.

But he has history of sticking his nose through one of the rips in the screen door and prying it open and climbing down the steps when my moms outside doing yardwork, which is dangerous because he has to navigate down steps that he usually doesn’t go down and hes fallen at least once that I’ve seen its like a 3ft fall which isn’t good but he luckily wasn’t hurt.

I’ve tried to get my mother to either just close the door so he isn’t able to sneak out, or put a chair in front of the rip to prevent him from nosing it.

So this morning when I see him at the screen door I go over to it and put a chair in front of it for preventative measures.

And I swear to god he was inside the house at that time right behind me because this was only 15-20 seconds after I had seen him at the door and and he couldn’t have snuck out in that time between so I go back into my place.

Approximately 10 minutes later I see him outside just besides the steps through my window with the chair still blocking the screen door and it completely shut. My mom was outside like she had been for the past hour or so and she also had no clue how he got out, she even admitted that we need to be more careful now because he will sneak out somehow. So either my dog teleported outside or my mother was playing a prank on me.”

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20. Missing Keys


“This happened ages ago and has always stuck with me. When I was 19 or so I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend. There was communal laundry, so to do laundry you had to leave the apartment, walk through the outdoor hallway, then use your keys to access the locked laundry room.

I retrieved a load from the dryer and went back to my apartment. The bedrooms were to the right of the front door with doors that faced each other. Our beds were situated in the rooms such that you could see the other ones bed while sitting on your own and looking through the doorways.

She acknowledged me as I walked in (she was sitting on her bed in her room with the door open) so I went into my room, set my clothes and keys on my bed, then went into her room. She watched this all happen.

We hungout for about a half hour but I had plans that evening and needed to get going.

I went to gather my things in my room but my keys were literally nowhere. I went through the pile of clothes multiple times. Checked under my pillows, in my sheets, in the crevices between the wall and the bed, on the floor, every exposed surface.

I tore my room apart for like 10 minutes while my roommate just stood in my doorway laughing at me. I was about to give up and stood up, looked to my right at my dresser, and said “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I lifted a hat I hadn’t touched in 2 weeks that was atop the dresser, and under it were my keys. My roommate promptly stopped laughing, went pale, and walked back to her room without saying a word.”

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19. Where Did Everyone Go?


“Temporarily, of course. I was at a new year’s eve dinner with my parents, uncles, cousins… a bunch of people. This was in Argentina, so it’s summer, and we’re all eating outside. It was a big white round table. At some point I went in the house, don’t remember why or how long, maybe to go to the bathroom or get a drink, and when I came out everyone was gone.

Everyone and everything was gone. Like no one had ever dined there. I looked around the yard, went back inside the house (open concept, hard to hide a bunch of people) but nothing. Not a sound. Like no one had ever been there. I don’t even think there were crickets…

After searching for about 10 minutes I go sit inside the house to think and I hear the toilet flush. My cousin comes out and I tell her that everyone is gone. She looks at me weird and leaves. I’m waiting for her to come back and tell me I’m crazy but she doesn’t, so I panicked.

I muster the courage to go outside and there’s everyone. Eating at the table as if nothing happened. I went to my seat and I asked what had happened, where did they go, but everyone looked at me like I had a third eye. After the fact I kept asking but no one remembers anything happening that night.

I’ve always thought I might be some kind of crazy but I was telling a friend last week and she matter of factly told me about glitches in the matrix and that this stuff happens all the time. So I already feel a bit better that I may not be losing it. Has anyone had a similar experience?

(I’ve had this happen with objects before but never with people)”

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18. You Told Me That Before


“A few years ago, my best friend and fellow English teacher texted me that one of my students had been arrested for indecent exposure on the bus. I was shocked, because I would never have imagined this student doing that.

On the same day I received the text, my husband and I went to hang with some friends.

We were sitting on their couch when I remembered the story of my student’s arrest. I said to my husband, “Hey, one of my students got arrested.”

My husband said, “I know. On the bus. For indecent exposure.”

“How did you know?” I asked.

“You told me last week,” he said.

I tried to explain to him that I had just learned about it, and if I had known last week, I would have already told my best friend. The fact that she didn’t know until that day, when she texted me, tells me I wasn’t having some memory lapse.

But my husband insisted that not only had I told him, but we had searched on his office computer to see if it had made the news yet.

I cannot explain how my husband knew this story beforehand, but the fact that he specified the charge and location before I could reveal those details tells me he knew. And searching for it online is exactly what I would have done. Except I didn’t.

Was it an alternate reality he experienced? No clue.”

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17. The Burning Motorcycle


“This peculiar event happened to me while I was in my early twenties. So between 2008 – 2013.

I was a bit of a transient then & often slept outside or squatted in houses that were foreclosed upon or up for sale (a few nights at most).

Most neighborhoods I wandered through day to day had a community pool, if not several. Often times I would use these pool areas to bathe (they had showers) or sleep at if the time was right. One night in particular I went to my most frequented pool.

I could reach over the large gate & open it from the other side. At this pool I would always clumsily maneuver a reclining chair closest to the wall & next to a large pump (I believe) for the spa. I would do this to stay out of sight from the golf & tennis courts.

I only describe the area so as one may picture this scenario in their mind.

While I was trying to fall asleep I opened my eyes & saw a jagged silhouette dance about the semi-circle wall that enclosed the pump right beside me. At first I thought it was headlights or the police.

I raised myself on my tippy toes to peer over the stucco wall that I just had my back to. Thinking now I feel my reaction was one of hurried panic. I exited through the gate & walked quickly around a short path up to the parking lot where I encountered the source of light.

It was a motorcycle. It was on fire. I stared as I walked past it & then out of the parking lot, onto the sidewalk. I looked back every few steps to look on in amazement. The fire seemed to be escalating, devouring more of vehicle all the time.

A car passed me as I walked down the sidewalk, now about 20 meters away from the scene. I knew whoever was in that car would see the now engulfed bike & they would probably blame me, as it was very late (or early) & I was the only person around.

I continued to walk away quite fast & then I heard a dull explosion & then the crunching of metal. I looked back & the motorcycle had fallen over. I turned the corner onto 214th Way, a street I had lived on (& would live on again) for many years and out of sight.

I don’t know if this is a “glitch” per se… idk what happened. I can tell you that the motorcycle was not there when I first approached the clubhouse & I heard no motor, anything like that or any other noises. Like I said I was lying on a chair that was up against the wall & on the other side was the parking lot.

The motorcycle was parked in like the best spot if one were to be visiting the pool. I never fell asleep either as I do not fall asleep so easily & am often awake for hours before I do.

I haven’t thought of this event in a while, though I have told a few close friends.

I tried to give an accurate retelling so one may be able to offer better insight.

What do I think? The most logical thing I think could have happened would be that somebody rolled their bike up to the spot ignited a fire & walked away…for tax purposes? to frame me? I did have some friends (brothers) who lived in the neighborhood that rode motorcycles but I don’t think either one would have done that….& like I said I would have heard something…most likely.”

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16. When Did That Smoke Detector Get Here?


“Have you ever had a moment where you realize something has changed and you could have sworn it wasn’t like that before? I get those from time to time.

I moved back in with family, a casualty of the technology and support job market tightening the belt.

When I first saw my new room, I wanted to clean and get everything ready before I brought my furniture in. Spent a day cleaning my room, wiping down walls, shampooing the carpet, trying to fit furniture in through the door, etc. I clean pretty thoroughly, getting into all the cracks, between the door and the door jam, all the grooves in the metal decorations on the ceiling fan light fixtures, all that stuff.

When the previous occupant kept sneaking in unhealthy habits and you’re a germaphobe, you tend to clean pretty thoroughly and end up knowing your living space inside and out. I know the little scuffs on the wall, the spot of paint that got on the ceiling above my door, the groves of the window seal and that little bend in the track on the right side that makes the windows stick when it gets hot…

I live here. I know this room.

I have spent months laying in bed and looking up at the ceiling above my door while trying to sleep. Sometimes I’ll see the spot of paint above the door, and reflexively look over there thinking it’s a bug. Other times, I’m daydreaming and staring off into the distance, or just scanning the room out of boredom and insomnia.

Sometimes I have the light on, sometimes it’s completely dark. Sometimes I leave a little desk lamp on so I can see if I need to get up and use the bathroom. I’ve seen this room from basically every angle and in every lighting condition. If I’m laying on my back, the position of the bed defaults my field of vision to the ceiling above me door.

I look at it all the time.

It’s not a large or complicated room. The most complex geometry is the interior closet next to the bedroom door, creating a short little 3 foot long entranceway after you first walk in.

Well, I walked into my room last week and the room was different.

It’s a small thing, but there’s a smoke detector on the ceiling in that mini faux entranceway that was never there before.

At first, I was confused, thinking maybe I simply missed it before or it was newly installed. I wondered if maybe it was a battery powered detector held to the ceiling with a sticky pad.

I looked at the thing. It didn’t seem cheap or new. Wasn’t old either. Maybe a few years old at most? Maybe secondhand?

I carefully opened it, expecting to see batteries or a mounting bracket of some kind. No. There was a hole cut out of the ceiling and the smoke detector was wired directly into the house’s power.

Feeling unsure of myself, I went about the rest of my day until bed. The night, I did my usual thing of laying down and trying to will my mind to get sleepy. I turned off the light and hopped in the bed, still looking at the smoke detector and wondering if maybe someone had installed it while I was at the grocery store earlier.

I wasn’t the slightest a bit tired and decided to play on my phone for a bit.

An hour later, I was getting sleepy and wanted to go use the bathroom before I got too comfortable. I put the phone down, stretched my legs on my bed some, then sat up and headed for my door.

That’s when I saw it.

I have been in this room when it was pitch black multiple times. Light doesn’t usually bother me when I try to sleep, but sometimes it is nice to have the room perfectly dark. I had it dark this night.

Guess what I saw?

The smoke detector, which I was starting to think had been there the entire time somehow, had a super bright green LED on it that made the entire floor in front of my door glow at night.

You didn’t have to look for it, it draws your attention as soon as it’s within view. I couldn’t see the floor from my position laying down on my bed, but as soon as I sat up I could see the big two foot wide green circle of light on the carpet, like a video game telling me where to move the character.

There was no way I would have missed that before. The thing definitely had to be new.

I do my business and go back to sleep, anticipating asking about the smoke detector on the morning. I catch my mom in the kitchen the next day and ask about it.

She said the house came with a smoke detector in my room, but they had swapped it out with a new one.

I felt relieved, thinking I wasn’t going insane after all. Maybe the other smoke detector was a really thin one, or built into the hole in the ceiling? I asked when they installed it. Was it while I was at the store?

My mom looked at me, confused. “No”, she said. “We installed those new ones 3 or 4 years ago, before you moved in.”

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15. The Pants Button


“I’ve had a couple pairs of shorts that I’ve owned for 3 years (I know because I bought them for a job I started just before a major event).

They’re good shorts, lightweight, but I’ve always had trouble with the zippers sticking. They’re the NICKLAUS shorts they sell at Target, if anyone cares.

I noticed something today though. They’ve always had the ‘hook & eye’ type closure at the belt. I’m not sure that’s what they’re called, but today I’m walking around wearing them and I realize. They’re matched with a button.

I thought maybe I was mistaken about the pair I was wearing, but I knew the other pair didn’t have a button because they’re one of my favorite pairs and I’ve noted many times the type of latch/closure there.

I say this because I mostly wear jeans, so anything other than a button seems off to me.

Sure enough, I check my drawer, and there’s a button on the pants!

So what? Am I misremembering? I don’t think so, I’m sure someone will say those shorts have always had buttons, and I’m sure in this timeline/reality they have. In my reality they weren’t though, not until today.”

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14. The Man In The Green Hoodie


“Me and my partner were on the subway, in the last carriage (is that what you call it? English isn’t my native language) and the particular train we were on was stopping on the station before ours, so everyone had to step out and wait for the next one.

Sitting opposite us on the train was a guy wearing glasses, a snapback and a green hoodie with colorful paisley prints all over it.

When the train stopped, we and everyone else on the train stepped out to the station waiting for the next train to come.

We were at the very end of the station, so when the train came, we got on the last carriage the moment it opened. And what do you know, the guy in the green hoodie was sitting in the exact same spot. When I noticed the guy I just sorta dismissed and rationalized it thinking that maybe the guy stepped in the very second the train arrived and sat down (but so did we, and he was sitting right across from the door that we entered through).

I honestly wouldn’t have paid it much mind if my partner hadn’t freaked out, laughing nervously and asking me if I also noticed the guy in the green hoodie and how that was possible. I don’t think either of us saw him come out of the first train. Thoughts?”

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13. Everything Look Tinted


“Yesterday I went out with my family to pick up some take away. While the food was cooking, we wandered around the immediate area a bit; we haven’t explored there before, and it’s good to poke around. Went back, got the food, and I drove home.

A minute or so into the journey, I look in the rear view mirror. Everything is dark and tinted, like the rear windscreen is dark tinted glass. There’s a car behind me with its lights on, and they look blue, through the deep tint. Except the windscreen is just normal glass, no tint at all.

My partner and child were just chatting away like normal. Out the front of the car is normal. I kept glancing back, trying to figure out what was going on, but I was afraid to draw attention to what was going on. My mind was buzzing between ‘something very weird is happening and it’s very wrong’ and ‘is the windscreen tinted? Is it really blue? Am I just confused?’

I reached a roundabout, and once I was off it, I glanced back again.

And everything is clear and bright and normal. The car behind went a different direction, sky is blue, all windows just normal glass, all colours normal.

It felt so wrong. I didn’t tell my partner what I’d seen because I feel very odd about it. I knew it was wrong, and it kept happening while I thought about it and checked on it. I know the sky was clear and the area bright and normal, because we’d been walking around there.

I don’t know if I’m more afraid that I’m going mad and/or hallucinating, or that I saw a real glitch and what that means for, well, everything.”

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12. My Earrings Disappeared In My Hand


“They are fairly large size fake diamonds, thank goodness they’re fake because it’s still missing.

I was sitting on my tiled living room floor beside my coffee table getting ready for work.

I had just put the right one in my ear. I reached down and pinched the other earring between my fingers.

My fingers were only a few inches off the table when suddenly my fingers were together and there was nothing between them. There was no sound of anything falling out of my fingers not on the table and not on the tile.

I wasn’t looking directly at it but I felt it in my fingers one moment and gone the next.

I looked everywhere all around where I was sitting everywhere in my house in my living room it is not here anymore. I live alone I don’t have any pets. If it fell it’s not like it could be underneath something or have been swept under something that fast I wasn’t moving around, I was sitting still.

I can see directly under the couch and it’s completely bare. I waited 3 days, searching every single day to see if it turned up and it’s still gone. I just feel like my brain is broken thinking back to the moment it was in my fingers and then suddenly there’s nothing between my fingers. It just doesn’t make any sense. It should be somewhere in this house and it’s nowhere it should have been in my fingers it was like it just disappeared like it was zapped away.”

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11. We Drove In A Time Loop


“I was in the car with my mum (driver) and my fiancé, we’d been to some shops in a rural village near our home town.

On our way back we followed the route like we always do, we come to our usual T junction with road signs at the top.

The village only has two exits and entrances, we drove in one and out the other.

So we turn right like we always do as directed. We drive along the country road and then realised we’re somehow driving back towards the village! Driving past the same shops we had just drove away from, we’d driven in a loop.

We drove down the same road all freaked out pointing out certain land marks we had passed earlier. Knowing we had driven the right route. We come to the same T junction.

Take the right exit towards hometown. This time we make it back to our hometown, there are no turn offs you can accidentally go down as it’s a narrow country road with ditches and rivers either side. So we know we didn’t make a mistake.

It still freaks us out to this day.

My only argument is that we must of had a fatal car crash in a different multiverse and woke up in this one.
Because what other plausible explanation is there!”

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10. Where Did The Water Bottle Go?


“Water bottle disappeared and re appeared

I still don’t know what had happened the other day! A friend of mine left their water bottle at my place. I was going to meet them a couple of days later and I could return it back. So the day I was supposed to meet the friend, I kept their water bottle on the table near the front door so that I would NOT forget to take it along.

Now time comes to leave and I do not see the bottle. I was a 100% sure that this is where I had kept it. I and my partner looked for it in the entire house. Nothing. My partner irritably told me that I keep things in one place and look for it at another place.

This is true but I know I had kept the bottle on that table. We even checked the trash as our toddler is in a phase where he throws everything in the trash. Nothing in the trash either. Anyways we were getting late and left without the bottle.

We got back home and looked for the bottle again and nothing in the entire house.

By this time I was getting completely stressed out because I knew where I had kept the bottle but it wasn’t there at all. Anyways we all go to sleep. The next morning, when I woke up and went towards the door, the bottle was sitting right on the table! At first I genuinely thought that my partner found it and put it there but when he woke up and I asked him, he was in complete disbelief.

Also my toddler putting this bottle there is out of question as he slept immediately after we got home and was still asleep when the bottle reappeared. I don’t know how this disappeared and reappeared. Can someone please explain because I am going crazy thinking about this!”

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9. Objects Mysteriously Moving


“This happened 3 days ago, and I’m still bothered by it.

So I had used my AirPods on a walk, and upon returning home I put them on a charger in my kitchen. Later while making dinner I disconnected my AirPods to plug in my iPad, leaving my AirPods on my kitchen counter.

After dinner I was putting laundry away in my walk-in closet with my infant (not yet walking) sitting on the floor playing (note: she NEVER left my side). I noticed the bottom drawer of our filing cabinet was ajar (which I hardly go into) and… my AirPod case was sitting in the bottom of the drawer.

I rush to the kitchen where I remember leaving my AirPods… and they’re not there. I don’t remember going into my bedroom at all until I started putting away laundry. I wrack my brain trying to explain how my AirPods could have made their way into a drawer I seldom go into without me remembering putting them there.

Even more strange is I open the case to find… my left AirPod is missing. I had JUST had both of them about an hour prior when they were on my charger, how could I suddenly be missing one? I start tearing apart the cabinet, but can’t find the AirPod anywhere.

I put the baby to bed and try to find the missing AirPod using Find My… but it won’t connect. I try multiple troubleshooting tips but can’t connect to the missing AirPod, only the one I have.

I give up my search after an hour and try to relax with tv before bed.

I still can’t figure out HOW my AirPods made in into the cabinet from the kitchen. And how did I lose one?? I start wondering if the baby got ahold of it… did she swallow it? But she was sitting RIGHT next to me the whole time, she was never in that drawer and I never saw her with an AirPod.

But where could it be?

I decided to go to bed. I walk into my room to my side of the bed, and there in the middle of the floor in front of my nightstand… is my missing left AirPod!! Now, I had not set foot in that part of the room since I had gotten up for the day that morning.

The baby had not been in the part of the room either. NO ONE was in that part of my bedroom all day, including myself. This part of the room is a good 20ft away from the filing cabinet in my closet, with a large bed in between.

How on earth did my AirPod get there?? And sure enough, I could now connect Find My to the missing left AirPod, where before I could not. I try shaking the AirPod case upside down to see if the AirPods can fall out somehow, but they’re held in magnetically.

I have no explanation for this.”

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8. The Disappearing Bench


“A month ago, my friend and I went to Santa Cruz, California on the summer solstice (June 21). We went to a spot with a bench in the Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz that I’ve been going to for 15 years.

We turned past the trees that the bench is behind, and there was just no bench there? I had just been there in February and the bench was still there.

But it looked like there had never been a bench there at all, and there were a lot of trees and bushes that just weren’t there anymore either.

There had been a lot of storms in California this winter, so I figured some trees fell and maybe it wasn’t safe to have the bench there anymore so they moved it.

But I couldn’t see where the poles would’ve been in the ground or anything, it was like it never existed. I took a picture of the spot to show my husband because we frequent the spot together and I knew we’d both be equally sad about it being gone.

When I got home I tried googling it and looking around on the UCSC website for any info about where they would’ve moved this bench, and all I could find was that it was originally placed there in 2007 as a tribute to a professor.

This past Saturday (July 22nd), my husband and I went to Santa Cruz, and we went to the bench spot so I could show them how weird it was in person that it had just vanished without a trace.

But we got there and everything was just back to normal??? The bench was there, the trees and bushes were there, and it was looking overgrown even. I examined the ground near the bench posts and it didn’t look like it had ever been moved.

I feel crazy, but I texted my friend who went with me last month when it was gone, and she confirmed that it definitely was NOT there.

I had taken her to this spot at least once before too, so she knew how to get there, what it was supposed to look like, and how different it looked that day.

When I texted her the picture that it was back, her only response was “What?! A glitch in the matrix?” and I really don’t know what else it could’ve been.

Her husband kept suggesting that we just went to the wrong spot last month, but that’s not possible. Like I said, I’ve been going there for 15 years, I know the layout of this meadow very well and it’s not really that big. There’s only one trail that goes to the bench spot, and there’s nowhere else you could accidentally go.

Plus last month I walked further down the trail past the bench, and the forest spot behind it was exactly what was supposed to be there, so it definitely wasn’t just going to the wrong spot.

I’m sorry this was so long but I have no logical explanation for this.

It was like last month the spot in the videogame just didn’t load all the way when we got there, but then it loaded fine when we went a few days ago.

Or maybe it was some sort of time glitch back to 2007, but only in that spot?? I feel like it disappearing on summer solstice might really have something to do with it, especially with it being a spot at the edge of the forest looking into a meadow. I have never felt more crazy in my life and I am not gonna be able to let this go.”

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7. Things Disappearing When They Hit The Ground

“I’m sick to death of this. Sometimes I will drop things and they’ll hit the floor with an audible sound and then vanish. Sometimes they don’t even hit the floor before they vanish.

For example. I used to have a pokewalker, you know those little tomogachi knock off’s that you could put your pokemon into to earn exp while you walking around.

I dropped mine in an empty room. The only TWO things in that room were a bed that sits very high off the ground with nothing under it and a single 1.5 metre tall horse statue that had a flat, oval base.

I dropped the pokewalker in that room.

I heard it hit the floor and it stopped existing. I looked everywhere in this barren room and couldn’t find it. Several years later when I moved house, so literally packing everything up and leaving the entire house bear, no one found it.

This happens every so often and it’s infuriating.

The other day I was fixing a stud in my ear when it slipped out, hit the floor and vanished. I heard it hit the floor cos it’s a wooden floor and same thing, there’s only a bed and a desk for the stud to roll under. I still can’t find it.

Those are just 2 examples.

Does this happen to anyone else? Are the things I drop slipping between the fabric of reality or something?”

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6. The Moon Glitched


“One night during the summer of 2021, a friend and I were driving around northern Illinois. We both saw a black square on the bottom of the moon. We were completely sober and well rested when we saw this, but it freaked us out.

Our first thought was that it could possibly be a new building in the distance.

A new tall building we were viewing from a weird angle that somehow blocked the moon? But even this idea seemed very unlikely to us. There were some trees around us, so I drove to an open field to get a better look at it. To our surprise, there was no building.

Nothing was obstructing our view at all. The moon was flickering a bit like a broken screen. It lasted for a minute then went back to normal. I think my friend tried to take a video but it didn’t show up well? I’ll have to ask her.

I know she definitely remembers the incident, we bring it up every so often.

Has anyone ever seen the moon do this? I’ve seen videos of moon waves but this was entirely different. I found another post on here where someone claims to have seen the same thing I did, but in 2006.. which is really freaky! I was wondering if anyone else has had any similar experiences or ideas of what it could’ve been?”

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5. The Clouds Mirroring My Pool Float


“Saturday night I went for a midnight swim in my pool. I live in an old rural farmhouse with no immediate neighbors. I decided to do some stargazing and look to see if the milky way was visible. There isn’t a lot of light pollution here, so it’s visible on a clear night.

There were morning glory clouds overhead, blocking a lot of stars. (Straight cloud lines is the best I can describe it.) I had vacuum tubing in the pool still, and decided to tie it, best I could, into a cloud knot, fill it with air, and use it for flotation.

It took a couple minutes to get it just right and climb on, face up to the sky.

I immediately noticed the clouds had twisted themselves into the exact same cloud knot shape as the tubing I was lying on. One star shone more brilliantly than any other in the exact center.

I stared at it for a few minutes until the clouds began to dissipate. At the same time, I could feel the tube I was lying on begin to unravel and lose buoyancy, until I eventually fell off. At that point, I got out of the pool and went inside.”

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4. My Partner Tasted What I Was Eating


“I was doing some stuff in the kitchen and decided to eat a chocolate macaron that had been sitting there for a while.

My partner was in the bathroom, which is two doors further into the hallway. As I took a bite, my partner yelled, “Are you having something with chocolate??!”.

I was (still am) shocked.

I walked into the bathroom with half of the macaron sitting in my mouth. We both looked at each other in complete shock. She told me she suddenly had a faint chocolate flavor in her mouth, but wasn’t eating any (she didn’t even have any chocolate that day).

One could say maybe it has to do with smell, but that dry ass macaron had no smell left. Wouldn’ve been too far away anyway.

Still weirds us out. She thinks this is meant to be, I’m thinking GLITCH!”

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3. If That Wasn't My Mom, Who Was It?

“So four or five years ago I stepped out to walk my two dogs. My mom who at the time drove a white BMW had left for work very early that morning and was about 1hr away. I lived on the main road in town so people walked past my house all the time.

I walk out to the sidewalk, and as I’m walking I see who I think are my mom and my niece coming toward me.

They say good morning, and my “mom” pulls out her car keys, and gets my niece into the backseat of yes, a white BMW sedan.

I wave, and my “mom” goes, “I’ll see you tonight, love you.”

I just stared in shock. I called my mom and asked her where she was and lo and behold she was at work. I didn’t need to call my niece, because at the time she lived 1700 miles away in Arkansas.

I told my mom about this and she said it’s super creepy, and is “so unsettling.”

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2. Double Smoothie


“I tried a banana smoothie today from Trader Joe’s, which I finished on the way home and tossed in my kitchen trash can. A few hours later, I started to make myself dinner and noticed the same smoothie in my fridge unopened. Since this was the first time I tried it, I grabbed the other container back out of the trash to figure out what on earth I drank on the way home lol.

Same smoothie. I checked the receipt, and I only bought one. There was no drink in the fridge when I put the groceries away.

I know this is rather boring in terms of glitches, but I cannot figure out this thing came from. I don’t live with anyone else.”

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1. I Don't Know You


“Many years ago I was walking to my car and a woman approached me and called my name and said it correctly. My name is both uncommon and pronounced differently than others with the same name. She was within 2 feet of me and said “Myname – it’s me! We used to work at the puppet theatre together.” I had no idea who she was.

I’ve never worked at a puppet theatre. She was so insistent that we knew each other I questioned whether I could have forgotten working with puppets. I have no idea what happened. There’s either a doppelganger with the same stupid name or another version of me worked with her.”

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Whether these stories are glimpses of a simulated reality or simply extraordinary coincidences, they fuel our fascination with the unknown. As technology advances and we delve deeper into the nature of existence, the concept of glitches in the matrix continues to captivate our imaginations, challenging us to ponder the boundaries of what is real. (Note: Some stories have been shortened and modified for our audiences).