People Disclose Their Scandalous Revenge Stories

There are moments in our lives that are so hard to forget. Most of these moments are the ones where we felt ashamed, offended, or hurt. If we can go back in time, we're pretty sure that all of us will do anything for those moments to not happen anymore. But in reality, there are no time machines to do that. The only thing we can do about those people who hurt us is to get revenge. Here are some stories of people who took their chance to get some scandalous revenge.

28. So You've Got Strong Political Backers? You're Still Going Down


“My wife (late 20s) is working in a newly set-up government branch office of only about 20 people, which by virtue of its nature requires a lot of interaction and support from high-ranking politicians and the grassroots. Most of her colleagues are thus seniors and retirees with a lot of clout in their respective communities and strongly recommended/backed by their area’s uh… sort of the equivalent of a mayor to join the office.

When my wife just joined, there was this particular guy, whom we shall call Jack. Jack was in his 60s, coming out of retirement, and was super charismatic. He was the undeniable alpha male in the office and had the respect and support of almost all other colleagues, thanks to him generously buying everyone in his group lunch almost every day. The relatively younger (the 30s-40s) ladies even called him Papa Jack or some other endearing term.

Even the boss gave him great leeway – Jack could tell off the boss during meetings and the boss would just suck it up.

Now at this point, all we knew is that Jack was really charismatic (One of the pastors of a megachurch, even) and had the support of a very high-ranking politician. In fact, Jack was apparently very rich and did not need to work this job but was there due to politics.

Also, why did the boss, who had no political backing, give him that much leeway.

I was in-between jobs at this time and helped my wife out at her office from time to time, cultivating a pretty good relationship with her boss. The first time I was at her office, Jack came over with his posse, sized me up by asking lots of personal questions, and made some jokes about me.

Immediately it rubbed me the wrong way and he gave me the impression that he was an arrogant jerk – however, I gave him the benefit of doubt as the other colleagues were quick to praise him despite his loud mouth. The first time I worked directly with him, however, shattered any illusions I had about his competency – this guy was horribly inept at his work and got away with it all the time.

My wife even told me that she was unhappy about how he would make jokes about her or even poke her in the belly or arms and comment on her putting on weight. She, however, still gave him the benefit of doubt as he mentioned that he saw her as a daughter, and perhaps being childish was just part of his ‘joker’ attitude.

A couple of months later, it was Jack’s birthday and most of the office (except the boss) attended after work.

My wife got him a gift (as did everyone else) and he thanked her by plying her with expensive wine. Now, my wife is not a good drinker and everyone in the office knew it but was still pressured into drinking. Towards the end of the party, he offered to drive my wife and some other colleagues to stay nearby home. My wife agreed, as it was in a group and it was way too late/expensive to go by public transport AND her cellphone was dead.

However, instead of dropping my wife off first as her house was the nearest, he ended up dropping everyone else first and drove her somewhere deserted instead of home. He then harassed her, saying that he thought she was hot, admitted to purposely plying her with drinks, and that he really wanted to touch her. My wife was massively wasted but thankfully fended off his advances and repeatedly asked to be driven home.

Perhaps also driven by her latent unhappiness about the way he treats her at work. She reminded him of his religious work and his being a grandfather, such that he finally gave up and dropped her off somewhere not deserted, whereby she walked home and quickly called me.

I rushed over and she related the whole incident, still tipsy. I called up her relatively good friend at work, whom I thought would be trustworthy, but the spineless fellow advised not to go against Jack and just let it go since ‘nothing happened.’ Fine.

Time to plot my revenge myself.

The next day, I made a big show out of asking her boss out to discuss something. Jack was noticeably on leave, and the rest of the office was also acting oddly. I was surprised that her boss believed me right off the bat since he said he had spotted Jack leering at young women all the time and that Jack had a reputation for being a philanderer.

Jack was apparently not independently rich too – he was supported generously by his rich wife who turned a blind eye to his side activities. Why? Because she was much younger than him and he had supported her through College with his payback then. Now that she’s successful, she feels that she owes it to him. However, the bossman was apparently scared of the political repercussions of taking action against Jack but promised to keep an eye on him and let my wife telecommute to work instead.

Still, bossman had to inform his boss as part of the protocol, who totally lost his mind. As an ex-military guy and new to this job, this guy was hungry for blood and hadn’t yelled at anyone in years. So Jack was basically called in and interrogated until he admitted to getting her wasted, but maintained that he only wanted to ‘talk’ to her about the problems they were having at work, with no inappropriate intention.

With no evidence and having a ton of political pressure harping on this point, the ex-military boss could do nothing about this guy either, so he said we either had to make a police report so that he could act or accept a half-meant private apology from Jack, restricted to only what he admitted to.

No way in the world was I going to accept that. Ex-mil boss came up with some other alternatives, such as transferring my wife out (but she did nothing wrong!), but nothing was acceptable to me except totally neutering this guy.

Fire his butt or destroy his life, such that he would have no way of preying on my wife or the other young women he worked with.

Later I would come to know that Jack had told everyone that my wife was trying to seduce him for his wealth, but he rejected her. He ruined her reputation to save himself and the bosses couldn’t do anything about it? Nobody sullies my wife’s reputation and gets away with it.

The Revenge Part 1 – Social Isolation: I knew where my revenge would hit him the hardest – his pride.

I countered, demanding that Jack make a public apology in the office for what happened that night. As promised, he would not be obliged to apologize for anything he did not admit to, including harassment. In fact, I told him that he could just apologize without any reason given – I didn’t need one.

Jack tried to weasel his way out of this, but even his backer couldn’t deny such a simple, reasonable request. And apologize he did.

Thanks to his own pre-poisoning of the well of public opinion, most of the office saw through his lies – why would he be forced to apologize if he did nothing wrong? What was he even apologizing for? Why can’t it be said outright? Immediately after, the office was split – half sided with my wife, while half stuck with their beloved ‘Papa Jack’ who could do no wrong.

The mutters and gossip against him grew steadily though, as his background and past philandering reputation started leaking out. I might have been part of these leaks. Who knows?

In the end, the cognitive dissonance and/or their willingness to be associated with a pervert for free lunches lost out to public opinion. Soon, Jack found himself increasingly isolated and eating lunch with only his work partner. The alpha male was neutered – nobody took his bragging seriously, he had no pack of fans anymore, nobody was picking up the slack of his incompetent work except his partner (who was backed by the same politician).

The Revenge Part 2 – Spectacular Career End: I spoke to Jack during one of his lonely lunches, telling him that he had only one choice, to resign quietly. I knew this would hurt Jack’s pride the most, annoying him. So Jack did not go quietly. He set about messing up the office, shredding important documents, damaging equipment, etc.

I went straight to his partner and told him that documents were missing and having covered for him, he would be liable for any sabotage in the upcoming audit.

His partner tried to pin it on me, but I had already extracted and backed up the security tapes showing Jack shredding the documents literally behind his partner’s back. His partner, now burdened with Jack’s mess and about to get audited (thanks to me whispering in bossman’s ear), had to rat Jack out to the politician to save himself. The politician quickly distanced himself publicly from Jack and more than likely told him to hand in his resignation before the audit.

Jack was now entirely cut off – No job, no political backer, no friends at work. The only thing he had now was his wife, kids, and grassroots community reputation.

Was I done?

Not by a long shot.

The Revenge Part 3 – Stealing his Wallet: I knew his wife would not care about Jack’s philandering ways and his kids probably already knew anyway. However, the wife would be concerned if he was spending r all willy-nilly.

I volunteered to send the usual office goodbye card to Jack but mistakenly addressed it to his wife (Oops, careless me!). Most colleagues add generic messages such as ‘All the best’ to it. But I added an anonymous message telling him how we missed the lavish meals and parties we had with him before his ‘retirement’ and all the ‘good times’, while also stating that how all the ladies miss their ‘Papa’.

Never heard any news about him for months, so I assumed the wife had ignored the message.

Until yesterday.

The Revenge Part 4 – Goodbye, Reputation: Opened the papers to see that dear Papa Jack was imprisoned for a year due to some minor offense. Dug deeper and found out that Jack did indeed have his allowance cut by his wife. Unable to sustain his lavish lifestyle, he turned to crime. I found out from the grapevine that he had actually done some pretty major stuff, but somehow managed to get it down to a minor offense barely footnoted in the papers – perhaps by the politician not wanting to be associated negatively with a former right-hand person.

Was I done?

Yea, yea I suppose this would do for now.”

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Swissie67 2 years ago
I would be furious if my husband meddled in my professional life like this. You are way out of bounds if even half of this is true.
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27. Send Me 50+ Insurance Offers In The Mail, Will You?


“Last month I refinanced my home. Since then, every day I have had two or more ‘urgent’ letters in the mail A DAY. Very annoying because these companies are pros and they actually do look like legit important letters. Anyways, the majority of the time they come with return envelopes. Today I got annoyed, so I photocopied my middle finger and wrote ‘I can waste paper too!’ and mailed it back to them in their own envelope that they pay the shipping for.”

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26. Doctor Fired Me After I Fought Back When She Called Me Names


“About 5 years ago I took a college job as an optician at a small optometrist business on the west coast.

This middle-aged lady was an absolute shark and generally unpleasant person. I’m not too familiar with HIPPA but she may have broken HIPPA violations all the time by calling her friends on the job and talking about patients she found noteworthy (both in a good and bad way).

Anyhow, this Doctor refused to digitize her catalog of frames even though manufacturers have that readily available, so I was going through a phone book-sized catalog with honestly the smallest text I’ve ever read on paper. Combine that with the fact that we were looking for sequences of numbers, finding ANYTHING took effort and some amount of time.

She was trying to make a sale on a more expensive pair of glasses than what I recommended to the patient (which she always called customers, rubbed me the wrong way, honestly).

She asked me to look up the specific pair of frames in the catalog by the serial number on the display unit and after the 1-minute mark, she was getting pretty antsy since it was clear she was running out of conversation topics with the patient.

At the two-minute mark, I’m still flipping through pages, closer though. She is started to get kinda erratic, asking me every 5-10 seconds if I’ve found the frames.

At 3 minutes she was clearly livid and around that time she pushed me out of my chair and said: ‘Out of the way, idiot, I’ll find this myself’. I had been on the job for maybe 2 months at this point and I wish I could say that this behavior was uncommon for her, but it wasn’t.

We exchanged unpleasantries and she told me to go home.

That night, to my relief , she fired me over the phone citing the time I told her daughter to not leave her skateboard in the middle of the waiting area as it’s ‘a lawsuit waiting to happen.’ She took that as ‘I’m going to intentionally trip and sue’ and while that would have been beautiful, I got my chance because she didn’t pay me for several months.

Took her to small claims which ended with an arbitration, she hired a lawyer, I brought in my 20-year-old self, walked out with a year of tuition and all the pride in the world knowing that lawyer probably doubled the price of what she had to payout.”

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25. Harass My Mom And I For Years? I Have The Perfect Plan


“I’m an only child, born in the USA to older parents (they were both 45 when I was born) who immigrated from Venezuela in the 90s. When I was 2, my dad suffered serious brain trauma. He lived for another 13 years, but the incident permanently damaged certain parts of his brain, and he was a completely different person for those last 13 years. He went from being the most loving, incredible, caring, compassionate person around, to an aggressive, violent, ahole who blew up over the smallest things, but only ever at his inner circle (me, my mother, or other close family).

He always managed to keep his composure around strangers for fear of someone calling the police and him getting arrested, but he would later let it all out on my Mom and myself (admittedly mostly me).

After the shooting, he could never work again, and my Mom was forced into the position of being the family’s sole breadwinner. We lived in poverty for many, many years, because the USA wouldn’t recognize her college degree and she couldn’t afford to go to college again, so she couldn’t work in her field and had to start “at the bottom of the ladder.” Dad eventually died when I was 15, of issues related to his shooting.

Now, when I was 7, my parents decided to move into a town with a better reputation for their schools than the one we were currently living in, so that I could attend a better school. They bought a house literally on the edge of town. Most of this town is incredibly expensive, but because on the other side of our street (and across the town line) there’s a big complex of government-subsidized housing, our area is much cheaper.

This is the house with the jerk neighbor. The house is a three-family. For the last 16 years, we have owned and occupied the first floor, while the terrible neighbor lived on the second floor (until recently). The third floor has been occupied by over 10 owners and tenants over these years; None have stayed more than 3 or 4 years and some have stayed as little as a handful of months.

Now, the second-floor witch, let’s call her “Karen.” Because, obviously.

She has a husband, who we’ll call Bill, and they have a young son, Henry.

Here’s the story:

When we moved in, Karen and Bill had already been here for a few short months. The three of us (us on the first floor, Karen and Bill on the second, and the original third floor’s owners) bought the house from the same crew, who had bought it and turned it into a three-family, “fixing it up” in the process.

Karen quickly showed her true colors as a bully.

Over the years, there have been countless examples of nasty crap she’s pulled. Her husband, Bill, is an immigrant himself and doesn’t speak very good English. He’s very submissive to her and does whatever she wants, but in front of other people makes himself out to be physically dominant. In our first years here, they used to fight a lot, which we regularly heard from downstairs.

They would yell, sometimes for hours, and occasionally it seemed like things got violent. Henry was born maybe 10 years ago. He doesn’t factor into the story until much later. But anyway, the point is: Whatever Karen’s done, she’s always gotten away with it. Here are some highlights:

  • My Mom always took pride in how well she took care of our trash bin and recycling bin. Every month she’d give them a quick rinse after that week’s trash day, just to make sure that they wouldn’t develop a smell or a colony of bacteria wouldn’t move in.

    Karen, apparently, wasn’t so diligent, and one time, her recycling been got really nasty. And I mean really nasty. So, she just left it out back (context: Behind the house isn’t a backyard, it’s just pavement with a parking spot designated for each unit), and began using ours. Lo and behold, ours started to get nasty, and Mom quickly went from spending a quick 3 minutes rinsing it out every month to about 45 minutes scrubbing with soap and water to clean it out.

    Eventually, we decided we’d had enough, and she and Dad sent Karen and the third-floor-tenants of the time a polite, but firm, e-mail, that basically said, “Whoever started using our recycling bin, please stop and use your own. You never asked our permission, and we take good care of it, and ever since you began using it it’s become disgusting.” We knew it was Karen and Bill, but Mom & Dad figured it was more polite without a call-out and they “didn’t want to start anything.” Within a week, 2 things happened: Karen & Bill got a brand-spanking-new recycling bin, and one week we found ours had been mysteriously destroyed.

    Someone took a knife to it and cut it to pieces. We had no way of knowing who it was, but we had a pretty good feeling we knew exactly who it was. (Yes, we had to get a new one.) Because we had no evidence of who did it though, my parents didn’t say anything about it.

  • Back when we could afford a car (we haven’t had one since our first few years here), we used our parking space outback.

    Every time that Karen & Bill hosted a party (which back then was surprisingly frequent), they would toss their trash over their balcony “into the general vicinity of the trash & recycling bins outback,” which is literally right next to our designated parking space. Most of the dents we had on our old ‘88 Toyota were from bottles thrown from the second-floor balcony. We had windows break a couple of times; Same deal.

    Each time it happened, my parents would politely go upstairs, knock on Karen & Bill’s door, and respectfully ask them to stop throwing stuff over the balcony because “sometimes it accidentally hits our car.” Each time they went and did that, Karen & Bill stopped, but they would do it again until they got caught during their next party. Again though, my parents never wanted to escalate the situation, so they never justified taking it further than knocking on her door and politely asking them to stop.

This is another example of Karen’s utter garbage behavior, but it’s also relevant for the revenge part of the story, so I’m putting it after the bullet point section.

Our basement is shared between all 3 units. Each unit has its designated space boxed out (kind of like office cubicles), and there’s some designated “common area” in-between. Years ago (maybe like 8 or 9), Karen and Bill completely filled their designated basement cubicle, so they just started piling crap all over the common area. Eventually, they developed this enormous pile of junk in front of Unit 1’s (our unit) oil tank (for heating).

My Mom & Dad never said anything because it happened over a long period of time and they didn’t want to start a fight, and as far as I know, none of the third-floor folks ever said anything either, but it got to the point where she and her husband were taking up common area space that was easily twice the size of their designated cubicle.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that for many years my parents and I weren’t great neighbors, either.

We didn’t bully anyone, but due to my Dad’s condition, he could be triggered (ayyyyyyy) by seemingly anything, and suddenly he’d be in a rage and we’d all be yelling. I grew up in that generally chaotic environment, and, yeah, there were several times when the police were called to our house for noise disturbances. But we kept our stuff to ourselves, and we were nothing but polite and respectful to all our neighbors, always.

That said, you can imagine that our first priority was always my Dad and his stability, and we had enough on our hands with that, so he & Mom always swallowed their pride and avoided doing anything to antagonize Karen, no matter how crappy her behavior got.

After my Dad died, I developed my own issues for a while, with mental health.

Growing up in a constantly chaotic, violent, aggressive environment took its toll on me, and for a time I had deeply depressive tendencies. I struggled with dark thoughts for years, and eventually wound up graduating high school after 8 years of attending classes in some form or another. Similar to when my Dad was sick, I became my mother’s top priority at that point, so again, Karen and Bill kept getting away with all her crap

I got better though.

Nowadays, I’m even off my psychiatric medication. I got my act together and graduated high school, and even college. I have my Bachelor’s, and I’m doing some postgrad stuff for a Master’s. Most of the way has been paid for by scholarships. But, I recently decided that, as an adult now and therefore as someone with a little more say in things around the house than when I was a kid, I had had enough of watching Karen bully my parents, particularly my mother, for so many years.

I want revenge.

Phase One of my plan was to ease my way into the adult, condo-administration dialogue. I began helping out more around the house – as in, around the common area parts:

  • I single-handedly redid the back porch’s flooring (it sounds like more than it is – I just pulled out all the floorboards and nailed new ones in).
  • I replaced both storm doors (about 6 months apart) when each one began having problems (different kinds of problems, it doesn’t matter what they were).
  • I also took care of some comparatively smaller things – I weed whacked out back for a couple of hours, cut the grass out front a few times, and got up early so that I could beat everyone else to the shoveling every time it snowed one winter (not ’18-’19, but ’17-’18).

    I also began wheeling back everyone’s recycling & trash bins after trash week every week, not just our own.

After the first 2 bullet point stuff, each time I sent out an e-mail to everyone in the condo to let them know that I had taken care of it and that all I asked of the other 2 units was for them to reimburse me 1/3rd of the cost of materials, on their timetable, because of course I hadn’t given them a heads-up so it was only fair that I allow them to pay me when they can.

The smaller stuff from the last bullet point I obviously didn’t need to announce, the idea was just that over time, the neighbors would see me taking more initiative in things and being more active, which would go on to justify me participating more in inter-condo politics. I also made a point to keep conversations to e-mails, so that there would be a written record of every interaction.

Phase Two of my plan ran pretty much concurrently to Phase One, but had an entirely different purpose and was overall entirely different: I began gathering evidence of everything I could.

  • I asked my Mom to track down all the old e-mails she & Dad had exchanged with the neighbors, documenting many instances that Karen & Bill had pulled any stupidity
  • I went downstairs and took a video of Karen and Bill’s garbage tall over the common area, particularly emphasizing all the highly flammable wooden and cardboard crap they had piled up in front of our oil tank.
  • I dug up and pored over the deed to our apartment, specifically the sections that detailed the rules around common areas and the limitations of our unit as compared to the others and vice versa.
  • To my utter joy, Mom & Dad never threw out that old recycling bin that Karen and/or Bill had knifed up, apparently because they just never knew what to do with it and never wanted anyone to ask questions.

    Naturally, I dug it up and took plenty of photos.

  • I did one other evidence-gathering thing that needs a bit more explanation: Karen & Bill are awful parents. Mom & I regularly hear the stuff they do to Henry through the very thin ceiling we have here.

Finally, Phase Three of my plan was basically to bait Karen and/or Bill into a trap I set, that, as it turns out, would have humongous consequences (for them).

Mom & I have this old treadmill that we got for free.

It’s in the kitchen, and lately, we’ve come to the conclusion that it just takes up a little too much space. We both use it a little, but not enough to justify keeping it. She wanted to toss it out, but I argued hard to keep it around because I knew I could use it for this plan. It would be my only shot.

I also sent out an e-mail to Karen, cc’d to Bill and the current third-floor-folks, asking her to move all the things in front of our oil tank in the basement “somewhere else.” Despite the fact that those things had been there for many years, I justified addressing it now because I’m the one addressing it, and that’s different from before because before I was a child and now I’m an adult who actively participates in the inter-condo dialogue.

I asked her to because the way she currently had it set up is a safety hazard, and “I’m just following the rules.” I further let her know that if she and Bill didn’t take care of it within a handful of weeks, that I would have no choice but to take care of it myself. In the same e-mail, I let everyone know that I was putting our treadmill in our parking space out back, so that if anyone had any trouble with getting into their spot to please let me know.

The same day I sent out the e-mail, I put the treadmill out back. Remember how I mentioned we haven’t had a car for years? Well, eventually, I convinced Mom to let me put the treadmill outside, in our parking space outback. I bought a large tarp to cover it with, so it would be protected from the rain, and I told her I’d start using it more if it was outside because it’s nicer to do exercise in the fresh air.

Now, I figured nothing was going to change from all the other e-mails I had sent about matters regarding the condo’s administration, and nothing did: She and Bill never acknowledged anything.

The current third-floor guy didn’t want anything to do with going up against Karen, so he just thanked me for the heads-up about the treadmill and said nothing else.

It’s also important to note here that my real reason for mentioning the treadmill in that e-mail wasn’t “in case anyone has trouble getting into their parking spot.” Needless to say, sure, a treadmill in a kitchen is pretty big and obnoxious, but a treadmill off to the side of an automobile parking space isn’t really big at all.

Plus, I placed it in such a way that it wasn’t in anyone’s way, giving everyone ample room to maneuver around. It was just there, off to the side. The reason I mentioned the treadmill in that e-mail was to alert her to its presence, and perhaps associate it in her mind with my request for her to move all her crap in the basement.

I also began using it, at least three mornings a week.

I timed it so that sometimes, Karen and Bill would run into me as they left to drive Henry to school. Every time I saw them, I waved and greeted, to ensure they’d notice me on the treadmill. Mom also used it a few times, but she wasn’t part of my plan so I’ve no idea if she ever ran into them while on it.

Here’s the other thing I did: I set up a video camera in our laundry basket.

See, we have it permanently in the pantry, next to the pantry window that faces the back area. I buried it beneath clothing so that from outside you can’t even see it, but I bought a few massive (memory storage wise, not physically) SD cards and kept the thing recording 24/7, with a timestamp.

For 2 weeks, nothing happened. The camera recorded nothing suspicious, and Karen & Bill didn’t move their stuff in the basement.

Their time was up, so one night, I got up at around 1AM when everyone else was asleep so nobody would hear me, and went downstairs to move their crap.

Reddit, I can’t express to you how much I enjoyed this.

I bought a GoPro, put it on my noggin, and carefully recorded the entire hour and a half of moving stuff around. I took the enormous pile of junk in front of Mom & I’s oil tank, and found a way to fit all of it into their designated storage cubicle. In the end, it was packed. I have mild OCD and I nearly had a fit of laughter at the end from how well organized (physically) everything was, so that everything was neatly packed together and all the space was used at maximum efficiency.

It was glorious. Packed from floor to ceiling, and almost wall-to-wall all around. If you can just imagine one massive, near-perfect rectangular prism of junk, that’s what I had created. It was a masterpiece. I was so proud. On the side the door was on, there was enough space to walk to either wall, but you couldn’t move “into” it anywhere.

I got back upstairs to our apartment and couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.

I was beyond excited. I wound up watching Infinity War to prepare for Ant-Man and the Wasp’s then-upcoming release. Ayyy.

Sure enough, Karen & Bill took the bait. I must’ve been at school or work when they first discovered the basement because I never heard a thing about it. In hindsight, it’s probably best I was out, even though I would’ve savored those angry shrieks like nothing ever before.

In any case, within a few days, we discovered our treadmill destroyed. Similar to the recycling bin of years past, it had been knifed up. I can imagine they probably wanted to straight-up take a hammer to it, but they didn’t want to make much noise, so they wound up just tearing the thing apart with a really big and really sharp knife. They had seen that we were using it, and aside from our trash & recycling bins it was our only property that they had access to at that point (several years back I filled up the rest of the wall of our basement cubicle and installed a door with a lock, so our cubicle is now sealed off to everyone else but the others are open and anyone can enter), plus I can imagine destroying a $1000 treadmill is infinitely more tempting than a trash or recycling bin, so they went for it in retaliation for my stunt in the basement.

After moving their crap in the basement, I started timing my treadmill use differently so that I wouldn’t run into them.

As soon as I saw it after they destroyed it, I went straight to the camera I had set up in the pantry. It caught the whole thing. In the true fashion of their relationship, Bill brandished an enormous knife and single-handedly destroyed the whole thing himself, while she stood next to him and seemingly ordered him to do it.

With that in hand, I called the police, reported the incident, told them that my mother and I felt threatened by their presence and we filed a restraining order against both Karen and Bill with the police that same day.

I turned over all the evidence I had gathered of all their crap over the years, and I also turned over all the audio clips I had of Karen & Bill terrorizing Henry. I figured since it was all audio and no video, it wouldn’t be enough to get him out of their care, but maybe it’d at least get the Department of Children & Families involved.

Karen & Bill immediately claimed that I had broken a bunch of their stuff while moving it around in the basement (stuff that they no doubt had broken themselves), so I offered my GoPro recordings as proof that I had not, in fact, broken any of their stuff while moving it at all.

The restraining order a person is allowed to file with a police report is always temporary, but you can always petition the court to extend it.

Once Mom & I did that, it was granted. At that point, Karen & Bill hadn’t been legally allowed to go back home for about a week, and since it became a longer-term restraining order, they were basically not going to be allowed to live in their own home for several years, so they made the obvious choice to sell the house and move elsewhere. Needless to say, selling a house you’re not allowed to be near is a difficult task, and moving all your stuff out of said house is even more difficult – particularly when you have so much of it.

They wound up coordinating the entire house’s sale from afar, with their realtor being the only person who came around to show the house. Once it was time for them to move, some relatives of theirs came around and packed everything up and loaded it into a truck.

Also, I was right, based on my recordings alone Henry wasn’t taken from their custody, but DCF did get involved.

I heard from their family that came around to pack up their stuff though that Karen & Bill did wind up losing custody of him. They didn’t say much as to why, but they basically implied that the abuse ramped up a lot after everything went down between me and Karen & Bill (which is the only part I feel guilty about, but in the end, I hope this is a situation where the end justifies the means), at which point DCF was already sniffing around, so they wound up losing custody of him anyways.

I’ve no idea where Henry wound up, but wherever he is, I obviously have nothing against him and I hope he winds up in a much better situation than he was in.

Finally, I will say, for two such inordinately obtuse and disgusting human beings, they had surprisingly decent family members. The few times I ran into them and made small talk when they were around they were pretty apologetic about the whole thing. I got the impression that this isn’t the first time they’re apologizing on Karen & Bill’s behalf. I hope Henry is taken in by one of them, and not chucked into the foster system. Here’s hoping, kid.”

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24. Steal My New Lights? Enjoy Your New Earlier Wake Up Time


“I was going out with a guy long-distance last summer, and things were going pretty well. I was in DC and BF was in Chicago. I was about to move to Spain temporarily for a really cool opportunity, and BF and I discussed that after I returned to the U.S., I would move to Chicago and we’d go from being long distance to a normal couple.

My lease was going to end right as I was going to move to Spain; instead of finding a way to store all my things for a year and then subsequently move them to Chicago, I figured that this was a perfect time to downsize. I got rid of a lot of clothing, sold my furniture, and just decided to keep some essentials, sentimental items, and portable expensive electronics.

I only brought the essentials to Spain (whatever would fit in my luggage), and my man offered to store my sentimental items and electronics. I didn’t mind him using/borrowing the electronics while I was gone (game console & games, JBL speaker, and my Hue Lights) and he installed the Hue Lights in his condo. I visited him for a week and a half right before moving to Spain and we had a little bit of tension.

The visit was a little bit rocky. I thought we were going to be able to work through things and recover, but right, as I move to Spain, the guy ghosts me for a month and then breaks up with me over a text message. We briefly text about how I can get my belongings back as well as the ~$400.00 he owes me.

I’m depressed and lacking a support group in Spain, coupled with the language barrier, and I decide to return to the U.S.

sooner than anticipated and I actually end up moving to Chicago anyways because I was over DC and got a nice job offer in Chicago. The guy returns my sentimental items on his own accord but doesn’t return my electronics other than my game console. I tried to contact him, but he blocked my number, all social media, VENMO, AND SPLITWISE. I tried approaching him in person the couple of times I bumped into him and asked him if we could discuss my electronics and the funds he owes me and he completely blows me off and is extremely rude.

Obviously, I conclude that he has no intention to return my electronics or pay me back what owes me, and I’m angry.

I try to be patient and diplomatic and attempt to talk to him a few more times whenever I bumped into him, but he was acting the same. I finally write him an email saying ‘don’t worry about what you owe me, just please return my things’ and gave my roommate his phone number so that they could coordinate.

He FINALLY responds to my roommate and says that he’ll send someone over the weekend to return my things. Yay! When the person dropped off my things, they only brought the games and speaker. The guy kept my hue lights.

I run into him once more and ask him when I could get my Hue Lights back. He shrugs. I asked him if he planned on returning them.

He shrugs again. I ask him point-blank if he was stealing them from me and he says ‘I guess you could call it that.’ I finally give up and decide to order new Hue Lights and cut my losses.

When I was setting up my new Hue Lights, I noticed that I was still connected to my prior pair that my ex had stolen and that some of them were even on.

I think it’s a glitch or something and turn them off and don’t think anything about it – but then they came back on. I was confused and curious, so I turned them off again. A few seconds later, they came back on. I suddenly realized that I was still connected and had just shut off the guy’s lights, twice. I BEAM with excitement. I don’t turn them off again because I don’t want him to figure out what’s going on.

The guy doesn’t work until about noon and likes to sleep in until 11:00 AM. He’s also VERY sensitive to light when he sleeps, so much so that he has black-out curtains so that he can sleep in that long. I personally wake up at 7:00 AM to go to work. So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve made a habit of turning the guy’s light on at the same time that I wake up and watching them go off a few minutes later – giving me the sweet, sweet satisfaction that I’m disturbing his sleep in the morning. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to wake up in the morning. I do this for a couple of weeks until he reaches out to my roommate and finally returns my lights last night. I suppose he thought they were defective or something.”

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23. Pizza Delivery Guy Mugged The Mugger Twice


“My friend, let’s call him D, worked for many years as a pizza chain delivery driver. He didn’t need to, he has his own business, but he did it for pocket change, and to appease his in-laws who considered him a deadbeat if he didn’t have a timeclock-punching job. My friend is also a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment and is known for legally carrying firearms where ever he goes, even to this day.

D= my friend, M= Mugger, MIL= Mother in Law (believe it or not, she is ex-law enforcement, and has a place in this story)

At the time of this series of incidents, D worked at a store that was in our version of the inner city.

Not many tips, lots of bad directions, no shows, and customers trying to do anything to get a free meal. This is where our story starts.

So D was working the evening rush shifts, when they get a call in order, at an apartment complex that’s particularly known for stiffing the drivers. When the pizza was ready for delivery, it was his turn to make the run.

He knew he would be stiffed, but it was really close to the store. So he took the pizza and drove to the complex to make the delivery.

Now, the drivers are not supposed to be armed, but there had been a rash of muggings and burglaries in the area, and the drivers that had safety rods had started keeping them in their vehicles for safety. So he gets to the complex, leaves his weapon on the dashboard, locks his truck, and proceeds up the stairs to the pizza’s destination.

As he goes up the stairs, he notices a young Hispanic guy outside the apartment opposite his, smoking. He says hi as he walks up to the door of his order, then turns and rings the doorbell. Nothing. He knocks on the door. Still nothing. He knocks again calling out ‘Pizza Delivery.’ No response. He double-checks the tag, and it’s the correct address, but nobody’s home.

Great, another No Show. He shrugs, turns around, and starts to head back down the stairs.

M: Whas’ a matter? They not there? Tha’ sux, Man…

D: Yeah, it happens. Well, you have a good one.

D starts walking down the stairs and heads toward his truck. He gets down almost to the bottom of the stairs, when…

M: Hey Man, what’s gonna happen to that pizza?

D: It’ll get eaten at the store, or someone will take it home.

He continues walking, and he faintly hears M coming down the stairs.

M: How much is it, Man? Maybe I could pay for it for you.

By this time, D is at his truck and has it unlocked. He has a pretty good idea of what is happening, but he’s playing ignorant. He turns back to face M.

D: $22.65. If you want to buy it, I’ll sell it to you.

M: Oh I ain’t got tha’ much wit’ me.

D: I understand, Dude.

Have a good one.

D gets in his truck, puts the pizza on the seat, and grabs the weapon to move it to the seat beside him. His window is rolled partially down to let in the fresh air. He’s not surprised 30 seconds later when there was a tapping on his open window. Sure enough, M is at D’s truck, tapping on his rolled-down window with a big knife, and a big soul-eating grin on his face.

M (with a knife in his hand): I thin’ you should just let me have that pizza.

And I’ll take your wallet, too, Man.

D already had it in his hand, so he pulls it around, and points it at M. I don’t think so, Man. Think you can manage to stab me before I pull the trigger? Back away from my window, Dude.

M goes pale and his jaw drops. He puts his hands up.

M: I was just jokin’, Man! Take it easy!

D gets back out of his truck.

M looks terrified.

M: Whachu gonna do, Man?

D: I’m going to mug the mugger (big smile). Toss the knife into the back of my truck, Dude. Right now. Come, on.

M: This is my best knife, Man!

D: And now, it’s mine. I’ll take your shoes, and your belt, too. Hurry it up. Toss them in the back of the truck, too.

M grumbles as he tosses the knife into the back of D’s truck, then pulls off his belt, and sits down on the bottom step to take off his shoes.

The whole time he’s cussing in Spanish under his breath. He then tosses a belt and shoes into the back of D’s truck. Now what?

D: Back up the stairs, Dude.

D backs up to the door of his truck. You have a nice night, now!

He gets into his truck and drives away. When he gets home, he takes the knife out of his truck, it really is a nice knife, so he adds it to his collection.

The belt and shoes were decent, too… the shoes were actually steel-toed work boots. Not D’s size, so he gives them away to someone he thinks could use them.

About a week and a half later, D is once again working the evening rush shift, an order comes in from the same complex. D knows that complex well and realizes this order goes to the same parking lot, just 2 buildings down from where the attempted mugging happened, so just to be safe, he tells the manager he will take it when it comes out.

D’s pretty sure M has learned his lesson, but he doesn’t want to take chances with another driver. So when the pizza comes out, he packs it up and drives out to the complex.

Tonight, the parking lot is pretty full, and he can’t pull up in front of the building. So he parks his truck, grabs his weapon, and puts it in his hand. Then he grabs the insulated bag the pizza is in and puts it over the thing in his hand.

The bag covers the weapon perfectly, so no one will know he has it unless he puts the bag down. He walks to the apartment (ground floor this time), and rings the bell, then knocks on the door a couple of times. No one is there. He shakes his head and turns around to head back to his truck. There stands M, this time with a big baseball bat in his hands.

Guess he didn’t learn his lesson after all.

M: You ain’ at your truck this time, Man. Wha’chu gonna do, now? (big soul-eating grin)

D yanks the bag off, and points his weapon at M. T

D: That’s okay, I brought it with me, this time. Now, why don’t you turn around slowly, put your hands up, and walk calmly back to my truck? You remember what it looks like, right?

M: Awwwww, man… M puts his hands up, turns around, and walks to D’s truck.

D: You know the drill, Dude. Toss it in the back.

M: Man, I jus’ got this!

D: And now, you’re giving it to me. Toss it in.

M tosses the bat into the back of the truck.

D: Now, where’s your wallet, Dude?”

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stmc 2 years ago
You seem to be omitting part of the story. Wheres any part about MIL's involvement?
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22. Underestimate Us? We'll Beat You


“My brother and I duo queue ranked in Apex Legends all the time, we have people to play with, but the rank we are is much higher than the skill level of our friends. We’re making our way up through the ranks and queue into a game with some new random person. He marks an area that we didn’t think would be good to land for our team composition.

We mark another area and he yells ‘NO’ into the microphone. We separate, land and start making our moves around the map. He later proceeds to call us ‘weak’ and ‘noob’ for leaving a fight we couldn’t win at that time. He goes down because he wouldn’t back off. He then proceeds to tell us we are trash for not fighting that when it wasn’t a good fight (pinched by two teams).

He continues to tell us that we’ll never make it anywhere if we don’t learn to fight and we’ll stay ‘stuck platinum forever.’ So we make it to the last three squads duo and lose to another two team pinch while a man down.

The very next game, after taking a few minutes to get food, we land our usual combat spot and start fighting some squads.

Out of the blue, I see a guy flanking my new random teammate so I shoot him. He backs off and goes for a different flank route. I push into a building and down him. To my surprise, it’s the ‘Tough Guy’ random from last game who called us bad for picking our battles. I laugh at the irony. So I give him a flashy finisher and a teabag to rub it in as he gets sent back to the lobby as my brother wipes his other teammates.”

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21. Diss Our Faction? We'll Raid Your Minecraft


“Now Minecraft factions is basically all about raiding, griefing, defending, and revenge stories. I won’t reveal the server where this happened but I was in a faction with about 6 or 7 active players in it and there was this one entitled guy who felt he was so good that he should have access to the mob spawners and stuff and said our faction sucked because he was not getting the privilege and attention he wanted.

Despite the fact we were giving him as many chances as we could, he just left saying that our faction sucks and that he found a way better faction that he joined. This was all during the grace period of factions before TNT was enabled

So the faction the brat joined was a slightly bigger faction with maybe 10 active players in total and actually somehow managed to get a high position in the faction.

By pure luck, one day before TNT was enabled, I managed to come across their base on the north border and told my faction members on discord right away that I found entitled brat’s base.

When TNT got enabled we quickly climbed the water walls and checked the area to see where we could raid and luckily only one guy was active and when scouting, we found entitled brat did a HUGE mistake.

He forgot to claim one chunk! Now claiming chunks is VERY IMPORTANT in factions because otherwise other people can claim the chunk and raid you and otherwise access chests since its neutral territory (at least the case on the server I was on) and the worst part was this was not even one of the outer walls but the innermost walls on the east side. So we claim it and a faction member buys a chunk buster and blasts the whole chunk away so we were free to build a cannon on the empty land and blast through the side of the base and get in because it was built out of cobblestone.

We managed to get the spawners and all the good loot using creeper eggs and just to really damage them we did some more cannoning and completely destroyed the east wall and the insides of the base. An hour later entitled brat and some other faction members logged on and saw the damage and entitled brat simply rage quit.

Unfortunately, my faction got raided later in the day but at least we got well-deserved revenge on an entitled brat!”

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20. Have Fun Explaining This To Your Scoutmaster, Buddy


“A couple of weeks ago I went to a Camporee (regional gathering of Scouts) with my Scout Troop. Only about a quarter of us actually showed up, so we were a pretty small group. However, there were many other troops there, so there was a massive turnout, so massive, in fact, that the group running it couldn’t actually handle it, and so the way it went down was partially the fault of not a big enough adult to kid ratio.

Anyway, the whole reason me and my siblings came was because of the main attraction of the Camporee, a Scout-themed Escape Room! I, for one, love escape rooms and was really excited to do it. On Saturday afternoon, the day we were supposed to participate in it, some other troops arrived first. When the adult leader asked if we could maybe work together, we were met with a lot of, ‘NOs’ and a few ‘OVER MY DEAD BODYs’ from the other troop.

In defeat, we left the escape room, and sort of walked around for about 15 minutes before it started to rain. It rained hard, for like 4 hours, so any chance of us doing the escape room got soaked in the rain and was washed away.

Later, at around 7:30, we were supposed to go down to the mess hall for a movie, an attempt from the leaders to put a positive spin on the unfortunate weather.

However, none of it could be enjoyed because of the troop behind us, were yelling and making rude noises, clapping their hands at random parts of the movie, throwing their water plastic bottles into the groups of other troops, stomping their feet on the ground, hitting me and another member of our troop in the back of the neck multiple times, and just being overall real jerks.

I turned around to look at them and found out that they were the same troop who had denied our chances of doing the escape room. My friend next to me pointed out the fact that they weren’t following the Scout Oath and Law.

I tried to reason with them, telling them to please just shut up and sit down, but was met with a large amount of really crude jokes, which was a huge no-no for me and my troop.

However, we couldn’t do much about it during the movie, so we had to sit through that torture for the rest of the 90-minute movie.

After the movie, feeling extremely bitter, I managed to catch a glimpse of one of their members who were in on it wearing his scout shirt. I casually walked around to the side where I could see their troop number, warned the ring leader that ‘the next time you annoyed someone, don’t let them know how to get back at you,’ and walked off without another word.

I told my scoutmaster about this, with other members of my troop speaking up and putting their two cents about the troop that had caused the issues, and he went off to go speak to their scoutmaster. I woke up on Sunday morning, ready to go home, when at the closing ceremony I realized that the troop flag that they were carrying contained the name of the chartered organization, basically the church that funds the scouting troop and gives them a place to meet and base their activities.

I didn’t tell anyone about it, besides my best friend, in fear that somehow the troop would get word of it, and when I got home, I wrote the most poison pen letter to the church, just letting them know exactly who they were supporting in their scouting careers. Because if I have learned anything in life, it’s that if you punch someone in the face, then, sure it hurts, but it wears off after a while. If you punch someone in the wallet, however, it takes a lot longer to recover and hurts a lot more.

Anyway,  I never heard about what happened to the scouts in question, but I assume that something not good happened because I haven’t seen them at any multi-troop activities with their troop since then.”

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19. Neighborhood Got Into Trash Can Wars


“I closed on my first home at the beginning of July, met all of my neighbors since it was new construction and the whole block closed on the same day. Everyone seemed nice enough and my immediate neighbors were a nice family with two younger kids. I felt relieved because I had been worried about having a bad neighbor at a townhouse. That was until the 4th of July when I came home from dinner with my mom and saw a tent propped up from one edge of my immediate neighbor’s driveway to the edge of my driveway; approximately 4 feet into my property.

They also had hung a clothesline with wet clothes across this tent which just made it worse. I didn’t say anything though and figured maybe this was just a celebration of the holiday and their new home. To their credit, the tent hasn’t been brought out again.

Fast forward to the first trash day the following Friday. I went outside to put my cans out before work (sadly, a chore I’ve never had to do and do not enjoy now that I have to) and see that my neighbor has their can protruding 2 inches into my driveway which again is 4 feet away from the edge of my property line.

I do understand that space is tight but honestly, they could put a can on each side of their driveway if they wanted to respect my space. But, I really don’t mind the can being in front of my property as long as they aren’t in front of the driveway. I have a grassy area on the other side of me so I can put both of my cans over there.

Anyway, I had to move their cans over so that I could leave my driveway and it has been happening every other week since then.

Last Wednesday, they put their cans out early, I’m guessing so that they could go out of town for the long weekend. I pulled up to my house and decided that obviously, they aren’t noticing that I am moving the cans out of my way or they don’t care. So, this time I moved the cans over and decided that I would choose pettiness. On Friday morning before work, I moved both full cans up to their garage where they wouldn’t be emptied. They were overflowing with trash! Hope they didn’t need to get rid of any trash this week because I am looking forward to trash day!”

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18. Drove Very Slow Because Someone Turned On Their High Beams


“I was driving home from work after dark one day and there was someone behind me following way too close. Close enough to me, I couldn’t even see his headlights at times in my rearview. So, getting annoyed and worried about being rear-ended, I gesture out the window to back off. He didn’t like this. He toggled his high beams and kept them on (I guess to be petty?).

I flipped my rearview down and started dropping speed. For the next several miles, I go less than half the speed limit. And this is on a very straight and empty country road. It was just me and him, so nobody else was affected. I was expecting him to pass me (double yellow), and if he did, I was gonna follow him with my high beams on. He didn’t though. I felt pretty good about that, no matter how insignificant it was.”

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17. Neighbor Claims Public Road As Own Parking Spots


“My neighbor across the street has a big family.

It’s one of those multi-generational homes with 3 stories and 10 rooms, and at least 15 people live in that house. When they have family gatherings, the kids also bring their significant others over, so their vehicles take up the entire street.

If you’ve ever lived close to a school, you will know that at 3 PM, the street is filled with parents trying to pick up their kids, so have fun parking a block away.

That’s what it feels like sometimes.

My neighbor feels that they are entitled to the parking spots in front of their home, and not just the spot directly in front, but also the 6-8 spots across the street and nearby, because yesterday I came home to find orange cones out front on both sides of the street.

Guess what I did? I drove over 4 of those cones and parked, then threw the cones on my side of the street into their yard.

This morning before work, I found an invoice from a said neighbor for the damaged cones plus a polite and well-written note threatening the wellness of my vehicle.

Just now, my neighbor got a visit from the local police. My wife who’s at home took pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing them when I get home.”

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16. Just Some Classic Toilet Paper Situation


“My roommate has NEVER replaced the toilet paper onto the actual dispenser… by never, I mean that in the five months I’ve lived with him, without fail, he has left it there for someone else to do EVERY single time. At first, I’d just put it on the dispenser because it happens sometimes, and it wasn’t that big of a deal… then, I started leaving it there, thinking that he’d get the message.

He never did. This is a common theme across many, many domains. There are some things that he just doesn’t do or know how to do out of ignorance, laziness, or lack of care. I honestly felt a little bad for him and just let the toilet paper thing go.

The mild annoyance turned into an actual problem when one day, I bought toilet paper and left it on the staircase to take upstairs.

I ended up going to sleep and the next morning, I went to take my post-coffee poop. I reach for toilet paper and it’s not there. I reach behind me for the backup role that we keep on top of the toilet. It’s not there. There’s no toilet paper in the bathroom and he had just used it before leaving for work. So, after I deal with things, I take the toilet paper on the staircase and put it in my closet.

The next day, I hear cursing and whisper-shouts from the hallway. He’s MAD – running around the house, slamming drawers, and looking for toilet paper everywhere. He really can’t believe that there isn’t any when he needs it. He’s basically throwing a full-blown tantrum out in the hallway now. He sends a text in the group message asking about the toilet paper he saw on the staircase the other day and due to his reaction, I say that I don’t know where it is.

The cursing escalates and he screams ‘I SAW IT ON THE STAIRCASE’ and ‘you idiots.’ I send another message to ‘please replace the toilet paper if there isn’t any in the bathroom’ and he loses it, shouting, ‘SCREW YOU! I BUY TOILET PAPER ALL OF THE TIME.’ Which, one, is beside the point, and two, untrue. He finally went out and bought some. I just sat in my room quietly laughing at his tantrum and realizing we were out of toilet paper before he even used the toilet. After he left, I put the toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom and when he asked our roommate later, he told him it was there.

Immature? Maybe. I feel like it’s just a natural consequence for rude behavior that’s been previously tolerated.”

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15. I Became A Cool Person In The Server By Destroying A Spammer


“I was playing on a PvE server (meaning player vs player combat was not possible) on the zombie apocalypse survival game Unturned. While playing, this kid joined and would not stop spamming the same thing over and over (I can’t remember exactly what he said but let’s just say everyone was super annoyed). Everyone kept telling him to shut up, but he just kept at it.

And, again, it’s not like anyone could fight or kill him because this was a friendly server and players could not attack each other; nor grief their bases. So what do we do then? How can we destroy this spammer without physically attacking him? Well, Unturned has a voting system…

Similar to commands in Minecraft, some Unturned servers allow players to vote whether to turn it today/night, turn the rain on/off, call for an airdrop, etc.

However, probably the best one was the ability to MUTE a player; which is exactly what I did! I called a vote to mute the spammer and immediately, he started saying things like ‘NO! I’LL STOP! I’M SORRY!’… but it was too late. The other players started dying laughing and voted up one by one. Eventually, we had passed the vote goal of 60% and Mr. Spammer was quite literally at a loss for words. He wasn’t even able to leave and rejoin to dispute the mute.

I became one of the coolest people on that server that day.”

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ang 2 years ago
Good thing Unturned had that voting feature.
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14. Don't Pay Me For Lunch? I'll Take The Payment Myself


“When I first started working in an office at 18 I was a lot shyer and reserved.

The CEO at the time would always ask me to get her lunch, order it in, pick it up, but basically would never pay me back.

I couldn’t afford to be feeding her, I’d ask her to pay, but it would take me asking her 3 or 4 times before she would pay, by that point I’d have already bought her more lunches.

Then I found her change drawer. It was a drawer filled with coins, It was where she would put any change that came her way. So I started paying myself by taking what was in the drawer.  She would use the coins for parking at work but I assumed she didn’t know how much was exactly in it.

Basically, she ran out of coins a lot quicker than she would have, had she just paid me back. She then decided to just not pay for parking that day, assuming that she wouldn’t get caught… she had to pay a 40£ parking fine.”

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13. You Don't Have To Worry About Your Man Seeing Me Anymore


“I live in a college dorm on an all-female floor. I usually wear an undergarment if leaving the dorm building, but I’m not going to wear one under my shirt just to walk down the hall to the bathroom.

A few days ago, I left my room and walked 10 yards down the hall to the water fountain, refilled my water bottle, and went back to my room.

I was wearing a white tank top and nothing underneath it. There was a small group of people hanging out in the hall outside a few of the rooms, but I didn’t think much of it… until around half an hour later, when I got a knock on the door from one of the girls I’d seen in the hall.

She said something to the effect of ‘Hey, so sorry to ask you this, but if you go out into the hall again could you put a bra on? My man’s out there and he was staring a little, so…’

I’m super non-confrontational, so I was like ‘Yeah, sure, sorry about that!’ and for the rest of that night, anytime I left my room I put a bra or sweater on.

And that was the end of it. Or so I thought.

The next day, my roommate told me she’d overheard the girl telling a few of her friends about the incident while in the bathroom. She said the girl was making it sound like I’d been purposely trying to seduce her significant other, wearing basically nothing, taking my time at the water fountain, posing to make myself seen, the whole works.

When she left the bathroom, my roommate said the girl was actually acting it out at the water fountain, pretending to be me.

That night, I passed the girl and some of her friends on my way to go brush my teeth (I had the girls free, already in my pajamas). The girl looked pointedly down at my chest and all of them started giggling.

But the last straw was when the entire dorm got an email from the RA yesterday, saying she’d gotten some anonymous complaints about people dressing inappropriately in the hallways and asking that we all just make sure we’re keeping things covered up.

So here’s where I got my petty little revenge:

I knew that the girl’s significant other doesn’t go to college here (the girl and I were in the same orientation group and chatted a bit back then). I also knew that due to the health crisis, we aren’t allowed to have non-student/family guests in the dorms this year.

So I used the same anonymous complaint form to issue a complaint about people bringing their off-campus significant others into our dorm and them not wearing a mask (masks are mandatory in the hallways, although not frequently enforced.)

This morning, the RA emailed again saying that due to anonymous complaints, they’d be enforcing the no off-campus guests rule by checking IDs of unfamiliar guests to make sure they were students from then on.

Really, this girl should be thanking me. If she was concerned about her man seeing the vague outline of my tits in the dorm hallways, she no longer needs to worry!”

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IAmMeButNotMe 2 years ago
Hope the GF learned a lesson of how not to be a whiny drama queen.
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12. Jerk Car Honks At An Unsafe Left Turn


“As I was crossing the road (pedestrian at a marked walkway), when a red car with a very angry woman in it decided to drive fast and aggressively thru the crosswalk to cross three lanes (no signal or anything) to make a green left turn at the set of lights about 200m away. She flipped us off as she passed us. When she got to the turn lane, sadly, another car was already at the intersection and had established in the intersection and was waiting for a safe time to turn left.

This is heavy traffic and unless the green arrow is flashing, it takes a bit to not get hit turning (meaning cars coming, can’t turn left).

Miss Red Car is furious and lays on her horn, for a very long time… The car that was waiting to turn safely that was being honked at, waited… And waited… The light turns yellow… Car waits… Light goes red… A car waits for half a second and goes left…

The red car is left at the red light hitting her steering wheel and screaming… I waited at the intersection (I was walking in that direction) as it was really nice that she got what she deserved…

Normally, I wouldn’t approve of the other car turning on a red, but the red car was quite the jerk/witch with a B, and the other car was in the middle of the intersection, and at the red none of the cars that had the green went since I think they could understand what was happening/we are Canadian and we try to avoid accidents if we can.”

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11. Wanna Honk At Me? Let's Both Stop At A Traffic Light


“About a year ago I was driving to work. I pull up to a red light to turn right. From the left, there’s a curved hill so I don’t like turning until the light is green. This lady pulls up behind me and waits about 5 seconds and then honks at me. Two seconds later, the light turns green. I flip her the bird and turn onto a two-lane road.

This road turns into one lane about a quarter mile down, so I’m watching her try to use the other lane to get in front of me. I speed up so she can’t. She then has to get behind me where I go the exact speed limit. We pull up again to a traffic light, a busy road with a hill so I again don’t turn until it’s green. I’m not wrecking my car for someone’s impatience. She’s angry I can tell. The light turns green and I turn onto another one-lane road, exact speed limit and she’s tailing me. I can see the frustration on her face. finally, I turn and she doesn’t, but it was fun while it lasted.”

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10. Don't Return My Video Game? Here Are Some Library Books


“When I was in elementary school, I had a classmate who would always borrow things from people, and never return them. Pencils, pen, cassette tapes, you name it. He would go through everyone around him, annoy them all, then make new friends borrow things from them. Because I was particularly poor looking, he never bothered me much, until one day I was telling another classmate about how my mom got me Command and Conquer: Red Alert.

He was like: ‘May I borrow it, may I borrow it, please please please!’ After saying no so many times for so many days, I finally said yes.

Big mistake.

For a few months after, I kept asking if he’s done playing it yet, I wanted it back. His response will always be ‘yeah, I will bring it back next time’, or ‘Yeah, almost’. I am never getting this back.

Being the petty scheme-y kid I was, I one day asked if I could borrow and look at his library card. I wrote down his card numbers and proceeded with logging onto the library website using his card (the PIN is typically the last 4 digits of your phone #), and reserved as many books, CDs, and cassettes in as many different library branches as I could (back in the day, the pick-up was the only option).

There is no cost for reservation but I think there are fines for not picking it up in time. His mom would have to go and visit every branch to physically pick up and return. Yes, I feel bad about it to this day, since it was so petty and he didn’t physically pay for it.

He moved school shortly after, and I never got my game back.

A few years after I graduated from high school, I ran into him at IKEA. He was working at the food court, and we agreed to go for coffee, and I reminded him to return my Red Alert.

It was all scratched up, but at least I got it back.”

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9. Petty Neighbor Does Weird And Unnecessary Things


“So a couple of years ago, our neighbors across the street moved out, and a new elderly couple moved in with their son, who seemed to be in his ~30’s. He was really nice. He and his wife were never an issue. However, the elderly man was deaf, which is completely fine, but loved to be a jerk about everything.

We had a July 4th party one night a couple of years back, and he didn’t like our party causes some of the fireworks were messing with his ‘nice night at home.’ Apparently, some debris from a firework had landed in his yard.

The party was decently sized, with probably 15-20 people and a handful of heavy drinkers. Mostly my father and his friends so there was dumb stuff like loud firecrackers.

The man addresses this in a jerkish way, giving us a letter, not sure what his words are but to basically, ‘Stop being such jerk neighbors.’ Understandable, but it was July 4th and really we didn’t do much, just a family carrying on.

That was our last party because after that my dad had back surgery. For the next 3 years, the old man changed his living room’s ENTIRE layout. If you glanced by the tv was up against the wall, with him not looking at the window.

He changed that to be by the window and cut out a hole in his blinds. We couldn’t exist near our own property without him watching us.

He started literally doing crazy stuff, like sweeping his grass while people were mowing, and occasionally yelling at someone and going back inside. After about 5 months, my father had some fun and if the guy would watch him, he’d pull a chair out and watch the guy back, and have a laugh about it. All our other neighbors knew he was a crazy idiot, and any cliques between neighbors had a laugh about it on occasion.

After a year and a half or so, we’d randomly flip him off if he kept watching us, and after when we noticed he’d try to hide, you could still see his eyes poking through.

No one really messed with the guy other than flipping him off if he was watching them, but it got worse and worse. He would watch more often, and just do mildly infuriating things to annoy everyone else, like parking in weird places that were just legal enough we couldn’t do anything about.

Eventually, the old man got in an argument with another neighbor, I wasn’t home but there were rumors they were once again, mowing and he didn’t like that and blew grass in their face before they could clean up.

The guy then called the cops on the people he just harassed. He got a warning, and police were notified that this guy wasn’t too sane. It took a couple of hours to communicate to him what he was doing wrong.

Normally, I don’t really pay attention to others’ business but this guy was such a passive jerk to us constantly, that I had to get the chance to laugh at him.

Slowly tension built, he kept it up and would curse at us, call us dummies and so one day, after another year, almost a year and a half of this we go over and try to figure something out with notes after he called us, ‘Stupid Idiots’.

Nothing worked. He flipped us off and stormed back in. So we started fighting back.

We mooned him, did lewd hand signs at him if he watched, and embarrassed him as much as possible. While this was happening, we renovated our driveway so we could park my mother’s bus. We apologized to some of the neighbors and told them that there would be noise early in the morning because of her new schedule.

Everyone understood, but we didn’t mind telling them. The old manwouldn’t wake up, either way, he was deaf so it was no big deal.

After about a month of him keeping up his antics, and us basically embarrassing him when he did, there was a BUFF dude mowing his lawn. Mind you the guy mowing was about 6″5, and swole, the old guy was about 5″6 and frail.

An old guy comes out and yells at who we’ll name, SG for the swole guy. Old guy, we’ll label OG.

OG: Screamed as he literally grabbed SG’s mower, and argued.
SG: The heck? Dude, back off.
OG: Dummy, you’re mowing on my property!

He did the universal sign for, ‘I’m Deaf’ after, so SG shrugged, and tried to explain that he was on his own property still.

At this point, we started recording in case something happened.

After maybe 10-15 minutes of SG laughing at him while slowly mowing, trying not to get grass on OG, OG grabbed the guy’s mower, and I assumed tried insurance fraud? Trying to stop it, something, but he was inches away from taking his own darn finger off. Luckily, SG pulled the mower away.

We all went out and told SG that if he wanted us to call the cops we will and that we have video.

He shrugs and declined, not wanting law enforcement in this.

My dad, even with back problems made his way over there, talking to SG and trying to figure it out.

OG walked back inside, so we all laughed together, SG and my father talking and laughing some about the dumb ordeal for a couple of minutes, and before we stop, OG comes out with a broom, waving it at my dad and SG.

SG got in between the two so if anything started, my father wouldn’t get his back hurt, and I called the cops.

The cops came rather fast, only a couple minutes of the guy waving his broom, and him poking SG with the broom, threatening to hit him.

OG tells the cops that SG was mowing his property (SG was about a ft from the property line, on his own property) and everyone else shows video and sides with SG.

OG is furious as we show the video, and doesn’t understand so he starts yelling, his wife and a female officer, come over and try to calm him down, and the wife took the broom, taking it inside.

OG had nothing else to resort to, so desperate he blames a broken mailbox and a scratch on his fender, on my mom’s bus, saying she hit it. The cops shrugged, and everyone proved it false.

The wife came out and translated what the female officer told OG to sign language, and the male officer reviewed the video. Court went well after, no charges were pressed, his accusations were proven false and he was hated by everyone in the neighborhood with police watching him. We had embarrassed and pushed him to the point he sold his house and moved without a word said.

Never caught his name, we just called him jerkface or, ‘The Deaf Guy’.”

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lyly 2 years ago
He was clearly mentally ill. Did no one empathize with that?
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8. Received 4 Flat Tires From A Stranger During Game Night


“I was invited to play poker at a friend of a friend’s house. I’d never met the host and had never been there before, but I knew most of the people. The house was only a fifteen-minute walk or two-minute drive from my place, but I’d never been on that cul de sac before.

At about 3:00 in the morning, the last of us poured out of the house and into our cars.

I felt something was off the moment I sat in my little car, but it didn’t register. I was very tired. Everyone else left and the host house went dark as I let my car warm up. It was very cold outside. When I tried to pull away I knew something was wrong. My car wasn’t moving normally.

Having hardly moved from my spot, I stopped and stepped out of my car.

That is when I noticed I was too close to the ground. By the moonlight, I could see all my tires were flattened. My car was sitting on the ground.

I sat back inside my car to collect my thoughts and keep warm. That’s when I noticed writing in the dew in my rear window. It read a curse word. I got out and stood over my rear window, reading it in disbelief.

I looked around my car for other evidence but found none.

The cul de sac was mostly empty but had been full when all the poker players were there. I reasoned it was a resident who thought they owned the road and didn’t like us taking up their spots. This was a Saturday night. We all showed up around 9:00 in the evening. Now it’s 3:20 in the morning.

It’s a public dead-end road.

Not wanting to leave my car in this place where it had been vandalized, I drove ever so slowly on flat tires back to my place and parked in my spot. When I got out again I saw the tires were destroyed from driving on them. It’s possible the perps only let the air out the valves. If that was the case I had finished the job of completely destroying them and costing myself hundreds to replace them.

After a rest at home, I resolved I could not live with this offense and I reasoned the perp must’ve been the home I had parked in front of. So I grabbed a pocket knife and hiked back to that neighborhood.

At the house, I’d been parked in front of there were three vehicles in the driveway. A car, then a pickup truck that looked like a dirty well used work vehicle, then another car that looked like it didn’t move.

Starting with the pickup truck, I used my pocket knife to flatten all four tires and then the car in front of it. I walked off quickly.

I never had a reason to return to that particular piece of the road again.

Fast forward a week later I see my friend who rented a room at the poker house. I asked about parking on his cul de sac.

He revealed there were neighbors across the road who battled over parking. He said they went at it fairly often over the previous year.

Fast forward two months later still. I see my friend and again ask about parking on his road. This time he wants to know why. So I tell him the above story. He says, Oh that’s why. I asked what happened. He said the street has been silent and there hasn’t been any fighting for parking in a couple of months. A year later my friend said that night must’ve been the end of it as he’d never seen or heard fighting again.”

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7. Let Me Teach You Some Elevator Etiquette


“So was shopping with the family at Ikea (we needed bedroom textiles and everything was sold out and the shelves bare. Yay global logistics!)

Big lineup of parents with baby strollers waiting for one of the two elevators when an able family decides to cut the line rather than waiting (or just taking the stairs nearby).

I was next up with our stroller, and lazy mom said loudly enough to ensure I could hear ‘kids, take the next one, no matter which one it is’.

My family was there so I couldn’t be overly aggressive so I settled for passive-aggressive.

The family piled onto the next elevator that came and I moved right up to the call button and kept eye contact with the people inside, waited until the door had closed 99% of the way then purposefully pressed the call button early to spring the doors wide open again.

If I had been more evil I would’ve done it again but I knew the other car was almost there for me and I had my revenge by slowing them down and we all knew it.”

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6. I Threw A Kid's iPhone In The Trash


“Back in grade 6, I had a huge fear of clowns. A peek at the slightest image of a scary clown would play on my mind for days and cause nightmares. There was another boy in my class who knew this and would always try to show me clowns on his phone. After a while, I caught on and said no dude I don’t want to see your phone. One day, he got in my face and showed me a picture of Penny-wise with sharp teeth after I told him no. I yanked the phone out of his hands and threw it in the garbage 3 ft away. Unfortunately, I got in trouble cause ‘orange juice’ got on his phone. I got detention but he never showed me a clown again.”

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5. Steal From Us? Say Goodbye To Your Minecraft Pet


“We play Minecraft on a private SMP where we used to have fun until a Minecraft player who for the purposes of this story is called Xdgamer999 joined. Xdgamer999 was even an old friend of mine At first, we were all having fun, then items like iron, gold, and diamonds started disappearing from chests. Keep in mind, Xdgamer999 joined in the middle of a friendly rivalry between two players.

The two people in the rivalry thought they were doing this to each other, and the rivalry got a little more intense before stopping because neither side cared anymore.

However, I still noticed stuff disappearing from my chests, now even more so at approximately the same time, I started looting end cities. I asked if other people were experiencing the same problem and they were. I and another person started renaming items in our chests to try to track down who was stealing, but it was unsuccessful. I ended up overhearing Xdgamer999 bragging IRL about stealing Minecraft items. (What a terrible thing to brag about) I told some other players that he was bragging, and they told me that a good move was to get rid of his Minecraft dog. I made sure to do so at a time when no one was online.”

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4. I Got Fired But You Cleaned The Bathroom


“My very first job that wasn’t for a friend or family member lasted less than 72 hours.

It was a Midwestern burrito chain, the place they ‘Bob your burrito’ at.

It was my first closing shift ever, which meant 3:00 am since we were a college town and it was Saturday.

We are literally under the three-minute mark to close and most of the steak is gone, the cook has gone back to get a start on dishes, and the manager and team leaders are nowhere to be found.

It’s me, doing my first closing shift, the cook, pretty sure he was a heavy drinker in his 50s still working minimum wage, and the checkout counter chick, a girl I knew from high school and was a super senior hippy chick.

In walks the three Chads and two Karens wasted.

Chad one, steak burrito.

Karen one, veggie rice bowl.

So on and so on until Chad three asked for a steak burrito as well.

The checkout counter chick already used the last of the steak for burrito one. She apologized informed him we are out of steak and offered a replacement.

Chad three was having none of it and started whining for a manager, a discount, and for extra steak, you know, the steak that Chad one was munching down.

In fact, Chad one even said it was bull we didn’t cook more steak for them, while munching on the last of the steak.

It’s ten minutes after close and the cook walks out the back as he had finished all the dishes and tools. I know it was exactly 03:10 am when he left because of the C.C.T.V. video I was forced to watch as I was getting fired the next day.

Anyway, he eventually went with chicken and all five of them left to wait for a taxi. Yes, this was before Uber.

We finish cleaning and I’m heading to the doors to lock them and Chad three walks back in saying he had to use the restroom. I follow him back to the restroom because I’ll have to clean it again after he uses it. The district manager was known to watch the cameras and have the manager rip into us if the last time someone left the bathroom wasn’t the person cleaning.

As he walks out he smiles at me and says ‘good luck.’

I poke my head in the bathroom and it’s destroyed. He had thrown his burrito against the ceiling, urinated everywhere and ripped off the tower dispenser, broke the changing table, and plugged the toilet.

I snap.

I drop the mop and charge over to Chad three, burst in front of him, and lock the door. I lost my mind and started screaming at him and herding him back to the bathroom.

Many threats of violence and calling the police at the same time. I still never touched him though. I made Chad three clean the bathroom though he didn’t do a great job and then I let him out.

The taxi van picks them up and they leave. I finish cleaning the dining room before heading back to the bathroom to fix and clean what I could that Chad three missed.

When I come out two police officers are knocking on the door.

I unlock and open the doors

The police come in and start to question me about the night’s events. I explain what happened and show them the bathroom with a burrito on the ceiling and broken items. They asked if I threatened the man. I refused to answer directly and talked about the mess and damage.

They asked to speak to a manager and I exploded. I said I’m the last one here and I can’t even lock the back door or set the alarm, that I haven’t seen my team lead or manager since shortly after I got there at 8:30 pm and then asked I’d I could just go home slightly out of breath and clearly frustrated.

To my surprise, they said yes, that they would get in touch with the manager or owner and gave me his card.

I went home and went to sleep looking forward to my day off to catch up on college homework.


The next day I’m woken up by my phone and it’s the district manager demanding I go in immediately. I show up, he takes me into the manager’s office where he and the manager are, they are very annoyed. They both start ripping into me and asking me what happened.

I explained what happened and they cut me off saying they know what happened, they saw and heard it on the video but why in the world did I force Chad three to clean it?

I really didn’t have an answer other than because he made the mess and he did it because we didn’t have steak. Then I mentioned that it was my third day and we had no leadership on duty.

I was fired.”

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3. Make Fun Of People In Low Levels? We'll Attack You


“I was playing a blocky game that’s called Boblox, and I was playing peacefully, for about 2 minutes. This guy, (Who I’ll call Insult to Humanity, but ITH for short.) chats and the following pops up on the screen:

ITH: Oi you!

That’s what he said, presumably to the person he was racing with to the top. Before I joined, someone wanted to race with him, as I saw in the previous messages.

That’s when he appears in front of me with a speed coil and tries to block my path. I get distracted and jump on the lower end of a long, thin platform that acts like a see-saw. That’s when I almost tripped, jumped, (Someone had bought low gravity for everyone in the shop.), and onto the platform when I looked behind, as ITH gets flung off the see-saw-like platform like a Cyclops hurling a rock.

Before he fell off, he said:

ITH: You’re bad at this game

And after he fell, I said:

OP: hmm?

I’m guessing he got annoyed and angry because he said the same thing he said to the other guy:

ITH: Oi, you!

The last thing he was supposed to say got censored, which I assumed to be him swearing at me (thank goodness boblox had a filter). And then, player two enters:

P2: (insert weird name that I think is his/her real name), why are you making fun of people?

ITH: It’s fun

P2: well that’s mean

ITH: So?

And then comes me:

OP: True, that’s why I tripped you up.

And then, things got better as another person joined in on the fight, then another, and another, you know what happens. Basically, the entire server saw the chat and started rallying against him, the guy got so embarrassed he left.

To quote my favorite song, ‘Watch out, Karma’s what you make!'”

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2. You Like BBQ Sauce? I'll Give You Some


“There’s this guy in my school who literally nobody likes and for good reason too, he’s horrible to everyone. I’ve tolerated him so far but this time he went too far. He messed with one of my closest friends, picking on him, taking his books, and being a jerk to him in general. So I made a plan with a couple of people to get him back for this and everything he’s done in the past.

The day after, I and a couple of people went to the school football pitch with a ‘special concoction’ that I made (honey, butterscotch, vinegar, black pepper, salt, and mainly barbeque sauce.)

I waited for the perfect opportunity and had the biggest of my group take him to the ground (it was quite a beautiful takedown). After we had him pinned on the ground, I ran over and emptied the entire bottle on his white school shirt (the barbeque sauce was expired so it stank.) I and the rest of my friends ran straight back to the school and hid for the rest of the lunch period. The greatest part about it is that I got away with it, if he had told a teacher everyone would know how much of a jerk he is getting covered in sauce by me (not exactly the most popular) and he hasn’t messed with me or my friends ever since.”

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1. Signed My Ex Up For The Church Of Scientology


“I went to our local church of Scientology’s website and saw where you could input your personal information to receive messages from the church. Since I had most of this information from our time being together, I filled it out under his name. I did this with a few more churches of Scientology as well. I thought that this would only be a minor inconvenience with a few puzzling, harmless emails, but it turned out to be much worse.

Recently, I saw that he posted on his Instagram that he was deleting all of his social media due to privacy reasons. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but after a while, I started to wonder if there was any connection to what I had put on the church of Scientology’s website.

So out of curiosity, I later decided to bite the bullet and DM him on Instagram in the hopes that he hadn’t deactivated his account.

A few minutes later, he responded, saying that he needed a break from social media. Ultimately, he told me to not worry about it, and that he was going to delete his social media later that night. I figured I was off the hook.

A few weeks later, I was with a mutual friend of ours, and she updated me on his situation. Apparently, he and his family had been contacted by the church of Scientology.

Supposedly, they actually expressed interest. The mutual friend said she hadn’t seen him in a while and none of his friends had heard from him in over a month. She said that it seemed like he was cutting off everybody.

I just received word that he’s dropping out of school after the semester ends, and his family is moving to live with other church members. I know I technically signed him up for this, but I had no idea it would get this bad. He honestly deserved it after everything he did. I can’t exactly state what he did (it was bad) but a friend and I had to see a therapist about it.”

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