People Confess Their Disreputable Revenge Stories

There are lots of people in the world that will test our patience. They may be your friend, family member, neighbor, or your boss, but the most important question is: "How do you respond to their annoyingness?" Most people will respond to this question like this: "I'll get my revenge, of course!" Here are some stories from people who decided to get even with the people who got on their nerves.

39. I Told On The Rude Guy To His Mom


“A man I’d never met made a rude comment about something I was wearing – I was particularly conservatively dressed in a business suit at the time, to make it even more shocking.

I turned to him, and with as much sincerity and urgency as I could project I said ‘Thank you so much for pointing that out, I didn’t realize. Since you’re so kind, would you please let me borrow your phone for a second? My battery is dead and I urgently need to call Mom, just for a second.’

He was nonplussed but I turned up the biggest pleading ingénue eyes I could manage, and he begrudgingly handed over his phone.

I quickly scrolled through his contacts to one labeled ‘Mom,’ called it, and when a lady answered I asked ‘Did you raise your son to make rude comments to women he doesn’t even know, to approach women in public with the sole reason of insulting them? No? I think you need to speak with him.’

Handed the phone back to the dumbfounded man and skipped away happy as a lark.”

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Pepper20 3 months ago
OMG love it!
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38. Neighbor's Performance Got Interrupted By A Rat Corpse


“We had an awful neighbor in the flat upstairs – she was noisy, seemingly nocturnal, and enjoyed moving furniture around and hoovering at 3 am. Not only that, but anything we did that she didn’t like (coming home late, putting the bins out too early) earned us an unpleasant handwritten note shoved under the door or an awkward confrontation in the hallway.

We discovered a rat infestation while we lived in that flat; the kitchen units had been improperly fitted and rats were coming up from under the house and out into the kitchen via the cupboards.

A pest control guy came and put poison down. Rat poison causes their bodies to dry out so that if they die somewhere inaccessible there’s no smell.

So one morning we got up after a disturbed night of the awful woman upstairs performing her own one-man version of Stomp in the wee hours to find a desiccated rat corpse in the kitchen. It was like a furry sock with a tail.

Anyway, we put it on her stairs. She came down barefoot in the morning and trod directly on this dried-up rodent cadaver. Screamed the place down.”

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37. Old Company Is Still Paying Me Under The New Company


“Once I was working for one of the big accounting firms as a junior consultant. They had me assigned as a project manager in a distant city. There were spots on my team that were filled by freelance consultants who were way more experienced than me. They were great to work with, very capable.

Fast forward a couple of months. My yearly review came up. I was supposed to meet with the business partner at the home office and be evaluated, then get a raise.

I eagerly anticipated this conversation because I got great recommendations from the client, from my peers… the project was right on schedule… and all the requirements for the next two paygrade levels (senior consultant and managing consultant) had been met. I anticipated promotion to senior consultant, a logical and reasonable next step.

My business partner not only didn’t bring me in for a face-to-face, but he also emailed my evaluation, gave me a mere 3% increase in pay, and said I had not been with the company long enough for him to promote me.

I called him to discuss and he lost his temper. I gave my notice. His response was, ‘You will never get work in this field again! And consider yourself released from our employ!’

This was on a Friday. I spent the weekend fretting about my career. Then on Sunday night another partner called apologizing for the treatment I’d received and to request that I work a two-week notice.

I agreed.

When I got to the job on the following day, there was a job application waiting for me. It was sent by another firm. I went to work for exactly twice my previous salary, remained on the same job, and the new company billed my old company for my services for the duration of the project.

Turns out, I had been recommended for the job by the second partner… and by the client who insisted I remain on the project. My salary, plus the new company’s markup came directly from my previous boss’s budget.”

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36. Management Went Through A Lot To Prove My Fault


“As a procurement/sourcing agent I was informed that my job was to be eliminated as a result of downsizing. Long story short I was tasked with sourcing a 50K consumable part with a six-month lead time that had a manufacturing defect. It was used in all the manufacturing in their China operations. I tried repeatedly to get the drawing updated to the current specs but met constant resistance and a ‘not my job’ attitude.

Three days before I left the company, after being badgered for two weeks, I had finally had enough! I loaded the price/lead time and released the parts for purchase. Six months later the item came in, was a slow boat to China for use in their manufacturing facility. CHAOS ERUPTED! Operations shuttered. Management tried to blame me but in order to investigate my ineptitude, they had to go to a trusted co-worker of mine who promptly forwarded my urgent and unanswered emails and their half responses with a two-word statement to the question of ‘who decided to do this?’… ANSWER: YOU DID!”

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35. Unexpected Visitors Get Woken Up By Loud Noise


“When I moved in with my partner, everything was great. We had each other’s perpetual company, space for ourselves, and best of all: isolation and freedom.

After a few months, we started getting surprised visits from her parents. They would wake us up by pounding on the door, or sometimes even barge in. Sometimes it was just her mother and father, other times they brought their 5-year-old daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with my partner’s sister and even her parents. But these visits were unexpected, untimely, and were happening at an increasing rate. It was obnoxious when we had plans or weren’t feeling like socializing.

That’s when I had an idea: beat them at their own game. Bright and early one morning, I’m talking 4:30 am on a weekday, my partner and I picked up our loudest, most obnoxious friend, and ventured over to her parent’s place.

I’m sure you can guess what we did, we barged in, shouting ‘wake up’, forcing them out of bed. We proceeded to demand they make us breakfast and spent hours interrupting their morning routines. Pleased with ourselves, we left around 10 am and went on with our day.

The visits from them started happening less and less after that day. Today, they notify us if they’re coming over, which is exactly what we wanted the whole time. Why they started doing it in the first place, I’m not sure. In the end, I feel we delivered a powerful statement ironically teaching parents manners.”

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Elleds 3 months ago
I would love this, if you'd spoken with them first AND there wasn't a young child involved. Maybe the girl didn't wake up but still, use your words. If that doesn't work, go for the revenge. Otherwise it just seems petty and immature.
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34. Awful Community Ran Out Of Tissues


“A long time ago in a land far away, I taught at a beautiful little school that was physically and financially attached to a church. I didn’t attend the church, but I was well aware of the hostility between the two parties. Over several years, those hostilities became very, very cruel and ugly. Finally, the school, because of the church’s incredible bullying, chose to give up and close for good.

But the people and leaders of the church wouldn’t even let that happen peacefully. Those last couple of months were unbelievably awful with this church absolutely crushing those of us who were employed at the school and actively trying to destroy us personally.

Packing up my classroom was heartbreaking. I got most of it moved out with the help of friends, but packing the last of it was so emotional I had to do it by myself.

I went in the middle of the night so I could work and cry and say goodbye without anyone interrupting. I did a lot of crying that night. Then the work was done; my room was empty, and my tears had run themselves out. I was done. Somewhere in those hours, I’d also found a sad sort of acceptance. I was calm with a measure of peace as I turned off the lights for the last time and walked through the dark halls I knew so well to the main door.

Halfway to the door, feeling lighter than I had in many months, I had a crazy idea that made me laugh. A lot.

Months later I heard about a crazy thing that happened there the very next morning, a Sunday morning scheduled full of services and breakfasts. Someone complained there was no paper of any kind in the bathroom. That’s ridiculous because with thousands of people descending on the facilities every Sunday they always had a huge backup roll in every bathroom… But, sure enough, that bathroom was found to be completely out.

A check of the next bathroom and the next and the next (all devoid of every paper product) made folks start to panic a bit. Someone went to one of the kitchens for tissues and napkins while someone else went to buy all the toilet paper in every nearby store. Lo and behold, there were no napkins or for that matter, any paper products in any kitchen or any room in the whole building, not even in the storage rooms.

No toilet paper, no paper towels, no boxes of tissues, no napkins, nothing of the sort – just folks sitting in toilet stalls with their pants down and no place to go.

It created quite the fiasco, or so I’m told. Though the caper must have been pulled by someone who knew the building very well, the thief was never found. In the time it became a local legend/perfect prank sort of story that I’ve heard repeated at get-togethers every year since. It’s a story that always makes people laugh – including me. A lot.

Crazy idea.”

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Elleds 3 months ago
All I keep thinking is some little kid of old person needed to wipe poo.
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33. Stole My Ex's Car And Parked It Somewhere Else


“My abusive then-spouse decided to leave me, which I didn’t mind, but his family was visiting from overseas, having a great time, partying, going on road trips, and inviting him.

They were horrified by his stories of what an American, awful, disobedient wife I was.

He was going to casinos with them, losing all our income.

I was pregnant (high risk, no less), on maternity leave from graduate school so no job, and had another infant at home.

One day he starts packing his things, tells me he can’t take it anymore, he’s leaving.

Fine, except:

I had nothing. The rent was overdue. We had impending disconnect notices from the phone and electric companies (there were no cellphones or social media back then, so pregnant and with an infant, I needed that phone, and of course, the electricity).

He had promised to make payments that payday but instead he was off to another casino.

No groceries, food, diapers, etc. So. As he’s stacking his things in a corner of the living room, I tell him I’m going to the lobby to get the mail.

Instead, I moved his car. I parked it a few blocks away, went upstairs with the mail, and waited for him to leave. He takes his suitcases, loads them all into the elevator, tells me I brought this on myself, and leaves in a huff.

A few minutes later the intercom rings: ‘Do you remember where I parked my car?’ No.

He comes upstairs, all sweating and confused. Calls his brother. ‘Do you remember where I parked my car?’ No. And even if he did, he couldn’t read English, so wouldn’t have known the street name, anyway. Calls the police. They arrive. He talks to them privately. Then they come in to talk to me.

‘We understand there are marital issues. Did you steal his car?’ I hated being dodgy with the police. I simply stated, No. (I didn’t steal it.) I told them my side of the story and they became more sympathetic to me. No food, no diapers, pregnant, etc.

The police told me to apply for WIC assistance and lectured him. They take his report, warn him about his behavior, and leave.


So his car was what the visiting family was gonna use for their road trip. So the road trip was canceled. All packed up with no place to go.

I decided to outsmart him. ‘Honey, since now there’s no chance of you winning anything at the casino, maybe we should make the payments you promised the utilities so they won’t cut us off.’

Since he was stuck there now himself, he gave in.

Of course, he begged to use my car, but I had never given him a key, and I told him the brakes were shaky and it cost too much to repair them.

For two months this idiot had no car and had to take cabs and buses to work. And the visiting family couldn’t rent a car so they went home early.

Meanwhile, I had applied for WIC, gotten a social worker, and spoke with the idiot’s ultra-religious boss who agreed it was best to give me the idiot’s salary.

He was furious but I was protected by the religious community, and the social worker’s home visits helped.

He realized he had to start acting like a human being, so he became much more agreeable to live with, but I wanted him out of my hair.

So one day I told him, ‘OMG, honey! I was driving around looking for parking, and I think I saw your car!’

We excitedly jumped into my car and I drive him there. ‘Is that it?’

He was thrilled. To this day he thinks he parked it there after partying and couldn’t remember.

We’re divorced now (can I get a Hallelujah?) and the kids are grown. They know the whole story. But he’s serving life now, so we’re all estranged from him.”

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Elleds 3 months ago
I hope you lived and are living your best life
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32. Neighbor Can't Sell His Smelly Home


“I had a neighbor from New York City and he thought his poop didn’t stink and made life miserable for me and the other residents. He would often approach me and finally, I blew up and offered to split his lip for him. After that, he left me well alone but increased his tirade against the other neighbors. I normally am a laid-back Old Southern boy that tends to live and let live but the old Fart made one of the elderly ladies cry and that tripped my trigger so…

I bought three pounds of squid and buried the unopened package in the dirt behind the skirting of his Manufactured Home under maybe an inch of dirt.

Two weeks later the odor began to seep out and permeate the entire house. What that fool went through was insane, what with various cleaning companies and exterminating companies it cost him a fortune and eventually he moved to a condo across town and put the manufactured home up for sale. Two years later it is STILL up for sale due to the god-awful odor of rotting squid. Good riddance.”

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31. I Don't Always Get Revenge But When I Do, I Do It Fabulously


“I’m not a vengeful person so I’ve never done anything to retaliate against even my worst neighbor, but I did get some sense of schadenfreude from karmic retribution. He had a major heart attack & they had to cut him wide open leaving a huge scar. He also developed Parkinson’s and has been too unwell to come around and steal from me anymore. I also made sure the police knew his correct address (he kept fraudulently listing mine so they would come around harassing me & trying to intimidate me thinking he was hiding in my house).

I also got a chuckle when my horse broke loose (from where my neighbor had cut my fence to come to steal from me) and got into his yard & busted into his feed (and likely knocked over his barrels) & he called me freaking out at 3 am. I don’t think my ‘apology’ sounded even remotely sincere.

I suppose the closest I came to revenge was when he had left his dogs tied up in MY yard — 20 dogs (he did dogfighting) without my permission & one of them got loose at 4 am.

They would bark all night & the one was running loose & they were pit bulls. I called the neighbor at 4 am & told him to come to get his damn dogs out of my yard. (I forgot to mention that he was formerly a deadbeat tenant who we evicted & months after his eviction he still hadn’t removed his derelict vehicles, trash, dogs, pigs, & sheep.

We were ok with the pigs & sheep being there until he got a barn up since we didn’t want them to be moved somewhere without shelter, but the dogs were a nuisance and were trained to kill cats — this was before we found out he did dogfighting & realized how much he’d stolen from us — and he continued to steal from us for YEARS afterward).

Another minor revenge was we hired a handyman who my neighbor feared for some reason. Guy hated wifebeaters and hated my neighbor. The neighbor kept stealing our trash cans even though we put our name on them. So I mentioned it to the handyman who offered to go retrieve the trash cans for me. Apparently, he scared the heck out of my neighbor just by showing up & telling him not to touch our trash cans again.

I wouldn’t call it sneaky, but as a child about 6-yrs old, I had a nasty neighbor who was a school teacher who treated kids like garbage. Apparently, she kept finding mud clumps in her swimming pool and assumed it was thrown from our yard. It wasn’t me & I didn’t know what she was talking about, but she alleged my 2-yr-old brother had done it.

I had seen him throw dirt at the fence, but don’t know if he ever got anything over. One day I was on my swingset that my father had built minding my own business when she started shouting at me about mud in her pool. Not my problem. I ignored her. She then started demanding to know who threw it in. I said I didn’t know.

Then she blamed my brother & told me that I better make sure he stops doing it. I told her I wasn’t his keeper & to take it up with my parents if she had a problem. She then threatened to hit me if I didn’t prevent him from throwing it. I don’t remember my exact words, but I basically told her to go screw herself.

She lost it. Nearly busted our gate down before she managed to get the latch, charged over to me, violently grabbed the chains on my swing & tried to hit me.

I jumped off, ran inside the playhouse (Dad built us a playhouse with a door that split so it had a top part & bottom part). I jumped over the bottom door & slammed the upper door shut in her face & latched them both.

She pounded on the door and ordered me to come out so she could hit me. I slipped out the trap door (my dad was awesome) & made a beeline for the sliding glass door on our back patio. She grabbed me by the arm, I spun around and kicked her in the shin as hard as I could and stomped on her foot. She let go & I ran into the house and locked the door while she was still yelping about her foot.

I stuck my tongue out at her and closed the curtains.

I think my mother was in the living room listening to music so she didn’t hear any of it. I watched through the window as the witch limped back to her yard. I casually mentioned what happened to my father when he got home from work. I could tell he was upset but he tried to minimize his reaction.

He was in law enforcement so he still had his gun on him when he went to go talk to her. I don’t know what he said, but she never spoke to me again. She sometimes glared at me, but never said a word.

I think the best revenge was my father’s childhood revenge on a nasty lying neighbor. She had bratty kids who harmed neighborhood pets, stole from other people’s yards, and were generally awful.

Meanwhile, she acted like she was wonderful & moral & thought my father was just the worst. She constantly filed false police reports, called the cops claiming he was selling illegal stuff from the basement (when he wasn’t even home) & so forth. She would pull what I guess now is called SWATting. So, my father went around gathering up all of the dog & cat turds he could find in the neighborhood, put them in a paper bag, stuck a pin in the doorbell so it would continuously ring, and set the bag on fire. The neighbor came out to stomp the fire & got a shoe full of poop.”

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chga 3 months ago
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30. I Made The Cellular Company Busy With Angry Customers


“Back when I was really young, I worked for one of the first cellular companies in our area. This was in the late 90s. I worked in activations, fixing problems that nobody in the entire department knew how to fix. They would get lots of calls & I noticed it was mostly the same issues & had figured out how to fix that common issue.

Even the manager would ask me, how did you know how to fix that! Well, I was temp to hire & I needed the job.

I would talk to him all the time, and tell him… I really need this job & he would tell me how I was a very smart & good worker. So he gave me hope that I would have a job.

When it came time to hire, they decided to save money on me & hire the only other temp to hire, which was sales. They just left me a voicemail on my way to work saying they didn’t need me anymore.

They didn’t give me a heads up or any notice.

Back up to the common problem that I was the only one able to fix. I had a private Number that I had to call to fix that problem, so I went in and switched numbers around between the carrier & the customer to make them match. I still had the number on me, so I went into the system and switched the numbers all around, probably 50 or more.

Let’s just say, they were REALLY busy that week in the activation & sales dept. with angry customers who had no service. And yeah I know… I was a brat & it was probably illegal, but I didn’t give a damn.

I even called back up there several times to talk to my friend who told me that it was crazy up there & I wouldn’t believe the volume of people having trouble with their service… and the idiot managers didn’t even figure out that a teenager did it.”

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29. Wife's Flirty Boss Ended Up Living In A Motel


“Many (many, many) years ago, my wife was working at a women’s health spa while finishing college, owned by a man who kept hitting on her (and all the women working for him), regardless of their marital status or interest. One day he informed her that there was a conference coming up the next weekend at a resort hotel in the Catskills that he wanted her to attend with him – and made it clear that her promotion to assistant manager depended upon her acquiescence.

She turned him down, lost the promotion (and had her life made miserable at work), and started looking for another job, which is another story. Meanwhile, I steamed and stewed all weekend long, knowing that a good friend of hers, from work, wound up taking her place that weekend only because she was in a position where losing her job threatened her children’s well-being. She had few options and no savings.

On Tuesday morning, after my wife called me from work complaining about his behavior toward her at work that morning, and upset at the shape her friend was in emotionally following the ‘conference’, I decided enough was enough…

I called his home number and when his wife answered I said, ‘Yes… sorry to disturb you today, Mrs. ___. This is Mr. Justice (I actually used that name), assistant manager of the hotel in NY.

When you and your husband were here this past weekend, you left behind some… cough, cough, items… of a rather… personal nature, if you get my drift. I was just wondering if you wanted us to box them up – discretely, of course – and send them back to you.’

On Wednesday morning, he called in saying he wouldn’t be making it in. He didn’t make it back to work until Friday, and he was living, according to the accounts I got, at a Best Western motel, pending a messy divorce.”

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28. Mom Ate My Cupcakes So I Made Her Favorite Treat And Ate The Whole Pan


“A few years back, I had my first birthday party in around fifteen years. I don’t generally celebrate my birthday, but this year I did, and we had a small party – mom, my partner at the time, my brother and sister-in-law, my niece, my nephew, and my nephew’s ex, Olivia. And Olivia, who’s as handy with baking and crafts as she is sweet, made me a plate of twelve beautifully decorated birthday cupcakes for a present.

You know the kind, swirly icing and sugar roses, the kind you buy in posh bakeries for like five bucks apiece. She must have spent hours on them, and I was so touched. Nobody had ever made me cupcakes before.

So I rushed around for the whole party, cooking and making sure everyone was well-looked after, and I didn’t get a chance to eat any of my cupcakes, so I put them in the kitchen to store later.

I fell into bed, exhausted, and when I woke up in the morning I immediately thought of cake.

I went downstairs. No cupcakes.

‘Mom, where are the cupcakes Olivia gave me as a present?’

She wouldn’t even look at me. She won’t when she’s feeling guilty about something. Eventually, she admitted that she sent six home with my brother and ate the other six in the night. She didn’t even leave one.

I didn’t get one cupcake. And Olivia had been very clear that they were a present, not her contribution to party food. She put them in a pretty box with a ribbon and everything.

I totally lost my temper. I rarely get angry, but when I do I go nuclear. I yelled, I threw fruit at the wall, I threatened to leave home. After that, I refused to talk to her for most of the day. And in the evening, I made a pan of brownies – the cake she loves above all others – and sat next to her in the living room while she watched TV. And I ate the whole pan.

I had a stomachache that night and had to swim an extra mile every day for a fortnight to make up for the calories. Totally worth it.”

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27. Boss Who Fired Me Got Fired


“I had a position where I was in charge of almost 200 people during high season. The company got sold to one of those risk capital companies that change and fire people and then sell the company with a huge profit within months of buying it. They wanted to get a new software system installed and claimed that I could fire 70% of the staff because of it.

I told them no, that would not work and I was not willing to destroy the lives of that many people in vain. So I got laid off and got to choose to continue working there for three more months and get a professional coaching service to help me get a new job, or get three months’ pay straight up and leave on the day.

I took the pay, applied for work, went on a one-month vacation to Asia, and got to sign a contract when I came home. The new job had a better title and better pay. My old company hired a new guy who said that he would be able to do without 70% of the staff. Turned out that he did not manage to downsize anything, just as I claimed. Instead, the top boss that fired me got fired.”

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26. Arrogant Guest Gets Called Out On His Behavior


“At her dinner party, along with a delicious meal, my friend offered a variety of beverages, including a regular and light beer, a red and white wine, a popular cola, iced tea, and water.

When she asked a male guest what he would like to drink, he asked for a beer. She asked if he would prefer brand X or brand Y light. He asked, ‘don’t you have brand Z?’ No.

Sorry. So he asked for cola P. She had cola C. He settled for the Y light, then loudly complained to his wife that they should have brought their own, and maybe he would go home and get some. (I will note here that as a bartender I often referred to his brand as ‘the thing you have to add citrus to help you gag it down.’)

Well, wifey cooed at him until he settled down and decided to join the other guests in conversation, punctuated with occasional mutterings about looking forward to a good beer.

Really, he did not even try to be discreet about it.

Dinner conversation went here and there, as it tends to do. Eventually, it rolled around to children and the unexpected things they say. The opportunity was perfect so I shared this story:

‘I’ll never forget a time when he (my son Jake) was about 6 years old and my in-laws were over for dinner. We had been working on his table manners and he was doing pretty well.

I held out a bowl of potatoes to my mother-in-law and asked if she would like some. She said she didn’t like them and only ate baked potatoes. It was the texture and blah blah… Jake stopped her and said, ‘Gramma, the correct answer is either no thank you or yes please.”

There was laughter followed by a moment of slightly uncomfortable silence, then a subject change.

Since then I have been at several parties that this couple also attended and have witnessed no repeat offense.”

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25. Do I Really Need To Spell It Out?


“As a Canadian teenager, I worked at Tim Horton’s. This is a chain of fast-food restaurants that serves mainly coffee and snacks. Many of our customers are gruff, grumpy, caffeine-addicted men. I was the typical, perky, cheerful teenage girl cashier. I loved that job because I was REALLY good at it; efficient and fast.

Mr. Grumpy comes in one day and interrupts my friendly greeting with an abrupt, ‘Two medium, one black, one with milk.’ I pour his coffees, lid them, and promptly place them on the counter.

I did this quickly, deliberately omitting the step of using a white pencil to mark the lids, which we normally do to indicate which was which.

He looked at his cups, then looked at me like I was an idiot, and sarcastically asked, ‘How am I supposed to know which is which?’

With an almost imperceptible jerk of my wrists, I moved the cups enough that a tiny drop appeared on the lid of each cup through the vent hole. One drop was definitely black, the other clearly contained milk.

‘Would you like me to write it down for you, sir?’ I asked, smiling politely.

‘Nope, that’ll be fine, thanks.’ He paid me the 2.20 and left. Still gruff, but I think I detected a tiny flicker of amusement in his eyes.”

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24. Neighbor Vandalized The Teacher's Lawn


“We lived on a semi-rural road that was like one big playground for all the kids whose families resided there. Then one family moved away, losing me one of my good buddies.

Worse yet, their house was bought by a teacher in the local school system. A very unpopular teacher. Who didn’t much like his students, or kids in general.

He was very proud of his lush lawn and would yell at us for riding our bikes too close to the edge of the road, which might cause gravel to scatter onto his grass.

Or we might lose control and tear up his lawn with our bike tires. Or whatever.

Anyhow, one of my friends had a clever and devious mind. He ‘borrowed’ a can of gasoline intended for his father’s lawnmower. And in the dead of night, he poured the gas on the teacher’s lawn, spelling out P O O P.

Gasoline poured on grass causes the grass to die and turn brown and shrivel up. It also contaminates the soil.

The teacher was absolutely furious. But this was back in the days before security cameras, so he had no clue which of the local lads had pulled this off. And none of us was ever caught for this. Or for repeatedly blowing up his mailbox with firecrackers, either.”

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23. She Thought I Was Interested In Her


“My boss wanted me to train a female colleague on how to do my job, apparently to ‘help me out’. I knew immediately what he was planning because he was sleeping with her (although neither of them knew that I knew). So I trained her willingly and totally EXCEPT for a few vital aspects.

I job searched and found another position just the very same week that he called me to the office for a ‘chat’ which is when he let me go.

I got the minimum severance. I started my new job and soon received a call from my former colleague telling me the office network was down and she didn’t know how to fix it. She asked me to help her. I told her I’d have to come to the office to fix it but didn’t see why I should since she and my former boss had manipulated the whole process of letting me go with lies about my behavior towards her.

She admitted they were lies but said she needed my job because of the extra income.

I said I’d come to the office and fix the network but I wanted a payment. She said she couldn’t make a payment from the company account without authority. She asked how much and I said what about doing what you accused me of asking you to do while I was working with you.

She hesitated for a while and then said ok.

So, you’re probably expecting a tale of shenanigans but you’ll be disappointed. I told her ‘thanks for the offer but I never was interested in you in that way. Put £200 in my bank and I’ll come and do the work and you can keep your clothes on!’

Payment arrived, I drove there, pressed two reset buttons on the back of the routers, and the job is done! Total time including travel was 90 minutes.”

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22. Made My Ex-Boss Lose 25,000 On His Salary


“I used to work at a Wendy’s as a manager. It was already a trashy job, but my general manager was nice, and most employees were easy to deal with.

All this started when I was already working ~65hr/week. I was offered a $100 bonus to work one of my only days off. I decided to do it later that week. Before I had even been paid, I was asked to come in again.

I said this time I would like $150 as at this point I had worked almost 23 days without any days off. They said they’d do it, so in I went.

Cut forward 3 weeks, I’ve been asking about my pay for a while now. I am told by my general manager that I could speak to my district manager as he would be in later that night.

The conversation goes like me:

‘Hey, do you know what’s going on with the bonus? I’m owed $250 with both the days.’

District manager: ‘Well, that’s why I came here. The store has been having trouble making money.’

So, basically, he’s telling me that my performance isn’t good enough.

At this point, I’m working dinner rush and the whole night with me and three others, my significant other, best friend, and another friend that has grown close.

District manager: ‘Your shift isn’t making as much as others, and your drive time is higher.’

Me: ‘Well, we are doing all we can. It takes extra time when we only have half the number of people with the same amount of customers.’

District manager: ‘That’s really no excuse.’

Me: ‘When am I going to receive my bonus?’

My dm was a very sheepish man so he is very obviously scared when he tells me this.

District manager: ‘We can not give you a bonus until the revenue rises and drive time goes down.’

I am speechless at this point, the rest of the conversation was a blur. I grew up on the south side, you didn’t mess with people’s money.

A day passes, I’ve had time to collect myself and speak to my entire crew. Everyone agrees to walk out with me. So I call my district manager.

The phone starts to ring but then it cuts off. He declined my call. So I call him again, and again and again. Finally, I just leave him a voicemail.

Me: ‘Look, Jacob, you need to talk to me, you have until 8:45 to call me back or all of the night crew is done.’

At this point, it is 7:30. I go into my office and start watching my boss’s email.

She leaves it open and logged in, I figured he would probably email her before calling me. Around 20 minutes of watching this email, and boom. An email pops up. ‘Emergency: Lonnie.’

This idiot put my name on the email. So of course I read it. Long story short, in the email, it was him trying to make sure my general manager was going to be ready to go to work.

Aka: he wasn’t going to call me or pay me, so I get all my people together and we walk out leaving everything out, all the meat, all the toppings, the fryer. Everything.

The next day I turn in my keys. About a week later I’m called by my brother.

Me: ‘What’s up.’

Brother: ‘Jacob lost all of his stores. He has to go back to Indiana.’

My brother worked at the store as well. If you don’t know, the district manager’s pay is based on the number of stores they have and how much they make. When he moved to Indiana his wages got reduced from 65,000 to around ~40,000. All this for $250.”

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21. Arrogant Teenager Ended Up Cleaning His Own Mess


“In the Summer of 1976, I was thirteen years old as were my two best friends. One of my friends lived next door to a very very handsome and arrogant sixteen-year-old boy. He had a built-in pool in his backyard. There was a fence that separated his backyard and my friend’s patio.

My friend’s Dad restored old vehicles. He’d had a few thefts so he added a big motion sensor light on the patio.

Cute neighbor boy’s Dad didn’t like that. He claimed that it brought bugs to his pool area, even though the light only came on if someone was on the patio.

We used to swim in his pool along with his two good-looking friends. My still best friend remembers me getting a lot of attention from all the boys. She claims that they’d put me on their shoulders and just generally hang around me.

She remembers that the pool owner boy teased her about her stretch marks and the other two boys ignored her. I don’t remember it being that way but she swears it was because I ALWAYS got the attention of boys and she didn’t. I doubt this claim.

Anyway, one day after school we were under the patio at my best friend’s house and she was telling us about an argument that her Dad had with the neighbor man about the damn light sensor.

She said that cute boy called her fat and said that she couldn’t swim at his house anymore.

Now… How we got the courage to do this I’ll never know. We were good girls who always followed the rules. But we just were so angry that we went into the kitchen and grabbed eggs, Vienna sausages, and pasta and tossed it into his backyard and pool. We threw a lot of it back there.

No one was home so we took our time to try to aim for the best spots for our food to land.

After we did that I was immediately scared and regretful. No one came knocking on my door so I relaxed but still felt guilt. A few days after our acts of vandalism the boy stuck his head over the fence and asked us if we’d seen anybody messing around his yard. We, of course, lied and said that we hadn’t. He told us about finding eggs and Vienna sausages and pasta all over the yard and in the pool. He got in trouble with his parents and had to clean it up. We then justified our vandalism as retribution for his meanness to our friend. He never knew that we were the culprits.”

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20. Life Gave Me Lots Of Opportunities To See Passive Aggressive Acts


“Story 1: We were dining with friends. The hosts were celebrating her getting pregnant again. Everyone else at the table had had kids. We hadn’t. At this point, we found ourselves being questioned, quite intensively I felt, about when we would be having kids, why we hadn’t done so, and so on.

Just as I was getting ready to snap, my implacable and genius husband responded quietly by saying very pointedly: ‘Well when we have decided to stop using contraceptives, we will write you a letter and let you know.’

You could have heard a pin drop and we were never questioned again.

Story 2: Another one happened to a friend. She was a buxom lady and a very motherly type. She worked in an office with three other ladies, who had become close friends as they had been on the same team for years. They were used to supporting each other through thick and thin.

As it happened, one particular Executive from the Accounting Dept came to see her once a week to get some figures (no email on those days).

Unfortunately, as he leaned forward to pick up the document from her table, he grabbed her right breast and pinched the side of it quite hard, cracking a joke, as if this was funny. Apart from the fact that this was excruciatingly painful – there are more nerves around the side of the breast than there are in the center – she was mortified and outraged.

So were her colleagues.

The next time he came around, she tried to stand up to avoid this, but he did the same. That evening her husband said he would come in and punch the man’s lights out, but she said no, she would deal with it once and for all. He asked her what she was going to do. She said she would think of something.

When she came into work the following morning, she told her colleagues she was going to do something drastic, but had no idea what, and asked them if they would support her, just in case he complained to HR. They all said ‘totally – go for it.’

Sure as eggs are eggs, he comes in and makes a move to pinch her breast again, but this time she was prepared.

She grabbed both his hands in hers, put them on her chest, and said in a very loud voice ‘There. Are you happy now?’

He went red in the face and more or less ran out of the office. He sent someone else to pick up the figures from then on.

Story 3: Another time I was standing on a crowded tube one day. You literally could not move.

Everyone was holding the ceiling straps and swaying around as it jolted. There were so many of us, that we all moved like we were one physical mass.

All of a sudden, a male hand was held aloft by a female hand and a very loud female voice bellowed into the silence ‘And whose grubby little hand is THIS?’

He tried to snatch it away as everyone stared at him, and at the next station left the tube in a hurry.”

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19. I Ended My Neighbors' Feud


“I had a neighbor that would park in the street in the winter, directly across from my driveway. In the winter, this would block the snowplow, and to avoid damaging his car, all the snow would be piled in front of my driveway.

The city is supposed to ticket and tow, but they don’t actually enforce that law. So one night I was shoveling out my driveway, and boy was I angry.

After I cleared my driveway, I proceeded to clear the other half of the street with my shovel, piling all the snow to block in his vehicle.

It was a masterpiece. I carefully piled the snow not to actually pile the snow, but there was a mountain of snow about 8 feet tall, he would have to clear just to get to his car. Then he would learn I had also packed his tires with snow, so he would have to spend an extra hour clearing to get the car out.

I was feeling rather proud of myself and imagining his frustration when he went to try and leave for work. He would probably miss work altogether. Further, since he was in a feud with my neighbor across the street who felt he owned the spot, I wouldn’t even be a suspect for his revenge.

Yep. Of course, by then all my anger was gone so I spent the rest of the night clearing that snow away.

So presumably when he got up in the morning, all he would see was someone had cleared out the snow around his vehicle. That ended his feud with my other neighbor, as he assumed they did that as a goodwill gesture. And one good turn brings another. So eventually he stopped parking there in the winter and went back to parking in his empty driveway, and everyone was happy.”

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18. The Contractual Workers Moved To The New Company With Me


“Well, in 2019, I was in a contractual job with a huge MNC (let’s call it company A), looking to switch, as things weren’t good back there. The office politics had done some damage to my reputation that I wasn’t even aware of, just got to know that they were looking to get rid of me, and probably, my contract that was supposed to end in a month or two won’t even be renewed.

Had got a tip-off from my new manager who had recently joined the team, asking me to start looking for a job. Well, it wasn’t just the office politics only, my performance was in fact in a downward spiral, because I didn’t have a chance to understand the processes they followed there and was expected to perform flawlessly, right from day 1. I had been a star performer in my previous company (let’s call this one A-1, part of a huge MNC) that I had left a couple of months back.

So, I got in touch with a friend, who, I worked with within the previous company (A-1). He told me about open positions in his project (let’s call this one company B, again a huge MNC), although, he was also working a contractual job only. He referred me to his employer (this one’s Consultancy A), which in turn contacted me to hire me for the position.

I received the JD, got all of it processed, discussed everything with them, and everything seemed okay. They scheduled an interview as well, on the interview, things seemed well as I had been through all three rounds.

Around afternoon, I was asked to leave for the day, after having lunch at their facility – was told: ‘the lunch was on the house.’ Great, I thought. Just while I was leaving the campus, I got a call from the consultancy (A) enquiring about the interview.

The lady told me that I should hear back from them in a day or two. I came back home and continued slogging my current job, expecting to hear from them. A week passed, nothing came up. I called her again, she asked me to wait for a few more days. I waited. Called them back, they still had no answer. I followed up again, nothing, again.

Then a few days later, I called them up again, only to be told that they won’t be proceeding with my candidature as my qualification did not meet their client’s (company B’s) criteria. Apparently, they needed someone with a technical degree, I didn’t have one and didn’t think I needed one now, after more than 8 years of work experience in the field, and almost 3 years on the exact work they were hiring for.

I was amazed. Queried with them that their Job description never mentioned the technical qualification part. What is asked for, I had fulfilled that qualification. Nothing moved them. I couldn’t do anything, as the ‘client had changed their requirements’. I continued with the old job. I got lucky in my current job, as right before they were probably thinking to terminate my contract, one of my teammates resigned, and moved out.

My current company (company A) had no option, but to renew my contract as the work was crucial and they couldn’t expect a new resource to work flawlessly.

My contract was renewed for another 6 months. I was working, and by now, I was able to understand all of their processes. How long can you keep a cat under the lid? I bounced back, my performance was in front of everyone to see.

The troublemakers still had their way, because the one deciding everything was sitting on the shore, and only depended upon these people to provide him with ‘updates’ from within the team. My new manager, by now, had known me well. He took up the challenge. Went up against the onshore manager who was driving things till now, forcing him to leave control of the team, local team, to him.

And I turned into a precious resource for the project.

During one of my one-to-one meetings with my manager, I clarified with him about my experiences with the work we were doing there, about the situation that was pulling me down earlier, and that I am not very happy with the kind of work I was doing here. I was, in reality utilizing just a quarter of my skill set here, because the client imposed restrictions on tools that could be used.

I also told him that I am looking to move out, which, probably he didn’t take very seriously, since, just a couple of months ago, they were planning to get rid of me.

Luckily, less than 2 months later, I got an opportunity again. Two rounds later, I was selected, and I put down my papers. They (company A) tried to retain me, offered me a good enough hike, but I now had decided to move out.

I put forth a package demand they never had any plan to fulfill. They still tried to work around, asking me to settle down for what was being offered now, and that I would get the rest of what I demanded now, 8 months later via a promotion.

Things didn’t go well there. I moved out. The company I now had landed (let’s call it company C) hired for a new upcoming project, that was being done at company B.

In fact, a team of contractual workers, one of whom was my friend who had earlier referred me, was being moved to my new company (company C) now, along with the project. Life had other ways to get revenge. I was rejected from even being part of the team (at company B), and a month after I joined, I was managing a team working on the same project for company B.

One of the people at company B, who took my technical round earlier, recognized me during a lunch session we hosted for him. I was now, working a level above him, from the project organization perspective. Though, I never had any grudges against him, or anyone else, there, as I did not see this as being wronged by an individual. Today, I manage a big team (of around 40+ members) working on the project of company b, reporting directly or indirectly to me.”

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17. I Know How To Queue


“So I was in a supermarket once, in the middle of a queue which went all the way around a corner. A woman came up and pushed in in front of me as I got to the ninety-degree bend.

She didn’t mistake it for the start of the queue, it wasn’t that kind of corner. The wall was actually a waist-high parade of baskets full of impulse-buys, like chocolates and so on, as shops are wont to display near the checkouts.

I could hear mutters and tuts from behind me but of course, I couldn’t say anything directly (cf. British) so I started picking things off the shelves every time she wasn’t looking and put them in her trolley.

I started small, like with a bag of crisps. People quickly cottoned on to what I was doing and I heard a few of the mutters change to noises of approval.

I ended up managing to put an entire umbrella in there. That got widespread laughter from the shop behind me but the woman was oblivious.

I rushed through the self-service tills as she went to a conventional human-powered checkout. She was clearly not paying attention because I was nearly out of the shop when I heard her say, ‘where did that come from?'”

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16. I Always Keep My Promises


“My neighbor was a pain in the rear end. In fact, he wasn’t, his entitled little rich boy son was. He had parties in the garden, singing – well, orchestrated groaning, really – at 3 am, every time his parents were away or he thought they were asleep. It was a big house and they slept in the front, so the blameless (according to his mother – was I sure it wasn’t foxes?) little boy just off to Cambridge University (where I hope a town boy filled him in on general principles) could make a lot of noise out the back to his heart’s content.

I had enough.

I couldn’t sleep once I’d been woken, I never can, so I decided I shouldn’t suffer alone. At dawn, I got dressed and went next door. I leaned on the doorbell, uninterrupted until Daddy opened the door.

I told him that I’d been woken up by noise from his house. He didn’t believe me.

I told him I didn’t care if he believed me or not and that I was now making him a firm, binding promise: every time I am woken by noise from his house, I will come and ring the doorbell until everyone in the house is awake.

I got the oh, is that a threat? stuff. I explained that no, that’s nothing like a threat. That’s a promise. Guaranteed. Every time it happens, it’ll happen. Adding ‘I hope I make myself clear’ always helps them concentrate, I find.

Very unreasonable. What a bad neighbor I was. What a selfish thing I did. My significant other joined in with this too, the next day that was nice, I thought.

Still, as I said to all of them, a promise is a promise.

Except for the next week, at a time when in fact I didn’t hear anything, Daddy went down to the kitchen in the wee small hours to find his darling little boy sitting up drinking in the kitchen when he’d promised he’d be asleep with some very unusual company, not the kind of people he was supposed to be mixing with at Cambridge at all. In the house. People from the village!!!!

Daddy told my significant other. She told me. Somehow, I didn’t even speak to him much after that. But you have to keep your promises, don’t you?”

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15. Dishonest Management Got Busted By The Owners


“A long time ago when I was first starting after college (in the late 1970s), I took a ‘get by’ job in the HR office of a retail company, selling upscale clothing for men. Part of my job was to do the weekly payroll. My boss told me to shave off any overtime, and then erase a quarter-hour here and there. I refused. When I turned in the payroll, she went through it and cut it down herself.

I was also asked to discriminate, to send all Black applicants to one store and all Jewish applicants to another, and refer all ‘low class’ applicants to our competitor. Again, I refused. I sent all Black, Jewish, and low-class applicants to her. I also witnessed other discrimination, such as tailors being paid much more than seamstresses, even though they did very similar work.

The treatment got around to me one day when I was going down the flight of stairs to our upstairs offices, and my heel caught on the frayed carpeting.

I tumbled down the stairs, but fortunately, my only injury was a sprained ankle and a broken heel. My boss told me to keep quiet about it, and nothing was done about the stairs.

One of the reasons I didn’t say anything was that my boss, the HR Director, was close to the President, the Comptroller, and their subordinates. Their close relationship was made obvious by the way they partied and socialized together, sometimes during office hours.

There were other people in the offices that saw what was going on, and we talked about turning them into DoL, EEO, and OSHA, but we didn’t dare. We knew we would be ‘blackballed’ and have a hard time getting another job.

Sure enough, one morning my boss came in and told me I was fired and to get out — now. I left in a haze.

I had been raised to believe that if you worked hard and did a good, honest job you would be okay. Not true.

I got another job in a few weeks, went to grad school part-time, and made good progress. Then one day, I read in the local newspaper that the corporate owners of this retail store chain had ‘intervened’ in the store offices, marching in and firing the President, Comptroller, my boss, and others who were with the dishonest employees. I called someone I knew in the office and confirmed that the firings were true, and all were much happier. I also learned that my boss had a baby son, and named him after the company. (HO LEE COW!)

As far as I know, none of them ever worked again.”

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14. Hateful Teacher Got Free Contraceptive Foam


“We had this teacher who was a true witch on wheels, she was young, single, attractive, and convinced of her superiority over everyone, male or female. She really was unliked by everyone I knew. She had this Volkswagen bug convertible, one of the old ones, the new beetle would not come along for years. She loved that car, parked across two spaces, she was seriously anal-retentive about it, checked it multiple times a day.

So, one day, a bunch of us filled it top to bottom with contraceptive foam. With her attitude we didn’t want her to conceive and torture some poor innocent child, we figured the foam might help…

I think it was like 15 or so cans of the stuff, but this was a long time ago so I am not sure, but it was a bunch. We made ourselves scarce, but you could hear her screams on the other side of a very large campus. We never got caught. And it was all over the school in what seemed like seconds. It didn’t do any damage, just let her know in what esteem the students held her. A friend of mine in college did something similar to a friend, but he used ping pong balls on a Triumph Spitfire. Pretty funny too.”

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13. Bad Company Doesn't Recognize Good Employees


“Boss treated us badly on several occasions over the space of mere several months of employment. I’d got a job from an acquaintance who worked there, he was a bit of a doormat, but I wasn’t. The position was good for my CV, allowing me to put the commercial experience of tech stuff I was already quite skilled in. So I also got a very good friend of mine a job there – the same deal he was also an experienced geek (relatively, we’d both recently dropped out of our respective uni courses for Reasons).

The basics of the job were basic (dialup user support), but it was a small company with a lot of technical and process problems that we put some effort into fixing as we went along, which reduced the overall support burden. Some of this was underappreciated, and some were actively frowned upon because it showed management’s faults in not addressing them previously.

Anyhow, after one particular week, my friend and I (66.6% of the support team) decided we’d had enough and ditched the job, feeling no remorse by just dumping them in it and doing a no-show on Monday.

Short-staffed and extra-super-short skilled, they managed for a short while and obviously tried to fill our vacancies – once they’d finally got hold of us, because this was the olden days, and they had to phone our landline, and we’d been out most of Monday. Another acquaintance, not a person of great character, but someone wanting to move to London, and some kind of job to go with it at least as a stepping stone, spoke up at just the right time – we duly pointed him at this company, who were only too happy to find someone with reasonable skill to fill the role.

We were honest with him, the job sucks, but it’s a salary, and don’t feel any loyalty to it just because you got it through us.

Revenge for their being bad employers was served hot, lukewarm, cold, and often. Ditching them on Monday, lining them up with new staff who went in with their eyes open, then when they needed his full contact details, they discovered he didn’t merely know us, but he was also staying in the same house as us.

He obviously wasn’t going to give them more than they paid for, obviously, that wouldn’t be rewarded, and anyway, that wasn’t his style. And obviously he then later ditched them as soon as a better job came along, which he’d been actively applying for since he moved down.

The company folded a while later, don’t think that can be ascribed to this tale but neither tech nor management was operating at a level of competence that would allow them to grow their offerings to keep away from the commoditized end of the industry, and they missed out on the chance to keep what time has shown to be proven talent in their midst.”

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12. I Kept The Neighbor's Water Hose Running


“This happened back in 1992 when I was 9-years-old and about to go to the fourth grade. I remember it being the last week of my summer vacation as school would be starting the following Wednesday. That even was on the day my parents took me to meet my new teachers – as I would be having a man (for the first time ever) for math, science, and social studies.

The other teacher was an old woman I would have for language arts, spelling, reading, and English. I heard she died just a few years ago after it happened.

This family who had two sons that were ‘real troublemakers’ lived just down the street from us. There was a third child who was a girl – but she was only 3 and NEVER left the yard. The older boy was 3 years older than me and the younger boy was 3 years younger than me.

The age difference can be explained because they had different fathers. The man currently married to their mom was a stepdad to the older one and a real dad to the younger one as well as the little girl.

So those two boys would always be riding their bicycles by our house. If my twin brother and I were outside playing in the front yard they would yell terrible things at us.

The older one would even spit in our faces if he was close enough. They had done things constantly to mess with us during that summer break. I remember my mom telling my brother and me to go outdoors because she just hated us being in the house watching TV or playing Nintendo.

We just knew that anytime we went out those two jerks would be coming by on their bikes and causing trouble.

So on that one day, I noticed neither one of the cars that their parents drove were sitting in the driveway. The man was gone to work and the woman I think had taken the kids out to do some shopping. I remember walking by the house and seeing the fence to their backyard was open. Then I decided to go on in there and look at what they had in the back.

I noticed their water hose was just sitting on the grass. So I decided to turn it on and the water started coming out of it. After I did that I decided to get out of there. Unfortunately, the mom with the kids came driving up into the driveway. I just kept on running but they knew somebody had just come out of their backyard. That made me realize I did something ‘dumb’ and was hoping they did NOT see my face.

I remember getting back to my house and crossing my fingers the doorbell did NOT ring. It NEVER actually did but it got close to the time of having to go to my school so my brother and I could meet our new teachers. My dad backed my mom’s mini-van out of our driveway and I looked on down the street. Those two brats were outside in their front yard and they looked right towards me as if they knew I was ‘the one.’

Luckily, my dad drove out the other way to leave.

I was really scared after that and wished I had gone into their backyard to do what I did much sooner. While we were at the school seeing our teachers, it helped take my mind off of what I did. After we were back home, I remember my dad leaving for work in his own car. Then I decided to go walking down the street to see if I could visit some friends.

As I was on my way there, I hear a woman’s voice call out to me. So I turn to see who it was and it was the mom standing with the younger boy as well as the girl. The older boy was NOT with them at that time. She demands that I come to her right then. I all of a sudden remembered what I had done and knew that they had to have seen my face as I was running out of their backyard earlier.

I then walk over to her and she starts talking about how she knew either my brother or me had gone into their backyard and turned the water on. The boy said I was wearing the same clothes as the kid who ran out of there earlier that day. She told me that we BOTH were to stay out of their yard and NOT ever touch anything of theirs.

I then decided to go back home as I no longer felt like playing with those friends.

Later that day, my mom was in the front yard watering the grass. Those two brats came by on their bikes and told her about what I had done. She asked them when that was supposed to have happened. They said close to noon but she told them that we were NOT even home then.

So then she says that she will be going to their house and letting their parents know the truth.

I saw my mom down there talking to their mom. It was true that I had gone into their backyard and turned that water hose on. I only did that because they always came by our yard and did stuff to pick on us. My mom managed to convince their mom that it was NOT me who went back there.

Since she did NOT know about what I did she had their mom thinking that was the time we were out meeting our new teachers.

My mom later told me to NEVER walk by their house ever again. I was actually on the other side of the street when heading to where my friends lived. About three months later, we found out that the family was moving away. That was ‘very good news’ for us and I felt free with them gone. To this day, I know that I was in the wrong to do what I did. Even though those two boys were brats and always did bad things to us that did NOT give me the right to go on their property and touch what belonged to them.”

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11. It Rained Toilet Paper On Halloween


“When I was a boy there was a particular substitute teacher that most of us hated. Let’s call her Mrs. Johnson. She was one of those rare jerks who are overly strict but at the same time unable to keep order in a classroom. She hated kids but enjoyed tormenting them. Substitute teaching was the perfect job for her with a captive batch of victims but no responsibility to teach anything.

This particular substitute hated the smart kids and the creative kids most of all, which put me on her bad side immediately. Mrs. J was also a school bus driver, which is an important part of the story.

In 1997 Halloween was on a Friday. No big deal, right? Wrong. In the 1990s Halloween was not the watered-down trunk or treat nonsense parents do to keep their kids safe in the 2020s.

Any kid too old to trick or treat but too young to face criminal charges was planning mischief. So on holidays in which toilet papering was a tradition, the school bus drivers would take the buses home and park them where there wouldn’t be a big group of unattended buses as a tempting target in the school lot. Mrs. J lived on the street behind my house and left the bus parked in an empty lot across from her house.

The thing was less than 200 yards from my house with plenty of overgrown privet bushes and such to creep through to access the target.

We left the bus alone on Halloween. Mrs. J had eyes like a harpy and loved pecking children’s livers out of their squirming bodies as they screamed their last. We knew she would be watching. We waited until Saturday evening. She was confident that whomever(us) had toilet-papered the usual targets on Halloween was out of paper and satisfied.

Fool. No goblin is ever without paper and is never satisfied with the current level of mischief. She was out on some errands so we crept into the bus via the rear door and toilet papered everything below window level. It was a masterpiece, with bits wrapped around the legs of the seats, some in the pedals, plenty crammed into the seat cracks. It was all artfully decorated to cause the most time to pick up. Plenty of short bits were scattered around. If she looked in she wouldn’t see anything until she actually got onto the bus. My friends finished their papering and got out silently. I added the finishing touches by urinating down the entire length of the center aisle.

She retired from substitute teaching not long after that.”

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10. I Drove My Dad's Mistress Crazy By Calling Her Multiple Times


“The phone rang again, I picked it up again and said my name, no sound, then beep-beep-beep. That did it. I got so fed up with it that it was time for a plan. My own little, 10-year-old’s revenge plan.

My father was having an affair, that much was clear. For months already, our family was disturbed and dysfunctional. The relationship between my parents was totally messed up and as their youngest son, I felt heartbroken and angry.

Twice a day, for weeks, the phone would ring and there would be no sound if I picked it up. It annoyed me big time. It never happened to my father though. So I concluded it must be her, the unknown woman.

I decided to start some retaliation. Every now and then I heard him calling her in his home office (on a landline). One day I overheard him through the office door, and I waited out the call.

He went to have lunch in the kitchen afterward, and I sneaked into his office. I pressed the redial button.

With my heart pounding in my throat I waited… And then she picked up and said her name. Gotcha! I stayed silent, wrote her name on a paper, and hung up. As a little Sherlock Holmes, I started looking her up in the phone book. I had some clues as to what town she might live in, so after some research, I found her name and number.

Since that moment, the fight was on. A few times a day I would call her and say nothing at all until she would hang up. It felt great. My little sneaky, well thought out, revenge plan was working just as planned. It must have driven her crazy.

It took them weeks to find out. Then my father came to me, sighed, collected some courage, and asked me bluntly if I was the one that was ghost calling his ‘friend’. I denied. But from that day on, I stopped. My point was made.

EDIT: we are talking 1988 here, so no chat apps or cell phones…

EDIT 2: My mother just told me that my father accused her at the time of the ghost calls. Oops!”

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9. Kick My Sand Castle? Do It On My Stone Castle Too


“When I was 17, I went camping at a beach one day and decided to make a sand throne, to relax in, except… it wasn’t made entirely of sand, because it would collapse the moment I sat on it. So, I gathered some large stones nearby, arranged them neatly to form a chair, and then covered it with sand to even out the gaps so that it would be comfortable to sit in.

After 2 hours of toiling under the hot sun, the job was done, and I sat on my throne with a great sense of fulfillment. After a while, I retreated to my tent nearby to rest.

As I stared out of my tent to enjoy the view of the beach and admire my handiwork, a young boy, around 10 of age, went to my throne and walked around it, inspecting it curiously.

For a moment, I thought he was going to sit on it. But then, a mischievous glint shone in his eye and he backed away from it a few steps. Then, he dashed and swung a mighty kick! And… collapsed, clasping his foot and crying for his mom.

I stayed in my tent, with tears in my eyes trying to hold back the laughter, thinking ‘Served you right!’ It wasn’t intentional, but making a ‘sand’ structure with stones was definitely the most satisfying passive-aggressive thing I did to a troll who goes around kicking sand structures.”

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8. Destroy Our Tennis Balls? Time To Wreak Havoc On Your House


“We used to play in the 50 yards wide space between two lanes of houses facing each other. This narrow space is all we have had since childhood. We would play football and cricket (with a tennis ball) in the afternoon. These balls tend to jump a lot and fall in one of the houses. We would go knock on the doors and the guardians would give our balls back so that we can carry on playing.

One snob neighbor used to slash through any ball that fell into their boundary and return it to us. Their faces were cruel and a certain look of us being subhuman (because we were poor) showed through.

At one point, I and a couple of my friends felt that we have had enough. We planned an assault on that house. We made cow-dung bombs in paper bags, sand bombs in plastic bags, and dead rats slingshots.

It was a festival night (Shab-e-Barat) and there were a lot of firecrackers going off that night. There were a lot of people in the streets too.

We gathered all our arsenal, scouts made sure they were not outside the house and we made our attach run. We threw everything we had as far into the house as possible and eloped. There were no witnesses.

Yet we got caught.

One of our compatriots got curious and came back to see what happened after that. The jerk son of that house recognized him as someone who plays there regularly. He pressed this guy and he blabbered all our names.

The next morning, their whole family came to our house. Our parents were really close. The jerk’s father asked us why we did that to their house. I told him how they have hurt us by slashing our balls many times over the last couple of years. He understood. My father made me say sorry to them. They stopped slashing our balls.

The guy who ratted us out – he was never allowed to play with us after that.

That space has been transformed into something other than a playground over the last 20 years. I hate it.”

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7. Wife Stole From Me And Her Work So I Hunted Her Down


“My 1st marriage was to a woman with mental health issues. When she was medicated she was awesome but she finally convinced herself she didn’t have a problem and stopped taking her medication. I dealt with a lot over the years with her fake pregnancies, affairs, and lots of lies… She could never keep a job for more than a month or 2. She would get a job to tell me how much she loved it for the 1st month or so and if something would happen they would fire her and she would blame everybody but herself.

While in between jobs I would find some of my items going missing: movies, collectibles, etc. I thought it was her but I had no real proof. Finally, she opened her own business doing house cleaning, she was a neat freak who was very obsessive and good at cleaning. Despite her condition, she was very charming and likable and soon had a large client base.

I thought things were getting better.

I was very proud of her, she was even bringing home more than I was. Then came the night that she didn’t come home. I was frantic. I kept calling her phone, no answer. I finally got ahold of her sister who said ‘I want to start off saying it’s not my fault…’ Turns out when my wife showed up to her 1st client to clean, there were police officers waiting for her.

Apparently, my wife was not only cleaning her clients’ houses but cleaning out their jewelry boxes, purses, and other valuables. I finally get a call from her that night from jail. She’s crying begging for my forgiveness. I try to be sympathetic. She tells me they’re going to let her out the next day on her own recognizance.

The next morning around 7 AM I’m waking up to a knock at my door.

I answer and find 2 uniform police officers and a detective standing outside. I apologize for being in my underwear and let them in. They search our apartment high and low and ask me a bunch of questions. I am honest with them. My wife finally gets home later that night once again apologizing profusely. At this point, I’ve decided in my heart that I’m done.

I don’t let her know yet knowing her violent outbursts but decided to plan with my family to move out of the apartment when she’s gone one day. The 1st day of her trial arrives. She wanted me to come along for moral support but I had gotten the flu that morning. I was vomiting into the sink meanwhile she was screaming at me that I’m not being supportive of her, making my decision to leave much easier.

My plan was to wait till she was sentenced and then move out while she was gone avoiding any fights, but she kept getting extensions on her trial. So one day while she was at work at her new job I called my father and brother over and we quickly packed up my stuff. As fate would have she forgot something at home and showed up when we were half done loading my stuff into the trailer.

She started screaming and crying wondering why I was leaving her then jumped in her car and sped off.

I moved back in with my parents and started digging. Turns out she wasn’t only stealing from her clients, she was stealing from me and my parents when she would come over to visit. My mother told me that she had been missing some gold jewelry from her childhood but didn’t want to point fingers.

I go through my items and discover my entire collection of 12″ Star Wars figures that I had collected for years was nowhere to be found (I found out later she had put them on craigslist for a fraction of what they were worth). I also found out that she opened up an eBay account in my name, took pictures of my nephew’s Nintendo Wii (during this time Wii was hot), and ‘sold’ it to multiple people then never sent it out.

She pulled the item before eBay could do anything.

Cue the revenge.

Here comes the fun part. Despite her being a thief, I, on the other hand, had worked retail security for going on 21 years. It’s my business to catch thieves and to hunt down scammers so she picked the last person she should have messed with.

Turns out my ex-wife stopped showing up for her court dates and moved out of our apartment, she vanished.

The courts couldn’t find her. So I started digging found out that she moved in with the Ex of a friend of mine. So I opened a fake social media account under a random name, I friended her new roommate. She openly began talking about my ex as her roommate confirming that she lives there. I told her that I had a bunch of Twilight promo merchandise (which they loved) I wanted to send them.

She happily gave out her address. I called that county sheriff’s department and informed them that I knew where a fugitive with warrants was hiding out. They showed up and arrested her on Valentine’s Day. She ended up spending the next several months in jail while going through her trial. She was convicted of 5 felony counts of theft. And ended up being sentenced to 8 months in prison.

I don’t want to speak badly of her but I feel really bad for the people she victimized. It turns out some of the jewelry she stole from some of her clients belonged to parents or grandparents, long gone mementos that these people should have had of loved ones that she stole to make a quick buck.

Oh, and I want my Star Wars toys back.”

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6. Trespassers Got Inconvenienced By My Traps


“My property was trespassed by everything from horses who had to poop every 50 feet, dogs who flurried around those horses making detours to chase my cats, emptying their motor home toilet tanks in the ditch beside my front gate, sharing their activities with me via loudspeakers, cutting fences and smashing barriers so they could whiz around wherever and whenever on Skidoos and other motorized RVs, grinding giant holes in my driveway with their truck tires because they were too wasted or too stupid to keep it between the ditches, and force me to have to turn up my TV or my music inside my house with the windows shut because the racket they were making several hundred feet away drowned out my listening pleasure.

I even had night-jackets — jerks in trucks shooting at animals in their headlights with no care for the damage or where their bullets went.

All these morons were merciless in their brainless abuse, scattering gravel piles I laboriously created to have handy for filling potholes, and leaving trash at my gate — everything from rotting vegetation they cleaned out of their RVs while partying in the wide-area I made so it was easy for them to turn around and leave, to beer cans, liquor bottles, panties, fast food containers, toilet paper and much worse.

At first, I would ask them nicely to refrain, and invariably got cursed out. I took it up with politicians, fruitlessly. There was even an official group of angry landowners formed to protest the depredations of recreational nonsense, fruitlessly. In the end, it was self-defense. I left small piles of pepper on the paths they made to bring horses and dogs across the shortcut that was my fenced yard. In another place, I ended up dragging snarls of barbed wire studded with bent nails down to the gate. I had the biggest, ugliest 4×4 around, and sometimes I’d make lunch and go park on the driveway and listen to music. Nothing seemed to slow the torrent, but it was gratifying to know I inconvenienced a few of them.”

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5. Don't Give Me What I Deserve? Lose A $3 Million-Contract


“I am a young Project Manager for an unlimited commercial GC. I picked up a hammer for the first time 6 years ago (no prior experience). I was raised believing if you work hard and apply yourself you will be successful. For 2 years I learned everything that I could in the construction industry. Took my work home with me and studied on my own time to better myself.

For that, I was promoted to foreman. I was brought in to take over a small project at a 12 building 120 unit condo complex. It started small and the Board of Directors for the HOA told me they loved my professionalism, work ethic, and ability to complete projects on time, and under budget. We won a big contract because of that small project.

That was 3 years ago.

I have since taken over the job of foreman, superintendent, & project manager. I do the billing, meetings with engineers and board members, scheduling, take off, material ordering, I even train the subs on the application of new products because we didn’t have enough mid-management. The project just passed $2.7M. We got a bid request for another $3M job in the same complex. All the while the board of directors told me how appreciative they are and how they’ve gone through 5 different contractors in the years before committing to my company because of my management and quality of work.

This boosted my confidence and I went to the owners asking for the raise they promised me 1 year ago for my production. They told me ‘the experience you’re gaining is far more valuable.’ I said you’re right. I put my resume on public, got contacted by a headhunter, just accepted an offer this week for $80k a year salary, full benefits, 28 days PTO including holidays, in the office now (no more working from the field full in my own truck), laptop, wifi in my truck for on the go billing when I visit the out of state projects, $80 per diem, 100% matching 401k for the first 3 years of my employment, quarterly bonus programs.

The company I’m with now only pays me 40k and that’s it none of the above-listed benefits. The final nail in the coffin was when the owners bragged about how much my project made in a company meeting and then denied me a Christmas bonus. I laid this offer on their desk Friday and watched their jaws hit the floor. I told the HoA board president of the project I’m running about my resignation when they couldn’t match the offer. His eyes got big and requested a meeting with the owners and expressed serious concern about moving forward with the new project without my involvement. They don’t have anyone to replace me and I’m not gonna lie, it feels good to hurt their pockets when I gave them everything I had for 6 years and only asked for the median project manager salary.”

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4. Evil Neighbor Gets His House Sprayed With Sugar


“I know a guy who always told me horror stories about his next-door neighbor.

Then one day he told me he had been putting sugar in a hose spray feeder attachment and spraying his neighbor’s kitchen deck and sliding patio doors and that whole area with it. After a while, the bugs and ants would completely cover everything.

He did it a few times and said he only stopped because his confused neighbor hired an exterminator who blasted the whole house and deck and yard with bug spray and he was worried it wasn’t safe.

I told him he was evil.”

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3. I Helped An Old Lady By Faking A Phone Call


“A few days ago, I boarded the Metro (Subway System of New Delhi, India) at Rajiv Chowk. If you are a Delhiite, you must be familiar with the ‘this-is-Sparta-esque’ rush at Rajiv Chowk. I barely had enough floor to place both my feet in the metro.

In front of me, stood this old lady. She must have easily been seventy. Poor thing. It was a mystery how she planned to not get crushed under the sea of people that permeated every possible inch of space inside the train.

There was also a group of 4 boys who were standing very close to us. Well dressed, typical south Delhi brats. They were talking loudly among themselves (in fake accent). Spoiled rascals.

Suddenly, one of them turned towards the old lady and said in a cranky voice, ‘Granny, stand properly. I ain’t getting enough space to stand because of you.’

The poor lady looked around helplessly. If she had even an inch of space to move, she would have done it.

But there wasn’t any. She must have been so uncomfortable. But these brats didn’t seem to understand that. Entitled jerks.

After a couple of minutes, the same boy again reared his ugly head, ‘Granny, are you deaf?’

Hearing this, a few other passengers got angry and chided the boy. He became silent for a while. But it was clear, that he was not going to take this insult lightly.

Sure enough, he soon attacked with a different approach.

He started talking loudly to his friends, passing comments like, ‘Stupid old windbags. God knows why they are allowed inside Metro. They are almost on their deathbed. Senior citizens should be banned from Metro. In case of a stampede, they will be the first ones to get down.’

He directed all these comments towards his friends, but it was clear that he meant for the old lady to hear all this.

With each comment, his friends would guffaw and loudly agree with him. The poor old lady couldn’t look up due to embarrassment. Other people standing around us also felt bad, but they couldn’t do anything.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I took out my phone and pretended to dial a number. I pretended that the call was getting connected, and once the other side picked up, I began talking loudly on the phone, at the top of my voice –

‘Hello, am I talking to Rajiv Chowk Control Room? Sir, I’m traveling by the 12:15 metro towards Hauz Khas station.

Sir, 4 dogs have somehow entered our metro.’


‘No sir, they don’t belong to any passenger. It seems that they are stray dogs.’


‘Sir, I have no idea how they got in, but now they are causing a huge commotion.’


‘Yes sir, they are barking very loudly, disturbing all the passengers.’


‘No sir, they didn’t start barking together. First, one of them started barking, then the rest of the dogs joined him.

You know how dogs like to match pitch.’


‘Yes sir, please make sure to send someone to get these dogs off at the next station.’


‘Ok! Thank you, sir.’

Almost half the compartment heard my fictitious phone conversation. And they were all laughing, looking at me appreciatively.

As for the rowdy privileged jerks, the look on their faces was priceless.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I helped an old lady.”

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2. I Bought An SUV To Get My Revenge


“I lived in an apartment complex for 8 years. I am partially disabled and have handicap plates on my vehicle. Upon request, the apartment complex painted and marked off an extra handicap space for me. There was already another handicapped space in the same area, so they had 2 in the same area, after creating one for me. The tenant who used the original spot decided they preferred the new spot and began parking there.

No big deal, but they later began parking over the line so I could use neither space. Requests from the complex yielded no improvement in the situation. So, in the evenings, I’d put on a disposable glove, and pour a handful of honey. I adorned all the door handles with sticky grossness, then squirreled petroleum jelly on the windshield. The parking issue ceased to be an issue.

Mysteriously, shortly that tenant moved away.

A month or so later, someone without handicap tags began to park a land yacht straddling the line. I treated this visitor to the same car accents. But the apartment complex didn’t recognize the tag number. It was likely a guest. They’d leave that tank parked badly for up to a week. I was looking to buy a house but determined to get even. I bought myself a full-sized SUV and used my car, and SUV to occupy both spots. Problem solved! The complex removed both handicap spots when I moved out.”

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1. I Gave A Lot Of Discounts To Customers


“The places I worked at, management liked to take advantage of the workers and I would always speak up whenever they had me doing nonsense. When I quit/was fired/let go, I always had an inkling that something wasn’t right. Whether it was management not engaging in conversation, people looking at me through the sides of their eyes, etc. Odd things happen that I am able to recognize and get out very soon.

I would steal a lot though. Mainly to get back at their behavior towards me and to get something more out of the job, since the pay even 6 years ago is nowhere close to what it is today. I did it in such a way that you couldn’t see me on camera. I did a ‘slight of hand’ with the register open, which would give customers their change but I would have an empty box right underneath the register, I would count the money and drop some $ into the box. Usually $20-$50 a day for a couple of weeks. Then take the box to the dumpster (end of the day) and retrieve it. Nothing was ever caught on camera. Other times, I would flat out give customers discounts if they gave me funds on the side or substances.”

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