People Disturb Us With Their Most Dreadful Roommate Story

When you move into a place with a roomie or two, you think, "How hard can it be living with other people?", whether it be your best friend since middle school or a stranger who seems like a decent, put-together person. In your head, you think even if you don't end up getting along with your roommate(s), you'll mostly be at school or work in the day and have few interactions with them when you are home. But then things start not looking so hot at home. It turns out, your roommate likes to be extremely noisy during normal sleeping hours. Your other roommate might like to spark drama for no apparent reason. Or you might even run into a situation where you live with absolute slobs, and you're the one who's doing all the cleaning. All of this can get annoying really quickly. It turns out, it can get (way) worse, as we see by the following stories.

19. Be The Reason I Fail A Test? I'll Mess With The Wi-Fi

“I lived off-campus during my junior year of college with two others. Roommate 1 was a jolly guy who had a good head on his shoulders. He was respectful, went to class, did his fair share of household chores, and was an overall pleasant human being and is someone I still call a very good friend to this today.

Roommate 2, well…where do I begin?

Roommate 2 was respectful to an extent, until becoming loud and aggressive with individuals he disagreed with.

He never went to class, never cleaned (even though he was home 24/7), wasn’t really that pleasant, and is someone I’m glad I’ll never (hopefully) have to deal with again.

I’d leave for class around 8 am just to come back around 2 pm to find him still asleep. Other times, I’d come back and hear the blasts of lasers and the trademark swishing of a lightsaber which meant he was playing some online Star Wars game on his laptop all day.

That freaking game. I don’t know why, but that piece of crap game made my blood boil. Maybe because it was old, and his intensely focused enthusiasm on something so low-tech, insignificant, and underwhelming just angering me to no end.

The wretched stenches that permeated off of his body were vile and rank. He would go days without showering, and the smells would linger. He also loved interrupting me while I was busy studying just to ask stupid questions.

He once asked me if the word “layer” as in “I baked a layer cake” was spelled the same way as “lair” as in “I’m Batman, look at my secret lair.” I could only put up with that for so long.

Lastly, he always stayed up late since he never went to class and would play that gosh darn Star Wars game on full volume while screaming at the top of his lungs.

Thankfully, my at the time lived close by, so I’d spend a few days a week there just so I wouldn’t have to deal with Roommate 2 and his antics.

And yes, Roommate 1 and I had plenty reasonable talks with Roommate 2, but he didn’t care, even being at the ripe age of 26….

The straw the broke the camel’s back was when I had a BIG exam next morning for a class I was struggling in.

My was away at the time, and Roommate 1 was at his girlf’s house. I had no choice but to bite the bullet and take the chance of staying home and hoping for a good night’s sleep. I told Roommate 2 about my exam and to just be courteous while playing video games or whatever.

I lay down and fell asleep…

“Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!!!!!” “Swish vrom vrom vrooom vroom vrooom!” “COME ON…..FREAKING KILL HIM…..YES…HAHAHAHAHA!”

I was awoken just a mere hour into my slumber to him playing that freaking game.

I texted the butthole and told him to keep it down. He said, “Ok,” and I went to bed….. Nope.

This pattern continued until I finally got up at 4 am to talk to him. I said what I had to say, he returned some passive-aggressive comments since my other roommate wasn’t home, and I just went back in my room and studied more seeing how I wasn’t going to bed at all.

The time came; I took the test and failed. I got home to be met with the usual horrid stench, complete squalor, and the sound of that freaking game.

I’d had it.

After doing some snooping around, I found the username and passcode for my house’s wifi router. (Roommate 1 had them in his room.) I grinned ear to ear as I soon realized what I was going to do.

After class the next day, I went right home, walked immediately into my room, logged into the router, and waited for Star Wars jerk to emerge. I was never more excited for him to play that freaking game. I kept refreshing the page until I saw his computer was connected. I waited 10 minutes….then….boop! I restricted his internet access just like that. No more Star Wars for him.

You should have seen this guy plug and unplug the router. He was frantic. He couldn’t figure out what went wrong. He asked if I had internet, and I obviously said no and that “It must be a faulty router…” After an hour of euphoric payback, I turned it back on because, unlike him, I had some school work to do and didn’t want my revenge to negatively affect me.

But I wasn’t done there.

Guess what went off every night at 11 pm? Yup.

Guess what stayed off every day until 2 pm? Yup.

Guess what was off when I left to be with my for a few days? Or home for the weekend? Or when I just felt like it…? Yup.

I let Roommate 1 in on the revenge. We’d take turns controlling the wifi, so if one of us wasn’t around, the other could continue without a hitch.

Roommate 2, being the complete moron that he was, never thought to actually call the internet provider. Being the complete narcissistic and delusional jerk he was, he got his Star Wars fix by playing it in the campus library. Who would have thought? He actually went there for something.

I’m not sure how the ACTUAL students felt about that though….

For the remainder of that year, Roommate 1 and I continued messing with wifi, and he hadn’t the slightest clue. In fact, that made living there more livable since his time spent off-line was time spent on cleaning up and being a responsible human being.

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Should have taken his advice, jerk.”

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18. She Somehow Managed To Flood The Place

“It’s going on three years since I’ve been living with my roommate.

For the most part, we get along just fine.

She’s gone half of the time, she pays her half of rent/bills on time, and she respects my space and property. I’ve had pretty awful roommates in the past, so I know exactly what that’s like. The only issue is she’s really inconsiderate sometimes. She always keeps her own personal space very clean and neat (seriously, her room and bathroom are always pristine!), but she seems to be incapable of extending that same care and courtesy to the common areas of our apartment, especially the kitchen.

For a while, I was always cleaning up after her, until I got tired and sat her down, and we had a mature conversation about it.

For a moment, things seemed better, but then after a while, she was back to doing the same thing. Also, whenever something breaks in the apartment, if I don’t take steps to get it repaired, she will never submit a request to have maintenance repair it.

She just ignores it until I do something about it.

It’s like she can’t be bothered.

A couple of days ago, she noticed there was an issue with the kitchen sink where it would slowly leak on the floor, and instead of reporting it to maintenance, she just ignored it and waited for me to do something about it. Long story short, it got worse fast before I could do anything about it and eventually resulted in the sink completely breaking and water spraying everywhere and flooding the kitchen in our apartment.

We had to call the fire department because it flooded so fast.

To make things worse, she was mostly useless during this entire crisis. While I was trying to keep water from going everywhere and trying to locate the water shut off valves, she could barely call the emergency maintenance/fire department. And when the fire department left, I had to ask her to help me finish drying everything in the kitchen because she just went back to her room like we didn’t have a bunch of wet surfaces and items that needed to be dried.

This seems like the culmination of her indifference to our shared living space, and I find myself so annoyed and angry. Had she acted when she first noticed the issue, we wouldn’t have had to deal with this mess.

I feel like we need to have another conversation, but I hate that I have to basically lecture a grown adult to do things that they shouldn’t need to be told to do (because that’s what it feels like). She can also be a bit defensive when confronted so this makes me dread the conversation even more.

All I want is to not be the only person responsible for keeping our common areas clean or making sure things get repaired when they break. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I don’t know.”

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LilacDark 1 month ago
Talk with your landlord, give them the details, and see if you two can come up with a solution. It may mean having to give 30 days' notice and finding another place to live.
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17. Steve Was A Bit Of A Wild One

The good news: he found a place and a roommate to live with. The bad news: the roommate.

“I was set to begin college on August 28th of 2005 at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. If that date sounds familiar, it’s because that’s right around the time Hurricane Katrina hit. The night before moving into campus, my dad and I were glued to the tv screen in our somewhat skeezy hotel in the French quarter that my mom booked because it had “character.” At the time, most weathermen predicted that the storm would continue on into the gulf, and miss the city.

The next day, my dad and I set to move all of my junk into my 6th-floor dorm. I met my then-roommate, who I had gotten along with well online, and we were all set to demolish the rest of our floor playing poker. At about the time, I was almost done unpacking, we heard an announcement over loud-speakers to assemble for an emergency meeting.

It turns out that Katrina made a hard right turn and was heading towards the city.

Tulane was prepping to evacuate all students to Jackson State University in Missouri, and as we all piled into vans, my dad peaced out to try and make it to the airport. (Side note, his flight was canceled, and he almost got sent to the Superdome, but the car rental guy saved him and told him to keep the rental car and drive to Houston, TX.)

We were staying in the Jackson State gymnasium…

with all of us spread out on the basketball court. Luckily, I had thought ahead and brought a pillow, but most did without. We were there for about a week. Power went out the 2nd day, and the water went out on the 4th. To this day, going outside when the eye of the storm passed over us was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

In the end, they ended up closing Tulane for the whole semester, and so I ended up flying back to Boston. When I got back, I learned that my parents had finally put down my dog of 12 years, since they thought I was going to be away at school and didn’t tell me until I walked in the door and called out “Barney! Barney…???”

I was all set to sit on my butt for a semester, but my mom was all, “Get out of my house!” and such.

So the day after I got back (after driving over to Marshall’s to replace my entire wardrobe which was still in my 6th-floor dorm), we drove around to every school in the Boston area to apply as a guest student. And thus, I ended up as a guest at Boston University.

But, BU was full up on dorms. In fact, they had rented out the first 6 floors of the Hyatt Regency and converted them into dorms.

But they were full too. In the craziness, somehow my mom found other parents with kids in the same situation and concocted a deal with Hyatt for putting several of us Tulane refugees in hotel rooms on the 7th floor. And thus, I met my roommate. Let’s call him Steve.

I met Steve when he entered our hotel room with a swagger, wearing sunglasses indoors on a cloudy day.

My first thought was “darn.” We eventually grew close, as roommates do, and shared such stories as trips I’d taken, or the time he paid someone to help him on the SATs, or my part-time jobs, or him driving around his home city in a Rolls. Good times.

We quickly settled into a routine wherein I would try to go to bed on weekdays somewhere around midnight, in an effort to be at all conscious for early morning engineering classes, and where he would arrive back to our room at around 3 am, completely wasted, and often with a girl.

And yes, he was the kind of guy to go to town, with me awkwardly waking up in the twin bed 3 feet away.

But while that was the regular routine, there were many deviations from the norm. Once, he came back, as per usual, at about 3am on a Tuesday night, and passed out on the bare mattress bed that he refused to let the hotel maids redo.

About 10 minutes later, while passed out on his back, he starts throwing up and choking on it. Not good… So, I roll him over so at least he won’t choke and die. Great. So now his mattress and blanket are covered in vomit. And yet, after throwing his sodden blanked in the sink, and on top of my gosh… darn…. toothbrush… he passed out again on his stained mattress.

But that’s not the end. He left early for a test (!!!) and left me there while management came to replace the mattress, and I had to explain what had happened.

Several nights later, he and a few of his friends went to a Red-Sox game. While trying to sneak down to better seats, he was approached by guards, but, being very wasted, refused to back down.

Police were called, and an arrest was made.

A few days before his court date, he got into a fight at a frat house, and ended up going to court with a big giant eye patch.

My parents, this whole time, had assumed I was exaggerating things. When my dad came by at the end of the semester to help me move out, and we LITERALLY could not enter the room because laundry and junk was 3 feet deep, the look on his face was… pity mixed with fear.

When we both later went back to Tulane, I heard he got arrested for streaking.

My old roommate at Tulane had decided to transfer, and so I got a new one. He wasn’t as bad as Steve, but he was a special joy to live with in his own way. But that… is a tale for another time.”

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16. Bring The Wrong Person Home? Not On My Watch

“Preface: I have 2 roommates, one who was away on a cruise for the weekend, and the other who is 18 and works at a club and doesn’t go to college. This story is about the second roommate who is honestly one of the dumbest girls I’ve ever met, so her name shall be “Dumb Witch.”

Last night, I was up until past midnight after being awake since 6 am working and doing homework before finals and such.

I was exhausted. I fell asleep with dreams of kittens frolicking in my head when, what felt like 20 minutes later, I heard the loud that signals the front door slamming shut.

Taking a quick look at my alarm clock, I see the time at a glorious 5:18 am. I am not amused.

Now, Dumb Witch works the night shift as a waitress at a club, so she often gets in at 4 or 5 in the morning on weekends.

Fine. I’m a college girl; I like to party as much as the next, and I’m usually passed out by the time she gets home, so she rarely bothers me.

But tonight was different. It was a Sunday night, and being the dumb witch that she is, she decided to bring home one of her little “friends” and scream and laugh at the top of their lungs while taking copious amounts of shots.

Now, I’m 21, I’ve had my fair share of all-nighters, but I had an exam the next morning and needed to sleep. Since she doesn’t go to school, she has no respect for the schedules of my roommate and I.  I asked her nicely to please be quieter because I had class in the morning, and they were being louder than they thought. My reply was to be blissfully ignored until 7 in the morning when they finally passed out.

That was when I decided to take my revenge the next morning.

Her little “friend” was sound asleep on Roommate 1’s foldout bed in the living room, which is right next to the kitchen. (Remember, Roommate 1 is out of town, so she didn’t ask to use it.Rude.)

Being the healthy person I am, I decided to make a nice loud breakfast for my man and me bright and early at 9 am, “accidentally” dropping pans and silverware.

I was so clumsy this morning! That’s when I saw the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I couldn’t just leave them there! So, I decided to wash those as noisily as possible. At this point, Girl is tossing and turning and pulling the pillow over her head to try and block out all of the “accidental” noise I was making. The boy toy and I enjoyed a nice breakfast of egg sandwiches and bacon before I finished the grand finale of my master plan.

Our dishwasher is loud. I mean loud enough to wake the neighbors on a calm night.

Being as I had just finished doing all of the dishes in the sink, the dishwasher was full. I couldn’t leave a bunch of dirty dishes in the dishwasher all day because God knows Dumb Witch wasn’t going to turn it on!

I gave the biggest poop-eating smile to my and turned that bad boy on because clean dishes.”

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15. My Roommate's Actions Were Overlooked By The School

“We called him the unstable puke monster. I know, it’s horrible… but the son of a witch earned the name. During my freshman year at college, my first assigned roommate transferred to another college a few weeks after school started up. He was a freshman quarterback with jerk levels turned up to 11. He was butt-hurt because he wasn’t starting right out of the gate. Anyway, a few days after he left, I was assigned a 28-year-old freshman who was 6’6”, 290lbs, and obviously unstable From what I gathered, he had the social skills of a 12-year-old housed in the body of an NFL player.

Everything was great for the first few weeks as I helped him with navigating the campus and his homework. He was a really cool dude once you got to know him and rolled with the fact that he wasn’t going to be “up to speed” on almost everything. His folks even visited a few times and thanked me profusely for my help. They took me to dinner once and I even got a thank you card.

I thought we were going to be best friends for a long time… and then the fraternities started to recruit…

This guy went from mild-mannered to hulking party jerk in a matter of days. The frat that recruited him found out that he was 28 and used him to buy their drinks. From then on, almost every time that I saw him, he was intoxicated, breaking crap in our room with his bare hands/stomping them to pieces while being egged on by random frat-bros (including my futon, both our office chairs, and a window or two), and/or puking and peeing in random places…

The straw that broke the camel’s back came when he stumbled into our room around 2 am one night. He climbed into the top bunk and passed out. A few hours later, I woke up to the feeling of liquid dripping on my face. I rolled out of bed and walked across the room, fearing the worst, and flicked on the light. At that instant, my nostrils were filled with the rancid stench of puked-up orange juice and crap.

This huge man child was passed out, propped up with one of those chair pillows, projectile vomiting the half-gallon of screwdriver he drank and pooping himself. I took a deep breath and walked over to him. The weight his body put on the top bunk caused the vomit and poop stew to pool up so much that was almost covering his waist completely. I shook him awake, got him out of his bunk, dragged his staggering body to the community bathroom, and shoved him in the handicapped shower stall.

The whole way there, he was threatening me with death and assault if I called the RA. I turned the shower on, told him he was lucky I was there, and called the RA and his parents. I’m not a heartless person, so I stuck around to keep this guy awake until the RA arrived. I fell asleep in the lounge until his parents called me back, and I gave them the RA’s number.

After that night, I never heard from his parents again and only caught him peeing intoxicated in the shared closet three times before summer break. His parents must have donated a ton of moolah  to the college because none of my complaints ever resulted in any action being taken.”

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14. You Can't Steal My Hair Product If You Don't Have Any Hair

“I’m subleasing a room in an apartment. It was 3-bedroom, and I had two roommates. They were nice enough guys.

One day, some random dude is at our place, I get a “Hey man, this guy is going to be staying here for a couple of weeks. Is that cool?” I’m super laid back; I had no problems with it whatsoever. But then those couple of weeks turned into months, and now it’s been roughly 6 months that he’s been living here for free.

The two original roommates left, and now it’s me, another subleaser and this freeloader (still not paying anything except occasional electricity).

To make matters more annoying, he constantly steals my stuff. If I buy a loaf of bread, it mysteriously vanishes. He and I share a bathroom, and I recently shaved my head, so I had stopped using my shampoo and body wash for a few weeks (switched to a bar of soap).

I tried to use it a couple of days ago, and they were both completely empty. I went to wash clothes today only to find out the vast majority of my laundry detergent gone. I can’t freaking stand it anymore, and he doesn’t listen when you try to talk to him about anything.

Our lease is up soon, and I could’ve just let it go, but it’s been going on way too freaking long, and I just can’t let it go anymore.

So, today I went to the store and bought a new bottle of shampoo and Nair. Now, originally, I was just going to put the Nair in the shampoo and put in the shower and wait for what’s going to happen. But, to be fair, I already know for a fact that he would use it. So, I was nice and added: “[MY NAME]. DO NOT USE.

THANKS” on the bottle with a Sharpie. Now, only time will tell what happens. (Fun fact: this dude freaking loves his hair. He’s in the bathroom admiring it every other time I see him.)

Update: Okay, so he actually hopped in the shower a lot sooner than I expected. So, naturally, I wanted to see if he used any, and I took a shower after him.

The weird thing is, the shampoo bottle is now super watered down.

Either the two substances made each other watery, or he dumped a lot of it out and added water to it. I’m not sure why he would do that unless: a) he found out it wasn’t normal shampoo. Maybe he felt the burning sensation on his head after he put it on or some hair did start falling off but not a lot of it. OR, b) he was mad that I wrote something on the bottle asking him not to use it, and out of passive aggression, he just dumped a bunch out and added water to it as a way to say ‘screw you.’ This dude is sort of on the psycho side, so I have no idea.

After work, I decided to see if the shampoo’s been moved or anything.

Turns out, he purchased one of those toiletry bottles of shampoo, and it was sitting on the counter of the bathroom. I’m concluding that he tried to use the shampoo I put there yesterday and realized it was awful for his hair/wasn’t normal shampoo. Given how many times he walked into the bathroom last night, I hope it at least messed up his hair a little bit, so he stops taking my crap (and my roommate’s and anyone else he lives with in the future), but when I saw him last night, it wasn’t incredibly noticeable. Swing and a miss.”

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13. I Watched My Best Friend Slowly Go Insane

“This story I’m about to tell you sounds so insane, but I assure you it’s true and seems even crazier looking back at it.

Let’s take this back to the Spring of 2018. I was into my second semester of my freshman year in college and had no roommate because my last one decided to transfer schools. It was a bummer, but I was excited because I’d have a whole room to myself.

Enter Lila, my best friend turned psycho roommate. I guess that’s the best thing to call her.

Lila got put in my room on the day after Spring classes had started. While I was a bit disappointed I wouldn’t have a single room anymore, Lila and I became really fast friends — almost too fast. I never connected to a friend so quickly before. We both shared an obsession with decorating, loved the same food, had the same humor.

It felt like in those cliche college movies when the main character instantly becomes best friends with their roommate after the first meeting. We were inseparable.

After some time, I learned some things about Lila that were surprising, but I didn’t have a problem with. She had given birth in only the 8th grade, she was severely bipolar, had depression, and anxiety. She was also extremely OCD and had to keep things spotless (remember this for later).

I wasn’t one to judge, as I had anxiety too and things happen.

We also had two other roommates in a room next to us who we shared the bathroom with. I’ll name them Tasha and Sydney. I believe this was where the problems first began. I had met them both before, but Lila was very sociable, and I was able to get to know them better through her.

Tasha was a bit gross. She often peed on the toilet seat, stole the toilet paper, and she’d use the towels we’d shower with if we left them in there. Sydney was just normal. She was a really talented music major, and she was just an all-around cool person.

After some time, Sydney was a part of Lila and I’s group. I’m not proud of this, but we slowly bonded over talking badly about Tasha–almost in a bullying sort of way.

There was a long time where, if we’d leave the door unlocked to Lila and I’s room, stuff would end up going missing. Almost immediately, we all began blaming Tasha for the missing items. While she was away, we even raided through her stuff to search for everything. In particular, I lost an expensive hair straightener. This straightener was one that Lila really liked, by the way.

She said it was the only one that could straighten her curls. I never saw that straightener again.

Then, I noticed that Lila and Sydney would stop talking when I entered the room. For some reason, Sydney never talked to me anymore, unless Lila was around, and she’d shoot me dirty looks. When I asked Lila about it, she said how Sydney was talking a lot of crap about me out of the blue.

When I finally confronted Sydney about it, she just looked at me and walked away.

The situation with Sydney never got resolved, and Lila continued hanging out with her like they were best friends. I’d ask her a few times if she stuck up for me when Sydney would talk about me badly. She said yes, but something told me that she wasn’t being truthful.

Eventually, Sydney stopped coming to our room to talk to Lila and I saw less and less of her.

Towards the end of the semester, Lila began telling me a lot of strange, over-the-top stories. I began to notice that she’d always find some way to work in how wealthy her parents were or all of the fancy stuff she supposedly had. She told me she had a Mustang as well, even though I never saw her drive on campus once. Her mom always picked her up when she would go home for the weekend.

I didn’t know what her living situation was like, so as far as I know, she could have been rich. The thing was, she worked her wealth into everyday conversations until it was too much.

The craziest thing she told me was that someone tried to shoot her while she was driving one day. Someone she knew. Things got even darker when she admitted she tried to take her own life the year before, but she had no emotion when she told me this.

In the middle of the night, she also told me that if I ever backstabbed her, she’d shave off my hair in my sleep.

Lila also had a partner (the same guy she got pregnant by) who she would fight with 24/7, say she was going to break up with him, complain to me about him, and then makeup. Right before the end of the semester, Lila told me she was pregnant again.

The thing about this was, we made plans to move into an off-campus apartment together. I honestly thought nothing of it for some reason. I figured she’d work something out with her parents once she told them.

Shortly after she announced she was pregnant though, she had a miscarriage.

Okay, so that was a lot of background information, but once we moved into the apartment is when things get real weird with Lila.

So, we moved into this 4 bedroom apartment. In the apartment, there were two other girls, and we all got our own bathrooms, bedrooms, and had a shared living space and kitchen. Immediately, we had problems with these two other girls (much like the dorm situation). My food and pots and pans began disappearing in the kitchen. I trusted Lila, so I blamed the two other girls, who were understandably mad.

They never had problems until Lila and I moved in. The apartment was always freezing cold, and there was a bitter war over the thermostat via sticky notes. Lastly, the apartment smelled like someone was smoking 24/7, even though smoking wasn’t allowed in the apartment, and we could get fined for it. Lila would always say how much she loved the smell of people smoking, but she quit years ago.

One of the other roommates also kept Scentsy plugs in the living room, which began mysteriously disappearing.

I noticed from day one, though, that Lila wasn’t acting normal. Her stories were growing more over the top, and she skipped a class that we had together for the whole week. She never left the apartment at all. Every time I would come home, she’d want to hang out with me for hours on end too.

She was my friend so of course I enjoyed hanging out with her, but it got to the point where she’d constantly try to be around me when I just needed my space.

Soon after this, I woke up to three missed calls and several texts from Lila’s mom, saying that Lila was having a mental breakdown and was dropping out of college. She had asked me to talk her out of it, but this was at 3 am, and I slept right through the phone calls.

The next morning, I talked to Lila about it, and she told me she just needed some time to focus on herself or something along those lines. Still, she stayed at the apartment (which was affiliated with the school).

On two separate occasions, I had my two best friends from high school stay over. On both of these occasions, after they had left, Lila pulled me to the side saying something like, “While you were in the bathroom, your friend told me some bad things about you.” I asked both of my friends about this, and they said they’d never say anything bad about me, let alone to Lila.

I trusted these two girls with everything and had known them for over 10 years. Also, every friend I had brought over told me that there was something off about Lila. Always trust your true friends, folks.

This brings me to the piggy bank incident. I was trying to save up for a PS4, and since I’m kind of bad with saving coin, I figured taking it out in cash and putting it in this piggy bank I had in my room would be a good idea.

I couldn’t spend it if it was at home, right? Also, the bank was this fluffy pig that looked like a stuffed animal.

Now I was really stupid here. I had told Lila my method of saving moolah, and she had walked into my room and asked to hold the pig. I’m an easily trusting person, especially towards my friends. Of course, I thought that was weird, but I was just like, “Sure, okay,” and she walked out with it and took it to her room.

I instantly had a bad feeling about this and went to ask her for the bank back, but I didn’t check inside of it to see if any was missing. Also, we were both about to go to the grocery store, and I told her that I needed to grab $20 from the piggy bank. She was really persistent about me not going to get that $20, saying, “I’ll pay for you this time.

I have coin.”

Stupid, right? I believed her, and didn’t check my bank. She always paid with a card.

Not only did she have coin but she had a $100 bank note, which, by the way, I had saved up $140 so far. At the grocery store, we spent $100, and Lila asked if I’d pay her back too. Whenever I shop, I always pay attention to exactly how much I need.

I believe the price for my groceries was $21, but Lila argued with me, saying it was $38. She was so persistent, I just let it be.

When I got home and closed the door to my room, I checked my bank to see that exactly $100 was missing. I had full-body chills, and I didn’t know what to do. Why would someone I consider my friend steal from me, and why would I just blindly let them? I told one of my friends, and she asked me to call her and hide my phone while I confronted Lila.

I was honestly scared because I didn’t know this person I was living with anymore.

Lila lied right to my face, and from then on out, I was careful around her. I didn’t know what to do because I lived with her. Bit by bit, I put a distance between us, and she noticed. Her sanity started going down even more too, and I could see what everyone else was telling me.

There was something off about Lila.

One night, while making dinner, Lila came out and started complaining about her partner to me. This was a new guy, but that’s beside the point. Then, she randomly admitted something to me. She committed manslaughter in high school.

I couldn’t find any record of this (I tried), but apparently, she was fighting with a girl at her school, blacked out at some point, and ended up pushing the girl down a flight of stairs.

Her only memory was of a group of teachers grabbing her and telling her what she did. The girl died in the hospital, and Lila was taken in for questioning, but nothing ever became of it. Somehow she was able to get away with manslaughter. I believe she said her parents had something to do with it or knew powerful people. I’m not sure, but it was not only far-fetched, but scary.

Thanks to a hurricane and the poor construction of our apartment, Lila’s roof caved in one fateful rainy night. It was so much so that you could see the night sky from her bed. She was fine, but she had to move out into another room right away.

However, she couldn’t leave without taking my roommate’s Keurig, which she said was actually hers even though she didn’t drink coffee.

Now, it took a few days before anyone noticed the Keurig was missing, but when my roommate found out it was gone, she immediately called the cops. Lila was told to come into the apartment and talk to the police, because at first, we all thought that someone had come in and taken it when the door was unlocked. Lila talked to the police for a while with no problem and no lead to her new apartment.

She also stuck around in the apartment hours after the police had left to talk to my other roommate, who didn’t get along with her like that and felt uncomfortable.

The police eventually searched Lila’s new room, only to find the exact same model Keurig. Unfortunately, Lila insisted it was hers, and my roommate had no way to prove otherwise. She was livid.

We ended up bonding over our shared experiences with Lila, and I told her that I’d try to help get her Keurig back, as Lila stole my moolah too.

During this time, Lila kept sending me texts, asking me to come check out her new apartment. I came once but never again.

Now I think this is the creepiest thing about my Lila story. A few weeks after Lila had been moved out, I was at my apartment 100% alone. My other roommates had gone home for the weekend and I was just doing laundry and some other stuff.

At around 8 pm, I heard a loud sound coming from Lila’s room that practically shook the apartment. I just figured it was her room caving in further, so I honestly didn’t think much of it, despite how it freaked me out. This continued several times that night. It even woke me up a few times.

I forgot all about it until I brought it up to my other roommate.

After hearing it several times while she was alone too, she went to check it out. As she slowly opened the door to Lila’s old room, she saw her face-down, slamming her head on the desk in the pitch black empty room.

I was alone. With that. We don’t know how she got in the room, and we don’t wanna know either. Did she demon-scale the building and climb through the hole? Who knows.

After we got all the locks changed, I finally made the leap to look in Lila’s old room. I had been avoiding it for the past several weeks after learning about the slamming. In the room, it wreaked of pee and air freshener (the ones that had been missing this whole time). Lila had a dog that I never saw her take out, so I guess she let it pee on the carpet and covered up the smell with the stolen air fresheners.

She also had several of my pots, bowls, cups, and everything else stored underneath her bathroom sink. They all were used and had old, rotting food in them. Remember how she said she was OCD and had to keep everything spotless? This was the complete opposite.

A few days later, Lila asked me to come by to her apartment for the last time. When I didn’t answer, she said that she heard I was lying about her stealing and made some threats against me.

After that, I blocked her and never heard from her again. She definitely made me paranoid to be in my apartment at night, so I started going home on the weekends or having friends stay over more often. She was a manipulator, a liar, and down-right insane. All while I was wrapped right around her finger and didn’t even realize.”

Another Users Comments:

“Sorry, so you lived in an apartment where if you opened a bedroom door, the roof had a huge hole in it? And you were allowed to stay there? In a building that’s roof was caving in?” zoomingzoomerzoom


“Basically, yup. The management was cheap and wouldn’t get anyone out to fix the roof after the hurricane. They just got someone to patch it up a few times, and the hole would open back up as soon as it rained. I fought them for weeks until the manager blocked my email.” DearArt5937

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12. She Straight Up Poisoned Me

“Sorry, but I win. My freshman year roommate attempted to murder me. She was awful for many reasons, but that was the last straw.

The administration and her parents failed to tell me she had anger and impulse control issues she took medicine for. To make matters even worse, she had freedom, terrible freedom, so she either skipped taking her medicine or combined it drinking enough to tranquilize a Budweiser Clydesdale.

I tried to make the best of it, but I inspired her to psychotic new heights for several reasons: her parents loved me from the start even though I was country hick to their Greenwich; I was in the geeky School of Foreign Diplomacy honors program, which they fervently hoped their daughter would transfer into (their favorite, her older brother was a diplomat); I did her a good-intentioned favor which ultimately put her over the edge.

That favor was completely overhauling her way of dressing, so she could get into a sorority during what many of you have heard, better known as Rush. This girl really wanted, more than anything, to be in a sorority. She came back from her first social event to sign up for Rush, a bit depressed. Her Number One and Two choices were visibly disinterested in her.

It didn’t take a genius to see why: her cotton elastic waistline pants were pulled up to her bra line, which was only slightly less disastrous than her Laura Ashley ruffle blouse with huge flowers on it.

So I did what any roommate desperate to get along would do: I revamped her wardrobe with mine. We played up her best assets, her figure and her eyes, tossing the blue eyeshadow, and my advice was to act shy and say as little as possible.

When she left for her first mixer, I discretely called my older sister, who was in the same sorority, but a different college than mine, and asked for her to try to help my roommate. (Yes for those who know the jargon, this made me an easier “in” as a “Legacy” to that sorority, but that’s another adventure.)

Long story short, this girl got into her second chance.

She was ecstatic and put her passive-aggressive hate on hold. Her parents were thrilled. All was well. I was down to dealing with merely annoying typical behavior: her nearly drowning in her own vomit after-parties, then leaving the stale stench of it to linger until I washed her bedding; her wearing all my clothes and taking over my makeup. (Her parents ended up buying Both of us new wardrobes when they discovered to their chagrin, during a visit that their daughter was wearing my clothes).

That actually was the beginning of the end. Putting it together, her mother made a snarky comment that she would never have gotten in without me dressing her, and thank goodness that finally somebody had given her a little polish. (Thanks mom). That triggered new, serious hate.

While all this happened, she alienated the entire floor of our co-Ed dorm by hiring a popular well-liked guy to construct a loft for our room, (which I paid half of), and then never paid him.

Mortified, I dug up the rest of the dough, and stammered an apology in freshman angst. He refused to take it and eventually she paid him, but only half of her half, claiming his work was shoddy. He set the entire floor against her. To compound matters, she began to see a creepy dude nobody liked, and her grades went into the toilet. Still, I was happier with vomiting, socially messed up slob, than dealing with hate.

Unfortunately, my roommate unraveled during hazing and her entire sorority hated her. A guy on my floor who was seeing a girl from that sorority told me my roommate was scaring the other recruits and behaving strangely. I shrugged it off. She blamed me for being hazed. I told her they all hazed (this was the 90s).

To retaliate, she destroyed my computer, threw all my shoes out the window, made any snack or drink disappear, and was just awful.

I complained to the RA. The RA was in a rival sorority, so the problems got gossiped about not only in that sorority, but got back to my roommate’s sorority. This resulted into a gleefully malicious campaign of unprecedented inter-sorority cooperation: not only did they force her to clean our room, but they forced her to clean both sororities’ meeting rooms as “punishment” for making her sorority look bad.

Soon after, she quit and didn’t get out of bed for a week. I felt terrible.

I had an early class that day, and out of habit grabbed my water bottle. I drank some on the way to class. It tasted a little off, but I ignored it. Five minutes into class I collapsed and had a seizure.

When I woke up, the ER doctors said I was poisoned.

Campus Security had been given my bottled water which had tipped and spilled some contents onto the floor. A nerdy Encyclopedia Brown saw an iridescent sheen on the surface of the spill, so he basically set the wheels in motion and within days my roommate was arrested.

As a result, I found out from her parents that my roommate had anger and impulse problems she took medicine for.

This wasn’t the first time she had been in trouble. While I was angry, I wasn’t permanently affected, and the promise of a paid room for the following two semesters, without a troubled roommate, led to me not cooperating with the prosecutors, who dropped the case.

Looking back, I should have demanded a lot more, but there you have it. To my knowledge, she still lives with her parents.

And that’s the most awful freshman roommate, ever.”

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11. He Keeps Threatening To Move Out But Wants To Stay To Create Drama

Like, buddy, if you don’t like living here, then there’s the door.

“Currently living through it. Moving at the end of the month.

Last summer, I found a nice 3 bedroom in a nice neighborhood here in Chicago. The guy who’s currently living there, let’s call him K; K tells me about how messy his previous roommate was and how annoying it was. Perfect: my last roommate was messy and I wanted to live with someone who keeps it clean.

Now, I’m a straight, white dude. K is gay and black. Whatever. You can be purple and into dragons. Just pick up after yourself, be respectful, the typical. Another girl T moves in with us, and the summer goes off without a hitch.

As it started to get colder, this dude would just crank the heat. I’m talking like 80 degrees when it’s only 40 outside. We had agreed on 68-72…

pretty standard temperature. But this dude just NEEDS it crazy hot. We settled on 75 as a max, and it was still higher than that.

To follow this, he got a kitten who he didn’t bother getting neutered. So now there’s an aggressive, untrained kitten just roaming around and eating the furniture (which is mine).

Things are progressively getting less and less clean. Coming home to my pots and pans just left a wreck on the stove and trash piled up.

The dining room table is filled with dude’s stuff. Minor bickering ensues.

This is followed up in December by this guy sending a 6-7 page long message accusing me and T (the girl) of being racist and biased against him because of his race and that he’s moving out. Me and T scramble around, find a new roommate, say, okay, we’ll let you out from the lease; let’s all just move on.

Dude constantly complains about drama and how he doesn’t like it but spends all day on the phone talking about it with his friends.

He decides not to move, after making us scramble about. New Year comes. He wants to apologize and move on and for all of us to be friends again. Okay, fine.

A week after, claims he’s moving again. Tell him we’ll put up an ad when he signs a lease.

If we can’t find a replacement in time, me and T will cover.

Last week, this guy now claims he’s not moving (eyeroll). I have a Gamecube I got for Christmas. Sunday, he’s using it in the living room. Fine. Sharing’s all good. I’ll use it tomorrow. Monday, he wants to take it to his man’s. I say fine on the condition it’s back tomorrow because I want to use it.

Tuesday, wants to use it again. I’m a bit annoyed because I was specific about wanting it back, so I could finally play it. Offer, fine, you want to use it – then I need a new copy of the game for a different system, and can you clean up the place before you leave?

Dude starts pouting and pouting and throwing a fit claiming I’m ‘treating him like a child.’ Cleans everything, mopes around, leaves, comes back with the Gamecube, makes a big scene, fine, you can have it back.

No less than five minutes later, he wants to borrow the Gamecube because ‘he cleaned like I asked.’ After throwing a fit about how he’d bring it back. At that point, I lost it. I don’t have time to deal with this. Told him no, you can’t have it; screw off.

Starts it up with five-page long text messages again. Blocked the number out of my phone. Went back this weekend, took the important stuff (desk, computer, clothes, games, etc.) to my girl’s house. Camping out with her until next Friday when I move into a new place.

Remember kids, if someone complains about drama – they are probably the ones starting it.”

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10. She Sublet My A Room To A Total Stranger

“A week after starting my sub-lease, she tells me that she wants to go to Spain (where she’s from), and that “Oh, but it’s SPAIN… I mean, if you go to SPAIN, you need to be there… at least a month.” Oh and that she will need to rent my room out to someone else during that month, while I move all my crap to her room, and pay an additional $200.

Says, “Oh, never mind; I was just thinking out loud.” The next day I come home early from work to find that she’s actually showing my room to another tenant. I go on Craigslist and turns out, she wasn’t just “thinking out loud” because she took photos of my room, with all of my stuff and posted an ad for a room.

Went through my belongings constantly when I was at work, all caught on camera.

Did other very odd things like inspecting my used towels and underwear drawer (also on camera).

Found my cameras during a rampage after I told her I was done with her crap. In the process of finding my cameras and trying to delete videos, she went through my computer, my email (I had a camera app that sent notifications to my email, which she deleted and then even went to my deleted folder to get rid of “evidence” of her deleted emails.

Like you think I’ll just forget that I have a camera app?)

She took my iPad out of my room during this rampage, and she accidentally mixed it up with her iPad, I know this because she sent a text from my iPad, while I was at work. I promptly locked my iPad with find my iPhone app and left a threatening message on my iPad. This scared her, and she ran out of the apartment.

We went to court to get my deposit and she acted like it was an episode of Judge Judy, she was so angry that I recorded her that I guess her defense mechanism was to act like a witch in court. Since one of those videos she was in her shorts and sports bra, she tried to tell the judge, “Well, I’m going to sue her for video voyeurism.” Yes – an in appropriate offense.

The judge ripped her a new one right then and there.

OH! How could I forget the air conditioner issue? This woman had a huge misunderstanding of how the a/c worked. It was Florida in the summertime, and she demanded that we turn the temperature up to 90 degrees overnight and when I was at work. I tried to explain to her that, no, we are not cutting costs by doing this, that it’s starting to smell like mold in this apartment, that I cannot sleep in this heat, and I must get sleep in order to work.

She didn’t give a crap. I would turn it to 75 degrees, and she would promptly go and turn it back up to 90.

She didn’t understand the idea of a thermostat meaning “thermo-static” meaning “maintain this temperature.”

When we received a bill of $110, she cried. I told her, um, that’s a pretty low bill for 2 people in August in Florida heat. Didn’t care. Demanded that we get it below $100 for the next month, and she disallowed any further use of the a/c.

Even the landlord scolded her for it because of the growing mold problem.

Then one day, she calls the landlord to have the ac fixed because it’s “out of freon.” I nearly punched her in the mouth. How would you know it’s out of freon?!”

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9. She's Overbearing To The Max

“I’m in my fourth year of college, and I moved into an apartment next to campus a few weeks ago. My roommate seemed alright when I met her, a little bossy, but otherwise fine. However, in the three weeks we lived together, she’s managed to get on my nerves because she micromanages the crap out of me.

Some of the things she does:

She’s always home, which I wouldn’t normally mind, but I occasionally stream on Twitch, and I can’t do that because she doesn’t like the noise.

Okay, fair enough.

I can’t do pyrography (which is a hobby and a small source of income for me) because she doesn’t like the smell. Okay, fair enough.

She insists I open every window in the apartment when I make my morning coffee because she doesn’t like the smell, even if she’s not home, because it’s “residual.” And then gets mad if she gets home and the windows are open because it gets cold.

She gives me crap about how I eat. Yes, I like pizza and junk food. Yes, I like to have a drink at night. I’m not getting wasted and making a mess with food; I’m sitting quietly at my desk with a bag of M&M’s and a drink while surfing the internet. (Actually, my other roommate also gives me crap about what I eat, but she does it way less often.)

She lives religiously by the chore chart she wrote up.

I’m not used to having a chore chart. When I’m living in an apartment with other people, if I see something that needs to be done (trash taken out/dishes done/vacuum), I just do it. But today, she actually came in and got on me for DOING my weekly chore because the chore belonged to the other roommate last week who didn’t do it, and now apparently, the other roommate is being punished and has to do the chore this week in addition to others.

She pestered me about getting a desk lamp for a week, I finally got one I really like, and she doesn’t because it “simulates sunlight,” so it must be turned off at least an hour before she goes to bed (promptly at 11) even if she isn’t in the room.

She makes a big show of coming into the bedroom and shutting the door if I’m on the phone at my desk but talks loudly on hers in the living room for hours.

I’m not perfect; I know that. I sleep in late if I don’t have work/class, I chew loud (though I’m not actually sure why because my mouth is closed), and I’m sure I do other irritating things. But I try to be a decent roommate. We have no dishwasher, so I do my dishes as soon as I’m done eating because I don’t want to let mine pile up (I don’t mind if the other two leave dishes in the sink for a day or two though), I keep my stuff tidy, I fix things around the apartment when I can (my dad taught me a lot of easy fixes when I was younger and gave me a bag of tools).

One of the first things my roommate told me when I moved in was all the things wrong with the apartment. I fixed all of them in the first three days. No thank you from either of them, but that’s alright. I live there too, so the fixes are for me as much as them.

As for chores, I have Thursdays off, so I do my grocery shopping, laundry, and other errands that day.

They both have class most of that day, so I tidy up and do my stuff. I don’t mind doing my chores at all. I also don’t mind doing the other chores even if it’s not my week, because, hey, I’ve got some free time, might as well. Our other roommate works two jobs and goes to class as well, so I’m not going to punish her for not doing her assigned chore one week.

We share a bedroom and pay equal rent. Moving out isn’t an option. I need advice on how to deal with her. Maybe I’m just overreacting, but I didn’t sign on to live with someone who basically acts like my mother. I’d like to bring it up with her, but I’m not great at talking things out with people, and she doesn’t react well to people bringing stuff up. (Other roommate and her had a spat a week ago because of it.)”

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8. Don't Find A Roommate Off Craigslist

Just wait until the end! 😉

“For some reason, I decided to go on Craigslist to find my roommate.

We had a house with very poor windows and insulation. The blinds had holes everywhere from throwing forks at them one night. Every time I’d come home from work, my roommate would be making these really strange noises and was peering through the holes in the blinds. I’d come in, and he’d pretend like he wasn’t doing anything weird.

He’d eat and drink out of the same dish for months at a time between washes, regardless of how nasty they got.

His bed never had sheets on it, and he rarely ever took a shower. Nasty dude would come lay in my bed like it was his, and I’d have to kick him out. He especially liked laying on my bed at night right after I went to sleep…

We had two mousing cats that lived under the house. Way too many times, I caught him sitting at the crawl space opening making weird noises at the cats. He’d even eat the cat food sometimes out of sheer curiosity.

He would do his daily grooming ritual in the living room regardless of whether we had company or not. And he cut his own hair but didn’t ever clean up, so his hair got everywhere.

Despite all of this atrocious behavior, women absolutely loved him. It was actually annoying to bring company over because they’d swoon over him (and I’m thinking, “You have no idea what kind of animal he is.”)

He was an adult but still played with toys and left them all over the house. His favorite thing was Crown Royal, but he would just throw the bags on the ground and expect me to pick them up.

I can’t say for sure, but I never once saw him brush his teeth. His breath was rancid.

He would eat this nasty dehydrated salmon crap (had to taste horrible, I never tried it), and every time I’d cook up a steak or eat chips, he’d come out of nowhere and ask if he could have some. No, dude. You can’t. If you like my food so much, go buy some for yourself.

In all the years we lived together, I can’t recall him paying a single bill. But he never used the internet and couldn’t care less if we had running water or not, so I never really expected him to pay for anything. Plus I was the only one with a job and he came from a single-parent household where he had a really odd relationship with his dad.

He would sprawl out with no clothes at all on the couch with his junk in the air ALL THE TIME. When we were home, he wouldn’t ever have pants on.

The strangest thing, though, was his ridiculous infatuation with sheep and geese. If you even mentioned one of those two things around him, he wouldn’t shut up for hours.

Yes, my roommate is a border collie. Best dog ever, terrible roommate.”

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7. Transitional Roommates Suck

“So for the past two years, I’ve been in two different transitional houses. Both roommates were complete jerks.

The first was an absolute wannabe “eshay” (Aussie bro) who (somehow) worked as a forklift driver. Due to this and me being in school, he had this huge freaking ego and thought he was better than me. Dude spent all his moolah on McDonald’s, smokes, and drinks, and a couple of times had to ask me for gas because he had no idea how to put away for the basics.

On top of this, he never used the fridge and even gave me free rein over it only to go back on that multiple times and eat my stuff (wasn’t anything big, usually just my dark chocolate) and then would have his homeless friend stay for months at a time and have him bring his mates over for crappy parties (they weren’t terrible people, but I definitely liked the quiet more.

Although they did introduce me to a drink.)

He even had the audacity one day to complain about how I don’t go out because I’m stuck in my room all day and should get a full-time job (while I was on my summer holidays away from school mind you)  of which I would have to travel an hour each day just to get there and THEN go home and do whatever homework I had.

Dude was an annoying person the whole time, leaving messes everywhere. When he finally moved out, he dumped TONS of rubbish in the kitchen bin. More than it could take, so there was an entire area just covered with rubbish. Most of it was recycling too. It took me 3 whole months to get rid of it and another two weeks to finally get rid of all the flies.

My second roommate who I’m currently with is also a massive jerk. He’s threatened to stab me if I walk into his room (mind you, the only time I’ve done this is when we’re having a conversation and he went into his room). He has spray painted the garage then got mad when I told him not to, so he called me an incel with a superiority complex.

He is constantly complaining about any tiny mess I make while leaving hair and food on the bathroom sink and stovetop, has a guitar that he plays at all hours of the day (thankfully not before or after 10:30 am and pm), and smokes so much the smell will often go into my room. It’s disgusting. On top of that, he has this mentality of, “We don’t need to share anything.

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. Don’t touch my stuff,” except he’ll touch my stuff, move it or even use it (like dishwashing liquid) and get MAD when I touch or use his. He’s also the loudest mofo I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. I have no idea why, but he seems to have a need for slamming every door shut and panning down on the stove.

To top all that off, he claims to have eczema, and the heater can’t be on at all when he’s home. My room is 3 degrees colder than the rest of the house, and the heat won’t reach it unless the door is open, so you can imagine how annoying that is. He also leaves all the lights on, shuts the bathroom door when he’s not using it, doesn’t mop up the water after having a shower (I was even so kind as to give up one of my towels for a floor cleaner), and is just an all-round miserable jerk who’s had a problem with me from day one.

So yeah. Screw them.

Oh, I almost forgot my last roommate. Dude was an absolute addict who did nothing these past two years but drink, smoke, and blast music on his PS4. He seemed alright enough, if a little bit lazy. When I first moved into the house, however, it was packed with rubbish and crap everywhere. The kitchen had rotting food, and the smell was so toxic that I started to get a headache from going in there.

Had to eat KFC for three days while I waited for the cleaners to come clean it up. When he had two weeks left to leave, instead of trying to find a place he had two mates over who did nothing but drink and smoke the entire time. One of them, let’s call him Loser, was a right jerk.

He was only there because he had been kicked out of his house last minute by Human Services Australia for being a bad dad.

So he’s crashing here for two weeks and even asked to stay. Forget that. I also only thought he was gonna be there for a week. When two weeks had been done (and roommate still hadn’t moved out), I brought up that they were gonna have to start paying rent for all the stuff they’d been using and the fact that I pretty much couldn’t leave my room (extremely introverted.

Hated when other people around, and Roommate knew this. Even had to explain this to them), that’s when Loser went bonkers, started calling me a dole bludger (lives off Centrelink, by the way) and that I just needed more because I kept spending all mine on food.

To be honest, I did spend a lot of my own food. About $150 a fortnight on groceries, including necessities. So yeah, according to him, I was out looking after myself. He lived off drinks and smokes. He then just started outright insulting me and acting like a complete man child.

And that’s why transitional housing roommates suck.”

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6. Owe You $1,000 Over A Minor Incident Your Friends Caused? You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Instead of begging for a thousand bucks from your roommate for less than $10 of damage your friends caused, you should probably be mad at your friends.

“My partner and I had an extra bedroom in our apartment and let one of her friends stay with us for super cheap. We will call her Ally. Ally was a rich girl, but we didn’t want to feel like we were robbing a friend, so she got a room and bathroom to herself for $250 a month and no other bills.

I added Ally to a new 1 year lease, and she decided to pay the rent for 6 months upfront. Well, Ally’s long-term partner proposed a few days later and then they went and got a house but weren’t going to move in till they were married. Did I mention Ally was super religious as well? Anyways, so they have a house with no one living it, and she said she is going to move into the house at the end of the rent she paid up.

I said that’s fine.

Well, about 2 weeks later Ally is out of town, and we had a party with her and my woman’s friends and a few of mine. I go to the bathroom and walk back out to see everyone has gone to the patio to smoke, but I hear 3 people laughing in Ally’s bathroom. It’s about 2 am, and I open the door, and there are 3 of Ally’s, yes, Ally’s friends peeing in her shower over her razor, and spraying her shaving cream everywhere.

I get angry and kick everyone out, clean the bathroom, and then go to bed, so I can get up and go buy her new stuff in the morning.

Ally comes home very early that morning and sees I threw those 2 things thrown away and wakes me up demanding to know what happened? I tell her, and she starts throwing a fit asking why I didn’t call to tell her as soon as it occurred.

I go use my bathroom, and when I come out, she starts yelling that they ruined all of her medication and face creams. I tell her she is full of crap, and I walk to her bathroom, and she has taken everything from under the sink and put it on the counter saying I let them ruin everything. I explain that nothing else was harmed, just the razor and shaving cream and that I would go buy or give her moolah for them.

She calls the people who did, and they denied peeing on all of that stuff as she insists that they did. She storms off and later texts me saying I owed her $1,000 for the stuff in her bathroom even after her friends said they peed on her stuff. This got me thinking, and ironic enough, she only had 4 months left on the amount she pre-paid which equals $1,000 before she moved out.

I tell her no, and she says she is moving out and will sue me for the rent. I say that’s fine, but you realize you still have 10 actual months on the lease, and I was being nice by letting you leave early to live in your house, right? She said a lease isn’t a legal contract. LOL.

She starts calling my work (I’m in the military) and speaking to my 1st Sgt telling them I ruined all her stuff, and they are coming to me telling her to just give the $1,000.

I had to file a harassment complaint, and the police had to call her saying if she kept calling my work, they would issue a warrant. Coolest officer ever. Anyways, I go to the legal office, and they advise me that she has no case and that I’m within my rights to not give her anything.

A few days later, she is moving out for good now and has 3 huge guys help her move.

One of them tries to be intimidating and says, “Just give her the dough, man, wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to that motorcycle outside.” The witch pointed my motorcycle out to them. So I pull my phone out and lay in on the counter and set it to record video. A few minutes go by, and I ask that guy what he would do if I didn’t pay and he stupidly said, “That sweet ride may disappear, man.” I just laugh and go to my room and call the police.

They show up, and the guy is denying everything and then I pull the video out. He starts bantering about how I recorded him without his knowledge and what not, and the cop tells him to shut up. He gives them a written warning and tells them if anything happens to any of my vehicles, him and his friends will be the first suspects. The cop stays as they finish getting her stuff, and they left never to be heard from again.

Also, my lady and I saw her about a year ago. She saw my partner first and told her she was sorry, and she was stupid for ruining the friendship, but when intoxicated me saw her later, I just pointed and said, “Who let crazy in?” She just walked away. Lol.”

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5. She Really Needed To Get Her Crap Together Big Time

“My roommate in college was an addict. Her man’s house was raided, and he was evicted, leading her to move him into our apartment, without our consent. Not wanting to ruin a friendship or make an awkward living situation, my other roommate and I didn’t say anything.

The two of them smoked in our house for months, out in the open common areas. They made it impossible for the rest of us to bring friends over.

They would leave their junk all over the place.

Sometime deep in their depression, I think they lost control of their lives and decided they needed to regain that control – so they adopted a border collie from a guy on Craigslist. They kept the poor dog in a tiny crate, too small for her. They would sleep most of the day, wouldn’t walk the puppy, but would get mad and hit her if she had accidents.

They went so far as to remove her water bowl because they thought she was drinking too much water and THAT’S why she kept peeing in the house. The dog would stay locked up in a crate for close to 20 hours a day while they slept their lives away. She would ingest the foil they used to “do their thing” which they left all over the place.

They had her for over a month and never got her any shots, never got her spayed, and didn’t get her worm treatments even though it was clear she had them.

The final straw for me was finding out they had stolen from me. I flipped out. I threatened both of them with my tazer and stole the dog. I reported them to my apartment management, but they did little to resolve the problem.

They both returned to the apartment and threatened me with police action for stealing their dog. I ended up living in my car for a week with the puppy, crashing with friends every now and then.

They begged me for forgiveness and promised to pay me back for the things they had taken. I believed them, and to this day, that hurts me. I remained out of my own apartment while this addict and her man stayed there comfortably, and I still believed they would do right by me.

I came home around 3 am one night to pick up clothes/food when I overheard them talking (loudly) in their room from the kitchen. They were making fun of me. They were laughing at the fact that I believed they would pay me and making fun of my “empty threats.” I decided I needed to act on those threats.

I left and called the police, who informed me that due to our individual leases, there was little they could do.

They couldn’t search a private area of our shared apartment without their consent. I spent three hours outside speaking with police officers the day before my college finals. Needless to say, I failed that semester.

Fed up with the situation, I broke down and called my parents for help. I packed up a few of my things, the dog, and drove 4 hours home in the middle of the night, desperate.

A week later, my apartment management called me to inform me that my roommate had requested a new apartment, and they were removing her in a few days.

A week after she was removed, I returned home. I opened my apartment door to find the most repulsive sight – they had cooked pasta and meatballs and left everything out. Every single dish I owned was crusted with moldy food in the sink.

There was a can of pasta sauce half full with pasta sauce and half full with mold. Leftovers in the fridge uncovered, moldy cheese everywhere.

To add insult to injury, my ex-roommate texted me only minutes after I stepped inside my apartment with a message that read, “Ha, I moved out, and the [apartment complex] didn’t fine me for the mess. Have fun cleaning up that kitchen.

Maybe now you’ll appreciate how much [my man] and I helped you.”

The worst part was how deluded they were. How they thought they were good people who lived righteously when their reality was quite different. I hope one day she wakes up, realizes her man’s a junkie and ditches him and gets her life together. I hope one day she can look back on the situation clearly and see her actions as they really were.

Happy ending for me though: after a brief period of depression over the whole ordeal, I toughened up, got straight A’s in school, partially recovering the GPA drop from failing an entire semester. I am two semesters from graduating. The puppy is still with me; she just turned 2 years old, and she’s happier than ever – she has food, water, regular exercise, and lots of love.

Since my roommate adopted the dog from a random guy, not a registered breeder, and never got her any shots, there was no paperwork proving her as the legal owner. Since I volunteered at the Humane Society most of my teenage years, they did me a favor and registered her for me under my name, so my roommates’ threats of police action had no grounds.

Last I heard, she’s still on a downward spiral with the same dude.”

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4. They Stole Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Food From Me... And I Got Revenge On Them

“A bit of back story. I’m a twenty-four-year-old female and she’s twenty-three. We’ll call her Estelle because that was her name, and screw her.

We lived together for two years. I wouldn’t say we were friends really, but we had a few laughs, and she was ok.

Anyway, Estelle found a new house she wanted to move into. It was closer to the Melbourne CBD than our flat.

(Our flat is about 7.5 miles away.) She was entirely entitled to leave, and I didn’t mind really.

I’d just get a new roomie.

So, a few weeks later, Estelle was packed and good to go. On this particular day, she was an hour away from leaving to go to her new house or so she said. We said our relatively awkward but sweet goodbyes, and then I left to go to the shops.

I assumed by the time I got back she’d be gone. I spent more than an hour getting heaps of crap now that my flat was just mine. I also got a TON of food.

Anyway, I got back, and Estelle was still there. I didn’t care; although, it was awkward because we’d said goodbye, and I thought she’d be gone.

I unpacked all the food and put it away and then took a shower.

She told me when I got out, she’d be gone.

When I got out Estelle was, indeed, gone. I went to go make a hot drink and realized the tea bags were out. After I realized I’d bought new ones, I went to hunt them down. All the cupboards were completely empty though.

Oh my God. That witch took all my food that I bought with my coin.

And I mean all my food, not just the new stuff. All of it.

I knew Estelle’s new house had to be on our computer’s history; that was where she found it. After rummaging through it for close to fifteen minutes, I found the address to her new house. I got dressed and headed off to it.

When I arrived, her car was there. Screw it. I’d wait it out.

I hid behind a tree, and I knew it was a huge risk; she could easily not leave all night.

And after an hour, I knew that would be the case. I sadly began to crawl away from my hiding place, but then I heard something. The shower was on! Estelle was having a shower! I had been crouching under the bathroom window, so I could hear it.

When I was certain she wasn’t getting out or whatever, I tried the front door. It was unlocked, and I was thrilled.

The house was a lot nicer than my flat. I was jealous and also mad because she stole my food, and who the heck steals food?

I was wearing a skirt, and I took off my underwear.

I proceeded to run around the house with them in my hand trying to find somewhere to pee.

It was the only form of revenge I could think of, okay?

So, I elected for her bedroom. Basically, nothing was unpacked, but the carpet was a beautiful, creamy white color. I peed all over it while laughing shamelessly to myself. I hadn’t peed in forever, so I literally was able to then walk around, my underwear in hand, peeing all over the carpet. It felt good.

I finished, put my underwear back on, stole my teabags back, and drove home.

Screw Estelle. I spent like two hundred dollars on all that food.”

Another Users Comments:

“I was under the impression that you headed to her house to get all your food back. Then you hid, so I figured you were waiting to steal it back while you had a receipt to prove it was yours.

Probably what I would have done really, to avoid a fight. But then you started peeing on things, which confuses me. I was expecting we were going to pee on the outside of the house after we stole the food (I say we because I got into this story). That took quite a twist, but I don’t like tea. If I were really there, it would be like that old shopping spree game show, just grabbing everything I possibly could.” Ikarus3426

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3. He Was Always Up To No Good

Kyle needs a wakeup call.

“I lived in a co-op with 20 other roommates for 4 years so I shared my home with quite a few interesting people. The one that takes the cake is a guy named Kyle. Kyle was 20 when he moved into our house and already had quite a head start on his minor in addiction.

We were lucky enough to witness Kyle’s 21st birthday.

He had gone out the night before to start drinking at midnight. He’d gone out with over $200 but woke up in our front yard (where his friends left him) with an empty wallet.

I was getting ready to take a shower when I heard a knocking on the front door. I was walking towards it when I heard Kyle start to yell for someone to let him in.

I decided I wanted no part of this and made my way to the shower. After I had toweled off and dressed I listened at the door but heard no sign of him. I exited the bathroom and entered my own only to find Kyle sitting on my couch chugging down a previously unopened bottle of spirits I had been gifted by a friend.

Of course, the first words out of my mouth were, ‘What the heck are you doing?’

‘It’s cool, it’s cool,’ he said.

‘You said it was fine.’

‘No, she didn’t,’ I stated, matter-of-factly.

‘You’re right, you’re right.’ He replied, ‘but it’s all cool, right?’ He proceeded to throw a handful of $1 bills at me while saying this and walked out of the room.

I went about readying myself for the day, locked my room, and headed to the front door. On my way through the living room, I found Kyle practicing his golf swing (about three weeks later we found a hole in the front window that was coincidentally the size of a golf ball).

I left to run some errands, returned home, and gathered some things to go out with my friends. As I was pushing open the back door it stopped with a thud, hitting Kyle in the back. Apparently, his mother had bought him an 18 pack and he had been sitting on the back stoop drinking it since he had lost his keys.

“Oh man, Sephus! I’m so glad you came out here.

I have to get ready to be at work in half an hour!” He ran inside and I went along my way. My roommates told me his mother returned soon after to give him a ride to work (for better or worse, at least this kept him from driving).

The story gets fuzzy from here as it’s all second-hand. Kyle was a fry cook at a restaurant and during his shift, he was fired for climbing through the kitchen window to grab drinks off of servers’ trays.

No one really knows what happened between then and when he returned home. What is known is that when he returned home he still did not have his keys as the following morning we found the basement door kicked in from the outside. Upon seeing this, a number of us went to Kyle’s room to find his door had been kicked in and he was still asleep in his bed.

Though he vehemently denied damaging either door he eventually paid for the repairs to both.

The following month was a series of meetings, interventions, second chances, and, finally, a fistfight with one of our female roommates, all culminating in a vote kicking Kyle out of the house.

As was tradition, we followed up the weekly house meeting by going to the local watering hole with half-off night and drank our fill.

Upon returning we found Kyle grilling 6 half chickens in the backyard while nearly falling down intoxicated. He told us all he understood our decision and everything was cool. He offered everyone drinks and chicken and we all hung out for a bit before going to bed.

The following morning my and I woke up. I opened the door to head back down to my room and saw two cops carrying Kyle down the hall and out of our house. After we had all went to bed, Kyle had stayed up, carved a checkerboard into one of our roommates’ cars and his name into another after slashing her tires. He was being arrested as he had an open warrant. He had a MIP conviction and had never reported for probation. His family came and took all of his belongings and he never returned.”

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2. How Can You Accuse Us Of Being The Bad Roommates When You're The One Stealing?!

“Anyways, today’s the day my fiancé (M26) and I (F23) stop putting up with her lies.

There are 6 of us in the house but only 5 on the lease, and guess who isn’t? My roommate’s freeloading girl, “Jackie” (F28). She basically had a job where she got paid to lie and get her way with things, so she’s pretty good at manipulation.
But over the past year, we have noticed things missing, and I have even overheard her bragging about taking our things.

The other two roommates have had a problem with her taking their things that she borrows into her room to never see the upstairs for months on end, so the whole house was basically over her crap for some time.

My dad asked my fiancé and I to house sit for him for a few days, and we wanted to get out of the place for a bit, so we took the offer.

We decided to put up a camera to see what would go down during our absence.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, we got a notification on our phone that there was movement in our room.
It was our roommate “Ben” (M23) looking for Advil. Two hours later, Jackie comes in and rummages through our laundry and our desk for a solid 8 minutes (looking for banknotes or coins in our pant pockets or anything else she could use for herself).

Worried, we rushed home an hour later to check on things and posted, “Who was in our room?” in our group chat.

Ben came up and admitted he went in to grab Advil and sincerely apologized, which was fine since his story checked out, and he confessed willingly. But Jackie replied to the group chat saying she wasn’t sure but definitely heard someone in there. That denial opened up a whole bunch of drama I wanted to avoid.

We asked Ben about Jackie’s whereabouts at the time in question, and he swore she was with him the whole time and had no time to go through our things before she went to work.

He was in the dark about everything, so we had to let him in on our secret. We showed him all the videos of her going through our stuff, and he started bawling his eyes out, apologizing for letting it happen, and not being more aware of what was happening behind his back.

We have mentioned to him times before about what she does when she’s not with him but didn’t have solid proof until now. So, we basically ruined the respect anyone had for her by ratting her out, and now she’s mad at us for ruining her life.

All in all, we threw the whole household peace out of wack, and now we are all distressed about our living situation.

Luckily, I’m still able to stay at my dad’s while they figure things out.”

Another User Comments:

“If “Jackie” had any kind of decency left, She’d leave the house altogether. I personally don’t know HOW she could even bring herself to face everyone after she’s been caught red-handed. Hopefully, she goes and stays gone. Good luck OP.” CrunchyRibcage76


“She’s been avoiding us the whole time, and I’ve been sent into quarantine, so I can’t really leave my room.

My partner has talked to her, and she bullcraps her excuses all while quickly walking away. We don’t want to get the police involved because of everything that’s been happening out in the world, and I’m paranoid about being around them now. We are packing up our things and going to discuss our one month notice with our other two roommates, so no one would have a choice but to up and leave.” oh_anne

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1. Can't Be A Nice Roommate? Pay Double For Your Dorm

“This isn’t my story but my younger sister’s.

My younger sister is a second-year in college and lives on campus and wound up with an awful roommate. Her roommate is a 6th-year student, is nearly 6 years older than my sister, and thinks because she’s older than my sister that she can boss my sister around.

I’ll refer to her roommate as RM from now on.

Some of the crappy things this woman has done to my sister are: leaving passive-aggressive notes for various reasons, sleeping with a fan on which prevents her from sleeping, leaving her shoes near the door, etc.

She brought a random male friend (not a partner or one-night stand) to their suite (they share a common room and kitchen area with 4 girls; two have their own private room, and the other two share a room) without asking the other girls if it was okay to do so.

Also, RM’s sister stayed overnight in their room for three WEEKS when students can’t have visitors stay more than three consecutive nights (RM’s sister is also a student there but doesn’t live on campus) without my sister’s permission.

And RM tends to do her homework in the middle of the night with the lights on and music playing from her phone or laptop, keeping my sister awake. And, lastly, RM has woken my sister up by having loud interactions with her man in the middle of the night. RM would also completely ignore my sister and the other 2 girls in the suite.

My sister had tried complaining to the resident assistants on her floor and basically got the, “Well, you should try discussing this with your roommate” answer, so my sister tried to grin and bear it… until it started affecting her physical and mental health.

My sister runs cross country and track for her school, and since her college doesn’t have an indoor track, there are some mornings she has to leave campus at 5 am to get to her 6 am practice at another college about 45 minutes away from her school.

And not being able to sleep has really put a damper on her times and has even led to my sister sustaining a few significant stress injuries, causing her to miss all but 2 cross country meets.

The night RM moved back into her room for the 2020 spring term, she woke my sister up at 1 am by talking loudly on her phone while watching Netflix on her laptop without headphones. Then four hours later, RM had the nerve to scream and swear at my sister because she accidentally dropped her metal water bottle while getting ready for her 6 am track practice, and it woke RM up an hour after she went to bed.

My sister decided to go to the resident supervisor with her complaints later that day.

The minute the supervisor heard who my sister’s roommate was, he apologized profusely. Turns out, this woman has been a problem in the past. He told my sister that because she was a student-athlete, he would make an exception and get her moved to another room, even though the deadline for room changes had been a week prior to her complaint.

However, because my sister is a late applicant for a room change, she has to wait a few more days until she’s able to move out, so she had to come back home to sleep. (Thankfully, we only live about an hour away from her college.)

And here’s where the revenge comes in.

The room my sister and RM are in costs $8,000 per year, with each resident paying $4,000.

Normally, if someone in a double room is granted a room change, the college will place another student in that room, so the remaining person doesn’t have to foot the entire $8,000 bill. Since my sister’s request was granted after the room reassignment deadline, the college wouldn’t be able to place another student in the room, and normally in that circumstance, the remaining student wouldn’t have to pay the full $8,000.

HOWEVER, my sister is claiming that RM violated their room contract (all roommates are required to draw up a contract with room rules, boundaries, etc. and submit it to the resident supervisor at the beginning of the year, something RM refused to do with my sister), and the college accepted that as her reasoning for changing rooms, so RM will be charged the full $8,000 for the room.

My sister had the option to sign a waiver that would prevent her $4,000 room charge from being passed to her roommate; however, since RM often complained about “spending $4,000 on the room only to be forced to share it with some privileged, white, city witch,” my sister refused to sign the waiver.

The college will also be investigating RM since there have been numerous other complaints about her in the past, and she’s considered an “older student” at 25, and there’s a possibility she could be kicked out of the dorms within the next few weeks. But regardless of what happens, RM will be stuck having to pay an $8,000 room-and-board fee because she couldn’t be a decent roommate.”

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