People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing Their Parents Have Done To Them

Annie Spratt

Growing up, we’ve all experienced that phase where just about everything embarrasses us. From a virtually invisible pimple on our forehead to being caught walking our hyper little brother home by our ultra cool crush. It’s little moments like these that might have had us turning beet red and wanting to disappear into thin air. This is no surprise because around the middle school to high school ages especially, we tend to have a fragile ego. During this time, it becomes apparent to us that other people aren’t always so kind and understanding, so we tend to walk on eggshells trying to avoid any type of embarrassing moment that could possibly occur to us to protect our reputation.

While you’d think your immature best friend or younger sibling would be the person who embarrasses you the most, other times, it’s your parents. Yes, your fully-grown, adult parents who at some point were also once your age and should by now understand how it feels to be publicly humiliated. Maybe it’s just our developing self-esteem making us overreact, or maybe it’s the fact that some parents know no boundaries when it comes to completely mortify us. In the defense of parents, they don’t always know what’s going to embarrass us and what won’t.

If you’ve ever been embarrassed by your parents, know that you’re definitely not the only one! Below, people have also had times where their parents embarrassed them. Some of these stories are so cringy that you’ll be thankful to have had a moment nothing like theirs!

30. She Was Adamant He Give Her a Fashion Show

Burgess Milner

This is truly mortifying:

“My mother insisted on seeing exactly what I bought for clothes to make sure they weren’t too baggy until I went away to college. When I was 17, we were buying jeans at the Gap, and when I wouldn’t basically do a fashion show for her for every pair of pants I tried on, she crawled her 58-year-old self under the door of the dressing room where I was trying them on. I’m a guy, and the dressing room had a line out the door. Everybody saw. Everybody heard.” Fritter_and_Waste

29. I Should Have Never Let My Police Officer Father Drop Me Off At School

Tim Meyer

“A long time ago, my dad was a policeman in one of the British forces and not some t*t-headed flatfoot but the taser-wielding, fast car-chase sort.

One day, he’s doing a morning shift on patrol in a big Land Rover with ALL the toys of that era: multi-band radio broadcast unit, tannoys, and, best of all, a rear programmable LED board (so that you can type messages to the car behind you).
Thinking at the age of 15 that it would be awesome to get a ride to school in one, I readily accept his offer of a lift (which he wasn’t supposed to do, but who cares).

It was all smiles and gloats as he pulls into the car park, watching my peers and enemies gape their jaws at such a majestic vehicle. I jumped out, try and pass off a blasé, ‘Cheers, Dad,’ slam the door, and nonchalantly stride off towards my comrades.

Five seconds later, the sirens blurp out a high-pitched squeal. I turn to look at the departing van and see on the LED board, ‘DADDY LOVES YOU TOO XXX.’
You simply cannot imagine the sh*t I put up with at school for the next three years.” Grrrmachine

28. I Didn’t Get The Job Because My Mom Refused to Give Me My Own SSN

Marten Bjork

“Maybe not the worst, but it’s the first thing to jump to mind. My mom has an illogical paranoia about certain topics, and identify theft is a big one. When this story takes place, I was sixteen. She had refused to let me learn my own social security number because she was convinced I’d just hand it out to anybody who asked without a second thought.

I was ready to get my first summer job and had gotten a call back from the Walgreens my buddy worked at for an interview. I was a bit nervous and spent some time online reading about preparing for a job interview. From what I had read, it seemed like I may need to know my social security number, but my mother still insisted that nobody would need that until I was actually hired, and I’d fill out that paperwork on my first day.

So I go in for my interview, and it goes great. The manager wants me to start right away. He gives me the new hire paperwork to fill out, so he can get it in before the next pay period, so I don’t have to wait an extra two weeks for my first check. Obviously this needed an SSN.

I excuse myself and call my mom to get my SSN. After a five minute argument that ended with me having to shout at her, she finally relented. Turns out, the manger could hear the conversion. He apologized because he said I seemed like I’d be a great employee, but he was worried about my mother interfering with my availability and was going to call back his second choice since they were a little older.” Reddit user

27. I’ll Never Pick Out Feminine Products With My Dad Again


“My mom had been out of state to finish her degree, so it was just me, my dad and brothers. This is around the age when I would start getting my period, so my mom called asking my dad to take me to get some pads and stuff for when it does happen. Now, I don’t know if guys just don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff, but I figured my dad would know what to do since they had been married for more than 10 years. Apparently not.

We get to the store and he brings me to the feminine section, stops, and just stands there. Now, since I had never had my period, I had no clue what to do or how to pick anything out. He just sort of waited for me to pick something as he gestured towards the shelf.

I told him I had no clue what to look for, and it was obvious he didn’t either. So instead of calling my mom or just waiting until she got home, he goes up the pharmacist and asks, ‘What product should I get for my daughter’s period?’

I’m mortified at this point, because being that young, a period was still something embarrassing to me. I was fine when it was just me and my dad, but now there is a line behind us listening in as well. The pharmacist looks and me confused and asked if he meant medication for cramps and stuff. Both me and my dad don’t know how to answer this, so we just stare blankly at her. She tries to clarify and ask what we are specifically looking for. She then brings an assistant over to see if he can try to understand.

So at this point, my dad is trying to explain to the people at the pharmacy what he is asking help for, a line of people are behind us listening in and looking impatient, and I’m wishing my mom would have just waited until she got back because this is going to kill me.

Eventually, the pharmacy says they can’t help with picking me out any products since I’ve never had my period and don’t know my ‘flow.’ My dad and I go back to standing in the feminine aisle before a lady who can see our distress comes over and helps us. We just pick out some random thing and left. And at that point, I was too embarrassed to care about walking about with the pads of a full view of everyone in the store.” HollowMint

26. She Brought A Cool Whip Container Of My Poop To The Doctor


I mean, hey, at least she came prepared.

“I have aggressive Crohn’s that started showing up around 8th grade. My mom took me to all of my doctor appointments, which were all pretty embarrassing because no teenage boy wants their mom involved in their butt related illness.

One particular visit, we were about halfway through the appointment when she whipped out a Cool Whip tub. Turns out, the following night I used the bathroom and it didn’t all go down, so she thought it would be helpful to load that up in our poor people Tupperware and haul it on into the doctor, so he could look it over.
He had a confused ‘what am I supposed to do with poop in a Cool Whip tub’ face for a good 5-10 seconds, then politely dismissed it. Who’d have thought that there isn’t any medical knowledge to be gained from fishing poop out of the toilet, refrigerating it overnight, and schlepping it up for an office visit.” LetsGetAtEr

Another User Comments:

“If a doctor needs a stool sample they’ll ask for it, will probably give you a correctly labeled container for it and won’t want you randomly bringing your sh*t into a doctor’s office. They will also not want poo that was fished out of a toilet and exposed to who knows what kind of contamination.
It doesn’t make any sense to fish your kid’s sh*t out of a toilet and give it to a doctor completely unprompted.” Raichu7

25. She Told Everyone In My Class That I Had Lice

Tamara Bellis

“I came home from school with head lice. Instead of telling the teacher, who would send a letter home to everyone without specifically naming which child they noticed had lice, my mother rang every person in my class that she had the phone number of. She would have a chat with the parent all, ‘Yeah, she has head lice, so you need to check your kid.’

I probably got it from someone in my class, and the whole class likely already had lice, but kids don’t realize that, so the whole class was calling my dirty and saying I infected them. It was horrible. I was hysterically crying while she called people.
She never did anything bad ever in my life except this. She kept saying, ‘Don’t be stupid. I’m just telling their mothers, so they can sort it’ and presumably didn’t expect them to tell their 7- or 8-year-olds who it was. Clearly someone did because the whole class knew it was me by the next day.” Throwawayqwe123456

24. She Hosted A Family Intervention Over My Dirty Underwear

Andy Fitzsimon

“My stepmom decided that all my underwear were too stained. So rather than replace the old, falling apart underwear I’d had for years, she decided to get the whole family involved. The reason? Because I clearly hadn’t been cleaning myself properly after using the bathroom.
And I mean the whole family. Her mother, her sister, my sisters, and my dad all met me in the living room when I came home from school one day, and they basically had an intervention about how I’m supposed to wipe my crotch after I pee to make sure my white cotton underwear stayed white for five-plus years.

Yeah, no. I was 12, and like John Mulaney said, when you’re 12 you’re like, ‘No one look at me or I’ll kill myself!!’ I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe, my sisters were snickering, my dad was yelling, and several pairs of my ‘dirty’ underwear were just sitting out on the coffee table in the living room for all to see.
I was beyond mortified. I can’t even begin to describe the shame and embarrassment. After that, I basically gave myself friction burns with toilet paper every time I peed to make sure I got everything and I still got in trouble for the color of my underwear.

It was normal vaginal discharge and old underwear. Anyone with a vag could have told you that, you b*tch, but no, you just wanted to embarrass your stepdaughter because you hadn’t done it in a while.” heyomeatballs

Another User Comments:

“You should do the same thing with her granny panties now. Ask her if she needs diapers in front of people or something.” king-Tuba
23. My Mom Added Fake Breasts To My Halloween Costume

Julia Raasch

I have a feeling she begged her mom to just buy her a Halloween costume the following year.

“When I was 8 (yes, 8-years-old), I was OBSESSED with the new Charlie’s Angels movie with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu, and Drew Barrymore.

There’s a scene in the movie where Drew is dressed in a patriotic jumpsuit at Nascar racetrack, and I really wanted to have that outfit for my Halloween costume. My mom is a costumer and, God bless her, made my costume from scratch to resemble Drew’s jumpsuit.

Well, as you can probably imagine, an 8-year-old girl does not have the cleavage to fill that jumpsuit out. So, my mother decided to add MASSIVE fake breasts to this costume. I was mortified and, for some reason, she would not take them out. So for Halloween that year, I had my arms crossed all of trick or treating. I still look back at the pictures from that year with deep anxiety.” TooMuchBiscotti

22. She Checked My Teeth In Front Of My Friends


“My mom is obsessive about house cleaning and hygiene. She has a three-hour daily personal hygiene and grooming routine, and woe be to those that interrupt it.

I naturally have an off-white color to my teeth more so than others. Dentists have confirmed this as I’ve never had a cavity. However, growing up, this bothered my mother, and my teeth brushing was always under scrutiny. When I was 15 and being picked up by school friends, she took that moment to check my teeth before I left, as in, physically opening my mouth and sticking her fingers in.

I batted her away and quickly left. My friends looked at me in a ‘what the f*ck?’ sort of way. When I returned home, I told mom that she wasn’t checking my teeth again, and doing that in front of my friends was embarrassing.

She never has checked my teeth again. I know my lack of fluffy coiffed hair and minimal makeup drives her up a wall. Whatever. I’m in my 40s. I do what I like.” AMHousewife

21. He Dropped Me Off In A Bus With Painted Flames


At least there’s a happy ending!

“My dad worked as a school bus mechanic for all of my life. He turned one of their short busses that were no longer being used into a huge tow truck for the other busses, which basically meant taking out all of the seats and replacing them with toolboxes and other things needed for this. He did keep one seat (right behind the driver) for when someone needed to ride-along, painted the bus black and free-handed some huge flames along the side.

In the 8th grade, I needed my dad to come home from work (he went in at like 4 in the morning) so that he could give me a ride to school due to me having to carry a bunch of things for a project, whereas I would normally just walk.

Of course, he comes home in the black, flaming short bus. To make it worse, when we get to the school, he pulls into the f*cking bus lane with all of the other busses doing their morning drop-offs. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see who would get off of this crazy-a** short bus with only one seat on it.

I was completely mortified until I got off and all of the boys were asking how I got such a sweet ride to school. I was actually very popular after that, so it ended up earning my dad come cool points.” ayohyo

20. He Didn’t Realize His Daughter Was Completely Shirtless On The Field


“When I was younger and did little league soccer, my dad was the coach. He tried to make everyone play every position for a little bit each game. It was my turn to be goalie and he has this big bright shirt we had to put on over our jerseys when we were goalies. I go out with the big shirt on and play for a bit and then my dad calls time out to switch some of us out.

For whatever reason, my dad thought I needed help taking off the goalie shirt and came over and pulled it over my head, but he accidentally grabbed my jersey underneath it and also pulled it off.

It should be noted that I was an early bloomer in the boob department. I was wearing a C cup bra by the time I was 10. So my dad took off my shirt in front of a field full of classmates and parents, leaving me in just my bra. And the worst part was, he didn’t notice and started to walk away. My dad is also a little hard of hearing so even though my mom and I on the sideline were calling to him to turn around, he didn’t notice until he was about 15 feet away. Then he came back, handed me my jersey and let me go sit out with my mom.

I will never forget how devastatingly quiet the field got when it happened, and I remember throwing my arms over my chest to cover myself as much as I could, and the first person I made eye contact with was a boy in the class below, me and I remember thinking, ‘Oh no, there are boys here.’

I can laugh about now, but it was devastating at the time.” breentee

19. My Mom Tried To “Exorcise” Me

Aaron Burden

“Oh god. This was only like six years ago. I’m a 30-year-old woman, for context. I’ve had severe depression and anxiety for quite a long time, probably due to my fu*ked up childhood. I was having a really bad day, like bad to the point where I could not stop crying and was throwing things around because I just couldn’t even. My husband (boyfriend at the time) didn’t know what to do for me because he has zero experience with mental health issues. Lucky man, right?

So, at the time, we rented one half of a duplex and my mom was in the other half. Because my husband had no idea how to help, he decided to go next door and get my mom. She’s mom, she should be able to help, right?

Wrong. This woman comes storming into my house screaming about how I’m possessed by Satan and attempts to f*cking exorcize me, chanting ‘The power of Christ compels you, Satan be gone’ over and over again, all while being three inches away from my face. Now, my anxiety presents as anger. That’s just how it shows itself. So, I’m already pretty p*ssed off by the time she’s walked in my door. Now she’s screaming in my face that I’m possessed by some imaginary entity, and she’s so sanctimonious about the whole thing that I just screamed at her to get the f*ck out of my house.

She left with a ‘God will make it go away,’ and my poor husband was just standing there with his jaw on the floor. What a f*cking joke.” deppitydawg

18. He Brings New Meaning To Boxer Shorts


“When I was a senior in high school I had left the lights on in my truck all day and had to call my dad to come jump-start my car. Now my father is 6’1 and has a very large belly. The dude rolls up in cloth shorts and no shirt to jump-start my car.

Then there was the time a few years earlier that my mother had sent him up to the school to give me a sandwich before a football game. The man’s boxers were longer than his shorts.” bekahboo1989

Another User Comments:

“My 14-year-old will not stop playing Fortnite at any given chance. He doesn’t want to go to bed, he doesn’t want to do his homework, etc.
I picked him up from school the other day and decided to have fun with it. I pulled up in the van, got out, and stood by the passenger door as the school was letting out. The second I saw him come out the door, I yell, ‘HEY JACOB!!’ which gets the attention of like 300 kids filing out of the school. I immediately started doing that Fortnite “floss” dance (which I have seen him do), swung it 5 or 6 times, then finished with an epic dab. The crowd responded with a WHOOOOOOAAAAAA and tons of laughter. I then bowed and opened the passenger door like a chauffeur.

When he got in, I said “Man, I tried that Fortnite thing you play and I can see why you like it so much!”

He seems to have played a lot less lately.” Rust_Dawg

17. She Demanded The Bus Driver To Turn Off The “Inappropriate” Song

Frank Albrecht

I mean, I’ve been listening to that song since it was released when I was 12-years-old, and I turned out just fine.

“My mom came with me to an out of state college visit my senior year of high school. They put us all on a minibus to take us to the cafeteria for lunch. They had the school’s radio station playing. The song ‘Gives you Hell’ by The All American Rejects came on.

While the bus was moving, she jumped out of her seat, ran up to the driver and LOUDLY told him to turn the radio off because the song contained profanities and there were young and impressionable people on the bus. We were 17. It was so embarrassing and my teenage anxiety was out of control- that was the main reason why I decided not to go to that school. That was 10 years ago and I still cringe when I think of it.” shewasinw0nderland

16. She Let Out A Smelly Fart And Blamed It On Me In Front Of Hot Guys


I can’t even imagine.

“My mom used to fart and burp whenever we were in public and blame it on me. She mostly would do it at stores when we were in a particular aisle. She thinks it is the funniest thing ever. I don’t have an issue with these particular bodily functions, but I definitely don’t think that strangers or other people need to be subjected to them.

One time we were leaving a target, and I think I was probably 13 or 14, and there was a group of really hot guys behind us. My mom decided this was the absolute perfect time to let a horrendous silent but deadly fart just rip. It hit my nostrils and there was instant gagging. My mom looks straight at me with this dead stare and said, ‘Candidwife, how could you let such a foul fart go in public?’ My face dropped, and I turned beet red.

You could hear the group of hot guys behind us commenting just how bad it smelled and how gross. They rushed past to get out of the store. I was mortified and my mom could not stop laughing. She thought it was the funniest thing.

I am now 29, I still remember this vividly, and she still at 50-years-old will do this to me in public.” candidwife

15. He Tried To Get Me To Date One Of The Dental Hygienists

Michael Browning

“It was about 20 years ago, and I was 19 and had to get a root canal done to put a fake tooth in.

I do not do well with these kinds of things, but doctors and dentists never believe me, so when they started working on me and I started vomiting, passed and began convulsing on the floor, it was a surprise to everyone but my father and I.

So, I wake up to the two hottest dental hygienists I’ve ever met (which, for whatever reason, is common for dental hygienists) cleaning up my vomit and wiping it off me.

I lay on the ground a bit to collect myself, and after a bit, we go to check out, pay the bill, and schedule the time of the surgery to put me under a general and get it done. We’re making the appointment and paying the bill to one of the dental hygienists with the other one doing some paperwork when my dad starts asking them if they’re single, and telling them how I am, etc., basically trying to get me a date with the two gorgeous girls that just cleaned my vomit off of me and the floor.

In the parking lot, his rationalization was, ‘If they saw you like that and still agreed to date you, you’re in my boy.’

Thanks, Dad.” blue_umpire

14. She Blew Up At My Teacher Over A “Stolen Jacket”

Benjamin Voros

And I thought I jumped to conclusions too quickly.

“I was in 4th Grade, my mom bought me a sweet jean jacket (hey it was the 80’s), and I wore it to school, and then, like a kid does, forgot it at school. My mom kept telling me to look for it, or else she would come down to the school herself. Which, I assumed was a bluff because she had an 8 kid daycare. No way would she load them all up and come down to the school.

Welp. Fast forward a week. My mom, who by the way was in her early 40s, so everyone asked if it was my grandma or why my mom was so old, storms into my 4th-grade classroom with 8 daycare kids in tow. She begins yelling at the class about ‘the little brat that stole my son’s jacket and they’d better return it’ or else she would call the police. I wanted to die right there at my desk.

After she left, everyone at school seemed to feel sorrier for me than anything, and the teacher ended up digging through the coat closet and finding it buried under all the other lost and found items. I never did wear that jacket again though, and all the way through high school, people would bring it up.” Roastienutz

13. My Dad Intervened With My Job Hunting


“I don’t remember exactly when this was. I was trying to get a summer job, which means I was probably in high school, but I couldn’t drive yet. So my dad was driving me around a couple of places to drop off resumes.

The first place we stop into, he comes in with me. I end up basically following him to the cash register or wherever I was dropping off my resume. Then, before I have a chance to introduce myself and give the person my resume, my dad introduces me and explains that for me.

I stand there awkwardly smiling and holding my resume as my dad tells this guy how I’m looking for a job and would probably make a good employee and all sorts of things that are immediately invalidated by how I look like a kid who’s too afraid to go into a store and speak to someone alone. I thought about nudging him and telling him to stop talking but figured that would also look bad.

Luckily, as we drove to the next place, he commented, ‘Maybe you should go into the next one on your own,’ and I said something like. ‘Yeah, maybe I should.’

He means well.” Tesla__Coil

12. She Kept Accusing Me Of Doing Drugs… I Had An Infection


“When I was 16, I wasn’t very active during the summer holidays, slept a lot, generally looked like sh*t and didn’t feel like doing anything. This worried my mom as I usually had been a very active kid/teenager. So she jumped to the conclusion I must be using drugs. She searched my room and didn’t find drugs.

When the random searches didn’t work out she started interrogating me. I told her I didn’t use drugs, didn’t even smoke and to leave me the little bit of privacy I still had at that point. This went on for a good month: her accusing me, me denying and her frantically trying to prove she was right.

About two weeks before school started again, I met one of my friends from football. Now if I say ‘friends,’ I mean I got along with him but would never invite him to my home or anything. Nice kid, but that was about it. He told me that he had this weird call from my mom asking if I was using drugs. I found out she randomly called about 7 to 8 people, none of them my close friends because she figured they would lie, and asked if I used drugs.

So now the whole village was talking about me behind my back as if I was an addict. To say the situation was boiling over at this point is an understatement. I came home, got into a huge fight with my mom, and, as a result of him sticking up for her, my dad didn’t speak to both of us until school started again.

The first day of school, I get sent home because I have a high fever and a throat infection. I went to the doctor who when he hears all the other symptoms decides to take some blood, and it turned out I had a serious case of Mono.

My mom never even apologized for her accusations/actions.” Finniemc

11. My Dad Gave An Awkward Speech About Me

Kane Reinholdtsen

“I don’t know if this counts as the most embarrassing, but it’s certainly up there.

The night before my wedding, my fiancé and I hosted a big, fancy dinner with all of our friends and family members. Our aunts and uncles were there, our cousins were there, our old friends from over the years… We invited all of the people who we were close to, the people who meant a lot to us.

For the most part, it was a lovely evening. The venue was a historical, upscale restaurant that everyone loved. The food was amazing. The atmosphere was charming. Everyone was dressed up. We got to chat with some people that we hadn’t seen in years. We were all very excited, in anticipation of the upcoming wedding and the other events we had planned.

As part of this occasion, we had invited several people to give a speech. Parents, siblings, friends. You know, just wishing us well and expressing excitement for the happy couple, that sort of thing. Many people expressed sincere and heartfelt compliments, and it was all very lovely.

Until my dad got up to speak.

Granted, my dad and I don’t have the strongest relationship. We have had a lot of friction over the years because we don’t really understand each other. He doesn’t really get my personality. He doesn’t like a lot of my hobbies and interests. He is extremely practical, probably to a fault, and he sees many of my interests as a waste of time. He also tends to be pretty sharp with his criticism, and I’ve been deeply hurt by his words on many occasions. I don’t know why I thought this occasion would be any different, but I had hoped that he would come up with something constructive to say at my wedding dinner.

When he got up to the microphone, it quickly became obvious that he didn’t know what to say. He fumbled through a couple of nice platitudes like, ‘Well, she was always a hard worker and got good grades in school.’ Then he proceeded to tell everyone that he thought I was a total weirdo. He probably used the word ‘weird’ like five times – and each time he said it, that word hit my ears in a jarring and extremely uncomfortable way.

I remember very distinctly, in that moment, looking over at one of my best friends. She had kind of a puzzled look on her face, like she couldn’t figure out whether he was trying to be funny or if he had just made the rudest comment ever. She looked at me in bewilderment, as if I had the answer. I then looked around the room and saw a lot of people with similar puzzled expressions. I tried to make myself smile and laugh so that people would read my face and assume that it was supposed to be funny. Probably some family joke. Haha, look how weird I am.

But I didn’t think it was funny at all. I was mostly smiling because I didn’t want everyone to see the horror that I was feeling inside. This is seriously the best compliment that my dad could come up with for my wedding? In front of all these people? Not just my family, but my new husband’s family too?

Gee, thanks, Dad…

These moments are supposed to be the ones that your kids cherish forever. Instead, my dad embarrassed me in front of everyone who ever meant anything to me. And maybe the worst part – if “weird” is the best compliment he can come up with, that doesn’t say a whole lot about his opinion of me. It’s no wonder we don’t have a good relationship.

Needless to say, I’ve tried to bury the memory, and I hope everyone else has too.” Anonymous

10. She Made The Mistake Of Making Me Wear A Finger Cot To School

Jeffrey Hamilton

Reading this story reminded me of myself in elementary school. Most people around me knew way more than they should at their age. Meanwhile, I was just oblivious and innocent.

“When I was about 8-years-old, I was at home bored one day. I decide to take a look at this pocket knife my parents had bought as a thank you gift for one of the people at the afterschool program I was at. I opened up the tools one by one to check them out, and when I got to the knife, I wasn’t paying attention and ended up closing it on my thumb.

At first, I thought it was nothing, but then blood started pouring out and I realized it was a bad cut and started to panic. I ran to the bathroom and started screaming for my dad who was outside working on the car. I ran water over my thumb, but the blood just kept coming and coming.

Eventually, my dad came, calmed me down, and had me put pressure on it. It was a pretty deep cut, but he didn’t think I needed to go to the hospital. By the time my mom got back, everything was okay and I was just a little shaken. She bandaged me up really well and then went to Walgreens for something. When she came back, she had a box of finger cots, which I had never seen before. She put one on my thumb and told me it would help me heal faster by keeping the bandage in place.

She had me wear it to school the next day, and I was all ready to tell my classmates about how crazy the cut was and how badly I was bleeding. Here’s the thing though, for those of you that don’t know what a finger cot is, it’s basically a condom for your finger. I was young and had no idea what a condom was or even what it was used for, so I was very naive; however, the kids that liked to bully me weren’t and soon as they saw my thumb they screamed out, ‘EDGAR’S GOT A CONDOM ON HIS FINGER!!!’

Either everyone but me knew what a condom was, or people were just going along with it because the entire class started laughing at me. I was so embarrassed that I ran to the bathroom crying and ripped off the finger cot. When I got home that night, I asked my mom why she would do that to me, and her excuse was that she didn’t think anyone would even know what a condom was, and it was going to help me heal faster.

She didn’t make me wear it to school again, but the damage was already done, and I was made fun of that for a while.” -eDgAR-

9. My Menopausal Mom Ruined My Chances Of Being With The Girl I Really Liked

Aliyah Jamous

“So I really liked this one girl in my high school and I was always hoping we would talk someday, but I was a shy/quiet person.

So one day, we were all waiting around in the hall and she started going off about her ex-boyfriend and stuff, and I was just there listening and watching. She looks at me and randomly says, ‘Acid-hologram, will you by my boyfriend??’ I was so nervous but I was able to smoothly say, ‘Uhh, sure. Why not?,’ and she just laughed and said, ‘Okay.’

So later in the day, I somehow gain the courage to ask her for her number ‘since I’m her new bf,’ and she smiled and said she wasn’t being serious but would actually like to talk to me. She says she’s been wanting to, but I just never asked. Holy sh*t, my mind was going absolutely insane around this time, so I took her number and walked away without saying anything because I’m me and will say some stupid sh*t to f*ck this up.

Fast forward to that night, I’m at home and was going to grab the telephone to give her a call, and my mom asked what I was doing. I let her know I was calling a friend to talk for a few minutes. She didn’t give me a reason, just said no and took the phone back. Now my mom was going through bad menopause at the time, so she was a really mean, unstable and emotional person for most of my teenage years. Anyway, I asked her about it, and she said I’m not allowed to talk on the phone, I wasn’t in trouble, just wasn’t allowed on it. So I did what any teenager does and waited until she fell asleep to go get the phone.

So I give her a call, and she says she’s happy to hear from me and that we can finally talk without our friends bothering us. We talk about the teachers, friends, our schedules and her general life, etc. I’m really just agreeing and laughing at this point because I’m just in utter shock that I’m actually speaking with her. Well, I’m guessing my voice or laughter carried over to my mother’s room and she BURSTS through the door so hard that I jump up and drop the phone.

Loud as any person can be, ‘WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU ON THE PHONE? I TOLD YOUR STUPID A** YOU CAN’T USE THE PHONE! WHY ARE YOU ON THE F*CKING PHONE!?’ I was not expecting that outburst at all, so I just said I was asking a friend for help on homework. She says ‘I DONT GIVE A SH*T! I TOLD YOU NOT TO BE ON THE PHONE AND NOW YOU’RE TALKING WITH YOUR FRIENDS!? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TO SO GODD*MN LATE!?’

For some dumbass reason, I gave her the girl’s name and not like another male friend. She was turning pretty much red at this point, ‘YOU DON’T LISTEN TO ME AND NOW YOU’RE ON THE PHONE WITH SOME B*TCH!? I DON’T WANT NO B*TCH CALLING OUR HOUSE! HANG UP RIGHT NOW AND TELL THAT B*TCH DON’T EVER CALL HERE AGAIN!’

She slams the door shut, and I look down to see that the call is still connected… My heart dropped. She heard the whole f*cking thing. So I pick up the phone and sheepishly say, ‘…. hello?’ She only said, ‘Wow…. That was… Umm okay. See you later’ and hung up.

The next morning, she avoided me like the plague. She never talked to me again after that, and we never spoke on the phone again.

A part of my soul died that night, and I don’t think it will ever be fully restored.” acid-hologram

8. They Argued Over The Divorce Papers… At My Prom


There’s a time and a place…

“My mother took the divorce papers to my school prom because she wanted my dad to sign them, and she knew he’d be there to see me. I was so excited that they both agreed to come out. BUT he didn’t want to sign because they were haggling over money. They had a big yelling match and both left (separately). One of them was meant to be my ride home but neither remembered.

I should note that they’re not usually trashy. They’re solidly middle-class peeps who didn’t usually put a foot wrong. Going through the divorce brought out the worst in them both, understandably. Just unfortunate for me that they decided to have this traumatic break-in public in front of all of my peers.

They both showed up politely to both of my younger siblings proms, took family photos together, etc. Nooooobody else got the embarrassing scene, just me.” GiveMeCheesecake

7. She Told Everyone About My New Pubic Hair

Priscilla Du Preez

“Calling all the neighborhood moms one day when my younger brother noticed I was growing pubic hair at 12-years-old. My mother made it a point of conversation to let all 10 moms know I was “becoming a man,” and the calls went on for about an hour and a half , because apparently puberty is that stimulating a conversation for the neighborhood.

Ended up with a lot of ‘Such a little man!’ comments from the neighborhood and a couple of dads pulling me aside and letting me know that ‘No one needed to know,’ as if I had something to do with it. Ugh.” Darktal0n75

Another User Asks A Question:

“Dude, What the f*ck. How did your mum even know about your pubic hairs lol?” [deleted]

User Replies:
“Honestly? My brother walked into the bathroom (we had one for 5 people) while I was getting out of the shower. He was 3 years younger than me – and shrieked ‘Mom, X has hair on his penis!!?!?!?’ So that is how my mother found out. She then came in and made me remove my towel so she could see for herself. At that point – it became neighborhood news.”Darktal0n75

6. She Just Became A Woman And Now Everyone Knows


“A guy I worked with got a call from his Daughter’s school asking him to come and collect her. She’d had her first period and was a bit shaken up.

He made us (his immediate co-workers) that he had to go and really discreetly told us the reason why – no big deal I thought.

Another co-worker clapped her hands, shrieked with glee and shouted, ‘Ohhhh poor baby! Now she’s a woman! YOU MUST HAVE A PARTY!’

I actually said, ‘What the f*ck?’ out loud to her and she shut up. Everyone else thought she was super weird.”biscuitboy89

Another User Comments:
“If it helps, in my culture, when a girl becomes a ‘woman,’ they throw a whole big event and invite like 500 of your closest family members and friends to let them now that you are now able to make babies. There’s a whole 3-hour prayer followed by giving everybody food, and sometimes there is a performance or two.
Pretty much like a big brown wedding, but instead of marrying a guy/girl, you marry your womanhood.

I was 10 and horrified.” dotsisu

5. She Told Everyone I Hate Babies Because Their Crying Triggers My PTSD


I can vouch for this Reddit user as someone also with an anxiety disorder. Just because a certain stimulus overwhelms you does not mean you hold negative feelings towards that specific stimulus.

“My mom is pretty crappy about talking about my struggles to people. Family, strangers, whoever, my PTSD is a fair game for small talk. If I object, she just turns it back on me for being too sensitive.

It has happened a lot in the last couple of years. The worst was before my uncle’s funeral last year. My niece was about 6 months old. My mom is largely responsible for raising her and gets p*ssy about my reluctance to help.

I’m not proud of it, but I’m also very aware that I should not be responsible for a young child. My stress tolerance is non-existent and I can get really sensory sensitive. So a baby crying is enough to make me totally freeze up. I can’t care for her properly. And I’d never hurt her, but I also have no confidence whatsoever that I could protect her in an emergency. So, me babysitting is somewhere between irresponsible and unsafe, so, I don’t, for the baby’s sake and my own, but mostly for her, believe it or not.

Anyway, lobby at the funeral home: me, my mom, my niece, and some extended family. Everyone is saying how cute she is. Very true, she’s a beautiful, outgoing child. Anyway, my mom launches into this explanation of how I hate my niece (I definitely don’t) and want nothing to do with her because I don’t like crying babies.

She even went into how rarely she cries and how I blow it totally out of proportion. Like, okay, she cries less than other kids her age, but she was still six months old, and it happened a lot because it was her only way of communicating. Not to mention, I really would have preferred not to tell a bunch of relatives I barely know that I’m a selfish, heartless wuss.

It was humiliating and really hurtful.” Karaethon22

4. She Passed Photos Around Of Me To Get Guys To Date Me


“My mom went back to high school when I was in high school. Despite the fact that she had TWO post-secondary degrees in computer science and nursing, she found a loophole in that she could attend high school and get arts credits.

My mom took a photography course in high school and to not be weird, she used me as a model for the portrait portion of the program. When she developed the photos, without telling me, she went and had extra copies made. She then wrote my name and number on the back of each and every one of them and then distributed them to men she thought I should date.

She also told these guys where I worked (at a record store), so I’d have people coming in all the time asking for me so we could chat and set something up to hang out. One time, a guy came into the store and straight up asked for me and then suggested that me, him, his friends, AND my mom should all hang out some time which was, needless to say, a hard pass for me.” PrettyInPizzza

3. My Mom Made Me Look Bad In Front Of My Old Friend

Anne Niu Niu

“A few months ago, an old friend of mine came to visit after we hadn’t seen each other in at least 6 months. I had let him know that I had some rough stuff going on at home (I’d been fighting with my parents about, well, everything since February or so), so talking with my parents might be a little awkward and he should steer clear of roughly…everything.

Fast forward to right after he gets here, Mom and I go in the car to pick him up, and he’s chatting about how he’s long-distance with his current girlfriend, planning on applying to x and y universities, usual stuff. We get into the house, within 30 seconds, my mom is performatively yelling, ‘Thezerolemon! I’ve always wanted you to marry [friend]! Are you sure you aren’t up for it?’ My friend and I are both in relationships, she’s just being catty because she hates my boyfriend.

Dinner time, I make the mistake of mentioning something dumb my boyfriend’s brother did. Mom immediately goes off on a tangent about how terrible he is, how terrible their parents are, how bad everyone in my school is, etcetera. The whole time my dad is shooting awful looks at me across the table. Dad, my brothers, and I all flee the table quickly.

Mom stays talking to my friend for the next two hours airing out every bit of my dirty laundry over the last year, all spun to be as positive towards her (extremely conservative Christian American) position and as damning to me as possible.

I didn’t even spend any time talking with my friend that night, but suddenly, he knew every possibly terrible thing I’d done in the last year. It was mortifying.” thezerolemon

2. She Pulled Me Out Of Class To Drug Test Me


The jail tour is the best part of the story!

“When I was a freshman in high school, we had an assignment in my science class which required that we go to the computer lab to research. There was another class in there, and I got sandwiched between a preppy chick and a trashy chick. Trashy chick was in my class; preppy chick was in the other.

For some reason, the trashy girl was going on and on about drugs and how she uses this and that to the other girl, even talking about how to make drugs at one point. The preppy chick’s uncle worked with my mom (social worker), and the very next day, my mom shows up screaming, making a huge scene about how I’m on drugs and she’s pulling me out of school to go get tested. I was mortified.

It’s the end of the year, and we’ve got testing going on, and my teacher tries her best to tell my mom that there’s no way that I could be. It’s out of character, blah, blah… and that if I was signed out today, it would be a huge setback for me and for my teachers. This teacher who had never even seemed to like me before, but she was fighting my cause. This only further p*ssed off my mom, and she dragged me out of class by my wrist.

Apparently, the preppy girl had told her uncle that I was the one who was bragging about the drugs and her uncle told my mom. I rode nearly an hour to a state police post to get a ‘tour’ of a jail.. you know… where I’d end up if I were to continue being on drugs. They made me look into cells, all of which houses men, and it was very uncomfortable. Then I had to take a drug test in front of an officer.

That was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I passed the test, but my mom never offered an apology. ” TurquoisePope

1. She Tried to Get The Waitress To Make Babies With Me


“After finishing college, I moved to Japan and got a job as a teacher. Naturally, my mother came to visit because she now had a son in a foreign country she had never been to. It was a grand adventure for her.

After a few days of staying with me, she wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse (of all places) which employs a staff capable of speaking many different languages for foreign customers. The waitress comes up to the table and sees my mother who is very much not Asian (I was adopted from South Korea, so I blend in a bit more) and begins speaking to us in English.

IMMEDIATELY, my mother turns to me and says, ‘Wow, she’s so beautiful. Don’t you think she’s beautiful? You two should date and make babies, so I can be a grandmother!’

Now, the woman is STILL standing there waiting to take our order, and regardless of how I felt, I have to acknowledge that she is beautiful. She awkwardly thanks us, we order, and each time she returns with food or to check in on us, my mother provides her with more information about ourselves. She wants the woman to visit our home in America, gives her our home address and phone number, and gives her MY address in Japan.

Every attempt I made to get her to stop just annoyed her, and she waved me off and continued going. Literally one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.” xIIL3GENDARY

Although it might not be their intention to humiliate their kids, some moms and dads don’t seem to get the memo when their offspring are unsettled by their embarrassing words or actions. While in some of these stories, the parents’ behaviors were uncalled for, sometimes we have to just relax and let the embarrassment slide. Remember, there have been many times where we embarrassed our parents, too, growing up! Maybe embarrassing us later on in life is just our parents’ way of “getting back” at us. Since we’re on the topic, tell us: what’s the most embarrassing moment your parent(s) have put you through?

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