People Recall The Time They Enacted Cold Hard Revenge

Rumor has it that if you treat someone badly, there's a good chance that they might do or say something you don't like in response. Make fun of their outfit? They might have something bad to say about yours too. Refuse to contribute to your group project? They'll likely tattle on you, and you'll be the one group member who ends up with a fat zero on the assignment. Stand them up for the second time in a row? They might just call you out on social media (maybe in the form of subtly shading you or even directly tagging you so that everyone knows who you are). Why can't people just be good? Because then we wouldn't have great revenge stories like these.

12. Men Getting Harassed By Women Is Normal? Someone's Getting Fired

“I’m an autistic person – mildly, I’d have to add, since I’ve always had a job and managed to keep them for as long as I enjoyed them and never had a hard time finding a new job.

I can get along with most people, the only difficulty for me is judging other people’s emotions when they are subtle and not blatantly obvious. I never got the hang of recognizing the body language associated with subtle emotions.

I do however compensate for that by being calm, collected, and friendly. Which in most cases suffices.

Also, I’m a bit overweight due to my meds (that I no longer need now but still relevant for the story), not massively, mind you, but I’m not one of those walking needles. I have a bit of a “man bump,” but you only notice it when I sit down.

Due to my overall length (198cm / 6’4″), it’s hardly noticeable especially if I have the shop overcoat on.

It was in the late ’90s, and I had switched my Saturday job in the local supermarket into a full-time contract for the summer. And since I recently turned 18, I was offered a contract which I took. The pay wasn’t that bad, and the job wasn’t that exhausting.

The supermarket I worked for was a big one, not as big as some of those in the USA or France, but for my country, it was one of the largest. My job was to stock and manage the separate beverage shop and ring up customers their drinks as well as shifts stocking in the main store and the occasional shift at the registers.

I liked doing the beverage shop as it was small.

I knew most of the regulars and felt respected since I knew a lot about the drinks we sold. Even our regulars sought me out for advice on the occasional gift to someone else and came back to me telling me I had “nailed it” with the gift suggestions. Admittedly, I didn’t get it 100% right all of the time, since I didn’t know the people they bought presents for, but by asking the right questions, you usually get a good idea about likes and dislikes.

I want to clarify that I’m not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination, far from it, but I do like an occasional drink on the weekend, and it’s rare that I consume more than one.

However, over the years that I had worked there (4 years), I did manage to taste most of the beverages and distilled goods if bottles got returned (either opened or unopened) for whatever reason or if a distiller or distributor did a demo in our department.

All in all, it was not a bad job for an 18-year-old.

In order to get from our department to the breakroom, there were 3 routes I could take, however, all routes passed by the meat department, and they recently hired some new girl; let’s call her Lindsay.

In the beginning, Lindsay was nice to me, but my calm, collected, and friendly demeanor apparently ticked her off to no end when that wasn’t the emotional response she’d expected to her stories.

Years later, I heard she may have had a crush on me, but since I already had a girl, I wasn’t very receptive to her, well, her way of asking for my attention.

Back to the story.

One day, I was on my break, unbuttoned my shop overcoat (a sign in my country someone is on their break/indisposed), and headed for the breakroom.

As usual, I stopped to chat with some colleagues on the way, said my “hello’s” as the store was so big you could easily not see each other all day. It was a good 5 minutes walk to the breakroom, and since earbuds with music weren’t as common yet, greeting my colleagues along the way was a welcome distraction.

As I reached the meat department, Lindsay was already cleaning off the meat slicers and as soon as I rounded the corner, she started to chat.

When I said “hello,” as I usually did, she started to chat me up as she tried to grab my attention. Mind you that as I’ve said before, I wasn’t open to her advances by any means. I barely even knew her.

As soon as I made myself clear in a calm and friendly tone that I was going on my break and that I was in serious need of some coffee, she started to insult me.

“Sure, go on your coffee, fatso.”

Again, I’m not fat by any means, but I’m not slender either.

I’m somewhere in between; 6’4″ (198cm) tall and about 90Kg (~14 stone / ~180 pounds).

On the way back from my break, I got similar insults from her, and ever since that day, she slowly ramped up the severity of the insults. I have thick skin, and I don’t really care what others think of me, only those opinions of people who matter to me. And needless to say, she didn’t fall into that category.

It went from “fat jokes,” which clearly didn’t have the desired effect, to jokes about my “manliness.” Since I’m a man, I should love a small, blonde, blue-eyed girl, right? In her jokes, she was always the perfect little girl, and I was the big, impotent(?), brute.

It got to the point that she even started to call me “bundle of sticks” or “happy/jolly” (gay) since I didn’t adhere to the stereotypical man of drooling over her physique.

I admit, she wasn’t bad looking on the outside; some might even say pretty until she opened her mouth. She cursed like a sailor and had the manners of a chimpanzee, although I have seen chimpanzees eat with forks and knives, so I’m not sure if that would be a fair assessment regarding the chimpanzees.

I heard from colleagues she was a high-school dropout, lived with her parents in some dilapidated part of town.

Some said she lived in a trailer, others said she lived in a house. All these years later, I’m not sure anymore, but it doesn’t really matter for the story. The part of town she lived in is what we call a “volksbuurt” over here, basically a subsidized low-income neighborhood with more prison years on record per square mile than days of honest labor.

Since her calling names obviously didn’t work and didn’t have the desired effect, she approached with a new tactic.

When I went on break, she went out of her way to sync her break with mine, even as far as to call my department head to find out at what time I would be on break. Over several weeks, she managed to sync her break time with me several times and she would walk up to me, pinch me in the butt so that I would spill coffee or soda all over myself.

I tried as hard as I could to ignore her, but that only made it worse. But I knew that if I snapped and slapped her, my job would be on the line. As in those days, it was her word against mine, and who would in their right mind believe my word over hers? Me a big 6′ 4″ bear of a guy, against a 5′ 4″ tiny, blonde girl? The odds were not stacked in my favor if I were to lash out.

So I needed a plan, as this had to stop.

My girl at the time told me to report her. She was right, I figured as much, but the problem was proof. Our breakroom had no cameras nor had the hallway leading to the breakroom. The warehouse DID have cameras, but who in their right mind would take their break there? Well, that’s me… I knew if I took my coffee from the machine intended for the delivery drivers, and ate my sandwich there, sitting on the dock, I would be in full view of at least 2 cameras, maybe 3.

She wouldn’t dare pull her stunts there, would she?

What can I say, I already said she was blonde. I could now also add “not too bright” to the list of her character flaws. My plan worked; either I could eat my lunch in peace there, or I would have enough proof to get a formal complaint into Management and HR.

By the end of the week, I had not one, not two, but three incidents caught on camera.

And since my department had the safe with the camera-recording equipment, I only needed the cooperation of my department head to exact my revenge. Since my department head knew all about my “handicap,” and we could get along very well on the job, it only took me 5 minutes to convince her to save the tapes from the days I had my “encounters.” And it took us another 10 minutes to isolate, copy, and store the incidents on a separate VHS tape.

(It was the 90’s; don’t judge us.) She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the footage. She admitted that she thought only men could do such things. She apologized profusely for not noticing anything when she was on camera duty. I told her not to worry as it wasn’t her fault. We also made some print-outs, just to be sure, of the incidents with “enhanced” images of her grabbing me and me spilling coffee all over her since she physically never had gone “below the belt” so to speak.

Since I’m a nice guy when I want to be, part of my revenge plan was to get her to stop.

I knew she wouldn’t or only say she would, but that was all I needed. If she had done that, I would not report her to management and/or HR, only if she ever did it again.

We called her to the office of my department head, and he asked her if it was true what I was saying. Lindsay, of course, completely denied everything and turned it around on me or at least, attempted to.

Well, would you look at that, a Karen in training. And she chose me as her “willing” victim. After all, what “man” doesn’t like to get the attention of a sweet, small, blue-eyed, blonde girl?

She said that I touched her several times and that I always took my break when I knew she had a break and that I grabbed her all the time, etc. and that she merely reciprocated.

My department head was not impressed and grabbed the VHS and loaded it into the playback machine and showed her the compilation. She went from white to red and back to white so fast, she would have given a cuttlefish a run for its money. She started looking skittishly around her to see where she could hide or run as we kind of put her on the spot there.

He asked her, kindly but stern, if she was sticking to her story or if she was willing to revise her story at that point.

All the time, I really had to keep from snickering while I was standing near the door to prevent her from fleeing. A procedure we also do with shoplifters, but that’s for another story, someday.

She started to tear up and told my department head that she was sorry and that these videos were out of context. Even though it showed me arriving, then her, her leaving, and then me.

So in no way could I have instigated these incidents whatsoever.

My department head turned to me, “(OP), what do you think we should do?”

My response was as calm and collected, “I’d like to send this tape with my complaint to the manager and have him judge this video, as it is obvious she isn’t going to admit.”

Lindsay immediately turned around and as if there were no tears present said something to the effect of, “They will never believe you; I’m a sweet girl, and I’ve never done anything wrong.

You’re a guy, so you are to blame.”

My department head looked at me and said, “You may go now, I’ll have a chat with this young lady here.”

I knew exactly what this meant, and as soon as I closed the door, I heard my department head rip into her. I could not hear the exact conversations, but bits and snippets were clear to hear. “What sick game are you playing?”, “What fool do you take me for?”, and “What is your problem with (OP)?” were some of the sentences I heard together with some loud wails as Lindsay had finally broken down.

The next day at work, I was called into the manager’s office for a statement.

Again, I had to explain and relive the past 3 months she made my workplace a living nightmare for me, up to the point I couldn’t even take a break in the breakroom anymore. I was ambushed, grabbed, harassed, as well as verbally and physically assaulted

The manager sat there stunned as I broke down, I told him I kept myself together as not to give her more fuel to feed the flames but that it had come to the point where I would hand in my resignation if nothing was done.

He couldn’t believe what he saw on the video and called the regional manager, and after a short phone call, I was told to wait outside in the breakroom. When he saw the look on my face he told me that I didn’t need to worry, as Lindsay was not there, he checked that himself.

He was right, and for the first time in over a month, I could drink a coffee in reasonable comfort without having to sit on the bay of the cargo dock.

I could hear the manager make an announcement over the PA system and called for the department head of Lindsay and my own department head to come to the office.

Until now, her department head was blissfully unaware of Lindsay’s actions as my department head didn’t want to play his hands and tip people off that things were going down. Her department head was known to gossip, and that is something that could seriously damage our plan and case.

After I heard them all enter the manager’s office, Lindsay was called in as well.

Again, I heard muffled screams, shouting, and wails of crying as she kept up the innocent “act.” Not 10 minutes later, I heard a door slam so hard, the blinds between the breakroom and the manager’s office fell down. I will never forget the view. I looked straight at 3 shocked managers sit there with a stare of disbelief watching the door that barely hung in its doorway.

The force of it being slammed was great enough to shear one of the hinges completely off the top part of the door, leaving a sizeable gap at the top as it only hung by the bottom hinge.

The store manager came out and told me that she had just been fired for harassment and that they were also going to report her to the police and sue her for criminal damages she just did in the office.

Apparently, she broke the VCR and TV by throwing a chair at it before leaving the room with such violence that the Venetian blinds fell down, and the door sheared off one of the hinges.

The company was good to me, and I remained there for another 3-4 years before I looked for a job in my own field. After all, it paid reasonably well, and I could afford to live and study at the same time.

Since my town was not one of the biggest in our country, I did come across her once, and she still, to this day (20+ years later), blames ME for having her fired.

I have no regrets.”

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Harassment runs both ways and woman can be just as guilty. Would love to know what happened in regards to any charges against her. Have to say though... this right here, " She cursed like a sailor and had the manners of a chimpanzee, although I have seen chimpanzees eat with forks and knives, so I’m not sure if that would be a fair assessment regarding the chimpanzees."... oh man, I'm still chuckling at that one.
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11. You're Going To Pay A Fortune For Destroying My Tree

“It’s been 2 years and I can finally post about this.

This is juicy, so get ready.

Background information: we live in an old and big manor that has been split into 3 attached houses. The houses are about 150 years old and were built around 5 huge giant sequoias which were about 200 years old. In the UK giant sequoias are very rare and the 2 in our garden up the house price by about £60,000.

We lived next to 2 really nice neighbors one young couple and one old couple.

The story: unfortunately, our old neighbors passed away, so their child and her family moved in (let’s call her Joe). Joe was instantly a pain in the butt. We had been sharing chickens with the previous neighbors and Joe agreed to keep sharing them however on her nights she would constantly forget to put them away so we would have to check them every night anyway.

One night her little brats thought it would be funny to open our personal duck pen in the night which leads to a mass slaughter, later the chickens went the same way.

About 2 years ago there was a storm and one of her sequoias somehow fell over and died. They were distraught (understandably) but from then on, the jealousy started. She would constantly complain about how lucky we were to have 2 sequoias in our garden and how our sequoia was making too much shade in their garden (it wasn’t).

Anyway, we just thought it was Joe being a pain, there were a few dry threats like they will chop it down or maybe the next storm will blow it down.

Until we came back from a holiday to France to find a huge 6-meter stump and nothing else! I mean how do you get rid of a 100ft tree in like 2 weeks. 2 of our old British oak trees had been crushed as well.

My mum and sisters were crying. My dad was red in the face and we had no evidence Joe had done it. She claimed that there had been a storm and she had to get rid of it. We had a security camera at the front of the house, but you can get in the back if you go through a few fields.

We then were given an £8000 bill for damages to her property and to have the tree chopped up and removed the wood alone would have been worth a small fortune.

We had lost all hope and 2 weeks had passed when my dad came running in from the garden. We had put up a wildlife camera a few months ago and had caught everything, we got a lawyer on the phone and started our revenge. We got a tree surgeon out who said it was an original specimen brought into the UK in 1860 along with the 2 that were in Elvaston castle country park.

There were 218 around the UK but only 60 now. He also told us to call out an engineer because the roots might be in the foundation so when they rot it could damage the house. Turns out we would need to redo the foundations.

Then we took Joe to court and sued them for damage to property, trespassing, and emotional damage. The tree would cost 250K to have another sequoia that was 250 years put in and looked after (it’s basically impossible) plus the damage to the foundation which was 200K and the 2 oaks which were another 25k.

So with the emotional, it went to about £500,000 ($700,000). They had to move out.

And we have now paid off the mortgage, did a lovely loft and kitchen conversion, and have basically done up the house and garden as well as plant a 60-year-old sequoia tree in the back garden.

We also had our kitchen counter and table made from the old sequoia.

We now have a new lovely family living next to us with who we share chickens, ducks, and pygmy goats (they’re very nice, and I make a fortune babysitting their kids).”

Another User Comments:

“Hot dang. Imagine being in debt for the rest of their lives because of jealousy.” ClassiqueGTA

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amwi1 2 years ago
I clearly need to go go to bed if I'm laughing at a goat pun like it is the funniest thing I've ever heard.
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10. Greedily Raise The Rent? Lose Everything

“This took place in Australia.

About 15 years ago, I ran a small, successful beauty salon as a young 20-something woman.

We rented a large space in a building from a very elderly gentleman who let us do anything we wanted to the place as long as we paid our rent on time. We put lots of money into improvements inside, built new rooms, and redecorated, and he was thrilled with the new look.

He eventually sold the building to a cocky, late 30s, smarmy “businessman” as he called himself who immediately raised the rent.

No problem; business is business, but right from the start, he had an attitude with an all-female run business and would constantly belittle us and make comments about how we didn’t know business like he did. His favorite insult was to call us bimbos. We didn’t really give two damns what he had to say in all honesty; we made our coin off being attractive “bimbos” as he liked to say, and he was a gross, old dude with a mono-brow, so we didn’t pay him any mind.

A few months after the purchase, a massive construction project took place right near our building restricting access and limiting the number of clients we could take due to no parking.

The construction also pretty much eliminated any walk-in clients as who would want to go to a salon when there’s jackhammering going on right across the road.

The new owner gave us 14 days’ notice of raising the rent yet again.

We knew this wasn’t legal, so we pushed back and got a tirade of abuse that he was a “businessman,” and we were just “bimbos” who didn’t know the law.

At this time, our lease was coming up for renewal in less than 3 months. We asked for a 1-year renewal of our lease, which he refused. I guess he thought he could bluff us? He said we could sign for 3 years at a MUCH higher rent or screw off.

So we chose the latter.

With plenty of notice, we advised in writing that we didn’t intend to renew our lease, and he hurled abuse at us yet again saying he would have it rented in no time, and we would regret it.

We moved 5 minutes drive away to a better location for close to half the rent, and the place is actually still thriving today; although, I have since sold my share and moved on to other things.

During the last month of our lease, the landlord would bring prospective tenants into the property day and night.

He would even open the doors while people were in treatments to let the prospective tenants look around. Fortunately (?), due to the construction next door, we didn’t have too many clients, but the noise drove every possible tenant away without us even having to say a word.

The landlord had advertised the property including many of the additions we had made. However, we had it in writing from the original landlord that they were to be removed and the shop returned to its original state (4 bare walls) at the end of our lease.

So that’s what we did. We began to strip the place of the rooms we had built and move our stuff to our new salon. We took hundreds of photos for evidence and began the setup of our business out of our new location.

Well, to say the landlord was furious would be an understatement. He got a lawyer to write us a letter demanding compensation for the destruction of his property.

We just referenced our contract which specified a building of X size with 4 walls. We were still bound by our original lease that we had signed with the lovely old landlord. No new lease had been entered into with Mr. Businessman. I offered for him to pay us for just half the costs of materials (no labor or contractor costs we had incurred), and we would leave the additions standing.

He laughed in my face and told me he wouldn’t pay a dollar and that he would sue me for every dollar I made so hard that my grandchildren would still be paying my debt. He was a charming bloke.

We showed him our agreement with the original landlord that all changes needed to be removed and that this agreement would stand unless another was made and agreed to by the tenant and landlord at a later date.

We stripped that place bare.

Didn’t even leave a single shelf on the walls. Cleaned it till it sparkled.

He then got his lawyer to write another letter saying we didn’t give enough notice and were required to pay another 3 years of rent. I said show us the contract where we agreed to this? We were then sent a copy of our email requesting a 1-year contract and an invoice for the rent for that period.

Well, I said he never agreed to that and we never signed a contract for that either.

It went back and forth getting nastier and more ridiculous. He was obsessed. I decided it was time to get some revenge and hit him where it hurts – his pocket.

Every communication I got from his solicitor I made sure was sent to my registered post. I would often respond to only part of a letter, requiring the solicitor to send another letter to follow up.

I was a bimbo after all, right? I couldn’t be expected to answer more than one question at a time!? I would respond to each letter by email but require a registered letter acknowledging receipt of my email. Solicitor was more than happy to oblige – more billable charges to his client! The pettier the landlord got, the pettier I became in response. Don’t even try to out-bimbo a bimbo, mate.

The landlord had at this time also refused to refund our bond claiming he hadn’t had time to do a final inspection.

So we lodged a claim with the appropriate ombudsman, and of course, the landlord came back with a laundry list of fake damage claims, and luckily, we had our photos to prove he was full of nonsense, and he had to return our bond in full. By this stage, we had been out of the premises for 7 months and were doing great at our new location.

In that whole time, he couldn’t get anyone to rent the place due to the construction even after reducing the rent 3 times.

He had spent so much money on solicitor fees and failing to collect rent that he had to sell the building and his wife filed for divorce.

We found this out when the daughter of the lovely original owner called us to tell us the sad news that he had passed away. He had always loved us girls and we would always spoil him if he came to visit and fuss over him with coffee and biscuits and give him his favorite treatment of a hand massage. The daughter was friends with Mr.

Businessman’s woman and gave us all the goss.

It took the new nasty owner another 18 months to sell the building, and all the while, it sat empty, and he didn’t collect a penny in rent.

Guess he shouldn’t have played chicken with the Bimbos after all. We were actually pretty happy there and probably would have stayed if he hadn’t decided to prove that we were so inferior.

If you ever read this – Suck it, Costa. Love, the Bimbos.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned applies to business as well. Good for you!
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9. Pick Between My Job Or My Education? I Know Which One To Choose

They’re moving onto bigger and better things.

“When I was going to college, for Criminal Justice, for those curious, I had taken up a part-time job working at Awful House (Waffle House) as a part-time Prep Cook, under the delusion/promise that they would work with my schedule.

Everything was fine for the first half of the semester. I was finishing classes at 3 pm, getting dressed for work, and clocked into my job at 5 pm sharp, to work 5-9 pm, 5 days a week.

Then, comes the finals, which, in my college, ran a different schedule than my actual classes for some reason (don’t ask me why; I don’t work in administration, so it was weird to me as well).

My Monday and Tuesday finals were ok as they finished by 2:30 pm. Wednesday’s final finished at 4:30 pm, and Thursday and Friday’s finals started at 2 pm and finished at 5 pm.

Since college and my job were across town, and I was either walking, taking the bus, or riding a bike, I knew I wasn’t making it on time to clock in at my scheduled time for Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

So, as I handed my finals schedule to my manager, I asked for later work times those 3 days, or to let me work that weekend to make up for the time I would be missing.

“You need to choose: your work or your education!” The manager replies. “You college kids give me nothing but trouble!”

“But sir, you said you would work with my college schedule, and this finals schedule is important!” I tried to say back.

“No! I said I would work with your college schedule.

As this finals schedule doesn’t exactly align with your college classes, I’m not obligated to work with it. If you don’t like that, you can just quit!”

“No problem.” I replied, taking off my apron, visor, name tag, and was about to take the shirt off, when the manager squeaks out, “What are you doing?!”

“I’m quitting, effective immediately. You won’t comply with my finals, you’re not ‘obligated’ to (I used air quotes on that), so in order to assure a passing grade in my classes, I have to attend the finals.” Took my shirt off, and piled everything on his desk.

I grabbed my other shirt that I had worn that day, put it back on, and walked out. I never worked another food job again.”

Another User Comments:

“I worked at Red Lobster for a couple of years. We had many servers who went to school too. I heard many times where managers were trying to get them to work more hours, using the argument that ‘they could make something for themselves here. Haha. Like, quit my engineering schooling mid-way to maybe be a manager at a Canadian Red Lobster.

I think the managers need to start their career in standup, ’cause they funny.” Shadow_84

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nunya 2 years ago
I had a boss who was upset with me because I had to take days off to take my 2 toddlers to the doctor. They had frequent ear infections. He called me to his office and told me I needed to get my priorities straight. I did. I quit and got another job.
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8. Harass Me After You Grade Me Incorrectly? You're So Getting Fired

“I have been debating on posting this story for the past couple of years now, and this happened in the middle of my college career.

I often find myself thinking about this insane woman and the ridiculous things that happened during this class and the following semester, which is why I want to get this story off my chest and hopefully amuse some other people. This post will probably be pretty long because I need to describe all the insane policies/things she did while “teaching” this class, as well as the aftermath and how I got revenge.

So, buckle in.

First off, I was a college student in my junior year when this incident happened. My college is a pretty good engineering school, and I am a STEM major.

I was required to take a Professional and Technical Communications class as a part of my degree. Basically a class on how to write technical documents and give professional presentations. I consider myself a somewhat awkward person and do not like speaking to large groups, so I knew this class would not be enjoyable.

I also have always tried to achieve high grades and work hard in my whole educational career, so while I knew I would not enjoy this class, I also knew it would be like every other class and I would try my best.

I am used to difficult engineering courses involving math, algorithms, equations, etc., so while I knew this class would be different than what I was used to, I did not expect it to be overly time-consuming/difficult.

Let me just say now, this class took more of my time than all of my other classes combined together that semester.

To start, this professor was one of those professors that believed the traditional way of lecturing/taking notes was not effective. Instead, 1 time a week, she would split the class into groups of 3-4 students, give each student a section of a chapter to read, and we would give a short presentation on the material to the class.

Now I understand this was basically a glorified speech/writing class, so I understood where she was coming from and did not complain. However, for every single presentation like this (remember 1 per week) there would be a total of 3 grades for it. She would grade our presentation, a random student not in the group would grade our presentation, and we ourselves would grade our own presentation.

This meant that missing even 1 presentation resulted in 3 0’s, so I knew I had to try my best to never miss a class. Obviously, we would always give ourselves a 100 when we self-graded, and the random student chosen would always give good grades, but she would always find something wrong and give 80’s. These 3 grades per presentation will become extremely important later.

Next, she also had frequent writing assignments. I have always done well in English/writing classes. However, she would always grade extremely harshly on these writing assignments, and I would always get high C’s or low Bs on them. Whatever.

For the midterm, she had us break into groups of 3 and we had a “game show” type of test. She would ask random, extremely specific questions from the chapters we gave presentations on, and we had to write the answers on the board.

If our answer was “unintelligible” (basically if she didn’t like your handwriting), misspelled, or grammatically wrong in any way, she wouldn’t accept the answer. It was completely up to her discretion. If you got the answer right, you got a tally and the group with the most points got an A on the midterm, the next group got an A-, the next highest group got a B+, and so on.

This is hands down the strangest and worst way I have ever seen an exam being given during my college career. But whatever, my group got third so we got a B+.

She also had other random miscellaneous assignments throughout the semester she considered being in different categories. So we had the chapter presentations, writing assignments, midterm, etc., as different categories. For final grades, as stated in the syllabus, she would calculate your grade for each category, and each category would have different weights.

I don’t remember how it went exactly but presentations could be 20%, writing could be 15%, etc.

Now, something I haven’t mentioned yet was the category of bonus points. To counteract her harsh grading/ability to lose large amounts of points from missing a presentation, she would give bonus points throughout the semester.
So, I knew I needed to get as many bonus points as possible to guarantee an A in this class.

There were various ways to get bonus points, but I remember the strangest was a “basketball” competition we had in class that involved throwing paper balls into a trash can across the room, and a paper plane making competition DURING CLASS (tuition well spent). During the “basketball” competition, I was the only one to make the paper into the basket, and honestly, it was super lucky but worth a ton of bonus points.

When I successfully made the shot I was shocked and could tell she didn’t expect anyone to make it, but she acknowledged that I had earned the large sum of points. At the end of the semester, she claimed she would apply the bonus points to whichever grading category we were the lowest in, so it would help our grade the most.

Another thing I have not mentioned is that my whole life I have suffered from general Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

It was much worse when I was younger, and certain foods trigger it more than others. I mostly have it under control now, but there are still days when I will get diarrhea and stomach pain and I cannot leave a bathroom for an hour.

Well, one of these days happened during, you guessed it, one of the in-class presentations. I was unable to go to class that day, which resulted in 3 0’s.

Before class had even started, I emailed her explaining that I would not be able to make it to class, and I asked if I could make an appointment with her to discuss it.

I knew I would get those 3 0’s so I wanted to show her I wasn’t just skipping class and I wanted to be as proactive as possible. I had a meeting with her where I explained I have IBS.

At the time, it was my mistake of not having it officially registered with my University that I have IBS, but I told her I could easily get her a doctor’s note if she would like one (at the time I was still seeing my pediatric Gastrointestinal doctor and had been seeing him since I was a baby, so he’s had to write me many notes for school in the past).

She acted like it was all fine and she said she would exempt me from those 3 0’s.

Even if she wasn’t going to remove the 0’s, I knew I had about 400 bonus points to make up for it. However, her next ridiculous stunt was about to be performed.

About 3/4 of the way through the semester, at the beginning of class one day she informs us that 1 of the students in my class had gone to the Dean (her boss) and stated that the bonus points system was unfair.

She informed us that all of the bonus points we had accumulated would be unusable because that student had “broken the chain of command” and not come to her with the issue. This was a MAJOR red flag for me. This was a small class (about 15 students) and throughout the semester we had been complaining to ourselves about her.

Complaining about all of the work we were being given, how she grades harshly, and the dumb midterm.

As I stated earlier, this class was more time-consuming than all my other classes combined. I believe she had developed a grudge against our class and wanted to take away our bonus points as a punishment. I later found out that no student had gone to the Dean about the bonus points, so I can only conclude that I was correct in assuming she just hated our class.

She stated that even though we wouldn’t get any bonus points, she would drop the lowest grade from a grading category, such that it would help our grade the most.

Now it was at the end of the semester, and we would be getting our final grades. There was no final exam for this class (there was a final project that was equally as ridiculous, but I’ve already said enough about this class’ structure), but during exam week, I receive an email from her.

It basically said that she was unable to exempt me from those 3 earlier 0’s because it was unfair to the other students in the class. She was careful to word her email so that she did not admit she had ever exempted me from those 0’s. When I checked my grades, she had removed the exempt status from them and they were now showing as 0’s again.

By this point, I was just done with this whole class. I didn’t want to have to deal with her ever again, so I just accepted it and decided to move on. As I said, this was during finals week and I was busy studying for many other difficult classes. When she published our final grades, she had given me a B-, which I thought was off.

I went to check my grades to calculate them myself to verify, but she had removed all of the individual grades from the grade book and just replaced them with the final grade. This was a massive mistake on my part because now I had no way to verify it.

However, like I said I just wanted to be done with all of this so I grudgingly took the B- and moved on.

I had a feeling that my grade seemed a little low, and I knew that with those bonus points she had taken away, I could’ve at least had a B+ or possibly an A-.

The next semester rolls around and I had a class with another student from that previous class. As we were talking, we started discussing how dumb that class was and he mentioned he also got a B- in the class, which he thought was low.

He also mentioned how over the break, he tried to leave a review for her on one of those college professor review websites.

However, he noticed his reviews would always be strangely removed from the website and there would be many more high-ranking reviews following it. He suspected she was reporting bad reviews of herself to the website to somehow get them removed (there’s a feature for this under every review) and then making positive fake reviews for herself.

Well, I decided to make an accurate review of my experience of the class, which was obviously negative.
I was stunned to see that minutes later, it was removed for violating terms of service! I then began trying to make more negative reviews and I focused SOLELY on the way the class was, instead of reviewing her as a person.

Each and every one of my reviews got taken down.

In its place was a new review exclaiming how great the professor was and how some students were out to get her. This seemed to be directed at me trying to make a negative review, but again I was just describing my negative experiences with the class.

I then began to get angry and tried a loophole in the system. I gave her a negative review only containing 1 sentence that I was sure would not violate any rules of the website, and I reported the negative review myself and gave a nonsense reason for reporting it.

I found that a review could only be flagged for review 1 time, and once it was verified, nothing could be done to remove it.

Using this method, I got a few negative reviews to stick and diminished her perfect rating on the website. I could tell this made her mad, as a flood of positive reviews came in.

However, these new reviews became oddly specific. It seemed that many of the reviews were directly referencing people in my class.

Since this website is all anonymous, I believe she realized it was someone from our class because, in my original reviews, I mentioned she had taken away our bonus points. Well, 1 of the new specific reviews was definitely mentioning me! The way she wrote it, she was writing the review as if it was me writing it. She wrote things like “I decided to skip class one day and got 0’s.

So I went to the professor and told her I had IBS. It did not work and I got a low B instead of an A.” I was furious when I saw this because now I knew it HAD to be her doing this. I had not told anyone else that I had a meeting with her to discuss that incident, let alone that I had IBS.

At this point, I decided this was getting too serious and I decided to stop messing with her on this website. I now believed this lady was insane and I did not want to press her further. So, I was satisfied with a couple of negative reviews I got to stick and I thought that was it.

I’m so glad that wasn’t the end because this is the beginning of my revenge, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

The next day, I get an email from the Dean of Students saying that I was required to meet with them to discuss it. I was extremely surprised by this, and I already suspected it was related to this lady and the review website. Before the meeting, I had to call the office to acknowledge I had received the email and set up a meeting time.

I asked the receptionist over the phone if she could give me any more information on why I was meeting the Dean (I played dumb on the phone) and she said they had received an email FROM the review website saying that I specifically had been harassing this lady online.

At this point, I was still in contact with some of the other students from the class, and a few of them had also been summoned to the Dean, even though I was the only one involved with the review website.

This told me she didn’t know exactly who was doing it.

So, now that I was going to the Dean of Students about this, I knew I now had the perfect chance for revenge. I wanted to be as prepared as possible for this meeting, so I began gathering all of my evidence.

First, I wrote down a bullet point list of the crazy ways she “taught” the class including the bonus point fiasco, midterm test, harsh grading, how my individual grades were replaced with the final grade so I could not verify, and anything else I could think of.

Next, I contacted some people that I had taken the class with and asked if I could use them as a witness. They all gladly agreed and said they could confirm the things that happened during the class, especially her taking away the bonus points. Some of these students were the ones who were already summoned to the Dean, and some were not.

Then, I got the screenshots of her referencing my IBS on the review website, and I decided to contact the website myself.

I sent an email describing how I was being summoned to my University’s Dean and they claimed they got a complaint from the website. They replied back saying that their website was completely anonymous, and they would never contact a University like this, proving that it must have been the professor pretending to be the website when she reported me.

Coincidentally, I had actually had further tests at the time for my IBS, and I had a doctor’s appointment anyway.

So, I got a new doctor’s note proving I have IBS to corroborate my 3 0’s being exempt then not exempt. Additionally, I also brought the test results further proving my IBS.

With this mountain of evidence, I felt extremely prepared. When I went, I basically recounted the entire story as I described it above, and I showed all of my evidence. Not only did the Dean believe me, but they had already concluded that the email received from the review website was fake and did not actually come from them.

The Dean was extremely helpful, and when I described that I believed I could have been graded unfairly because my grades were hidden and how I knew my grade would’ve been better with the bonus points, she mentioned meeting with another Dean, who was the professors boss.

I said I wanted to escalate this situation and I would love to have a meeting with him, and she helped me set up an appointment with the other Dean.

The meeting with the Dean of Students ended with her basically saying they would be investigating this lady.

I do not know the exact details of the meetings with the other students, but I know they had similar stories as far as their classroom experiences.

Next, I had a meeting with the other Dean. When I met him, I basically described the whole story again. He had already talked to the previous Dean, so he knew most of the story already.

He was able to request my individual grades.

I was able to go through them, and I found that she had, in fact, graded me incorrectly. Even without the bonus points, I was able to see that my grade should have been a B+ even with those 3 0’s. She had given me a B-. If you factor in the bonus points, my grade was an A flat.

This Dean was extremely apologetic and my grade was changed from a B- to an A. He also told me (off the record) that no student had come to him during that semester to complain about the bonus points, so she had taken them away just because she didn’t like our class.

Now, I don’t know for sure, but I believe that she had graded everyone in my class incorrectly and given us all grades that were lower than what they should’ve been.

My meeting with this Dean ended with him saying he would be investigating her as well. This all happened at the end of the semester (I originally took the class in fall, and I spoke with the Dean/got my grade changed at the end of the following spring), but I had 1 final meeting with the Dean of Students the following fall (1 full year from when I originally took the class).

From that meeting, I learned that she no longer worked at the University, but she couldn’t confirm whether she was fired for this incident or not. I have a strong feeling she was fired as a result of this and I have a strong feeling she had graded my entire class incorrectly.

In the end, I wouldn’t have gotten my revenge if she didn’t stupidly report me to the Dean using a fake email, so I’m actually glad about that. I am extremely glad I took the time to compile all my evidence against her. I wouldn’t have gotten my revenge if I just went with my story. If you have read this for this long, thank you. I hope all this makes sense, and I’m just glad I never have to see or deal with this lady again.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
You're a friggin' hero for getting her removed as a teacher so no one else has to be subjected to her mania. Bravo!
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7. Keep The Other Woman A Secret From Me? I'll Ruin Your Marriage

“When I was a naive 24-year-old, I met a charming and very smart and way older man. We call him Jake for the story. His sister is Dana, and I’m Gina.

Now to the story.

Jake was 42, recently divorced (or so he told me), and had a kid that he would see over the weekends. We met online through a poetry website where both of us used to write.

He was very aloof and stern in his comments and not very popular on the website because he used to always come off like an arrogant jerk, but I really liked his poems regardless of his personality, and that’s how it began. I commented on one, and he instantly pm’ed back praising my writing and asked me if we could collaborate on a duet together. I’ve already done it a thousand times with a few friends and people on the site that I respected, so I said sure.

So long story short, we met on Hotmail messenger (this was nearly 11 years ago, kids, so no WhatsApp; although, we did chat on social media too. This will come relevant later.)

Long story short, we instantly connected. He was funny, handsome, and really sweet underneath all his bravado. And his dark sense of humor was right up my alley. We spent months pulling all-nighters just talking and writing together.

Not humble-bragging, but I was pretty popular on the site because I won a few awards so, by association, he became popular too.

People started to reading Jake’s poems and commented, and obviously, he got a huge head about it, but I digress…

Our relationship became more serious after he confessed that he was falling for me, and I was smitten. So I went along with it. We talked about my recent breakup, and he assured me that he would never lie to me because the (of course he used that) “witch of his ex-woman” two-timed him, and he was devastated until he met me.

I was shocked about how bad the ex was but assured him that I was all in. And I meant that.

One important detail about our turbulent romance is that he was in South America (he’s from there), and I was still living in Italy, in my hometown.

So, after almost 2 years of excuses for how tied up on work he was. I decided to surprise him with a visit.

I bought my ticket, and it literally was like a dream.

He picked me up, we kiss, hug, and he took me to his beach house (which would have been my first red flag, but I was dumb, young, and in love). Saying that it would be so much easier and fun for me doing touristy stuff on a beach port than staying in his suburbs house with no car. Because I told him on such short notice that he didn’t have the time nor the means to take time off (which again blatant lie because he was one of the partners of the company), but again, I bought it, and off I went on my own almost for the entire week that I was there.

He only spent one night with me and the rest of the week just picked me up from wherever it was that I ended up wandering to, and we hang out for a few hours, make love, and then he would just drop me off at the house.

I know that most of you are thinking, “C’mon, OP, just get your head out of your butt and realize what a bunch of nonsense that is!”

And believe me, now writing this, I realized how much of an idiot I was.

But it gets better… The day before I have to get back to Italy, he took me to dinner… With his 6-year-old son and his sister.

I was super happy to meet his family and son but got caught off guard when he just introduced me as his “friend from Italy dropping on the town for tourist attractions.” Her sister was super sweet albeit a bit awkward, and his son was adorable.

We ate, talked, and off we went.

He picked me up first thing in the morning and dropped me off at the airport.

Now, that you got the full story, I’ll get to the good part.

Two days later and still a bit jet-lagged, I got a very interesting email. FROM HIS SISTER DANA.

Her email was short and very simple. “Dear Gina, I know that you might think I was weird and maybe a bit rude when we met, but it was only because I was tricked by J to join the dinner with his kid.

He never mentioned that you guys were seeing each other, but after confronting Jake, he confessed and begged not to tell anyone, or his marriage will be ruined. But you’re such a sweet and young girl that doesn’t deserve his deception. Jake IS STILL WITH HIS PARTNER AND NEVER LEFT THEIR HOME. Don’t take just my word for it.” And Dana sent me pictures of his REAL social media profile, and surprise, the perfect little family.

I thanked her and shut down my computer.

I was devastated. I really thought Jake was the love of my life and was seriously considering moving there! I spent all night crying and drinking until I gave myself the worst migraine.

But, the heartbreak lasted about 12 hours. At 4 am, I got up, showered, made a pot of fresh coffee, and started planning my revenge. I was hurt, yes, but also so angry that he not only deceived me but dragged his sister and his innocent child in his lie.

I was on the other side of the world, and I didn’t have the cash to pay someone to kick his butt or egg his car.

But as my Sicilian father would say to me: “If someone slaps you, don’t turn the other cheek… Cut off their freaking hand!”

And so I did.

I sat down at my desk and turned on the computer and logged into his Hotmail.

I didn’t have the password, but I knew him well enough to answer his 3 security questions on the section “forgot password… “1, 2, 3 bum baby… I’m in, and holy smokes… This arrogant piece of human trash was not only seeing me but two other girls. I quickly logged onto his social media too because he had everything linked (the naivety), so I quickly changed all his passwords to, I’M A JERK, and discovered that his personal email was also connected to his work account.

I dug through his emails for two hours (this idiot never erased anything, so he had more than 5,000 emails).

Until I found something very interesting: the girls he was also seeing and their very hot email exchanges. Dirty pics included.

So WHAT did I do? You guessed it. I crafted a very lengthy and explicit email with pics and chat logs attached confessing to Jake’s partner (posting as him, obviously). Begging for forgiveness and declaring how much of a horrible person I was and as proof of my willingness to change, I was sending this email to the girls too.

that I did it only because I was in the closet and thought that being a player would help me forget how much I really loved guys. That I was sick of pretending and hoped she could move on and maybe be friends.

But not only to them… I freaking copied his entire list of contacts (including the CEO and partners of the company he worked for, his parents, and D of course).

This email was perfection. All the pictures and chats (myself included) he ever exchanged with any other women. I copied myself on the list obviously as a countermeasure and moved on to part 2 of my plan.

I changed ALL of his social media and declared that I was so relieved that people finally knew the real me. The pride flag was his new wall picture, and his profile picture was a photoshopped picture of two guys kissing.

I created 5 different accounts on gay websites with ALL his info, included his phone number, and started to chat with a bunch of guys until out of nowhere, this guy sent Jake a message.

Tony was his old uni friend that had always been secretly lusting for him for years, and although I felt bad for this later, I set up a time to meet.

One week after this massive internet blowout and his family and friends angrily calling him all sorts of names (and getting fired because his bosses didn’t want the bad press), Jake was trying to make amends with his family and friends for a bbq for his bday.

But I would have paid one year’s worth of salary just to see his face and his guests when in the middle of their celebration, Tony appeared with a bottle of champagne to “celebrate” privately as I asked. Apparently, there was a huge fight, and everyone left Jake, flustered and angry. Crying because “some psycho wanted to ruin his life.”

I blocked him and forgot about everything until 6 months ago when he out of the blue sent me a message on Instagram asking me why I disappeared and didn’t support him when he was at his lowest.

And oh boy, the satisfaction I felt when I only replied back: Sorry Jake, but I think everything you got was karma for all the lies and time wasted you fed me… Good luck. Oh, and by the way, IT WAS ALWAYS ME.

I then blocked him and made my account private.

Jake did try to call a few mutual friends to try to get them to give him my number, but they ignored him.

They also got the infamous email. So yeah… I got my revenge and it was worth every single hour.

I know. I’m very petty.

And for those who think making him appear gay was wrong of me, let me tell you that it was only because of his very machismo attitude and homophobic personality. I am 100% with the LGBTQ+ community and love and support them dearly.

Let me clarify a few points.

I never outed Tony. He was very much outside the closet since he was 12-years-old, and at said bbq, he was never beaten, abused, or in danger. The blow-out and the fight were Jake’s family and friends, blowing up at HIM. Tony left safely as soon as he realized the setup. 11 years later, he’s happily married and has a beautiful child, and lives in Europe.

Can’t say which country, but just know he’s happy, and we’re still friends on social media. I apologize to him a few weeks after the bbq, and although, he was hurt, he forgave me and even laughed at all the things I showed him.

I acknowledge that what I did wasn’t much better than what he did to me. I was selfish, reckless, and stupid. And I did feel bad for it, and actually, after all that blew up, I reached out to Tony and apologized to him for dragging him into my petty revenge. He was upset, but after hearing my side, he was glad I did. He only wished I was upfront with him. We didn’t end up best friends, but he still always sends me updates on his life.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Well, you were 24, young and dumb,, dude was much older and a selfish dick. So yeah. After bearing the expense of a long ass flight and months of being lied to? Nah, he had it coming. His poor kid!
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6. Mess Me Over? I'll Take Your Promotion

“For 18 months, I’d been working from home (as most of us had). From a work perspective, this has been great; I’ve been more productive than when I’m in the office, able to work more flexible hours, and have saved a ton of money by not commuting.

My workplace had an agreement that those working from home can do what hours they want, so long as we are able to answer urgent calls in core hours and we get all our work done.

Fair enough, as far as I’m concerned. For 16 months, this worked great, as above. Then over a few weekends, I had a clear out of the house and took pictures of all the items that are in good condition but we no longer want, with a view to giving them away to whoever wants it.

One day when I’m working from home, I take my lunch break, make a quick sandwich, and post the items that I’m giving away on one of those local social media free pages.

I didn’t know it at the time, but one of the managers – called Shambles henceforth – from my work was also signed up to that page, and he saw my post.

He then took it upon himself to go to the owner of the company and tell him that I was slacking off and posting on social media during work hours.

For context, this wasn’t my boss (who was super-chill so long as everything was done on time), nor was the complaint to my boss, but to the OWNER of the company. We’re a big business, so there’s a lot of people in the chain of command between me and the owner.

And to top it off, I’d been doing a lot of work for Shambles; he’d outsourced the running of entire projects to me over the last 18 months (all of which I’d executed well, and he’d taken ample credit for), and this was the only time in 18 months I’d posted ANYTHING on social media (because I never post).

So the owner contacted me, and to be fair, he’s a decent guy.

The conversation went like this:

Owner – ‘I’ve been told you’re posting on social media during work hours. Just be smart about it; it doesn’t look good when colleagues see it.’

Me – ‘Completely understand, and just so you know, I posted that during my lunch break.’

Owner – ‘I was told you were posting at noon.’ (The company lunch break is usually 1-2.)

Me – ‘I did, but that’s because when I’m home working, I always take my lunch 12-1.’

Owner – ‘Okay, I don’t have an issue with that.

Just keep your head down.’

Like I said, a decent guy. I wasn’t really in trouble, and the owner didn’t seem to care, but then I started to think, ‘Wait, who has gone to the owner with this in the first place?!’

Long story short, a coworker (who was working on-site that day) heard on the grapevine that Shambles had been complaining to the owner about me and how I’m always on social media when I should be working.

(I rarely use social media, and I only use it for messenger 99% of the time.)

Cue petty revenge.

As I said before, Shambles likes to outsource work to me. I never minded this; the work was varied, and it broke the week up, plus my own boss didn’t mind as I always had my work for him done on time. However, I never got recognition for this extra work.

For 2 years, I managed a sub-department completely on my own because he ‘didn’t have time to do it.’ I didn’t get a penny more for it, but it was a good group of people, and I enjoyed getting experience in management. Well, after this, every time Shambles came to me with an issue, I would say I was super swamped but that I’d try to deal with it if I had time.

The projects he tried to outsource to me, I immediately rejected, saying that I had a full plate from my actual job. And that sub-department I ran… We’ll get to that.

Over the next couple of months, Shambles starts missing his deadlines, issues come up with existing projects that he hasn’t fixed, and employees are complaining that every time they go to him with an issue, it doesn’t get resolved.

It dawns on me at this point that I’ve basically been doing this guy’s job for him for years. Screw that.

I set up a meeting with my boss and put forward my arguments for why I should be promoted (or really, why I should’ve been ages ago). I point to all the projects I’ve successfully run as well as the sub-department I’ve managed for 2 years.

He completely agrees and says he’ll take it to his boss. Now somehow, I don’t know how, but when I go to the next meeting with my boss’s boss, Shambles is there too. He’s on the same level in the company as my boss’s boss. A little phased but not willing to give up, I put my arguments forward to them. Shambles lets me finish then proceeds to tell me that I don’t know enough about our work to manage, I don’t have the required people skills, and then he tells me, and this is verbatim…

‘Besides, people here don’t respect you. They respect me. I know I’m a good manager. If you really think about it, you know you wouldn’t be.’ I forget what else was said after that, but I was completely destroyed. Boss’s boss comes up to me afterward and tells me that Shambles is a jerk, but unfortunately, he’s got the approval of the higher-ups, so what he says has too much sway for him to go against him.

I tell boss’s boss that if that’s the way it is, I’m going to look for other employment. He sighs and says, ‘I don’t blame you.’

Cue Pro revenge.

During the time it took me to look for and apply to other jobs, I have time to think about how I can get back at Shambles. He’s used me for years and is now blocking my promotion. I’d already stopped working on his stuff and his projects were going from bad to worse, but I needed something more.

Now, this next part could be an entire post on its own, so I’ve bulleted it for brevity:

  1. I’m an accredited internal auditor for our quality systems.

  2. I ask if I can be assigned a couple of last audits before I leave ‘to help them out.’

  3. I carry out these audits, and using my intimate knowledge of Shambles’ projects, find every single issue I can.

  4. A number of people also hate Shambles and give me more dirt on him.

  5. Someone gives me breakthrough information that Shambles has been forging signatures and bypassing multiple company procedures to make his KPIs look better.

  6. I write up the report, with tons of evidence attached, and send it off.

  7. The report gets flagged at the highest level because of what it shows.

  8. Shambles gets dragged over the coals.

I wish I could say this story ends with Shambles getting fired, but (obviously using all the connections he has) he keeps his job.

I later found out though that he was due a massive promotion (as in, catapulted to the top of the company, running whole divisions kind of thing). That never happened though, with his declining numbers as well as an audit showing all his shortcomings, he’s basically told he’ll never progress beyond where he is and that he’s lucky to have a job at all. He still works there, and I’m told his ego has been taken down a whole washing-line worth of pegs.

As for me, I’d love to say I got a better job with a massive raise.

That’s half true. I decided to pursue my dream job (literally, since I’ve been a kid dream job) in a totally different industry. All the experience I had counted in my favor, and although I took a bit of a pay cut, I’ve never enjoyed work more.

Oh, and that sub-department I was running. They knew that when I left, Shambles would take over running them again, so in my last month at the company, I gave them all tutorials on how to search for jobs and pass interviews (I’d worked in recruitment previously). I’ve heard from a number of them since that they’d landed better jobs and thanked me in part for it.

Not the perfect ending, but I’m very happy with it.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
I wish you had a job that paid you more because you're worth every penny.
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5. Try Not To Betray Me, Or Else...

He goofed up.

“My ex and I had been together for about 1 year in a long-distance relationship (he lived 3 hours away).

I find out from his sister that he was talking to other women when we were still together and confrontations with him lead nowhere with him saying that I am the only one on his mind and that he would never do that to me (the usual spiel).

Plus, he says that his sister does not know what she is talking about. I take his side (because I loved him).

Three weeks ago, I find out from a mutual friend that he has been seeing and sleeping with this girl in his town. I confront him about it and he flips everything around on me, saying that it’s so hard for him to ‘be good’ while I am living so far away; that I neglect him (which I don’t, I am the one that drives to see him every other weekend when I have the funds, we call, text, and Skype each other daily), that I don’t want him to live with me (which is true because I don’t want to take care of a grown man and pay his bills).

He says he loves me and wants to make it work and drops all contact the next day.

I was heartbroken, I talked to my friends and they said the girl he is hooking up with has been around and that they got in a relationship the day after the ex and I had the talk – probably even before then.

Two weeks ago, while still hurting, heartbroken, I reactivated my social media and meticulously combed through my ex and his new ‘love’s’ profiles.

I know I should not have done this but whatever. I did not dwell on their flirty messages but instead, focused on her profile.

I read through months of disgusting selfies of her in a dirty dark bathroom with barely their clothes that even a floozy would be embarrassed by being caught in. Then I did it. I made a fake social media profile of a fine-looking man from Google that “used to go to her school.’ I befriended all of her friends, made fake posts, and befriended her.

All of this took less than a day. You would be surprised at how many people would befriend you on social media just from your looks regardless of if they know you or not.

I had about 140 ‘friends’ in just 2 hours and at that point, people were requesting to be my friend every few minutes.

I dunno who is more pathetic, me or these weirdos (just me probably).

I started to chat her up the next day, she was very ‘open’ with herself, even sending me new pictures of herself in little clothing to a complete stranger without any in return. Being a woman myself, it was easy to tell her what she wanted to hear. 2-3 days later, she was complaining about my ex to me already. I told her I wanted to meet up and will pick her up and ‘show her what it’s like to be with a real man.’ At this point, I had hours of conversations saved, her saying the dirtiest stuff I’ve ever read – pictures, videos, what have you.

It was time.

While all this was going on, my ex started to contact me, saying it was a mistake. I asked him if they had broken up, he says yes (twice) even though they were obviously not. This should have broken my heart but it didn’t. I knew the truth but told him that yes I love him and that I want him to move in with me.

He sounded happy, excited – whatever and said that he was going to give his 2 weeks to his boss that day. He texted me later and told me that he just left them with no notice instead because ‘screw ’em.’ He was going to start packing and will head out with everything later in the week.

The Revenge: I posted all of the conversations up on a fake social media account, tagged her in it, posted the pictures and videos for my ex’s eyes only, and sat back and enjoyed the show before I deactivated the fake account.

I had 53 likes and 82 messages. Her family, friends all saw it. My ex saw it and almost immediately texted me to say how he misses me, he can’t wait to be with me and doesn’t mention anything about the girl.

Friday rolls around and he tells me he is on his way to my apartment. He does not know where I live because I recently moved.

I tell him to meet me at a CVS close by so I direct him where to go. He tells me he is almost out of gas and that I will have to help him put some in it. I agree and tell him that I will once he gets there. I get a text telling me he’s at the CVS and asks where I am.

I ignore it. 30 minutes later, he blows up my phone. Calls ignored. I made it a point to let it ring once so that he knows I sent it to voicemail. 1 hour later – he calls and leaves me a voicemail, saying he is worried and if I am ok.

I am SO GOOD. 2 hours later, he says that he is stranded, drove to another CVS thinking I was there but now he has no gas and is stranded at a gas station with his things in the car.

Calls ignored. I take an Ambien and go to bed. Saturday morning. I have 37 text messages, 28 missed calls, and 7 voicemails from him, and that he had to call his mom to come to pick him up. Since then, I blocked his number and then had to change my number since he would then start calling me from his family’s phone and blocked calls.

I get a msg on social media from his sister. She tells me he came home crying like a baby and since his mom knows pretty much what happened between us, she was not very sympathetic – but still pretty upset with me. His sister thought I was a baddie and deserved better than her lying, loser of a brother.

I know I acted on impulse on all of this, probably destroyed this girl’s life.

I will probably reactivate the fake profile to say sorry or whatever but maybe not. She did knowingly sleep with a man that had a partner – seduced him even! I know this sounds crazy but the feelings I had for my ex are still there.

He will never forgive me since he is now unemployed and the whole town knows his business. Part of me regrets everything and that I want him back with me. Another part of me is glad I destroyed any type of reconciliation as it was not going to work out in the end. Feels good to let this out.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Confess to nothing and be glad you ditched that loser.
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4. I'll Turn You Purple For Days

“My best friend in high school was a genius. He was the type of person when wronged, would get even. At the start of the school year, one of the jocks took it upon himself to pick on my friend. We knew this would not end well.

As we all rode home together, we were somewhat upset when our friend would be late to the car. What we did not know was he was studying his foe’s movements.

Observation went on for weeks.

Turns out, the jock was on the school dive team. He would practice and then go into the shower. He would undress and go into the first shower.

One day, our friend told us he would be late.

He went into the locker room. Unscrewed the first showerhead and filled it with Gentian violet dye powder. These were the kind of showers that did not have hot or cold, just on and off with a set temperature.

The unsuspecting victim comes in, undresses, heads into the shower, turns on the water, and is drenched with purple dye that stains his skin. He was purple for quite some time.”

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3. Don't Like That I Miss Work Because Of Mental Health Issues? I'll Get A Lawyer

Mental health is protected under law, you know.

“A few years ago, I quit my career in the tech industry. This was after the company I was working for went public, and everything went downhill. I was sick of making moolah for the rich and needed some time to really live life. I proceeded to spend a few months traveling, working on home projects, and really doing whatever I wanted.

One day, about 4 months into my freedom, I was having lunch with my best friend, and she told me, “You need to stop being lazy and get a job.” She had recently been hired at a company in the construction industry and mentioned there was an opening. The opening was doing something I had zero experience in, but a change of career was appealing. I applied and promptly was given a phone interview.

I spent a little time researching everything about this position, and after many interviews, managed to fake my way in.

Turns out, this position was wildly different from anything I had done before. It taxed me in ways I had never experienced. Not only was my job stressful, but my boss also turned into a nightmare. He had worked there since the company was founded. He was a part of the “good ole boys club.” Now…

For everyone that doesn’t know, the construction industry has nearly zero HR. This was close to a billion-dollar company and was still the same way. My boss was a narcissist, misogynist, liar, and downright jerk. Weirdly, most of that was directed towards others and not me. My best friend was one person that took the brunt of it. It killed me to hear what he would say to her.

All of this took its toll on me.

About 3 months into my employment, January 1st hit. I wake up at 2 am in the morning with pain in my chest and my head racing a million miles an hour. Luckily, my roommate was a paramedic and happened to be home. I rush over to her room and yell that I think I’m having a heart attack.

She comes out, takes my vitals, asks some questions, and determines I am most likely having a panic attack. Sure enough, I calm down and manage to not die. I had never had a panic attack up until then.

Throughout the following week, I continue to have flare-ups of chest pain and heart palpitations. I figure something could really be wrong, so I go to my doctor.

He does a few tests and determines it’s most likely some acid reflux. He prescribes some meds and the following week is better.

Then, one night when heading home from dinner with my Sister, BOOM, I get rear-ended at a stoplight by an intoxicated driver. No skid marks. Didn’t even attempt to stop. I felt a bit of tightness in my back so decide to go get checked out at the hospital to be safe.

I get there, and they take my vitals. My blood pressure was on the moon. Like 180/100. They take it about an hour later, and it’s still high. They recommend I go see my doctor again.

The next couple of weeks waiting for my doctor’s appointment is a nightmare. I am having daily “panic” attacks, chest pain, trouble breathing, massive fatigue. The whole gambit. Finally, I get to the day of my appointment, let my doctor know what’s going on, and he determines I should go see a few different specialists and get all kinds of tests done to be safe.

Throughout the next couple of months, I have everything poked and prodded.

Because of the number of tests that needed to be done, I missed a good bit of work. This turned my boss on me. He constantly complained about me being gone. All the while, not an ounce of work was dropped. With my tech background, I also took it upon myself to start making reports and collecting data that I would present to him on ways of improving the department and company.

I later found out, he would take these reports, which at times could save the company hundreds of thousands to potentially millions of dollars, and present them as his own to the owner. This made me furious and didn’t help with my physical issues. However, slowly I made it through all of the prescribed tests, and they couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me.

Turns out, all of the issues were caused by stress and anxiety.

Something I had never had an issue with before. My doctor referred me to an amazing counselor that helped me learn how to manage the problems I was facing and get back to a reasonable state of mind. Although, this never got to an acceptable level because of my boss. I started to email HR with my issues with him and things I have witnessed with others.

Most of this was met with an unwillingness to help in any way.

A dear coworker whom everyone loved and respected decided to quit out of nowhere. She too worked under my boss. In her exit interview, she gave the sole reason for quitting as my boss. She finally hit her breaking point, and enough was enough. However, because she was so well-liked, this prompted some questions from the owner and other senior management.

They wanted to know why my boss was the reason for her leaving. They had HR set up a meeting with us in the department and our boss to go over our issues with him. We all were excited to finally, hopefully, get the people that matter to listen.

We have the meeting, and we all lay out the issues with our boss and give a multitude of examples.

I went a bit overboard and had an entire presentation. Turns out, this was all a charade to cover my boss’s butt. He was “prescribed” some management counseling, which I’m pretty sure he never did and things continued on their merry way. However, now… With the knowledge my boss had of our issues with him, he turned the volume up to 11. The constant berating, yelling, write-ups came flowing out.

It got bad enough that I started to secretly record every meeting with him. I saved every single email and documented every interaction with him. I continued to push for help from HR, but again, his status in the company kept him immune from any response. Thankfully, throughout all of this, I managed to keep my mental health in check thanks to my counselor’s tools.

Yes… I get sick, but this time it’s with a real cold and lasts a few days.

All of which are covered by government-mandated sick time. I come back to work, and not even a week goes by, and I get called into my boss’s office with other senior management. I knew this wasn’t good. My boss lets me know that they are firing me for attendance. I am gobsmacked. I have never been fired in my life, and I know I was an asset to the company’s success.

I didn’t slack off, I didn’t miss deadlines, the attendance excuse appeared to just be what my boss thought would be easiest to get rid of me with. Now… I live in an at-will state. You can be fired for basically any reason except for a bad one. They presented me with a meager 2-week pay severance. I declined to sign it, packed my stuff up, and left.

I knew the whole situation didn’t feel right, especially because I was familiar with the recent state laws that passed about sick time and an employer not being legally allowed to fire you for using it. Because of this, I went to my mom whose been in the law field her entire life, and got a referral for an employment law attorney.

The day of my appointment with the employment law attorney couldn’t come quick enough.

I had gathered everything I had collected from my time at the company and presented it to him. The recordings on my phone, the emails, the documented interactions, everything. After showing the attorney, he pushes back from his desk and says, “Holy wow. You have quite a case here. They messed up bad.” A wave of relief flows over my entire body. Me thinking the only blatant violation was firing me for using sick time, I was taken aback when he proceeded to explain that the company made 4 huge violations, the sick time violation not even being anywhere near the top of the list.

Some big things I learned from him:

— The meeting I had with my boss, HR, and the rest of the department where we went over all of our issues with him was a key piece of evidence for one of their biggest violations. I learned this type of meeting is considered protected concerted activity and covered under the National Labor Relations Act. The act protects against retaliation for having this kind of meeting.

According to my lawyer, all of my boss’s activities following that meeting can be considered retaliation.

— When it comes to health issues and how they affect you at your workplace, make sure you document every interaction with your employer. It’s important to show that you made an effort to let them know of your complications and how they may affect you at your workplace. I sent countless emails to HR letting them know of my mental health issues and their failure to make accommodations was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

— Having recordings and documentation on how your employer interacts differently with females and males is important to prove a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

After all of this, the lawyer stated I had three options.

Option one, I could retain him, and we could file a lawsuit. He explained that would be expensive and take a lot of time. However, would most likely result in a good amount of cash. Option two, I could file claims with all of the departments that cover the violated acts. He explained that some of these departments can take years to investigate and process the claims.

However, for some of them, especially the violation of the National Labor and Relations Act, the investigation can be an absolute nightmare for the employer. This would probably be the biggest screw you to the employer. Option three, I go back by myself and renegotiate the severance. This being the quickest and easiest option. This option sounded very appealing. I really didn’t want to drag this out for multiple years.

I told the lawyer that option three is most likely my choice, and he mentioned that I should probably start negotiations at 9 months of severance and full benefits.

After consulting with people close to me, I decided to go with option three. I met with HR and Senior Management, explained that I consulted with an employment law attorney, stated all of the acts that he feels they violated, and ask for 9 months of severance.

After a couple of weeks of negotiating with their attorney, we settled on six months of severance with full benefits. It’s been a few years since this has happened, and it still makes me feel overwhelmingly happy thinking about it. In the end, I found an absolutely amazing job in the same industry. My ex-boss ended up being moved to a position that wasn’t in management. And hopefully… Nobody will ever have to go through what I and others went through at that company again.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Should have reported him to the labor board anyway.
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2. Be Rude To Me One Day, I'll Fire You The Next

“This story begins when I was a freshman in high school. After school on most weekdays, I would walk to my uncle’s house to babysit my little cousin.

My cousin was about 2 or 3 years old at the time and liked to go to the public park that was directly in front of my uncle’s house. It was a simple park, about the size of a football field with a playground in one corner and the rest, all grass.

One particular day, my cousin is begging me to go to the park so I take him.

For a while, we were the only ones there. My cousin was too scared to go down the slide from the top by himself so I was picking him up and letting him slide from about halfway.

He was having a great time and laughing. Soon a lady comes up with her daughter and they start playing on the swing set.

Well, the lady was sitting on the bench and her daughter was trying to play on the swing set.

Now here’s an important point to the story. When I speak with my little cousin I speak in our native language. He can understand English, but I’m just so used to speaking my native language with my family that it just happens naturally. So I’m speaking to my cousin trying to encourage him to go up to the top of the slide and he’s on his way up psyching himself up.

Then I hear the lady yell out:

Lady: ‘Hey you need to speak English when you’re around me.’

Me: ‘Huh? I’m just telling him to –’ She cuts me off.


Me: ‘Uhhhh, I’m just trying to play with my cousin, he doesn’t speak English too well…’ (I lied he understood English.)

Lady: ‘I don’t care! You speak English when you’re around me and my daughter.’

So, I’m super angry.

I’ve had my experience with racism especially post 9/11. I’m just here with a child and he was visibly having an awesome time playing at the playground. There was no reason for this lady to impose her nonsense on me. So I decided to screw it. If she wants me to speak English here have it.

Me to my cousin: ‘Hey let’s ignore the witch,’ and continue to speak in my native language to tell him to slide down.


Me: ‘Oh, I called you a witch because that’s what you’re being.’


At this point, I feel the need to try and get out of there so I start telling my cousin we need to leave. While I’m trying to leave she keeps yelling and screaming at me about how her husband is on his way and he’s gonna kick my butt blah blah blah and even says she’s gonna call the cops because she thinks I’m a danger to kids and who’s kid am I really with.

Anyway, I leave and get home.

I was paranoid for a few weeks after that incident, thinking the cops were going to want to talk to me or something. I avoided the park for a while. I told my uncle what happened and he agreed that I should avoid the park for a while too.

Now we’re in the present and it’s been over 10 years. I’ve graduated from high school and got a job at this plant.

The thing about this plant is that it’s one of the few places in my city that pays well over minimum wage. A lot of the people in my city try super hard to get into this plant, but few do. Most people end up moving out of my city or commuting over an hour where all the good jobs are at.

Another important note and I’m not trying to brag or anything, but through a series of promotions I got due to actually having computer skills and being at the right place at the right time when certain key people retired, I ended up becoming the #2 at the plant.

I have a really good plant manager who has a lot of faith in me and he’s taken me under his wing.

So one of my job responsibilities is hiring people and making sure they get trained properly.

A couple of weeks ago we had to let go of one of our office ladies because of reasons. So I called up the placement agency I use and let them know I need an office administrator type person on Monday.

Monday comes around and guesses who shows up? Yup, you guessed it. It’s the outspoken lady from the park. She, for whatever reason, doesn’t recognize me but be assured I recognize that evil woman. Her face is ingrained into my brain. I go through the typical introductions and pass her off to Human Resources for a bit to make sure she fills out some paperwork.

After all that I give her a tour of the plant and let her know which areas she’s allowed to go to and which areas she’s not, etc.

I pass her off to the ladies in the office and let them start training her. That’s most of my interaction with her. I’d pop by the office throughout the week to see how she was doing and get any updates on her performance.
I start to think about what I’m going to do. Do I want to keep this lady on staff? Is it even worth taking any revenge? If yes, what should I do?

I finally made my decision on Thursday.

See, through my conversations with her, I’ve found out she’s been wanting to get into this plant for a LONG time. This was like a dream job for her. The placement agency was sending her over an hour away to commute and she’d end up quitting and letting the agency know she preferred a shorter commute. I decided I’m going to lead her on and make it seem like she’s going to be staying with the company before letting her go unexpectedly.

So on Thursday, I set up an appointment with her to finish up some training. I just had a PowerPoint presentation I went over with new employees.

In the training, I get to talk to her a little more and ask her if she’s been living in the city for a while. She says yes and I ask her what part? She mentioned she lives near the park near my uncle’s house.

I let her know, ‘Oh! I used to go to that park all the time!! I used to take my little cousin, but I stopped because I ran into this awful lady one day who threatened to have her husband beat me up because she wanted me to speak English.’

Her face changed. It’s a weird thing I noticed. Her face went from kinda happy to straight scared.

I think she finally remembered me. I concluded the training and didn’t say anything else. Friday came and she showed up to work. When she went to lunch, I called the placement agency and told them to call her and let her know not to show up after lunch, we won’t be needing her anymore. I could do this because she wasn’t an actual employee, we just had a contract through the agency and didn’t need any valid reason to let her go. There was also just something very satisfying about firing someone while they were at lunch.

I’m sure the office ladies aren’t too happy with me because they’re going to have to retrain a new person starting Monday, but it’ll be okay. Bye Felicia.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Sad how many bigots don't realize, America has no official language, because we're a nation of immigrants. Melting pot is a good thing. She should have apologized.
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1. I Got Fake Engaged To Her After I Caught Her Lying

“I actually knew someone who was with a girl, and he was in love big time, but she didn’t share that love with him.

She was two-timing him, and she left him eventually. He was heartbroken and kind of became a lump of a depressed person. It took almost a year to snap out of it, but when he did, he finally came around and started being normal, and one night, which was kind of creepy to me, he said kind of out of the blue, ‘She has hers coming.

You’ll see.’

I was kinda shocked about it and basically changed the conversation to happy things, and later down the road about 3 months from then, he’s happy, has a new partner, and is doing great. He was working crazy hours and meeting new people and had a new outlook on life. He broke up with that girl because she was getting a little too possessive he said, and for a few years, kept seeing girls off and on.

One night we were at a party, and he let me know he was going out with his ex from way back when. I told him he’s stupid, and he said, ‘Don’t worry. I got this.’

I had no choice in the matter, so whatever. About a month later, he’s telling me they are really good, and he proposed, and she said yes. I’m like, ‘What’s going on with you?’ but I played happy because I wasn’t given a choice.

So, a couple of months go by, and we weren’t hanging out that much because he spent all of his time with her. I’m out in the city running some errands, and I decided to stop for lunch. I run into his fiancee, and she’s all heartbroken and starts crying because he told her that it was a plan all along to show her she screwed up.

He apparently had been playing a game the whole time. They started seeing each other and got serious and proposed, and they had plans of their new life together, and he was a super gentleman, and he was doing whatever she wanted to do, and then one night, he brought his other partner to meet his fiancee. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say.

I said, ‘Damn, I’m sorry for you’ and left. I was just dumbfounded.

So, naturally, I found him and asked what happened, and he said, ‘I told you I got this.’

I said, ‘A little harsh and maybe too far, don’t you think?’

He said, ‘You saw me for a year heartbroken, and you believe she didn’t deserve it?’ I was just without words and changed the conversation fast.

Wow, that was revenge and then some.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Yeah. Way over the top.
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