People Share Their “Worst Neighbor Ever” Story


Don’t get me wrong, there are benefits when to comes to living next to neighbors, but let’s be honest here, we’ve all had that bad neighbor. It’s never a delightful situation. That said, as much as possible, we want to make peace with the people living on our street and, generally, our neighborhood if we live in one. Forming a bad relationship with a neighbor, after all, is not such a good idea. You don’t have to be best friends with the people who live near you, but think about it: your neighbors know where you live, and chances are, you’ll be seeing them quite frequently! So, getting on their good side, or in some cases, just staying out of their way and respecting their business, are typically the best things you can do.

What can you really do with bad neighbors? Well, in some cases, you can call the police if what they’re doing is illegal or report them to your landlord if they’re breaking the rental contract. Other times, you have the option to assertively confront them or to attempt to kill them with kindness, whichever you deem most applicable in the given situation. Often, it’s crystal clear what the best thing to do is.

In the incidences below, however, you might be left in an utter state of shock when you read what others’ neighbors do or have done to earn the title of worst neighbor! There’s cat-hating neighbors with bad intentions, neighbors who have a habit of constantly trying to get their neighbor in legal trouble, and a handful of neighbors who have no problem damaging another neighbor’s property (or face). Trust me, there’s plenty of just plain weird neighbors in the mix too!

31. She’d Casually Walk Into Our House Whenever She Wanted


She was a little too close for comfort!

“I used to have this obnoxious neighbor who invited herself over all the time. Multiple cars in the driveway- we must be having company over, which meant free food for her. She would peek over the fence and see we were grilling and would come over to find out what was up.

My dad had a semi-trusting relationship with her and let her know where we kept a spare key should there be an emergency.

We walked in a couple of times after being gone and found notes from her on the counter stating she had stopped by to chat, but we weren’t there, which means she had used the spare key, gone into our house while we weren’t there and probably snooped around and then left a note.

My dad mentioned to her how she wasn’t to come in when we weren’t there, and she apologized. The next day, there were brownies on the counter with a note that said sorry. She clearly disregarded what he said to bring us apology brownies!!

The last straw was when, one day, my dad had left the house, and I was taking a shower. When I stepped out in just a towel and ran to the laundry room, there was a random woman sitting on the couch. After freaking out, I learned that she was a Jehovah’s Witness and was let in by my neighbor, who apparently was snooping around while I was in the shower and just left the lady alone in my house.

My dad came home and changed all the locks that day and told her not to come over ever again. We also ignored her any time she knocked after that. She hated us after that and clearly thought all of her actions were completely normal.” Notfunliketheysaid

30. He Cut The Water Pipes On Our Street Because His Water Was Cut Off


“I had a horrible neighbor growing up.

When I was around 11-years-old, my parents figured they could start leaving me alone for short periods of time, so they had left to go pick up some take-out for supper.

During that time, they were exchanging all the water pipes on our street, so the entire street was dug up, and all the houses on our street were connected to the fire hydrants for water. It happened that the main pipe that connected the hydrant to all the houses was in our backyard. They had cut off the supply to my neighbor’s house because he didn’t pay his water bill.

So, 11-year-old me was outside on the porch, waiting for my parents to bring me back chicken wings with my dog, when all of the sudden, water starts splashing against the side of our shed, not just like, ‘Oh, someone put the sprinkler on,’ more like ‘Niagra Falls is happening in my backyard,’ and my dog starts barking.

I walked around the shed and peeked around the corner, and there was my neighbor with an ax and a saw. He had cut the water pipes as a ‘screw you’ to the village for cutting his water. I freaked out and called my parents. They left the restaurant without their order and called the police. They had him arrested for a few days and then he was let out, but for the longest time after that, I never went outside alone anymore.” eggrica

29. She Told Everyone Her Daughter Was Very Sick… She Wasn’t

Marcelo Leal

“I live in a duplex house so our ‘neighbors’ live directly above us. We’ve lived here for some time and had multiple families come and go. The worst one was a seemingly normal family, husband, wife, daughter, and son.

The daughter was about two and sickly, having multiple surgeries with more to come. Christmas came around, and news of this little girl was spread around the area. The local news station came to visit her with tons of toys and gifts for everyone in the family. A seemingly heartwarming story, yes?

We learn that she’s supposed to go into another surgery. This one was probably the worst of them all. I can’t remember what it was since it was a few years ago, but it was definitely replacing some organ. While she was being checked to see if she actually needed to do this surgery, the doctor tells the parents that this child is completely healthy.

Wonderful news! Right? Well, the thing is, she was always completely healthy. The doctor confronted the parents and realized that the mom was a pathological liar, and the father was an extremely greedy man.

Turns out, they used to live in Florida and moved up to Ohio because the doctors there refused to operate on the girl. One time, she had some regular cold, and the mom Googled the symptoms and brought her to the doctor. He informed her it was just a cold, but she insisted it was more than that and basically forced the man to diagnose the child incorrectly. I’m not sure how she managed that, but that’s just the story I’ve been told.

This little two-year-old girl was constantly hooked up to IV’s. She had multiple surgeries, one of which was removing her appendix. Everything about her story was so sad and so heartbreaking.

Both children became foster children, and I don’t know what happened to them since.” Jamgoesontoast

Another User Comments:

“Munchausen by proxy.” krisleeann80

28. Her Yappy Dog Barked All Day Long

Robert Gramner

“I worked nights and needed to sleep during the day. The neighbor lady would go to work and leave her ratty, yappy dog alone all day long. The dog would bark and bark and bark. It was a wonder he didn’t lose his voice. When we asked if she couldn’t do something about it, she refused to believe that her dog was barking.

‘He doesn’t bark when I’m home,’ she says. NO SH*T. He stops when you are there, you dim bulb, but he barks his head off all day long. Now, I don’t want to hurt the dog or blame him. After all, he had psychological problems being owned by his brain dead owner.

Finally… I had the last straw. I informed our other neighbors who were fed up with the dog and woman before I did this… I got their thumbs up approval. I recorded the dog, and on one night when I wasn’t working, set up speakers in the backyard. Making sure that she was absolutely asleep, I blasted the barking back at her in a continual loop as loud as I possibly could. When she came screaming out of her house, we informed her that it was only fair that since WE got to hear her dog all day long, SHE could now hear him ALL NIGHT long and that we will play his lovely sounds…every night until she shuts the little f*cker up.

Soon, Mr. Yappy was in doggy daycare during the day while she was working, and he got to be around people and play with other dogs.

Don’t cha love a happy ending?” rulanmooge


27. He Saw My House Getting Broken Into And Refused To Call 911


What a lovely neighbor.

“My neighbor watched my house get robbed.

After coming home and discovering most of my belongings are gone, I’m in the driveway when the neighbor tells me he heard really loud banging and thought it was friends of mine. They were kicking the door in. He then said he watched them but was scared they would see him in the window. Then he told me he took a picture of the car. I hugged him. I asked him why he didn’t call 911, and he said he called his girlfriend, and she told him to stay out of it.

First, you can’t see someone in the widow of their house unless they are up close to the window. Second, he had his blinds down and opened just a bit, so he would have been hidden. Third, the picture of the car….was a side view of the front to driver sidedoor….so helpful. Such a p*ssy. Later, he said he was afraid of retaliation if he called 911.

I was so p*ssed and told him, ‘Don’t worry, I’m a better neighbor and would call 911 if I saw something.’

Two days later, I’m at Best Buy to replace my laptop and told the story to the kid waiting on me. He tells me my neighbor is a d*uche. We go up to the Geek Squad counter, and guess who’s behind it? …my neighbor. I had no idea he worked there. I turned and softly told the kid that he was the guy. He told me he was p*ssed enough for me, and he was going to tell all the employees.” BravoIsACult

26. The Neighborhood Swamp


“Nobody. Literally, nobody. The house next to where I live had been left and foreclosed. The bank, I guess, owned it. Now in this backyard was a giant, covered, in-ground pool. The top of the cover turned into a literal swamp. It was a huge breeding ground for mosquitos, and frogs and who knows what else. Every summer, the bugs were terrible. I didn’t mind the frog croaking, though. That was peaceful. And it stank, too.

We would call the township, the other house next to it would call, and the house behind would call. They’d say it’s not their problem and to call the bank since they own it. The bank would say to call the town, repeat. It went on for years. Someone cleaned it once, but it quickly went back to a swamp.

Queue this summer, someone purchased it to rent it out. Well, we all jumped on it. Finally, SOMEBODY owns it and can take care of it. He was nice and said that yes, he’ll take care of it. Now, this guy comes from a group of people who are notoriously cheap and purchase a lot of properties and do minimal/cheap cover-up work to make turn look decent and overcharge for rent.

His solution, it turned out, was to just dump massive amounts of chemicals into the pool after taking the cover off and close it back up. You could smell the chemicals, they were so much. Frogs were dying by the dozens. So that being completely unacceptable, some department that deals with nature was called, and they came and wrote him a bunch of citations and stuff for killing nature and stuff. They told him he HAD to either take the pool out, properly maintain it, or face further consequences.

Pool was finally ripped out about a month ago, and all the neighbors rejoiced.” njdeatheater

25. She Refused To Stop Hoarding For The Sake Of Her Neighbors’ Safety

Oleksii Hlembotskyi

“Had a hoarder next door.

The bugs she brought were bad enough, but she was old and forgetful, and on more than one occasion, she put food on the stove and just left. Smoke would billow from her apartment, and I would have to call the fire department, so they could race there to kick in her door and stop things before she burned down the building. She liked to hoard newspapers, among other things, so her apartment was a d*mn tinder box.

On top of that, there was the sheer weirdness of when her family would come and remove everything from her house while she stood, staring at the dumpster. Much of the stuff they would carry to the trash, I would recognize as something I had thrown out, sometimes even years earlier.

To top it off, she was rude as hell about it if you asked her to please, please, please let the exterminators into her apartment. It would be one thing if she had been a sweet old lady with a bad problem she acknowledged and apologized for, but she was downright mean if you asked her to open her apartment up to pest control to try to keep the monster roaches at bay.” Galileo182

24. She Didn’t Want Me Cleaning The Litter Box, So She Killed My Cat

Pedro Candeias

It makes me sick thinking that there are people out there who purposely kill their neighbor’s innocent cat or dog over something as petty as this.

“I grew up in a trailer, so our ‘front yard’ was the neighbor’s ‘backyard.’ This was also back in the days of clay litter, so we had to dump all the litter in the trash once in a while and rinse the litter boxes out and let them dry before refilling with fresh litter. Not my favorite chore by any means, but my parents told me to do it, so I did.

My neighbor comes out one time, yelling that I can’t do that. I sassed back that I had just as much right to be there as she did. She yelled that I was a horrible kid and that she was going to tell my parents that I was rude to her. I told her to go right ahead; it’s not like I want to be cleaning the stupid litter box. I told my parents about the interaction afterward, and the neighbor never said anything to them.

A couple of weeks later, my cat was dead. My parents found out from friends who worked at the local grocery store that worst neighbor ever had bought rat poison recently. Again, this was a trailer park. If she had had rats, then we would have had rats. It’s not proof enough to take her to court, though.” chaela_may

23. After One Of Their Parents Died, Their Kids Started Damaging Our Property

Griffin Taylor

“We had next-door neighbors who had kids that were a little rowdy but nothing too bad. Then one of the parents died, and the kids went incredibly wild.

Over the next few years, we had a number of problems including: graffiti spray-painted on the house, glass and nails left in a line on our driveway, a full can of ginger ale thrown through our window, dog sh*t thrown at the house, and condoms filled with corn syrup and flour launched at our house. In addition, the kids started dealing drugs out of the house, and we had to deal with a massive increase of noise as they had large parties every weekend and were sitting on the front porch screaming obscenities at each other almost every weekday.

We tried calling the cops when we were hit, and the cops were aware of the kids from other calls in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, their mother covered for them and would apologize to us privately after the cops left. All the cops could do was give them warnings.

We finally broke down and set up cameras around the entire outside of the house and installed them when the kids were there and watching. They saw everything go up and saw us check and remove all blind-spots. The moment they saw that they’d be on camera if they tried any of this again, the problems immediately stopped. Even the dealing moved somewhere else. It’s been mostly peace and quiet (with a few exceptions) ever since.” cyrus_hunter

22. He’d Turn Around His Dump Truck In Their Backyard

Bernd Dittrich

Neighbors who act like their property is more important than yours are the worst.

“My parents’ neighbor owns a landscaping company, so he has a dump truck. His house is set further back from the road than theirs, so his driveway, which is right on the property line, extends past their house and next to their backyard.

My dad noticed the neighbor turning the dump truck around in my parents’ backyard when the ground was very soft from some recent rain. He went back, and sure enough, there were giant ruts in my parents’ yard.

When my dad confronted the neighbor about using their backyard to turn around, the neighbor responded by saying, ‘I’m sorry, but if I turned it around in my yard, it would have left ruts in my lawn.’ So, he knew it would leave ruts, didn’t want them in his yard, and left them in my parents’ yard instead.” livecaterpillarflesh

Another User Comments:

“I think the best thing to do is put cinder blocks in your yard, so he can’t do that anymore.

That’s what one of the people in the neighborhood I live did where people kept using his circle driveway, so he put CINDER blocks on the driveway and stopped that crap from happening ever again.

Though, I wish there was an easier thing to do where he could put in his driveway, or maybe those people would learn NOT to use other people’s driveway to turn around, especially when they could drive around the neighborhood, but people SUCK.” HouseofPain1

21. They Sued Us For Getting An Extension Legally Built On Our Property


“Our neighbors hate us after we got an extension built with full permission, and the council rejected their objections for not having enough light because they’d converted the garage into a dining room with windows without permission. By mutual agreement, we removed the front part of the hedges because my parents felt so bad that they wanted to do something for them.

Our neighbors decided to ‘sue’ us and claim the entire boundary where the hedges were removed for themselves. Our houses were built 50 years apart, and our house had its own hedges and was a corner house before theirs was built. We also have proof of how the space looked before the extension was built and the hedges removed, and the way it was built, most of it belonged to us from the start.

I say ‘sue’ because they started this problem to begin with and wanted legal action but refused to get a solicitor on the grounds of ‘WHY SHOULD I GET A SOLICITOR WHEN YOU GUYS CAUSED THIS?’

So, we got a solicitor ourselves because my mom had been assaulted a few times, and they were building walls and placing objects on the disputed space despite numerous police warnings. I’ve been assaulted myself. The wife has been charged. She’s tried to run my mom over with her car before. We decided it was time to resolve it formally.

It’s been three years since this started. We’re going through our solicitor, and it’s taking a long time, but we’re getting there. We’ve been told to do absolutely nothing and just report and document everything which is what we’ve done. We tried to resolve it ourselves, but it ended in an assault, so we won’t even go near them. They won’t cooperate because they believe they did nothing wrong.

Every week there is some sort of commotion, and we’ll get harassed in some way.

On the other hand, our neighbors on the other side of us are absolute angels, and the elderly Mrs gave my mom some berries last week to make jam with.” Aela_Nox

20. She’d Scream Bloody Murder All Of The Time

Oleg Laptev

“I had this neighbor once who turned out to be seriously mentally ill. I would say she was in her 50s or 60s. She seemed nice and normal at first, but eventually, we would hear her screaming to nobody inside her unit at all hours of the day. Bloody murder screaming, swearing, completely losing her sh*t at NOBODY. She lived totally alone. It was kind of scary, actually.

I had some other neighbors around my age that lived underneath me, a couple that was male/female. If the female ever had guy friends come over, the crazy neighbor would knock on her door and start screaming at her that she was running a brothel and that she was a prostitute.

It got worse and worse over time to the point that both myself and my downstairs neighbors e-mailed detailed complaints to our landlord. Eventually, they called some sort of adult social services department on her, and she was finally evicted. We felt kind of bad, but Jesus Christ.” rizaroni

19. He Shovels Dog Poop Onto Other People’s Cars


“My friend’s upstairs neighbor has a dog that he never takes for a walk or out for a poop. So, the dog just sh*ts on the balcony, and when it dries, he shovels it off the balcony onto the cars below, then he throws water on it to clean it up, and the sh*t water drips down onto her balcony.

She has called the landlord, the city, and the maintenance company. No one will do anything about it. We have shouted at him while doing it, and he stops for a minute but continues when we are gone. If you knock on his door, he won’t answer.” billbro_swaggins

Another User Comments:

“Call the cops and ask them to do a welfare check on this neighbor pretending you’re worried because his apartment smells super bad, like something died up there. If he’s that gross, likely the rest of his apartment is a hazard too. He’ll either open the door for the cops, or they’ll force entry. If there’s proof the inside of the place is a hazard, maybe he’ll get evicted.” bigblondewolf

18. He’d Steal All The Neighbor’s Stuff


“I moved a lot growing up, so I’ve had a few.

One neighbor in Florida was a known kleptomaniac, but he would steal the most random items around the neighborhood.

When someone moved out of a house, he would dig up the plants from the yard and sell them online. We would just wake up one morning, and all of the plants would be gone with the trail of dirt leading to his house.

When his house foreclosed, he stole all of the doors off their hinges before moving out. He stole another neighbor’s bicycle when they left their garage door open. The owner knew it was the klepto, so he just walked over to his house and took it back without calling the cops.

We also later found out that he was going through a nasty divorce from his wife… who was once his therapist.” ArtByTMD

17. Their Daily House Party Didn’t Go So Smoothly One Day


“The neighbors next door used to have parties every day of the week, which was exhausting for those of us who had to get up for work in the morning. They especially favored a particular dance game, that involved the song, ‘I like to move it, move it,’ being blasted over and over again at all sorts of ridiculous hours. Earplugs did nothing.

Things came to a head one night when we heard smashing glass at 2 a.m. I crept downstairs and peeked through our kitchen window, which had a view over to their kitchen window. Their window was smashed right through (we found out later someone punched it – it was double-glazed!). And I saw the flash of a knife. That was it for me, I rang the emergency services.

A few minutes later, and a police car pulls up outside. The music is still banging, and there’s a guy sitting on the wall outside our neighbor’s house. We hear one of the cops ask, ‘You ok there, buddy?’ Well, all hell broke loose.

This guy let out the most animalistic scream and attacked the cop. Not a good move. More cops arrive, and we are peering through the curtains (along with the rest of the street) watching as six officers sit on this guy and carry him like a plank of wood to a van. Meanwhile, plenty of screaming from the other people at the party (which is how we found out this guy had punched through the kitchen window). No one got any sleep on our street that night.” ollynch

16. He Has A Strong Hatred For Cats

Raul Varzar

“This older single guy named Ellis lived across the road about 25 meters from my family’s home. He was known to be very particular and a pain in the arse.

One day, he came to our front door and lectured my mom because our cat had been sh*tting in his very neat and perfectly maintained garden. My mom said sorry, but what could we really do about it? This happened several times more to his increasing irritation and our continued amusement. It seemed like the cat thought he deserved it.

One evening, we hear an aggressive banging on the front door. Ellis is standing there fuming, so angry he was red in the face. He shouts at my mum something like, ‘That f*cking cat is in my front yard right now doing it again!’ I, 14-years-old, walk up to the door, holding our cat and say, ‘Umm, he’s been inside most of the day…’ At this point, it looked like his head was about to explode, and he said mutters furiously, ‘Well… if I ever catch him again, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.’ He storms off and my mum closes the door. ‘Well actually, he can now,’ I say.

Sometime after this, he comes to our door again, extensively describing a situation throughout which we tried so hard not to laugh. He had  his garage door open, and ‘our cat’ had gone exploring. Upon seeing the cat, he had yelled at it and chased it, causing the cat to run up the lace curtains, ripping them. Afterward, my dad commented, ‘Who puts bloody curtains in their garage anyway?’ We all found it hilarious.

Anyway, back at the front door, Ellis produces an itemized list of the tedious lengths he went to replace the curtains, including how far he traveled to get to the store and back, plus receipts.

Despite there being no evidence it was our cat, my mom compensated him, probably so he would shut up. We never heard from him again until he moved houses.” chriswingz

15. They Were Raising Peacocks And Roosters

Remy Baudouin

“Heard some crazy animal sounds next door. Mind you, I lived in suburban San Jose, not on a farm or anything. So, these noises sounded tropical or something, like a honking call of some sort. It was kind of amusing when it started, but eventually, it got louder and louder and earlier and earlier.

Eventually, these animals would wake us up at 5 a.m. consistently, but we’d never heard these noises before, so we didn’t know what was driving us slowly insane. We finally got on a stepladder and looked over the fence to find they had several adolescent peacocks! I had no idea how noisy these guys were.

A few days later, the kid from that family comes knocking at our door, sobbing. Through his tears, and with his father standing behind him, he asked if the birds were bothering us and told us that someone called the cops due to noise complaints (pet peacocks are legal in unincorporated Santa Clara county, but not in San Jose). We lied and said they weren’t bothering us, even though they were ’cause this kid was so upset. It wasn’t us that called the cops, but it could’ve been literally anyone on our block, they were so d*mn loud.

About a week after that, the peacocks were gone.

Then they replaced them with f*cking roosters. We moved.” Jerk0

14. We Couldn’t Sleep At Night Because Of Them

Annie Spratt

“We were living in a two-bedroom apartment complex on the ground floor. The neighbors above us, in an identical unit, were a family of refugees with 7 kids.

Those kids pounded around in that apartment at all hours of the day and long into the night. They threw things off the balcony regularly and then they weren’t inside; they were outside causing problems.

You expect a certain amount of discomfort living in an apartment complex, but the situation got so bad, we couldn’t sleep at night or go outside without worrying about getting something dropped on us. So, we went to management for help. Since the family was refugees, the complex was getting some kind of contract deal for housing them, and they were reluctant to deal with the situation. They also refused to relocate them to another unit or to relocate us.

After a few difficult months and tense conversations with management, we decided we needed to move out. We broke our lease by moving out early, but they agreed that they had failed to provide us with reasonable living conditions and agreed not to pursue it any further.

But five years later, they came after us for the fees for breaking our lease early plus late fees and interest. They sat on it for as long as they could to get the maximum amount of money from us as possible: $5,000. We couldn’t fight it, so we were forced to take out a high-interest rate unsecured loan to avoid a 25% wage garnishment.

We are two months away from having that loan paid in full and finally being able to walk away from it. The whole thing happened over 8 years ago.” alate9

Another User Comments:

“And this, kids, is why you always get anything detailing your responsibilities (or, in this case, lack thereof) in writing.

Yikes. Those landlords are just cruel.” Reddit user

13. They Wouldn’t Stop Trashing Our Shared Bathroom


They should have made them clean the bathroom and pay for all of the toiletries going forward.

“The dorms, freshman year of college. There was one communal bathroom per gender on each floor.

Every night, these wannabe frat bros from down the hall would absolutely trash the bathroom. Every square of toilet paper would be used to TP everything, the sinks would be clogged and left running, trash cans upended in the showers (also left running), food smeared on the walls, soap dispensers emptied everywhere, entire uneaten meals shoved in the toilets, the whole nine yards.

As a result, university housing refused to give us more than one roll of toilet paper per stall per day and would always save our bathroom for last when they cleaned. At one point, the health department had to be called because they refused to clean it for a week, so the entire floor went a week without hand soap, and everyone got sick.

And those frat bros wrecked the bathroom at a different time every day. Sometimes between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., and sometimes between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. They were never caught in the act, but everyone from that floor is pretty sure it was them anyway.

They kept this up for a solid three months. The only reason they stopped was because the school year ended, and everyone moved out.” 80000chorus

12. His Yard Had To Be Perfect


“‘Blower Dude’ as the whole family refers to him. When we moved in, he told my dad none of the neighbors got along with him (gee, wonder why) and then said since there were no deciduous trees on his property, he would be blowing any leaves that fell into his yard over our fence. Ok.

This guy used his leaf blower 4 to 5 times a day. He would spend hours carefully blowing the snow off his chain-link fence while it was still snowing. Wanna sleep in? You’ll have to make it through his two backyard passes before 10, so good luck.

It should be better in summer right? Nope, this guy actually mowed his lawn every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. I wish I were kidding.

Due to the weirdness where we were, his pump house for irrigation water was on our property, and somehow one Monday (dad’s yard workday), they ended up in a fistfight over leaves in his little pump house thingie. The police told him he’s not allowed in our yard on Mondays because six days a week is plenty to water your lawn, and boy, was he p*ssed. He would go out to blow sh*t anytime anyone was in our backyard.

He got too sick to mow the summer before he died, so he would sit on his back porch watching his poor 30-year-younger wife doing it and yelling about how wrong she did it until he finally dropped dead.” Reddit user

11. She Bought A Brand New Car But “Couldn’t Afford” To Care For Her Cat

Jesse Collins

I get it, vet bills are expensive, and you aren’t obligated to opt for medical treatment for your pet, but come on, this lady had bucks.

“So, I lived in a large, nicer apartment complex. The downstairs neighbor had the cutest, sweetest kitty. He would often find his way into my apartment to hang with my guys (they were buds) and vacuum some food up.

One day, I came home, and he was in a bloody, broken pile on my doorstep. He had hauled himself up to the third floor to my apartment, despite being in very bad shape. I ran downstairs and knocked on their door and told them their cat was badly hurt and ask if they needed a carrier or a vet. I could loan one and refer the other.

The dude looked at me and yelled over his shoulder, ‘Honey, do we have a cat?’ Yes. They did. No carrier. She took the carrier and went to my vet, slowly and a bit grudgingly.

I was young and dumb and should really have taken the cat myself and kept it. It just didn’t really occur to me they didn’t give a sh*t about the cat.

So, a few days later, I see her and ask her how the cat is.

She looked annoyed and said the vet wanted an outrageous amount of money to fix the cat’s broken jaw and whatever else. Bear in mind, she had JUST purchased a brand new car. This was a nicer apartment, and generally, that response infuriated me.

She had also tossed my nice carrier.

Then, she topped it off my complaining that the vet stole her cat. She wanted it euthanized – it was hers, d*mn it! – but the stupid vet refused and said she would keep him and fix him.

A few days later, her new car acquired a milkshake down the vents. Very mysterious, no idea how that happened! So sad.” underpantsbandit

10. They Had A Massive, Ongoing Feud With The Neighbors


“Growing up, the neighbors down the street from us were constantly having a massive feud with each other, and we frequently got to be witness to the most ridiculous screaming matches I’ve ever seen.

I had to walk past their houses every morning to get to the school bus stop at the end of the street. Each house had a girl one year older than me that also had to walk to the bus stop. Well, each girl hated the other and the other’s parents, and each parent hated the other parents and the other girl.

As a result, every walk to the bus stop gave a high chance that the two girls would have insane fights with fists flying and hair pulling, and then the mothers would probably get involved. At one point, one mother (who was from Lebanon, I believe) flew out of her house naked, carrying an ax, and screaming. Another time, this mother almost ran over the neighbor’s daughter, rolled down the window of her car, and screamed, ‘YOU F*CKING WH*RE! YOU TAKE D*CK UP A**HOLE! YOU SL*T WH*RE! DIE IN HELL!” before peeling out and taking off.

Things escalated when one neighbor stole/destroyed the other neighbor’s tree. They dug the whole sapling out of the ground (It wasn’t small, it was at least 10 or 15 feet high and had been there for a year) and left a big hole in the lawn. Presumably, the tree was long gone. In response, the other neighbors constructed a ‘fence’ on the property line made entirely of old rusty pick-up trucks that they had flipped over.

Eventually, as the girls grew older, one of the daughters was arrested after she assaulted her stepfather with a baseball bat for some reason (I don’t know why). The other eventually moved away from the house. As far as I know, the one that was arrested was eventually released, had a kid, and is now a stripper, which baffles me as she was the ugliest and hairiest girl I’ve ever met.” Kheekostick

9. He’s Obsessed With His Privacy


Maybe he’d be better off living out in the country with no neighbors?

“When I was about three, our neighbor from hell moved in across the street. My mom baked cookies, and my dad and I took them over there. The guy opens the door a crack, takes the cookies, and looks my dad dead in the eye and says, ‘I like my privacy.’

Fast forward 10 years, and my dad is in the front yard. He notices a couple of sketchy guys walking in and out of our neighbor’s house and thinks about saying something to them but remembers that our weird a** neighbor loves his precious privacy and ignores the incident. The next day, tons of police out front: it turns out, our neighbor was robbed clean.

Fast forward a year, his sweet next-door neighbors just up the incline of the street trim the top of a shrub on their property’s dividing line, so that they can look out and see the ocean. The creepy neighbor then builds a huge fence where the shrub was out of pure a**holery and all around his property.

Fast forward another year, and my mom is in the kitchen which faces out toward the street. She notices a man in a baseball cap in the neighbor’s side yard, staring out at the street, not moving. Four hours later, she looks out, and he’s still there and hasn’t moved an inch. The next morning, she looks out again, and he’s still there. She finally gets out a pair of binoculars, and it turns out its a fake f*cking person, like a wax mold of a man staring out at the street, just to instill anxiety in the hearts of joggers who have the nerve to look at his house.” annabellebanna

8. He Blamed Us For Everything


“My downstairs neighbor was an absolute nightmare for a while. He was an elderly gentleman who was 110% convinced we were somehow messing with his TV, his lights, the electricity, etc. He would grumble under his breath whenever he saw us and would occasionally hit his ceiling with something to get our attention. The ceiling bumps became more violent over time, sounding more and more like a bowling ball was being thrown against our floors. We ignored it for the most part and just tacked it up to the crazy old guy downstairs just being, well, old and bored.

This went on for a month or two until finally, he punched his hand through the window on our front door. He cut himself pretty badly, and it was at this point it started to dawn on us that he probably had dementia because he saw us a couple of days later and acted like nothing had happened. He had a daughter that checked up on him every now and again but no one that lived with him.

Things quieted down for a couple of months after that, but then the bowling ball on the ceiling started up again accompanied by screaming and yelling, threatening to come up and beat the sh*t out of us. It got so bad one night we had to call the police because we were afraid he was going to hurt himself.

We then got a hold of his daughters to let them know they needed to do something, put him in a home where he could get proper care, something better than his current living situation. I’m still convinced he has some form of dementia, but it also turned out that there was an electrical problem in his apartment that kept shorting out his appliances and shutting his TV off. Whatever the issue was, it got fixed, and it’s been all quiet on the crazy neighbor front ever since.” wisdom_crab

7. She Told Us Not To Invite People Of A Different Race To Our Own House

Markus Spiske

“My husband turned our garage into a recording studio and had a (black) gospel band come over to record. This was on a Sunday after church (probably around 1 p.m.), and they were dressed in their Sunday best. They recorded for probably about 5 to 6 hours and left before it got dark. The guys (there were about 4 or 5, I can’t remember exactly) worked in lawn care, so they checked out our neighbor’s lawn, complimenting it amongst each other on how well maintained it was.

The next day, our neighbor (in her late 40s, female, white, southern) knocks on our door to tell us that (and I sh*t you not, these words came out of her mouth) this was a family-friendly neighborhood, and she would really appreciate it if we didn’t have black people come over and look at other people’s houses because you never know if they’ll want to come back under different circumstances.

This was probably around 2009 or so, and I could not believe that someone was telling me I couldn’t have people of a different race over at MY house. At first. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but by the end of our ‘conversation,’ I told her that this is our house, and we will have people come over if we want, whether they’re white, black or purple. She shut the h*ll up and left, but we never saw eye to eye after that.

We don’t live there anymore, but I still hate that b*tch with a passion.” fonttastic_plastic

6. He Critiques All Of The Neighbors’ Driving

Matheus Ferrero

I completely understand if people get upset for people speeding down a residential area, especially when there are kids and/or pets out, but this guy seemed like he was looking for some drama.

“We have this neighbor who is literally the ‘Neighborhood Watchdog.’ He always spies on vehicles going past his house and has always done some weird sh*t. He came to my neighbor’s house one day and complained that my friend and his friend’s cars were speeding down the road. They weren’t. This guy is f*cking nuts. He won’t ever shut up about his neighbors, even though he’s worse than any of us are.

One night, my dad’s coming home late from work (as usual when you work 18ish hours a day and manage your own business) and takes the turn into our community. This a**hat is walking his dog at 8:30 or so at night, pitch black, no d*mn reflective sh*t on. He comes to our house while we’re having dinner and knocks on the front door and claims my dad almost hit him and his dog. He goes on to say that he was calling the cops on my dad.

My dad gets the last laugh by saying, ‘Oh, I bet you have them on speed dial’ and shutting the front door in his face.” BlackPurity

5. He’s Trying To Find A Single Reason To Get My Mom Arrested

Bill Oxford

I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure what he’s doing is illegal.

“Currently, the guy who lives across the street is doing everything he can to get my mom arrested. They both used to go to this church in our neighborhood that housed a lot of drama for some reason. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but he has it out for my mom now.

He’ll yell things at her from his yard – stuff like calling her b*tch, sl*t, wh8re. He has security cameras, and he keeps them pointed directly at our house. He’s always trying to catch my mom doing something illegal – he looks up her public records to get information about her and calls the police over stuff like her car’s tags being expired (reasonable, I guess, but he only did it because he wants her to be in as much trouble as possible) and her car ‘not being parked far away enough from his driveway.’ I say that in quotes because you have to park three feet from someone’s driveway. He didn’t think it was three feet, so he called the police, who then told him she was, in fact, parked far away enough, and they couldn’t do anything because there was nothing illegal about it.

And the creepiest part is he takes pictures of my family every day. Blatantly, he just takes pictures ‘in case he needs evidence.’

He doesn’t do this sh*t in front of me and he definitely doesn’t do it when he sees my dad’s car in the driveway. It’s pathetic and creepy, and there is nothing we can do currently. I have so many stories about this man spending way too much time trying to make my mom’s life h*ll. It’s ridiculous.” ConfidentlyComatose

4. He Nearly Killed My Dad For Mowing His Half Of The Lawn Too


The dude was just trying to do a good deed, and he got punished for it.

“About 18 years ago, my dad was home by himself one day. He mows the lawn of our family home and the shared small lawn between our house and our neighbor’s house. He mows the neighbor’s part of it too. The guy comes home while he’s doing it and says, ‘What the f*ck?! Don’t mow my lawn, you a**hole.” My dad stops.

A half-hour later, my dad is puttering in the garage (still the only one home), and this f*ckwit comes over and beats my dad, literally, within an inch of his life. Shatters his orbital. Breaks his palate. Knocks a bunch of teeth out. Breaks ribs. Taking out his bad day in truly psychotic fashion. The guy would have killed him if another neighbor, a big, tough lady, didn’t come and stand over my dad.

My dad’s little: 150 pounds, soaking wet. This guy was an easy 230. My dad lives to serve others and do favors for people and has an incredible, huge heart and not a selfish bone in his body.

The neighbor did some jail time but not nearly enough in my opinion.” drewdog173

3. Don’t Go Near The Barn…


“I was about 6 and my brother was about 9. We lived just off the edge of the suburbs near some new/developing land (not far from the city by any means, just on the edge of the city), so there were lots of cows and pastures, etc.

We shared a driveway with our neighbor. It was kind of a weird setup. As you turn onto the lot, the driveway takes you back, and our house sat just to the left of the driveway, but the driveway continued back more to another house and a barn that sat to the left of the driveway as well. It was like both our houses kinda came off the same driveway.

Anyway, I remember my parents always telling us not to cross the fence to the barn or go to the neighbor’s house because we didn’t know him and safety first, etc. I remember waking up one day and seeing our fence all broken down, and when I asked my dad, he said that our neighbor, JR, had broken it down in the middle of the night. Kinda weird.

Well, a couple of months go by, and the cops show up. It turns out, this guy was keeping his girlfriend hostage there, starving her, beating her, etc. This guy was a real creep, but he got taken away for good. Yeeeah. I’m pretty happy that we did what our parents said and never crossed onto this guy’s land…” Sklanskers

2. For Hours, She’d Screamed At The Crying Kid


Even if it wasn’t her kid, there is no excuse to treat a young child that way.

“Last week, I heard a child crying in the apartment upstairs. The only other sounds I could make out were. ‘SHUT UP!’ This went on for two hours before my girlfriend called Child Protection Services, and another hour after that until about 10:30 on a Thursday night.

The next morning, I woke up at about 7:30 to more crying and more yellings of ‘Shut up.’ My girlfriend left for work, and I told her I would call CPS again if it got worse. It got worse. Occasionally, I hear loud noises like someone stomping on the ground, and the crying was occasionally punctuated by high-pitched yelps. I call CPS. The noises continue well into the day, and I’m pretty sure this kid is old enough that he should be in school.

I leave for work. When I get home, my girlfriend tells me the upstairs neighbor confronted her about their ‘little visit from CPS’ today. The neighbor says the kid wasn’t hers; it was her friend’s who has been staying there off the lease. CPS apparently took the kid away, but her neighbor said she ‘isn’t even mad’ in a passive-aggressive tone. Also, she says the kid has ADD and OCD, as if that excuses anything.

Take good care of your kids. Understand their needs and work with them. If your child is crying for three hours straight on two separate occasions within a 12-hour period, you are doing something wrong, and yelling at the child will not improve the situation.” Tellingdwar

1. Her Favorite Hobby Is Calling CPS And The Police


“Our neighbor, female early 50’s, a complete b*tch with a stick up her a**, called child protective services on my family. She claimed that my dad broke my brother’s arm (he broke it in a football game with tons of witnesses), that my dad beats my younger brothers, that we shot the dog with the BB gun and that my mom abuses my grandmother who lives with them.

Both of my brothers got pulled out of class and questioned for hours by the CPS. They came to the house and told my mom that if she didn’t let them in, they would call the cops. They interrogated my grandmother, who was in very poor health, for hours; they searched the dog for BB marks; they questioned my mom and dad, during which they asked them what they had done with their daughter (me) because she isn’t here and hasn’t been seen in months. (I moved away for school.) Nothing came of it because nothing was happening.

This same neighbor also called the cops claiming that my family tried to burn her house down. She will also call if you park in front of her house and yell at you when she sees you.” meowcatninja

We can choose the house we move into, but we can’t really pick the people we live by. Sometimes we just get lucky to move into a quiet neighborhood with respectful neighbors. Other times, we find ourselves in a daily struggle trying to get on that particular neighbors’ good side, hoping that they don’t put fresh dog poop on our doorstep or constantly send in fabricated complaints about us to our landlord. But in the end, neighbors will show their true colors, no matter how nicely we treat them!

What’s the worst neighbor you have ever had? Share it with us!

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