People Share The Most Evil Thing They Saw Someone Do


I believe that inside every person is the ability to be a kind, generous soul. Humans are inherently good. It’s when life gets heavy, however, that we are sometimes put in a situation where our emotions take over. In the heat of the moment, when we are faced with adversity, we can choose to fight fire with fire or back down. Depending on the circumstances, timing and where we are in life, there’s no telling what that choice looks like. Good people have the capacity to do bad things. After all, we are only human. But does one bad thing make you a bad person forever?

While the jury is still out on this one, the following are a mixture of hilarious, and downright cruel stories. Some are evil things people said, while others highlight the evil things people did. From kids to high schoolers to adults, everyone here confesses to something they did or witnessed someone else do. A few experienced feelings of regret for the awful thing they did, and others, not so much. Not even a little teeny tiny bit. Read on for some stories that might make you cringe or make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Others might make you laugh – like the guy in Starbucks with a pretty twisted sense of humor. People are weird. What do you think?

46. A Simple Error Cost This Man Thousands Of Dollars Down The Drain


“I used to work for Qwest who was bought out by Century Link.

A guy bought a no-frills landline for like 10 bucks. No long distance. No Caller ID. No anything. Just a landline.

Why? Dial-up internet of course.

Only, he failed. He called his ISP from his modem and left it on for an entire month. Turns out, it was a long-distance number. He didn’t know.

What happened next was a $25,000 phone bill.

Now, this is your average joe working a regular job who has a tiny home. Dude worked in an extra 10 bucks into his budget so that he could have internet. It’s the little things in life.

Only now he’s drowning. He made 2 payments of $500 apiece to try to take care of his bill, but he would never be able to pay the whole thing. He called me, begging and even crying, for help.

How the system worked is whoever waived anything took a penalty. It didn’t matter if it was a mistake or legit, waiving anything gave the employee waiving it a penalty.

And it was a sales job. Not to mention, that $25,000 couldn’t be waived by anyone but upper management.

Nobody was willing to waive his bill. Even though he already paid a grand towards it. The fact is, the company wasn’t out anything. The infrastructure was already in place. They would have made a profit on just his paying his monthly bill. But nope.

The way the corp saw it was that he owed them money, and therefore, no matter how it would destroy his life, he had to pay it back. However, that wasn’t the main motivation. The company can write off that loss as a loss, and as such, his defaulting on his debt is more valuable.

What can you do?”  iambookus 

45. This Patient Was Dying, But The Family Was Worried About Less Important Things


“I’m a nurse. Walked into a hospice patient’s room full of the family fighting about inheritances and the will over their dying relative. One of the visitors called me back into the room and asked if there was any way to speed the ‘process’ along. She asked if ‘things’ would go faster if they put a magnet over the patient’s pacemaker (an effort to deactivate the device). She went onto explain that they were from out of town, they’d bought tickets to a live show and were worried about missing it.

Basically, it was taking too long for their family member to die and it was ruining their evening. All of this was within earshot of my super sweet patient. My blood was boiling.” Everyname22

44. He Devised A Truly Harmless But Mean Plan


“One time while I was in Starbucks (let it be publicly known that I vastly prefer Costa anyway) I was stuck in a long queue, seeking an iced mocha.

However, bored to the bone, my ears pricked up when I heard much angst from many different coffee consumers – and it all shared one origin.

Two words: hazelnut latte.

It transpired that this was the day they had stopped producing these seemingly addictive brews, and this news apparently hadn’t reached anyone with even a vague interest in burnt coffee beans mixed with a highly sweetened hazelnut syrup.

Many people, understandably chafed, were finally reaching the counter only to be denied this Gods’ nectar – you could’ve sliced some nice pieces of palpable anger to dip in the substandard drinks these people had chosen to try and replicate the one flavor they truly loved…

But I finally reached this counter, and while a hazelnut latte was not what I sought, I thought I’d just kinda ruin this Starbucks barista’s day a little.

This guy, mentally drained, found the energy to wheeze, “What can I get you?” I responded, as sweetly as I could, “An iced mocha, please.”

You could sense the relief from this poor, poor man.

“What’s your name, sir?”

There came the sucker punch.

“Hazelnut latte.”

His soul just left his body. His face pleaded with me, but I didn’t relent, so he went with it -grudgingly.

Everyone’s expressions when this maligned barista managed to spit out “hazelnut latte” with enough venom to reach this whole shop were absolutely priceless – you could have heard half a pin fall onto a mattress in there.

I’ve never returned since.” Source

43. What She Said Sounds Nice, But Is Just Downright Intentionally Evil


“In the middle of what was an incredibly long, very nasty divorce, I told my now ex that I hope he found the wife he truly deserves, and that they have a very long life together.

He remarried a couple of years later. When spending time with them, our children would come back home and complain. They said she would lecture their friends when the friends called on what she considered proper etiquette on the phone. She would get very upset and cry often and wanted to argue with their father non-stop. I would simply nod my head. (I do not ask questions about him, I do not bash him to our children, but I do not wish to dwell on him)

It appears their marriage is a bit different, I prefer not to know, the marriage is a part of my past now, and I don’t dwell on it much.

About 5 years ago, my youngest daughter was complaining, and I nodded. She got very upset with me and wanted to know why I never said anything. She looked at me and said, “You know you could end that mess of a marriage if you wanted to.” I agreed that I likely could. She asked why I didn’t.

I told her that the only thing I had said to her father in the 3-year battle to get the divorce was that I hoped he had a very long life with the wife he truly deserved. I looked at my daughter, smiled slightly and said, “it sounds like he has that, and his life has not been nearly long enough.”

My daughter was 16 then.

She looked at me and said it sounded like such a nice thing to say, but it was just evil. I nodded my head.” Source

42. This Kid Doesn’t Even Know That People Are Already On To Him


“I did childcare for a family with 3 kids; a girl who was 10 and two boys who were around 8 and 5.

The youngest boy was… a jerk to be honest. He was just mean. He’d hurt his siblings and me (obviously a 5-year-old doesn’t cause much damage but he’d dig his nails into you, pull your hair, etc). He’d find it funny. He was also kinda manipulative and knew he could get away with anything, and seemed to play on that.

He was extremely angelic-looking – blonde hair and blue eyes and cherubic face. But he was a sh*t.

One winter evening I picked the 3 kids up after some school performance and went to the local cafe (it seemed all the parents were going there to socialize, and we were all being picked up by the family’s mom). So I was chatting at one of the tables with the parents while the kids played around – there were probably 15 kids of varying ages running around causing havoc.

Suddenly, above the din, I hear a scream of pain – quite obviously a different noise to the normal yelling and shrieking.

I was too far away to see what had happened but got a horrible feeling in my stomach. Then, one of the siblings ran up to me and told me what had happened. Apparently the 5-year-old sh*thead had grabbed the hands of another kid and pressed them against the boiling hot radiator; holding them there while the kid screamed.

I ran over there and berated him (the mother had already got to her own child) and he showed not one ounce of guilt or remorse. He was smiling when I ordered him to apologize to the other boy.

Jesus. I’m half convinced he was a budding psychopath.” amijustinsane

41. His 12-Year-Old Self Came Up With A Booby Trap That Took Years to Work


“My father was an abusive drunk and a cop.

I mention his profession not to speak ill of all police but because I feel that it had a lot to do with his state of mind. Plus, the violence we were subjected to included his firearms i.e. when my mother was in a high-risk pregnancy with twins, he threw it so hard towards her, it created a hole in the wall. There were all kinds of cruel and detrimental things he did to my family and I (including our pets). Hopefully, you get the point without me having to go into more detail. My Mother did not have much support from her family, she was an uneducated stay at home mom for years, and she was afraid of his employers finding out what was going on.

This was because we relied on his income. We would pack up and leave like thieves in the night while he was passed out or at work but she always returned. My mother has issues as far as priorities are concerned and at the age of 12, I decided to use that to our advantage. The subject of infidelity was never an issue but I knew it would be the one thing to drive her over the edge. She had once again filed for separation so the timing couldn’t have been better. After watching him hit my little sister during one of his traumatic homework sessions, I put my plan into action.

I went to my friend’s house where we made ‘hooker business cards.’ Remember, I’m 12! Well, this was in the ’90s, back when there was that cartoony clipart. Once we were finished, we printed it out on regular printer paper (haha). It read something really stupid like ‘Penny Ho Prostitutes’ or something along those lines. It was BAD, obviously made by kids. So I brought it home and left it by his socks and slippers by his side of the bed. I thought my mom would find it while collecting laundry.

2 years pass.

I’m now 14 and after getting home from school one day, my mom approaches me and says ‘Look what I found in his underwear drawer!!!’ I could have died right then and there! Part of me wanted to pee my pants out of fear, the other wanted to bust out laughing.

Somehow, I maintained a poker face. She told me she looked up the phone number online. My friend and I had made everything but the area code up but guess what? It traced back to an address across from a titty bar my dad and uncle went to years ago. Well, my plan, although delayed, came to fruition later on that year. That was the straw that broke the camels back. The hilarious thing was that this ‘prostitution card’ was shown to lawyers, judges, and other adults. Nobody stopped to say ‘Hey, this thing is too f*cking stupid to be real.’

Another 2 years later…

I finally broke down and told my mom what I did.

Her reaction was mixed at first but she says she’s grateful that he’s finally gone.

Yes, I know this was incredibly stupid and evil. I am by no means proud but, it did make for an interesting memory.” Source

40. This Sneaky Priest Wanted The Cleaning Money All For Himself


“My company recently cleaned up a church after it flooded. We dried it out, working directly with the insurance company on billing. All the work is complete, their contents are all boxed nicely, cleaned, and returned. The insurance company cuts the check to the pastor. The pastor suddenly has a check for around $30,000 sitting in his lap and suddenly doesn’t feel like paying us.

He tries to negotiate, but we don’t accept that, as we already negotiate with the insurance company. The pastor turns around at us with, ‘I guess I’ll just keep the money. What are you going to do, sue a church? We’ll make it a PR nightmare.’

A year later, and we still haven’t collected that check.” TheDeepestOfSeas

39. He Just Had To Prove A Point In His Own Way


“This was pretty childish of me. I was on my way to MEPS (an initial military medical check-up) and my bus driver had to stop to pick someone up at an army recruiting office. I was holding my bladder for half an hour so I decided to go inside to use the restroom.

As I was walking past the desks, one of the recruiters asked what branch I was joining. I told him that I was going into the Navy. His facial expression changed. He then said, “Don’t forget to sit down when you pee, and don’t use the urinals, those are for real men.” His recruiting buddies were dying laughing at his amazing joke.

I went into the restroom, Shut the door, and peed all over the floor. I then got out my miniature pocket journal and wrote, ‘Real men go where they please.’ I placed the note on the floor and walked out of the restroom.

As I was passing the desks again, the same guy asked ‘So did you sit down when you peed? You better get used to doing it.’ I didn’t reply and strolled through the door.

There are no janitors in recruiting offices.” Source

38. Dad Had More Than A Few Words To Share


“When my firstborn son was five years old he was a gentle soul. He didn’t fight back when picked on and allowed others to take advantage of him. He didn’t mind, but I was livid at one little boy who kept antagonizing him.

One afternoon I witnessed this child (Phillip) antagonizing, picking on, and shoving my son.

I watched all of this from my car and got out. I said, ‘David, please get into the car.’ I walked over to Phillip and said, ‘Phillip, if I ever see you picking on David again I am going to get you and I will cut you up into so many tiny pieces that your mom and dad will never be able to find you. Do you understand?’ Phillip’s eyes grew to the size of golf balls and nodded with tears forming in his eyes.

I walked back to the car and as I was getting in I looked at Phillip. He was visibly shaken and I hollered, ‘Phillip, I mean it…’ He just stood there, crying.

Long story short, Phillip never touched David again. In fact, Phillip avoided my son at all costs. Also, my son came into his own a year later and not only defended himself but others who were being bullied. David never heard a word I spoke to Phillip and I haven’t told him about the incident to this day (he’s 27).” Source

37. He Cares About His Kids And Would Do Anything For Them – ANYTHING


“In 2010, I had just graduated from nursing school, gone through a messy divorce and watched my ex-wife move my sons to another town, about an hour away.

During the divorce, I made the mistake of playing the nice guy and basically agreeing to all of her demands because I thought it would be better for my sons.

She was a violent alcoholic with a crazy temper. The divorce just made her worse, as she didn’t want it…but when your neighbor goes out of his way to confess his and her drunken sexcapades to me…well, I just couldn’t stay in a marriage where she drank, got violent AND cheated. So I called it quits.

A few months later, I meet her to pick up my kids for weekend visitation and smell wine on her breath.

She was driving my kids AND drinking. I warned her about it and told her I’d call the law if I caught her doing it again. That night her neighbor/best friend texts me and tells me that the previous night my ex came home so drunk that she fell down on the sidewalk while walking from the car to the front door. She was DRIVING with my kids in the car and was so stinking drunk that she had to have my 9yo son open the front door because she was TOO DRUNK to even use the house key.

Needless to say, I was livid.

I mean irate. Beyond anything I’ve ever felt.

I hated her for endangering my kids and I blamed myself for not being there, for not staying in that nightmare to make sure my babies were safe. It was horrible.

So….naturally when I dropped the kids off to her at the end of the weekend, I confronted her about it. (The kids were inside and didn’t see or hear this). When I saw her, there was no anger; it was replaced with icy cold resolve and numb hate.

This is what I told her: ‘I know you were drunk Thursday night, driving with the kids.

I warned you about it. You should know better. So here’s the deal. If I even hear of you driving drunk with the kids, I’ll kill you. I WILL cut you up in small pieces and you will end up in a crab pot. No one will ever see you again and there will be no evidence. I will gladly eat the crabs that I catch with your rotten corpse, and I’ll enjoy every f*cking bite. Just try me, B*tch.’

I come from a family of Chesapeake Bay watermen. I live on the bay and know it like the back of my hand.

I own crab pots and she knew I was capable of it. She went pale.

I knew I’d won.” Source

36. She Had A Very Fairweather Friend And Decided To Tell Her How She Really Felt


“I had this friend who basically set me up to be violated on a date by her other friend when we were at a concert. It took me nearly a year to even recognize what had happened to me.

At a later time, she volunteered to watch my dog while I was out of the country. She volunteered herself. I did not ask. When I got back, I found out that not only had she taken my dog somewhere where she ended up eating rat poison that was on the floor, she also let her hit a moving car.

Fortunately, she hit the wheel and bounced off, rather than getting run over.

Later, she started asking me to pay the vet bills from both incidents. Now if I’d had any money, I probably would have helped out, but then she started saying all sorts of stuff about how I shouldn’t have a dog if I couldn’t pay for unexpected vet bills. Well, in the years I’d had her she’d never eaten poison nor even gotten close to getting hit by a car. This girl had my dog for 2 months.

Finally, when it became clear that the friendship was over, I used against her what I knew to be one of her insecurities, her fear that her friends thought she was dumb (she was).

She had been out of a job, and I asked why all her friends with great jobs never recommended her for a position at their place of employment. I could tell that hit home.” Source

35. He Flipped Out And Said Something He Shouldn’t Have Said


“I was high school…. The most confusing and yet better time for any young boy. However…. There is history to this.

Here lies a girl not very attractive, not very liked, and not very bright either but all the while a very mean person and very bitter inside with insecurities so deep you could almost hear the hollowness from inside her voice.

She tried to make fun of me and bully me all throughout grade school. People would make fun of me and her and pair us as a couple, and I used to hate that. In a way, I would say we would-be rivals, but deep down I resented her. I was just as nasty to people but I did it out of anger because I wanted to fit in…. But she? She acted as if no one cared about her, and she cared for no one before they ever had a chance to…. I pitied her mostly, she was annoying, but I could tell she was very lonely inside.

She was so bad a person, she brought my grade down every time I was paired with her because we were the only two people that no one wanted to work with so I was forced to work with someone who didn’t do the work took the credit for my A which because of that brought me down to a D for no participation, and made me the idiot of the school.

All of this builds up to high school. I’ve known her for almost 5–6 years at this point. It was history class (ironic right?).

We were either all watching a movie or doing work(could be either could be both) and I’m not sure how the argument began but I do know we were across the room from each other and were arguing back and forth bickering and suddenly I had enough.

I was tired of the nagging, the I’m better than you attitude even if I’m poor and adopted and her snob like in your face approach. I was tired of the paring up, the endless jokes, the fact that she was happy making me miserable and just existing as a human being. I’m not sure if I hit her, flipped her table or my own but I do remember this one phase that I said boldly and walked out the room.


Everyone was shocked, the teacher was shocked….and the weirdest thing happened…..

I smiled the whole time throughout the whole thing….

I was completely happy and I didn’t regret that for maybe 6–7 years until I accepted christ but let me tell you why It was evil.

I loved it. I sat there, got my suspension and told my parents I enjoyed saying that in front of everyone, knowing she was adopted and her parents being dead I took pleasure in hurting her where she knew she couldn’t come back from. Every time I looked back on that memory, I completely felt no remorse at all. I truly believed she should kill herself so I could be happy.

I for years told the story with excitement as if I was killing the man who killed my family with glee. It was everything to me to see her there crying, hopeless, embarrassed and just plain destroyed.

I wanted her to feel the suffering I felt. I wanted her to know just how much I did not want her to exist among our species on earth because she makes the human race look like a mistake. Her life is an insult to all people and she should die with her already dead parents in a grave no one remembers… what I thought at the time I assure you I hope she is doing well I have seen her now she looks very pretty and I guess happy. I can only hope she forgot what I said lol high school can be a tough time for everyone….Source

34. It Was His Calm And Creepy Manner That Didn’t Sit Well With Her


“I work with emotionally disturbed kids.

So you know… I see a lot of kids doing evil sh*t.

My worst one was when a kid grabbed a 3/4 full carton of milk at lunch and p*ssed in it to fill it up. He then, calm as anything, yelled for the principal to come out. As soon as he walked out of his office door the kid threw the milk/p*ss all over him. The principal was wearing a down jacket and I’ll never forget the milky p*ss soaking into it, covering his face and hair

It was my first week working in this sort of environment, so I hadn’t reached the point where I’d normalized it and was so beyond horrifying.

Honestly, the calm, creepy manner he did it, and the joy he got, makes this situation stick out more than the kid who cut up a rat, or the kid who set a frog on fire.” drodrey

Another User Comments:
Woah ok gonna need a bit of back story for the end there. Ayycolin

User Replies:
“At the same school, a kid pulled a rat out of a rat trap and cut it up with a sharp rock.

We took the kids to the park and one of them found a frog under a rock. Set it on fire. As you do.” drodrey

33. He Feels SO Guilty For The Harsh Words He Said To His Dad In Haste


“When I was 15 I had been living with my dad for five years after my parents separated and for the last two, it had just been me and him since my sister decided to go stay with my mom because she was more lenient about dating and curfews etc.

My father was (most likely) suffering from depression. My mother left him for a younger man she worked with. He has a temper and was really troubled, at the age of 15 I was more concerned about myself and had mental health problems of my own. I was depressed and not getting along with my dad who often took his constantly changing moods on me. I would have anxiety attacks when he was coming home from work because I didn’t know what kind of mood he would be in.

My mother was always asking me to come live with her. I was smoking cigarettes at the time and my mom would even let me smoke.

She had problems of her own. Mostly I think she wanted the child support money. At the time it was difficult to live with my dad as a teenager. Avoiding his troubles he was super focused on what I was doing wrong. I decided to go live with my mom.

Shortly after the decision, I was in my bedroom at my father’s house. It was just after 9 pm and my dad was coming up the stairs and calling for me, I went to my door and he told me that my mom had left him a voicemail asking him to meet and talk about something.

My dad told me the last time she wanted to talk my sister had decided to move in with my mom. With my head hung and avoiding eye contact I told him that yes I was moving out. He was really upset and told me she only wanted money, he started telling me why I was doing it, because she would put up with my bullsh*t etc. and I was feeling attacked. I’m moving out so I said, ‘Can’t you see what’s going on? Everyone is leaving you. Mom left you, then Katie left you, even the friggin dog left you (my dog was old and had run away.

Probably to find a place to die) you’re so angry that no one wants to be around you.’

Just thinking about it makes me feel like sh*t. My dad is an awesome father. He was troubled but he cared and loved us so much. He is the greatest, most honest and generous person I know. If I become half the man he is by the end of my life, I’ll be satisfied.” Source

32. This Is A Classic Case Of “Don’t Ever Burn Bridges”


“A company I used to work for went bust because the owner was staying sloppy drunk and gambling all the money away.

He came in one Monday morning and told everybody to pack up their personal stuff and leave. I gave my notice a couple of months earlier and actually received my vacation pay and final paycheck. Nobody else got another dime and payday was supposed to be Wednesday for the last 2 weeks. I felt really bad for everyone except for my piece of crud boss. He interviewed at my new company and when they asked me about him I suggested they not hire him. They didn’t.” LodgePoleMurphy

31. Dad Stopped Her Evil Behavior On The Spot


“There was this girl that I had a long history with.

She has caused me great trouble in my life. I became manager at a restaurant, and of all the places she chose to work, she decided to come up there, even knowing I was there. My dad called to tell me he and my sister were coming up there to eat, and I informed them I wasn’t there. This girl had screwed her way up to bartender at this restaurant. I had told my dad all about her, pointed her out a time before, and informed him of the relationship she had with the manager, and how he let her get away with stealing tips and getting away with false walkout reports (all the bartenders claimed that the tips they split with her were always way smaller than they should have been).

Anyways, my dad is the type of guy that always sits in the same seat at the bar. This girl happened to be working that bar. So my dad and my sister ate, everything was fine. There were 2 bartenders behind the bar, and he informed me the other one was the one who had done most of the waiting on him.

When it came time to pay, the thieving bartender took his money for the check and the 10 dollar tip, and he saw her stick the ten dollars in her pocket. He waited a few minutes then asked, ‘So how do you guys split the tips?’ She said, ‘We throw everything in the bucket then split it evenly at the end of the night.’ He replied, ‘Well you didn’t throw that in the bucket, you stuck it in your pocket!’ To which she so politely replied to a customer she didn’t know, ‘I don’t need your f’ing money! I have the money!’ They started getting into it, the whole place is going quiet because they are getting loud further they get into it, and she finally looked at him smugly and said, ‘We can get a manager to sort this out if that’s what you want”, thinking she would run to her new boyfriend.

To which my dad replied, ‘Yes, i do want to talk to a manager, and not Jay, CAUSE YOUR F’n HIM!’ Dead silence. Jaws dropped everywhere. He called me up afterward saying, uhh, I might have made a little scene at the restaurant tonight. With our history, she was trying to act like he was following her(even though she never met him before) and was going to file harassment charges. The other manager, whom she was forced to get, said, ‘None of that old sh*t concerns me. What concerns me is this isn’t the first time you’ve been accused of stealing tips, and right here, on camera, you are clearly seen sticking the money in your pocket.’ That was the end of her short career up there.

It did make my life hell for a while, but it got rid of her and made everyone realize the things I said about her were true. And my dad is freaking awesome.

Another thing he did, which wasn’t anything he said, gave my sister, who has always had a love for money, one of those fake $25,000 winning scratch off tickets on Christmas morning. We always got a few scratch-offs for Christmas. Kind of a tradition. One Christmas he gave her a fake $25,000 winner when she was about 16 or 17. She was so happy, running around the house, she literally thought she won the lottery.

He told her to read the back. So many tears on Christmas morning. I don’t think he had discussed the joke with my mom, because she was ANGRY.” Source

30. He Emasculated The Man Who Made The Terrible Comment


“While my (now wife) and I were dating, a friend of mine informed me that a previous fling of hers had made a comment about her being ‘loose.’ My friend told him that ‘maybe she’s with the right guy now’ and told me later.

About two weeks passed before I saw the former fling sitting at a cafe we all frequented with 3 young ladies.

I asked if I could talk to him a minute, and when we were away from the table I told him I knew of his disparaging remarks. He apologized, but I wanted to make sure the point was well made.

‘If I hear of something like that coming out of your mouth again, I will find you in a situation like you are in now. You’re sitting at a table with three girls, and we both know you’re trying to pick up at least one of them… And I’ll simply walk up and say “I heard what you said about (name) being loose, and I just want to let you know, if you have something big enough to fill the hole, it really doesn’t matter’ and that will shoot down your chances with every girl at the table… and every girl that they know.’

The point was obviously taken because he never said anything like that again.” Source

29. Her Words Probably Broke The Girl’s Heart


“Years ago, when I was in 13 or 14 years old, there was a younger kid (maybe 1 or 2 years younger) at my school that I really didn’t like.

I believe the feeling was mutual, and I thought he was a real DB.

He had a brother in my grade, and I knew that they had lost their mother some years before.

The younger kid and I were trading insults at recess one day while playing cricket and the insults were getting more and more brutal until I had nothing left and I took a stab at a place that gives me chills when I think about it to this day.

‘At least I still have a mother.’

He continued as though nothing had happened, but I know the damage it did because we got tangled in a physical altercation over it a few days later.

With hindsight, having matured and lost the cruelty of childhood, I see this as one of the most vicious and malevolent things I have ever said to someone and would definitely take it back if I could.

To be honest, if I’d been a bigger kid and heard someone say that to a kid, I probably would have kicked their butt.

Children can be so brutal.” Source

28. She Couldn’t Pay Her Bills…Because She Wasn’t Conscious

“A neighbor getting evicted for not paying her rent one month while she was in a coma in the hospital.

The apartments had a super strict policy that you had to pay by the fifth (online) and that if the company didn’t receive payment by the thirteenth (including fees) they would start the eviction process and if everything (now including lawyer fees) wasn’t paid by the 17th you were out.” haelesor

27. The System Is Far From Perfect And In This Case, It Was Downright Wrong

Burst Shopify

“Buddy of mine had a court case, I showed for moral support, and saw the most racist bull I have ever seen.

A cop pulled over two young black guys for no reason, pulled his weapon on them and yelled at them to get out of the car and walk backward toward his.

He put them in cuffs in the back of his car. He searched their car. I found nothing, so he wrote them tickets for walking on the highway. That’s what they were in court for. The men explained to the judge: ‘He FORCED us to walk on the highway! He was pointing a gun at us!’

The Judge found them guilty. Still makes my blood boil.” jimmyjazz2000

26. She Did Some Digging On Her Mom To Hit Her Where It Hurts


“I was probably around 13. My mother had been having one of her bad days, I guess you could say and have been screaming at my siblings and I all day.

Not too rare of an occurrence, for her, so I hadn’t reached the exploding point quite yet. She used to get physically violent, nothing serious or lasting, but I couldn’t stand seeing her hurt my siblings, no matter if it was just a spanking or if she whacked one of them with a broom (this has since stopped, she can see that I’m stronger than her now and I’ve made it clear that I won’t tolerate it, my dad backs me up on this).

Well, that day, she got into one of her screaming fits though my siblings and I were doing nothing wrong, and eventually everyone ended up crying because most of my siblings were young and being yelled at still upset them deeply.

It made me cry whenever I would see them like this, too, and she was yelling particularly hurtful things at me. That’s when I got really angry and thought of the most hurtful thing I could possibly say to her, drawing from stories she’d told me.

‘Maybe you should have listened when the doctor told you you couldn’t have kids,’ I said, quieter than my previous yelling. I’m sure I went on to explain how all of our lives would have been better, but I can’t quite remember what I said to her after that point.

I’m not sure it did much, but it did shut her up for a while so I could reassure my siblings that she didn’t mean the things she’d yelled at them.” Source

25. Divorces Are Brutal…This Poor Guy Couldn’t Do A Thing

“My best friend had two kids with his wife and said wife then left him for her very rich boss.

She and the boss wanted custody of the kids, so they used the boss’ wealth to basically bankrupt my friend in legal battles. Every time the court was leaning towards a joint custody ruling, they’d introduce some new ‘evidence’ or delaying tactic. They knew if they just kept dragging it out, again and again, he’d run out of money and give up. Which is eventually what happened.

Now he has very limited access to his own kids, and such access he has is routinely denied/ignored by the ex-wife. Because ‘what are you going to do about it….you want a legal battle like last time?'” MisterMarcus

24. This Woman Kept On Sueing, Even During A Funeral Procession


“A woman at her best friend’s funeral (who also was a serial suer) was in the funeral procession when she stopped her car suddenly.

The parents of the recently deceased were in the car behind her and bumped her bumper from behind. (You know how slowly those processions drive) The woman sued the parents for back and neck injuries and won. The last postcard we got from this woman was a pic of her dancing it up in Greece. Her family won’t even let her come to visit on their properties anymore for fear she’d fall and sue. What a piece of work.

Edit: sorry. This post was badly worded. The woman who sued was a serial suer, not her dead friend. I see the postcards because I’m a distant relative of the suing POS woman.

This happened a long time ago but is family lore now to warn family members not to let her on your property. As she travels a lot and will pop into town unannounced every now and then. Everyone who still talks to her insists on meeting her at a restaurant.” Blameking27

23. When You Start Filing Paperwork For Fun, That’s When You Know You Have Too Much Money…

“My brother’s friend’s dad is an attorney (personal injury) and has so much money that when things happen to his kids he sues for fun. He’s (the son) a tenant in one of my mom’s rent houses with my brothers.

One day the AC goes out and this f*ck wad (who’s dad lives less than 5 minutes away) asks for a per diem for a hotel since it’s an inconvenience. My mom reasoned with him but god damn why would you want to be around him?! His friend’s parents make him sign waivers when he goes to their ranches and such and he does it happily while letting them know no matter the contract.. daddy can work around it. Great.” andybarkerswife

22. This Company Did Everything To Keep Their Business Open After A Transaction With A Despicable Customer

Burst Shopify

“This is more corporate evil than anything else.

Had a customer (we are a small business making super specialty products) put down $30,000, take delivery of our product, then ‘I think it will be cheaper just to sue you than to pay you the remaining $30,000.’

Of course, I thought, no way, we have all the signed paperwork and everything. Three months later he got to keep our product without paying us. What were the effects? Well, due to legal fees, etc, which we had to carry, and the fact that down payments go-to suppliers, my partners and I had to open up our personal bank accounts to keep the company afloat.

All of our employees got paid, but the owners had to forego salaries until it was settled. And because word gets around, we had to deal with that too. Total bull.” chrisboshisaraptor

21. A Slimy Cop Kept Talking Just To Give This Person A Ticket


“A cop started lecturing me after ten-thirty at night, for being in the park. Park curfew was eleven. He kept me there until after curfew, then gave me a ticket.” lydsbane

Another User Comments:

“Most of the time someone says it’s entrapment, it’s not even close. But this does sound like a legit entrapment case IF OP was not free to leave.

If he was free to leave and the cop just kept lecturing him until 11, then it would probably fall just shy of entrapment.” SJHillman

20. This Proves The Judicial System Is a Dark, Terrifying Place For Victims Too


“Girl in high school had a mad ex decide to post the nudes she sent him on her Facebook page and tag the entire school on the posts. She went to the police about it and they told her they could prosecute the guy, but she would also be prosecuted for producing and distributing child porn….” hmcdaniel1994

Another User Comments:

“Prosecutors have discretion, they don’t HAVE to charge her if the law allows it.

This is 100% someone just being a jerk-off.” [deleted]

19. They Made The Wrong Decision, And The Innocent Paid For Their Mistakes


“My next-door neighbor had a foster daughter. She was trying to adopt her. The mother heard about the adoption and decided she suddenly wanted her kid back. After a few parenting classes and drug tests, the little girl was forcibly removed by the courts and put back in her mother’s care, even though her mom was a drug-addicted piece of crud who hadn’t seen her child for over almost 2 years and had previous cases with Child Protective Services. Close to a month later the mom’s boyfriend assaulted and killed the little girl.” [deleted]

18. She Was Way Too Dramatic With Her Antics


“In middle school, I didn’t want to be in class anymore so I pretended to have some sort of brain episode (e.g unable to keep my eyes open, slurred speech etc).

An ambulance was called. Took me to a hospital. I had gone too far to let it up. My mom was crying in the hospital room overnight and through the sobs whispered in my ear that if I was faking she wouldn’t be mad, just to let her know, which made me double down. I was there for a day and a half. And it cost my parents $8,000.” Lilysimpson

17. In This Case, Justice Was Served

“There was a lawyer here in Texas that was a retired army officer and a disabled veteran. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars by sitting at home searching the internet and sending ADA violation letters to small chiropractors, pharmacists, and doctor offices that didn’t have options on its website for vision-impaired people.

After a while, he got greedy and upped his game, sending out 100’s of letters across the state. An attorney in Austin stumbled across his scheme and started defending the small businesses pro bono. He ended up getting a $300,000 attorney’s fee award against the guy and, based on the guy’s conduct during and prior to the Austin attorney’s lawsuit, the State Bar and Texas Supreme Court stepped in and yanked his law license.

I got involved when my clients (small husband and wife chiropractor firm) brought me one of his letters. A quick google search leads me to the guy in Austin and he just added my clients to his lawsuit as additional plaintiffs.” WorshipNickOfferman

16. If A Gambler Needed Cash Fast, This Machine Would Get Them Exactly That…For A Price


“I’m not a gambler, so I don’t know if these are all over the place, but the only time I’ve ever been in a casino, I saw a cash machine that would give you an instant second mortgage on your house.

(This was in Reno in 1989 at a family reunion.) I stood there looking at it, and realized I was standing in front of evil incarnate.” cartoonassasin

15. This Blatant Act of Fraud Was Covered Up Very Poorly…

“I sell car parts. I am a very small player in a fairly niche market which contains a couple of other small players and two big players.

One of the big players collapsed owing to a lot of people’s money. Very unfortunate, it happens. The administrators were called in and the owner issued an emotional message on Facebook, saying how sorry he was, sickness in the family, very sad, etc, etc, but not to worry, the business has $400,000 in new stock on the shelf and the administrators will sort it all out.

But later, it turns out that he:

Knew he was about to fold but continued taking people’s money, even though he had zero intention (or capability) of supplying them.

Transferred the secondhand parts side of the business into a new business which his father opened in the same name, at the same address. The new business also scored the website.

Somehow worked out a deal with the administrators whereby the $400,000 in new stock was purchased by the new business for $14,500 because the new business would not give the administrators access to the website to identify any of these specialty parts.

He apparently intends to go back into business but since all the people he owes money to are going to get pennies in the dollar it would be incredible if anyone trusts the family again.” valiantfreak

14. This Citizen Didn’t Remember, So The Cops Took All Of His Money…


“Civil asset forfeiture.

Twenty-five thousand dollars was legally taken from my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s but wasn’t diagnosed at the time and couldn’t tell the cops why he had that much money on him (to buy a new truck) because he forgot.

The cops just took the money and left without any charges being filed. We didn’t find out until a year later when the police department sent a receipt of seizure to his house and we found it when we were cleaning. Couldn’t do anything about it because the police department already spent the money.”    chingchangmcgee

13. Anyone Who Needs Insulin To Live Understands This Terrible Reality

“Companies artificially raising the price of life-saving medicines just because they can. Bonus if they market it as a good thing for the people they’re potentially killing.” omgwtfiswrongwithyou

12. Yet Another Example Of How The System Sometimes Fails Those It Should Be Protecting


“A guy went to prison for sexually assaulting his very young daughter.

They released him, and he had to be released back to the home. Social services wouldn’t help because now the girls are old enough to tell someone and lock their doors at night if he takes advantage of them. The mother couldn’t move out because she didn’t have the money, and couldn’t refuse the aggressor entry because his name was on the deed.” SplendidTit

11. He Signed His Life Away, And Now He’s Stuck In A Lifetime OF Debt

“One of my friends owes almost $50,000 in student loans that he doesn’t remember taking out.

The reason he doesn’t remember taking them out is that his school, which was a for-profit college that has since closed, convinced him to sign a document when he first enrolled at age 17 which essentially gave them the right to take out loans on his behalf in order to pay his tuition.

They didn’t really explain to him what thea document was, they just got him to sign it amongst a flurry of paperwork. The school then took out several private loans with an exorbitant interest rate, and my friend just started getting letters out-of-the-blue the year after he graduated. When he was in school, whenever these loans would show up on his student portal, they were named a confusing code number (like X4357545hfy5 or something like that) and classified as ‘Financial Aid,’ so he thought he was getting financial aid. Apparently this has happened to a lot of people, but he was told that there’s nothing he can do about it.

Especially since the school has closed.

I’m not sure about the precise legality, but he contacted multiple entities to discuss it and all of them said there’s nothing he can do because he signed a contract willingly. This doesn’t feel like it should be legal, but the attorneys say that there’s nothing they can do. He even spoke to somebody who works for the private loan company, the representative felt really bad for him, helped him drastically reduce his monthly fee to a payable amount, said that the same thing actually happened to her, she owes $10,000, and there’s nothing she can do about it either.” sleepytimeghee

10. This Doctor Destroyed An Entire Family, And Continued To Work In The Same Field


“Hospital doctor, drunk/unhinged, botched a routine surgery on an infant.

The child will forever be dependent on family and public benefits – is a complete vegetable. Hospital’s insurance and high brow attorneys destroyed any chance of the family of 5 (immigrants) receiving anything. Mom is slowly working herself to death, dad has lost everything and their other children suffer like no child I’ve ever known.

I think of them often. I believe the doctor went to rehab and is back practicing.”   RioBlue93

9. He Was A Hardworker And She Was A Freeloader…And Now He Owes Her Money


“My buddy married this girl he met in college.

He majored in Comp Sci, she did…vocal performance.

He earned a scholarship, she took out loans.

They married. He paid off her loans. They had two kids. He bought a house. He was the sole breadwinner of the family. She stayed at home all day and watched TV. She didn’t clean, cook, or help him out in any way.

Her family were jerks to him and pressured her to leave. She did.

Now he pays massive amounts of child support and alimony.

She lived off him for years and now he owes her money?” Roughneck16

8. This Company Gave This Contractor The Runaround For Months, Forcing Him To Shutdown

“I used to run a software company and had a digital agency hire me to work on a banking contract they had and were losing due to their rubbish offshore dev team.

I go onsite to the bank, save the contract, finish and deliver the software. It took over 3 months to do. Over this time, the agency kept dragging out my invoices, paying small bits and pieces and always saying they would pay tomorrow. After the contract was done, they declared bankruptcy, didn’t pay me and bought the rights to trade that bank contract off of the debt collection agency. They started a new company and worked that contract, since I spent 3 months working for free it sank my business and I had to close it.” officerweenus

7. Medical Care Is So Expensive That This Young Woman Could Barely Afford It, Even If It Meant Keeping Her Alive


“My ex had a long list of mental health issues, stemming from years of sexual abuse as a child.

She has tried to kill herself several times. Twice, in the 3 years, we were together. Her parents admitted her to a local clinic. She spent 3 days there. I was so shocked at what qualified as ‘help’. It was more like glorified babysitting. She came out, feeling no better, but now hit with a $15,000 bill. Fifteen thousand dollars for three days of supervised tv and reading, with two sessions with a psychiatrist to evaluate her! That’s not including an overnight stay at the hospital and ambulance (insurance covered most, but not all).

Oh, and the kicker, after her stay, the doctor prescribed her medication… $3,000 for her prescription.

We thought the Walmart employee made a mistake. She ended up going to a different doctor, who thankfully, helped her out big time.

Mental health needs to be made more affordable. She was 19 at the time and already hit with a huge bill to add to her school loans and car payment.” 62TiredOfLiving

6. This Man Missed An Appointment Because Of Surgery And His Support Was Immediately Cut


“A good friend of mine has trouble keeping work due to his mental illness (very mild autism. Fully competent, but can’t navigate the politics of most jobs.)

He was on a job seeker payment while between jobs.

As part of this, he has to attend regular appointments. Talk about what interviews he’s had etc.

He recently missed an appointment. The night before, he was rushed to the hospital, and at the time of the appointment was lying in a table having surgery.

But he hadn’t told them at least two days before, so his payment was cut off.

Two days before, he wasn’t aware of any issues, let alone ones needing surgery!” Conchobar8

5. This Chilling Tale Outlines Everything Wrong With The Judicial System

“Man murders his girlfriend and mother of his children. Dumps her body in a creek. Family searches for her for almost a year.

He is convicted of manslaughter and gets only 5-7. Courts force the victim’s mother to bring his children to visit him in prison. He gets out and gets custody.” jenisright

4. This Fairytale Story Only Got Worse As Time Went On…Until It Ended


“A decently attractive woman I used to work with started dating another coworker. He was kind of homely dorky looking guy, but he was super nice, really smart, and had a very high paying position. Eventually, they got married and he thought life was perfect. In the first year, he bought her whatever she wanted. A huge new house. A nice sports car.

He even paid for her to get some plastic surgery, including a boob job.

Within 18 months of marriage, it came out that she had been cheating on him with multiple men. Including men from work. No one hid it. Over the next several months, as the divorce came and went, she continued to sleep with many coworkers. She even had several open relationships, figuratively and literally.

It was clear she only married the poor guy for his money. On top of that, she needlessly flaunted her infidelity and rubbed his face in all her post-marriage flings. Then one day the guy didn’t show up to work and no one could get in touch with him.

After a few days, his manager called the police requesting a wellness check. They found that he had taken his own life over the weekend.” cspotphantom

3. This Greedy Millionaire Got Exactly What He Deserved In The End

“I work for a Porsche race team, and one of our competitors always had  STUPID amounts of luxurious stuff at the track. They basically constructed a hotel everywhere they went so that the owner got a premium experience. Anyways, I come to find out this guy is the original pay-day-loan guy. He, for all intents and purposes, started it in the U.S. As he acquired wealth doing this, a lot of people were getting frustrated that they had to spend $900 to repay a $100 loan so lawmakers made it illegal to charge the interest rates he was doing.

So instead, he put his company HQ on an Indian reservation so he could continue doing that. My co-workers were looking on his website and reading through the terms and fees and whatnot, and we found the cheapest way to repay a $100 loan was $960. As you can imagine, especially if you got a loan larger than that, it became near impossible to climb out of it. The really terrible part is if you miss or are unable to make a payment they would immediately seize your vehicle and sell it. Thousands of families lost their homes and cars to this guy.

Fortunately, he was convicted of racketeering for other shady things in his business and is currently in prison.” Porscheguy11

2. He Just Wanted His Money But Ended Up Losing Everything He Owed Instead


“I didn’t witness this per se, but I heard about it later in life since I was too young at the time.

My father had started a cleaning business which was taking off. He would clean carpets and do janitor work in large industrial buildings. One of his biggest clients didn’t pay him for a while and ending up owing upwards of $80,000. My father then stopped working for them and kept insisting on getting his money.

He stopped insisting after he showed up at the building one time and had a gun pointed at his face. Apparently the building belonged to some mafia, and the guy he pulled a gun on him said that he would kill him if he showed up again.

My father proceeded to sue them. They ended up winning after a long court battle because they obviously had the resources to afford amazing lawyers. My father then had to declare bankruptcy, sell the house, and ended up starting from 0 again in an apartment with my mom and me (2 years old).

Mostly lawful I guess.

Or illegal masquerading as lawful.” Twinings4President

1. The Lives Of Three Parents Were Ruined Because Of A System That Failed Them


“I used to be involved in a local nonprofit that placed newborns and infants, taken from their mothers as a result of drug abuse, into foster homes with families qualified to adopt. ‘Family reunification’ is always the goal in the dependency court, but 75% of the time, the birth mother’s demons are too strong and she loses parental rights, and the baby is adopted by the foster parents. 25% of the time, the mom is able to overcome addiction and get her baby back.

It’s crushing for the foster parents, but understand that if the mom is stable she should be able to raise her own child.

Sometimes the story doesn’t end there and things turn sour.

One of our couples raised a baby girl from 2 days old. After four years of court hearings, rotating social workers supervised visits, and family therapy with the child and birth mom, the court eventually decided to permanently reunify birth mom and the child. Unfortunately, she was removed again from her birth mom’s custody within a year, but our foster parents couldn’t get her back. She ended up in a foster home with strangers who abused her, and she died from abuse injuries within months of placement.

Now a child is dead and the 3 parents she’s ever known are heartbroken. It was torture to watch play out, and totally legal.

I can’t bear to work with the organization anymore. It’s too much to take.

I realize a couple of days after writing this that’s it’s not exactly lawful evil, it’s just our terrible dependency system. This story, while not common, is not atypical. Everyone who works in dependency has a story like this. The real lawful evil is how badly we, as a society, treat the most vulnerable people in our population, over and over.” attyalawl

If you’ve witnessed something terrible and are able to help, we sure hope you act on your instincts and do what you can to help! Should you be unable to help at the moment, let the person in distress know you’re willing to help if they need it in the future.

Have you ever seen something that could only be described as pure evil? Tell us your story below!

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