People Share The Best Revenge They Got On Their Ex


Dating can be, well…. rough. In the beginning, it’s all about breaking the ice, getting a good idea of one another, and deciding if you want to go on another date with the person. At some point if all goes well, you may become exclusive with them, Facebook official even. The “official” stage involves more vulnerability and intense feelings, but no matter how well you click or how great of a relationship you think you have with the person, one of you may decide to call it quits one day. Maybe you’re just not feeling it anymore, or worse, they went behind your back and committed the ultimate act of betrayal and don’t feel sorry one bit for doing it.

With how badly a heartbreak can hurt, you’re going to feel a lot of feelings: sorrow, regret, anger, nostalgia, confusion, and if there’s someone else in the picture, envy. Not surprisingly, the harder the heartbreak, the more likely you’ll want to get back at your ex, even if you were the one who did the breaking up. Well, the following people got revenge on their ex-lover. The reasons range from a vengeful “I’m going to cheat on them back,” to a plot twist “I’m going to start dating his side chick,” to a shocking and unexpected “I’m going to out my ex at their wedding, so everyone knows what kind of person they really are.”

27. Superglue Fixes Everything



“I never in a million years thought I would be sharing this story.

My friend was always a very ‘in your face’ sort. She developed incredibly early, so men noticed her when she was barely a teenager. She got really good at telling folks where to go and exactly how to get there if they dared to step out of their lane.

I always admired her tenacity. She was a force to be reckoned with even as a kid.

Fast forward a few years, and she’s married with a baby on the way. I was at her house when a woman called her to tell her that she had been sleeping with her husband for the past several weeks.

All of the late nights at work suddenly made a whole lot more sense.

The thing that surprised me (and probably should have warned me something terrible was soon to happen) was that she calmly asked me to leave so she could finish making dinner and getting ready for her husband.

It boggled my brain that she would be willing to do nice things for him when she just found out he had been cheating on her!

A couple of months later their divorce became final, and I figured that they had simply had a nice dinner and worked through the details of their separation.

I couldn’t believe how calm and collected my fierce lioness of a friend had been in such a stressful situation!


I found out the truth about what happened that night.

She really did prepare him a nice dinner—his favorite. Then she put on a frilly nightie with perfect hair and makeup. She led him to the bedroom and started to give him a sensual massage. Finally, she made it to his manhood and that’s when her true nature came to life.

Of course, he was totally turned on but instead of sexy time…she superglued his junk to his leg.

Word on the street is that he still has a scar.” Sheree McDonald

Another User Comments:

“As someone who used to accidentally superglue my fingers (and somehow my eyelids occasionally) while making models as a kid, oh god.” Joel Schwartz

26. I Recommended Her A Job To Get Her Out Of Town


Sneaky move…

“I gave my ex-wife a job I was offered and she didn’t find out until after she had accepted.

Yeah, my first marriage was short-lived, but it was brutal. I devote an entire chapter to it in my upcoming book, but couldn’t resist answering this question.

When I got divorced, the company was just taking off, but I was still working my job as the Director of the Multimedia Lab at Virginia Tech. I was offered this great job at James Madison University (JMU), where my oldest son now goes. I was flattered by the job offer but the company was really taking off and the JMU job was a lateral move at best and I saw it as a step backward with fewer prospects businesswise due to the more remote location, so I passed on the job offer.

In my letter to JMU, I graciously declined their offer but recommended my ex-wife for the job. She had much less experience and really wasn’t qualified for the job, but I made the recommendation anyway. We were already separated and our divorce was pending.

A couple of weeks later I ran into her on campus; we worked not too far from each other. She runs up to me and says, ‘You will never believe what just happened! I got a call out of the blue from JMU and got offered this amazing new job. They already talked to my boss and he recommended me so they called and offered me the job.

I didn’t even have to interview. I accepted and start in two weeks.’

I could hardly contain my laughter. The look on her face turned from joy to bewilderment to outright anger. She said, ‘Did you have anything to do with this?!’ Now busting out laughing, I said, ‘Of course I did. I want your sorry a** out of town for good and if that means getting you a better job somewhere else then fine. Enjoy the new job in the middle of nowhere.’ Now I’m laughing uncontrollably. The look on her face was priceless. I actually look back on it and feel bad.

To her credit, she applied herself and made the best of the opportunity and moved on to a better job at George Mason University (GMU) and now has a top C-level job at a major private college in upstate NY. She managed to leverage a decent career so I doubt she is still all that mad at me. Then again I’m sure the fact that she was never going to launch a major career on her own must still p*ss her off. In the end, it all worked out but that one moment of revenge was so sweet.” Gordon Miller

Another User Comments:

“So you sought savage revenge by kick-starting her successful career?” Joe Berah



Yeah, but for the rest of her life, she had doubts about if she could have ever really done it on her own. Haha.” Gordon Miller

25. I Switched The Name Of His Mistress To His Boss’s Name On His Phone


“My boyfriend cheated on me while I was pregnant. He travels during the week for work and was seeing another woman in another state.

I changed his side chick’s phone number in his phone to his (female) boss’ phone number, which I also found on his phone. So the mistress’s name but the boss’s phone number.

I confronted him, threw a fit, everything to be expected.

He wanted to fix things. I said I’d only consider forgiving him if he texts his mistress to tell her of his mistakes and that he’s ending the relationship. I also demanded he let her know I’m 5 months pregnant. His message was much more than I had hoped for, and went something like this:

‘Hi ______, this is _____ from Tinder. I made a huge mistake sleeping with you for the last few months. My girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and I don’t know what I was thinking about bringing you to my hotel each week while I was supposed to be working.

I love her and I want to fix things with her. I’m sorry I misled you and I need to end this affair with you because she caught me and I don’t want to lose her. You were a mistake. Bye.’

That message went to his boss. I don’t think she was happy to hear he was intimate with women he met online when he was supposed to be at his customer every day they paid for his travel.

No idea what happened to him next. Screw him, I’ll never speak to him again. But that revenge felt good.” Quora user

24. He Was Forced To Say Goodbye To His Prized Cowboy Boots


“Not sure if this qualifies but I am going to answer this anyway.

During a bad patch in my (now) 41-year marriage, my husband and I separated and dated other people.

This is about one of the guys that I dated.

I was in college and was active in the school’s student government. We used to go to seminars that included all of the community colleges in my state.

I met this guy, Jim, from a different community college. Jim was a full-blooded Blackfoot. He was gorgeous, at least physically.

We started dating and pretty quickly he asked me to be exclusive with him. It was my understanding that we were both exclusive.

One night my friend, Sunny, and I drove the 65 miles to see Jim.

When we got there I saw that his Chevy van was a-rocking. I went to the back (rear) doors and opened them. He was in the act of intercourse with some woman I later found out was named Twyla.

I quite loudly told him to pull out and get out of the van. He did and she crouched in the back of the van with the doors locked. I guess she thought I was gonna attack her. I wasn’t! She had thought they were in an exclusive relationship also.

Anyway, my friend said we had to leave to drive back home. Jim jumps in the car to go back with us.

Now here’s the revenge part! Jim was a pretty well known local rodeo rider. During his most important rodeo the first prize was a pair of custom made snakeskin boots and $500.00 prize money.

The money was long gone, but the boots were his pride and joy. So, Jim didn’t take the time to put his boots on before he got in the car. He just laid them in the car seat.

As we are driving, Jim is trying to explain that it’s not his fault that he cheated. He said that the distance between us was a major factor in his decision to cheat.

Additionally, he is telling me that if I ever cheated on him, his anger would be uncontrollable and I would pay dearly.

As you can imagine, that p*ssed me off big time.

It so happened that we had to cross a big bridge on the way to my house. The bridge was about 35 miles from where he lived and his van.

As we crossed the bridge, I quickly gathered up his boots and threw them out the window, over the bridge rail, into the river.

Once we got across the bridge, Sunny stopped the car (hers) and told Jim to get the f**k out.

We left him there standing by the side of the road, in February, without any shoes (boots) on his feet. BTW this was years before cell phones.

I didn’t hear from him for about three years. By this time, hubby and I were back together. Jim called me wanted to meet up and talk about getting back together.

I let him talk for maybe 15 minutes. I asked him about Twyla. Seems she dumped his a** the same night.

Needless to say, we did not get back together and I haven’t spoken to him since. I did hear that he had moved to Texas to be a cowboy.” Stephanie McDaniels

23. He Called His Cheating Bride And Best Man Out At The Wedding


Her best day ever became her worst day ever.

“My uncle told me this story from when he was running his wedding car business several years ago. On this particular occasion, he attended a fairly large reception as he was driving the newly married couple to and from the venue. He was treated to the regular supplier meal so he decides to stay for the reception part instead of leaving and coming back. It was a pretty standard night from what he said and the bride and groom looked very happy.

Then the speeches came.

The maid of honor and best man gave their speeches, again a standard wedding process but still a meaningful act from both people.

The best man finishes his speech and goes to hand the mike back when the groom gestures he wants the mic – he has something to say to everyone.

The groom gets up and states how gorgeous his wife is and thanked everyone for coming and enjoying the day. He then goes on to say something like this:

“I will also like to thank my best man, Rob, for sleeping with my new bride a few weeks back. I have the proof. Thank you for making me realize who she was and who you are Rob. I will be annulling this marriage and will be going on the honeymoon by myself.

My uncle said the room fell dead silent. The groom told everyone to stay and eat as everything was already paid for and then promptly left.

Although not a girlfriend/wife, this guy literally waited several weeks and went through basically an entire wedding to get revenge on his cheating fiancé and best man by shaming them in front of over a hundred people, including her family. Wherever you are dude, hope you ended up with someone amazing.” Dee Mifsud

22. He Had To Walk Three Miles


“I have told my story on how I got revenge with my first husband after I caught him cheating for the second time, but I don’t guess it hurts to tell it again.

It wasn’t savage, but it made me feel a little bit better.

This was before everyone had cellphones and people were still relying on payphones.

I was working as a waitress on holiday Thursday night. Holiday Thursdays, I could pull $300.00 or more in tips. Two hours into my shift and right when things started to get busy, I get a call from the babysitter saying that my husband had not come to pick up the kids. I asked if he had called and she said no. I called his work and he had left at the regular time. I knew his manager and I asked if he left with someone and she told me yes that he had left with a woman he worked with to give her a ride home.

I had already had an inkling he was having an affair with her.

Anyway long story short I left work and picked up the kids. When he got home he gave me his lame excuse and later admitted he was having an affair. The first thing I did was get in his car and leave. He hated when I drove his car (which is why I took his car) I told him I had to think. His car’s gas gauge didn’t work so we had figured out that his car on a full tank could go 300 miles. Once the mileage got close to 300 we had to put gas in.

I noticed it was close to 300 and took a chance and drove around for a while. Then I flipped the mileage to zero. Drove a couple more miles to make it look like I had filled the gas tank and then drove for a while more before I came back home. Knowing the next morning he would be leaving early for work and his work at the time was about 45 miles away.

When I got home I packed myself up and my daughter and went to bed. In the morning he went off to work. I got in my car, drove my step-sons to school gave them big hugs and told them I would see them soon.

Then I went to live with my Mom until something else could get worked out.

My ex got about 15 miles before his car ran out of gas. It was raining and he was on a rural road that wasn’t very busy. He had to walk about three miles in the rain until he found a payphone. He had someone from work pick him up. I called later to let him know he would have to leave work early regardless of if his car was on the side of the road or not because he had to pick his sons up… and that was that.” Gina Usher

21. I Proved That He Only Pretended To Care About His Kids’ Grades


Caught him in a lie!

“He lied, cheated, and left, then he moved 3 hours away.

He was still a control freak and he would still try to tell me how to parent. It was much less effective after he left…

So my kids were in 3rd and 4th grade, I was lone parenting, and I decided to take them to Washington DC in December. It was much cheaper to get the plane tickets before school let out for Christmas break, so I was pulling them out of school for a week.

I told their teachers and one of them even said to me, ‘They will learn more in a week there than here.’ So, he finds out, maybe one of them told him because they were excited.

He calls me and starts in with this big lecture for me about how I should not be taking the kids out of school.

Great, I tell him, ‘I am so excited you are taking an interest in their school. I think you should come to town and meet with their teachers and see how they are doing,’ I say. Of course, they were doing just fine in school and both of their teachers would have told him that. I go on to tell him that there is a web portal where you can check their grades. I tell him that I think he should monitor their grades and talk to them about it.

I even share my user ID and password with him so he can go ahead and get started.

Well, let’s just say that I gave him my user ID and the wrong password…. They were in 3rd and 4th grade…. They have both graduated from high school now, and I used the same user ID and password the entire time. He NEVER asked me about the fact that he could not get signed on.

For years I laughed about this to myself and I always figured it would come in handy if we ever got in a tussle about the kids. Of course, he never showed any interest in the kids, so it never came up.

I consider this one of my greatest victories because it made him look so stupid and he doesn’t even know it.” Tricia Fuller

20. The Girl I Replaced Her With Became My Wife Not Long Later


“My best revenge was to meet my now wife of 35 years a week after I told my first serious girlfriend to have a good life. See before I met my ex, I had a few girlfriends but nothing serious. I was what a lot of people called a dog. But I was a dog that told the truth. I never told one of the many, many girls I dated I loved them or that I was going to marry them.

In fact, it was just the opposite. I always told them upfront I’m just here for a good time as a song goes. It worked for me as many a girl said that I was a challenge that they were willing to take. I would just smile and nod my head. I was a young single E5 in Germany for two years and for my first year in Hawaii, I was having fun with a capital F.

Well, fast forward, I meet this girl in Hawaii. We hit it off. She was a former model and had everything going for her. She was gorgeous, smart, funny, the total package.

After about a month or so, I told her that I was developing feelings for her and I was willing to take a chance on being just a one-woman guy. She was pretty happy to and said she wanted to be just with me. Later on, we’d even talk of a ring and possibly making plans for the next year. Now we were together a little over 6 months. She said she had never felt this way about anyone, and I said in my mind and to married friends, wow this is how it really supposed to be right. That is until she had to go home (Utah) for a family emergency.

I called her one day and a boy (an old flame) answered the phone. I heard the shower running, and I then heard her say to the boy, ‘That was amazing, let’s just skip going out for dinner and stay in for dessert.’ I had heard this same line before from her when we were dating or together and I knew exactly what dessert meant. I told the guy, ‘Hey dude, have a good time and tell (her name) that Alan said, ‘Have a great life.’

I, of course, was p*ssed. I later heard that the shower incident happened after a lot of alcohol was involved, but really it does not matter.

Not even a good week later, I met my now wife of 35 years. It was her first day in Hawaii as an operating room Tech in the Army. We met because I had sworn off girls (all my soldiers laughed when I said this) and I was actually playing basketball in the middle of the quadrangle where the barracks were. At that time replacement or where new soldiers come into an Army post was located in the same barracks. Two months later, we were married, and before our first anniversary, we had our first kid. It was more than nine months as I know some of you were thinking we had to get married, but we didn’t.


Now for the Revenge part. Not long after my now-wife and I started dating I was pulling CQ or charge of quarters when all of a sudden my ex-girlfriend shows up. She was crying, telling me how she F uped her life worse than anything she’s ever imagined and how she would do anything to get me back. I listened quietly, then said you did screw up but you know what it really turned out okay for me. I thanked her for taking that shower and then I said as a gentleman I’m going to walk you back out to your car.

We stopped at the soda machine because she said she was thirsty. She then point-blank asked me have you f***** her yet. I said, no. She then kinda smiled. I said no, I f*** you, I’ve made love to her. Mic drop!” Alan Waters

19. April Fools, Jerk!


“I was seeing a guy who was in a relationship, but he downplayed it and said it wasn’t serious; she was a single mom who would visit every few weeks, according to him. She wasn’t as exciting as I was, he didn’t love her, I was told, and he’d be breaking up with her.

So he was not caught cheating, exactly, but I figured she was out of the picture.

She wasn’t, as it turned out.

We had quite a passionate thing going on, and he proposed with, ‘Let’s get married and try.’ It wasn’t good enough for me. By the time it happened, things went south already and I wasn’t happy in the relationship. It was clear to me it was over, but both of us were not ready for the final blow. My children were the culprit, b/c it occurred to me for some time that he wouldn’t be a good father to them. He wasn’t too affectionate with them and treated them like strangers when we spent time together.

He already had children from a previous marriage, and wasn’t too active in their lives, either.

On April 1st, I texted him I packed my suitcases and was ready to move in with my two daughters. He wasn’t too enthusiastic I thought but told me to come to his office and pick up a key to his house. That’s when I said, ‘April Fools!’ and wrote to him that we had to stop seeing each other. I told him exactly what I thought of our relationship, and how I could no longer be dishonest about what it was — f*cking.

I know it was cruel, but I was acting this way because I couldn’t stand his lies about his intentions and knew he still continued to see the other woman.

Sometimes when I visited, I found food that she cooked for him. I thought about how she must have loved him and cared for him, and all this time he’s been telling me she meant little to him. I saw how selfish he was, and how he chose a shiny new thing in me over her devotion (they’ve been seeing each other for 6 years). I saw her once at a party. She looked like a sweet person. He brought her as his companion. We kept our relationship secret from mutual friends.

I knew he would treat me the same, and that his love would fizz out as soon as someone better came along.

Among other things that didn’t work between us, this was a major one. Did I want to marry this man? The answer was no. Yes, he was an exciting lover, but I could not build a marriage on just being physical, alone.

It took a lot of courage to break it off. I was infatuated, big time. He was a charmer and a romantic, and we had a lot in common: same background, education, social circle; we really ‘got’ each other. But he had a major flaw — he loved women, plural. I don’t think he was able to be loyal to just one.

Anyhow, that was my April Fool’s ‘joke.’ He got very angry. The sh*t has hit the fan. He accused me of playing with his emotions and other stuff, some of which was true enough. He stayed angry for a long time. I really hurt his pride.

In time, we became friendly again. The drama blew over. He had hoped I would come back and still be his mistress for a short while. But then a lot of time has passed, and we both moved on. His spin on it is that we both ‘chickened out.’ Whatever. It’s not how I saw it.

He needed to come up with his version to heal his ego.

He is still with that other lady, but they don’t live together. She still visits him and cooks for him, and takes care of him when he’s sick.” Ula Douglas

18. He Was Left With Rough Finances


“Husband and wife married when they were in their late teens. He is smart and a looker, she is brilliant.

They move from London to Hong Kong due to his job but soon she finds one that is satisfying. The workload is heavy and both travel constantly. But they are both soon on $500,000+ packages. He starts ‘playing around’ and the number of girlfriends mount (I was always surprised that he could not cut anyone off).

She notes this and he is ‘reformed’ several times.

After 10 or 12 years he meets and falls hard for another professional. She is smart and a looker but not brilliant. She is not willing to be a mere mistress. The wife finds out and meets with his girlfriend. They agree that they will give him a choice – wife or girlfriend. He goes to Thailand (and into the arms of yet another lady for consolation, I know because I had to hide behind a pillar so I did not ‘bump’ into them) to decide. He informs his wife through his secretary he wants a divorce.

She, who has been in charge of the family finances, buys a massive house in London using all their savings plus a mortgage. She packs up the home in Hong Kong and ships everything (and I mean everything) to London. This includes his much-prized carpet collection. She takes the children out of boarding school in the UK and re-registers them in a school close to the new home.

On the day that she leaves (just 1 week after that call – yes all that in 1 week !!) she cancels all the credit cards (rendering his cards useless as they were on joint account) and writes to the Hong Kong tax authorities telling them that she is leaving.

This triggers a tax bill for all unpaid taxes (3 years). In those days, the husband is responsible for his wife’s taxable income. He returns to an empty house, empty bank account (he had to borrow money from me – sigh), no usable credit card and a massive tax bill.

When he sued to try to get his carpet collect and some money back, he discovered that all he could get was an interest in the mansion of a house in London. This is because it was the family home and thus could not be sold. As for the carpet collection, it had been auctioned off to pay down the mortgage.

24 years have passed. To be fair to him, he is still married to the ‘girlfriend’ (he has stopped playing around or become very much more discrete). He has still not gotten any money as she still lives in that home with a new husband.

Revenge is best served cold?” Christopher Chong

17. She Used A Psychological Trick To Guilt Trip Him


Sometimes the best revenge is no revenge at all.

“A friend of mine told me this story years ago.

This couple is married, the lady has a corporate job and is always traveling. The husband is nice and supportive of his wife but has a young mistress on the side he sees when Wifey is away.

Wifey suspects nothing.

One day, she has to travel outside the country to sort out a crisis. She’s expected back on a Monday. The husband uses this opportunity to bring his mistress home. Unfortunately for both of them, Wifey manages to sort out the crisis early and gets back home a day earlier, on a Sunday.

She walks into the house to find a strange woman wearing her bathrobe and washing the dishes. Hubby is on the couch watching the tv with a towel wrapped around his waist. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s been happening. She greets her husband warmly, even hugs him, greets the mistress warmly and rebukes her husband for not introducing them.

Hubby is tongue-tied in shock. She then goes to the bedroom, unpacks her suitcase and comes back to the lounge to find the mistress has quickly dressed up and disappeared.

Hubby is waiting for the worst but wifey behaves like nothing has happened. She chats merrily about her trip, asks him how he’s week has been, even makes dinner. After dinner, they go to bed like nothing has happened.

This continues for two straight days, wife behaves like nothing happened, isn’t moody or angry, is in fact very chirpy and cheerful. On the third day, the husband broke down and confessed to everything.

The torture of silence was too much to bear. He couldn’t even sleep because he thought she was plotting some nefarious scheme against him. He confesses to everything and promises never to do it again and he never does. Wife eventually forgives him and they live happily ever after. Sometimes psychological warfare really does work.” James Mbuthia

16. She Sold His Clothes To A Consignment Store


“Thank you, Sean, for the A2A. I’ve looked at some of the responses to this question and I am not sure my answer will qualify as “savage.” Maybe we were more civilized in the old days. This incident occurred back in the mid-’70s.

I was friendly with a couple who tended to drink heavily and have major drunken arguments. Usually, things would blow over when they both had sobered up, but on this one occasion, Jane was not ready to make nice. She kicked her boyfriend out of the apartment and dared him to come back.

As a final parting shot, she took every single dress shirt he owned (and they were expensively tailored clothes) and all his jeans and slacks to the local consignment store and donated them.

When he went back to the apartment for his things, she told him what she had done.

He immediately went to the consignment store and repurchased his clothes or at least the portion that had not already been sold.

Until I began reading some of these other answers, I had thought that a pretty low blow, but now I see it as almost comical and somewhat harmless, except for the financial hit. And it wasn’t the end of their relationship. Somehow they got beyond this incident and continued drinking and fighting for another year or two before they finally went their separate ways.” Rebecca Mellander

15. He Failed To Mention One Little Thing


“An acquaintance of mine found out his live-in girlfriend was cheating on him.

Now, the lease was in his name and he could end it giving 60 days notice, which he promptly did upon discovering her infidelity.

He did not tell her, however.

He arranged another place to live and movers to pack up and move his belongings to his new place.

She was told of everything by him when the movers arrived. When he turned in his keys to the landlord, she was alone with all her clothes, toiletries, her hairdryer and laptop, and homeless as of midnight

He never even found out where she ended up.

We still talk about this is awe.” Wayne Wallace

14. Stunk Like A Skunk


“I walked in on my then-boyfriend getting it on with my best friend.

My revenge?? Lol…. His pride and joy was his car that was his baby. I’m pretty sure he loved his car more than his mom. Anyway… I found a dead skunk smashed by a car, out in the heat for a few days, smelled ripe. I talked a friend into helping me get that skunk. I got a shovel and a bag, and got my skunk.

While my ex was at work one day, I got into his car, dumped the skunk in the back, rubbed it all over the seats and floor, shoved it up under his seat, and walked away.

He had to get rid of his car. I heard he cried.” Nicole Stoufer

13. I Listed Her Boyfriend’s House As A Brothel


“Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in revenge. I think revenge adds salt to your own wounds and makes it more difficult to forgive and forget.

With that said, I was so hurt when I found out about my wife’s affair, that I was blinded by anger and chose not to follow my own advice.

Fortunately, my attorney gave me solid advice to not post anything publicly. Which I followed.

However, I still wanted a little revenge, so I took my technical skills and listed her boyfriend’s house as a brothel in the major mapping tools.

I figured it was a valid assessment since he was buying her items in exchange for getting it on, which was happening in his house.

Silly? Yes. Stupid? Maybe. Funny? I thought it was hilarious. And still do!

A quick check shows his house is still listed as a whorehouse. I wonder if he ever answers the door to find some horny dude offering him cash.” James Miller

12. He Made Her Think Her Car Got Stolen


Caught in the act of cheating!

“It wasn’t me or my spouse cheating. It was me helping my neighbor Vin catch/get revenge on his cheating wife Kat.

Kat had told Vin that she was going to the gym than out for coffee with her gym friends.

Vin had suspicions she was cheating so he waited a while after she left than he drove to the gym to see if she was there. Sure enough, her car wasn’t there. He knew where to find her. She would be at Fred’s house. Fred was a friend of a friend.

Sure enough, her car is at Fred’s house. Vin was heartbroken and p*ssed. He pulled away. Called me and told me to get dressed as he needs a ride somewhere. He leaves his car, gets in mine, and we drive to Fred’s. He gets out of my car, and takes Kat’s car! Oh my God.

I was dying. He drove home. He parked her car in the driveway and waited for the call. That was AMAZING revenge/thinking on his part.

Four hours later Kat calls him crying that her car was stolen from the gym parking lot. He very calmly replies, ‘That’s strange! I’m looking out the window, and your car is in the driveway. And that is a mighty long workout. Shouldn’t you be having coffee with your friends now?’ He hung up.


Fred dropped her at the corner and she cried for forgiveness. Vin told her to get out. She left for about a couple weeks and BEGGED him to take her back.

He did. They moved out of state and I lost touch.” Abby Nelson

11. She Forwarded Pictures Of Her In Bed With Her Serial Cheating Boyfriend To Just About Everyone


He was seeing over a dozen women while he was in a committed, monogamous relationship?! Vomit.

“My friend’s youngest sister was dating a married man. But she came to know that he is seeing 14–15 other females as well.

One day she forwarded her personal pictures with him in bed to all of his contacts in WhatsApp in mobile as a common shout out. Which includes his kids, relatives, friends, office colleagues, and those female friends as well.

It happened two months back. Now the man is in the most pathetic situation of his life.” Prachi Agarwal

10. Don’t Cheat On The Professional Computer Hacker


“My wife cheated on me with my best friend back in 2014 while she was pregnant with our first son. No, rather, their first son. Being the evil person she was she made me believe it was mine.

So what did I do for revenge? Very simple: I told her to come over to my place for a chat (keeping in mind we were no longer together at this time….Like WTF, who goes over to spend a night at their EX?)

Being a ‘guru’ with detecting cheating with the computer, I knew ‘cheats will always cheat,’ so I wanted her husband to have the first-hand experience of finding out what it’s like to be cheated upon.

Because I gifted her the laptop she was using, I told her I needed some files back.

So I performed a trick I learned at work.

I remotely set up a back end server that transferred all her current chats and future chats to her new boyfriend’s email. What this means in normal terms is her mails will be synced to her boyfriend’s email as she chats.

To make this much more intriguing, I sent a spyware laced message to her boyfriend which also activates the automated sync of his emails to her own email.

I basically allowed them to read each other’s texts.

I heard they broke up 3 weeks later due to cheating issues.

I was not surprised.” Simon Villa

9. A Little Hot Sauce Will Do The Trick


“This is a family story.

Sometime shortly after the “end” of the Great Depression, my grandmother was pregnant with my youngest aunt. One day, she was spot cleaning and pressing my grandfather’s suit and came across an unused condom in the pants pocket.

Back in the day, condoms were “dry rolled” and came in small round containers. So, my grandmother takes the condom out and unrolls it. She then proceeds to soak it in hot pepper sauce and kerosene. As soon as it is dry, she rolls it back up, puts it back in the container and slips it into the pants pocket of the suit that is cleaned, pressed, and hanging in the closet.

About a week later my grandfather, who was a ’rounder’ (he got around women, bars and poker games), got gussied up in his clean suit and said he was off to go play ‘poker.’ To which my grandmother said she muttered under her breath: ‘I bet you are.’

He came back late that night raging mad. He said he was keeping that condom ‘for a friend’ and what my grandmother had done was horrible, etc.

They stayed married a few more years. He kept a mistress for quite a number of those. But I don’t imagine he was stupid enough to let my grandmother know what he was up to after that incident.” David Hudson

8. I Fell In Love With His Side Chick


He sure didn’t see that coming.

“One night, I checked a voicemail and heard a girl tell him then she was going to bring over the movie for them to watch later on that night. She left her work number so he could call her back and I called her instead. It turned out that she had no idea about me and thought my boyfriend was her boyfriend.

When she got off work we spent three hours on the phone talking and we really hit it off. So since we were both going to break up with him over it we decided to tell him that we are leaving him for each other.

It works like a charm. He was outraged and Incredibly jealous. But in the process of us trying to convince Jesse that this was real, she and I actually fell in love and had a relationship for a little while.” Michelle Williams

7. Her Entire Place Of Work Got To See Her Unclothed


A creative act of revenge, that’s for sure.

“A friend of mine had a nude photo of his ex-wife. They lived on a farm and she had glued up the padlocks on the gates, so he couldn’t get his ute through to feed the stock.

So, he had a sun-visor made from the nude photo of his wife, and he used it on the inside of his windshield, to keep out the heat.

He used to deliberately park near her work, so, her colleagues saw the visor every day. He didn’t even work near her company. He used to have two cars and permanently parked the one with the visor out the front of her work.” Linda Atkinson

6. She Took The One Thing That Meant The Most To Him


“I worked as a bouncer at a bar. There was a corvette show at the convention center near the bar. A lady asked me to escort her to her car because her ex-husband was harassing her.

I am taking her out to her car. He is following and saying something about maintaining his car.

I get her to the car. It’s a really nice Corvette. The plates were “WAS HIS2.” She is yelling that she’s putting low octane gas and cheap oil in it. And then she starts laughing at him as she gets in.

I have no idea what happened between them. It was clear though that she took from him the one thing that meant more to him than life itself. I was really wanting out of there without being shot.” David Brightwell

5. I Told My Wife’s Side Dude That She Was HIV Positive


“My 10-year-old son found a phone under the sofa and gave it to me.

I checked it and saw messages from my wife of 16 years to a guy saying among other things, ‘I loved you being with you yesterday.’ There were a number of messages to other guys along the same lines, though not explicitly stating ‘unprotected.’

I sent the guy a message from the phone pretending to be from my wife saying, ‘Sorry, I should’ve told you that I’m HIV positive.’ From the messages, I could see that he knew she was married and he was also married.

It takes up to 6 months after infection before a blood test can detect HIV. Therefore, he would have spent the next 6 months of his life sh*tting himself worrying about it and probably told his wife to also get tested.

He also would’ve needed to spend this time taking a whole load of antiretroviral drugs. That made me feel very happy.

As for my wife? I left her and 6 months later met my current partner.” Scott Cheadle

4. I Blasted The Truth About Her On Facebook



“By accident one time.

My wife of 8 years cheated on me. Long story short, we got divorced. I was trying to go on a date with a woman when she discovered that my Facebook still said I was married (didn’t go well). So I went in and added a divorce to my timeline. Then I started to worry that I would get inundated with people asking what had happened (my divorce was still fairly new).

So, I added a simple explanation “She cheated and left.” to save myself the time. Most of our mutual friends already knew, and the people on my Facebook that it would be news to weren’t close to her so it seemed innocent enough….

What I didn’t know is that, since Facebook knew we were married, it would auto-tag her in the post, boldly showing it on her wall to all her hyper-religious family and friends. She lost contact with a lot of people that day. I didn’t realize it until I got a couple of angry texts from her on what would have been our eighth anniversary.

At the time I was mortified, though slowly I’ve started to find it really funny.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend it. I would still take it back if I could, even though she did much worse to me (not just the cheating). Still, since it happened I might as well take the opportunity to chuckle.” Matthew Mitchell

3. A Few Tape Recordings Later, She Lost Her Job


“My ex (Ally) and her story – ‘It was a mistake and I was drunk. I didn’t mean for it to happen. Can you forgive me?’ ‘You sleeping with your ex while plastered? Sure. I can accept it was a mistake.

Let’s pretend like it never happened (yeah, right).’

I gave it a few weeks and didn’t have to wait long. Let’s just say that the crowd of women she hung out with were what women call ‘frenemies.’ And I took advantage of that.

There were two things I knew about Ally. She liked to drink (a lot) and when she did (which was often), and she loved to talk sh*t about her friends, her family, her workplace and their clients.

There is this wonderful app on my iPhone that takes instant recordings. No doubt, designed for memo taking, however, it was repurposed to record her drunken rants.

So.. I recorded a few of those and sent them (links to YouTube) to her workplace and LinkedIn contacts (some who I knew personally). Not sure how many were actually listened too, but I do know that she was fired a few weeks later. I also heard she is having difficulty finding employment.” Aaron Rogers

2. Her Ex Gets Away With The Abuse He Commits But Gets In Trouble For The Abuse He Didn’t


“My ex-husband, Lee, was horribly abusive, but we lived in a town where his family had much influence so my charges were always dismissed. He put me in the hospital more than once, and it was always brushed off.

I finally was able to escape, and left him and moved to a town where no one knew him or his family. I felt so free, and wanted no reminders of Lee and spent money I didn’t have on a new coffee table, I bought all the other furniture used. The table was gorgeous and had a full glass top. It was delivered 2 weeks before these events and was a visual reminder of my new life.

Lee had been threatening me over the phone that he wanted me to file for divorce because it cost money and I had refused. We shared no children or property, and frankly, I was sick of him pushing me around.

After 3 months I get a call from him saying his new girlfriend wanted to get married and he had filed for divorce. He wanted to come to my house for me to sign the papers. I agreed because I did want to be completely free of him, and felt like I had won a small battle by making him pay the filing fee.

Lee gets there, and everything was fine for the first few minutes. However, when I started reading the divorce papers, he was trying to get me to pay spousal support. I got to that part and told him that my lawyer would have to look over the agreement before I signed, and he lost his mind.

I collected snow globes at the time, and a good friend had given me a huge, beautiful one for Christmas. He grabbed that snow globe that was on my shelf and threw it into my coffee table, shattering it.

I lost it. I literally couldn’t even see I was so furious, and I screamed at him that he was going to pay for that. He laughed and told me to prove it, that no one had cared when he smashed in my face, and no one would care about a table. Without even thinking, I balled up my fist and punched myself in the face.

The look on his face was priceless and so confused, and then I punched myself again and started screaming for help. I hit myself one more time before he ran out, and by that time my neighbor had run over to my house after hearing my screams. My lips were bloody, my nose was bleeding and I had blacked one eye.

Lee ran from the house and the police were called. I told them he had done it, and the broken table was a perfect backdrop to the violence. They caught him before he got out of town. He was arrested for assault, and since he was on probation he would go back to jail if convicted to serve that sentence on top of the new one.

I did end up dropping the charges but let it hang until I got everything in the divorce that I wanted. It took about 6 months of him thinking he was going to prison.” Herefortheratioagain

1. He Was Tired Of Her Cheating, So He Did The Same Back


“Well, I don’t get around much, but I have an amusing story (not very savage, I’m afraid).

I had a friend in college who routinely stepped out on her boyfriend. Not only that, but she told me that she got busted by him every time.

He was remarkably patient with her, but finally, they had had enough of each other, and he moved out.

Shortly after they split up, she came over to his house with a bottle of wine and found him in bed with another woman.

She was so mad, she broke the bottle of wine on his car windshield as she left.

This was after they broke up. After months of her cheating on him.

I imagine he thought it was well worth the broken windshield to get her karma back at her.” Jo Ann Daughtery

Exes are something else, aren’t they? I guess that’s why they’re called an ex: because they’ve EX-ited your life. Although there’s no shame in possibly getting back with an old lover, in the previous instances, it’s clear that most of these people saw absolutely no future with their previous partner and wanted to give them a little taste of their own medicine!

Have you ever gotten revenge on an ex?

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