People Share Their Most Extreme Stories Of Petty Revenge


We all have had those moments where we wish we could take back something that we did or said. For you, maybe it’s when you gave a regular customer an attitude or the time you ran a red light. These things might not seem so severe, but after committing these things, you’re often left with a guilty conscience because you aren’t entirely sure if you’re going to get away with it. Only time will tell if you’re in the clear.

Well, unfortunately for the “bad” guys in these stories, they didn’t get to escape their misconduct. That’s right: someone taught them a little lesson via a petty act of revenge! Now, these aren’t just any stories of petty revenge. The petty revenge in the following list certainly involves quite a bit of hurt feelings, frustration, and embarrassment, probably a pinch more than your usual petty revenge. Weddings get ruined, vehicles get damaged, a rude man gets intentionally redirected on the wrong plane, expensive toys get thrown away, and someone ends up in jail, all because someone had enough of someone else’s actions. In fact, some of the people in these stories are so bitter that they go way above and beyond to make revenge extra special, some of which is dragged on for months! Are you ready to read on?

27. She Had To Pay Up $35,000

Pepi Stojanovski

“About 8 years ago, my girlfriend’s friend had just graduated from university.

She had managed to land a very high paying job in the private sector. She would constantly brag about how she was making ‘soooo much money’ and how she had an expensive car. She would tell all her friends they need to get their a*ses in gear, so everyone could be like her. This girl was the definition of ‘b*tch.’

Fast forward about 2 years, she has now landed a new (higher-paying) job with the government. After being with them for about a year, she ‘hurts’ her back and is on long-term disability for months and there is no sign of her going back to work anytime soon.

You would think that someone with an injured back would not do a lot of physical activity like skiing, partying at the bars, etc. She had a desk job, and everyone knew she was faking.
The best part of all this? She was posting pictures and adding comments on Facebook about all the ‘fun’ she was having. After months of observing this, I did some research and tracked down the name of the insurance company that handles government workers. I filed an anonymous complaint and thought nothing would happen.

About a year later, I found out she had been sued by the government for over $35,000 in claimed wages while she was on disability.

She tried to fight it in court, but the insurance company had hired a private investigator and tracked her every move. They had screengrabs of her Facebook statuses as well as photos taken by the investigator from his car of her doing recreational activities proving her back was OK.
She lost the fight and had to pay the $35K. She lost her job, went bankrupt and had to move back in with her parents. She is currently a 36-year-old unemployed single woman living in an isolated rural area with her parents.” xorant

26. She Got The Longer Tanning Session She Wanted


At least she apologized and didn’t ask for a refund.

“When I was 17, I started my first job in a tanning salon. Believe it or not, in some states, tanning salons are considered a ‘medical facility,’ so we have to keep a strict record of our customer’s sessions. Where I live, we are required by the FDA to check people in using a form of government I.D (usually just a driver’s license).
I was about three months into the job when we had a very lovely woman, ‘Patricia,’ stop in, in hopes of preparing for her upcoming trip to the Maldives. I chatted with her a bit and politely let her know that I will need to see her I.D in order to get her account set up.

Patricia scoffed at me and said that’s a violation of her privacy, and she doesn’t have to provide me with any sort of identification. I assured her it’s an FDA requirement, and we can be fined hundreds of dollars if we do not see her I.D, so, unfortunately, we would have to refuse her service if she is unable to provide it.
Patricia rolled her eyes and said that’s a ‘crock of sh*t’ but begrudgingly complied and rudely tossed her license across the counter at me. I kept a smile on my face nonetheless.

After that, we have customers sign a Consent & Waiver that outlines the risks of tanning (I.E burning and/or skin cancer) and also has the guest complete a ‘skin-tone’ chart so that the sales associate can get a good idea of how much time to recommend.

I glanced over her chart, and she had written that she was of Northern European descent, so naturally, I recommended a very low amount of time, seeing as she was likely to burn easily.
Patricia scoffed at me again and said that I have no idea what I am talking about. She said she is leaving for the Maldives in three days, so she needs to go for the max amount of time – 15 minutes. I said I strongly advise against that, seeing as 15 minutes in a tanning bed is a lot stronger than just 15 minutes in the sun.

Patricia insisted that I was wrong and mumbled about the ‘dumb bimbos’ that tanning salons always hire. I politely let her know that we are trained to suggest the safest amount of time for customers, and she almost certainly will burn. She brushed me off again, said she knows what she is doing and demanded the full time.
I mustered up my best customer service voice and said, ‘Okay, 15 minutes it is! Let me walk you back to your room!’

After the session was over, Patricia took almost 25 minutes to leave the room. She sheepishly opened the door and gathered her things.

Her face was as red as a tomato and her body was pink all over, meaning that by tomorrow she would be a peeling lobster who would likely need to avoid the sun for several days.

She actually apologized for not taking my advice and asked if we had anything available for burn relief. I happily sold her a bottle of RX aloe vera and wished her a great vacation.” daughterofozai
25. Never Eat An Exterminator’s Chocolates


“When I was a kid (you know, when Neanderthals were my neighbors), I remember my dad complaining about the candy he was bringing to his job. He worked as an exterminator and said the chemicals left a foul taste in his mouth, and sugar helped get rid of it.

He’d buy a big two-pound box of chocolates every week for himself and would set it on his desk. Being a somewhat nice guy, he was willing to reasonably share with his small staff of coworkers. Instead of people taking only a piece or two, they’d just about empty out the box, and HE would only get a piece or two.
On top of that, he started getting complaints. About free chocolates. That they weren’t required to eat at all.

He was done. At the end of one week, he kept the now-empty box, rather than throwing it away. A new candy store had (ironically) contacted his boss and invited him to their opening, and the boss had told my dad.

Who, of course, then went to the shop and bought two pounds of chocolate-covered bugs.

For two weeks, he’d buy bugs, put the pieces into the empty chocolate box, and put that on his desk. He would eat from the stuff he kept in a drawer (why he didn’t do that in the first place, I’ll never understand) and would just smile at everyone that came up for chocolates. (According to one co-worker, the chocolate-covered worm piece tasted like caramel. I’m still shuddering.)
At the start of the third week, he put out the buggy chocolates but in their correct container. With names, descriptions, and even pictures.

At the end of that week, he still had a full package of those chocolates. And when he brought in his regular chocolates the following week, no one ate them.” kitkhat29

24. Complain About A Deaf Customer, Get A Longer Wait Time

Agê Barros

“About 12 years ago when I used to work at a pharmacy as a tech.

A middle-aged deaf woman came in for a refill, so she and I communicated by written notes. As she and I are writing notes back and forth to each other, a d*uche bag walks up talking on the cell phone and proceeds to complain about this woman to the other person on the phone.

He was a truly hateful pr*ck about it and was so obnoxious. Needless to say, I personally filled her prescriptions and had her out the door in less than five minutes.
However, for some inexplicable reason, his prescription kept getting sent to the end of the line never to be filled. After about 30 minutes, he asks to speak to my boss and complains about it taking so long. It was one of the busiest pharmacies in Kansas City, but tons of people that came in after him were getting their meds and leaving.

My boss calms him down by telling him that his script would be next and walks over to me and says, ‘What’s the deal here? Why do you keep moving his stuff to the back of the line?’ I straight-up told my boss what the d*uche bag was doing and that it really p*ssed me off.

My boss, a really cool guy, says, ‘Right on’ then kept the a**hole waiting another half hour.” EnderKCMO
23. I Redirected Him To The Wrong Plane

Jordan Sanchez

“A few years ago, I was at my city airport about to board on a very short (50-minute long) airplane trip to another city. I did the whole procedure, registered my tickets, sent my luggage to be wrapped and stood still in the corner.

Now, this is important: I was dressed in a white t-shirt and a black pair of pants, looking really formal, so I looked like someone from the airport staff, especially because I was standing close to the airport map, staring at nothing waiting for my flight.

I heard a commotion in the hall next to the check-in area, looked there and then I saw him: the a**hole. Dude was giving everyone in the airport – staff and passengers – a very hard time, demanding priority in the check-in service and making a huge scene. Apparently, he was too wealthy to just wait in line like everyone else. He screamed so much, one of the staff girls actually cried.
I heard he was trying to get a flight from Curitiba to Campinas (two cities in Brazil), which was exactly the flight I was on. So, I saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to avenge the poor girl and the rest of the staff: I went to the departure section and just stood still next to the place where you go to board the planes, the jet bridge that connects the building to the plane.

I stood in the long corridor, and when he came close to me, I asked him ‘Sir, are you flying to Campinas or to Rio de Janeiro?’ ‘Campinas,’ he said in his disgusting voice. ‘That way.’ I pointed to one of the tunnel’s entrances to my left.
If he made past this point in the building, it meant that somebody already checked his ID and ticket. So, nobody would question him when he got into the plane I pointed to, which means that he was not going to Campinas. Actually, God knows where he might have ended up if he didn’t realize he was in the wrong plane.” Lichewitz

22. Block The Handicap Parking Spot With A Cart? Not Today, Lady!


I completely get if you don’t want to return your cart, but to put it in the middle of a handicap parking spot, let alone, ignore the person who’s attempting to park in that very spot, is downright disrespectful!
“First off, I’m handicapped.

My mom and I stop by a busy grocery store where the handicap spots are usually always full… Just as we’re turning in to park, some lady decides that the best place to leave her shopping cart is smack dab in the middle of said spot. I look around to see that there are TWO cart pens nearby. My mom honks at the lady, and she turns to look at me. I point at the cart, but she just keeps walking and gets into her car.

So, her car is almost directly behind us and the way we’re situated blocks her from getting out of her spot.

Instead of pulling up to the cart, removing it, and finishing parking, my mom slowly disembarks and returns the cart to its respective spot. At this point, I can see the lady getting impatient. She even tries to back up and squeeze through to no avail.
When my mom gets back in, I remind her of her unanswered texts. We get some laughs in, and we finally decide to pull up into the spot and let her through, but just as we move, a nearby car starts to backup, blocking her in yet again. From her side-view mirror, I can see that she’s fuming at this point.

When she finally gets out, she speeds out of the parking lot.” JuniorMintSpleen

Another User Comments:


“Someone did that to me just as I was walking to my car. I got their attention and asked them to move the cart, and they just shrugged. I quickly moved the cart back behind their car and turned it upside down before taking off.” Granadafan
21. I Made It Clear To Everyone In The Store He Rented An Embarrassing Movie


He could have just given him a snotty attitude, but no, he killed him with kindness before exposing his choice of movie to everyone, including children!

“Working at Blockbuster, circa 2003.

When checking people out, there were two things you’re supposed to do. 1: read the titles of the movies and give the due dates. 2: tell people to have a nice day/night after handing them their movies on the other side of the security gate.

So, a guy comes in with his two kids on a busy Friday night. He has a few children’s titles and [an adult] flick. I ring up the videos and tell him the due dates of the kid movies and say, ‘The other one is due _____,’ trying to save him a little embarrassment.
I walk over to the security gate to hand him the videos where I’m planning on telling him to have a good night, but he’s still at the register.

Confused, I look at him and he says, ‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’ I think through the Blockbuster process and can’t come up with anything.

He has an indignant look on his face and says, ‘You’re supposed to tell me to have a good night!’

I’m pretty stunned that a grown man is so reliant on the good wishes of an eighteen-year-old, especially since I would’ve given him what he so desperately needed if he’d walked over to the security gate. So, I say, ‘Sir, I’m so sorry. Have a great night. I hope you enjoy your copy of…’ I look down at his VHS tape then look at everyone behind him in line and raise my voice, ‘MARRIED PEOPLE, SINGLE S*X!’
He turns bright red, and the lady behind him covers her face.

I sorta feel bad for his kids getting caught in the crossfire, but there are always casualties in war.” jake_swivel

20. They Got Multiple Tickets For Parking In A No Parking Zone

Adam Griffith

“I’m moving out of my apartment this week and I rented one of those curbside drop off/pick up moving crates. My city requires that you get a permit for the street ($40) and provides ‘no parking’ signs so the crate can be loaded and unloaded.

I hung the no parking signs along my designated space well before the crate arrived. Lo and behold, some student with out of state plates parks in my space.

I call the cops and they ticket the car. After my crate arrives, the car returns and parks again in the no parking zone. At the same time, a landscaping company sets up a no parking zone overlapping my zone. Now there are multiple no parking signs tacked up by the offending car.
The landscapers are angry, as the car is in their way, so we hatch a plan together. Since we both have permits for no parking zones, we both call the cops separately. The offending car ends up with several more tickets. Additionally, I flag down a meter maid and let them know that the car has been in the spot for more than two hours (the limit for non-residents).

Another $40 ticket. By the end of the day, this dumb student had five tickets on his windshield.

No parking means no parking!” Reddit user

19. I’d Play “Cotton Eye Joe” For Two Hours Straight

Patrick Fore

“I had two jobs. One was at this country ice house… [in the middle of] nowhere outside of my city. This place was pretty small but was one of the few bars in a certain area, so it would get busy. A lot of good ole’ boys and oil field guys.
I worked the door, checked IDs and such, and usually broke up fights or kick people out. One night, some trouble happens between some regulars, and one guy tries to hit another guy with a pool stick.

I happened to get hit in the arm but got behind the guy and put him to sleep. The next day, the manager calls me to tell me I’m being let go. Apparently the pool stick guy spends a lot of money, and me putting him to sleep left him bitter, so he called the owner. That’s fine.

Anyways, the bar has a nice fancy jukebox. If you have the app, you can just pick songs on your credit card, and they’ll play. If you hit play next on a song, even if they turn the jukebox off, it’ll play when it starts back up.

It’s also unskippable. With the master remote, you could skip a song, but they lost that remote, so they really can’t do much if someone plays a certain song they don’t like, and even if they unplug it, it’ll play no matter what when they turn it on.
Here’s my petty revenge:

The owner does inventory every Tuesday night. It also happens to be a busy night because they do pool tournaments and it usually gets packed. So, here I thought, I could probably just play the same song over and over and there’s nothing they can really do. I got twenty bucks in credits, and that usually gives you about 18 unskippable songs, plus more depending on if the app gifts you credits.

I picked a remix of Cotton Eye Joe that comes in at around 7 minutes a pop. Usually when the pool tournament started. Two hours of hearing the same song has killed their business on Tuesdays. Even if they unplug it, it’ll still play when they plugged it back up.
I’ve been doing it for two months so far. Last I heard, they had to buy a new jukebox at a cost $5,000. I’ll probably stop for a month then start again. ” SgtSlaughterEX

18. I Blamed Him For My Black Eye


“Throughout my time in my 1st- and 2nd-grade classes in school, there was a classmate named Jonathan who would torture me daily.

From name-calling, pushing me and ridiculing me in front of other classmates – this boy was an absolute nightmare.

It all came to a head one day when we’re sitting across from each other at some tables, and he asks to see my hand. I hold out my hand on the desk, and he proceeds to slam a pencil into my thumb (leaving a permanent mark I have to this day). This incident was reported, but he was only ‘spoken to.’ The bullying still continued.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I’m walking throughout the school playground during recess. Being the dumb kid I was, I wasn’t particularly watching where I was going and walked straight into some monkey bars.

The force was enough to topple me backward and flat onto my butt. Humiliated, I looked around and was thankful that no one witnessed what happened.

Once recess was over and I was back in class, the teacher gasped and asked what happened to my face. There was a gigantic bruising/black eye forming on my eye.

Without hesitation, I blurted out, ‘Jonathan punched me!’ He yelled out that he didn’t, but I quickly had a rebuttal. ‘How else would I have gotten this?’
He was suspended for a week. He never messed with me again.” erekiddo

Another User Comments:

“Well deserved, children like that don’t learn with a ‘stern talking’ to.

They need to be punished and understand their actions have consequences.

I really hope that kid isn’t an a*shole today and actually grew up to be a decent person.” ForbiddenDarkSoul

17. I Kept Harassing The Scammer


Funny how the scammer was so upset about getting harrassed. Like, dude, you realize scamming is also illegal?

“So, for the last 3 weeks, at least 3 times a day, I’d get a scam call from this dude claiming he installed security software on my computer, and there’s been a breach, etc. Everybody knows the drill.
This guy leaves, like, 3 minute-long voicemails repeating the same 30-second spiel over and over.

It’s annoying. I called the number back a few times just saying, ‘Hey, dude. I know it’s a scam. Stop calling.’ He always sassed me real hard… So, I thought, ‘Hey, I have an idea.’ I just kept calling him back and saying nothing. I could hear him yelling through the receiver. Once he’d hang up, I’d call right back. All in all, I blew up his phone for over an hour. I called him back 44 times in 60 minutes.

After the last call, he was screaming nonsense and said, ‘I am blocking your number. This is harassment. You will never contact me again.’ Sounds good to me.

No calls today, and usually by 3 p.m., I’ve gotten 2 already. Feels goooooood.” lululiya
16. Enjoy Your Not-So-Restful Night’s Sleep!


“I had the same roommate for two years of on-campus housing at college. We were good friends (and still are), though, as with any roommate, there were always small things that bugged each of us about the other – simple things one ought to let go.

My roommate, let’s call him NJ, was an awfully friendly guy but had a bad habit of eating things that did not belong to him, without asking or ever acknowledging the fact that he ate them. I found this very rude, and after bringing it up on several occasions, I realized that he had no plan to stop, for he was one of those ‘share everything’ types.

NJ was a social butterfly, easily peer pressured, and thus always ready to get supremely drunk and go party on any and all given nights.
One night, I came home to find my what-would-have-been Munchies were gone, the wrapper for which was in the trash. He was out, drinking heavily as always, and I knew he would come home wasted and fall right asleep. In this, I found the outlet for my petty revenge. The small annoyances he caused me of having to walk back to the convenience store (or wherever) to replace the snacks were only so annoying because they were constant, so my revenge must be a constant, small annoyance as well.

With that in mind, I stuffed his pillowcase full of magazines and hid all bedding in his closet aside from a small blanket. He came stumbling home a few hours later and, as I predicted, fell right asleep. He didn’t notice his brick-like pillow at all!
NJ woke up the next day cold with a sore neck, wondering why the f*ck his pillowcase was stuffed with magazines and where all his sheets were. I told him that he came home ranting about pillows or something and that he was shifting all his books around as I was trying to sleep, making a lot of noise by his closet, too.

For the next few months, I did this every time he went out drinking, effectively convincing him that he had a drunken habit of replacing his pillow with magazines and hiding all his bedding. The laugh it gave me made the short walks to the convenience store for snacks worth it.” hi_rihanna
15. She Refused To Pay Me, So I Undid My Work


She not only basically didn’t get the work done, but things were left even worse than before!

Who did you so wrong in life that you stoop as low as to not pay someone for the work that they did for you?

“I live in New Jersey, and we just had a snowstorm, so I thought I could make some quick cash by shoveling driveways.

I start off and do a couple of houses and make about $80 (pretty good money for me).

So, I go to this house and this lady says that she will give $50 for shoveling her driveway and sidewalk. I finish about 20 minutes later. I go up to the door and knock, but she won’t open, so I go to the back door and knock. She still doesn’t open. Then I see her looking at me through the window, but she quickly turns away and pretends like nothing happened.
At this point, I realize that I just got tricked into doing a ton of work, and I’m not getting paid.

I start to walk home and then remember that my friend who lived down the street has one of those machines that clear snow. Let the revenge begin.) I borrow it from him and run down to her house. I turn it on and blast that snow that I shoveled and some more all on her yard. Then she rushes outside and starts yelling at me, but I return the machine to my friend’s house and go home.” superpotato95

14. Sorry, The WiFi Doesn’t Work


“Strap in for some llama noms!
For a little bit of backstory, this was a while back and when I was living with my mother-in-law in a house was in two halves almost as two apartments.

We had the bottom one, so whatever happened in there never affected her which meant it took months for her to do anything about the issues. She was a sh*tty landlord. We had mold and water leaks and fleas and god knows what else, and she just wasn’t interested.

She insisted we use her sh*tty (and I mean sh*tty) WiFi and that we paid in the rent for it. For months. The wifi never actually reached the part of the house we stayed in, and when it did, it crapped out every other minute. I ended up hot-spotting my phone on the regular just to use the PS4.

Anyway, eventually, we got sick and tired of this sh*t and asked her if we could put a second line in; we’ll pay. So, she says sure, and we do.

We get the fastest, best f*cking wifi there is. Like, the difference was like getting glasses for the first time and realizing trees actually have individual f*cking leaves.

Right up until she went in unannounced while we were at work and stole the wifi password. We were still paying the extra in rent and paying for our own, so I was p*ssed.

And I know, I could have just changed the password. But no.

I am truly more petty and bitter than that. After all the sh*tty landlord things she had done, this was it. The final straw. So, I waited until I knew she was logged into our wifi on all of her devices and then I blocked them through the router settings. Every single device she has went down at once. It was f*cking glorious.
Every time she screeched at me about it, I just shrugged, telling her that, ‘Hey, maybe it never reached through the walls properly.’ And then we left, and she expected us to leave the router. Nope. Brought it to our new home, and she’s still blocked.

Every time she comes to visit our wifi is mysteriously down… but only for her.” usernametoounique

13. Don’t Tell Me Where To Park


“I have a busy body neighbor who lives across the street from me. We live in a small, rural English village. The houses are old and quite tightly packed together with a narrow road running through the center of the village that’s just big enough for two cars to pass.
My house has no parking or driveway, so I have to park my car on the road, as do a lot of the other residents. Mrs. Busy Body has a big house with enough space on her driveway for three cars and a fancy electric gate with a remote control.

The driveway is quite narrow as it runs down the side of her house.

In the village, we all try to park on the same side of the road so that people going through don’t have to weave in and out of the parked cars and it’s safer for children. This means I park opposite my house outside Mrs. Busy Body’s.
One morning getting into my car and going to work, she came out of her house and told me that I wasn’t to park there anymore. I asked her why, and her response was, ‘Oh, you know how it is you just want to be able to park your own car outside your own house.’ I said yes and that I did understand that feeling and raised an eyebrow at the irony of me doing exactly that, albeit on the opposite side.

I was just trying to be courteous by parking on the same side of the road as everyone else, but she didn’t see it that way.
I have one tiny car and she has two large 4x4s and a driveway. I spoke to another neighbor, and she’d been bad-mouthing ‘whoever had the little white car parked outside her house’ as she wanted the space outside just in case someone popped round to visit and needed somewhere to park.

So, I parked my car right outside my front door – directly opposite her driveway. Now there was no way that her or her husband could get in and out their driveway in one maneuver due to the narrowness of the road, the narrow drive, their big range rovers, and my car opposite.

I watched her for months having to shuffle her car in and out of her driveway.
She couldn’t say anything to me and ask me to move ‘because you know how it is, you just want to be able to park your own car outside your own house.'” bare_face

12. I Cut My Lawn In A Specific Way To Agitate Him


Who knew that some people could be so obsessed with other people’s yards?

“My neighbor is a retired, 70-something former preacher or pastor or whatever. He’s also a judgmental pr*ck who, despite not living in a neighborhood with an HOA, makes weekly rounds through the neighborhood looking for any minor code violations (things like flowers that are overhanging onto the sidewalk by an inch or two, etc.) he can report to the city to get the owners fined.

He mows his lawn twice per day during the summer and has a bed of green that would make Hank Hill cream himself.
I take pride in my yard, but it’s 70% native plants and wildflowers with a small patch of grass in the front. I don’t water the grass because pouring water on the ground seems stupid to me, but it (along with a healthy mix of other stuff) comes in pretty full and there aren’t any bare spots anyway. I mow every five days, or less if we’re in a dry spell, and it grows slower.

Anyway, when I get out there, I cut all the grass but with a focus toward leaving a path that is as baffling as possible.

Sometimes I will attempt a checkerboard and then veer off into spirals, and other times I will approach with an even more abstract eye. The grass doesn’t seem to mind, and I enjoy the challenge of thinking of new ways to traverse the lawn.
Today, I saw my neighbor standing out front with his f*ckup grandson who got sent to live with him for some reason. He was complaining to him about something, throwing his hands up in the air, clearly very exasperated…

Then he gestured toward my lawn and then made a little spiral gesture while contorting his face in disgust. I don’t know exactly what he said, but I imagine he was lecturing him about how if he didn’t get his life together he’d end up like me, the neighbor with the weird lawn.

Small victories, you know?” uninterestingdream

11. Let Me Remind You Of Our Wedding Day

Yomex Owo

She’ll make sure they never forget.
“Quick background: My husband’s family flat out refused to come to our wedding because they didn’t feel he was ‘free’ to marry after his divorce. This naturally put a massive amount of stress on us, but we went ahead and got married without them.

Anyway, after not speaking to us for months, they decided they wanted to come by for a ‘visit.’ I have absolutely no desire to see any of them, but they’re family, so we can’t say no.

I knew I had to get revenge, but it couldn’t be obvious.

So, I decided to redecorate my living room. Every single piece of décor in the main area of the house is from our wedding. Pictures here, my bouquet there, pieces from the sand ceremony on the shelf. Let’s not forget the huge wooden ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ hanging up too. Think you’re safe in the kitchen? Wrong!! I have a fridge magnet with our wedding date and such on it that we got for a gift up on the fridge and an invitation hanging next to it.
You wanted to avoid the wedding? Let me surround you with wonderful memories of our big day.” Ms_Revenge_A_Lot

10. He Got A Truck Bed Full Of Trash

Jasmin Sessler

“Everybody at my high school seems to think that every truck bed in the parking lot is a trashcan, and it is not uncommon to find mini-mart cups and small bags of trash in the bed of your truck after school from a*sholes who are just too d*mn lazy to take it to the trash cans in front of the school.

It usually doesn’t bother me too much, but last week I had the perfect opportunity to get some petty revenge!
As I was walking to my truck after school, I saw a kid throw a bag full of crumpled up tacos and other trash into the back of my truck. I just so happened to know who he was and exactly which truck he drove. This kid was also your typical swag f*g d*uchebag, and I had better things to do after school, so I didn’t feel like wasting the time to confront him about it.

The next day at school, I had five trash bags almost overflowing in the back of my truck that I was going to take to the dumpster after school.

I pull in and see his truck parked nearby, so I put all five trash bags in his truck, took my pocket knife, and cut each one of the full, five trash bags open. I then proceeded to park my truck elsewhere and walk away. Serves the b*stard right. I wish I could have seen the look on this d*uchefag’s face after school that day, but the warm feeling of petty revenge was satisfying enough.
Yeah, it was pretty f*cked up, but no one liked this kid anyway.” captaintripr

9. They Finally Stopped Using The Parking Lot As A Playground

Ruffa Jane Reyes

“A year or two ago, there was a group of young teens that loved to play street hockey in our court.

This is a townhome complex with shared parking spaces. My home is at the end of the ‘overflow’ parking, which leaves me many spaces to choose from. With the lot in this area being so empty, it is an optimal place to play street hockey and set up a net. Perfectly acceptable, I loved doing these things when I was a kid, but be respectful of other people’s homes and cars.
My girlfriend was tired of walking out every morning to hockey sticks and the net behind her car each morning leaving for work. Also, their gear (skates, gloves, pucks) would be in our yard.

After asking the kids to pick up after themselves to no avail, I spoke with the parents. ‘The parking lot is my kid’s backyard, as far as I’m concerned,’ was the father’s response to me bringing it to his attention.

Instead of reporting to the HOA, I decided petty revenge was more my liking. Late one night, after they left their equipment out again behind her car, I picked up their skateboard ramps, gloves, balls, pucks and net and placed them in my shed. I then took them to the landfill the next morning. The hockey sticks and skates needed to send another message.

I took note of the car the father drove and noticed he always backed in. Given the time he left in the morning was still dark outside, I placed the hockey sticks and skates in front of his tires, out of sight. The next morning after I did this part, I noticed the sticks were not there. (He did run over them, as splinters and plastic were on the pavement.) The skates were also missing.
Whether it was a lesson to the father or the kids (or both) is not my concern. They were out of money and materials. Since that day, there has been no equipment behind her car.” Prospect212

Another User Comments:

Do you think this act of revenge was too harsh?

“That’s a little extreme for the first shot, don’t you think? Do you know how much hockey goals, skateboard ramps, skates, etc.

cost? That’s hundreds of dollars of equipment you went and destroyed. Hardly ‘petty’ in my opinion.

If anything, I would have at least done it with just one or two pieces to teach the kids a lesson and act as a wake-up call and then escalated matters, not tossed out the whole shebang right off the bat.” noirthesable
8. A Five-Car Wreck

Michael Jin

“We live in a small private neighborhood. The neighbors are related to us more or less (distant relatives). Everybody here is a complete nutjob. They were constantly arguing over decades before me or my brother were even born.

Our property line is kinda like a square, and it is surrounded by road from two sides.

Keep in mind that on one part of the road, we let our neighbors use one square meter of the land, so they could use the road more safely and not damage our property. This is crucial information.

This road is made of gravel. The neighbors want my parents and only my parents to pay for the entire cost to lay an asphalt road. My dad and my mother are constantly fixing potholes for 90% of the road, so naturally, our neighbors thought that they will pay for the asphalt road.
Fast forward 20 years, the road remains gravel-ish. Nobody wanted to pay for the asphalt road.

One day, my neighbors order a massive truck filled with tons of wood.

The truck driver runs over our fence. Nobody wanted to pay for the damage. Our fence is made out of multiple bushes, trees and a little bit of metal fence too. These plants were now completely destroyed and a part of a metal fence completely bent. We had to replant these plants and place a new metal fence. My father told me this was not the first time this happened but actually third. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this.
So, this is where the revenge begins.

My father is a police officer in the department where they mostly handle frauds, drug busts, etc.

He knows the law well.

He dug up the property line marker and placed plastic barrels filled with rocks on our property. In the next six hours, three of our neighbors came knocking on the door because they hit our plastic barrels filled with rocks. They were angry and wanted to call the cops, but they never did because everybody knew that little part of land was still our property. One neighbor, in particular, threatened my dad that he will throw a f*cking pickaxe at my father’s back. Over the period of a year, these neighbors hit the barrels so much with their cars that the barrels are now worthless.

My dad was furious, and he changed his petty revenge int pro revenge. He cut some wood to use it as a mold. He bought cement, sand and metal poles. One peaceful afternoon, my father and I cemented that whole part of the land and placed some lovely flowers on top, so when they hit the concrete, they can smell our flowers of victory.

As we expected, five neighbors in total wrecked their cars on the new fence, and nobody came knocking on the door.” MihaM12

7. I Forced Her To Drink Tap Water For Weeks


If it were me, I’d probably just have them drink the water once and then shortly later, reveal to them that they just drank tap water, but no, this guy kept it up for several weeks.

“So, about four years ago, I was living with my (now ex) girlfriend. She was a cute girl but was very picky about what she ate and could be a real jerk sometimes.

One thing she was adamant about was not drinking tap water. Even with a filter, she refused to do it. So, she would buy the gallon jugs of water, and every week, I would have to go across the street to the grocery store and fill them up at the machine out front. We had about four.

She claimed she could taste and – knew – the difference. I didn’t believe her.

Well, one week, in particular, she was being irritable as usual and wanted me to fill up the jugs while she was at school.

So, I did. With the tap water. She never said a word. I did it again the following week. I continued to ask her why she likes the filtered water better.

We broke up shortly after, but the several weeks leading up to it, she drank nothing but tap water.

And the evil, cheating wench never knew.” Reddit user

6. She Copied My Painting, So I Ruined Hers


“When I was 10, we had to paint birds for art. I was pretty good at art, but a girl copied my exact one, even though we had to do different ones, and I was not pleased.

So, while we were cleaning up paintbrushes, (the painted birds were placed nearby), I put her painting in the sink with the tap running, pretended it accidentally fell in there and walked away like nothing happened.
I think she got the message.” 1470258369

Another User Comments:

“This is the way I’m picturing this in my head:

You slip the painting in the sink and turn it on. Some bada*s electronic music starts as you turn around and start walking in slow motion away from it. You put on a pair of sunglasses in slow motion. The sink explodes. You don’t look back.” allankcrain

5. Permanent Marker On The Whiteboard


“In high school, my French teacher used to grade me lower than I’d have liked.

She used to leave her previous class’s lesson on the whiteboard and would use the dry eraser at the beginning of our class. I would show up early and, with a permanent marker, write over random individual letters scattered across the board. This used to confuse the hell out of her. She would use the cleaning spray on the letters, which would do nothing and then she’d blame the cleaning spray. She wasn’t a smart woman.
Later in the year, I started a different approach. I’d take the dry erase markers home, open them, replace the guts with permanent marker, and put them back.

She was convinced the problem was in the spray cleaner and these new whiteboards all the classes had.

In all fairness, I most likely deserved the grades I received as I was never that good at speaking French.” glassdevaney

4. Re-LAX, Man


They had the opportunity to, say, put a cockroach in their sandwich, but they went the good, ole laxative route instead.

“In school, I used to get my lunch stolen all the time. Well, I had this stupid toy candy bar maker that was little more than a mini George Foreman. Just add chocolate, crisps, nuts. There were some ex-lax chocolates (a type of laxative that would cause strong and violent reactions often quite suddenly) in the medicine cabinet, so I used that, and sure enough, someone stole my lunch.

About halfway through lunch period, this huge, overgrown jock was running full tilt towards the bathroom shouting, ‘Move! Get out of the way!!’ and knocking students out of the way like rag dolls. The evidence that he didn’t make it in time was in front of the bathroom stalls for all to see.” Reddit user

3. I Replaced His Contact Solution With Rubbing Alcohol


I’m a contact lens wearer, so I can almost feel the pain while reading this story.

“I had the sh*ttiest of roommates my first year in college. Things got to the point where we weren’t speaking.

Anyhow, I wore contacts and so did he.

I noticed that I was going through the solution far too quickly and put two and two together and realized that the sh*tty roommate was using mine without permission. He came from a rich family. Getting more solution wouldn’t have been a problem, but he just helped himself to mine.
I ended up emptying the saline into a different container and replacing it with rubbing alcohol. He had his own solution the very next day.” negativeyoda

2. I Slashed My Selfish Neighbor’s Tire Months Later

Connor Betts

“In 2004, I was in college living in an apartment. It snowed overnight, and the plow came through the neighborhood pushing a two- to three-foot wall of snow behind my car.

I procrastinated on digging myself out, as I was without a shovel. I noticed a shovel standing upright in the snow in front of the next complex over; I walked over and grabbed it. It wasn’t mine, but I was desperate.
I began shoveling. After making a bit of headway on the snow behind my car, a beige Cadillac rolls up and stops. The driver got out of the car and approached me. Without a word, he snatched the shovel out of my hands and drove down the street to park in front of the complex I had taken the shovel.

It was probably his shovel.

Nevertheless… something about the way he grabbed it from me, his wordless approach, no ‘excuse me, that’s my shovel’… it p*ssed me right the f*ck off. I waited until August, just when my lease was up, to slash his front driver side tire.
I have no regrets.” ViolentEastCoastCity

1. Don’t Mess With Engineers


In his defense, I probably wouldn’t think to remember to turn off my alarm clock while I went away.

“I had a neighbor who liked to go away for the weekend but not turn off their alarm clock. So, every weekend, I’d wake up at 6 a.m. and have to listen to that buzzer all day.

Around midnight, it would reset itself and then six hours later go off again.

In the middle of finals week, I flip. I know he’s trying to study, but I’m done with finals. So, I borrow/procure/steal the following items: 1000 watt amp, 1000 watt subwoofer, and a signal generator from the physics lab.
I put the subwoofer on the shared wall, hook up amp to the woofer, hook up the signal generator up to the amp. 1000watt 15hz sine wave. The entire building was shaking…but you couldn’t really hear it.

I then locked the door and left for the weekend.” sirspidermonkey

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough to brush off someone’s selfish behavior.

Once our adrenaline surges, we’re ready to teach that person a little lesson! Although many of these trivial revenge stories might have gone a bit further than expected, I think they send us a reminder that we should always treat others with respect, because who knows, they might just be in the mood to get you back (and possibly even harder)!

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