People Get Personal About Their Feisty Revenge Stories

It's hard to resist the urge to get back at our offenders. That's why some people can't help but give in to their emotions and plot the most memorable revenge. We know how it feels to feel stepped on, so it might be nice sometimes to watch your enemies go down because of the feisty revenge you've plotted. Read on for some tall tales.

18. Older Sister Was On A Rampage, So We Taught Her A Lesson


“I grew up in a single-parent family, my mum, me, and my older sister, who, for this story’s sake, I will call Lilith. Lilith is four years older than me, so the main reason I believe she was the way she was, was because she grew up an only child with both our parents spoiling her and giving her everything she wanted. Then I came along, and she wasn’t the baby anymore.

Then when I was two, my parents divorced, my dad moved away, and my mum was left alone with us.

My sister was, and still is, a grade A bee with an itch. When I was growing up she used to bully me relentlessly. She would call me names, brake my stuff, blame my parent’s divorce on me and even physically abuse me until I got old enough to hit back.

At school, she used to get all her friends to bully me as well, and because a bunch of older kids were always cornering me, calling me fat and ugly, I never had any friends. No one wanted to be anywhere near me because of her, and she always made a point of letting me know just how much better than me she was. When I was younger, I believed she was better.

She was prettier, wore better clothes, had a ton of friends and was into girly stuff like makeup and fashion while I was still in my teddy bear barbie stage. You could just tell me that this is all stupid kids stuff, but it only got worse as we got older.

By the time she was sixteen, I was just turning twelve, and the bullying had never ceased.

Because of the type of person I was, I thought that if I did everything she said, she might actually like me, but this only encouraged her to take advantage of me. Things like cleaning her side of our room, getting her drinks, making her food, doing any housework mum asked her to do, and even giving her my pocket money, were completely normal. But despite doing everything she said, she was always nasty, and not just to me.

One of the worst memories I have of my sister is her screaming at my mum because she couldn’t get the prom dress she wanted.

I watched my mum try to explain that she didn’t have enough to afford the dress she asked for and that she’d have to get a cheaper one. Lilith blew up on my mum, telling her they would if dad was still here and it was all her fault that he left, and she shouldn’t suffer because mum was too lazy to get a real job. This really struck a chord with me because even when I was younger I always noticed how tired my mum always was.

She worked two jobs just to get us by, and for Lilith to act that way and say things like that really got to me. She made my mum cry that night, and I’ve never forgiven her for it.

Sometime later and my mum was dating this guy (we shall call him Matt). Matt was, and still is, great. He was really nice to all of us, bought us presents, made a point to get to know us, even took both me and Lilith on separate days out so we could both spend some alone time with him, which always made me feel special.

I was thirteen when they got married, and we moved in with him. Matt made quite a lot of dough, so both Lilith and I now had separate bedrooms and I could not have been happier. Enter Matt’s son. Our mastermind. We shall refer to him as Megamind.

I had met Megamind a few times before my mum got married to his dad, but never really got to know him.

He was older than me, but younger then Lilith, so when we moved into his house, I was terrified that Mega would be like Lilith. However, I was completely wrong. Mega was (and still is) the best brother. He never made me feel like I was unwanted. He let me play on his consoles, got me into reading, helped me with my homework, even encouraged me to make friends knowing how my sister’s treatment of me affected my trust in people.

Mega was the sibling I always wanted and never got to have, and Lilith just kind of faded into the background for a while. Then, some years later, Mega brought a friend home from university. His name shall be Nick. Nick and Mega were best friends. They did practically everything together, and had the truest bromance of any two men I’ve ever met. But there was evil lurking.

Evil that wished to break the bromance forever. The first time Lilith saw Nick, I swear there were stars in her eyes, and she had to capture this innocent soul into her trap, by any means necessary. And poor Nick. Poor poor Nick.

Despite both me and Mega telling him repeatedly what kind of person she was, Lilith entranced this innocent boy with her looks and her charms and they soon started seeing each other.

Soon, whenever Nick would come over to the house to hang out with Mega, Lilith would show up and drag him away, making it all about her. She started arguments with Mega about spending too much time with HER boyfriend and that he needed to stop and leave them alone, to which Mega always laughed in her face and told her, not too kindly, to fudge off.

Mega wasn’t like me. He didn’t take any of her crap and I deeply respected him for that. However, this evil demon was not used to being disrespected and so she hatched a wicked plan.

She started trying to separate Mega and Nick. If Nick came over to be with Mega she would always make him feel guilty about not spending enough time with her. She would start fights with Mega and then act like the poor victim over texts to Nick, Nick would then call Mega all upset and angry and Mega would try to explain that Lilith was just trying to manipulate him.

All of this I saw as a spectator. Mega would tell me every time Lilith did something sneaky to try and break his friendship with Nick, and I believed everything he said because I knew what kind of a person she was.

Then one day, Lilith and Mega had a massive fight. Our parents had gone on a couples weekend getaway and had left Lilith in charge since she was the oldest.

I was about fifteen at this time, while Mega was nineteen and Lilith was twenty. Because she was the one in charge, she got given the money we were supposed to use for food. But of course, Lilith took the money for herself and bought a bunch of stuff just for her, including, I remember, a pair of gold high heel shoes. They were pretty, but we couldn’t eat them.

Mega blew up on Lilith, and Lilith shouted back that she was older, better, and deserved it blah blah blah. Mega got our parents on the phone, told them what happened, and they ripped into Lilith, telling her to give her pocket money to Mega so he could look after us and buy us food for the weekend. Lilith shouted and cried but eventually gave in, never having successfully manipulated Matt in her life.

She handed the money to Mega with a snarl, then spent the next few hours on the phone to Nick, wailing about how we were BOTH being mean to her while our parents were away and could she PLEASE stay at his house so she wouldn’t be BULLIED anymore. Nick came running, and started screaming at Mega for, quote, “taking Lilith’s money and getting her into trouble.” Meanwhile, Lilith stood behind Nick with a smug look on her face while Mega was trying to explain.

Nick then yells that Mega’s been against their relationship from the beginning and he didn’t know what Mega’s problem was, but if he was forcing him to choose between him and Lilith, he chose his Lilith.

Now I know a lot of you will call Nick stupid, but don’t. I knew how manipulative Lilith could be. She was a master at making people feel sorry for her, and getting them on her side even when she was horrible to them, just like she did with me.

That night I had to listen to Mega cry for the first time since I knew him, and I had enough.

I knocked on his door, asked him if he was alright, we ordered a pizza, and we started to plot. Mega was rather defeated by this point but I told him that if his friendship with Nick meant anything, he had to get him away from that demon spawn before he lost his friend for good.

And so we plotted.

Lilith spent the entire weekend with Nick, and came back all happy and smug, rubbing it in Mega’s face that Nick had chosen her, but via our plan, Nick said nothing back, acted defeated and let her talk. For the next few weeks, that’s all she did. Whenever Nick came over to the house, she would spend time with him in her room, and when he’d leave, she’d prance around Mega, bragging about how much Nick loved her and asking Mega snidely if he missed his ‘little friend.’ Every time she did this, her focus was entirely on Mega, she never once looked at me, and that was her biggest mistake.

Finally, the day of her twenty-first birthday had arrived.

Nick and Mega hadn’t spoken in weeks, and the few times Nick had gingerly tried to make things up with Mega, Lilith would walk in screaming about how he had already chosen her and that if he wanted to be friends with Mega again, then their relationship was over. Nick would always look miserable, but would side with her nonetheless. Mega had had enough. The fact that Lilith was making his best friend so unhappy purely for her own selfishness, snapped something in him, and he told me it was time to put our plan into action.

This was where my part of our plan finally took centre stage.

For her twenty-first birthday, she’d arranged to have her party at the house since it was huge, and more than enough space for all of her university friends.

Our parents had agreed but only under the condition that there was no underage drinking and that both Mega and I were allowed to stay in the house. My sister reluctantly agreed, and thus the plan was in motion. On the morning of her birthday, I knocked on her bedroom door. She looked annoyed to see me and asked me snidely, “What do you want?”

I innocently told her I’d had the best idea.

I told her I wanted to record her for her twenty-first birthday. I wanted to record her getting ready with her friends, talking about her plans after leaving university, record all her friends at the party, then set up the recording on a big projector Matt had in his office, so everyone could see it. This was before the time where smartphones were everywhere, so recording yourself was still something of a novelty, and I was using an old-fashioned camcorder I had gotten a few birthdays ago.

Now, despite the fact that she did not like me, her wrath had been focused on Mega for so long that she most likely never saw me as a threat. And because of this both she and her friends seemed to love the idea.

I spent the entire morning with them. Recording them all getting ready, putting on their makeup and, of course, introducing themselves to the camera. My sister was lapping it up.

She looked into that camera’s eye like she was a supermodel movie star, preening and talking loudly about her successful future and how amazing her birthday party was going to be. That day I reverted to my old role as a servant, fetched her and her friend’s drinks and food, and made a grand show of complimenting all of them, and telling them how amazing they looked on camera, and that they could all be actresses someday.

They were loving it.

So, the party starts, and my sister told me to stay out of the way. I told her innocently that it was no problem. That I’d just stay in my room all night, edit the recordings, and come down to set up the camcorder when she was ready, because I wanted this night to be perfect for her. Satisfied with my answer, she left my room.

And I did exactly what I said I’d do.

I edited my recordings.

A few hours later, and one of her friends came to my room and told me she was ready. I set up the projector in the large living room, connected it to Matt’s computer, and started playing the recordings for all her guests to see. The first part of the recordings were exactly what I promised. My sister and her friends introducing themselves and laughing in her bedroom as they had been hours earlier.

I looked at my sister, who seemed so satisfied that all the attention was on her, then I looked at Mega, who was hiding in the corner of the room, and gave him a subtle thumbs up.

Then the video started to change. It started to play clips of Lilith shouting at Mega, calling him names, and taunting him about Nick. It started showing Lilith snidely telling Mega that Nick belonged to her and that she was going to do her best to make Nick hate Mega, so they would never be friends again.

It even showed clips of Lilith bragging about all the lies she’d told Nick and how he was ‘so gullible.’ Every single argument I had recorded without her knowledge I’d edited into this video.

Everyone in the party was watching silently as Lilith’s true self was exposed in clip after clip, while Lilith stood there frozen, completely unable to comprehend what was going on. When she finally snapped out of it, she turned on me, and started screaming, yelling at me and asking me “How could you do this?”

I never said a word, I just smiled.

When the recording stopped, Mega turned the lights on and everyone was staring at Lilith.

Clearly having no defence, she let out a loud cry and stormed up to her room, slamming the door so hard everyone heard it.

The next day Mega told me Nick had apologized for everything, and that he was stupid to so blindly believe everything she said. He even told me that Nick had thanked me specifically for helping him see what a monster my sister truly was.

When my parents came home, both Mega and I were grounded for ruining Lilith’s birthday and for using Matt’s stuff without permission. But neither of us cared. Mega got his best friend back, and a few months later, Lilith moved out, since, after seeing the recordings of her behaviour, my parents were disgusted by her, and they had absolutely no problems with showing it. Since she no longer had any leverage over anyone in the house, she packed her bags and moved to stay in one of her college dorms. I’ve never had any problems with my sister since, and to this day Mega and I are as close as two siblings can be, and always laugh about the time we defeated the demon and saved us all from its clutches.”

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RoseGarden 2 years ago
Except for the part about them getting grounded (they didn't deserve that), this was so satisfying. Made my day!
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17. Stop Me From Making Art? I'll Study In A Famous University


“My math teacher that I had between ages 14-16 was a draconian jerk who took a disliking to me because I was good at math but hated it. I and about 25 other kids did our GCSE exams two years early because we had the ability and the school wanted to show off. However, after this, we basically had 4 free periods a week that the teachers didn’t know what to do with.

The easiest option was to make us all do a Math A-level early, too. Given that I hated math, and only had to do it to GCSE, I was not keen on continuing. So, after the jerk teacher announces to us we’re being forced into doing A-level math, I think ‘No way’ and stay behind after the lesson to tell him what I thought of it.

I said I’d prefer to spend my extra 4h a week doing an Art qualification since that was what I was most interested in. He said something that has always stuck in my mind and still makes me angry. He said ‘Pearlsonastring, you are never going to get anywhere in life because you are as stubborn as a mule and you think you’re above everybody. Everybody is going to dislike you for it.

I’m not asking you to do the A-level, I’m telling you. Now get out.’

Needless to say, I started skipping math class, hiding at the back of the school library behind loads of stacks, and doing my artwork. After my Mum got a load of angry letters home about my ‘truancy’, I came clean and showed everybody what I had been up to. I submitted for the Art qualification and got the highest grade in the year.

I now study the History of Art at Oxford University. I ran into this jerk of a teacher about six months ago just before I was about to return to Uni. He asked me where I was, and I said ‘Oxford.’ He looked shocked. I then said as my parting shot ‘so I guess being stubborn and following what I wanted to do ended up getting me pretty far, didn’t it?’ I don’t know if he remembered what he said to me that time, but speaking as a ginormous nerd, it was the proudest I’ve ever felt.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
Good for you for doing something you love
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16. I Looked Them In The Eyes And Made Them Feel Like Losers


“In middle school I was fat. Two guys one grade ahead of me decided one day to call me ‘basketball.’ They used a whining, lilting falsetto that I can still hear. Not sure what about the tone set me off. I had dealt with being the fat kid for years and had developed a thick skin – so I thought. Well after a few weeks of hearing them launch the diatribe each time I was around, I decided to do something, anything to shut them up.

I confronted them and asked why they chose me to torment when there was other prey to choose from. I did not get a straight answer and they asked me what I would do about it. I called one of them out after school. (The short one that I thought I might have a chance against.)

We met at a local city park. They brought about seven other guys to watch.

I did not tell any of my friends about this and was alone. I was not proud that I had been goaded into such stupidity. I knew nothing about fighting and was pummeled by the one guy until I just gave up. And they let me go home. Had to tell people various stories but would not tell anybody but my closest friends at the time what had happened.

All those guys went on to High School. I went on my last year at middle school. Ugly ducklings and fat boys can change a lot in just two years.

Fast forward to high school gym class. I had been riding bicycles a lot. Grew a few inches and looked kinda big, not tall, just bigger in the arms chest, and legs than most guys my age.

Then I started lifting. I had gotten very strong and could move more weight as a freshman than most seniors.

First day of weight training PE class. These two clowns show up. Of course, they recognize me. They do NOT talk to me. They try to pretend I am not there as I start to do my routine around the circuit. They watched me pump off ten reps using the stack at leg press then I moved to the bench for my set. I looked over and grinned at both of them while easily bench pressing the equivalent of one of their sorry selves.

They NEVER EVER looked me in eyes the next three years of high school and quickly found other places to be whenever I was around.”

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15. Make Our Lives Miserable? Get Raided


“As we found out that we’d be expecting, not one but 2 kids, we knew we had to move to a real house with more space. At the time we were still living in a one-bedroom studio 1 up from the ground floor. With its only entrance being a metal fire escape (stairs). Not ideal for a pregnant woman, let alone to live with 2 small babies.

So, we found a privately leased house that was newly renovated and had all the room and a large garden we were looking for. Signed the lease and Immediately collected the keys. As the owner drove off, the woman next door comes up to me, immediately demanding we not make noise before noon as her significant other works nights and sleeps in and a whole bunch of other do’s and dont’s.

So right off the bat knew, trouble incoming. As the house was fully renovated and not much had to be done we were like don’t poke the bear, we’ll do the things that make noise afternoon. We moved in after 2 weeks and the whole street was warm and welcoming, my wife was almost due to give birth to my twin daughters and some offer help with anything we needed, really kind people.

They also told us about our neighbors. Nobody liked them, he was a big bully and got into arguments with everybody. Also were known as radio pirates (as in illegal broadcasting on the radio with all Dutch rockers (this music is just terror on your ears) ) which went alongside them partying Thursday- Sunday till 5 in the morning. Loud music, constant yelling, always wasted, etc.

Really something to look forward to when moving in, certainly with 2 babies on the way. The partying began immediately, a full blast. Real classy for someone demanding to be quiet when a jerk needs his beauty sleep. Then one day my FIL came to put new grass in, he has his trailer parked at the back of our houses which is a public space. Not according to him though, no that exact spot where the trailer (full with grass sods, quite heavy stuff) was parked was his spot and we had to move the trailer.

Not going to happen as I was not planning to walk all the way around the house with the sods. He gets angry right away and demanded me to move it, I told him to go screw himself. I was done with him already then and there. We went on working and the end of the day comes when my FIL wants to leave. Hooks up the trailer and bam, there was jerk telling him off, yelling it’s his spot and he better does not do this again or else.

Mess with me all you want, I can handle it, but what you don’t do is threaten my family. I ran outside and told him in no uncertain terms to back off or he willl be the sorry one (total bluff on my side, yes I have that temper but I’m not impressively built and have no hidden fighting skills, I do fight dirty). He backs off, FIL leaves and I go inside where I find my wife crying.

She got scared of him maybe doing something to her father and/or me and this is something we don’t need right now. Combined with hormones from being pregnant and you can paint that picture. So I’m even more annoyed but had to promise not to act on anything. I won’t, dear, not yet anyway.

Time went on without any real incident and then came the time my wife goes into labor.

Didn’t go smooth and ended up having to deliver with a c-section because daughter 2 was almost strangled by the umbilical cord. We had to stay 3 nights, excruciating nights due to a lot of things. Finally, we get to go home, family had put a giant sign in our front yard welcoming the babies. The sign was already up for a few days before coming home so our friendly neighbors definitely knew about it.

But did they give a care? No, they did not. From the first night on they started to party and broadcasted their terror music, they started at noon and continued to until 5 or 6 in the morning. Classy. They also kept going for days, so it wasn’t just Thursday- Sunday, it was all week long and the next. So we were broken, hardly slept, one of our daughters suffered from heavy cramps combined with all the noise and her parents at the end of their witts so she cried a lot.

And then I just had it. I researched some things on radio pirates, the laws and regulations, and on his large, 5mtr+ antenna in his backyard which was illegal in itself, but he used it to illegally broadcast on the radio which meant he had a lot of equipment to do so, which was even more illegal and can even get you jailed, but at the very least they could seize it all and fine him bigtime.

In the 10-45k area.

Now, I did not immediately turn him in but instead was looking for another house to lease first. This is because I figured it wouldn’t sit well with him and having a wife and 2 babies in the house alone during the day. After all, I had to go to work. I hear you guys thinking, why not involve the police? Well, they are utterly useless in cases like this.

We called once and what they did disturbs me to this day. They rang their doorbell and immediately started by saying we called them about noise complaints. Yes, you read that right. No protection or whatsoever, just blatantly told them we were the reason they’re there, told them to keep it down and that was it. They didn’t even follow up with us or anything. As you can guess jerk now was even more annoyed and told me the next day, or yelled over the fence that separates our backyards that I really should not do that again, a threat yet again of which I told the police.

(I didn’t report it the first time as I chalked that up to alpha male and heat of the moment). But without witnesses to corroborate, nothing could be done yet again.

Some days later I walked out the front door and he just stepped out of his car. Came up to me demanding I cut back some of our ivy that grew on our side of the fence because it tangled in with his big antenna, he would be gone for some hours and I could come into his garden to cut back the ivy that grew through on their side.

And then a lightbulb went on above my head! I told him politely that I would do that immediately. Why? Because that allowed me to find out the make and model of this antenna to ascertain its signal strength, where the cables go exactly, and what kind of cables they were, again to know the signal strength it handled. Also, it gave me a good view of the equipment he had, through the window so I could snap some photographs of it.

This was the icing on the cake. Because in the meantime we did manage to find a new home and already had signed the lease so we would be gone in 2 weeks. Luckily we only had to paint some walls for the girl’s room and furthermore just pack up our things and move them to the other house.

So after I trimmed the ivy and collected my evidence I went online that night to find out the proper channels to report a broadcast pirate and which entity was tasked with catching said pirate.

Turned out I had to call the telecom agency but also the police. Wasn’t too happy with the latter but I remembered I have a nephew who works for the police, officially his area was immigration but knew enough colleagues that could help us and we could trust not to confront them again saying I was the one that sent them. That was extremely important for our safety when doing what I was doing.

So I gave both the agency and the police all evidence I collected, pointed them to the frequencies he pirated so they could listen in. Then they started a neighborhood investigation, which wasn’t really necessary but this was to cover ourselvesto make it look like he got caught ‘by accident’ because they had an active investigation in our area. You never know what he can learn from legal documents and such.

We asked them to wait with the raid (yes they raid pirate’s houses, preferably in the early hours of the day because of his beautiful sleep rendering him incapable of fleeing or hide evidence, etc.)

We moved 2 weeks later and they raided him 2 days after we moved. All of his equipment, computers, radio, cellphones, and his car were seized. He left in cuffs, his wife/significant other did too, for making a big scene and tried to interfere.

All of which was live reported to me by one of my ex neighbors who were equally ecstatic about this.

It turned out, this wasn’t the first time he got caught but his third time, his car had no insurance on it and his mode of transaction failed. This would normally have no big consequence because he didn’t drive it while raided, but they had the guy surveilled on for a week and that definitely meant he was seen driving it while not having insurance and valid mode of transaction.

He was fined somewhere around 30k euros, went to jail for 12 weeks and everything seized was destroyed except the car. His significant other had me do 40 hours of community service. They had to sell the house, which made for very happy neighbors as they too were over and done with them.

As I said, I do fight, but very dirty. You have to really make an effort for me to get to that point, they did and suffered. Over a year later when shopping for groceries I encountered them. With the foulest of looks, if looks could kill I’d be a smoldering heap of ash. But nothing more than that.”

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14. Intentionally Got Unintentional Revenge On A Mailbox Vandal


“My parents live out on a lake just outside of town. Their property extends to both sides of the road, and their mailbox is on the opposite side of the lake and the house.

Over the 4 years, they had lived at the property, a black SUV has knocked down their mailbox 6 times (they catch the vehicle on the security camera on the gate but get no identifying info).

My dad would report it every time, but not much could be done. It was knocked over by an irresponsible driver once as well, but he crashed a bit further down the road so that was the only time that my dad got reimbursed for the damage.

Well after the seventh time it was knocked down, he had had enough. The land on the opposite side of the road dropped off steeply immediately after the shoulder, so my dad contracted some guys to build out a small gravel pad (15 feet long and 3 feet deep or so) so he could set his mailbox back from the road.

My dad told me that if someone tried to knock it down now, they would regret it.

Well about 4 months after the work was complete, my parents were awoken to a loud crash in the middle of the night. They called the police and went out to investigate. They found the black SUV off the road and having crashed into a very large tree.

The guy was taken to the hospital and was charged with a DUI from the crash as well as possession of illegal substances they found in the vehicle.

By building out the gravel pad and moving the mailbox back by just a few feet, it still appeared that the mailbox was on the shoulder, and still seemed like an easy target. In reality, those 3 feet made all the difference. Because the pad was so short, the vandal left the roadway before the pad started, and when the right side of his vehicle went off the shoulder, the car went veering down the steep incline.

The dude was pretty badly injured, and I know my dad felt bad about this. I think this was much more effective than he had in his mind. My dad isn’t the kind of person to intentionally injure someone, so I am sure he was hoping to just cause damage to a vehicle and teach a lesson that way.”

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kesn 2 years ago
But he was DUI. Sorry about his luck
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13. Dude On His Dirtbike Hurt My Cat, So I Tampered With His Ride


“So when I used to live in Florida, I lived in a low-grade suburban area, when many people (including myself), were not the wealthiest of the much and could very rarely afford nice things. I was 23 at the time, and I had a cat named George. I had rescued the cat from a corner store/gas station in a different part of town. The cat is black and was about 1-year old by the time I found it.

There was this loser, let’s call him Jered.

He had just got a new dirt bike that he told everyone he was saving up for. The bike was LOUD. He would ride it whenever he felt like it, so it was unpredictable as to when he would ride it. I’ve made acquaintances with him at the time but didn’t really like him.

One day he comes down my road, revving the engine, and SHREDS UP MY LAWN.

I haven’t done anything to him to deserve it. I was angry. I start pacing around wondering what to do. I had cameras outside my house that I went and checked. That’s when I knew I had him.

He only lived about a 2-minute walk from my house, so I run over there, to see him just getting off his bike. He has no helmet on.

I confront him and tell him I saw what he did to my lawn, and he completely denied any of it.

To my surprise, I heard my cat meow next to me. He had followed me all the way to Jered’s house. I didn’t think much of it.

Me and Jered continue arguing while my cat’s constantly meowing. After about 3 minutes of us going back and forth, my cat jumps onto the dirt bike and starts scratching the seat. Jered charges over and seriously injured my cat.

I was in complete shock. Jered stormed inside, so I grabbed my cat and ran. When I got home I put my cat on the table to make sure he was ok. His upper paw didn’t look so good. was furious. I think I smashed a glass but it was a blur of rage and frustration. I grabbed my phone and called my brother to take my cat to the vet.

I waited 10 minutes and my brother arrived. He took George and brought him to his car and drove away. Angry, I grabbed my maul and marched to Jered’s house. I went right up to his bike and pushed it to the ground. I swung many times at the bike before he got outside and realized that I had already destroyed the engine. I could see gas coming out of the tank.

I took my lighter and threw it at the engine.

Jered runs up to the bike in flames, screaming, and PUTS HIS HANDS ON THE BURNING ENGINE. He pulls away with a little bit of burn on his right hand, charges at me, ready to fight. The bike was a good distance from the yard and the house so nothing else caught fire. The bike was destroyed and my cat’s paw was fixed.

Needless to say, I moved out soon after.”

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SnoKat 2 years ago
I hate people who hurt cats (or any animal). It felt so good reading about what you did to his bike. The s.o.b. totally deserved it!
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12. I Hope You Enjoyed Making 200 Roast Beef Sandwiches


“In my high school years, I had a typical high school job of fast-food worker at Arby’s. Most of the job was very easy… And surprisingly fun unless there was a real annoying manager who happened to be working that day.

Our store had a real gem female manager who was very out and open about her dislike for men. She was a lesbian and made it very clear to all males they absolutely did not matter to her.

She would give females extra breaks, allow them to be late, give them free food etc. The males on the other hand were treated like actual piles of dog doo-doo. The manager would leave us alone during busy times and sit in her car. She would take an insane amount of smoke breaks and whine and complain at us when she’d come back and things would be all backed up.

Eventually, several months of her garbage attitude and clear hatred got the best of me and one day I had enough and I hatched a plan. Arby’s, at that time, used to take ‘call ahead’ orders on large workplace or party orders. People would call in and say they needed X amount of sandwiches for a luncheon. These call-in orders didn’t need to be verified in any way…

Anyone could call these in. I heard a different manager one time explain to someone that if someone were to call in a $300 order and ditch the order… He’d probably get fired for allowing that much beef to get wasted (the roast beef product at Arby’s is treated like gold).

One day I knew this manager was working with me and I executed my plan. About halfway through the shift I used the bathroom and texted a friend that was willing to help me.

I simply texted him ‘IT’S GO TIME!!’ My buddy then calls our store and puts in an order for 200 roast beef sandwiches… Which at that time would be about $300-350. This didn’t affect me whatsoever because I was on a drive-through that day and didn’t need to make food. My manager immediately gets annoyed that she had to make all this food and starts the process.

After about an hour she gets finished and goes on a tirade about how stupid everyone at that store is. Over the next 2 hours, it was next to impossible for me to hold in my laughter as I could tell she was growing very angry and worried that the order was never getting picked up. I started noticing her making phone calls to other managers and upper management people about what to do with 200 roast beef sandwiches. Eventually, it was time for me to clock out and go home… So I did.

Over the next several times I worked I noticed I was not with this idiot manager anymore. In fact… I never saw her ever again. She either quit… Or was fired. I guess I’ll never know.”

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SnoKat 2 years ago
I wasn't there of course, but reading this all I can think of is how a lot of male bosses have treated female employees since the beginning of time.. giving them special favors. Only this time, it's reversed.. it's the female showing partiality. And as for this boss not being very helpful, I don't know how many bosses you've had, but it's standard managerial behavior. When I worked at Burger King during my college years, the bosses all sat in their office, and only pitched in if a busload came into the restaurant and we were short-staffed. What was telling here was the words "males .. did not matter.." Males are used to females fawning over them. Maybe the problem here was that the males were unable to charm this one ; )
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11. Don't Betray Your Graduation Lifeline


“So I (19M) and my (now ex) significant other (18F) have been together for more than a year. We were in the same class during middle school and high school now, a 2-year friendship eventually evolved into a relationship, y’all know how it is. We were happily together (at least so I thought) since December 2019. I thought everything was great between us the whole time, although recently (about March) I noticed her becoming very distant and barely writing first, texting, etc…

I asked her multiple times if everything is ok and gave her some space, but it continued for the next few months. I was naturally very upset as I’ve been through a lot with her when she was going through depression and a really hard time at the end of 2020. It suddenly felt like all this time was wasted and worth nothing. I, as a naive high schooler truly believed that she was the one, it was serious after all.

We matched perfectly together, we spent about 3 full months crying together at night when she was going through a rough time. We had similar plans for the future, similar interests and it seemed we were meant for each other.

My significant other (let’s call her Caroline) was studying to become a lawyer, so she was mostly into human subjects. I on the other hand am studying bio-chem, for medical school.

She was required to attend at least one science subject to graduate (physics/biology/chemistry/psychology) she always hated these subjects and just took them because they were necessary to graduate. She ended up picking Chemistry as I was a natural and tutored 9 & 10 graders chemistry in my free time and I always helped her with assignments etc. It started as helping her before exams and assignments so she could get a good pass grade and after her rough time-warped into me writing half of the assignments for her.

In February she started to do everything with me again tho (we had online the whole time). Anyways enough backstory.

After noticing Caroline starting to get distant and she never properly answered my questions regarding her behavior, I wanted to see how far it would go. For one week I didn’t invite her/call her/text her first, in a total of one week she called me three times…

Twice to ask me about her assignment and once telling me how she felt insecure and bad. I’m not a jerk, I helped her out with her school stuff and comforted her when she felt down. Me being the naive ‘love is perfect’ lovebird I have chalked it up to her feeling depressed again but feeling embarrassed about it. I continued helping and comforting her for the next month until nothing changed and she never opened up.

I was honestly doubting everything by then, ‘Is it me’, ‘What am I doing wrong’ etc…

I tried everything I could, eventually, I asked her friends if something happened but they said she was the same as always towards them. I knew something was up, but I didn’t know what it was yet. One day, when she came over to my place (it was only the second time she did that in March, usually she came at least twice a week) we were sitting in my room and talking while she was trying out Valorant.

After she went to my kitchen to make herself something I hear a notification from her phone. I’m usually not a snooper but I had a quick look at her screen that lit up, I wouldn’t be able to read the message or who it was anyway. It was a discord notification, I was very surprised, I knew for a fact that she didn’t have it a month ago.

Plus she only plays Minecraft once in a while, she never uses discord or anything.

So the next morning I did some snooping and sure enough, I found a whole other Instagram account of hers where she branded herself to be an aesthetic gamer girl (not that there is anything wrong with that). She had never told me anything about this, I couldn’t find any of her friends following her on that account either.

Sure enough, she had her discord username in her bio, curious and to be honest, jerk me decided it would be a good idea to create a throwaway account and try to text her to see what she was all about (before you complain to me, I know I was a jerk here).

After texting her on my new account we talked for a bit until she became flirty (we played a few bedwars games together, once again on a throwaway account I bought for $1 lmao), I kinda broke down and started questioning my sanity.

I had been with her all this time and through so much stuff, I couldn’t believe she would do this to me. After the sadness came the anger, I wanted to know how much she took it. I found it hard to believe that she would just casually flirt with guys like this. After setting up my first recon mission plan I found out more about her until I found out about her supposed significant other.

At that point, I had a huge emotional breakdown and I felt I’ve wasted so much time helping someone who would betray me like this, from her stories I would later find out they were sleeping with each other for a whole month by now (about when her behavior started to change). At this point I started hatching my revenge plan, I know I would not let her off the hook this easily.

I spend two weeks pulling all-nighters making sure I had all my work done till the end of the year (until graduation). I spend all my remaining time creating fake chemistry textbook pages so I could make my pro revenge more believable. All of the information was wrong, I knew I had to give her a taste of her own medicine, betray her as she had me.

For the remaining 2 months of the school year, I fed her all this fake information and made sure she got all of her assignments wrong. I knew she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone she was copying off me, as our high school had a very very very strict rule for plagiarism, as much as three small dishonest attempts on small exams could get you expelled.

So after letting the pot stew for those 2 painful, awful months I let things go down. As our teacher had to handle an outrageous amount of classes she always checked our assignments late often by 2 or 3 months all at once. I knew I could use this  to my advantage, after she submitted her final assignments that were worth a huge percentage of our final graduation grade I told her I knew about her shenanigans had been still ongoing for 3 ENTIRE months by now.

I told her how she hurt me and how it will come back to haunt her, I made sure of that. She mostly brushed me off and acted as if I were the villain as I couldn’t just leave her and that she ‘Was only friends with that guy’. Although I told her something was going to happen I never told her what it would be, trust me, she never saw it coming.

One week later the end-of-year results rolled around, when we received our final grades I was over the moon as I passed with flying colors, on the other hand, her not so much. Due to her final assignments and all Quarter 4 work equalling an F she called me crying and asked for help. She told me she wouldn’t be able to graduate if she wouldn’t receive at least a passing grade for this year.

She told me our teacher gave her a final chance after telling her how disappointed she was. Caroline has two 2 more months at school with extra one on one online lessons with our saint teacher.

Honestly, props go out to our teacher for giving her another chance. To be honest, I felt really bad for her and her situation, knowing very well if she didn’t work her butt off in these two months, in a subject she hated she would have to repeat the last year, without someone constantly helping her with her chem.

That compassion quickly went away and I told her I would help her, but only if she apologized and paid me my regular tutoring fees. Caroline went full-on ballistic after that and screamed at me, how I could do this to her. I hung up and she called me a few seconds after, apologizing and agreeing to pay me for my help. She now has two months of intense memorizing with her ex if she wants to graduate.

Now she has to study for those two months and when the regular end of the school year comes she has to complete a series of exams (think 4-8) covering the most important topics from this year. If she passes all of them she will pass chemistry. After 4 weeks of preparing Caroline has actually learned a LOT, she’s even broken off contact with that guy, apologized, and taken me out to dinner a few times to show her gratitude for still helping her.

I hope she was actually able to realize what mistakes she committed in the past and won’t do the same again. She was able to take her first exam today in the morning and is quite confident about it, her next 5 will be spread along the next 2 final weeks.


It’s been a long way for Caroline but she’s made it and completed all criteria required to graduate.

She’s also gotten into quite a good University and she’s learned a lot, not just chemistry but she’s actually gotten a much better work ethic and motivation to do stuff she doesn’t enjoy. In the meantime I’ve moved on and am with someone new, we’re still friends but set clear boundaries as to not repeat history once again. I’m very happy with the way things are as I’ve gotten into my first choice medical college. I’ve already moved out about 2 weeks ago and I’m living in the same city as before because it’s a major European city and has great universities. Caroline’s college is located in a different country and she’s moving tomorrow, we’ve met today to say goodbye but we plan to keep in contact (as mentioned before, only as friends).”

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10. HOA Member Doesn't Know The Rules As Well As He Thinks He Does


“As a bit of background, I and my three roommates moved into a housing community that is basically just a bunch of cookie-cutter townhomes. All of these homes have garages that open onto streets that wind through the community (this is important later) with your front door opening to a path on the other side of your house. There are also some free parking spots on the edge of the community where there are no houses.

When we first moved in we quickly found out that parking could be a bit of a pain during the day, especially when people had guests during the weekend. Now my roommates and I admittedly have more cars than the average family. Because we usually have to commute for work we each have one. We try to make parking easier by using the garage but we all have tons of sporting equipment so we can usually only get one car in the garage.

When all the parking in all the free spots is full we’d just park our cars right up against the garage and leave them there during the day or overnight. We’d seen other neighbors do it and it still left ample room for people driving on the street to get by.

Well, one day Annoying Neighbor comes up while my roommates and I are in the garage organizing some stuff and tells us that we can’t park there overnight as it’s against community rules.

Before we had a chance to respond he added ‘and if you do it again I will personally make sure you’re towed.’ His first comment was pretty reasonable. We’d just moved in and didn’t know that rule. But his second comment really just made him sound like a jerk and wasn’t necessary. One of my roommates simply responded that we didn’t know as we’d just moved in and we wouldn’t park there overnight anymore.

Well Annoying Neighbor, clearly trying to show his dominance, responded with ‘Good. You better not because I’ll be watching.’

Well from then on we did follow those rules. If we parked in front of our garage during the day we would make sure to move before we went to sleep. This worked out for a while until one faithful day. One of my roommates stopped by quickly after work to grab some dinner and clothes before heading to his significant other’s.

This was around 7 PM so he just parked up against the garage as it would be quicker than the parking spaces. Plus it was early enough that he didn’t think he’d get towed.

Around 8 PM he went to head out and his car was gone. Guess who was there though? Annoying Neighbor standing right outside. Immediately he said to my roommates ‘told you you were going to get towed if you parked here again’.

Annoying Neighbor and my roommate argued for a bit before my roommate came back inside and calls the car lot. Well, it ends up there closed so he will have to get his car in the morning. The kicker? They’re going to charge him an overnight fee. All in all, it comes out to $500 which isn’t a small amount for us.

This neighbor has been a jerk to us since we moved in and even though it wasn’t my car that was towed, I took this personally.

To make sure we didn’t get towed again we decided to read the community rules and low and behold we found out that the street in front of the garage is actually considered a fire lane and no one is supposed to park there at any point during the day. Between Annoying Neighbor treating us like trash and the fact that we could get him yelling at his wife every night (not a big detail to the story but just wanted to say to add to my point that this guy just sucked), I start to plan my revenge.

Since quarantine started I’ve been able to work from home and my desk conveniently looks out onto the street between the houses. This means that I can clearly see Annoying Neighbor’s garage. I start to take notice of when he parks his car out in front of his garage. For about two weeks I noticed that he would come home around 1 PM and leave again at 2 PM.

In the third week, I decided I would begin the revenge.

On Monday, true to his schedule, he stopped by around 1. After about 10 minutes I gave the tow company a call and said that he was parked in the fire lane and if they could come and remove his car. 20 minutes later a tow truck rolled up, hooked his car up, and towed it off.

About 15 minutes later Annoying Neighbor came out and I could hear him start to yell back into his house, presumably at his wife. He then left and didn’t come back until later that evening after he’d gotten his car. Now it was funny to do this and I made sure to send snaps to my roommates who don’t work from home, but I wasn’t done yet.

See this jerk apparently didn’t learn the first time because literally the next day he parks in front of his garage again. What do I do? Well, the same thing as the day before of course. Again, Annoying Neighbor comes out, realizes his car is gone, yells at his wife, and then goes to get it.

Now after this time he is a bit smarter and parks in an actual spot before going in to get his lunch or whatever it is he does there mid-day.

He does this for about two weeks before he decides that it’s okay to park in front of his garage again. Well, who is still sitting at their desk every day and notices this immediately? Well me of course. And being the concerned resident that I am, I immediately call the tow company, and off his car goes again. And again this is met with yelling.

I wish that this had a more satisfying ending but after this third time, I decided I would stop because I genuinely felt bad for his wife who he seemed to do most of the yelling at as if it was her fault that he was a dummy. What I can tell you is that it definitely cost him over $1k.

If he hadn’t gotten my roommate’s car towed then we wouldn’t have ever found that fun little rule.

The best part was that a number of my neighbors would have their cars parked there at the same time and they’d never have their cars towed which made it all the better when he was. We have had a number of other encounters with him in the time since this happened and I have another story that involves the actual HOA that I’ll probably write later. That one is still ongoing though so we’ll see how it ends up.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
HOAs are of the devil.
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9. Loose Lips Won't Get You Far, They'll Just Drag You Down


“I was in the Army and during my time I became friends with a flamboyant gay private (I was also a private). Never the less somehow we bonded and became good buddies. Lets call this private Scott.

I was a 25b (Computers) and Scott was a paralegal at the JAG office on base. Scott and I would drink, he’d help me pick up ladies etc. Scott overall was a cool dude…but Scott liked to talk… a lot.

About stuff that quite frankly he shouldn’t be talking about. Scott’s position as paralegal resulted in him being privy to confidential legal matters of various soldiers at the installation. Everything from divorce, domestic violence, forgery, etc. And Scott would tell me COUNTLESS STORIES of people I know, people I saw on the base. He would tell me things that he had no business sharing with me.

I would even remind him “ really shouldn’t be telling me this!”

Nevertheless, life goes on, we all have our weaknesses right?

Well, once I asked Scott to cover me for CQ duty, I was seeing a girl that night so I paid Scott $100 to do CQ Duty for me. CQ duty is basically a duty in the Army where you sit around in uniform, and have to babysit a phone for 24 hours…it sucks.

Anyway, Scott and I traded covering for each other on CQ a couple of times.

Each time we would pay each other a pre-agreed amount and life went on. The typical arrangement was “I’ll pay you X on next payday” which was fine. The amount would vary, CQ duty during the week was cheaper than CQ Duty on a holiday, etc.

Well, one Friday Scott calls me and says he is on CQ duty but he has this hot date he wants to hook up with.

It’s the start of a 4 day weekend and I really don’t want to start my 4 day weekend off on CQ duty. Scott offers me $100, I say no, he offers me $150 I say no, he offers me $250…I agree. He promises to pay on the next payday.

I cover for him, he goes and has a good old time. Payday comes around I ask Scott “When you going pay me?” he says “Tomorrow” now we all know how this goes so let me cut to the point.

Scott skipped 3 paydays not paying me. I finally tell him “look pay me half on next pay-day and the other half on the following pay-day” he then hits me with the truth

“Can’t you just take one for the team?” I’m basically like, “Give me my money.”

Payday comes, he doesn’t pay. I confront Scott and I tell him he needs to pay me at least half today or I’m going make sure he pays.

He straight-up laughs in my face.

That was at breakfast, I get into my office I call up the JAG officer, he’s a major and tell him I know something that he should know and I was wondering if I could get an appointment to come speak to him. He agrees, we set an appointment time my Sgt gives me the time off to go talk to the Major.

I walk into the JAG office, Scott sees me and greets me, ‘How ya doing buddy?’ I just smirk.

Major calls me in and as I’m walking into the Majors office I simply smile at Scott and the look on his face was priceless. I think he knew at this point…he was about to get royally messed over.

I sit down with the Major and get straight to the point, Specialist Scott has been sharing confidential information in regards to ongoing cases that the JAG office is currently dealing with.

Major asks me “Such as?” I answer with a very specific story about another service member on the base who is being charged with this and that, and shoplifting and even go so far as to explain what Private Scott suggested would be the best way to move forward with this case.

As I’m recounting the information you see the anger, fear, frustration, running through the Major’s eyes.

But he stays clam and collected. At the end he asks me if I know of any other cases. I tell him which cases I can remember. He asks me to keep any information that Private Scott gave me confidential and I am not to repeat it. I explain that I fully understand, and won’t repeat what I’ve been told. He thanks for my time and walks me out of his office.

As I leave his office, he calls on Specialist Scott to get into his office.

Specialist Scott and didn’t speak much after this, I did see him on the base 2 weeks after and he was no longer a Specialist (E4) he was now busted down private, E1. I spoke to him about 6 weeks after this he seemed a bit down (I wonder why right?) and I asked, “What’s going on?” he said, ‘I’m being kicked out.’ I didn’t need to ask why.”

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seija 2 years ago
Even without not paying you, he should have been busted. He was definitely in the wrong job.
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8. Turns Out My Prank Is Real After All


“My brother (23M, we’re twins) is so mean. He’s constantly doing messed-up stuff to me (23F), but the worst thing happened five years ago.

I got my first significant other when I was 18 and a senior in high school. I know we were young, but I really really really loved him. We’d been going out for ten months when my brother randomly decided – for literally no reason at all – to make up a story about how he ‘caught me seeing another guy’ and tell it to my significant other.

He planned it all out, he came up with details – he made it sound real. And because he’s such a scarily good liar and a master manipulator, my significant other believed him. No matter what I said or did to prove it wasn’t true, he believed my brother over me. My brother kept up with his act the entire time and refused to admit he was lying.

At one point I thought I’d finally gotten my significant other to believe me, but then he broke up with me a few months later and confessed it was because he was still convinced I’d lied to him and he couldn’t move past it. He said, ‘the worst part is that you won’t just tell me the truth’ and not to sound dramatic but that still haunts me; I want to cry every time I think about it.

And I still miss him to this day. (Also, I think it’s important to note that my brother has never once apologized! He’s so insanely mean that he just thinks it’s funny. I even asked him once if he’d consider hitting my ex up and telling him the truth for my peace of mind and he just laughed at me.)

I never got over what my brother did, and I always told myself I was gonna do the same thing to him one day.

He’s gone out several girls since high school, but he’d never been serious enough about any of them for me to consider tricking them. I knew it wouldn’t hurt him as he hurt me if I just tricked one of his flings or something. But he finally got his first serious relationship last year, and after thinking about it for a looong time I decided I was gonna do it.

We live in different places now so I had to do it all online. I used a different method than he did; I contacted his significant other pretending to be ‘the girl he’d been seeing behind her back.’ I made up an elaborately detailed story as he did to me and even photoshopped ‘proof’ and stuff. I made my story even more believable than he made his.

And exactly like he did to me, I went as far as denying it even to him because I knew he might use my texts/calls to prove to his significant other that it isn’t true. He knew I was behind it, though, solely because the girl I made up doesn’t exist and there’s no one else that would do this. But I kept denying it.

His significant other wholeheartedly believed me, and my brother kept calling and texting me and begging me to ‘give it up’ (even though I still wouldn’t admit it was me).

He was manipulating me and arguing that it’s ‘different’ because I was younger when he did it to me and my relationship ‘wasn’t serious.’ But my relationship was serious, and as I said, I still miss my ex. My brother really, really messed me up. I have empathy though (he doesn’t) and I was starting to feel bad for his significant other because she’s innocent. I was kind of regretting everything and thinking that maybe I should tell his significant other the truth (for her sake, not his).

But then…

His significant other asked me a question which led to her admitting that she’s ‘been suspicious of him for a long time’, so I pried a little bit and encouraged her to look through his phone. She told me she couldn’t because she didn’t know the passcode and he wouldn’t give her access to it. I guessed a few passcodes I thought it could be and gave them to her under the guise of ‘seeing it once but not being sure which one I’d seen’ (that was kind of dumb but I couldn’t think of anything else to say and she didn’t question it).

She got in because it ended up being the same one he’s had since 2012 when our dad got us iPhones and made us use the same passcode. Idiot. Anyway, low and behold… it turns out my brother actually lied to her and my setup was the reason she found out. He’s been talking to and hooking up with multiple girls for pretty much the entirety of their relationship.

I’m not surprised, because he’s a terrible person and lying seems right up his alley, but I’m shocked at the same time. I literally can’t believe things worked out this perfectly; it feels like a dream or something. The universe loves me.

I hate to revel in his significant other’s misery, but I was feeling guilty about her being collateral damage, so I feel like this is the best possible outcome.

My lie ended up being the truth. All my interference did was speed up the process of the truth coming to light. My brother may have been able to hide his lies forever if not for me. He probably would’ve just manipulated his significant other and/or refused to give her phone access forever. She hasn’t broken up with him and I’m honestly not sure if she will.

I don’t know how relevant that is but it attests to how manipulative he is. He screws people over all the time but somehow always gets his way anyway. It’s honestly infuriating and scary.

Anyway, I’m still not going to admit to my brother that I’m behind it all, because there’s no point. That would just get me in deeper trouble. I got a comment on my original post that said ‘deny until you die baby’… and that’s exactly what I’m planning on doing lol.

Life’s crazy.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
Dude your brother isn't mean........ He's a freaking sociopath if he seems to enjoy the pain of others and has no remorse
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7. My Ancestor Took Down A Racist Businessman


“My ancestor, John, was a black man in America during the time when slavery was dying out, his Grandparents having been brought there from Africa along with their children.

John eventually was freed through some means (I’ve heard both that he paid his way out or the state he was in abolished slavery and he was freed that way) and found himself fighting in the Civil War because he felt it was the right thing to do.

During the war, he became good friends with a man only know as ‘Mitch’ who came from old money but had joined against his parents wishes because he believed in freedom for all (again, grain of salt) the two were in the same regiment and made it through alive (though some relatives say Mitch lost a leg or an arm in the war).

Fast-Forward to the end of the war and John and his new wife Mary he’d met during the war used the coins he’d earned to set up a small shop on the East Coast (the most common city mentioned is Boston) in a small neighborhood.

The shop became successful, John being a charming man and surprisingly savvy businessman. The neighborhood he’d set up in quickly growing as the city grew meaning there were always customers who needed whatever it was he sold (I’ve heard everything from Groceries to Worker’s tools).

They lived happily and had three children together during the time, spending a decade there when suddenly, presumably accompanied by the roar of thunder and screeches of crows, ‘Mister Business’ arrived in town.

Mister Business has apparently been on the wrong side of the war and fought quite hard to keep his slaves but was also smart enough to sell out other racists when he saw how the tides of the war were rolling. Getting by with no losses except his free laborers.

This had been the beginning of the end for his once successful plantation/farm as all the workers he could find to replace his slaves had wanted things like pay for their services!?

He’d struggled to find loyal workers who didn’t charge more than the absolute minimum and after a series of bad harvests had chosen to pack up, sell his land and head east to find a new source of income.

He arrived and began buying up local businesses that seemed profitable and eventually found out about John’s successful store. He was more than happy to discuss a fair price for the store… until he saw the skin color of the owner that is. Ten years is not enough time to erase a lifetime of institutionalized racism.

He began harassing John to sell his ‘rinky-dink store and find a farm to work on’ (don’t quote me) offering way below the actual value and when laughed out of the store, began trying to sabotage John’s business (getting thugs to throw rocks through windows, sabotaging deliveries, making a scene in the store).

John soldiered on though, having grown tragically used to fighting against racism. He also had a lot of friends in the community who helped keep the store floating.

Then it was that John’s oldest son who was 13-14 at the time found himself getting beaten up heading home at night from his job, (again, blurry details) and wound up with a lot of scars that he’d supposedly been stuck with all his life.

John had had enough and as luck would have it, had an out, having been contacted by his old friend Mitch.

Mitch was starting up a farm/plantation in the west/south/south-west and needed loyal workers. He’d offered John a foreman position, good pay, and a plot of land to live on with his family.

John contacted Mister Business, offering to sell at 75% what the shop was actually worth, and maybe because his other businesses hadn’t worked out, he took it.

However, John supplied the contract and proper solicitor(?) to make things legal. The contract basically saying that after midnight of the date of signing, the shop and everything inside would transfer ownership to Mister Business.

Little did he know that that day up until midnight, the shop was having a massive clearance sale, selling everything not nailed down at ridiculous prices to a grateful neighborhood.

When they closed up that night and mailed the keys to Mister Business there was little left to sell in the store if anything.

John never found out what happened next as they left town soon after and never returned but personally, I’d like to think that Mister Business arrived with his workers to an empty store with no deliveries coming, screaming and crying in the mud as he realized he’d been outsmarted.

John and his family moved to work at Mitch’s farm for the rest of their lives, John supposedly passing away in his sixties.”

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6. I Went On One Outing With A Creep Who Stalked Me


“I was a junior in college and met this guy at a party who we will refer to as Chuck from here on out. At the time, we hit it off pretty well. Alcohol was probably an influencer of the situation, but whatever.

Chuck asked me out on a date and things went south ASAP: he was boring and talked only about himself. At one point I asked to order food (we were in a bar/restaurant thing) and he refused! When the date was over, I resolved to let him down gently and we would go our separate ways.

Except Chuck didn’t.

First came the consistent texts and Snapchats. Then he followed my roommate and I to the beach one afternoon because he saw my car. Chuck went to college across town, so he showed up on campus way too frequently and I was starting to get annoyed. I have an issue when it comes to telling people off and Chuck was testing me on this.

One night, my roommate and I go to a frat party and some drunk girl smacked me in the head on accident.

My roommate takes me upstairs and who should be there but Chuck. Drunk and ready for me (or so he thinks). My roommate was already pissed that he followed us to the beach. And then I’m annoyed with my head being hit so while Chuck is trying to talk to me and I politely tell him I want to recover, he won’t take a hint that I want to be left alone.

Finally, my roommate steps in and tells him I need to rest and he still won’t leave! He just sits down and tries to get all cuddly. My roommate and I spend almost an hour trying to avoid Chuck because he still was staring and standing and trying to be next to me. The dude was also grabby and I was not a fan.

Finally my roommate privately suggests we hit another party to get away from Chuck and I am for it.

Unfortunately, Chuck arrived at that same party when we did! He wasn’t around us when we decided, it was just getting weird. For a half hour, Chuck is nowhere near me.

Until I make the mistake of going in someone’s room alone.

Chuck follows me in and sees that I am alone. Proceeds to try to get a feel and I was ready to hit him. Kept trying to take me out to his car ‘for water’ (?) and wouldn’t leave me alone even though I told him.

I was trapped, until my buddy BP walks in and sees something is clearly wrong:

BP: (to me) Is everything okay?

Me: Uh-

Chuck: Yeah we’re fine!!

BP is smart and knows a guy does not answer that for a girl who is clearly pissed. He gets eye contact affirmation from me to disrupt this shit:

BP: *NPR* are YOU okay?

Me: No, I need some water. Please.

Chuck: I told you! I have water! Let me go to the car and you come with!

BP: No Chuck, I’LL take NPR.

You stay here.

Chuck tried to come with, but BP told him to stay put and “I’ll bring her back”.

BP is such a great guy: gives me water, calms me down, lets me sleep in the house because Chuck wouldn’t leave me alone and I didn’t want to walk home alone since roommate left. You think all would be well.

Except not. When I wake up and try to leave, BP tells me to stay upstairs because Chuck came back to the house and was asking about me.

I was pissed and BP got him out long enough for me to make my way back. After this came texts and videos from Chuck demanding to know what happened and why I acted so weird. When I told him why, he said “well you didn’t text me back, that’s how OTHER PEOPLE COMMUNICATE”. When I told him that was rude, he tried to come up with various reasons for acting the way he did. Numerous people told me to give him chance upon chance, but he was being a creep no matter what.

The Revenge:

BP was a part of a fraternity where I was friends with a few guys in it.

They invite me over one night and I told the story (four times to eight different people) about Chuck and the whole fiasco and how BP is the greatest. The brothers were disgusted, to say the least, that it happened on their property and Chuck was behind it. We do a little digging and find I was not the first to cite Chuck as being a creep and definitely not the first girl to complain.

My story was a hit in the house and it ended up getting brought to the attention of the frat’s president, who had me tell the story again and describe that it was Chuck. I figured they were just going to keep an eye on him when he came back or reach out to him to see what the fuck was up.

They did better: A few days later, I received some angry texts from Chuck wanting to know why he wasn’t allowed at that frat house and this was somehow my fault.

He tried to explain his creepy behavior again, but I had no intention of listening. Instead I spoke to a few friends in BP’s frat and found that they had not only blacklisted Chuck (meaning they barred him from entering parties or the property), but Chuck had shown up at the house again and was thrown out! One of the brothers even got in his face and told him that he was a creep towards woman and he wasn’t welcome back. A fight ensued and Chuck was kicked off the property. I was never named as the reason he was blacklisted-he did it to himself and several other girls. I always feel safer when going over to their house now, and I am reminded to buy them a few beers as a major thank-you.”

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SnoKat 2 years ago
I was you, several decades ago. I could never flat out tell a guy that I wasn't into him. I made up excuses in order not to hurt them. But ultimately that always backfires because whatever it takes to get them to back off (usually interference from friends, or you standing him up, or making up an insane lie), it always hurts them so much more.

The worst such instance, for me, was the guy who was older than me (I was still in high school) and so not my type. But I'd say "Can't hang out with you today, I have to wash my hair", instead of telling him the truth. He wrote heartfelt letters from Viet Nam, saying he had a dream about us getting married and believed it would come true. Mind you, I never so much as held his hand; he came over to my house a couple of times and we played cards. But I never responded to his letters. .. A few years later I saw him working maintenance at my college. He never said a word, but his eyes spoke volumes about the pain I'd caused by not being honest with him when it mattered most. ... It is kinder to be upfront about how you feel from the get-go.
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5. Complain About Our Noise? We Got More Where That Came From


“Sometime around 2002 my wife and I moved into an 1100 Sq ft condominium with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. We were very fortunate to get this condominium as a second owner and we paid only $114,000 (6 grand more than the original price). Our condo was on the third floor and ALL rooms were carpeted throughout the condo with only one small 4’X4′ square of linoleum inside the front door to the outside breezeway (This will become important later.

And yes, even the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining room were carpeted.) The front door opened to a large open space with vaulted ceilings with the great room to the left and the dining room and kitchen to the right. The Kitchen area was separated from the great room with a wall that had a cutout over the kitchen sink and we had a long hallway directly going out of the great room to all the bedrooms and straight in front of the front door.

We got to know some of the neighbors and got along well with most of them. The neighbors directly below us were a young couple attending University and were nice and cordial with us. Shortly after they graduated, they rented out their condo to her brother and his college friends. The brother was a decent guy and we mostly had no problems except for one of his birthdays where their music and boisterous conversations and happy birthdays!!! etc.

kept us up until 4:30 am in morning. My wife and I returned the favor by blasting our music the very next morning at 8:00 am. But we talked a couple of weeks later and all had a laugh about it and never had any real problems after that.

Between 2004 and 2006 we changed all the flooring in the kitchen and dining room to ceramic tile (Including the area in front of the front door) to avoid having to pay for carpet cleaning in the dining or kitchen area due to spills or our young daughter throwing food on the floor from her high chair.

In 2007 our cordial neighbors sold their condo to an older newlywed couple (the late 20s to early 30s). Now if anyone has lived in between a first and a third-floor condo or apartment you will know that it is the WORST place to be if you expect silence. With kids or music, you will always have some noise that filters through the floor or ceiling.

I don’t know WHAT they were thinking or expecting when they moved in there. I was blissfully unaware that the condo had been sold until one day about a month later I brought home a powered subwoofer and hooked it up to my home theater sound system (around 6 PM). I promptly put on an action flick with some big explosions and sat down to enjoy the new and improved immersive sound.

After a little bit of gunfire and 2 explosions, I hear the doorbell “ding dong.”I get up and immediately hear “ding dong” again. I walk the 5 ft to my front door and open it to see my entitled neighbor (I’ll call her Karen) standing on my doorstep.

Me: ‘Hi. Can I help you?’

Very agitated Karen: ‘My husband and I are TRYING to enjoy a QUIET and peaceful dinner.

Can you PLEASE turn down whatever show you are watching? We can hear everything that’s going on!’

Me: ‘Oh, uh… sure. Sorry about that!’

She turned around and walked away. I closed the door, turned the subwoofer down ways and the main volume down a bit, and thought nothing of it. Shortly after the next round of gunfire and explosions, I hear the ‘dingdong’ and then some rapid-fire knocking at my door.

I paused my movie and then I opened the door to see Karen again.

Me: ‘Uhhh. Hi. What can I do for you?’

Karen: ‘We can STILL hear everything from your show! You need to turn it down now!’

At this point, I was a little fed up with her pettiness and decided to call her on it.

Me: ‘You say you can hear everything. Can you give me some of the last dialogue you heard?’

Karen: ‘I DON’T KNOW! I just know you are watching XXXX’s show.’ (she was TOTALLY wrong)

Me: ‘No.

I am actually watching a YYYY movie and here are the last 3 lines of dialogue…’ and I gave her those lines.

Me: ‘It seems you can’t hear my movie as well as you are claiming.’

Karen: (with blazing eyes and red in the face) ‘I DON’T CARE!! It’s TOO LOUD!! You need to turn it down!’

Me: ‘Actually noise ordinance says I DON’T have to turn it down until 10 PM.’

Karen: (getting huffy) ‘FINE! I guess my husband and I will have to go OUT to eat to get some peace and quiet!!’

Me: (In my most cheerful voice and waving) ‘Have a good night!’

I then turned my subwoofer up a little and the main volume back up to its previous level and enjoyed the rest of my movie.

(The neighbors did end up going out that night for dinner or whatever)

At our next HOA meeting, Karen stands up and complains long and loud about the noise. How she can hear kids jumping on the ‘carpeted’ floor (we had a 4-year-old) and crying (we had a new baby), and hear us walking up and down our hallway and hear our music and movies and tv shows and how the Hispanic neighbors on the first floor play their music on Saturday morning so loud they can’t sleep in and argue so loud they can hear every word, etc., etc.

ad nauseum. This went on for 6 months. EVERY TIME she complained the HOA told her ‘If it’s between the hours of 8 am-10 PM, we can do nothing. If it’s after 10 pm and before 8 am, you can call the police’, and then the HOA would send out a letter by U.S. mail asking everyone to be cognizant of their neighbors and laying out the local city noise ordinance.

I finally stopped attending the HOA meetings after month 3 of the same bullcrap. She never failed to visit at least once or twice in the week after these notices and twice she taped them to my door. I also learned during this time that they were members of our church and had actually been assigned to visit us each month (they never did).

Around the 6-7 month mark of her constant complaints and harassment and even a couple of visits from some VERY apologetic police officers after 11 pm (they said they could hear NOTHING outside of my condo door), we decided to upgrade our flooring.

We knew this would inflame our entitled neighbor, but we didn’t care as we were tired of the constant stream of complaints from them. We chose to extend the entry tile all the way from the front door, down the long hallway to the master bedroom door and we wanted to tile the bathrooms as well. We also went with a light coffee-colored bamboo hardwood in our great room.

Sooooo… demolition first. We tore out the carpet and tack strips and pried the base-molding trim off the walls. As I’m removing the last of the nails from the walls and subfloor (about noon on a Saturday), wouldn’t ya know it… KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! from the front door.

Me: ‘yes?’

Karen: ‘Can you keep it down? I’m trying to have a Pampered Chef party!’

Me: ‘Sure.’

I promptly finished pulling or driving in nails and then proceeded to hit my hammer all over the subflooring like I was driving LOADS of new nails for the next hour and made sure to turn on my stereo to the local hard rock station and turn it up for the next 4 hours.

(FYI the 1rst floor neighbors were already blaring some GREAT Mariachi music. They did this every Saturday and Sunday as they cleaned their condo from top to bottom.)

We then rented a hardwood floor nailer that, in addition to compressor noise and to LOUDLY driving a nail into the flooring and subfloor, also had to be struck with a large dead blow hammer. It took us 2-3 days to install the coffee-colored bamboo hardwood flooring in the great room and we were SURE it was driving Karen absolutely BATTY.

We ended up installing an AWESOME tile inlay down the hall, had tile running from the front door to the master bedroom door along the great room side of the divider wall, tile in the dining room, kitchen, and both bathrooms. We got the base molding on (more nail gun and compressor fun) and caulked. The new floors looked amazing and the bonus was, every time a hard shoe (like my daughter’s favorite Sunday shoes she wore EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY) or high heel (My wife chose to learn how to do everything in 4-6 inch stilettos during this time) struck the floor it was like the impact echoed through our perfect floors.

All this was due to our neighbor complaining. It was also in preparation to sell our condo as we had grown out of it by this time. We sold it within 1 month of listing at $160,000. During closing, the real estate agent for the new owners told us that the floors absolutely sold this place. We also sold at the very top of the real estate boom right before the real estate market crashed.

We later learned from some of our neighbors that within 9 months of our selling our condo the 2nd floor entitled neighbors moved out and sold their condo for $30,000 less than we had (and took about an $8,000 LOSS) and sent a letter of complaint to the HOA stating their condo was unlivable because of the noise from our incredible floors”

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shka 2 years ago
Way to go! If they had been polite then you would have been more accommodating I am sure. LIke the old saying goes "You catch more flies with honey, than with Vinegar." I would have done the same thing in your shoes. All they had to do was be pleasant about it instead of being such little whiney babies.
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4. High School Bully Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine


“I was picked on for two years by a girl named J.S. She terrorized me. Finally, in March of her Senior, Junior year I could not take it anymore. She always cornered me after homeroom, when we passed each other in the hallway. Usually, she called me names and threatened to kick my butt. This day I woke up and decided I was done. As she came around a corner I swerved to meet her.

She was surprised that I came up to her. I said, ‘J.S., we need to talk.’ As the word ‘talk’ came out of my mouth, my hand connected with her face.

This girl was known for even beating up the boys at our school. I was far from the only one that hated her. I was straddling her and hitting her, albeit not hard, as my full strength went into that first punch.

The assistant principal showed up and pulled me off of her. He yelled, ‘J.S., get in my office!’ and looked at me and said, ‘Come on.’ The whole way up to two flights of stairs and across the school she kept yelling, ‘She touched me first!’ and I kept yelling back, ‘Yep, and I’ll do it again!’

They called our parents, mine were relieved that I had stood up for myself finally.

I was given one detention for fighting. She was suspended for two weeks because it was not her first fight of the year, by far. Because of the two weeks she was suspended, she missed finals and prom. Because she missed finals, she failed her senior year. She dropped out and never bothered any of us again. Now, to answer the original question, I ran into her a couple of years later. We were in the grocery store, me alone and her with her three kids. She was buying groceries with food stamps, I was home from college on Christmas break. I looked at her, she looked at me, and all I could do was smile. I effectively ruined her life, and we both knew it.”

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seija 2 years ago
Actually, she ruined her life. You just helped with a little karma.
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3. Ten Years Later, We Met In Jail


“In 5th grade, we used to go to our elementary school on the weekends and play ball, run around, kid stuff. There was this kid named Monty who used to show up there from time to time, I remember he had this t-shirt on one time that said don’t be a JERK on the back of it and remembered thinking, what dad would let their kid wear that? Obviously, he had issues at home, but he was like 2 years older than us and at age 10 that’s a big difference in size and maturity.

I remember him just being a total jerk to us, taking our stuff, even ripping my buddy’s necklace off his neck. We all felt terrorized by him.

Flash forward to ten years later, I’m 20 years old and in jail (a totally different story, and not relevant) and in a 2 story room with a hundred or so bunks, and probably 150 men in one room. We are all wearing orange jumpsuits, and the entire front of our room is glass and facing other glass rooms.

I look through the glass into the other room and see Monty. I’m the type of person who will never forget a face, and apparently, he didn’t forget mine.

Except, I was 6’3″ 200 lbs now, apparently he didn’t grow at all since the last time I saw him. I looked into his eyes, and mouthed ‘do you remember me?’ Pointing at myself. He nodded, with obvious fear in his eyes, and made a measuring gesture with his hands, and mouthed, ‘You are bigggg now.’ I smiled. He was really scared. Locked up in jail, feeling very vulnerable, and find out your in with a kid you picked on and harrassed ten years earlier that’s twice your size now. I kept my fists to myself, but just the fearful look in his eyes when he recognized me, I will never forget.”

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2. He Had To Fight His Dad For The Role


“There was this boy who used to pick on me in elementary and high school. He was chubby and mean (grew up to be a cop).

I went to college in Orlando, and worked at Universal Studios, at Fear Factor. Who comes through casting for the show? This chubby kid and his dad. I pulled my coworkers aside and told them who he was. He and his dad got cast in the show.

The first round was hanging from a slanted bar above the stage – the first and second people to drop were out. The stunt crew let this kid hold more of his weight than they normally did (until he started slipping, then they held him up). He and his dad make it through to the second round.

This round was a team round, with one partner throwing dead octopi while being on a harness, swinging through the air.

The second person is on the ground, trying to catch them. The stunt crew made sure that he was swinging just a little rougher than normal. He and his dad make it to the final.

The finale was this guy against his dad. The stunt crew made it impossible for him to win- holding his harness at inopportune times, making sure that he was constantly at a disadvantage. His dad beat him and made him look like such a fool. He barely made it through the first part, by the time his dad finished the challenge.

It was great.”

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1. He Got Lost In The Woods For 12 Hours


“I was picked on mercilessly in middle school, as many were. I was attending a private school for 7th grade and did not mesh well with my fellow students; I was on scholarship, I acted weird, and I was coming from a classroom experience that was very friendly and didn’t present a lot of social challenges. I was a nerd, basically, and I mean that in the best way possible.

So I got picked on a lot. They called me ‘Minnie’, in response to an unfortunate incident in which I was observed skipping across a field, wearing a Minnie Mouse T-Shirt, and singing Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town. I would say there are regrets, but frankly, that could happen tomorrow and be consistent with my personality.

So I got taunted severely a few times; just your standard late 80’s bullying.

And more importantly, the school was just sucking. So at the end of the year, I transferred to public school and life started to get better.

Flash forward to my senior year of high school. I had become a bit of a ‘bad kid’ I guess – by which I mean I was getting poor grades, missing a lot of schools, and of course experimenting and drinking and whatnot.

I had become ‘cool’ I guess, for some value of that. The point is – I got invited to parties and all of that good stuff.

And I was at a party, up in Maine (I am from Mass and was at my summer house) at a random beach fire on an Audobon reservation. I was having a drink and hanging out, when all of a sudden I hear a voice coming toward the fire from down the beach yell ‘Holy cow! It’s Minnie!’

It was one of the principal offenders from 7th grade.

Let’s call him ‘Ham.’ Ham was really excited to see me. Ham was pretty wasted. Ham was not friends with a lot of the people at the party. I was.

I played it off legit, though. I was friendly and smiled and shook his hand while I thought about what I could do to make his life suck a little. We got to talking, and it turned out he was really looking hard for some ‘smoke’ or something like that.

He was using it as a complete narc word but wanted to smoke pot. As it happened, I had some really unbelievably good stuff to smoke… and this was in ’92 when it wasn’t in ready supply. The particular accouterment I had on me also had a few other special ingredients. It was a Jeffrey, basically.

So I told Ham it was just for the two of us.

I didn’t want to share. He did his best intoxicated covert look around and agreed, and I led him up the beach and into the Audobon res. We walked pretty far into the woods, and he was not familiar with the area. We started smoking stuff as we walked further and further in. I made sure to twist and turn a lot.  There is a maze of paths in the woods and I knew them very well, having played there my whole childhood.

Finally, we finish. We’re almost a mile away from the fire in the middle of the woods. It is pitch black. I tell Ham I have to go home and point in the opposite direction of the party and tell him that’s where it is, then I walk away really fast. He was too out of it to know what was going on. He got lost for 12 hours.”

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AzzyXGrobby 2 years ago
Fucking savage
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