10-Year-Old Artist Donates Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars She Earned From Her Paintings

As a child, I wasn’t really the best artist, and I still am not as an adult. But let me tell you: 10-year-old Daisy Watt from England is, and you’ll be just as shocked as I am!

Her Floral Artwork is Impressive to Say the Least

Artist Daisy has a thing for flowers, bright colors, and splatters of paint. Her paintings may contain a common theme, but she definitely puts her own personal touches into it.

She Only Started Painting 4 Years Ago

And, no, little Daisy isn’t new to art. While she’s still quite young, this is a hobby she took on back in 2016 at the age of just six! While many kids her age were still fingerpainting, she was experimenting with a wide assortment of paintbrushes.

Her Passion Was Inspired By Her Grandparents’ Cancer Diagnoses

It wasn’t until two of Daisy’s grandparents were diagnosed with cancer that she began to take painting very seriously. She kickstarted the hobby when she came up with the idea to paint them a picture to cheer them up.

But The Love for Painting Didn’t Just Stop There…

Her love for painting only grew. Four years later, she has created dozens of floral landscape paintings.

She Decided To Start Selling Her Beautiful Work

With so many completed paintings, such little space, and a desire to share her artwork, Daisy decided to start selling her paintings. Great choice, Daisy!

In 2017, She Earned Over $65,000 from Her Paintings!

And you wouldn’t believe it: bidders from around the world are willing to pay thousands of their hard-earned cash to get their hands on one of Daisy’s work, many of which sell for over $10,000 a piece.

Despite How Much She Earns, The Artist Remains Super Humble

She may already have it made, but she’s not the type of girl to “show off” or rub her earnings in other children’s faces.

In Fact, She Donates The Money To Charity

She’s so humble that she’s more than willing to donate her deserved earnings to cancer charities.

She Even Painted a Piece as a Tribute to Frontline Workers

Above is a picture Daisy painted to honor our brave and super dedicated healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Her Parents Couldn’t Be More Proud

“I’m just so proud of her,” her mother Karen said. “Although she’s always been really creative, ever since she could hold a paintbrush, it wasn’t until she created that painting for her grandparents that we realized she had something special.”

Her dad would agree that Daisy definitely has something good going for her.

“The thing is she is really shy and humble about her work. She cringes at the attention and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. I hope when she’s older she realizes just what a special thing she has been doing.”


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