Family Of 14 Receives Generous Gifts From Secret Santa

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Aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, a lot of people take Christmas as an opportunity to become a blessing to people who are in need.

A Secret Santa


In East Idaho, there is a “Secret Santa” who donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to local residents in need every year since 2015.

Meet The Ashleys

YouTube, East Idaho News

One of this year’s recipients is Misty and Ben Ashley’s family from Idaho Falls.

Family Of 14

YouTube, East Idaho News

Misty and Ben have 12 children, ranging from 1 to 17 years old, and most of them are adopted.

Hardworking Parents


The loving parents work multiple jobs and multiple shifts so they can provide for their family. Ben wakes up at 4:00 AM and works until 10:00 PM while Misty works a later shift until 1:00 AM.

Unexpected Guest

YouTube, East Idaho News

When Nate Eaton of the East Idaho News delivered Secret Santa’s gift to the Ashleys, Misty answered the door and then Ben appeared behind her.

New Furniture

YouTube, East Idaho News

Nate handed a gift box to the couple, and when they opened it, they found a store credit voucher for $10,000 at a furniture store.

There’s More

YouTube, East Idaho News

Nate then told Misty and Ben that they have another surprise, so they took the couple and all 12 of their kids outside to see the 15-seater white van that was given to them by Secret Santa.

They’re Speechless

YouTube, East Idaho News

Secret Santa has already paid off the taxes and fees of the vehicle. The registration fee is the only part that hasn’t been paid yet but Secret Santa provided them with the registration money too, and the whole Ashley family was immensely grateful for the generous Christmas gift they received from Secret Santa.

Watch the Ashley family’s reaction to the gifts they got from Secret Santa in the video below.

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