Three Siblings Are Finally Adopted After Going Through 16 Foster Homes

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Being a parent doesn’t always have to mean giving birth to a child. Sometimes, in special cases, those who give a home to children in need become parents instantly.

The Three Siblings

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Four-year-old Miquel, six-year-old Willis, and 9-year-old Nevaeh are three siblings who had been through a lot at their young ages.

Looking For A Family


They had been in the foster system for five years since 2016 and have been through 16 different foster homes.

Meet Darryl

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Darryl Andersen, a single dad of three kids from Vernal, Utah, learned about Miguel, Willis, and Nevaeh’s situation and he was moved by their story.

What About The Holidays?


He was heartbroken just thinking about the kids’ situation. He said, “There are kids out there in this world who don’t have a place to call home. When Christmas comes, where do they go?”

The Adoption Process

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Darryl talked to his kids about adopting the three kids, and then he went on and processed the adoption.

Bigger Family

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Darryl’s family of four suddenly became a family of seven. He shared what motivated him to take the big step of adopting three kids altogether. He said, “One of my main motivations is, I feel, like the saying says, because I have been given much, I too must give.”

New Family, New Life

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The new dad of six is hoping to give Miguel, Willis, and Nevaeh the love they had always been longing for and the hope that they need as they go through life. He said, “I want them to understand that the past is the past, and they get to make their own future, and it all depends on them.”

Overflowing Love


The three kids are now living a happy and fulfilling life with their new family, and they’re all immensely grateful for Darryl’s life. They told him, “We all love you more than the earth. It’s because you’re a good dad. We love you so much.”

Watch how Darryl changed the lives of three siblings by adopting them and giving them a loving home in the video below.

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