Sweet Little Girl Finally Gets Adopted After 1,954 Days In Foster Care

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As children, we all need a place we can call home. Sadly, this seems impossible for some kids.

Looking For A Family


In the United States, the foster care system comprises more than 406,000 children who are either currently in the process of being placed with a nurturing family or are still awaiting such placement, while there are only less than 215,000 foster parents who are willing to take care of them temporarily.

Meet Cindy And Jeffrey

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Cindy and Jeffrey Moore who live just outside of Buffalo, New York are two of the most kind-hearted couples who have been fostering kids for 8 years.

They Want Kids


The couple has always been kind and caring people. Since the beginning of their relationship, they always knew they wanted to have kids and after struggling with infertility, they decided they would still care for as many children as they could by being foster parents.

30 Children


They have had about 30 children in their care – some stayed with them for only a few days, while some were with them for much longer.

Meet Cece


Five years ago, Cindy and Jeffrey got a call from the foster agency about a newborn girl named Cece who needed an emergency temporary placement.

They Want Her

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When Cindy saw Cece, she fell in love with her and told the foster agency that if she would be needing a more permanent home, she and her husband were willing to keep her.

5 Years In The Making

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Cindy and Jeffrey raised Cece as her foster parents for five years while her adoption process was still in the works. Within those years, Cece grew up with other children they were fostering, including two kids whom they ended up adopting as well.


YouTube, Good Morning America

Finally, after 1,954 days, Cece is now officially a Moore. Cindy said, “We’ve had very sweet kids come and go through our home, but luckily this one isn’t going anywhere.”

Her Brother’s Coming Too


On her adoption day, they also learned that Cece’s half-brother, who they were already fostering, was now adoptable too, and they immediately started his adoption process after hearing about the great news.

Watch how Cece became an official member of the Moore family in the video below.

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