Professional Dog Walker Walks 20 Dogs At A Time

As a dog owner, it’s important to make time to take your beloved pets out on a walk and this man thought of making his whole life all about it.

Meet Tim

A man from New York named Tim Pink is known in his neighborhood for being the guy who walks a pack of dogs all at the same time.

His Baby

In 2011, Tim was in need of a career change, but at the time, he just had a puppy – a Doberman named Fluff.

Dog Walker For Hire

He figured that if he was going to take on a 9-5 job, he had to look for someone who would take care of Fluff.

He Did It

Eventually, Tim had an idea – why don’t he do it himself? And that’s how Saratoga Dog Walkers was created.

Dog Services

After Tim decided to commit his time to walking his own dog, Fluff, eventually, he started taking on dog walking services too. Saratoga Dog Walkers boomed and in no time, Tim has been walking up to 20 dogs at the same time.

The Pink Pup Social Club

Eventually, Saratoga Dog Walkers became the Pink Pup Social Club, a sanctuary for dogs that’s fully committed to giving them a great time by taking them out on regular walks, and giving them playtime, training, and individual attention.

Leader Of The Pack

The pack that Tim leads has diverse members but moves as one. He’s learned how to train them to have trust and respect for each other and their human leader.

His Pack Is Growing

Tim takes pride in being the dogs’ mentor, protector, and friend. He’s fully committed to Pink Pup Social Club’s mission to touch the lives of as many dogs as possible. In fact, he recently bought a farm so he can accommodate more canines and give them the best time while in the sanctuary.

Watch how Tim leads his pack in the video below.

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