3 Sisters Live Long Lives As Seniors In Their 100s

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Most of us dream of living long and happy lives, and these sisters not only accomplished that dream but got to celebrate their long lives together.

Century-Old Sisters

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Frances Kompus, Julia Kopriva, and Lucy Pochop are three sisters who are all 100+ years old.

The Youngest One


The youngest among the three, Frances Kompus, just celebrated her 100th birthday with her two sisters, 104-year-old Julia and 102-year-old Lucy.

A Big Celebration


Frances celebrated her 100th birthday with 50 visitors at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Atwood, Kansas where she and her sisters were baptized, confirmed, and married.

Their Childhood


Frances and her sisters grew up on their grandparents’ farm in Beardsley, Kansas where they played with geese and had some roosters as pets.

Fun Times


The sisters would ride the tractor run by 5-gallon buckets of gas they would lug out to the field and even butcher their own pigs to eat.

They Spent Time Together

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Frances said, “We’d cross the pasture, we would walk, and then on the way back, we would stop at the creek and catch frogs, put them in our pockets,” and they did all of that in dresses because girls didn’t wear pants back then.

They Went Through A Lot

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The three of them also survived the Great Depression on the farm eating chickens and dry beans. “We always had homemade bread, just plain potatoes, and gravy and meat,” Frances told USA Today.

Their Secret

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The sisters say that eating well is what helped them live long lives. They also say that staying social and walking also played an important role in keeping them healthy for a lot of years.

Watch how their sisterly bond remained intact over the years in the video below.

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