12-Year-Old Boy Has Saved 4800 Dogs Since 2015

Little kids’ hearts are made of gold, and we can learn so much from them about kindness.

Meet Roman

Roman is a 12-year-old boy who has made it his mission to save the lives of dogs in need.

How It Started

He was only 4 years old when he learned about homeless dogs’ reality. He said, “I’ve been helping shelter dogs since I was about 4 years old when I learned that if dogs don’t get homes they have to go to heaven, and to my 4-year-old mind I was just like, ‘Oh well let’s just fix that.'”

And He Did

Since then, Roman, along with his supportive mom, started coming to animal shelters and recording videos of dogs to help them find new homes more easily, and their main focus has been on the timid, frightened dogs who are in need of love and care the most.

“Project Freedom Ride”

Eventually, in 2015, Roman launched a project called “Project Freedom Ride” where they transport dogs from high-kill areas in Texas to places where more people are looking to adopt.

4800 And More

As of this year, Roman has already helped more than 4800 dogs find new loving homes.

His Own Foster Dog

Roman’s family would also take in dogs to foster, like Bolt, with whom he’s made a special bond.

Time To Say Goodbye

Bolt had been a significant part of Roman’s family. However, the day finally came when they’d found a family who was willing to adopt him. So on Bolt’s last day with them, Roman took him to his favorite drive-thru.

Bye, Bolt

The next day, Roman’s dad and a family friend named Sarah drove Bolt from Georgia to Florida to meet his new family. It was a bitter-sweet goodbye for Roman. He said, “Bolt came to us when he was just a tiny puppy and throughout the time he became my wrestling buddy. At least I know he’s going to a great family.”

Watch how Roman fulfills his mission to give homeless dogs new families in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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