6-Year-Old Ice Skater Dreams Of Winning The Olympics

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Dreams start at a young age. A person’s passion for something is born while they’re still young, and as they grow up, how they chase that passion is all up to them.

Meet Sofia

YouTube, Sofia sk8s

Sofia Bezkorovainaya is a 6-year-old professional ice skater who has an inspiring lifestyle.

Her Mentor


Sofia is coached by Inna Volyanskaya, who is also a former professional figure skater for the Soviet National Team.

Sofia’s Lifestyle


The little girl’s parents and coach are proud of her drive to become a better skater. She’s up at 5 AM every day to train, and this is just the beginning of a long day for her.

She’s A Student Too


Sofia studies at an online school, and she’s fond of the convenience that it provides for her as an athlete. She said, “I do online school, Virginia Virtual Academy is like really, really comfortable.”

She Has A Lot Of Energy


The 6-year-old trains on ice for six hours every day, followed by another 2 hours of off-ice ballet training, then there’s school afterward.

Her Hard Work Pays Off

YouTube, Sofia sk8s

Because of her dedication, just recently, Sofia won the title at the 2022 U.S. National Figure Skating Juvenile Champion, beating out 250 other competitors.

Her Goal


Inna said, “My hope is that she enjoys figure skating like she’s enjoying right now. This is my first hope. And second of course her dream comes true, and she’s dreaming to compete in the Olympics.”

Everything Is Possible

YouTube, Sofia sk8s

Her dream of competing and winning the Olympics is not impossible at all as Sofia has no problems with her work ethic. She indeed is a hard-working and persevering young athlete, and those are just two things that will lead her to the Olympics.

Watch one of Sofia’s impressive routines in the video below.

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