Senior Couple Proves True Love Exists With Their 72 Years Of Happy Marriage

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Sometimes, the negative things that happen around us make us lose faith in love, but stories like this will surely make you feel hopeful in love again.

Love Never Fails


Although we know of a lot of stories about failed relationships and marriages, there are still old couples out there whose testimonies prove that true love never fails and never fades through time.

Meet Kenneth And Faye

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95-year-old Kenneth and 93-year-old Faye Babin just celebrated their 72nd anniversary, and their love is still as sweet as it was from the beginning.

Happy Marriage

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72 years of being together is indeed remarkable but undeniably challenging to fight for and hold on to, but Kenneth and Faye’s love for each other was what got them through seven decades of marriage.

Clingy Couple


Kenneth and Faye’s granddaughter posted sweet videos of them on TikTok where Faye would ask Kenneth for a hug and the gentleman would gladly and lovingly comply, with an additional kiss, of course.

Communication Is Key

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The lovely couple shared that one of the secrets to a long-lasting marriage is constant communication. They always “talk it out” and never thought of divorcing each other even amidst a fight. Kenneth said, “We never even talked about getting rid of each other. It was always the other way around, sticking together.”

Spending Time Together

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Playing various games such as cards, dominoes, and poker, is one of the many ways Kenneth and Faye spend time together, and they never fail to share a good laugh while doing so.

Unconditional Love

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The senior couple’s sweetness toward each other is one of the most admirable things about them. Faye asked her husband, “What attracted you to me?” and Kenneth sincerely replied, “Just you, that’s all I can say.”

A Love That Lasts


We envy love stories like Kenneth and Faye’s, but we must know that it’s also possible for us to find a love like theirs, and most importantly, we can also give the same pure love to people around us – our families and friends.

Watch Kenneth and Faye’s story of their seven-decade-long relationship in the video below.

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