Police And Rescuers Retrieve 75 Dogs From Abandoned Home

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Providing a roof over an animal’s head is not enough when you get a pet. Food, care, and attention are some other basic things someone should be willing and able to give to an animal when they decide to have a pet.

A Nasty House


A house in Dyer, Tennessee that’s reeking of dog feces and urine was reported to the Animal Rescue Corps.

A Christmas Mission


Animal Rescue Corps, a non-profit organization that aims to protect “animals through large-scale rescue, disaster response, & education,” initiated “Operation Holiday Heartbreak” to rescue the dogs in the said house.

Dozens Of Dogs

Facebook, Animal Rescue Corps

On December 26, Animal Rescue Corps went to northwest Tennessee to help the Dyer City Police Department rescue 75+ dogs and puppies left behind in the rotting house.

Poor Doggos

Facebook, Animal Rescue Corps

Many of the rescued dogs were Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes. The owners had left them in the filthy house and only came back occasionally to leave them food. Some of them were only weeks-old pups. Some were elderly dogs, and there were pregnant dogs too.

Health Concerns

Facebook, Animal Rescue Corps

The dogs showed signs of long-term neglect. They had bite wounds from fighting, parasites, and several serious untreated conditions. Animal Rescue Corps also reported a dangerous amount of ammonia in the house.

Treating Them


Every single one of the dogs was brought to ARC’s Rescue Center outside Nashville where they received urgent medical, physical, and emotional care.

Raising Funds


The organization initiated a fundraiser to help with the expenses of taking care of the rescued dogs. Cathy Bissell of BISSELL Pet Foundation heard the news and generously pledged a $10,000 matching gift challenge for Operation Holiday Heartbreak.

Donations Kept On Coming


More people donated to the good cause. Animal Rescue Corps said, “Joined with the $25,000 year-end matching challenge from compassionate Berty White Andrus and two anonymous donors, your gift today can be matched up to $35,000 or until December 31, whichever comes first.”

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