80-Year-Old Soon-To-Be Bride Goes Wedding Dress Shopping With Her Granddaughter

Our fairytale dreams don’t end at a certain age. Regardless if you’re 20, 30, or even 80 years old – your dream wedding can still happen.

Meet Janet

Janet Merryman is an 80-year-old soon-to-be bride who’s ready to tie the knot with his prince charming.

A Dreamy Moment

Her granddaughter, Danielle Jefferson, took her wedding dress shopping and captured the dreamy moment on video.

She’s Stunning

Danielle hypes up her grandma by encouraging and complimenting her as she tries on the dresses. She said, “There were other brides who are trying on dresses who are stopping everything they were doing to look at her and what she was doing,” and that’s how stunning Janet is as she flaunts the wedding dresses.

Her Story

Janet had gone through a lot before she met her now-soon-to-be groom. She said, “I met my late husband when I was 15. 16 years ago, he took his life.” Aside from that, she also fought colon cancer and had a blood clot in her lung.

Her Grandkid

She took care of Danielle and she had been her companion for years until she moved out, and that’s when life started to feel lonely for Janet.

A Neighbor

Little did Janet know that the man she would be spending forever with was literally right around the corner – her 60-year-old neighbor for seven years who had three kids and was married for all those years.

They Got Together

When he became single, Janet started inviting him over for lunch to have some company, and the rest was history.

True Love

Janet and her fiancé’s love continues to grow deeper each day, and Danielle is so happy for her grandma that she’s finally found someone to spend the rest of her life with.

Watch Janet’s late-stage love story in the video below.

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