85-Year-Old Man Visits The Ocean For The First Time In His Life

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Bucket lists are a great way to challenge our adventurous sides. It helps us be reminded of our small and big dreams, and it keeps us motivated to explore more of the world.

Symbolic Meanings


Because of its overwhelming size and mystery, the ocean has been given several symbolic meanings like power, strength, life, serenity, mystery, chaos, limitlessness, and stability.

Strength And Peace


Despite the ocean being the strongest form of nature, it’s amazing how it still brings us peace and calmness. This is probably why a lot of people love going to the beach.

Living In The City


Unlike some of us who can easily visit the ocean at any time, there are people, especially those who live in inland states that are hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean, who never had the chance to go on a beach trip.

Meet Papa Bear

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This 85-year-old man they call Papa Bear is one of those who hasn’t been to the ocean yet.

A Treat

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As a present to Papa Bear, his future son-in-law took him and his family to the ocean so he could visit it for the first time in his life.

His Reaction

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Papa Bear leaned over and grabbed the ocean water in his hands. Although he struggled a bit, his companions held him back to make sure he was safe.

Genuine Happiness

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All Papa Bear could say were exclaims of “wow!” He also said, “Okay, this is very amazing! It is more than I really ever thought of.”

A Dream Come True


Papa Bear’s dream of going to the ocean might sound silly or shallow for some, but for him, it’s a dream come true and it’s an experience that he will surely never forget.

Watch Papa Bear’s adorable reaction on his first trip to the ocean.

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