Three 90-Year-Olds Have An Enlightening Conversation With Three 9-Year-Olds

The beauty and importance of understanding across generations are shown by this special conversation that bridges the generational gap and enriches all attendees with their shared knowledge and insights.

Old And Young

Two groups from opposite ends of the age spectrum are brought together in a unique program that explores some of life’s most important questions.

Different Perspectives

The show’s primary objective is to reveal the vast diversity of viewpoints that surface during conversations between two groups who don’t initially seem to be connected.

The Mechanics

In order to visually depict their generational divide, the two groups are placed at the back of a dark room at the start of the show. A question is asked, and those who find resonance in it move forward to take a seat in a circle, prepared to offer their opinions.

First Question

The first question “Are you afraid of death?” instantly touches a nerve. All three kids come forward, one of them frank enough to say, “Death is probably gonna be scary for me because I’m a crybaby.” The grownups then come forward, bearing a lifetime of wisdom, in a heartening contrast. An elderly person says, “Death is part of living. It happens to everybody.”

What Is Love?

When the subject of love comes up, the seniors share moving tales of their lifetime friendship, and the children talk about love in their families, giving hints about their developing comprehension of this nuanced feeling.

Good And Bad

Divergent views arise when discussing the underlying goodness of human nature. An elder, distressed by the horrors reported in the media, wonders, “Where was the goodness in that man who murdered these people?” Meanwhile, a little youngster believes with optimism that “Everybody in the world is good, but the bad people just wanna show their bad side.”

Life’s Challenges

Both parties acknowledge that life’s hardships are universal. A wise but blunt statement from an elder, “Life is difficult,” strikes a chord with the kids; that even though they are still young, they have already encountered a number of difficulties.

True Riches

When they talk about the idea of true riches, both parties concur that contentment and life’s intangible aspects are more significant than financial gain. This is best expressed by an elder who says, “Happiness to me is… contentment. If you are content with your life… I think you’re then very, very happy and very, very rich.”

Life Lessons

As the conversation draws to a close, the participants share parting words of wisdom and best wishes. The younger generation is encouraged by their elders to learn from them. The kids respond by thanking the elders for their knowledge and pointing out how this intergenerational conversation has enriched both parties.

Check out their insightful conversation in the video below.

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