4-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 For An Odd Request

Usually, it’s unnerving to have the cops come to your house but this story came to a really touching end because of a little boy’s simple request.

Meet Gianni

Gianni is an adorable 4-year-old boy who lives with his family in Florida.

Surprise Visitor

One day, her mom was surprised when she noticed a sheriff’s deputy standing at her front door.

Any Emergencies?

The cop asked her, “Is this your home? We had a 911 call.” However, it became evident from their conversation that there was no emergency.

It Must Be Gianni

The mother already knew Gianni might have something to do about it so she summoned him over.

Indeed, It Was Him

“Did you call this gentleman?” his mother asked. The 4-year-old, with a mixture of innocence and mischief in his eyes, confirmed that he did call 911.

His Reason?

However, the two adults’ hearts melted when Gianni said that his only reason for calling 911 was to give the police officer a hug, which the noble deputy warmly allowed.

Time For A Lesson

The deputy understood, though, that this delightful event needed to be used as a teaching moment so he went to Gianni’s level and emphasized the need of calling 911. He told him, “You got to be careful when you call that number, okay? Only in emergencies and if you’re hurt or someone else is.”

Innocent Little Boy

But in addition to teaching us a valuable lesson about emergency calls, this story also depicts the human side of law enforcement that despite their tough façade, officers usually have kind and understanding hearts, and this was wonderfully illustrated by the deputy’s kind demeanor with Gianni.

Watch the deputy’s reaction after finding out the “emergency” behind Gianni’s 911 call in the video below.

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