93-Year-Old Gets Married To A Woman He Met 64 Years Ago

True love knows no bounds – not even time can stop two hearts in love from finding their way to each other.

Meet Joe

Joe Potenzano is a 93-year-old bachelor from New Jersey who’s about to get married to the love of his life.

Meeting Mary

64 years ago, in 1959, Joe was the best man at his sister’s wedding. That’s when he met a woman named Mary Elkind who was the maid of honor at the said wedding.

They Fell In Love

They were together for a short period of time. “I fell head over heels for her, and she felt the same about me,” Joe said, but life had different plans for them.

Different Paths

After the breakup, Mary pursued her ballet career while Joe finished his engineering studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Away For Years

Mary got married to another man and raised a family in Rockland County, New York, while Joe stayed single.

The Breakthrough

Despite leading different paths and lives, Joe and Mary’s families kept them connected. One day, Joe finally decided to ask Mary, who has been a widow for nine years, out on a date.

The Big Question

They had a great time being together, going to dinners, watching movies, and talking for hours on the phone, and one day, in the comfort of his home, Joe asked Mary to marry him.

Not Too Late

Joe admitted that he wasn’t that confident to ask Mary for marriage because of his old age. He said, “At my age, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get shot down,” but when she gave him her big YES, he realized it wasn’t too late for the two of them to start over again.

Big Plans

Joe and Mary have lots of plans for each other. After their wedding and a series of celebrations with their families, they plan on having their romantic honeymoon on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Mary said, “I’ve always had a soft spot for Joe. Sometimes, I’d wonder how life would’ve turned out if we’d been together. Now, I guess we’ll find out.”

Watch Joe and Mary’s love story in the video below.

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