Animal-Loving Couple Rescues Abandoned Foal

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A mother’s attention is important for newborn babies. So we can only imagine how hard it is for abandoned newborn animals to adjust to this world without the guidance of their mothers.

They Got A Call


A couple who is known for helping animals in need got a call about a foal that was abandoned in a rock quarry in Mingo.

They Drove Down

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They immediately went to the vast deserted private property and started searching for the foal. The people in the nearby community even offered to help search for the baby horse.

Poor Foal

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Eventually, the woman found the weak and dehydrated foal, so she gave him some corn syrup and water as first aid.

Mama’s Not Around


They also tried looking for the foal’s mother, but they couldn’t find her. Apparently, a mother horse observes her newborn baby after giving birth. If the baby couldn’t stand within 30 minutes or walk within two hours, the mother would think of her foal as a liability and reject or abandon them and return to her herd.

Relocating The Foal

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The couple settled the baby horse in the car and started driving to a sanctuary where he would be rehomed.

A Quick Stop


Along the road, the couple stopped by the nearest Tractor Supply Co. for some milk, Colostrum supplements, a feeding bottle, and water.

His First Meal

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They tried feeding the foal but he had difficulty feeding from the bottle because he didn’t know how to suckle as he wasn’t able to nurse from his mother.

A Chance At A New Life


The heroic couple brought the foal to a specialty rescue called Bella Run Equine – an organization that specializes in taking care of horses after they’re rescued.

Watch how a kindhearted couple went out of their way to rescue an abandoned newborn foal in the video below.

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