Ex-Foster Child Asks To Be Adopted By Family He Sold A Car To

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Kids need a loving family to grow up filled with love and compassion and care, but not everyone is given the chance to be raised by a complete family.

Meet Davon

Facebook, Davon Woods

Davon Woods proved to the world that growing up without a biological family doesn’t mean you have to be alone forever and that it’s never too late to find a forever family who will love and cherish you.

His Story


Davon’s mom didn’t know she was pregnant with twins at the time, and she was abusing illegal substances during her pregnancy.

Poor Babies


Davon and his brother were born weighing only 2 lbs. with harmful substances in their system. Eventually, they were taken from their mother and placed with the department of social services.

Troubling Experiences

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Other family members tried to gain custody of the two brothers but weren’t able to, so they were placed with an abusive foster family who would beat them up because of minor issues.

Their Coping Mechanism


Davon tried to end his life several times because of their situation, but he didn’t go through with it because of his brother. By 18 and 19, the two of them were selling illegal substances and using them to try to forget about their problems.

A Turning Point


After seeing many people whose lives ended living the “street life,” they were introduced to the church, and that’s when they decided to change their ways and help others in the foster care system.

Foster Kids Matter

Facebook, Foster Kids Matter

Davon and his brother realized the foster system was harming kids instead of helping them so they established their own organization called “Foster Kids Matter” to offer transitional housing to kids aging out of foster care.

How He Found His Family


Later on, in 2021, Davon met the Wilkinsons while selling them a car. Since then, he started bonding with them and they treated him as their own family, inviting him over for his birthday and Thanksgiving.

The Big Question

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Finally, he asked the Wilkinsons if they would adopt him and if he could take on their last name even if an official adoption hasn’t been completed yet. He recorded their reaction when he popped the question and they were all very emotional the whole time.

Watch the Wilkinsons’ reaction to Davon’s proposal in the video below.

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