Amusing Bear Relaxes On A Couch With His Legs Crossed

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It’s funny when things we’re supposed to be afraid of turn out to be the ones to give us a good laugh for the day.

Giant Beasts


When asked what their biggest fear is, a lot of people will probably answer, “being attacked by a bear.”

Gentle Giants


However, most of us don’t know that bears are normally shy animals that only act aggressively as a last resort if they feel threatened or provoked.

Furry Neighbors


Canada is a great example of a place where bears live for they can be seen anywhere in the country – in the forests, rocky mountains, and sometimes even at the side of the road.

Meet Mandy


Mandy Stantic is a nurse from Manitoba who was lucky enough to have a rare encounter with a bear.

A Visit


Mandy was visiting the local dumping ground in Northern Manitoba when she spotted several bears hanging around.

A Unique Sight

YouTube, The Weather Network

What surprised Mandy was this one bear in particular who was chilling on a dumped sofa, with his legs crossed.

Posing For The Camera

YouTube, The Weather Network

Mandy said, “You don’t see that very often. He’s just posing just like a person.”

A Drive Around

YouTube, The Weather Network

Mandy was with her daughter on the trip, and they saw a couple more bears wandering around in search of food from the safety of their car.

Watch how the funny bear made the news in the video below.

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